Marijuana POW dies in custody in Houston

(Raw Story) A woman serving a short sentence in a Houston, Texas, jail for possession of marijuana died in custody over the weekend, and officers are not saying how or why.
The 29-year-old, identified as Theresa Anthony, had expected to spend just two and a half weeks behind bars in the Harris County lockup. On Saturday, Cynthia Prude, Theresa’s mother, received a phone call from the jail’s Chaplain informing her that her daughter was dead.
Prude has not been allowed to see the body, nor has the Harris County Sheriff’s Department even spoken with her, according to area media.
On 4 June 2009, the Justice Department concluded a 15 months-long investigation into the Harris County facility and determined in the subsequent 27-page report that over 142 prisoners had died there since 2001. Most expired due to lack of medical care, the report claims.
The Associated Press noted that after the Justice Department declined to make its findings public, The Houston Chronicle was able to obtain a copy, which it released on the Internet.

Wait a minute, how is this possible? According to our last Drug Czar, John Walters, finding a non-violent offender in jail or prison for simple possession is like finding a unicorn.
Theresa Anthony could be you or me. Or could have been a young Barack Obama. Just another dead unicorn, expiring in a cage for the crime of preferring the safest choice of social relaxant or therapeutic medicine.
President Obama, if you can stop giggling for a moment, could you please put “legalization” back on the table? Director Kerlikowske, could you please find the time to add “decriminalization” to your vocabulary? You have the power to see to it that Theresa Anthony is the last unicorn to die in a cell.

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  1. It’s becoming VERY hard to just brush of the idea of a conspiracy theory when reading things like this. There is just too much supporting evidence to label it just a “theory” anymore.
    And as for unicorn’s, AZ’s got them too.
    Why have I not personally been able to find and have a discussion with someone against legalization? Im always vocal in public when it comes to legalization, always talking to my wife about this subject and raising my voice on key buzzwords such as “marijuana”, “legalization”, and my favorite “the war on drugs is a fucking joke”. (That one always stirs some emotion within.) But I either get weird eyes admiring my execution of my first amendment rights, or thumbs up from those who quickly pass and say “Yea…you’re right, kid.” But I am yet to find an opposing view. And boy am I ready…
    I am dying for the chance to publicly embarrass and verbally DESTROY an opponent to legalization through exposing their own hypocrisy and ignorance (most people dont know the true meaning of that word…”ignorance” is HIGHLY offensive to those who consider themselves “educated”).
    BUT I CANT FIND ANY!!!! And by can’t find any, I mean someone who doesn’t receive a fat, dirty check with hidden motives behind it.
    It seems to be that the Unicorn theory is true! Except the REAL unicorns are those in support of this failed system. Why can we not, in this day and age, still have a platform for change? Why is propaganda still spewed and received in this country?
    We have all heard that Michael Jackson died from a cocktail of drugs. I know what all of those drugs are and what their use’s are, but not because FOX news told me what they were, but because I have done my OWN unbias research on these medications. Not some stupid Government ad showing some corner sitting idiot who’s timestamped for the 90’s bitching about how parents are monopolizing his business endeavors.
    My educating myself has kept me off of these medications. Its clear to see that there is an obvious risk to the usage of these drugs- you see it all around you- even in the soccer mom who sneaks off at practice to go sling the plethora of narcotics SHE was given for …depression. Methadone for depression? Yea, Im sure.
    Find the real unicorns. Expose them, destroy them, Educate them, then send them on their way with the comfort of their new found truths.
    And if anyone is up for a civil conversation on this topic- PLEASE come ( )
    But don’t think I won’t take you out behind the barn for a good, ol’ fashioned ass whoopin, either.

  2. God Damnit this is frustrating-
    …my brain won’t let me stop writing yet.
    I was bored the other day and wanted to do a little research on Salvia.
    I wondered, as I wandered, all these bills that are being thrown into states to try to stifle usage seem to be submitted with only one arguement- “Think of the children”
    Okay then, lets really “Think of the children” for a moment.
    Are these the same children you’re talking about who can get harder dugs (and are probably doing so right now) through people who happen to slip through your failed system? The same ones who have TRIED many drugs just because of the sub-conscience thrill of illegality? Do you really believe that these laws, which have worked SO well in application to other drugs, will hold any validity to the people who want to and WILL use, regardless if your organization deems it “unclean” or not? (run-on, I know)
    And there goes my brain…. time to wrap it up.
    These officials have been and will continue to try to protect us from ourselves.
    But they forget that once they do so, they will then have no one to protect them?

