Pro-Marijuana TV Ad Campaign Successful; More Are Planned

A note from one of America’s military contractors (and a NORML member) serving in Iraq, along with some comments I saw over the weekend on NORML’s blogs, sharply reminded me of the need to post the final results from the NORML Foundation’s ‘4/20’ nationwide TV ad campaign, as well as the fundraising results notably centered around the ever-increasing popularity of April 20 as ‘Cannabis Consumers’ Day’ around the world.
Please find below a brief report about the number of ads, geographical dispersion of the ads, networks and costs; number of new NORML members, amount of donations received, webpage traffic and media interviews.

Hello Tyler,
Thanks for supporting NORML and having a keen interest in NORML’s longstanding pro-reform advocacy efforts. Since 1970, NORML (and later, the NORML Foundation) assists the victims of cannabis prohibition as well as representing the interests and concerns of the tens of millions of Americans who responsibly consume cannabis.
THANK YOU, thank you very much for serving the US’ armed forces, especially serving in Iraq!
NORML Foundation’s TV ad campaign (and the donation meter that went with it) ended after April 20th, after nearly 8,000 TV ads were purchased with the $16,000 donated from NORML supporters such as yourself. Thanks again!
Approximately $2,000 in donations earmarked for ‘NORML TV ad campaign’ are escrowed for the next promotional ad campaign.
Your email and suggestion remind me of the need to send the membership/blog post about NORML’s ‘4/20’ ad campaign, its cost, reach and results. Please look for the report to be posted this week to NORML’s frontpage blog.
Tyler, education, legislation and litigation, none of it in support of reform is made possible without the support of stakeholders like you.
Kind regards and be safe in Iraq,
Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
NORML/NORML Foundation
1600 K St., NW
Suite 501
Washington, D.C. 20006
2:06 AM, “Tyler D.” <> wrote:
Hey Allen,
My name is Tyler D., and I support NORML and what it stands for. I’m from Louisiana, the land of constriction, and I’m currently in Iraq. I’m sending money to NORML, and buying things like my hemp daypack, tee shirts, and others. I send emails to the folks back home to be active, as well as the Governor, senators, and representatives. I want to know how far away we are from our goal of hitting mainstream commercials for NORML? I mean, it sounds all good and well, but give me an idea… Can you put a temperature bulb on the site somewhere that shows how close we actually are to seeing sense on television? I’d love to see advertisements go mainstream, as would a lot of others, but if there’s a large void, it would give me more incentive to give. If there wasn’t much left, then I would be excited to be that close. It’s a win/win. Just a thought…
Peace sir,
Tyler D.

Over 500 NORML supporters donated slightly more than $16,000 (avg. donation was $32) in support of running the winning 60 second ad from NORML’s 2008 online ad contest.
The advertising media used by the campaign combined low cost national cable and Ohio News Network. For added exposure element a PR bonus blitz was distributed via
Initially, it was difficult t get approval to run NORML’s PSA/Commercial. Ohio News Network was quick to be first but other media outlets passed. Finally, a national media vendor with homes in every market in the country, gave the go ahead.
The National Cable Homes buy (April 20-April 22, 2009) reached homes with ‘smart cableboxes’, which tracks the precise networks and advertising spots watched. NORML only paid for the audience reached and who stayed tuned to the ads.
-97.5% of people who watched the stay tuned in.
-Average length of time they viewed was 59.2 seconds
NORML’s ad buyers viewed the PSA as being very effective, and for the very high percentage of the public who watched the ad, they apparently could not turn away.
The Numbers
7,700 spots ran across 210 markets over three days, in each market, 38 spots ran on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, CNN-Headline News, FX, Spike and Fuse.
-A total of 2,428,858 total viewing households were reached
-A total of 2,394,690 actual viewers watched the commercials live
-34, 168 additional viewers recorded the networks and watched the commercials within 7 days
-75 spots ran in 1.5 million homes on the Ohio News Network from April 23-April 28.
NORML’s PR package reached 30,000 journalists, 30,000 websites and 225,000 RSS subscribers, resulting in over 136,313 viewed packages, and 2,118 media outlets tracked the story.
The avg. cost was $2.07 per 60 second TV ad

