If Someone Robbed Your House Would You Call Your Doctor? So Why Do Cops Keep Talking About Medical Cannabis?

It’s hard to imagine that anyone in Minnesota still believes that the cops are a credible source of information regarding SF 97 and HF 292 — the state’s pending medical marijuana measures.
After all, it was only a few weeks ago when state lawmakers and the local media ‘outed’ law enforcement for continually lying about the bills during their public testimony.
Nevertheless, in the interest of ‘balance’ (and I use that term euphemistically here), state newspapers apparently feel the need to give these tainted folks a platform to spew their lies and propaganda — even though it appears that no one aside from Gov. Tim Pawlenty is listening.
Of course, it’s arguable that by giving law enforcement a forum, editors are actually, if inadvertently, promoting marijuana law reform. After all, the prejudice, fabrications, and misplaced logic exhibited by those who favor prohibition clearly does more to undermine the policy than NORML could ever hope to.
A case in point. Writing in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, local sheriff Richard Stanek goes off on a tirade about marijuana. But if one reads between the lines, it becomes readily obvious (to anyone but the sheriff), that his gripe is really with cannabis prohibition.

Lighten up on marijuana?
… The connection between marijuana and violent crime should not be underestimated. The violence related to marijuana isn’t a result of the effects on the user but rather stems from the money people can make selling and growing the drug. Violence is part of the trade. By legalizing marijuana-growing operations and drug traffic, we would invite violence into our communities.
We should never lose focus on the immediate connection between guns, gangs, kids and drugs — and marijuana is frequently the connection. I have been in law enforcement for 25 years and have seen this firsthand. When I was captain of the Criminal Investigations Division with the Minneapolis Police Department, we investigated a case involving a man from out-of-state who tried to buy marijuana for personal use. He unwittingly approached a gang-connected dealer. The man was shot and killed so gang members could keep his money and the marijuana.

Read about any gang-related violence surrounding the sale of alcohol lately? How about vicodin or paxil? Didn’t think so. The irony, of course, is that the very ramifications that Sheriff Stanek claims to lament are, in fact, direct consequences of the public policy he reflexively endorses.
Of course, Sheriff Stanek isn’t alone is his twisted thinking (another euphemism). In a pro/con piece published today in the Rochester Post-Bulletin, Dennis J. Flaherty, executive director and chief lobbyist of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, also predictably plays the ‘violence’ card (among others).

The facts are that marijuana is a drug that is associated with violent crimes such as robberies and assaults. Many have and will resort to almost anything to get their hands on it.

And here I thought cops believed that pot smoking made people unmotivated.
The cop lobbyist goes on to make a number of other false accusations as well. You are free to read them here. (Have a strong anti-emetic handy.)
Fortunately, despite this deluge of deliberately false information, most Minnesota politicians — former sheriff and current Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen notwithstanding — are voting on the side of truth. Will Gov. Pawlenty do likewise? If you live in Minnesota, now might be a good time to ask him.
PS: Think that Minnesota is the only state whose cops blatently lie about medical marijuana? Think again!

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  1. THE DREAM POLICE ARE JUST TRYING TO GET INTO OUR HEADS. I wonder how many OFFICERS OF THE LAW get that feeling of superiority when they put on that badge and uniform. The ones that carry the torch of MARIJUANA PROHIBITION and THE POLICE STATE MENTALITY=BIG BROTHER. They sure do have their share of BARNEY FIFES, could’nt trust them with information or a RUBBER BULLET. When MARIJUANA GETS LEGALIZED some of them can get a job at WAL MARX. 420 ALL THE WAY!