  3. And the sad part is is that Im out of weed
    Do you know what I want to do once I get MORE weed?
    Go home, smoke, stay at home, eat, and keep reading the wonderful posts on this blog
    Yea, watch out. REAL menace to society here…

  4. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! that’s more than one a month it’s like one and a half a month is this place a jail or a concentration camp? Honestly how big is this jail? After all this jail were talking about here as in county not state prisoners aren’t dieing of old age. I can’t remember the last time someone died in county around here. it has to be years and our jail has almost 2000 inmates.

  5. Shame on you UNCLE SAM, another victim of MARIJUANA PROHIBITION and your dumb ass drug war on the American people. When will it end? When you run out of victims to be put in jail or change the laws for the better of the people. The rate were going, half of us will be in jail and the other half watching us. The insanity of the system at its best. ONLY IN AMERIKA!!!!!!! We are all living under a big lie every day and it is not really getting any better. 420 ALL THE WAY!

  6. In 1978 as a member of N.O.R.M.L. in Nebraska we got a bill passed that decriminalized possesion of less than one ounce of cannibus to a civil infraction ( traffic ticket) with a fine of $100.00. The way we convinced lawmakers to do this was by using an example of teenagers in a car being pulled over for a tail light being out and being arrested for possesion of cannibus. At the time it was a felony. If convicted they would not be allowed to vote or carry a firearm or more importantly they would not be allowed to hold a public license such as a nurse, doctor ,barber,real estate agent, etc. Our focus was to point out that the penality didn’t fit the crime ( death while in jail or a criminal record that would follow them the rest of their life). It passed with only one vote against it.I think this latest death due to possesion should be used in the same way. DOES THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME. IT SHOULD NOT BE A CRIME AT ALL.

  7. One more shining example of the law being the cause of death rather than the plant itself. These are the kind of stories that should be trumpeted to the world. The govermment and certain segments of this society have no problem at all with letting us die in the name of supporting corporations and capatalism. It is time we name the murderers for what they are by announcing this far and wide.

  8. Theresa Anthony does not need to die in vain. The mealy mouthed politicians and their thugs need to explain and answer for this.
    My heart goes out to Theresa and her family.

  9. Carlos@ # 47, Very good post for all to read. As you mentioned,peole will begin to take care of them selves instead of relying on a central “power” .
    This goes with a thought I have ahd for a very long time.
    Those in power know that If we change this one law that forces controll over people, They know the masses will realize that they can force change on this central “power’ . We will elinminate all the suffering that that is created by this and many other laws.
    They do not share power or control. They do not want to let us see that power is an Illusion.

  10. How in the hell did we get into this crazy war against cannabis? How do we end it? We end it with “PURE ATTITUDE BASED ON COMMON SENSE, AND THE TRUTH”
    If it looks like a drugie, sounds like a drugie, smells like a drugie, it must be a drugie. That in normal minds is “REASONABLE”…not absolute…but…
    reasonable nevertheless. I’m sure it’s common to have considered that assumption valid. Well!…that’s a “STIGMA.” How do we defeat a stigma? We defeat it with “PURE ATTITUDE.” If prohibs (the enemy) label us drugies…they’ve offered us a “CHOICE”…to either allow the stigma to effect us…or…turn on the “PURE ATTITUDE.” When we “ALLOW” prohibs to punish us…
    prohibs deserve their vengeance.
    In this “CRAZINESS”…our minds are the best weapons we possess, and correct information our ammunition. When we are faced with craziness from prohibs, we should simply treat it as what it is…craziness, and not allow them to effect our stability. After all…
    “WE ARE NOW THE MAJORITY.” But more so than that…
    it only takes one (1) person with a “PURE ATTITUDE” to create a “RIPPLE EFFECT.”
    In California…we’ve handed prohibs their hat. So goes California…so goes the world. Now there’s a “PURE ATTITUDE.” You can’t intimidate a “PURE ATTITUDE.” I’m sure prohibs foster the same attitude.
    The reality of it all is…”THEY’RE OUT-NUMBERED…WE ARE THE BIGGER DOG”…AMEN!

