Fox News: If You Support Taxing And Regulating Pot You Must Be An "Internet Troll!"

On three separate occasions, the White House has asked the public to provide them with feedback on the top public policy questions facing the nation. And on three separate occasions, the leading question for the new administration — as chosen on and voted by the American public — pertained to the legalization of marijuana.
One might examine these results and conclude that marijuana law reform is an issue that is becoming increasingly popular with America’s voters. Of course if you’re Fox News, you interpret these results another way.

Obama’s Effort at Online Transparency Stymied by Internet Trolls
via Fox News
“Three and a half million people participated in the event, but the ‘trolls’ had their way: Following a coordinated campaign by marijuana advocates to vote their topic to the top of the list, questions on the future of the U.S. dollar and the rising unemployment rate were superseded by questions about legalizing pot as an economic remedy.”

Got to hand it to the folks at Fox. (PS: For the record, Wired makes the same accusation!) National polls show that the public’s support for legalization has never been greater. Leading political and media pundits are now demanding that we end the criminal prohibition of pot. Yet despite all evidence to the contrary, the old guard at Fox News cynically clings to the notion that nobody supports taxing and regulating marijuana aside from a handful of “Internet trolls.” We report, you decide, huh?
Of course, Fox News didn’t come up with this spin on their own. After all, it was White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs — yes, the same Robert Gibbs who couldn’t come up with one valid reason to oppose regulating pot besides “uh” — who initially tried to downplay the popularity of marijuana law reform, telling the New York Times that “advocates for legalizing marijuana, … includ[ing] NORML, had mounted a drive to rack up votes for the question.”
So let’s set the record straight shall we. On the afternoon of March 25, with only a few hours left for voting in the White House’s poll, I posted the following blog to NORML’s homepage: “Obama ‘Open For Questions’ About The Economy — Ask Him To Support Taxing And Regulating Marijuana.” Here’s what I wrote in my post:

The topic of this week’s forum is the national economy, and not surprisingly, many of you have already put forward questions to the President regarding the taxation and regulation of cannabis.
For example, the most popular question in the category “Budget” is: “With over 1 out of 30 Americans controlled by the penal system, why not legalize, control, and tax marijuana to change the failed war on drugs into a money making, money saving boost to the economy?”
Similarly, under the topic “Financial Stability,” most asked question is: “Would you support the bill currently going through the California legislature to legalize and tax marijuana, boosting the economy and reducing drug cartel related violence?”
Marijuana-related questions also top the “Green Jobs and Energy” category, and are among the top vote-getters on the site overall.

That’s right, the questions pertaining to marijuana law reform were already the top vote-getters before NORML ever put pen to paper!
Further, NORML at no time engaged in any sort of “coordinated campaign” (to quote Fox) to “rack up votes” (to quote the Obama administration). NORML did not list-serv news of the White House poll to our tens of thousands of e-zine subscribers, nor did we publicize the poll to the hundreds of thousands of people that have joined us on Facebook and Myspace. And to the best of my knowledge, no other marijuana law reform group did so either.
In short, there was no orchestrated “campaign” and there is no grand conspiracy. The simple explanation for the White House poll results is this: Marijuana law reform is immensely popular with the public. That’s why we win initiatives — time and time again. And that’s why when the public is asked whether they support ending prohibition they say ‘yes’ — in overwhelming numbers!
As my colleague Scott Morgan writes at “This is a movement, and it isn’t going away. Our issue is bigger than the organizations backing it.” He’s right.
Americans are demanding a serious and objective political debate regarding the merits of legalizing marijuana. They have come to this conclusion on their own — simply by witnessing the failure of the drug war all around them.
President Obama, the time for adolescent jokes and giggles is over. Fox News, the time for insults has long passed. The public is serious; why aren’t you?

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  1. It would be so easy to achieve reform at the ballot box, it’s so impossible to do it any other way. If we would only unite to elect members of Congress who support MJ reform and Unite to defeat those that don’t (Incumbent Killer Strategy) our goal would soon be achieved. Do what the NRA and AARP do.

  2. It’s hard for me to say this but it’s true. It’s not just Fox news. Fox News is brought to you by the same people who brought you That 70’s show. They sell a product (program) to a demographic. It’s a business, like anything else in this country. We can’t play the game until we learn the rules.
    The two biggest battles of the Drug War we punted on back in the 1980’s.
    1. Drug testing – by what stretch of the imagination is that not a violation of the 4th amendment.
    2. The Fairness Doctrine, or Equal Time provision, in a nutshell required broadcasters to give equal time to both sides of an issue. Repealed by Reagan in the 1980’s. That is why a station can run ONDCP “the anti drug” spots but can legally refuse to air a Pro-Reform ad.

