America's Pro-Marijuana Reform Conference: NORML's 38th National Conference in SF, Sept. 24-26

If there were ever a year to attend NORML’s national conference, this is it.

NORML 2009: Yes We Cannabis!
September 24-26, 2009
Grand Hyatt Hotel
San Francisco

There has never been a greater cultural, media or political zeitgeist to re-legalize cannabis than right now. Indeed, even more so than the 1970s era of decriminalization.

Indicative of such momentum, last Thursday U.S. Representatives Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) have re-introduced the cannabis decriminalization bill that NORML help to write and champion for introduction in the 111th Congress.

Take Advantage Of Great Early Bird Registration and Reduced Room Rates At a Four-Star Tower Hotel in San Francisco
For this and other numerous reasons, if possible, please take advantage of NORML’s early bird discounts resulting in 35% off the conference registration and socials by registering ASAP.


Also, don’t delay in reserving your room for the national conference as NORML always sells out the reserved room block of discounted rooms. Don’t miss out on a room at a great 4-star tower hotel in San Francisco.

Discounted Rooms at Luxury Hotel in SF…Reserve Now!
I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the greatly discounted hotel rooms available at the beautiful, and centrally located Grand Hyatt Hotel San Francisco on Union Square.

Single (or double) occupancy is only $165/night (rack rate for rooms at the Grand Hyatt are usually $275-$400/night) by calling 415-398-1234 (must refer to ‘NORML – National Sales Meeting‘).

Add $75/night for an executive upgrade; triples and quads also available at $190 and $215 respectively.

Negotiating $55/night for a 4-star tower hotel in the commercial district of San Francisco is one way to make the conference as affordable, and popular, as possible.

Limited Number of Reserved Smoking and Wheelchair Accessible Rooms
There are only 30 reserved ‘smoking’, and 10 wheelchair-accessible rooms available for cannabis and/or tobacco consumers. Act fast.

Reserve your room here.

Affordable Airfare Available Right Now
A number of staff have already reserved flights at very low costs, i.e, $215 non-stop, round-trip on Virgin Airlines from Washington DC to San Francisco. Other similar deals currently exist on most airlines.

Medical Cannabis-Only Day
Lastly, the very first day of the conference is devoted entirely to the topic of medical cannabis, the emerging ‘cannabusinesses’ in a number of medical cannabis states (such as California) and ‘best practices’ for patients and providers. At the last two NORML conferences (in Los Angeles and Berkeley) the medical cannabis-only days were very successful and held on day #3 of the conferences; this year it is front-loaded into the day #1 slot.

Once again, guided tours of medical cannabis wellness centers in ‘Oaksterdam‘ and other parts of the SF Bay area available.

About 70% of conference attendees come for the ‘regular’ sessions and the rest come for the medical cannabis-only day, so if you have strong interests in medical cannabis (as you should), please plan on attending all three days of this year’s 38th annual national NORML conference.

Can Last Year’s Conference Party Be Topped?
For those who attended last year’s conference in Berkeley, the best efforts are being made to make sure that, if at all possible, this year’s Saturday Night Fundraising Party during the conference tops last year’s. If you can conceive of that!

Again, with the incredible social, media and political momentum swinging cannabis law reformers’ way since the beginning of 2009 (building on decades of hard work), this really is not the year to miss NORML’s national conference.

Please email with any questions or concerns about this year’s conference, and I sincerely hope to see you at NORML’s ‘Yes We Cannabis!‘ national conference in September.


Thanks for all your hard work and support for cannabis law reform!

Kind regards,

Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
Board Member
NORML/NORML Foundation

p.s. The conference planning committee has left open a few slots for either your speaker or panel suggestions, please forward your suggestions or proposals to:

Partial listing of panel topics for this year’s conference include:

-The Zeitgeist of Legalization: Why and How Did This Happen?
-Pot Politics 2009 and beyond
-Has Support For Legalization Reached The Tipping Point?
-What Impact Would Legalization/Regulation Have On Use Rates
-Cannabis Law Reforms Missing Link: Law Enforcement
-Putting The Mexican Cartels Out Of Business
-Marijuana Legalization as a Local, State and Federal Revenue Stream
-Pot, Parenting and Legalization
-Cannabis and Athleticism

Medical Cannabis-only day
-Panels and lectures on the health effects of medical cannabis;
examinations and discussions led by expert lawyers focusing on emerging medical cannabis distribution models; taxation; zoning and business license issues and criminal defense representation.