  11. I cant help but notice we still debating and talkin about stuff. Couldnt our time be better spent learning how to OBEY the soon to be great King Barak Obama? They are not even hiding the fact they are ignoring the will of the people. They are blatant in stifling our rights. Alrit everyone practice groveling with me ready? one two three ahhhh that feels good dont it? Utter subserviance. Who needs free will? Im tellin you start learning to OBEY.

  12. LOLOLOLO did i just read about a dude above whos been in NORML since 78? NORML how long have you been around? If its been since the seventies and we still in virtually the same boat as back then…lol since the freakin seventies and our new age modern drug czar and president dont have legalization in their vocabularies? Id like to say keep up the good work but… I thought you guys were a nineties thng. But since before i was born? And still pot smoking is akin to murder in this country? O wait killers get less time and better treatment than smokers.

  13. We need some one from NORML or some one who is not afraid to stand up and is for the cause to run for president that way this stupid war on Americans can be put to an end and where we can all be free.

  14. Also for us to make even more head way sort of say we need to keep the pressure up and not quit fighting. If we battle together and keep the pressure on then we will previel but if we just sit around and just post on blogs alone and do not steadily keep fighting then what is likely to happen is everything we have accomplished will vanish . Together in battle we will be victorious so lets keep the fight strong and show them that our voice is not going to quiet so easily . Lets do all we can and keep it up so that every one is finely free from the prohibition . We are not just fighting for our rights but for our future generations rights as well and for that we must keep onward until we have reached our goal for freedom. Lets show them we are no slave and do have power. Lets show them our voices will not go unheard while we keep the pressure on the govt. till we are truely free . Let us stand up for our god given rights as Americans.

  15. My sincere condolences first and foremost.
    We must stand up by contacting our congressmen regularly! We must also encourage our friends and family to do so. Do NOT delay!

  16. 102 Bryce “Think of the children.”
    One of these days, and we all know how fast one of these days gets here (I pray not as children) the children will “find the truth” as we all have. Then those children will never trust their parents or government again…or…at least with reservation. Then…the parents and government will have to take responsibility for the results of their actions…
    lies, lies, and more lies.
    There is one of those facts of life involved here.
    “If you tell the “Big Lie” enough…it becomes believable.

  17. Sadness man, Obama is a fucking conservative if you ask me…under Obama nothing will change in favor of marijuana. He’s an asshole just like the previous presidents

  18. #106 is right. Her death should be used to show the obvious, that a possession of weed is no reason to go to jail. I’ve never seen how much she actually got caught with, but i kinda hope it was a very small amount, to make it even more obvious that she was kept there for 2½ week, and it was wrong.

  19. Does the punishment fit the crime?
    Unequivically no.
    I would like to meet someone who has been “rehabilitated” through incarseration during their sentence. Did the prison system really change them from their ways? Or do they now have EVEN MORE animosity towards the Law and its failed attempts?

  20. I’m glad NORML put this story up at the top for a while. It needs to get out in the public and media that this is stuff is happening! Innocent people are losing their lives and it could be any of us due to these LAME LAME LAME! laws. It’s gotta end!

  21. that’s one town to stay away from,,there should be a law against why theres a law against pot

  22. In the South, you always hear about those “Hippie Californians” with their wacky laws, and how those “Crazy Northerners” are no better. Even then, you may spark up the legalization/decriminalization topic with some conservatives, and they may just agree with it. I’m proud to say Congressman Ron Paul, of Texas, is among those few.
    You see, I honestly don’t think the country will be ready for legalization/decriminalization without winning over Texas. I don’t want to divide this site into regions, but a lot of people in rural areas identify with Texas. I understand other States have pushed for more sensible laws than Texas, but I feel if the ball would really get rolling if marijuana was decriminalized here. The problem is, there is no real movement for this cause in Texas. Sadly, Ron Paul appears to be our only hope.

  23. This is Gross! Protest! Refuse to buy Alcohol and Cigarettes! Protest! Protest! Protest! Flip off Cops!

  24. So goes the war against the citizens in this country who choose to use marijuana/cannabis, a fairly benign substance that man has used since many years before christ. You saw how went the war in Iran when the government waged a war against its citizens. I think our country needs to learn that lesson. STOP THE WAR ON AMERICANS AMERICA!