Because of the popularity of ‘4/20’ in general, the fact that the New York Times covered the event (via the University of Colorado NORML chapter’s National Conference on Cannabis Law Reform); Spike, G4 and Comedy Central all aired ‘4/20’ specials; and pro-cannabis law reform rallies around the United States, made for NORML’s launch of the first ever nationwide TV ad campaign in support of ending cannabis prohibition a fortuitous one!
To wit, the largest number of citizens to step up and be counted as bona fide supporters of cannabis law reform (and NORML), over the course a 24-48 hour period, ever happened this ‘4/20’ with over 1,765 new supporters joining the organization; and these newly-minted NORML members donated over $11,500.
Additionally, but to no surprise to NORML’s staff (or ISP provider), NORML’s already popular webpage received a substantial spike in webpage and podcast traffic during ‘4/20’.

NORML and NORML Foundation plan on running more TV, Internet and Radio advertisement campaigns in the second half of 2009.
Stay tune to learn more and how you and your like-minded friends & family can help bring these needed public service advertisements in support of re-legalizing cannabis to the public.

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  1. This is great! Please keep ringing the bells of freedom. I believe in the P. T. Barnum effect, “raise a tent and they will come”. It only takes two percent to change a majority and once change starts it rarely returns without the intended result. It is no longer yes we can it is now Yes WE WILL!
    Ty NORML (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  2. Good work! Lets keep a constant stream of truth going to the masses. Everyone with Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter needs to add pro cannabis videos to your websites. One I like is

    continue to tweet, blog, and bulliton!

  3. I hope the part where she was giggling at the end was taken out.
    [Editor’s note: The final version that appeared in the cable TV buy had the giggle edited out.]

  4. A small tear dropped from my eye when I saw this commercial, and another when I read this post.
    Cannabis prohibition reform is real. We’re almost there.

  5. Hey Tyler D, I salute you brother. I hate our government but I love our troops. My best friend was with the 101st until last year. Thanks Tyler for preserving and fighting for ideals that keep my three little girls and hot spanish wife safe. To all our troops you deserve a fuckin medal. Thanks to all Soldiers of Freedom.


  7. This is good news , Has NORML thought or tried to get the advertisement on USA or other nation wide stations or is NORML planning on doing so in the near future? Reason why is USA network a lot of people watch as well as other stations such as sci-fi channel and with such an audiance it may be use full towards the cause while reaching every one nationally curently on USA on monday nights is the most watched station in the nation due to the fact that WWE brings in millions of viewers on monday and if cordinated it may prove to be a right time right place for the advertisment of NORMLs campaign . Just a thought towards helping the cause.

  8. THE UGLY FACE OF TRYANNY . 1. Any law the electorate sees as being open to being perverted from its original intent, will be perverted in a manner that is worse than the manner of perversion seen at the time. 2. Any law that is so difficult to pass, it requires the citizens be assured it will not be a stepping stone to worse laws, will in fact be a stepping stone to worse laws. 3. Any law that requires the citizens be assured the law does not mean what the citizens fear, means exactly what the citizens fear. 4. Any law passed in a good cause, will be interpreted, to apply to causes against the wishes of the people. 5. Any law enacted to help any one group will be applied to harm people not in that group. 6. Everything the government says will never happen, will happen. 7. What the government says it could not foresee, the government has planned for. 8. When there is a budget shortfall to cover non-essential government services, the citizen will be given the choice between higher taxes or the loss of essential government services. 9. Should the citizens mount a successful effort to stop a piece of legislation the same legislation will be passed under a different name. 10. All deprivations of freedom and choices will be increased rather than reversed. 11. Any government that has to build safeguards into a law so that it will not be abused is providing guidelines for abusing the law without violating it 12. Any act or statute of government is subject to altercation or complete disregard by government (courts-judges) by its using the ever present “notwithstanding clause” of any roman civil style legal system when it is deemed desirable to maintain the status quo – however unlawful the status quo activity may be. 13. When a man or woman make a claim of right or demand their unalienable God Given Rights in a US court or a Canadian the judges invoke the methods of repression as they have learned from: The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook, to deny those rights. And knowing that the presidents are real and wish not to comply and lose face and money in the sight of man, but has already lost all in the sight of GOD. PEACE AL

