Is This The Year That Congress Finally Says The Word "Hemp?"

It’s that time of year again.
Texas Republican Ron Paul, along with ten co-sponsors, is seeking once again to allow for the commercial farming of industrial hemp.
House Bill 1866, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009, would exclude low potency varieties of cannabis from federal prohibition.  If approved, this measure would grant state legislatures the authority to license and regulate the commercial production of hemp as an industrial and agricultural commodity.
Several states — including North Dakota, Montana, and Vermont — have enacted regulations to allow for the cultivation of hemp under state law. However, none of these laws can be implemented without federal approval. Passage of HR 1866 would remove existing federal barriers and allow states that wish to regulate commercial hemp production the authority to do so.
Upon introducing the bill in Congress, Rep. Paul said: “It is unfortunate that the federal government has stood in the way of American farmers, including many who are struggling to make ends meet, from competing in the global industrial hemp market. Indeed, the founders of our nation, some of whom grew hemp, would surely find that federal restrictions on farmers growing a safe and profitable crop on their own land are inconsistent with the constitutional guarantee of a limited, restrained federal government. … I urge my colleagues to stand up for American farmers and cosponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.”
Is Congress listening?
Previous versions of The Industrial Hemp Farming Act were introduced in both the 108th and 109th Congress, but failed to receive a public hearing or a committee vote. In short, members of Congress decided that this issue was not even worth talking about!
But times have changed. The U.S. economy is down and unemployment is up. Further, we have a President who is championing the notion of ‘green’ (environmentally friendly) job growth. (And who has even appointed one of our own to serve as his special advisor.)
Will this be enough to finally convince members of Congress to break their silence and utter the “H” word? Why not ask them yourself?

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  1. Americans growing hemp?!
    That’s batshit crazy.
    We should make a list of all the Congressmen that vocally oppose this bill and then promote some kind of “point and laugh at” exercise… just a thought.

  2. I don’t think it’s gonna pass,the government is in our way and they have already shown us they do what they want not what the people want.Oh well…it would be nice to see it happen.

  3. I heard the reason hemp was made illegal in the USA was because it competed with high-wet-modulus rayon and the corporations that owned the patents used government help to eliminate the competition ~ HEMP…
    is that correct or am I wrong on this ?

  4. okay I did some searching and found this …
    Then, in 1955, manufacturers began to produce a new type of rayon—high-wet-modulus (HWM) rayon—which was somewhat stronger and which could be used successfully in sheets, towels, and apparel. The advent of HWM rayon (also called modified rayon) is considered the most important development in rayon production since its invention in the 1880s.
    hmm were politicos paid by corporate america to remove the competition so that this important development would result in $ ? growing your own food or producing something as useful as HEMP might allow people to live more freely and not need to be a part of the system.
    It is a bummer that HEMP is always spun into the DEA misinformation zone … when that is not what happened ….why it was made illegal ……. truly the reason why.

  5. I’d love to see hemp legalized. Compared to marijuana, this seems like it would be safe political territory…
    I think next time there’s a Q&A session, we should focus our efforts on hemp questions, to get some momentum going for this.

  6. During World War II hemp was grown in several states for the U.S. Navy. It was banned sometime after that. In Nebraska where I grew up it still grows wild all over the place. The cops still arrest people from out of state for harvesting it. I guess some people don’t know the difference. Everyone back home calls it ditch weed and would never smoke it because it just gives you a sore throat. There is very little thc in it. The stalks are the toughest thing you have ever seen. This is due to the wind conditions on the high plains. The plants natural reaction is to grow a much larger and stronger stock to withstand the forces of nature. All of the oldtimers there will tell of all of the uses that they had for this stuff on thier farms. They say it was the easiest and least exspensive way to produce the most important tool to all farmers and ranchers ROPE!!! We used hemp rope in the navy to tie the ship to the dock. These ropes were so strong that tug boats used them to tow huge ships around the harbor. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world and places like Nebraska, Montana, Minn., Wis. could easly grow plentiful crops. It would be a huge positive to these states and thier agricultural communities. Please ask anyone that was alive and living inthose states to write to thier elected representatives about thier experiences with hemp. It might help convince them to lift this stupid prohibition.

  7. Current Police Chief William Bratton IS in fact correct when he says their current state laws are “Looney Tunes.” Fact of the matter is marijuana should be regulated like alcohol and it should have always been that way. It should have always been used for recreation and medicine. The fact that someone down the line decided marijuana was bad and alcohol and rat poisened cigarettes were good is truly, obviously “Looney Tunes.” PLEASE, PLEASE respond to me, I would love to destroy any argument you have about the situation.