  25. the first person that ever got me high was a cop.a harris county constable named pete years later after going thru cancer i had a need to use it again for the relief of chemo.i am at md rite now .why is there so much pain and heartache associated with a plant that god put here for free.why does anyone have to die for a plant that is classified as a weed.well i have to go to my chemo now and i sure am glad that god thought of some relief for me because the prescription crap makes me sicker..

  26. MJ is illegal because it cures cancer, and big pharma does not want to see the end of the gravy train.
    Theresa Anthony (RIP) and so many others like her should be a wake up call to us all. There needs to be mass protests in cities across the country as well as a march on Washington, DC over 1 million strong. In these protests, we need to carry posters with pictures of people who either died in custody or as a result of SWAT brutality, or pictures of people whose lives have been ruined by having a criminal record as a result of a possession conviction. As was mentioned above, would Obama be President if he had been caught smoking MJ? He committed an illegal act and should be jailed; just like they tried to do to Michael Phelps. Do you think that would be a wake up call? If Obama can do it and become President, why can’t any of us?
    Everyone needs to write to their elected officials, saying that they will NOT vote for them again unless they put legalization on the table, and in a very public way.
    Inaction turns us all into sheeple; exactly where they want us. Better smarten up, and fast.
    [Editor’s note: Cannabis is not illegal because it ‘cures’ cancer or that so-called Big Pharma call the shots in Washington. Cannabis has been illegal in America for 71 years because not nearly enough citizens are involved in the reform efforts, organize with groups like NORML, or lobby their elected policy makers.
    There are no grand conspiracy theories that made cannabis illegal, or ones that sustain its continued existence. However, the grand inaction of over 99.5% of all cannabis consumers to be involved in their own liberation is the major cause for prohibition to have lasted so long. For too long, too many cannabis consumers have done nothing more to advance law reforms than hope that a group like NORML can win their freedom for them, when in reality, they are the gatekeepers of their liberty and personal freedoms.]

  27. To the Editor. Your comment to #128 was right on the money. Too many cannibus users are afraid to speak out. They have kept a very low profile for years and they associate that with success for not getting busted. They think if they do speak out the government will round them up and put them in jail to die! I have been a very outspoken person on this subject since 1975 when I came home from the war in Veitnam. I have not been harrassed by anyone. Having been a long time freind to N.O.R.M.L. has helped me fight for our constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. SPEAK LOADLY AND VOTE TO FREE OURSELVES FROM PROHIBITION!!! I will continue to fight for this cause as it is truely justifiable.

  28. NORML should organize something like a million toker march on Washington! If you promoted it properly I think the turnout would be HUGE!!!
    It is definetly WAY past time to stand up! THE TIME IS NOW!!!

  29. R.I.P. Theresa
    And now for a quick rant
    As a student of history I have learned that “If you do not learn from history and strive to better yourself it WILL repeat itself.” Allow me if I may to make a quick Comparison (I most likely misspelled that)
    In the 1860’s in America, many new laws affected the South to a higher degree than the North. The south tried for a time to end the (in their opinion) unjust and hypocritical laws through legal and nonviolent methods. However after a time finding that nothing they tried was working they finally settled on a solution; a Secession. Which would declare them a completely separate nation. They believed that it would become a second American Revolution. They believed that it was the exact same situation for which the founding fathers (many of which were in fact southern themselves)seceeded themselves from the rule of the British.
    I actually wouldn’t mind repeating that history minus the defeat of course and so I say…
    I the Sole citizen (so far) of the Cannibas smoking Republic of Ganja-topia (better name pending) hereby seceed from this mockery of a Union that you call the United States of America.
    Legalize now because even in a fake democracy we should get what we want some of the time.

