Tonight: CNN Looks At Marijuana Legalization

CNN host Don Lemon examined the growing call in America to legalize cannabis tonight, prompted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s suggestion this week that the state debate legalizing cannabis and convene a blue-ribbon commission to examine the prospects of such.
I was opposed by prohibitionist Kevin Sabet in a very brief cable news exchange. If supporters of cannabis law reformers want to continue to raise the public discussion level on legalizing cannabis, contact CNN and request that they provide even greater coverage of cannabis-related matters, debates and online surveys; along with MSNBC, CNBC, Fox and C-Span.

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  1. Marijuana Legalization iS AROUND THE CORNER~

  2. all it did was piss me off…when idiot said 1/2 mil. died from alcohol and tobacco why didn’t you come back with In 10 thousand yrs. no one has died from marijuana and what about clinical studies showing it stops cancer. Sorry but i don’t get it

  3. I thought it was a good clip, about half the time was wasted due to technical difficulties though. I think some of the commenters on here are too concerned with smoking their next fatty, and dont see that the prohibitionist admitted at the end they need to look at other ways to reduce demand including education and treatment. I think the overall goal is to prevent drug use even while legalizing them. Both sides share that goal and can work together in that regard but we need to convince them and show them how we can lower drug use by legalizing them. This isnt just about you and your quality couch time.

  4. CNN Allen St. Pierre vs. Kevin Sabet with Don Lemon
    Sat May 9, 2009
    Youtube link to the video

  5. The point is that more and more people nationwide are taking notice now. It’s evidence the campaign is building steam. Debate on CNN is good even if the protagonist is taking flak from the opposition. We can help it along by posting our viewpoints on as many venues as possible. Now is the time. Call your state and federal representatives and voice your opinion. Post in newspaper websites. Its the numbers that will eventually sway the vote. Get involved.

  6. Even though Pete Sampras got 3 times the talking time as Pierre, it was a raping. Pierre was actually laughing towards the end, because the only arguments left are, at their strongest, partial admissions of the safety of the plant or likewise partial admissions of the failure of our current policies.

  7. Seriously, Kevin Sabet spoke the majority of the time but he clearly seemed uninformed and uneducated. St. Pierre seemed confident. He responded in a calm manner and provided fact’s that are rarely released to the public. People still think marijuana kill’s and this interview or “debate” helped expose some of the truth. Every day is one step closer to legalization.

  8. it’s in the ‘drug czar’s job description that he is legally allowed to knowingly lie to the public, i learned that from Jack Herer and his book “The Emperor Wears No Cloths” available now at

  9. They should really be able to cut the mic on a fool like that so Allen could have gotten the final word. I think you were to nice Allen. We have Majority support and you should jump right to the Question of “how the Minority of taxpayers can arrest and jail the Majority of taxpayers in a democratic society?”

  10. What is the deal with the “study it” stance we now are beginning to hear? Why dont we just accept the results of the studies we have already done?
    The lets study it position is just a stall for time.

  11. well that wasnt much of a debate it only lasted 7 min and i think allen said like 7 words it really was a waste of time

  12. People like this still make up stats and present them to the public. Much more than 5% of Americans use Cannabis.
    We would call for a public appology if he weren’t a former czar. We all know it’s BS but some people saw that and assumed he knew what he was talking about.

  13. The prohibitionist are losing there war of spin and lies. All the propaganda and lies printed in the daily rag called a newspaper are giving way to uncensored media the internet.

  14. 90% of the people sounds wrong to me. Here in kansas any possession can get you from 6 months to a year, and i have 3 friends in jail for this. 90% get off with a slap on the wrist my ass. Mabey in California and more prolegalization states. But in alot of states its still hard time. Also just possession on the record. they can be denied jobs, government aid, and a a lot of other shit.
    Also why should they even get a parking ticket. Even if pot is illegal we need sensible punishments. Make the people who are caught with it go through some form of rehab or something, and keep all charges a misdemeanor. Its stupid to arrest people for using any substance while not causing harm to others, and especially in the case of marijuana.

  15. could they just be honest and not lie?? i hope that what research comes out with is the truth and not just a bunch of lies, both with what the governator is talking about doing and what webb is trying to do. i just want them to tell the truth and i just dont think they will 🙁

  16. Defination of BEFUDDLED
    befuddled – perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment; stupefied by alcoholic drink;
    I think that is the fitting word for that interview.

  17. anyone know if there is anybody working on a marijuana breathalyzer. if someone could come up with one real quick then we couldget alot further given the fact that everyone wants to argue about people driving under the influence.