  9. laws are mentioning the cause that means that the rules then mediforical speaking are great for the people.Going into the grade of pot being legal is up to the citizens of communities as in many legal ward of states,then it should be a issue better known as tourt law and if the supreme court were able to judge this corse of action tyler.keep up the work that drives your passions.jjhills

  10. I watched tv more than normal (no pun intended) hoping to see one of the ads. . . never saw a thing. . . The ads never ran on channels reaching California?
    [Editor’s note: The NORML ads ran in California…and in all 50 states.]

  11. I didn’t catch the ads on any channels unfortunately, but I’m glad to know that my donations have made a difference. I will continue to donate as long as more and more average, every day American citizens are being exposed to the truth about marijuana. I can’t think of anything more important to me right now than that.

  12. Thanks to all of the great people at N.O.R.M.L. and all of it’s members for supporting this ad campaign. The more the truth is heard the better our chances are of actually changing this horrible law. As a Vet I would like to say a special thanks to Tyler and anyone in uniform that supports our fight for true freedom. I hope you have more commercials in mind and an even bigger 4/20 rally planned for next year.

  13. You all got robbed for my money. just admit it. i havent seen ONE of these pot ads on tv since i heard about it. your just as bad as the media
    [Editor’s note: OK…you’re right. Since you didn’t see a one minute ad NO ads appeared and NORML is lying. Or maybe the media buyer just made up the spreadsheets of the ad runs? Maybe the TV stations took the payments, but didn’t run the ads? All are ridiculous conclusions as 1) the ads ran, 2) go back to NORML’s blogs the week of 4/20 where numerous NORML supporters commented on watching the ads in their markets, 3) Hundreds of $4.20 donations came into NORML the days of the TV ad campaign, with the ‘comments’ section of the secured server form indicating personal observations of the ad campaign “Great ad campaign, just saw it after Olberman.” Or, “Didn’t expect a NORML ad during the O’Reilly show…”, etc.
    One can argue whether or not a one minute TV ad is worth $2.07 per ad in a reasonably sized ad campaign purchase, but you, and any other commentator who says ‘I didn’t see the ad campaign on my TV, therefore there was no campaign’ are totally wrong.]

  14. Thanks NORML and everyone. I will donate more to get more ads out there and maybe I can salvage my life near the end as a legal American citizen. I have been smoking and supporting the cause since 1971. Got arrest in San Diego in 1975 for smell of pot on my breath. In 1999 I was busted with 23 grams of marijuana (90 days in jail) which is a felony in Florida and lost all my rights. I am also a medical patient but it is not legal in Florida. I will send more money soon keep up the great work.

  15. NORML TV ADS???
    i have not even seen One Yet……..
    Maybe the government iS Blocking Commercials~
    [Editor’s note: The government did not and is not blocking the ad campaign. It ran…all the ads purchased; every one.]

  16. Next time you do this, could you please note somwhere in the daily blog as to when and what channels you’ll be airing this? I’m a CNN junkie and somehow with that many commercials airing I missed it!
    [Editor’s note: Unfortunately, most cable buys don’t provide pre-run spreadsheets and with over 200 markets in the buy, nearly 8,000 buys, that information is only made available to the ad buyer post the ad run. If an ad buyer wants to make specific placement and therefore know the ad time, the cost per ad was $14-$35 per ad. The idea of this supporter-funded, grassroots TV ad campaign was to run as many as ads as possible with the monies donated.]

  17. Heck yeah! I’m so stoked that thousands of people saw that ad. And not only watched it, but watched it on thier TV. Face the facts, america is addicted to TV. The more television comercials we can get out there for the entire nation to see, the greater the public outcry. Let’s all pitch in and soon the politicians will be forced to listen to us.