  8. Yes fulltiltJP Cannabis in all forms was made illegal to protect the new patents Dupont help on hydrocarbon products.
    It you want to know the actual history of the cannabis plant you need to read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. It is the true and accurate history of the cannabis plant including why it was made illegal and who benefits from keeping it illegal to this very day. This book will clear it all up for you, I promise.
    Read it then help us demand an end to all cannabis prohitbition NOW. It is way past time.

  9. HEMP FOR FARMERS! When we have the cotton-lumber-big pharm -alternate fuels industries that the government wants to protect, because of taxes and jobs. Hemp the green industry, which would create jobs and taxes and save the farmers asses from going under. If hemp was legalized in all states for the farmers, a new industry would be born. I don’t think it would effect the other industries except for being paranoid and the ORWELLIAN MENTALITY the government has infused on American people. It’s about the competition of industrial complex with Hemp and their products and corporate GREED. IT’S TIME FOR THE OF PROHIBITIION TO COME TO AN END. 420 ALL THE WAY!

  10. Concerning the people that oppose it, and many will, is it possible to dig up their “donors” and see who thy work for? It would be great if there was some way to let Americans know Who voted against it and why. A lot of people are fed up with the bullshit we are fed and this is a great opportunity for many people, it should be passed. I agree with you Randy next time let’s focus on hemp.

  11. I don’t see why it shouldn’t pass. you could smoke a whole field of hemp and still not get high.

  12. What maybe missing in this movement compared to some others would be solidarity. What if there was a way to get 60-70% of the pot smoking population all on one web site coming up with a stragedy for our voices to be heard.
    What if we logged on and voted on ideas to show our size and all members agreed to follow majority rule.
    Example One:As a group we follow how each party votes on legalization issues and every 2 years we as a group will vote Dem or Rep for whichever party votes our way.
    Example Two: Whatever percentage of pot smokers we could get on one website we advertise our agenda. Put out a commercial “All of our members will vacation in your state if you legalize pot.” Follow that up with another commercial “Don’t be in a big rush our 30 million members will also visit the 2nd state to legalize pot as well.”
    All I’m saying is we increase the chance of affecting the outcome if we could show an ability to act as one.
    What if I told you 85% of the pot smokers in this country want legal marijuana and dont want to worry about losing their job for what they do on the weekend? What if 85% of the pot smokers voted Republican next election. It would be lights out for the Democrats.
    This website join up with other like-minded websites and create a link to register and submit our stragety for a vote. One central website with a nice and easy to remember name(IE:,,

  13. I think that the out look on marijuana is changing. It is still taboo in the work place. But the country is starting to wake up to the potential of pot. Now here in Tn. you can go across the state line and buy up to 5 cases of wine and bring it back with ya. The senate says that it wasn’t fair to the rest of the states so they all passed it humanously. I hope that they feel the same when pot comes up for a vote. Hey California be fair and share. mrs sab. tn.

  14. I kind of see history repeating itself between the 30’s and the 60’s with the 70’s and now. The 30’s being the outlawing of the “New Billion Dollar Crop” as well as the 70’s being harsh on hemp with Tricky Dick as President. The 60’s was more lenient as now is, but amplified.
    Perhaps we’ll finally get to see this highly useful resource utilized.

  15. If we are to become more energy independent, legalizing hemp is a must. Imagine how many trees could be saved if all our paper were made with hemp rather than trees. Legalizing hemp would help the biofuel industry take of as well.
    Personally, I don’t see how they could justify not passing this bill, but I’m sure we’ll hear the naysayers soon enough.

  16. Yes, we most certainly need to legalize hemp. Food, fuel, paper, “hempcrete”, there’s literally no boundaries to what this great crop can be used for. Absolutely no reason to oppose this.. hemp doesn’t contain enough THC to be used for medicinal purposes.

  17. I agree with Jimbo#16, vote as one. Boycott any commercial product like kellogg.the price of your vote is the freedom to use. All politicians should be given a hemp stamp if they are pro weed.It would make voting easier.Remember elections are in two years.

  18. The original diesel engine was designed, developed and manufactured to run on fuel from the hemp plant. Visit the HIA, Hemp Industries Association, on the internet.Since hemp farmers would put a lot of people out of their well funded programs in government and private industry with a much better product line derived from hemp, expect this war on hemp farmers and industrialist to go on for years too.
    Americans have no problem making changes, it’s when we invite government into the process that things get strange and it takes a long time to reform or change anything.

  19. I wonder if during alcohol prohibition, things like rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, perfume etc were outlawed because they contain the devil juice…

  20. I also wrote my state rep. and senator with a slightly modified version of the email to urge them to encourage my US rep to support the bill, and to ask them to introduce legislation to enable Texans to take advantage of the opportunities that this would provide.