  3. If FOX wants to make statements such as these. Then only one thing to do, quit watching their TV channels. Show them through their wallets how many of us are really out there. Their ratings will drop.

  4. #41 Jason re- “what else is there” Refer to links on # 50. In 2002 the Libertarian Party used their Incunbent Killer Strategy to take out Bobb Barr. In 2002 Bobb Barr was the worst buzzkill in Congress, now he’s a lobbyist FOR MPP Marijuana Policy project. We probably didn’t change his heart or mind, but we did change his tune.
    THE POWER OF VOTING !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is sad, Fox New’s is sad. So sad they couldn’t do some simple research of the multi-billion dollar benefits that marijuana legalization would bring.
    So sad that they couldn’t do some simple research of the medical benefits that help thousands of people daily.
    So sad that they probably didn’t think of the benefits of industrial hemp legalization.
    So sad that they probably didn’t think of all the G R E E N jobs that could be made.
    So sad that they probably didn’t think of all the money that the tax payers would save against the prison system and the failed War on Drugs.

  6. I have two comments:
    1) Yes, Fox is a news network slanted to the right. Just as CNN, MSNBC, etc are slanted far left. To say otherwise is ignorant. Anyone who watches only a single source for news will always be trained to think the way that the people they watch think. That’s why the best thing to do is get news from multiple sources and do fact checking on your own. (btw, Fox IS /one/ of my sources of news)
    2) It is dangerous to our cause to ignore when places like Fox lie so agregiously like this, simply because you assume that if you don’t watch Fox that no one else does either. Check the ratings. Fox is THE MOST WATCHED news channel in the country, rivaled only by ESPN (which for those who don’t know, that’s just sports news) CNN is halfway down the list, and MSNBC barely make it on to the list at all. This just proves that we need to make further strides towards reaching out to the people of Fox News and the people that watch it, hammering away at the facts until it (slowly, over time) sinks in. Otherwise you’re ignoring a huge portion of the problem in favor of the easy path.

  7. Well, looks like the stakes have been “upped” as they say. President Obomb-out said yesterday that he was gonig to go after traffickers. this drug war is bull-shit.!.! END prohibition….END or HIGHly(no pun) reduce the border gang violence. How hard is it for our leaders to wrap their heads around this concept. Ooops!! gotta smoke bowl/go to work.

  8. Only someone as inept as Barack Hussein Obama could think that legalizing cannabis or any other drugs would be a bad thing for the economy.
    Someone needs to hijack his teleprompter. . .
    As for Fox, Conservatives in general tend to be skittish over the issue of drug legalization. . .it’s all about the “moral” thing. . .gimme a break.
    Legalize Freedom, End Slavery!!

  9. until 14 million of us stand around the white house demanding legalization… might as well .. turn around be cuffed and get it over with!

  10. I wish someway somehow norml could put together a huge (and I mean huge) rally in DC.
    Im talking one of the largest protest rallys this country has ever seen!
    Its time to show that we are not internet trolls!!!
    Run ads about this huge protest for a couple months giving every cannabis consumer and supporter ample time to make plans to attend. Raise money to have shuttles.
    We need to do this. Anybody else feeling me on this issue??? Its time we take a stand and put the giggles and liars like fox news in their place!!!

  11. Thanks # 75 for again making my point, hope that doesn’t offend you. If you want to see MJ reform, alot of you out there are gonna have to hold your noses and vote against your party. That’s gonna be hard for you (as hard as it would be for me to vote for a Republican).
    If it gives you any comfort, in my state the Democrats are just as bad as the Rep’s on MJ, so while I vote in every election, I leave an awful lot of blanks. See even though I’m closer to the Dems on almost every other issue, I’m willing to withhold my vote if they are conservative on marijuana, and in my Red state, they are.
    Which is the other half of the point, this country is going to have to move much farther to the left before we wee any real improvement in MJ policy.
    I’m sorry but it’s true. Whatever virtues or vices the Republican’s hold a person honest with himself would have to see that MJ reform is unlikely to come from the right. I’m not saying you have to vote for the Dems (hell Clinton never missed an oppurtunity to get to the right of the Rep’s on MJ). But if your Republican Congressman is the more evil of the two on MJ. Punish him by not voting (vote either third party or take no side at all). It’s what I do.
    That being said the difference between the two (on MJ) will probably be microscopic in most congressional districts across the country. A few weeks ago a very couragous man from San Francisco filed a bill to Legalize MJ in California yet I don’t see on this site any Real encouragment or support for Tom Ammiano. No calls for him to run for statewide or national office. No offers to donate to his campaign.
    If you could never vote for him, for whatever reason would keep you from doing so. I’m afraid you’ll be happier learning to live with the status quo.

