What Do You Know, The Ex-Drug Czar Is Still Full Of S—-t!

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In a revelation that I’m sure will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, it turns out that ex-Drug Czar John Walters is still full of s—-t.
Responding on CNN last night to California Gov. Schwarzenegger’s call to debate the merits of taxing and regulating the adult use of marijuana (E-mail the Governor here), Walters demonstrated that he remains an unrepentant liar — even though he’s no longer paid by the federal government to be one.

To summarize: in under five minutes Walters manages to falsely claim that:
Today’s marijuana is far stronger — and thus more dangerous — than ever before. Actually, the Feds’ own data indicates that the average strength of domestic cannabis hasn’t changed in over ten years; that marijuana — regardless of THC content — is relatively non-toxic and incapable of causing a fatal overdose; and that most folks — when given the choice — prefer to consume milder marijuana over highly potent pot.
More people seek drug treatment for pot than all other drugs combined. Technically true, but only because between 60 percent and 70 percent of individuals enrolled in substance abuse ‘treatment’ for cannabis are small-time pot offenders who were referred there by the criminal justice system. In fact, according to the latest federal data, nearly four in ten people admitted to substance abuse treatment programs for cannabis did not even use it in the month prior to their admission.
Nobody is actually in jail for marijuana-related offenses. Ah yes, the “unicorn” theory. Never mind those 50,000 or state and federal inmates serving time for pot offenses the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics talks about. In John Walters fantasy world, they simply don’t exist.
Consuming cannabis leads to violent behavior and other criminal acts. Apparently, when pot doesn’t make you “docile and unresponsive, to the point of helplessness,” it makes you unpredictably violent. Or not. Look, I asked this question on Monday and I’ll ask it again: Read about any gang-related violence surrounding the sale of alcohol lately? How about vicodin or paxil? Didn’t think so. Consuming marijuana doesn’t cause violent or criminal behavior, but criminals and violent people do engage in the black market trafficking of illicit drugs. The irony, of course, is that the very ‘violence’ that Walters claims to lament — that is, when he and his colleagues over at the DEA aren’t hailing the increase in drug-related violence as a good thing — is a direct consequences of the public policy (prohibition) he reflexively endorses.
**Side note: Maine Gov. John Baldacci just signed legislation into law on Friday making the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana a civil violation, punishable by a fine and no jail time. (Read more about this law in this week’s NORML News stories.) Expect to hear Walters ranting and raving about marijuana cartels setting up shop in the Pine Tree state any day now.
Finally, for good measure, Walters even resurrects the claim that there are now more medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of San Fransisco than there are Starbucks — an allegation so absurd that the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper laughed it out of the room some six months ago.
So here’s my question: Gov. Schwarzenegger — as well as U.S. Senator Jim Webb — have called for a “debate” on whether or not to legalize the use and distribution of cannabis for adults. Webster’s dictionary defines “debate” as “to argue opposing views.” But as Walters’ comments so adeptly illustrate, the opposing side has no actual “views,” it only has lies and seven decades of bulls—-t.
Therefore, I say we skip the public debate and go straight to the public ‘debunk’ (verb: to expose the fallacy or fraudulence of). I’m sure we can find Mr. Walters a seat at the head of the table.

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  1. I’m so tired of all this political crap intertwined in marijuana legality! POT ROCKS!!! Not only is it everything we’ve heard (incapable of OD, recreational, medicinal) but it’s also not just for smoking! I’ve been watching all these research videos lately that show all the things cannabis can be used for…I don’t see the valid argument!! FREE THE WEED!!

  2. Ethan Nadelmann and Jeffrey Miron
    are the more credible voices in this news-video.
    (They ought to be directing our nation’s drug-policy…)
    – Walters, on the other hand, is a bloat-bag of lies!
    (An 8-shot Jack Daniel’s® ‘drunk’ would be far more
    troublesome to him than a stoner on a spliff of 20-percent THC ‘skunk’ )
    And news-anchor Tom Foreman…”re-engineered pot?”
    GET REAL!!!
    – It’s still weak, feckless, overpriced, contaminated,
    filthy, moldy Mexi-Schwag™ for those not fortunate enough to live in Nor-Cal, Oregon or Denver, CO.
    – One thing that has been re-engineered, though,
    is the means of
    pulmonary-intake…herbal-aromaticizers…a.k.a. VAPORIZERS…
    Former Drug Czar…Legalization Debate:

  3. Mr.Walters needs to get his math on rehab treatment correct.My mom has worked at a state run alcohol drug rehab and detox for fifteen years,she has never had a patient there because of marijuana.Mr.Walters also needs to remember if you are on parole and required to take a UA and THC is found in your system,you go back to prison and serve time.