  21. SMOKERS WAKE UP!!!! As lifelong lover of the leaf and political observer I must point out a few things to remember:
    1. Legalization and sale = Government regulation and taxation. Government improves NOTHING it touches. We are crying out for the Government to take basic control of one of lifes most natural blessings and tax the hell out of it. See: Tobacco industry, AKA political/economic whipping post d’jour. If we get our way, guess what?, the PRICE GOES UP. Instead of busting people for smoking, the feds will be busting “UNSANCTIONED GROWERS” It will be just like the “revenuers” busting bootleg stills simply because the Gov isnt getting its cut…
    2. Your company will still be able to drug test just as always because that has nothing to do with “weeding out” undesirables and more to do with having a convenient out to most any employee injury or issue that can be disregarded as soon as someone fails a test. They aint giving up that power ya’ll.
    3. States Rights Rule! We live in the United STATES of America, the Federal Government has only the power that we cede to it in exchange for …CASH. Every state can do whatever it likes as long as it can say NO to federal dollars. Tough for an addict to say no when the dealer moves in.
    We do need to encourage the O’Bama administration to use the political clout it has to DECRIMINALIZE it. Instead of taxing our smoke to death, the money saved from eliminating useless incarcerations would be a good chunk of change and all those former criminals can go back to work and …paying taxes. In the words of James Brown, Please,Please, Please! Lets keep the government out of our garden and out of our lives. Maybe a “Don’t Ash, Don’t Sell” approach…

  22. Of course I was refering to the “M” word in my previous reply. Yeah, I went there. As pointed out in the article some states have long since decided that prohibition on hemp makes as much sense as prohibiting rubbing alchohol along with hard liquor, on Sundays or whatever, because they are chemical relatives. If you want to live in the past, there are plenty of states available. The 21st century is fortunately alive and rockin’, wherever it is not prohibited by law and superstition. If congress finally says the “H” word this year, can the acknowledgement of electricity and indoor plumbing be far behind? Maybe it’s too soon to tell them about the whole “earth is not flat” movement.

  23. This is fantastic news, a victory is near for the cannabis movement! Write your congressmen frequently! Can we do it? Yes We Can!

  24. update info about House Bill 902 in texas plz its going to a public hearing and needs the right ppl there to fight for it

  25. And growing hemp involves me how? There is one thing that I am interested with, My rights as an American for freedom, involving the end of marijuana prohibition. I do not have a taste for the killer drug, alchohol. But wait a minute, it is legal. O.K. everybody drink up. Let’s destroy our lives and other’s lives with alchohol. Is it Obama that invited other politians to the White House for drinks? I hope they didn’t drive after their dinner.

  26. We cant legalize hemp because some DEA agent might start smoking it. Hey, there the ones that say they cant tell the difference. lol

  27. I went to see the local mayor the other day. He sat down and gave me his opinions on hemp/ marijuana. Then provided me with a few web sights that might help me to obtain the information with this new found interest in coming out of the closet with economic recovery plain and how legalizing marijuana could help to do just that. He didn’t disagree with me and in fact he favored the idea. I find that a visit face to face makes more of an impact on what we are trying to do on every leavel. Ive got more footwork to do.

  28. As mentioned in an earlier post..Jack Herers The Emperor Wears No Cloths is a MUST READ! We have been sold down the river by our *Leaders* And Obama has the balls to laugh at the Cannabis Plant helping out our economy…our Government KNOWS what the Hemp Plant can do for America..a great film produced by our Government that encouraged EVERY FARMER TO GROW HEMP TO KEEP AMERICA STRONG, “Hemp For Victory” (must see) and another eye opener that ranks as a MUST SEE is “The Hemp Revolution” if after reading and/or watching the 3 documentaries Ive listed above, you can say ANYTHING to the contrary about how we’ve been sold down the river by our ELECTED are brain dead or brain pick which one. The time for the outright LIES have come to an end..we need to educate yourselves and spread the TRUTH to EVERYONE we associate with. If it was good enough for our founding fathers…its damn sure good enough for me! God Bless every Cannabis Plant on the Planet!!! SPREAD THE TRUTH AND EXPOSE THE LIES, THE TIME IS NOW!!!

  29. #38 Carol Says:
    April 5th, 2009 at 3:31 pm
    The link posted below is to a New York Times article.
    AG Eric Holder is in Mexico and is promoting that smaller amounts of
    cannabis be prosecuted under Federal possession laws than previously.
    I haven’t found any discussion of it anywhere. It seems like bad news to me.
    I agree.
    – – This sounds like bad news, a continuation / perpetuation of the same ‘ole
    same old rhetoric SUPPOSEDLY intended to solve the problems of Drug-
    (prohibition) Related crime, yet endwise, resulting in more of the same and worse;
    Ultimately, disproportionately, affecting ordinary citizens, leaving the ‘cartels’ relatively untouched.