  18. Right on Paul, my thought exactly. We need more commercials! I did not see them but if we donate more maybe we can see more. And then I can become a normal American citizen. I am a news junky and CNN did the best on marijuana but we need the history channel to have the history of marijuana.
    [Editor’s note: If NORML supporters want to see more ads on TV all they need to do is send their donations to ‘NORML Foundation’, indicate that the donation is for ‘TV ad campaign’, take the tax deduction and NORML will buy more ads on TV and online. There is currently $2,000 in escrow for ‘TV ads’ and an online ‘donations thermometer’ will be placed again on the front page, as well as NORML’s Myspace and Facebook pages.]

  19. I am sorry to admit that i have not donated to NORML, on account of the fact that i am a poor college student. but here’s an idea some norml supporters are not poor – right? can norml or norml supporters ask more well off and celebrity norml supporters to donate? Come on Bill Maher im sure you could support another like sized add campain.
    [Editor’s note: It is not like anyone at NORML in 39 years has not thought of or in fact solicited so-called rich and/or celebrities to make large donations. But guess what? They don’t. And ‘they’ (Snoop, Bill Maher, Woody Harrelson, etc…) also don’t make large donations to DPA, ASA, MPP, etc….there are probably 5-10 full time fundraisers employed by these groups, constantly trying to beg up big $.
    To date, 1) the vast amount of the millions donated to advance cannabis law reforms (1995-2008) have come from an all too small petri dish-sized universe of mega funders, consisting of: a former insurance CEO, a hedge fund manager and the CEO of the country’s largest private university chain. 2) NORML receives no direct funding from these folks, the organization is bittersweetly and truly grassroots supported, 3) To date, they, along with the ‘pot celebs’, have not wanted to fund any national ad campaigns by ACLU, NORML, DPA, etc….
    Bless him, Willie Nelson (along with Hugh Hefner) is one of NORML’s most generous financial donors.
    Drug policy reform groups, including NORML/NORML Foundation, will assuredly continue to seek major funding from the well heeled and so-called pot celebs.]

  20. NORML,
    You need to get the word out about HR 2943. Nobody know about this. This should be your focus of your next round of TV spots.
    I’ve even done the research for you.
    House Committee on the Judiciary
    There are a total of 41 members on the Judiciary Committee, 25 dems and 16 reps.
    Out of the 51 members, 21 of them represent states that have decriminalized or enacted medical marijuana laws. 1 member’s has pending medical marijuana legislation. 20 members represent states that I would consider to be “behind the times”
    In order to move this Bill out of Committee and towards a vote, it is imperative that voters in the following states contact their Congressmen:
    * Arizona
    * California
    * Florida
    * Georgia
    * Illinois
    * Iowa
    * Massachusetts
    * Michigan
    * Mississippi
    * New York
    * North Carolina
    * Ohio
    * Puerto Rico
    * Tennessee
    * Texas
    * Utah
    * Virginia
    * Wisconsin
    House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s
    There are currently a total of 58 members in the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Of those members there are 36 dems and 23 reps.
    Out of the 58 members, 28 of them represent states that have either decriminalized or have enacted medical marijuana laws. Another 8 of them represent states that have pending legislation supporting medical marijuana. So lets just say that a total of 36 members of the Committee on Energy and Commerce represent marijuana friendly states.
    26 members represent states that I would consider to be “behind the times”
    In order to move this Bill out of Committee and towards a vote, it is imperative that voters in the following states contact their Congressmen:
    * Arizona
    * Arkansas
    * California
    * Colorado
    * Connecticut
    * Florida
    * Georgia
    * Illinois
    * Indiana
    * Iowa
    * Kentucky
    * Louisiana
    * Massachusetts
    * Michigan
    * Michigan
    * Missouri
    * Nebraska
    * New Jersey
    * New York
    * North Carolina
    * Ohio
    * Oklahoma
    * Oregon
    * Pennsylvania
    * Tennessee
    * Texas
    * Vermont
    * Washington
    * Wisconsin
    I’ve also taken the liberty to look up the individual names of everyone on the committee and will post up if requested.
    [Editor’s note: Thanks for the information. NORML’s lobbying staff well knows who is on what committee and what their views on decrim are…
    >You need to get the word out about HR 2943. Nobody know about this. This should be your focus of your next round of TV spots.
    1) The Decrim bill was only introduced about two weeks ago, 2) NORML notified on Friday over 800 media outlets about the bill, 3) Over 57,000 opt-in listservs were sent to NORML supporters and the over 670,000 ‘friends’ on Myspace and Facebook pages, 4) the bill’s sponsors have not even circulated a ‘dear colleague’ letter yet and 5) the bill’s sponsors do not believe it likely that there will be a hearing this year on HR 2943–maybe later this fall.
    BTW, if and when there are committee hearings, NORML will organize and convene another citizen-activist congressional lobbying day.
    So, as NORML’s clearly notified numerous concerned parties about the newly re-introduced decrim bill, all need to be realistic about the congressional calendar, Obama’s priorities, etc…and to use this interim period for an increased lobbying effort of members of the House.
    Re the decrim bill becoming the focus of the next national ad campaign, possibly so.]