  2. – – Why does it seem like every PROHIBITIONIST sheriff,
    district-attorney, ‘polly-tishun’ and attorney-general ‘parrot‘ the SAME, EXACT,
    word-for-word, (verbatim), conflated FALSE-ARGUMENTS against rational-discussion
    on medical-cannabis and taxed, licensed, regulated CANNABIS distribution-systems in general???
    – Are they all reading the same script from Prohibitionist’s Office-Supply’s®
    ‘Talking-Points Cue-Cards™’ ?
    (Sheriffs Whining Imbecilic Nonsense Egregiously® brand).
    RE: #19
    – As ridiculous and laughable as Stanek’s and Flaherty’s reasoning is
    to those of us who know the truth about cannabis,
    there are YET some who still believe their 21st century revised ‘Anslingerisms’.
    #28 Mike H. Says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 3:20 am
    I feel really bad for the police who believe this.
    Fortunately there are law enforcement officers who know
    legalizing marijuana is the right thing to do.
    Everyone should check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

  3. I believe some in the police community feel that they are not only the enforcers of our law, but that they are the law, the beginning and the end. They forget that their responsibility is to follow the law, not create it as they see fit.

  4. Will you please friggin legalize it before I die for Christ’s sake? Please lets disconnect the police from drug profits!

  5. #38 mrs.sab: “…Sorry Lea… no aim for you”. Don’t understand your comment, please, if you read this clarify.
    If it’s because I said I live on a military base then I still don’t understand, sorry. mrs.sab: I DO NOT smoke cannabis. As written before, several times, I DO need medical cannabis because of health problems however, I WILL NOT risk going to prison and/or jail over it. This body is as clean as a whistle because that’s the way it has to be until Prohibition is Ended. Understand ? Peace, love ……..
    NORML: Absolutely Love the new addition to the NORML site: “Attorneys: Join the NORML Legal Committee and get listed on our website”.
    Love it, absolutely love it.

  6. Your typical donut eating, ignorant cop. How about law enforcement stops pussing out and they go and kick down some meth lab doors. Ignorance and inadequate education on the subject of ganja are the reason these misconceptions are made. I was told that I can have my car searched on school campus if I am stoned because I am “a danger to the school when high on marijuana”. The person who told me this clearly has never been high, because smoking marijuana does everything BUT make you a danger to your school. Maybe to the cafeteria. Point is, how is a plant with no recorded fatalities illegal while another plant (tobacco) that kills 5 million people annually legal. Oh wait, I remember now, politicians only care about who’s putting money in their pocket. Go smoke a joint you donut eating fucks

    First off marijuana is not an addictive drug, pharmaceuticals like Codein and Oxycontin ARE addictive.
    1) Marijuana these days is so potent that it can kill you. -Really, if you know so much.. how many deaths were there in 2008 from marijuana use?
    2) Marijuana already causes enough violence for Law Enforcement. -What about drunk drivers? or you don’t bother to stop those people until they’ve already killed someone.
    3) If marijuana were to be legalized the DEA and the War on Drugs would receive significantly less funding. -Maybe they should use their funding more wisely, Everyone in this country is in a money crisis.
    4) Prohibition works. -HAHAHHAAH Actually regulation and control Works…remember how prohibition didn’t work with alcohol in the 1920’s? (I thought this guy said he was smart…)
    5) Marijuana as a medicine is flat out ABSURD. -Tell that to a dying chemo. patient that can’t stop throwing up And your “pharmaceutical” Don’t help the nausea.
    And about the article:
    Its funny how this article is titled “Both Sides” because all I’ve seen is the “police side” of not having someone to bust for a petty crime. I’m sure most people don’t want marijuana to be legalized is because they have money put into pharmaceutical comapnies and think that if marijuana is legalized they won’t have people to give their harmful meds to. Why is the government so quick to legalize tobacco and alcohol? Both of those are FAR more harmful than marijuana is. Has anyone ever heard of “medical tobacco” or “medical alcohol”? No of course not because these are dangerous to the body. I also don’t see in this article actually FACTS about the safety of this Plant to the American citizens. How many people die each year from marijuana overdose? Anybody know the answer to that…zero! Now how many people DIE each year from alcohol or tobacco..drunk driving, lung cancer? Do police really only look for the people smoking pot, can’t they go for Actual Criminals…like murderers, theives, gangs, DRUNK drivers. I’m sure these cops can find someone else to bust with their time. I think that we should HAVE REGULATIONS on these drugs, not just completely outlaw it. This is a plant that grows from the ground, not a harmful chemical created by someone.