  4. Two things I gotta say bout this.
    1) These drug warriors are always saying that marijuana causes lazyness and makes you un productive and dosile,then at times they flip and say it makes you violent.
    Well, I’ve NEVER seen someone get high ,then get violent unless they are drinking also. It seems to me they are bent on driving people to work them selves to death,also this is America, we can be lazy and unproductive If we wish! Where in the law is it Illegal to do so?
    2) These wariors and gov agents KNOW they have a cash cow they can use and abuse at their leisure.
    They will suck everything out of this they can. They have NO incentive to do otherwise. Its easier to bust a stoned pot smoker than it is to take on a job like guarding our borders and looking for terrorists here in the USA. Its well known that cops would rather deal with a pot smoker than a drunk, why change a good thing huh?
    How bout this. All you religious drug warriors that think marijuana use is immoral,do you think god created things that are bad? Man creates things that are unnatural and bad all the time,like BAD LAWS!
    So please continue to ruin the lives of PRODUTIVE people with your laws and justify it in your own way. That I feel is the real immorality.
    The day is coming when government will have no choice but to bend to the will of the people on many fronts.

  5. Brent (#79), I also think the liars should be called out. However since the main stream media is not doing it (in general) I think the Regulators in debate with the liars (Prohibitionist) should be doing it. When a prohibitionist lies in a debate the Regulator should tell them to stop lying. When the Prohibitionist says he has proof he is not lying the Regulator should make him name it and where it can be found. At the same time the Regulator should caution the public to scrutinize the words and the source (if the Prohibitionist can even supply one) of said “proof”. The public needs to be skeptical of studies that use words like “may be linked to” and such.
    I watched Jesse Ventura spank a Prohibitionist in this manner and it was VERY compelling. Yes he said to the Prohibitionist to “stop lying to us”! The guy just about choked on the call out! It was great!

  6. Where is Mr. Xdrug Czar Walters from anyway,he probably can’t help how he thinks.He was raised that way.:0)

  7. As a long time consumer I beg to differ. Or tell this guy he is a out and out lair. Weed is not stronger today in fact the strongest weed I have ever had was from about 1974. KILLER, have had nothing stronger but the weed today is week week week not stronger where does this guy get his ideas?
    First its save the kids now we know legalization and regulation would control this problem like liquor and be better for kids.
    Now they want to say its too strong that to is bull shit it still will not kill you. I can go to the local liquor store and buy 150 proof alcohol and drink till I die but this is legal?
    You say you still want to put more free law abiding (laws that make sense) Americans in jail to make sure your PAC check clears? It is tyranny plain and simple! No person or lawmker should be able to tell me what I can do in my own home.I would rather die fighting than live in this anti personal freedom era we are struggling to get through
    Americans will never respect or conform to a law that was born of racism, perpetuated by greed and supported by lies. Nor should they.
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  8. #106 Paul
    I saw that too (Jesse Ventura) tearing that prohibitionist a new one and i loved every bit of it!
    Jesse sounded a lot like me except i’m not as big as him and considered more aggressive than him.
    I agree with you, why don’t they just call em out on all of there BS already!

  9. There is no way that ass hole Walters will ever come clean. How can he ever justify putting millions and millions of people in prison, and destroying countless lives, if he doesn’t continue to cling to his lies?
    I wouldn’t at all be surprised if John boy didn’t own a sizable bit of private prison stock. Someone should examine his true motives for continueing the lies.

  10. #1. re; Todays marijuana is far stronger and thus more dangerous than ever before. guess they never heard of hashish (50 % thc)
    #2 ghandi said; first they ignore you, then later they ridicule you, then later they fight you, then, finally, you win. they are fighting us now; therefore they can no longer get away with ignoring us or ridiculing us, –we are close to winning !!
    #3 proposed language for a state law; cannabis is hereby officially recognised as a medicinally active plant substance like orange juice, blueberries, garlic, olive oil, etc. and will be regulated the same as orange juice, blueberries, garlic, olive oil; (for purity of product only)
    #4 weed is the “tree of life for the healing of the nations” mentioned in the bible
    #5 these are the same a-holes that think abortion is murder, but it is somehow o.k. to drop bombs on thousands of innocent people to steal their oil or land. -they don’t see the hipocracy at all

  11. I always love hearing the argument that marijuana has been genetically engineard. It is the same thing they do with tobacco and achohal. It’s capitalism at it’s best. Though imagine if it were legal there would be some intense buds out there. The people could just freeley cross breed and create hybrids that sparkled so brightly in the day that you could use them as solar panels. That would be the day.