  21. Dexter,
    You don’t have to be rich. You obviously have internet capabilities; write your senator and representatives. Write your governor. You hopefully have friends that feel the same as you.. GRASSROOTS! Get all the idle advocates actually doing something and its worth more than money. Telling people about NORML and sending emails costs very little time and money, but can make HUGE changes. Don’t let low money = low momentum. You can be as strong in the fight for legalization as you want to be.
    Allen, thanks man. I’m pumped to be recognized and I intend to surge harder than ever for NORML.
    Keep it real,
    Tyler D.
    [Editor’s note: Stay strong Tyler and thanks for your inspiration, and focus on mission!]

  22. Marijuana is an amazing plant not just amazing for it’s medicinal purposes but because It saved my life from alchohol addiction I’ve had no alchoholic beverages for over 15 years

  23. #28 They did a history lesson on Marijuana on the history channel around the same time as CNN did their coverage .
    #30 You are right on your post but had posted it twice just to let you know . I have been following the bill since it was introduced and still am tracking it as well but it is still in the Referred to Committee phase since June 19th it was introduce in June 18th and has managed to pick up another supporter how ever you are right we need to all contact them and do our part to try to get it out of the current phase and move it forward where it may be voted on. Till then nothing is a for sure so we have no other choice but to keep doing all we can on our end the moment we stop we lose progress which is what the prohibitionists would love to happen… Well I and many others are not going to let that happen with out a fight and neither should any one else who is with the cause. With more coverage and advertising as well as blogs and what else we are all doing to help the cause must still remain strong to keep momentum on our fight towards legalization and taxation if not at least decriminalized. We vast in numbers together and shall make a difference if we continue to do all we can but if we slow down or stop then their (the prohibitionists and govt.) are most likely to sweep us under the rug sort of say by distracting the public and fellow Americans away from our fight hence we Need to keep it up and not quit till a bill is passed that is suitable for our cause. Remember we put them into office to represent us and not violate our god given rights while just collecting a generous pay check at our fellow Americans exspence. We must do all that is in our power to fight not just for our rights and freedom but of that of the next generations to come as well untill this stupid war is over. Time to end this stupid prohibition against marijuana and regain our rights that the govt. is keeping from us.
    If we work together as a whole nothing can stop us but if we try to do the fight a lone we are sure to fail for “for good people to fail good people do nothing at all.” So let us not fail and show them we are strong and want our rights and freedom .

  24. Thank you for taking the time to address the comments being posted in response to the blog entries guys. While I know this is time consuming, I have surely gained some insight and clarification on a few items already from this push to correct or otherwise cross comment. At least from where I sit, this is worth your time and efforts when you can afford to do it.
    Again, my sincere thanks.