  18. “yo sabet was stuttering….he was lying at the same time. why does he keep saying that 90% of the ppl that get cought only end up with a parking ticket? That is a lie….NOT IN VIRGINIA….over here if we get cought with a dime they wiil take as to jail, make us pay for bail out lawyer and court and all dat shit adds up to 2500 dollars….Kevin u asshole u call that a parking ticket!!! Take your head of your ASS!”

  19. The automatical response to feedback on CNN tells that every comment and/or idea that is sent via email to CNN reporters is given to the producers and senior manage each and every day! Let’s ALL show our support and let them know that they can’t mess with us! They can’t mess with our people like that!

  20. marijuana = suply and demand, we the people that use marijuana absolutly will not go away, there will always be the next generation of pot smokers. the only thing that can logicaly be ended is prohibition.

  21. Wow, Kevin looked so nervous. You were great, you kept you’re cool and stated the facts, he was trying to be loud and spout unconstitutional lies. Keep up the good work man, and know you always have supporters fighting against this war on the innocent.

  22. more must be done. our voices must be louder and truer than thiers. which is easy they a bunch of lyin bastards

  23. guys…. are you kidding, really examine that conversation. the prohibitionist didnt offer anything in the way of marijuana being negative. 200 billion in social costs…you know why they didnt talk more about that…because the fact that its illegal is the social damage. you know why he brought up 1/2 million alcohol/tobacco deaths happen a year…because there are no marijuana deaths. Allen with a handful of words stood to his point and while it wasnt much headway on his part, the prohibitionist dug his own grave in more than a few points. america wants weed legal, big businesses that are behind the scenes fighting this have no methods of attack left. the overwhelming knowledge and popularity is overcoming their control of the situation. when it gets down to politicians looking at losing their seats vs paid anti-pot views they are going to save their ass, because tomorrow there will be another big business that will buy them for something else. these debates are important… we arnt trying to convince even one politician, that would be useless, we are trying to convince people, people are the power for change and nothing else.
    life story time- my grandma, republican christain god fearing nut case. a year ago she thought pot was sin in 10 million ways. fast forward to now with all the facts and debates iv had she has accepted and acknowledge the truth of marijuana. im an 18 year old ex-pot smoker bound to the military so i had to quit, even now i still call anyone that opposes it to the table for debate. probably seeing me study and apply to the cause harder then ever even after i stopped smoking is what was her final turning point.
    i hope anyone that gets to read that story is inspired with courage to fear no judgment when it comes to what you believe in, all the better when you know without a doubt that your right 😀

  24. I thought Allen did a pretty good job actually. Only thing I would have done differently was when Sabet said all the deaths from alcohol and tobacco, Allen could have countered that with the fact that nobody has ever died from cannabis in the thousands of years it has been used. The problem is Kevin Sabet (who has debated with Rob Kampia) likes to speak out of turn constantly. He’s very obnoxious really… and that’s why Allen and Rob weren’t really able to get most of their points across. The hosts really should have cut Kevin off after a certain amount of time so they could balance out the debate.

  25. worst debate ive seen all year, allen couldve done a lot better, if i didnt know anything about the subject i wouldve believed that kevin poof. the only thing allen mentioned was public support, he didnt counter any of the false claims that kevin made, and many of them were very easy to debunk. allen stopped talking before he said anything good, he totally choked.
    you shouldve mentioned that no one has ever died from marijuana, theres millions of people in jail for possession and minor sales and legalisation isnt going to cause a huge increase in use because it’s already available in great abundance.
    and WHAT THE FUCK, no country has legalised marijuana, not one, even the netherlands has only decriminalised it. thats why arnold wants to study the countries that have already legalised it, because none exist.
    the next person who goes on tv to debate legalisation shouldnt say its time to study marijuana, all the studies already exist. these fucked up retards just need to read them.

  26. BS, lies and fear, thats all they have left!
    Here in KY, they sure dont hand you a ticket! Last month, 18 year old, tail light out, has a roach found in search, roach is two weeks old. Judge gives, DUI, 6months no driving, 100hrs service, 2 years probation and $500 fine+ court! So they can blow that “just get a ticket” crap out their ass!
    Anyhow it more than wriign legislators now, i believe we are all doing that here or sould be and if not Yu SUCCK, but we need to get those potheads that are not active, not willing to do anything really, we have to get those users active, if that means to take them to a computer and buy the stamps, even write the emails and letters, ahve them sign or address, and get it done! We have to involve everyone that this effects or will effect!
    Get out and find supporters, get them active hand them the tools to and ther facts, send them to find their friends and so on and on on! We have to get the numbers up and i know in my heart that there is many many smokers that are in hiding or dont think they can do anything to help! So get them and teach them what they need to do!
    Keep it up we are winning this thing!

