Mexican Ambassador Says Legalizing Pot Is A "Debate That Needs To Be Taken Seriously." Mr. President, Are You Listening?

When President Barack Obama was asked recently whether he believed that regulating cannabis would raise tax revenue while reducing illicit drug profits for Mexican cartels, he responded with derision.
He may be the only one laughing.
This Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan was posed the question of whether legalizing marijuana would curb the surging violence associated with the trafficking of pot by Mexican drug gangs. Admirably, the ambassador did not answer with even the slightest hint of a chuckle.
“[T]hose who would suggest that some of these measures (legalization) be looked at understand the dynamics of the drug trade,” Sarukhan said. (You can view the exchange at 2:22.) “This is a debate that needs to be taken seriously — that we have to engage in on both sides of the border. … It is a debate that has to be taken on with seriousness.”
President Obama, are you listening?

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  1. I love all the publicity this subject is getting.. Remember people any publicity is GOOD publicity, There is no such thing as “bad” publicity…So whenever you hear something “bad” about it on the news, radio station, internet, etc..don’t get discouraged…We’re right around the corner of legalization.

  2. This week when Obama visits Mexico, the question is going to be asked again about legalizing marijuana in the states and this time he will not be able to laugh and joke about it. Can’t wait!!

  3. I happened to tune into that show that I NEVER watch (strange). I was surprised at this gents seriousness when addressing the legalize question. I guess I’m getting use to some “people” laughing it off! Hopefully all that will change soon.

  4. Thats the problem he’s not listening but i do hav a gut feelin it will become legal cause its talked about more ,more an more pple r speaking on this voicing there opinion 420 here we come it might even get put on the calendar jus like St. pattys day. NEVER KNOW

  5. This is amazing, and I hope the president is paying attention.
    Government agencies have known for some time now that the real way to take the power away from cartels and criminal organizations in the drug trade is to take away their money. You can seize all the drugs you want, but they’ll just grow or manufacture more. If you take their money, you take their ability to fund the operation.
    By legalizing marijuana and taxing it, the several billion dollars a year that marijuana brings in (it is, after all, the most profitable cash crop in the US) would no longer be in the hands of the criminals. This way you weaken the financial power of the cartels, their operational ability, and some of the lure that the easy and large profit margins from illegal marijuana sales offer.
    It would be one of the biggest blows to the cartels that the US has been able to deal out yet. And, on top of all of that, it would free up police and other law enforcement officers to pursue truly dangerous and deadly drugs, substances, and criminals.

  6. Perfect
    imagine this, when canada legalized pot, he’ll have pressure from the north, when Mexico is urging the U.S. to legalize pot, he’ll have pressure from the south. those two pressures along with internal pressure may be enough convincing

  7. could we email President Felipe Calderon or something to ask him to talk about legalizing marijuana in the u.s with mr obama

  8. Awesome, maybe if Mr. Obama had to risk drug lords taking over his country he wouldn’t laugh at the legalization issue. This issue needs to be taken seriously.

  9. the heart of the matter is this: the CIA is most likely still operating an illegal drug trade via central and south america. legalizing any popular narcotic means a significant loss of revenues. And make no mistake, it is a business like any other. They will protect their interests.

  10. What part of the legalization of marijuana products to save lives are opponents not understanding? By the rules of war the blood shed has brought people to talk about legalization seriously for MJ especially.

  11. The truly sad thing is that Mr. Schieffer could have used this opportunity to address the subject, yet he chose to talk about everything else with the panel. I posted a link to CBS yesterday and would like to urge people to contact them directly and ask that this ignoring and pandering to the status quo as well a the special interests stop.
    Make your voices heard!
    Click the below link, go to the bottom of page, click “Contact Us”, select “Face The Nation” and leave your coment.