  12. By the way the original Boston Tea Party was about a shipment of Tea with a REDUCED tax. The founding fathers were smugglers who got their tea from the Dutch East India Company. The British Government acting on behalf of the British East India Company, sent in a shipload of Untaxed tea to undersell the smugglers and ruin their credit with the Dutch. The revolution was not about taxes but rather mercantilism. After winning indepence the founding generation passed a tax on whiskey, as usual it taxed small distillers at a higher rate than larger distillers. Some things never change. more about the Boston Tea Party here
    and the whiskey Rebellion here
    Today’s Bicentenial minute was brought to you by the letter R, and the Incumbent Killer Strategy.

  13. I have a great idea why dont they come arrest all 96 million of us and try to support us in a prison for a month…LOL It would bankrupt the government faster than all the greedy corporate bailouts, faster than the wasteful spenders that are already running our government. I voted for Obama and I still believe in his character and think he will do the right thing. One could argue that by his laughing would insite a debate such as it has. The man is smarter than we think he is and I think there may be a little reverse psychology going on there. Fake News is a joke when I want to get a good laugh in the mornings I will tune in and listen to that babbling idiot steve ducy and his blonde bimbo and gremlin dude talk out of there behind about absolutely nothing. It is like there minds are blank. Less not forget that Laura Ingrahm subs for Bill O’ Reilly I sit back and watch all the hatred and and conservative draconian evangelical crap that comes out of these peoples mouth and it blows my mind. You really want to know how to mess with the Fake News Corp. we can “troll” there website and create gridlock so all there nutty evangelical buddies can’t even “opine”.

  14. URGENT!!!! Obama has come out and said that he is planning to overhaul and remove all failed government programs. i could not think of a better time to show him how bad the war on drugs government programs have failed. NORML who do we call, who do we write. lead the way on this, get on top of this if you can as this is a very strong way to move statistics into main stream in our favor.

  15. I must say though that Fake News isn’t all bad I ranted earlier about Laura Ingrahm subbing for Bill O’ Reilly but I did fail to mention that O’Reilly supports legalization from an economic point. Although I must say that since Alan Colmes left the network it has been all down hill for them from there. Im almost certain that his voice of reason was one of the last that the network had to offer.

  16. Monday is 420 folks. Get that letter in favor of ending prohibition done now and mail it with all of us on Monday. Imagine if tons of mail postmarked 420 in support of cannabis reform showed up at the Whitehouse, and better yet CC’s to FOX NEWS. We can put them on the mailing list to illustrate these trolls aren’t going to be bullied by their lies and biases.

  17. Boycott Faux News!! As I’m sure you all do anyway! Keep on boycotting Kelloggs too!!!!!!!!!! with the internet, there will be payback for those who mess with marijuana smokers!! Overthrow the government!!!!

  18. 107 comments is a big number for me to read, but I’ll get through them. If someone else commented the same thing as I’m doing here I apologize.
    Fox News is actually News Corp. It’s owned by Rupert Murdoch. The man, originally from Australia, is all into entertainment news and gossip. He has quite an interesting story and I’m presently finishing an authorized book written about him.
    There’s many pro’s and con’s however, with two chapters left to read I’m convinced that the con’s outweigh the pro’s. Not too much bothers this man except the bottom line, owning the newspapers, stations and whatever else interests him in the moment. He’s presently 77 and will be dead soon so we’ll all see changes at “Fox”.
    This is the hand we’ve been dealt by yet another corrupt system, main stream media, cable television.