  8. Having spent time in Holland and seeing how things work over there, I can tell you that it should be legel here. THERE’S LOWER DRUG USE THERE THAN THERE IS HERE. It’s just stupid, when has anyone died from smoking pot? UBSURD!!!! cherrin is an idiot!!!! Every time I walk into a store when I get gas, what’s the 1st thing I see behind the counter? ROLLING PAPERS!!!! SO THAT TELLS ME THERE’S A BIG DEMAND!!! Come on USA WAKE UP!!!!

  9. #43 Somedood Says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 1:56 pm
    I would like to place a link here to the most recent enlightenment to Obama on drug policy.
    He basically wants more drug courts and to force rehab over an over on non violents and in the end sending them off to jail anyway.
    Frankly it just opens more doors for bigwig rich phucks to make money off the common joe.
    CNN: White House tries to combat drug demand with rehab
    – Thanks for posting this news-info, Somedood.
    I’m not the least surprised…
    – Afterall, this was part of the ‘official’ Obama ‘Whitehouse-Agenda’ long
    before either ‘Open For Questions’ forum went online.
    – The thing I find bothersome, though, is that Obama never acknowledged
    questions SPECIFICALLY addressing…
    (As an environmentally-friendlier food, fiber and biofuel-crop,
    requiring MINIMAL water / fertilization AND no pesticides),
    Emerging, internationally-verified, clinical-applications of phytochemicals
    derived from MEDICINAL-CANNABIS.

  10. Below you will find another brainwashed peace officer. I have smoked for 35 years and not dead lol
    cherrin Says:
    May 4th, 2009 at 5:22 pm
    I’m shocked to see how many addicts we have here. I am a police officer, with the majority of my family in the pharmaceutical industry. Needless to say, I know more about this issue than any civilian, scientist, doctor, or judge.
    Legalizing marijuana is COMPLETELY ABSURD. Here are the facts about legalizing marijuana and the impacts it has.
    1) Marijuana these days is so potent that it can kill you.
    2) Marijuana already causes enough violence for Law Enforcement, making it legal would increase the violence tenfold as more and more cartels would move into our schools, churches, daycare centers, and force everyone around them in take a ”drag” of this terrible, life destroying, drug.
    3) If marijuana were to be legalized the DEA and the War on Drugs would receive significantly less funding. The vast majority (80%) of our hundred billion dollar federal budget is spent on fighting this killer drug, marijuana. Without marijuana, there would be no drug problem in America, thus we would have to cut back instead of growing our agencies. We need marijuana to be illegal so the federal and state governments will continue to support us.
    4) Prohibition works.
    5) Marijuana as a medicine is flat out ABSURD. Marijuana is tenfold more dangerous than opiates or methamphetamine (all of which you can safely obtain from your doctor at anytime), as my family and research tells me. Having opiates or methamphetamines in pill form gives you all the comfort you need to know that it is safe. If it wasn’t, then a pharmaceutical company would never make it because they value their customers and only want what’s best for them. The pharmaceutical companies are caring and compassionate. If marijuana actually helped anyone they would stop pushing their pills on people and give them marijuana. But the truth is, marijuana is much more dangerous than anything they create.
    As you can see, legalizing marijuana is the worst possible thing you can do for the welfare needs of the DEA and the War on Drugs. Also, medical marijuana is a pure joke. Marijuana is clearly more dangerous than what the pharmaceutical industry manufactures.
    Remember, think of our children.
    Thank you,
    -Law Enforcement