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  1. Sounds Very interesting.Shitty part is im from iowa an the way the economy is i cant afford to go but hopefully there will be somthin tht happens outta this.
    Hell Yea Normal

    An X’er is anyone born between 1960 and 1980, or the X Decades. There are 85 million X’ers, or the X Generation, and are the “largest voting block in the United States.” The reality of that is…X’ers can have anything they want…simply by voting for it. That’s right!…but…you have to vote for it, because prohibs don’t give a tinker’s damn about your opinion.
    Opinions don’t get the job done…it takes “INDIVIDUAL ACTION.”
    A gray…signifying the color of their hair…are retired persons. The world knows “the time tested power of grays.” Bring it on!
    Milleniums are the population following X’ers. These are X’ers sons and daughters of X’ers, and grays grand children. One thing to keep in mind is that Milleniums are not children, and are a force to reckon with. X’ers can make anything happen…but…when the grays jump on the band wagon it’s all over. The Milleniums complete the package, and are the final nail in the prohibs coffin.
    This may not coincide exactly with what has otherwise been described as X’ers, grays, and milleniums..but…
    if you add up the census, regardless, what the hell is left? Oh ya!…prohibs. Wake up prohibs…we’re going to play a little political game, and you’ve already lost…but…take your best shot.

  3. I loved the idea of going to this! Unfortunatly, I live on the East coast. I would love to go to an organized rally in Washington DC, perhaps that enthusiastic lawyer we recently heard from could speak. I heard that a rally like this may going on this July 4th, 100,000 tokers strong. Is this true?

  4. Our oppressive lawmakers and Bush moved more money from the hands of the middle class and poor. To the rich and themselves. What we have left is the poor and the rich. I think it is time to change the game. There are way more poor than rich. Lets get together and change the deal!!! Ending the war on drugs is number one on my list. Then universal health care for all. Fixing the TAX/IRS system. Stop our lawmakers from taking bribes and working not in our best interest. Fair wages for work given including making the minimum wage $10.00 per hour…. Lets fix these first then we can work on really ending the war in other country’s..
    And Government waste!!!
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  5. Right on NORML. Wish you guys would produce that kik ass picture into flags and sell em. i want a huge one for my livingroom. Id pay dam good money. It could help you guys get extra income.
    [Editor’s Note: NORML’s 2009 conference poster is being printed and will be available in two ways, 1) it is a part of NORML’s conference ‘swag’ bag, provided with registration and 2) The 24 x 18 full color posters will be available for $15 (s/h included) or $25 (personalized and signed by NORML’s Executive Director). The posters are being printed in Oakland and will appear soon as a stand-alone purchase from NORML’s online store and the ‘2009 Conference’ section. Lastly, the 2009 conference artwork is already available on t-shirts and other doo-dads at:

  6. Wish I could go; you guys do well and get the message out! Legalize to end the hatred of the world!

  7. Awesome, unfortunately I to live in Iowa , making it to this event wont happen.
    Yes I would like the poster too.
    Cherokee Fred Jesus, I like your ideas but raising the min wage would only result in the same thing that greed always does..price of everthing will go up as producers see we have more money to take, eating up any wage increase. Its just wrong how we are used, and abused at the hands of the rich. When your down they put a boot to your neck to try keep you there.