  19. The problem nowadays in America is the new statist government people have failed to recognize. You have the right of probabable cause really? (Patriot act- government can search and seize property during absence of ownership trace calls etc etc. People can be reffered to police department under “trasspassing” on public mind you public property. And COdex Alimentarius is being put into place to control the food supply the united nations has ruined the world. Senator we want you to legalize marijuana but the gift you got from the lobbyist again it (couple of hundred thousand
    ) also speaks for itself. Fuck the Illuminati

  20. Dont you people realize preaching legalize marijuana is completely benigne to the anti marijuana legislation. For years people have been general in their demands for the government I dare you to try to change America when the secret societies have shifted the flow of currency to benefit them through the lobbyist state the country is being pressured into. As their grip on the law and political system tightens we sign away for the beneficial properties of our beings (through well thought out half lies the government tells) our rights for example. Government commited 9-11 research it people say help us protect us from terrorists lol. Economy goes bad help us government well where what we need to do things obviousely aint working eh? We need somthing new a new order a new world order. We need to enact martial law. People were getting closer to this statist government corrupted by the secret societies. It happend with adolf hitler , mussoulini , Lenin and Joseph Stalin by putting a protection label or a smiley face on facism and political state. People stop this from happening a unarmed public = a easy to control public. As our water is poisoned with flouride (main ingredient in prozac which reduces aggression and motivation) and our educational system is brainwashed what are we going to do wait as the world around us gets smaller and smaller and we say at least leave us alone in our homes please! People wake the hell up look around you the white house has a owl around it from a aireal view (Illuminati worship an owl) the back of the dollar bill has the illuminati symbol on it many companies icons are extremely silimair to the illuminati symbol as freemasons (Illuminati) recruit openly on myspace and their control on the media distorts our views. People please wake up from this piece of shit police state we are in. Martial law = government has complete control watch people. If you do not wake up watch exactly what will happen.

  21. As the greatest country and most well funded country and first world countries in the world seem to have a problem with gangs. Lol Bullshit the illegalization of drugs , prostitution etc etc criminalize a portion of society allowing the establishment of an underground economy causing a degree of civil unrest allowing for a police state to be more accepted to protect you. For example curfews that have been enacted in parts of the country this is an extremely mild form of martial law all im saying people is for gods sake wake up your all going to suffer immensly if you dont.

  22. Fox News sucks ass. I love it when they over power people on their “news” show when they don’t agree with them. I’ve seen them act like children, almost yelling over top of the other people so that the audience can’t hear what the person is saying that they are disagreeing with

  23. I just feel like every time I come here to catch up on the news in the pot world, I am just greeted with the rantings of someone upset about how the gov’t wont support us in any way. Lets get back to lighter side of things.

  24. – – ‘Oblama’ never addressed the SPECIFICS of the cannabis, hemp and ‘drug-policy’
    questions, nor did his anencephalic, at-a-loss-for-words lackey ‘Glibbs’, and especially not FAUX-Nooz!
    – – The label ‘troll’ is a very SUBJECTIVE term, and FAUX-Nooz tries to conflate,
    (falsely attribute), the worse-case classic-examples of ‘trolling’ to those of us who
    posted &/or voted-up categorically-relevant, cannabis-specific policy-questions on the previous change_dot_GUV and TownHall Meeting forums,
    never acknowledging personhood of participants who posted / voted-up these questions out of genuine concern
    &/or conscience,
    but only continuing to use the “T-word” throughout the news-article to refer to the people who did.
    (The same methodology used by anti-drug pundits to attribute the dangers of hard-drugs, alcohol, drug-prohibition itself TO the cannabis plant-species / products, and referring to cannabis-consumers by any number of derogatory, vague epithets…).
    – – FAUX-Nooz and Fox Television Network are two divergent entities:
    The latter, refreshingly subversive,
    The former, stale and ossified;
    The latter, drawing humorous distinctions between prescription sleep-aid ‘Napien®’ and ‘DRUGS!’,
    (at Ned Flanders’ house, during a certain Simpsons episode),
    The former, branding herbal-medications, (in general), as ‘dangerous’ and ineffective / useless,
    while being sponsored by Big Pharma’s Ambien®, amongst others…