  12. Thinking of this gave me an idea, lets legalize marijuana. So how do we do this… I’ve got it! The good ol’ fashioned Vietnamese way. We will throw all we’ve got until they choke in the the smoke.
    It’s simple, all we need is no more then 500 people who love the herb. If only that few were to sit down and light up a blunt all at the same time, what would the police do? If they arrested you, were would they incarcerate you and for this matter what would be the point over a simple misdemeanor. It would over crowed the judicial system and they would have no choice but to decriminalize. So why is this not being done, I’m in South Carolina, who’s down for it?
    Also if this were done in multiple states it would be quite effective. Though it could be considered
    “terrorist activity” then Homeland Security would get involved and things take a road we do not want to risk. We could simply counter any of that bullshit by arguing “..if this is ‘terrorist activity’ then were the ‘Tea Parties’ (which are a slap in the face to the men of the first tea parties who risked their life to fight true tyranny) also?” As long as it stays peacefully it will stay a misdemeanor.
    A simple misdemeanor -which would most likely be thrown out- for a lifetime of the herb, I’m up for it…

  13. We need to march on Washington. Have a three day smoke out. Let’s see them arrest one million of us. They would not know what hit them. Has NORML ever considered organizing something like this? We should march April 20th, 2010.
    I’m tired of being treated like a criminal. Pre-drug employment screenings are bullshit. They are specifically designed to trap pot smokers. Most illegal drugs are water soluble and pass through the body in a few days. But pot, as we all know, takes a little longer.
    Like Andrew, I’m flushing my system out to get a job. I am a certified teacher who is looking for a job. I got popped last year and it cost me a job opportunity. So what happened? I’ve been a substitute getting work here and there. The state loses out because I am not paying as much in taxes, not buying lots of things, and of course, I’m broke.
    I love working with children, have one of my own on the way, and yes, I LIKE TO SMOKE POT! I have to be extremely discrete about my views on pot due to my profession. I wish I could be much more outspoken about it and more of an activist.
    They have got us smokers so marginalized that it seems so hard to get mobilized. But we must get organized because the strength is in our numbers, who we are, and what we do. We must show them who we are or we will never be free. We are not losers or lazy. Most of us are otherwise law abiding citizens who wish to partake in a little recreational marijuana use. I just want to be able to get stoned, strum my acoustic, listen to tunes on my porch, and make love to my wife.
    I have never met anyone from here, but I know you all. You are my people; we are united under the same cause. We are behind enemy lines. Ask yourself this question: Are we really free tonight? The conversation needs to always be on the tips of our tongues and we must ready ourselves with fact based information. Tell anyone who will listen. Let’s refute their lies and establish our freedom.

  14. Man this dude is a straight up full of Sh*t! 4 years ago I got sentimced for 30 days in jail in williamson county texas for less than .5 grams of pot. It was my first drug charge ever! And before that I had not gotten in trouble in almost 15 years! Norml If ya want the case info just email me. Ill be ya unicorn ya lieing bastard!!

  15. That being said, I do not agree with the posters who say that Walters is dumb. He is not dumb, he is corrupt. Dumb you can excuse. Corrupt, well, see my prior post

  16. It was sickening how many times the ex drug czar contradicted himself and his “facts” in that interview. He clearly lost that debate on marijuana legalization hands down!

  17. This does make me angry, but there is an element of good. People love tearing down liars. The more we educate people the more the drug warriors’ words become our weapons.
    Lets use everything they throw at us, and twist around right back on them. We’re starting to make a damn big influence lately. It’s time to give them hell!

  18. #99 Ray…. I dialed that 1-973-409-3274 a few times but never heard the whole message before it hangs up on you..never had a chance to vote. Something is not right there..however I do think its a great idea..but needing a MILLION callers on this before getting this to Obama is not needed..how about 100,000 votes at a time..It is a great idea to keep throwing gas on this fire, step up and let everyone know the TRUTH. The “Drug Czar” makes me think “Velcome to Communist Russia Commrad..now sit down and let us spread more lies” what a lieing piece of crap that SOB is… Keep On Keeping On…the Truth is being found out by many and attitudes are changing..thank you Jesus.

  19. You can’t stop the liars from lying. This is the source of their power. You can only work toward the time that the majority of people voting do not believe their shit. Everyone has to be an activist.