  8. *sigh* more lies I saw today on CNN…”more studies showing how dangerous pot really is” heh

  9. hey cherokee, if you want uni health care, renouce your citizenship, walk into any hosptl, jabber a bunch of spanish and they will take wonderful care of you…ps uni health care would be terrible. do you really want someone to decide you are too old for care and they bump you to the end of the list or all the way off it? flip it over on BBC and look at those beautiful teeth they are packin. that should be enough to sway your mind. please dont make the mistake of including reefer reform in with other views of liberals, because it only turns more people off to the cause. there are many people out there that you would consider conservatives that support this 100%. lets make it about the plant and nothing else!

  10. russ, sorry i dont believe in giving out free handouts on a permanet basis. when you socialize things, you take the drive out of humanity, no one works to develope anything new anymore. people will fall in a rut because there will no longer be a reason to strive for anything better in life. basically, humanity will stall out. All i am trying to do is explain that one of the main reasons that reform fails to take hold is because the movement is grouped in with many leftist ideas. and as far as social programs, look at 2 of the biggest we have in this country, ssi and the usps….both flat broke. the first because population boom (which the uk does not have to contend with in the same fashion as the US) was not taken into account and the second because good ole fashion capitalism is shutting in down. our government has proved that it cant manage anything worth a damn, why in the world would we want them in control of our healthcare? the whole point of this movement is to get the government to stop telling us what is good for us and what isnt!

    1. To Ogre25: Social Security is not flat broke. Social Security is solvent to 2050, and even then, raising the $90,000 income cap would pay for all Baby Boomers in a second.
      USPS is not run by the government. It is a private firm completely funded by postage fees and products. Yes, the Postmaster General is a government appointee and the USPS does get some considerations other private firms do not get, but it is not “government run”.
      Question: Do you think the military runs things “worth a damn?” How about the police? The fire department? All socialist.
      Question: Every capitalist western democracy, except the US, has some form of public health care; how is that possible if “socialism” “takes the drive out of humanity”?
      Here’s what you’re missing in the FOX 6-second sound byte: nobody is arguing for a socialist health care system. If government-run health care sucks so bad, so long as private health care is allowed to continue (which everyone is arguing for), wouldn’t the superior “current private health-care tied to job-health insurance in an adversarial role designed to deny coverage” kick government health care’s butt in the free marketplace?
      Now, why do I go on about this argument in a marijuana legalization forum? Because I believe that this entrenched pharmaceutical – health care – insurance complex loves the status quo of prohibited marijuana and lobbies to keep it that way, and they are now lobbying very hard to squelch any attempt at a public health care option. That tells me public health care scares them because they know they can’t compete and they know they’ll lose power, and if they lose power we gain it. Plus, a public health care option like Britain’s, where doctors are evaluated based on how healthy their patients remain and where the government wants to keep medicine costs down will favor the cheap and effective use of cannabis as medicine.
      Shorter: Public health care leads to legalized marijuana. In a public system, the only way they keep costs down is if people don’t use it. People growing medicine and treating themselves don’t need as much public health care.

  11. ogre25..
    Yes I want universal health care check out Canada they love it, everyone can get help. I try anything I can to end the war on drugs. I have always preached you could pay of UNIcare for all by ending the war on US (drugs). And have money left over. I owned a trainer park for 17 years and health care and ending the war does go hand in hand..