  11. I live in Pennsylvania and hoenstly what really bothers me more than anything is that OXYCONTIN is a legal drug but Marijuana is not.
    My area is overrun with heroin and oxycontin abuse. There are stabbings and shootings in the paper every day because people keep trying to rob other people because they need cash to get their fix. Law enforcement completely overlooks this. The officials are blinded by the fact that that oxycontin’s are a huge part of this, considering they’re much more expensive to buy than heroin – people owe their dealers money, etc…
    It’s very sad.
    I have a lot of friends who have died from these drugs but not one friend who has died from using marijuana. I have friends who have died from alcohol poisoning or some other alcohol related accident – but none from marijuana.
    How can a drug like oxycontin’s be legal for medicinal purposes and be a huge root of the murders in my area…but marijuana is illegal.
    My boyfriend has Crohn’s Disease and is prescribed tons of medication (he is supposed to take 12 pills a DAY!) as a “maintanence drug” to keep him from having a “flare up” (what happens when your Crohn’s starts to irritate you and your intestines become inflamed.)
    Marijuana activates receptors in your brain to bring down the inflammation and wouldn’t have harmful effects on his liver like pills would…and it is illegal.
    It’s very sad.

  12. I really do not understand how cops could say this crap. When did you ever hear of a death from an overdose on pot??? This angers me very bad because the pigs that say this were probably potheads in highschool.
    The world today is a very corrupt place. The cops that are in it are also corrupt. This country really needs to take a look at the way police forces work.

  13. While these cops are exactly the kinds of people who lie and sneak around to keep it illegal, I also think that it should be noted that not all of the police feel this way.
    The examples listed here need the abuse, they brought it upon themselves. It is however, not all of the cops that are on the wrong side of the legalization fight. There is another side, look at LEAP.
    Do not kick them all, many are on our side.

  14. #65 Chance Says:
    May 11th, 2009 at 11:31 am
    …It is however, NOT all of the cops that are on the wrong side of the legalization fight.
    There is another side,
    look at LEAP.
    – I’ve known about LEAP for a couple of years now.
    This gives me hope:
    – That there’s law enforcement and criminal-justice professionals
    who’ve seen the FUTILITY of the ‘War on (some) Drugs’ as a means of trying to control drug-misuse;
    and have realized that Prohibition 2 is a very ineffectual, harmful, WASTEFUL policy,
    CAUSING the problems it’s supposed to solve,
    and doing more harm than the drugs themselves.
    An open, legal, ABOVE-BOARD system of regulation and
    adult-only access would be the BEST way to de-mystify and
    minimize the harms associated with drug-abuse,
    de-fund criminal cartels and keep drugs out of children’s reach,
    (via age-requirements).
    Why Our Drug-Laws Have Failed:
    Judge Jim Gray
    LEAP Forums

  15. You creat violence when you enact a state of war, the War on Drugs. Take away the war, and you take away the violence to give peace a chance, its just THAT SIMPLE. It was hippies who preach about peace and love. Its the government who conducts fear mongering and acts of war. 🙂

  16. Holy crap! As I was reading through these various posts, I came across that “Law Enforcement” douche bag. I laughed so hard I damn near pissed myself. As I read through his apparent “Facts” it became clear to me he’s probably using the pharmaceuticals his family peddles. Not to mention the fact that “he knows more about it then any scientist” are you kidding me? It is so clear this moron is so diluted that if President Obama read his post we’d all be enjoying legalization.It’s hard for me to fathom that this jackass and so many others like him are actually police officers who get paid to “protect us” Obviously guys like him are part of a program that allows mentally challenged to wear a badge. So listen pigboy..here is my challenge….Lay off the oxy’s dude, open up your junkie eyes and get your “facts” from people who actually dedicate their research to the subject…instead of copy and pasting some lame report written by morons as clueless as you. I am a CSI here in PA, and I gotta tell ya..I work for law enforcement, and I see and hear craziness all day long…But you sir are truly..without a doubt the most asinine, deluded, most uninformed, idiot I have ever come across. If I lived in the city you work for I’d move, simply because if your this bad at facts, I can not even imagine what kinda officer you pretend to be. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the city you work for. Please do the world a favor and get a job your actually qualified to do…like wearing a sign advertising sandwich specials at your local deli. Thank you for further increasing the seriously falling standards of our country’s Law Enforcement.