  25. A message I sent to our new president
    Dear Mr. Obama,
    First I’d like to congratulate you on your victory over McCain. While I personally believe you needed more time in the Senate, I am resigned to endure your tenure as long as you remain in office. I say endure, because despite all of your assertions and promises to bring change to washington, I have yet to see you do possibly the most important thing you can do as president: END THE DRUG WAR! No other fiscal policy you could champion would do more to improve the lives and livelihoods of Americans more than ending the federal prohibitions on Marijuana and Industrial Hemp.
    I have personally watched our wrong-headed approach to this issue ruin (possibly irrevocably) more than one person’s life. A young man (16 I think) was brought into court on a possession ticket. Due to his ignorance of the 4th amendment of our constitution, and it’s protections against unwarranted searches and seizures, he was coerced into letting a police officer search his bag (according to his testimony he was not high, and was simply walking down the street). The last I heard, walking down the street was not sufficient grounds to suspect a person of wrong doing. The judge had asked several times what the kid did wrong, and all he could come up with was that he was carrying marijuana (something the police officer COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN WITHOUT CONDUCTING HIS ILLEGAL SEARCH). The result of his ignorance is now he will have trouble A) getting into at least 2 branches of our military, B) Have this blemish on his record which may deny him access to financial aid as a college student, and C) Limit his ability to get certain jobs. All of this for the simple act of carrying. Not public intoxication, not a DUI, but simply possession.
    I am sure you are aware, (being a former smoker yourself) that people change over time. While he may still imbibe in his youth, he may go completely sober as an adult, but this mark on his permanent record will haunt him to his grave. Is that fair? Is that JUSTICE? How many others must go through this same drama (and much worse) before we “change” this wrong-headed” public policy? In my mind it is events like this that foment the public disregard and disrespect of other laws (no matter if the laws are actually just in their own context).
    Given the recent video tapping of Mr. Biden’s daughter recently SNORTING SEVERAL LINES OF COCAINE, I believe that she should do a little time. If she were me or any of my friends, I would no doubt have to visit them behind bars. With such uneven application of this nation’s drug laws, how can the rest of us unprivileged peasants, be expected to take these laws seriously?
    I must admit that I found your cavalier response to the first (and most important) question asked of you at your last town hall meeting, to be dismissive and offensive. I can assure you that the number of people asking that question cannot be mistaken for some cabal of internet shut-ins! It was the most asked question because THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WANT OUR DRUG LAWS “CHANGED”!!! You are not in the Senate anymore dude, don’t mistake your constituency for a lobbyist group, think-tank, or Political Action Committee. We are AMERICA and we want marijuana legalized, taxed, and regulated!
    Thank you,
    your humble serf,

  26. I am in rough times and my funds are low. I must worry about my wife and 3 children before my own selfish agenda of cannibis legalization, but as long as I can earn a paycheck I will donate to NORML, I will write my congressmen, state assemblymen, the president, and attend rallies, and protests. I’m so tired of this crap about everyone trying to save us from the evils of drugs. I don’t need anyone to save me. I don’t smoke cannibis now but I have been dreaming about it ever since i joined the military in 2001. I am seperating from the military in 2 months, and then I will re-join the ranks of the Cannibis legalization movement in full. This will happen. We can do it. I will blaze one for all of you as soon as I get out, I’m gonna blaze one for me too!!! 🙂 Peace, love, and happiness…62 days and counting until IRIE…

  27. In a nation where the last three presidents have all smoked pot yet get to sit in the white house while 20 million have been arrested and/or incarcerated for the same thing; this has grown past absurdity!
    The internet isnt going to get Cannabis legalized…we need a million man march across the white house lawn while smoking phat spliffs everyone of us… they cant arrest us all!
    The internet is great for getting out messages and such.. but as you can see they will NEVER take us seriously unless we march on the White House lawn!
    Million Cannabis March! and it should be done on 4-20, obviously.
    “legalizing is NOT an option” the white house says… laughs at it and wont explain any further?
    WHY? because its a corrupted business…. Pot will NEVER be made legal. and after fighting for over 40 years NORML knows that more than anyone!
    I have had enough of this hypocritical bullshit nation and it can basically fuck itself right where the sun doesnt shine..
    I am going to smoke my pot and there is NOONE NOWHERE the will EVER STOP ME!
    Basically the Hypocritical States of Slumerica is just a full of shit lying nation of hypocrites and thieves!
    How dare ANY govt come tell me what I can and cannot put into my own body in a country where we are supposed to be free to pursue life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness!
    Self governance over ones own body is one of the most basic fundamental aspects of freedom and almost NOONE understands this!
    You guys keep fighting the good fight…but after 70 years its looking like we will NEVER win this fight.. the gaurd all the doors and hold all the keys.
    They are making the money off of this business now…
    Just look at CCA (Correction Corps of America). Look at the direct correlation between the increase in Marijuana busts and the ever rising prison populations in these nation wide facilities run by a business. Your going to tell me that that is merely coincidence?
    I will almost assuredly shuffle off this mortal coil long before Cannabis is ever made legal….
    One pissed of freedom lover!
    Slumerica: Land of the thief and home of the slave!

  28. I just had to say..I always wanted to be a troll…, but ,.. THAT doesn’t mean I’m going to stop talking about this ISSUE.. Hello? Just sayin’ 8)

  29. Oh and ya all still need to stop all this right wing/left wing, teabagger /non-teabagger,black/white,geek/jock,ect.ect.ect arguments..! WE as one want to accomplish anything …stop the bickering. We can’t win a war if we let the enemy fan the flames that would separate us!!! DUH!