  12. russ, once again, all i am saying is that marijuana is grouped in with the liberal agenda to a point where the middle is afraid to go along with it. people are afraid that if they elect someone who supports legalization, they will wake up one morning with a note on their front door saying all their firearms are to be brought to city hall by 12pm the following day. and lets face it, the medical aspect of marijuana is 0% of the reason it should be legal, it should be because this is america and its a plant. russ, all i’m trying to say is that less government is better. i know that we can agree on that, we are on the same team here. since you are part of norml, please make an attempt to reach out to the rest of the country. hold your annual events in places that you normally would not. everyone knows that cali loves the marijuana. you have to reach out to the entire country and not just make this a west and north east issue. hold an event in southeast somewhere or the midwest. seeing a demostration going on in cali doesnt make anyone look twice, because it happens everyday. have a big hoorah in dallas tx, atlanta ga, bham alabama, nashville tn, anywhere that will grab the attention of people that dont get shoved in their face on a regular basis. enough work has been done in most of the places that these things are held, most of the population already supports what we stand for. take our cause on the road so the rest of america can get behind it. just check all the other agendas at the door so people dont think they are getting a package deal by supporting the cause. the reform movement has to loose its “tree hugger, save the whales” image before people will go along with it. while i do believe the whales and trees do need to be saved, you can do it in a way that is appealing. if it wasnt for hippies in the late 1960’s and 70’s, lsd and weed would have never been placed on the con sub list. america hates hippies, they ruined to many good things by claming them as their mottos and way of life. the moms and dads of the era thought…”omg, if my child starts smoking dope, they will loose all interest in life and want to live with other people in the woods and never take showers…” that my friend, along with dick nixon, is the reason that these “drugs” are illegal. not lobbyist, not the medical world, not anything other than good ole fashion poor examples set by a certain % of the population that chose to indulge in the world of harmless personal use of lsd and marijuana. hippies acted like complete morons and just happened to have a joint between their fingers when they were doing it, that is why we are where we are.

  13. 20 Russ Belville
    The U.S. Postal Service is not the only private corporation for the benefit of the people. The Federal Reserve is also one of those “sweet deals.”
    We…the U.S… have the best health care system in the world. If it’s hampered by the insurance companies “pseudo socialized medicine”…how do you think the government is going to f–k it up? Granted…medicine is expensive… but… ask you doctor how much profit there is in capitation, after the bills are paid. Right! It’s the insurance companies that make you feel the way you do. By the way…Canadian’s (patients) are not that happy with their system.
    I once asked the smartest man I know…”What’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?” He asked me if I had $2.00 in my pocket. I said yes. He said…”you’re a Republican!”

  14. cherokee,
    if we ended the war on drugs, we could build a city on mars with all the money thats saved. i’m not saying we couldnt pay for it, i’m saying i dont wanna pay for it. its just the same with your min wage comment. a loaf of bread would cost 10 bucks if min wage was 10 bucks. sadly, $ is what drives most people to success. i know in a perfect world, we would like to think doctors get into the field to help people, but more than likely its to make a fat paycheck. if you take that away, those smart people will go elsewhere to make that paycheck. uncle sam is already running your life enough as it is, why do you want him telling you how sick you have to be to get treatment. better yet, do you wanna wait in line because the same pussy that keeps coming in every 2 weeks because they just dont feel good? as bad as i hate to say it and it sounds, our diversity in this country will never allow a program such as the uk’s and canada’s to succeed. we already have hundreds of thousands of people that take advantage of our ssi and welfare system. all you are doing is making more programs in which they will take advantage. I’m not so cold that i dont realize that millions of people need health care in this country go without it every day. the children i believe should be taken care of. the adults however is a diff story. i know from experience what it is like to have no health insurance or benefits. but what i didnt do is sit on my ass waiting on someone else to bail me out. this is the land of the pursuit of happiness, not the right of happiness. free things lead to lazy people. when is the last time any of these other countries with their “great ideas” contributed on any scale the amount that the USofA has to the world community. we are the best because people from all over the world know that there is one place they can go and bust their ass and make it in life. that there is one place that will foster their ideas of invention and advancement. you are already ahead of the game if you live here, why bitch for more. you already got a better shot than the billions of other people in the world that are stuck in some shit hole they call home. working hard will get you ahead in life. we are already the most charitable country in the world. if you want to change something, start moaning about the billions in aid when send to other countries when we have kids in this country who need it just as bad. free health care for the children, show me where to sign, free handouts to adults, no deal.

  15. It sounds exciting but I 2 will not be able to attend that place. Make some louds noise. Let the East Coast hear you all the way to the white house in to Mr. President ears!
    Also if you live in the East coast anywhere near DC come to the DC Smoke-in on 4th of July 2009 Rally High noon- lafayette park
    parade 3pm- lafayette park to lincoln memorial
    concert 2pm- 9pm- 23RD and Constitution avenue nw
    See yall there!