  30. I am 20 years old, therefore a responsible adult. i have been imprisoned for more that 30 days total. not for alcohol, not for tobacco, which by the way kill thousands of people each year, but a harmless plant that GOD PUT ON THE EARTH!!!!! It makes me ashamed to call myself an American citizen. There is absolutely no use in having the constituition, because it is being openly defied. LIFE,LIBERTY,AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. That says to me that if an adult is responsibly using marijuana for medicinal, or recreational use, they should be allowed to do so without fear of being labeled a “criminal” give me a fucking break. I am no longer allowed to get federal aid to go to school, because of a possession of marijuana charge( i had 1.5 grams WITH THE BAG) meanwhile a convicted arsonist, thats someone who got arrested for burning buildings,cars, etc. Is still granted aid to go to school. I burn a plant, that asshole potentially kills people,and Im the bad guy? ridiculous. I am now paying my own way thru community college, with the hopes that i somehow fall into a lot of money, so that i may go to the University of Iowa someday to complete my degree. I am trying to be a productive member of society, by graduating college and getting a better job, but the federal government thinks that since i smoke weed i should not b able to go to school. isnt that backwards? The government is always supposedly trying to make America a better place. How the hell do they expect to accomplish that goal by turning down responsible marijuana users pleas for a fucking education for christ sake? There is one, and only one explanation for this. All the government cares about is making money, and they do that by trapping responsible marijuana users in the court system. They make you jump through all these hoops, supposedly in the hope of helping you become a better person, but then deny you the opportunity to get a higher education? thats the most hypocritical, twisted, assinine excuse ive ever heard. ITS TIME FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN. IN THE BIBLE IT SAYS THAT GOD PUT ALL SEED BEARING PLANTS ON EARTH TO USE. I am not a very religious person, however i do not judge other people based on their beliefs, race, sexual orientation, or anything like that. I do however judge our politicians, for each and every one of those bastards are lying, cheating, assholes. If marijuana is not decriminalized, or at the very least made acceptable for medicinal use by the end of 2009, i am moving to Holland. I have already ordered my Rosetta Stone language learning software, just in case it doesn’t happen. This is not a laughing matter, weed makes you hungry, happy, and sleepy. It is impossible to die from using marijuana. Legalize it, or face societys rath. The time is far past due for the American public to make a stand. Each citizen can do their part, by writing each and every public official.

  31. Ya’ll…no matter who you are or where you’re from…it’s NOT EASY to live with your “self” when YOU DON’T stand up for what YOU believe in. It kindly takes away from YOUR SOUL…and…leaves YOU with a head-stone that says
    SHOULDA…WOULDA…COULDA…and a whole bunch of IF ONLYS.
    At least…when someone tells me how much they don’t know…I just tell them…”THAT’S BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT.” Then I just walk away…allowing them to get their jaw back in place.

  32. Make that 143 immates. I was in the Harris County Jail for possesion of marijuana in late June of 2009 and I saw a man have a seisure and the guards did nothing about it. They dont care about regular citizens. I have never hurt anyone or stole anything. Everyone needs to open their eyes and say STOP to this nonsense.
    I will be putting up legalization signs across south houston. Anyone willing to make signs and put them up around the houston area or all over america would be greatly appreciated

  33. Oh my God…everyone…I am so sorry…I am brand new to these discussions.
    I wish I had read about this lady, Theresa, sooner than today. It would have made alot of difference in what I have put forth so far. This is a screaming outrage…
    #88 Anonymous, …dehumanizing fits. I have survived TORTURE IN COUNTY JAIL, Wendy ReNae Warr Elorriaga.
    #66 Let Freedom Ring…now I am beginning to shake and cry…that history is not only sad but true?..I never knew…I’m only on world wide web (www) short time.
    #69 Joel..I myself suffered a hugely conspired “cover-up to ANOTHER COVER-UP” …TORTURE…T O R T U R E!!!
    #99 Native Texas person ESCAPED TO BOLIVIA…I always heard Texas was a hard state but oh MY GOD I had no idea how devistating things are that WE THE PEOPLE are on the fron lines of the battle fields here and loosing our lives. What is going on, President Obama? WE THE PEOPLE are begging you for a decent straight-forward answer. Now I may be bi-polar with too much high esteem today but I speak from experience and I DO NOT LIE! I, Wendy Elorriaga, do hereby challenge you, President Obama of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to ANSWER IN THE NAME OF GOD ALMIGHT WE ARE PAYING YOU TO WORK FOR US TOO!
    #103 o-o-o-h me too, Bryce.
    #106 Jerry Moler…I wish I would have known this sooner. Sometimes my illness has a little power over me..but Oh MY GOD…I was tortured for refusing to bow down to MAN…now I wonder what God is thinking of those idiots right now. THE TRUTH IS ROLLING IN LIKE THE TIDE. Amen.
    #137 Manford Mantis…OH MY GOD. I am in shock right now. But don’t worry anyone because I have so much faith in God. He Reigns and Prevails. Amen.
    Maybe this web is really like a third world war in its cause. I did pray today for God’s Truth and Light to shine forth…Amen…I believe He is answering our prayers right now. No more victims…Amen. Do WE MAKE OURSELVES CLEAR, VERY CLEAR, RESPECTED PRESIDENT OBAMA ON THIS THE FIFTH DAY OF JULY 2009? NO MORE VICTIMS AND WHEN I HEARD YOU MR. PRESIDENT SAY, ‘AMERICANS DO NOT TORTURE’, IT INSPIRED MY NEWLY WRITTEN BOOK, TORTURE IN COUNTY JAIL. THANK YOU.
    #138 spread the word, Richard…Wendy in Good ‘ole Utah.