  25. i may as broke as a street bum now but god knows ive been trying to get an income if i ever strike it rich in the lotto or pch or whatever the case may be (im prayin for a miracle myself) tax deductable or not-there are 2 organizations and a church i would donate substiantial amouts to-norml, mpp, and my church (first christian) LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I just saw mainstream business, McLaughlin Group, discuss their position to end marijuana prohibition. Why does not NORML have at least a million dollars already contributed to this coffer?
    I mean camel cigarettes should be throwing money at this effort to have a new product on the market? Or maybe Coors? I can’t believe Frito Lay is that stupid? How about the farmer unions? Why are these people not looking for a ‘high’ demand crop? What about Hollywood or music business stoners? Why are they afraid to give?
    I can’t believe NORML is not the biggest thing since sliced bread. Because what people are not seeing is that they could have a job in a legal market. And have a calorie free alternative to alcohol that is safer when vaporized than tobacco. People are reasonable and adult enough to treat cannabis use the same as alcohol. Like no public use and no drugged driving. [Even though the experienced MJ user who is good at driving, might actually benefit being under the influence of cannabis.] For the populous as a whole, people will be civil with legal alcohol and new cannabis.
    Deep down I can’t believe the government and business could be so stupid. There must be a hidden agenda.
    I believe pot is illegal because it has the potential to turn a populous into peaceful people; and this is the last thing a military industrialized economy wants its citizens to be. Plus pot consumption has the potential to make the user more creative and insightful. In other words, the marijuana high gives an artist the ability to see something different to inspire a different perspective for humanity. Like a Snoop Dog song or Sid and Marty Croft movie.
    This has dollar value. NORML needs to also guide business opportunity by targeting the different whales too. So please people, let’s save the whales…..
    [Editor’s note: Thanks and your vexation is shared in spades by NORML’s staff and chapter leaders. When it comes to the corporations you mentioned as being logical allies, during this epoch in cannabis prohibition, which appears to be a transitional one, beer, tobacco ad junk food companies still play both ens of the middle. Meaning, while producing and marketing problematic consumer products, these companies still claim to be ‘anti-drug’ and often donate at the local or national level to so-called ‘anti-drug’ efforts.
    Citizens, who are also obviously consumers as well, are in the very best position to communicate with these corporations what they want from them by way of supporting cannabis law reform measures (and the de-vilification of cannabis consumers) and if the corporation (or government) is forward looking and responsive, they’ll bend towards the wants and needs of their customer.
    Getting large donations from celebs would be great (MPP has emloyed a full time Hollywood VIP coordinator for 3-4 years….), but just getting them to appear sans a large appearance fee ($3,000-$10,000, plus first class travel expenses/lodging) is often a frustrating challenge. NORML does not pay speaking fees to celebs. These celebs, to their credit, appear at NORML events on their own dime. Most other cannabis law reform groups have to pay the celeb speaker fees.
    Re farmer’s unions and organizations. NORML and pro-hemp groups like Votehemp and HIA, have lobbied farmers for years, and other than a growing universe of organization-oriented medical cannabis farmers on the west coast, most farmers in the midwest and eastern US will currently only entertain industrial hemp farming, not cannabis farming proper. Again, citizens are encouraged to join NORML and other reform groups in lobbying farming organization like Future Farmers of America, Grange, Ruritans and the 4-H Club as consumers’ voices are louder than K St. lobbying groups.]

  27. If we don’t have enough voters to pass new laws in favor of MJ issues, we’ll just have to keep recruiting. Thanks for the help fellow bloggers.
    HR 2943, My TN Congressman Bart Gordon, says he’s not aware of any bills like HR 2943 before the house to be voted on in the near future. I guess he thinks we’ll just give up and dissappear now!

  28. THIS is the type of strategy that will result in legalization within our lifetimes. You can push all the local referendums and state initiatives you want, but until the general public looks at the marijuana movement and takes it seriously – realizing that people from all walks of life are smokers, and don’t run into problems because of it – we will be fighting a losing battle.