  30. Only thing good about fox news is that they have the hottest girls of any other news channel. other then that they suck.

    Look at this quote from an article on just published on Saturday:
    “Ask just about any DEA agent or expert who keeps a close watch on drug trafficking, and they’ll cringe at the use of the word “war.” They’ll tell you, flat out, that no, it’s not likely ever to be won.”

  32. perhaps we the trolls should boycott the use of alcohol and tobacco because they are the companies that do most of the anti pot campaigns…imagine if they dont make enough money for states to tax, then the states could possibly legalize mj just to bring in state earnings that cant be made elsewhere, hmm maybe. Also, i am going to try something in the coming weeks,,i will set up a table at the entrance of our local walmart (with the permission of the store manager of course) with penny voting to the for legalization and point out advantages, and vote to keep illegal, you know a jar for each…at the end of the day i would report the general outcome of moneys collected to local news outlets and contribute to NORML and local law enforcement the amounts collected from each jar…bet you can guess the outcome there, everybody that reads this is more than welcome to do the same in their local walmart or similar large outlet like a mall entrance…be sure to take pictures for the newspaper or video for tv news…lets all do it, let them know we the people mean business..

  33. lol trolls….420 2MORROW Woot!! lol the next step after legalization is making 420 a national holiday rofl lmao that would b awesome

  34. o and for all my service men n women who cant smoke and all my stoners locked up in jail this hit is for you guys

  35. We can write letters, e-mails and commercials. Do tons of research and throw outstanding numbers around. Yet, if the powers that be say no, theres absolutely nothing we can do.

  36. P.S. Don’t just say “fox sucks.” Thats exactly the sort of response that makes us look stupid. At least TRY and look educated.

  37. Troll? Troll?!!! are you serious… that is childish. I would say i cant believe that, but coming from fox news, it only makes sense. Name calling… i believe that tends to come out when the losing party feels trapped and afraid of realizing the faults in their decisions.
    Whelp it wont be long before their just straight up crying to please make the bad men stop on their news programs, well really its more like a videotaped daycare center for socially inept peoples.
    The People have already spoken.

  38. Fox news is trash. It’s like the jerry springer of news networks. Go watch “Outfoxed” to get the truth about those lying scumbags. Keeping weed illegal is the real crime. Just ignore the control freaks and grow your own weed! Check to get started.

  39. I can understand taxing marijuana should it become legalized but it needs to be controlled so it is not over taxed.I read about Oakland and their plan to tax medicinal marijuana ans it is insane.50-100 or more dollars on the ounce?Isn’t that a bit greedy?If they tax it that high then they have lost everything they have been fighting for and will be right back at square one

  40. I have a lot to say about this topic first the whole any christian that belives in gravity is bad is bs it’s a fact untill I can fly I’ll belive in it as I belive in god and for the legalization of cannabis we need to throw out some more stuff that will get people behind the cause like not only will it be great for all those who enjoy cannabis but that the economic stimulus will open more job opertunities that are so hard to come by at the moment I appreciate all the stuff you guy are doing for the cause and give some sick props to all but remember to win we must all stay positive and show we are kind but not silent

  41. I’m very disappointed that you’ve chosen to attack Fox News. I am a regular, avid, conservative, FOX viewer that, like MANY other conservatives, not only support, but demand that Marijuana be legalised. I feel that it is criminal to withold Marijuana from legitimate medical uses, of which there are many. I also feel it is unconcienable that Marijuana continues to be demonized. As the law now stands, the major beneficiaries are the police, judicial system, prison system, true criminals and politicians. The last two may be one and the same in many instances.
    As for FOX, I have not heard an overall bias related to this issue. Just last night Geraldo, I am not a fan of his, discussed the issue voicing his support for decriminaliztion.
    As for regulation and taxation, the former might provide consistency and a quality measure, but may also inhibit potency, like alchohol proof is regulated. Taxation may be the only way to make legalisation palatible to the politicians for the several greedy government agencies potential loss in funding that they now derive.
    This issue has languished to long and caused too much heartache and discomfort.

  42. The legalization of cannabis we all know is unavoidable even if we wait everyone will eventualy see that cannibis isn’t what they thought it was. I believe strongly the use of cannibis is the only SAFE and all natural atternitive to using perscription drugs. I have seen the positive effects it has on the human body. All of them good.

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