  16. PROOF
    Hold up a $100 bill in the middle of a group of people…
    and say…”Did anyone lose a $100.”

  17. “Legalization of marijuana, no matter how it begins, will come at the expense of our children and public safety,” says a DEA document. “It will create dependency and treatment issues, and open the door to use of other drugs, impaired health, delinquent behavior, and drugged drivers.”
    The D.E.A = Drunk Evil Alcohol
    Why do idiots control the world?

  18. 30 Commonsense.
    Common sense answer your question…”It’s because we let’em.”
    I went to the doctor…I said…”Doctor…it hurts when I do that. He said…”Well!…don’t do that.”
    It’s not the funny joke it use to be!

  19. Man, I would really love one of those “Yes We Cannibas” posters. The artwork is fantastic.
    Can you sell them to raise money for more ads?
    I will buy one for sure.
    Thank You NORML!
    [Editor’s note: The posters are currently being printed and donations for them can be sent to:]

  20. I just figured out why I’m so excited to attend the NORML Conference in San Franciso come September.
    It’s because there will be so many happy smiling people who literally are the NORML legislation for us all now a days.
    Not to mention the fact of how much I love it over there anyway. My children live there too. And no wild horses won’t stop this here woman from coming ’round the mountain.
    Yes I am laughing too.
    Wendy ReNae Warr Elorriaga
    Let’s all be careful now ‘ya hear? Don’t be smiling too damn hard, you might wind up in trouble….

  21. I have a problem with legalization over decriminalization. I would prefer that the laws still assess a fine equivalent to a small traffic ticket, and that cultivation still be illegal with no jail sentence. I’ve been smoking for over 35 years and am not thinking of giving up my habit, so stick with my thinking, please.
    I remember a time before reagan gave monsanto the right to engineer seed. They have since formed a near complete monopoly of genetisized seed to the point where they now technically own nearly 90% of the worlds plant seeds. Since that time, their research and development have rendered our food stocks as virtually non-nutritious. The legalization of cannabis creates two problems because of these facts. Monsanto will ‘own’ all cannabis seeds and if they follow their past trends, in less than a decade will severely curtail potency just the same way as they have depleted nutritional value of our food. I prefer that monsanto and uncle sam keep their fingers out of my stash.
    I also have some other concerns, but these are even MORE personal. I grow. If legalized, the “grassroots” business, and the subsiquent chain of others who use my ‘produce’ to generate income for their families in a faltering economy will no longer be our profit, it will go to corporate entities, probably R. J. Reynolds and Phillip Morris. Follow along. This gets a bit beyond what most are thinking of when they are conversing about legalization. These companies are assessed an increased and increasing tax burden for the products they sell. They ass this added expense onto the user. The states charge a use tax that is also increasing every election. Pretty packaging, preservatives to keep the product from spoiling on the shelf, and added tax will drive the price of your oz. up, and if you use the same table of increase on tobacco to judge, your $50 sack of chronic will go up to over $250 per. And, if the earlier facts about corporate controlled seed rendering applies, for a less desirable product that will not be the product we currently enjoy except in genus only. I burn an oz. a week and my habit isn’t as frequent as many others. I would be paying a new version of R. J. Reynolds around $10,000 EXTRA every year for their machine rolled, cellophane wrapped, formaldehyde drenched weed because it has their logo and some name like “LUCKY 13 100’s”. Another avenue for corporate greed to fulfill it’s averous threw our pockets. I have NEVER been busted for pot. But the national average shows that annually less than .001% of the users are ever caught, charged or suffer any loss of revenue due to it’s use. That comes to less than $0.10 per user per year levied in fines. Compare that to the $10,000 extra per year we may all be faced with paying. And haven’t we all learned how to combat the possibility of being caught long ago? I’m not about to have my recreational pass-time impacted so deeply because some cancer patient in California wants to be able to blow magic smoke rings while he walks down Rodeo Dr.
    The use of marijuana in The U. S. has always had some appeal based in bucking the system and thumbing our noses at convention while gaining a new perspective of the world. By giving control of OUR habit to the fed, we give up every aspect of the habit that makes it affordable, enjoyable, and profitable.
    [Editor’s note: Under legalization, if government regulations (think 3% laws for beer in some states) and inferior corporate cannabis, consumers can grow their own. Which, has got to be better then keeping the ills of prohibition in place such as arrest, prosecution, incarceration; drug testing for cannabis, civil forfeiture, denial of social services, loss of custodial rights and in many states loss of drivers license and/or voting rights. Under decrim, the religious, medical and industrial use would unfortunately also continue to be illegal…
    One can be rightly dubious about the government and corporate intentions at times, but keeping cannabis illegal and unsanctioned, as compared to legal and sanctioned would end the negative and expensive interaction of American cannabis consumers with law enforcement–now occurring about 900,000 times a year.]