  12. Richard W. makes a very interesting point. If the C.I.A. is involved in this very profitable business it would be in their best interest to keep it illeagal. They always say if you want to know the answer to the question follow the money.
    If we want to know why prohibition is still being pursued follow the money.
    It was very refreshing listening to the Ambassador address this issue in an intellegent manor. Let’s all hope it rubs off on our own elected officials.

  13. it wont be legalized any time soon, especially in his first term. people are already criticizing obama, and if he legalized marijuana and things went wrong he def will not see a 2nd term and will be blamed for another bad decision. He’s just looking out for his best interest, not ours. sorry m8s

  14. It is the right time for marijuana prohibition to go away. The river of support is moving to flood stage!
    We need to keep the pressure on all of the government officials from the president on down. If we can get everyone that is in favor of marijuana reform to voice there opinion, we can make this happen this year, we can make it happen now!!!!! I can fell it, the tides are turning, the time is here, so lets stand together and make it happen!!!!!

  15. It would be interesting to see who comes out of the “green closet” once pot is legalized. I am looking forward to it, as well as growing my own.

  16. I’m not gonna make excuses for Obama or any other president who ignores the debate anymore. Sorry. If he’s not gonna listen and respond with respect, I’ll support someone who does.


  18. Prophets have warned of this time, it’s not like we weren’t ready for this. Marijuana Prohibition will stop or the Lions of Mexico will continue to prove a rather scary issue for President Obama. Wars stop when there’s been enough blood shed and at present, one life is to many, thousands are out of the question. Action now, talk about it later, stop prohibition for marijuana now and discuss the rest of the drugs later. Let’s make some progress by saving lives in Mexico’s drug wars and medical patients all over the world.
    Tennesseans for Medical Marijuana Products
    “Hemp Oil is a known cure for Cancer!

  19. Obama’s visit this week to Mexico! How will he act, you may think? Trust me, this deal is a, “done deal,” before Obama reaches Mexico for discussions. They’re smart enough to come to terms quickly in private I assure you before their physical meeting in Mexico. That meeting will be what is commonly known as a dog and pony show, practiced ahead of time. No doubt cries of help from the war zone are filtering back to a Presidential level via intelligence. Let’s make their day ladies and gentlemen, legalize marijuana and talk about other drugs legalization issues later.
    Peace has a high price, blood. Stop the war on drugs, now.

  20. If it were not for the billions we pay Mexico every year to support our failed attempt at legislating morality. They would already have this herb legal after all they brought it to our country. True if they choose to make weed legal our leaders would cut their payment of the billions.
    Let me help if you make it legal I will move to your country I am so tired of the GREED that rules our country and the enslavement of millions to ensure our representatives PAC checks clear I will move. I will bring my money and help your country if they end the madness our country perpetuates….
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  21. For those of you still asleep look at a few facts this is not the whole picture but a big part of it.
    The pharmaceutical industry reaps profits estimated at 681 billion a year. Our representatives allow them to do as they want due to millions given to them through lobbyist. Their products kill many thousands of people every year yet legal.
    A weed you can grow and is estimated by DOCTORS in California where cannabis has been legal since 1996 to have the ability to replace 80% of their foul yet legal chemicals. This would mean they would lose an estimated 544 billion a year in profits. Now you know why they pay our representatives millions every year to keep weed illegal. Although it has been used for medicine for 4000 years and has killed no one.
    The problem they (the large pharmaceutical companies) cannot control a weed you can grow yourself.
    They would lose an estimated 544 billion every year so they lie, bribe, support a propaganda site called Drug Free America Foundation Inc although having a drug free American is not what they want. They want to control and profit form anything you take so the fight and pay to keep the weed illegal.
    Wake up America help me fight the tyranny called the war on drugs it is a scam. Designed by racist to enslave poor powerless mainly people of color over a weed that has never killed anyone….
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  22. I just saw it, man. On ABC news/Man goes smashing for Smokes– This guy crashes his vehicle into a store and takes 2 PACKS..not cartons,…PACKS!! Of cigarettes, my friends. Looks like the addictive powers of legal drugs are dangerous. When’s the last time anybody heard of a pothead crashing their car through a circle K so they could steal 2 bags of cheetos??