  29. Push now, and push hard! We are gaining ground very fast. Now is the time for L.E.A.P, Norml, and every other activist group pushing for a goal that is closer than the media likes to portray. 🙂

  30. Would it not be worth our money to get a celebrity like Michael Douglas to speak out for all of us? Is he totally unaffordable/untouchable/unreachable? He’s already spoken out about legalization and has done so quite freely I might add, all on his own. Maybe he’s just waiting to be asked to speak!
    If someone like him was leading the frontline in reaching out to people, surely everyone would turn their heads and listen. After all, he’s pretty popular and well respected.
    I just can’t help but feel like we need someone that the public at large will listen to and take notice.
    [Editor’s note: If other groups want to pay otherwise rich celebs to become their mouthpieces, then they’ll in effect have a business relationship, not an advocacy relationship. Instead, for NORML, the organization contacts and seeks to build partnerships and friendships with famous Americans who are stakeholders in cannabis law reform–not pay them to be celebrity mouthpieces. Does any one really like or respect paid celebrity endorsers?
    BTW, Michael Douglas, post his performance in Traffic, where as drug czar, his character declares ‘we should just legalize it’, has been asked to speak at every drug policy reform event. Also, in the mid 1990s, Michael Douglas, Richard Dreyfus and possibly Dennis Hopper, all participated in a drug policy seminar discussion about the pros and cons of drug policy reform (hosted and organized by author Michael Gray). In general, back then, all the celebrity panelists did not favor legalization, but all favored decriminalization and drug rehab over prison.]

  31. Here’s a little press release from the religious lobby.
    “MY EVIL BROTHER”…E.B. Mantis…once told me …”Go spread your faith, and see how you’re dumped on.” OK! here goes E.B. you evil doer…your wish is my command.
    First of all…the Faith is just that…”a faith”…
    that is found in every religion, no matter what religion that might be. Even the atheists and agnostics might agree with its intent. We “hot rock Genesists” believe in religion (creation), and science (evolution).
    THE FAITH…is based on Genesis I:11,12 where God creates it for us…Genesis I:29,30,31 where God gives it to us…Genesis IX:3 where God reaffirms the gift.
    THE FAITH…is based on the “green herb Manna” the food
    …as Holy Sacrament for CDXX Communion.
    THE FAITH…is based on “trust and belief” in God’s word.
    Have I lost anyone yet? Have I gained anyone yet?
    THE FAITH…is the “oldest faith in the world,” and was practiced in the Garden of Eden, where the first man and women dwelt in fellowship and communion with God who created them.
    Those who believe in a creator…all have the same creator, who has blessed us. How do you like that E.B?

  32. If a prohibitionists or person has never tried marijuana and want to keep it in prohibition when the prohibitionists / person never even tried it then that prohibitionists/person should not say nothing at all. They say marijuana makes a person violent . Well I tell you I have been around well over 1000 marijuana smokers and none were violent yet when I was also around 1000 of alcohol drinkers over 1/2 of them were violent. That is how I know for a fact that Walters is full of it. I Meet a person who was even in rehab for cocaine and he/she told me that they were in and out of rehab for over 20 years and that while in rehab people always used marijuana as an excuse being they didn’t want the rehab to know the trueth that their real reason for rehab was due to harder drugs such as perscibed meds as well as cocaine to name just a few. Also I know from facts that rehab places are run mostly with the support of ….guess who?……. You got it the prohibitionists……. How ironic is that… all this to keep marijuana illegal and to keep the govt. making money through their own dealers called pharmaceutical companies who push dangerous man made drugs that do 6 times more damage than Marijuana legaly . The next time you watch TV watch and see just what I mean you will see it in ads such as you would on TV . You will see what I mean when you see one like Viagra,Cymbalta,Trazidone, etc….. they keep marijuana illegal when it does less harm than any pill over the counter just about yet promote pills and alcohol that have more dangerous side effects than marijuana yet they say “Marijuana is more dangerous.” What a fucked up world we live in …. We need to do what we can to end prohibition of marijuana by all means . the only way to do this is simply keep on fighting and use our combined numbers of people who want to see prohibition of marijuana ended and vote for people who are on our side who will not be discouraged or pushed into keeping marijuana illegal …. Let’s make a difference if marijuana is not decriminalized at least if not legalized and taxed by next election then when election time comes lets do what we must to get people in who will work with us against the prohibition of marijuana….

  33. Like someone above said, Americans are truly addicted to TV. The ad campaign sounds like it will for sure work.
    and lol i guess fox news doesnt mind airing legalization commercials after a spiel on the cancerous qualities of cannabis.