  22. Dear Editor: I’m a little confused.
    Under decrimination… the Religious, medical and industrial use would stay illegal? Would you mind please clarifying that for me a little?
    ….but keeping cannabis sativa illegal and unsanctioned….would END the negative 900,000 incidents? This is taking me some time to comprehend.
    Thank you.
    This would in itself be a global achievement I think, if we consider the ripple effect of a million people’s influence. If THEY are no longer harrassed it enables them to make a positive effect some other ways.

  23. i’m answering the post from the editor. The religious use that I know of are Rastafarian and i’m pretty sure they don’t endorse legalization. they use it during religious ceremonies. sure many choose to use more often than that, but again that’s a personal habit, not a religious one. medical use. many people are prescribed many substances that are illegal for non prescription users to have. would you endorse that morphine or oxy be legalized and everyone be able to have it? not me. finally the point about industrial use. are you referring to rope, cannabis fibers used for fabric or cellulose from the plant being used for plastics? if so, there is still sanctioned growth of non thc containing hemp for those products. we’re talking about pot. the only industrial use i know of for pot is like i stated, companies growing and distributing and my original contention still holds water. the sale of papers, bongs pipes and other ingestion systems would not be improved or hindered by legalization. true, tommy chong may not have gone to prison, but if they wanted him for some reason, you know they would have gotten him anyway. to quote your post, “One can be rightly dubious about the government and corporate intentions at times,” you seem to infer that these tendencies are rare. i think that recent news stories about wall street and banking and other huge corporations proves that it’s a more frequent trend than you infer in your post. i think my contention and position stand unchallenged by any factual information. so i say again….
    [Editor’s note: Because a tiny portion of the US population you claim does not want legalization, the vast majority is supposed to be subject to the costs and govt abuse of prohibition?? If Rastas, as you claim, don’t want to buy ganja when cannabis is legal, they can grow their own (like many already do…under prohibition).]

  24. i didn’t make the statement that a tiny potion of the population doesn’t want legalization. I stated that a small portion of the population have faced legal action because of their habit. i will at this time state that it seems that in fact a relatively large portion of the populous do not want legalization. These are probably the people who either understand the impact on our use that legalization will have, partly for the reasons I stated earlier, and also persons who still have their ideas locked in the ’50’s. Either way, I’m sure the issue will fail just as it did in the 70’s. And I’m very happy about that. I don’t need legislation to protect me from the ramifications of being caught. I prefer that they stay out of my bag o’ buds.
    I expect another post by you that makes reference to statements i didn’t make. after all, you’ve misquoted me two out of two times already.
    [Editor’s note: If you’re keen on both getting busted for cannabis, and having the taxpayers keep paying for the obviously failed prohibition, that is certainly your call. However, if you ever get busted, please don’t contact a reform group like NORML, ACLU, etc… looking for legal assistance as the bed you make, is the bed you lie in.
    Legalization is the only way to end Reefer Madness and the immense human waste of resources–and twisting of the US Constitution into a preztel–that prohibition engenders. Decriminalization, from NORML’s point of view, is always the best of the worse political compromises regarding cannabis law reform lobbying, but legalization, and it’s social benefits, is always the end game.]