  23. Maybe we SHOULD write to the ambassador, as well as the Mexican government. Maybe once they realize how many Americans are on their side they may push the legalization issue a lot harder. It’s hard to convince any group of people to adopt an unpopular policy, so they might not put as much effort into trying to persuade our government officials if they believe Americans aren’t in favor of it. Besides, we can get all the help we can get. It definitely wouldn’t hurt.
    I say we continue to focus on marijuana law reform on the state level for now. Any news on AB 390 in California or the legalization bills in Massachusetts?

  24. Awww, so politicians care more about their re-election than actually doing anything. Well, if I ever ran for office my slogan would be “If taking a stance is political suicide, then I am ready to die.” Seriously, can we elect someone who has the balls to do something and not just let the norm, which is ruining us continue?

  25. Important to remember: DECRIMINALIZATION is the goal, NOT LEGALIZATION. Legalization simply means that the government owns all cannibis; you are permitted to use it if you pay the tax. Cannibis should be as free as tomatoes. If the government owns it, it would still be illegal to grow your own, just what they are suggesting in Oregon. Count on the quality plummeting.

  26. In addition: Isn’t it ironic that a black man (NOT a “brother”) won’t consider revoking one of the last of the Jim Crow laws?
    He’s compromised, folks. He’s not “one of us”, he’s a globalist along with the Bush’s and the Clinton’s and all the rest. His first job out of school was working for Henry Kissinger, fer chrissake!

  27. Forgive my spelling: CANNABIS, not cannibis. Sorry, I’m in a Lyme disease fog right now, and am missing my medicine. 🙁

  28. I don’t think that when it is legal I will grow my own. I might, but of I end up deing inept, I’m gonna have to go buy it, cuz I love the dank, and if it ain’t dank, it’s just a prank…
    Sorry, that was a stupid rhyme.

  29. – – I am not fully convinced. 😐
    – Vague, implicit terminology is the food of wishful, hopeful thinking.
    To contrast:
    Obama = IMPLICITLY for reform of the WOD.
    Ron Paul = EXPLICITLY for repeal of the WOD.
    – Granted,
    Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan DOES admit that this is a
    debate that needs to be taken seriously“.
    – – However, in conclusion,
    what approach(es) will president Calderon’s and president Obama’s administrations “side” with?
    – 1) ‘Decrim’ for personal-amounts, while still targeting,
    (and tacitly, through extant prohibition-dynamics),
    STILL perpetuating cartels?
    – 2) Greater restrictions on personal-use, (and by extension),
    civil-liberties, to supposedly curb “demand”?
    (Yet still ruining citizens’ lives through collateral actions against them,
    in the name of “zero-tolerance”).
    – 3) Or a taxed, regulated distribution system,
    (with exceptions for personal-grows),
    such as in the proposed
    Massachusetts Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act?
    (Patterned after alcohol / liquor-control statutes).

  30. Decriminalization isn’t enough. People in certain jobs, including government jobs and the military, will continue to be drug tested and their lives ruined.
    Legalization is the ONLY goal that should be in mind. And I doubt the government wouldn’t let you grow it. It’s one of the easiest drugs to manufacture (although quality is another issue), so preventing people from growing it would result in another prohibition-like state.
    Some have hinted at growing marijuana everywhere, including state parks. Legal issues aside, why not? Not just parks, but ANYWHERE, especially public. Not that it would work in our favor, but at least it would piss the DEA off.

  31. It all makes (cents) to me. Cant wait til this is all fixed up and squared away. Ya know I cant get these songs out of my mind. I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…. I want a new drug, one that wont make me sick.. Well they burned and they dug and they dug and they burned and they killed all our cute little weeds.I just smiled and waved as they drove away, sitting there on that sack of seeds.. 420 will be a good day. gotta go.. tea party time

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