  27. Good try, Allen. Boy, they did their best to keep you quiet. Me? I would employ counter-intelligence now; anticipate what they will say ahead of time, and be ready to display the truth. “500,000 people die from alchohol and tobacco”, implying that cannabis legalization would increast drug deaths. That is not true, and needed to be stated.

  28. There needs to be transparency in the FDA & DEA, and there should be the Data Quality Act, and any information gathered and the methods that information gathered should also apply under that act also, so we the people can decide if it was done fair and in a scientific method, and not basic on politics as usual.
    Thanks Allen, you where great as usual, love hearing you put them in their place.. Being 52% there should’nt any questions about it, if its what the people want, that should be what the people get.. what happened to we the people here…

  29. Government: Smoking causes cancer
    Informed Marijuana Smoker: I use a Vaporizer
    Government:Thats a felony; 3 years in jail
    Government: You are supporting the drug cartel and terrorists throughout the world
    Informed Marijuana Smoker: I grow my own so I know what is in it and I am not supporting any kind of cartel or terroist organization
    Government:Thats a felony, 5 years and $250,000 fine
    IMS: So you lie to us, but still we took the health hazards and crime out of it and yet we still go to jail?
    Government: We did not lie to you, Marijuana kills millions each year

  30. The guy who is opposed to legalization on this video looks like he is a spokesperson for pharmaceutical companies…

  31. don’t forget that the ‘war on drugs’ is the vital foundation they need to build a total police state.
    when people protested some of the unconstitutional provisions in the ‘patriot act’, the answer / excuse was ‘this is nothing new. we have been using some of these same tactics to fight the war on drugs for years’.
    –we gave them an inch, and they took the mile.
    re-legalize it all. it was all legal for over 100 years. with no major problems.
    legalize it all. if you don’t, you still have street dealers selling to kids, corrupt cops, rich cartels, shootouts, dirty needles, death, disease, suffering, ect.
    as well as the whole idiotic idea that a cop or politician knows more about medicine and addiction than a doctor. when a cop is shot, do they rush him back to the police station for treatment by cops? or go to a hospital to see a doctor?

  32. a lot of the people who want to keep pot illegal feel it is immoral / against their religion / the work of the devil, etc. to smoke pot.
    i feel it is immoral and unconstitutional for them to use the force of law to impose their religious beliefs on others.

  33. many people believe federal law trumps state law,
    state law trumps federal law.
    remember the ‘nationwide’ 55 mph speed limit?
    not all states adopted it !!
    the ‘conflict’ between state law and federal law does not exist, it is a deversionary arguement and / or an attempted power grab.

  34. keep up the good work, the lies they spread about cannabis are being debunked and they fish mouth words that that lack logic..thanks Allen my donations to norml are well spent

  35. As expected outcome. “Technical” problems and deftly orchestrated allowance of over-talk privilege.
    The debate Lemon may have been hinting at was that the Governator was talking Legalization and not Decriminalization. Especially important since CA already has that on the books for the most part. Though he failed miserably to comprehend that and actually put out misinformation by stating the debate or other countries were Decrmin only …
    Either Lemon is just incapable as a host, or this was a planned outcome in some ways. I’m really torn since I think it was both? 😉
    But again, any cannabis splash on the ticker is a splash on the ticker. Awareness is winning hearts and minds. Keep up the good work and well thought discussions everywhere.

  36. Anonymous: Their income and income of lots of people and organizations depend on their lies. If they weren’t lying, they couldn’t justify the cash cow that is prohibition. I wish upon them all festering boils

  37. Excellent job under the circumstances Allen. I was happy to see you pointed out the polls that show majority support, maybe that will get some people thinking. I thought Don was leaning more toward legalization and it almost seemed like Kevin was agreeing with you by the end of it. Too bad you didn’t have more time but with the way support is growing I’m sure we’ll see you on CNN again soon.

  38. It’s great that the issue continues to attract attention from national, main-stream media. This particular “debate” was dominated by Mr. Sabet and Don Lemon, the newscaster. Allen just didn’t get a chance to say much. Hopefully, the next debate will be better organized and the news crew better prepared. Technical glitches took up too much time.

  39. I didn’t think this was a bad start. It was way too short but I felt like Don Lemon was a decent moderator and I wasn’t nearly as offended by this Kevin Sabet as I was John Walters. I didn’t agree with him of course, but I felt he was someone who might listen to reason, I may be wrong about that.
    Good job Allen, I already sent an email to CNN stating it was a good start but I wanted to see NORML folks back for a much longer debate.
    Thanks for all you do in this effort, you guys rock.

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