  17. we are supposed to be the greatest country on earth, but we cannot solve a simple problem such as the marijuana issue. stop locking kids up, start locking up the big time dealers that this “WAR ON DRUGS” was meant to go after. stop having undercover cops selling dime bags and arresting ppl, filling up our jails, and labeling potheads and murderers as the same thing. let the public have their choice of medicine, whether its a pill or a plant

  18. If law makers say we shouldn’t re-leagalize marijuana because children might use it, then maybe these lawmakers should consider de-legalizing alcohol so children don’t use that either. That’s so ridiculous. I have known a lot of people in my time that have used marijuana and just because it is illegal does not mean it is not available to who ever wants it when ever they want it. I hope people are more responsible then that for their children. And I don’t think calling anyone pigs is going to help the cause. We have to be better then that if we want to help paitents that need it. I live in a state where it is not yet, legal . I had to watch two people I knew waste away from cancer because they couldn’t keep anything down. I am now watching two others waste away from it. It’s horrible that they can’t get what they need to help them get better. The law say’s they can deny all treatment…which would kill them. But yet if they try to use an herb that will help them get well they will be breaking the law and go to jail or receive treatment. If the war on drugs changes it name, then they will receive treatment then go to jail. Next election the 52% of America should elect a president that doesn’t think it is so funny that seriously ill people who need the seed bearing herb that God gave us, they can’t get! I know if Obama doesn’t leagalize it in his first term, I wont be voting for him again. I think he led a lot of people on just to get their votes. I wont be fooled so easily the next time. I hope no one else is either.

  19. #71 Linda Bava Says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 4:01 am
    …The law say’s they can deny all treatment…which would kill them.
    But yet if they try to use an herb that will help them get well they will be breaking the law and go to jail or receive treatment.
    If the war on drugs changes it name, then they will receive treatment then go to jail.
    Next election the 52% of America should elect a president that doesn’t think it is so funny that seriously ill people who need the seed bearing herb that God gave us, they can’t get! ….
    Have you watched this video before,
    PSA For MJ-Reform Bible Quote
    – When gov’ts outlaw anything which Creator God
    has previously declared as necessary for life,
    (EVERY Herb bearing seed),
    then that gov’t is essentially making LIFE ITSELF illegal.
    (The atrocity of Cannabis-Prohibition is only the tip-of-the-iceberg
    regarding the war-on- plants which God declare as FOOD for us…)
    – I originally voted for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries…
    (Our ailing country needs a DOCTOR!!!)
    – I’m not as disiilusioned as some are concerning Obama,
    since I easily saw that his replies to questions on drug-law reform
    were in VagueSpeak™
    (A softer, gentler version of the S.O.S!!!).

  20. I meant to say…ABOUT Obama…
    – I’m not as disillusioned as some are concerning Obama,
    since I easily saw that his replies to PRE-ELECTION questions on drug-law reform
    were in VagueSpeak™ …..

  21. post # 7 begins by saying…
    “I’m shocked to see how many addicts we have here. I am a police officer, with the majority of my family in the pharmaceutical industry. Needless to say, I know more about this issue than any civilian, scientist, doctor, or judge.”
    …and then goes on to spout an enormous amount of utter bullshit, not the least of whgich is “Marijuana these days is so potent that it can kill you.” (are you kidding me?
    I’ll spare you all the rest of the post because you can easily read it, but I would like to point out to that poster that if he’s comfortable that he really “knows” all that garbage then he can never really be sure that he “knows” anything at all.
    I’ll never cease to be amazed at the total dumbasses that spout this sort of nonsense. If he really is a police officer as he claims then I submit that’s one of the major problems with our justice system.

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