  30. The Holy anointing oil in the bible is mainly female hemp tops (buds).Kaneh Bosm means Cannabis buds.Google it for enlightenment.Boom Shiva!

  31. FuzzyD #28 you rule!!!! Taxation and regulation are NOT the way to go. Do you really want our government with their fingers all in your weed?? Everything they tax and regulate goes to hell.
    This bill is just more reason to vote for Ron Paul in ’12 if he runs or someone endorsed by him if not.

  32. You bastards!!!! My son got hooked on Marajuana and is now dead. He went through along stay in the hospital a year ago due to your website and what you kept telling him on it was so safe and so not harmful. When I got him out and clean it lasted only a few months until he was worse than ever and quoting your website again. Only this time he came home begging to be saved by our preacher, begging for forgiveness from us and when we all gave it to him and he was saved I had to walk in to find him DEAD!!! You and you alone MURDERED him. I walked in to wake him up that morning to go to church only to find that he had shot himself in the head because he could not deal with the disappointment and pain he and the drugs had caused himself or us. As I screamed for what seemed like forever and looked around at his brain everywhere, the blood was overwelming, the ghostly body before me was unbearable and all because you think you know it all and promote this crap. My 16 year old son had to carry me out of that room and now he has to deal with that sight forever. I want you to have to feel this pain and know that you KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and thats all you do is teach others to KILL!!!!!!!!!! I loved my son and believe me one day I will see you in the senate only to fight you and win.
    GO TO HELL and stay there.
    Grieving until I die for my son you MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Ron Paul I am a republican from Texas and am ashamed to say your a part of this state at this point. You too helped murder my son and many others. SHAME ON YOU!~

  34. to the Grieving Mother,
    I’m sorry for your loss, but all I can say it that I don’t believe a word you said. NOBODY goes to the hospital for a cannabis addiction. Your entire story doesn’t even sound plausible at all.
    I am also a republican from Texas and a Christian, so don’t try to make this into a Repub/Democ issue.
    Even if your son did kill himself, I’m sure he had deeper issues than just smoking marijuana. Did you ever find out the reason he uesd it? Maybe something horrible happened to him, and he was just trying to forget.
    And you say you walked into his room to wake him up for church, and found that he had SHOT HIMSELF? How in the hell did you not hear a gunshot during the night? Your story just doesn’t add up at all, I’m afraid. Please leave us happy people in peace with your ridiculous stories.

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  36. GRieving Mother—–you are full of sh!t. There it has been said. If your son was too weak minded to deal with something as harmless as marijuana….it’s probably a good thing he offed himself. Cuz, there are a lot more dangerous and deadly situations thoughout life he would not have been able to survive……sounds like Ur brainwashing helped kill him too. I’ve read my bible cover to cover; and the only drug it speaks out against is Alcohol/wine(don’t be given to much wine). the Bible also says : “it is not what goes into a man’s mouth that makes him unclean, but what comes out of it.”
    O’ yeah………LEGALIZE HEMP—-let my business grow!!

  37. Greiving mother.
    I am sorry, you know true pain.
    My best friend ran screaming down the stairs with his bullet wound, only to die several hours later in the hospital. Noone really knows why he shot himself, but I think it was because he felt he dissapointed his parents, and that was a first for him…
    You have only yourself to blame for placing such emotion weight on your son that he killed himself. Maybe if you had listened to him things would be different. You probably never gave him a chance to be himself, and if he was anythign like I am, living without pot simply wasn’t worth it.

  38. Greiving mother, Im sorry that you lost your baby. He was only how old? I cant put myself in your shoes. But to place the blame on norml or smokeing pot,might not be the right answer. Your son had to have been very young maybe just starting out in life. In time you will find out why your son choose to end his life. I doubt very much that it was because of pot… I say this because there would be alot of deaths caused by pot. There is not one record of anyone dieing because of smoking the marijuana. Dont you will see him again. This ol world dont have much longer.

  39. Greiving mother, I advice you to go to your doctor and talk to him about the effects of smoking marijuana. and pick up something to help ya sleep.

  40. #47 Jay Says:
    April 7th, 2009 at 1:47 pm
    ….and if he was anything like I am, living without pot simply wasn’t worth it.
    I agree.
    – – The compounds in this God-given plant are necessary for withstanding the onslaughts
    of our deteriorating physical existence…
    – – Consider the late Robin Prosser
    (MT medical-cannabis patient.)

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