  20. Rick: I dont think everyone should be an activist… as cool as that may be, dont get me wrong… we as activist should just spread the truth every possible way. squeeze it in the conversation. i live in north jersey and i commute to NYC constantly and i have my fair share of holding a conversation with strangers.. and you bet i tell them the truth. Hopefully this truth will spread. I expect everyone who is all about reform to do the same. we are at a cusp people. we need to be firm and not ashamed who we are. just dont be a fool and tell a cop all about ur business
    example: a hot topic these days is the state of the ecomomy… talk about it then state ur belive that the war on drug is a a disgrace and waist of money. and there u go, thats when u fed them truth

  21. Andrew 3: good post. i agree, discretion should be the model. i have been waiting for a change in this ludicrous law since the 70’s. i feel we are closer than ever, with the possible exception of the Carter administration. be cool. remember, cops ain’t your friends

  22. I’d much rather some of those 100mil alcohol users start smoking weed, it’s much less damaging to themselves, much less dangerous, and you don’t wake up with a huge hangover.

  23. the thing that i see is, yea, when we were kids ,we were out to get as high as possible to have more fun..lol and, i attribute that to trying other stuff and, for me, it was all within reason..even and a young adult, i knew inside when enough was enough and, i would stop the other stuff. now smokin herb has been a great thing. i use it in moderation and recieve benefit from it every day as i am a.d.d. thirty two years now i have used it responsibly. recently my job of thirty years began random testing and ive had to stop. now, its all changing for me.my mind races just like the days of my childhood. i wish people would listen but the bottom line is if they were to smoke as a responible adult, they would see the difference from when they smoked as a kid. it does make a difference. its all in how you look at it and treat it.

  24. just for s@#t’s and giggles, take a look at a document that I just stumbled across. The Politics of Obedience: Discourse of Voluntary Servitude. By Ettiene de la Boetie. You will see what I have been saying we need to do to relieve our Country of this tyranny in disguise that is being perpetrated upon the people of this Country and others. I believe the NWO is fact and we have to resist or be the SLAVES they need and want you to be. PEACE. “GOD” be with You.

  25. we should all be sending comments to AC360.com since they had this guy on. Let them know how full of shit he was. Also who knows if we get enough to email them we could get more time for our cause on the show.

  26. People are ignorant that believe by making a substance legal everyone will use it. I am a 24 year old male , and I choose not to drink alcohol. If marijuana was made legal the same thing would apply. Just because someone sees something is legalized does not mean they are gonna become addicted to it, they probably wont’t even try it.

  27. Haha, look at the look on Walters’ face when the Harvard professor blows him out of the water with that last statement… priceless!!!!

  28. Every year that 50k people languish in jail for cannabis “offenses” represents the equivalent of 714 [70 year] human lifetimes obliterated at taxpayer expense.
    When does it equate to a holocaust-grade atrocity?

  29. Jeffrey is absolutely correct—-weed is less harmful than the current drugs that are legal.
    What people cannot fathom is why would the gov’t be so ignorant to this and keep it illegal. The answer is simple- CORRUPTION! Somewhere is this mess of political bullshit, a person or maybe a group of people are making out like bandits because marijuana is illegal—these profiteers obviously have enough political ties to keep marijuana illeagal so that their cash keeps flowing—-simple corruption–

  30. Thanks Greg W for posting the open letter from Norm Stamper. A real wake up call for mainstream America. Sadly mainstream America will snort at it through their morning coffee and use it to line their bird cages,having already made up their minds about the whole reefer madness deal 73 years ago before many of them were even born! I had up until recently been of the mind that, like science, politics advances one death at a time; a new and refreshed, invigorated politician taking the place of the old regime giving change it’s due course slowly but surely and one day my generation would be in power, the wise would rule and the sick would have their MM. I’m beginning to wonder about that though. I see all the new mini-me’s, carbon copies of the old generations or those who have sold out. This is why I support NORML. This is why I just might give out NORML memberships to the entire family for Christmas!

  31. Johnny boy,you talk so crazy your newest employer should drop a drug test on you.Have a good life Johnny away from me and mine.And towards the end of days when you need relief drop this nonsense, take a toke and know.Peace and Pot.

  32. Johnny boy,you talk so crazy your newest employer should drop a drug test on you.Have a good life Johnny, away from me and mine.And towards the end of days when you want relief,drop this nonsense, take a toke and know.Peace and Pot.

  33. I find it odd that we dont use the media to contradict what is being broadcast to the general public. The people in this country are so intuned to the television and are heavily influenced by the media. It would not be as hard to get the public on our side using the media as it is trying to get the info out thru blogs. USE THE MEDIA AVAILABLE.

  34. the real reason these clowns keep arguing to keep pot illegal is that the government has created a whole industry by it. their lies are only a cover to keep the public from understanding that the government makes more keeping it illegal. they use it to “steal” anything they want that u have if busted. & think of all the cops & guards that would be out of work if it were ever legal. these are the real reasons to keep it banned, & they’ll never admit it.

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