  25. this is as bad as posting anti bush statements on aol. man, if you get a thoughtful post that differs with your opinion, you really roll out the war wagon, don’t you? which corporation are you in here posting propaganda for? i find it hard to fathom that any organization such as norml or the aclu would be so blatantly opposed to an idea or opinion on an opinion poll. but i can completely buy the idea of a stooge for a company that is waiting in the wings to take advantage of legalization doing so. if my humble opinion threatens your agenda so much and you are so obvious in your misquotes of my former posts, then i would suggest you go smoke a joint and chill some. this is actually becoming rather comical except for fact that you are fighting so hard to discredit me with a twist of my words. but, since i don’t think i’d ever be calling norml or the aclu over a hundred dollar fine for a bag of weed, then your advise is well taken by me. after all, if i’ve been able to avoid the law man coming after me for this long, more than 35 years now, and i doubt that there would be any use for the american civil liberties union over a minor pot bust, i feel that my chances are good that it isn’t going to happen in the next couple of decades either. especially since in the part of my state i live in the fine for less than 100 grams is $200. i spend that much on papers. but nice attempt at a threat. now let me laugh it off. (how much you want to bet that he calls me paranoid next)

  26. since my opinion is well stated, and in an attempt to end the conflict of ideas i seem to be creating, i’ll not be posting anymore on this board. I can’t believe that a smoker would be so up tight. all i will say in closing is we’ll see how many people support legalization IF the issue ever comes on a ballot. we already know how many people support decriminalization because of how many states and municipalities have adopted that avenue of reform.

  27. [Editor’s note: If you’re keen on both getting busted for cannabis, and having the taxpayers keep paying for the obviously failed prohibition, that is certainly your call. However, if you ever get busted, please don’t contact a reform group like NORML, ACLU, etc… looking for legal assistance as the bed you make, is the bed you lie in.
    Completely agree NORML. (and you’ve chewed my behind out in the past, but we get past that don’t we).
    Further more this site is in support of Decriminalization and Legalization, please redbud understand that. You are being selfish to deny medical marijuana patients their medicine while you brag about smoking it and not getting caught. Not to mention the non-violent citizen arrests that suffer in prison for simple possession.

  28. Hey Baby, I can’t make it then. It would have to be somewhere between the end of June and middle of August.

  29. Concerning the NORML conference Allen St. Pierre. I’m concerned over M. Jackson’s death and the amount of pharmaceuticals he was allowed to get his hands on.
    This isn’t going to bode well with Doctor’s and it could be bad news. That bad news being Doctor’s are going to become even more paranoid than they are now.
    Is there a way for this conference to brain storm this topic and have a counter attack ready and in place?

  30. I remember this before in the 70’s and i didn’t think legalizing was a good idea then and have the same reservations. it’s a great source of currency in a failing economy…too good to give to Uncle Sam taxes on to bail out big money america.

  31. has anyone considered “WATER” in the argument for ending the prohibition on cannabis & hemp?
    it takes roughly 200 to 700 liters of water to make one litre of WINE. lets say a conservative wineo drinks a bottle every other day rounding down to 3 bottles a week. in six months that person has consumed 78 bottles of wine, which (78*450=) roughly 35,000 liters of water to support their choice of vice over six months, or 192 liters PER DAY.
    on my last 3 month indoor grow cycle, i used less then 700 liters of water to grow 6 cannabis plants (3 sativas & 3 indicas). these 6 plants have lasted me just about 6 months, and i consume more then the average cannabis user, which comes out to less then 4 liters a day.
    we are in a time of water shortage, which “vice” or “choice” is better for the planet???

  32. Most of us cannot travel…
    Why doesn’t NORML sponsor satellite meetings closer to the people????
    [Russ responds: Many NORML chapters all around the country are hosting these “satellite meetings”. See for the one near you and for meeting and event times.
    In the future, NORML’s national conference will be held in other cities, like Portland OR and Boston. But we’re not likely to schedule in an unfriendly location to cannabis, which puts us only in the West Coast, Northeast, and Great Lakes regions.]

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