  34. My heart aches for this innocent young lady. Prayers for the family. This is no laughing matter, Obama!! My fellow Americans, my fellow Houstonians, are hurting, dying, for the laws meant to “protect” us. Protect us from what?? The first time I tried, I began to wonder why the government would prohibit this feeling. Ultimately, its better to be in a puddle of alcohol-induced vomit, or worse, undergoing chemo. (with no relief) This is a sick world.
    We need to focus on the root of the problems in the world. You can’t kill a weed by picking at the leaves. The root of the worlds ills can be summed up:
    1. We have made nature illegal
    2. We draw imaginary lines on the earth
    3. We fight for the resources given to us freely by the earth. (oil, diamonds, etc)
    Until we can fix the root problems, this world will continue to suffer.
    Legalize. This IS a free country right?

  35. Thanks for the info @ #127.
    The Tulia Effect almost happened in Tyler, Texas 30 years ago. It started with drug agents posing as a young couple who were new to the area. Then it became an out-of-control witch hunt. Many people were being rounded up and arrested, and most of the victums had no clue what was going on and why? It ended when the judge and the members of law enforcement families and relatives were on that list.

  36. 140 Daniel says:
    This country…any country…is only as free as “YOU PERSONALLY” make it.
    When my nephew was a young pup, he would trip me from behind, run up on me from behind and flick my ear, any number of little annoyances. His little buddies would ask me…Uncle Manny (that’s what they all called me) why does he do that? My answer to them was a simple one….”BECAUSE I LET HIM!”
    MY POINT IS THIS…If we let the prohibs get away with their little annoyances…it’s our own damned fault
    …and…have no one to blame but ourselves. Look!
    we’re not talking about little annoyances here…we’re talking about our “FREEDOM.” Neither are we talking about my dear nephew…we’re talking about “MY EVIL BROTHER.”

  37. The world can’t be a better place because if it were some people would be out of a job.

  38. The Houston Chronicle has the facts I believe regarding our dear sister’s death. I’m having difficulty getting through. Will someone please help me?
    To Theresa Anthony’s family and friends I pray for some peace to come into your lives today. I for one will never, ever in my lifetime forget Theresa….she should still be here with us now. Amen.

  39. It is the same people stopping agriculture in the U.S.A. by ?? Paying A Farmer Not To Grow A crop??
    I just learned of an agency CRP…Please oh please someone somewhere make some sense of this to me…
    …people who do not care that our Rain Forests the lungs of the Earth are burning. They are they cancer of the Earth in my opinion.
    …wake up America wake up. This is the total Anti- Christian Movement at its peak.
    …it is an insult to our heritage and intelligence.

  40. The drug war should be a crime. They want to make it more p.c. but when people die it just shows it is still a war on people (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  41. I run a radio show each week to fight this war on the people AKA the war on drugs, and as long as people don’t speak up and fight this, then more will keep on dying.
    How long are you sheepeople going to be led around?
    Come speak out and see that this is the last death, if you don’t speak out, then you only have yourselves to blame and one day it will be your son or daughter, or even yourself that finds trouble with the law and when you need help, well I hope others will treat you the way this poor lady was treated.
    If you don’t want to be treated like a crook by this Government, then speak out, call Adam at 509-397-3252 and be on my show.

  42. #148 – Adam Assenberg – Look who’s talking.
    I hope you feel better now.
    P.S. From Whence Doeth Thy Nation Speaketh?
    From Where Does Thy Nation Lay? Amen.
    Oh Glory Be To Thee Oh Lord Oh Glory Be To Thee.

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