  34. I have to admit I watch a lot of TV and I never once saw the commercial. I live in PA and have been to a few other states during this time the commercial ran.
    I have always been leary as to the integrity of how these things are measured. What’s to stop a TV station or network from not runnig it? Unless you have paid monitors in every market watching TV 24 -7 and a specified schedule of when each ad is supposed to run, I don’t see how it can be proven if it did or did not run. Obviously some people have seen the commercial, so it’s playing somewhere. Just not in my area, which (coincidentally?) sucks for getting weed.
    >I have always been leary as to the integrity of how these things are measured. What’s to >stop a TV station or network from not runnig it?
    [Editor’s note: Wow…so you think TV stations steal money and don’t run the ads? Oh brother…
    NORML, Coca Cola, Apple, Intel, and thousands of other businesses and social causes (ie, do NOT have their money stolen by TV networks….and ‘what stops them from not running purchased ads?’
    1) the companies would be readily sued in court for fraud, 2) the companies involved in such a grand fraud would no longer be trusted (and the value of the company and/or its stock would immediately plummet, 3) the govt agencies would reign down on them, from the FCC to the FTC to the DOJ to either remove their broadcast license or indict company management.
    Again, there was an NORML ad campaign, it appeared in all 50 states over a few day period in April; past commentators on NORML’s blogs (and MySpace/Facebook pages, and NORML’s YouTube channel) have acknowledged such; members of NORML’s staff saw the ad on 4/21 in the DC metro market (while watching MSNBC); hundreds of new members have joined NORML after viewing the ad on TV.
    If your paranoia was 1/1000th true, NORML would own a TV station at this point post a successful lawsuit after 39 years of public advocacy and media buys.
    NORML could only be so ‘lucky’ so as to have its advertising money stolen by a major, rich broadcast corporation, which it then sues in court for triple damages….]

  35. Idea advertise one yahoo as well most people have a yahoo account and should see the ad as well and it may also be cheaper than just advertising on TV even though TV we do have a vast amount of viewers but if that was combined with other means of advertising such as yahoo it may make an impact as well . Just a thought…. I know this being how do you think network marketers make money yet at the same time get vast amount of audiances to their site. I know that doing this in conjunction with TV advertising will strengthen our cause being my specialty is advertising online and I do see results from such through yahoo and other sites that allow advertising on.
    [Editor’s note: Some on NORML’s staff and board of directors favor an internet advertising campaign over a cable TV ad buy. If sufficient donations are received, NORML will launch another ad campaign ASAP.]

  36. You guys should try to get an ad to run during the halftime of the super bowl. Millions of people would see it. Good work anyways.
    [Editor’s note: One can debate the merits of raising and spending $3 million on a single TV ad broadcast during the Super Bowl, but two major impediments make seeing a pro-cannabis law reform TV during the Super Bowl highly unlikely:
    -The booze-sponsored NFL, and the Super Bowl-carrying network (who is getting the ad revenue) is not going to approve of a pro-cannabis TV ad airing during their ‘big event’**
    -No drug policy reform group has the budget to produce and purchase a $3 million Super Bowl ad. An ad buy that large is three times larger than NORML’s entire annual operating budget.
    **Budweiser had NORML’s vending table removed from a Willie Nelson concert in Texas a few years ago, despite Willie’s protestation, his major tour sponsor prevailed. Feeling bad about the whole affair, Willie personally sent NORML $25,000.]

  37. I didnt see the commrcials but my sister did. then i saw one online. Pretty good. I wish they were as common as mcdonalds or accident lawyer commercials. Too bad Bob Marley wasnt alive i bet he fund the hell outta you guys.
    [Editor’s note: MdDonalds and ambulance chasing lawyers are on TV constantly because they’re in the money making business. Non-profits have to get their ad money from stakeholder donations. The Marleys, like most Rastafarians, are largely apolitical and do not donate funding (or their time) to organized drug policy reform groups.]

  38. Has NORML ever been on or tried to be on The Daily Show or the Colbert Report before? Those guys get more viewer then other news show i suspect sometimes. Also im sure both of em pot freindly
    [Editor’s note: Yes. NORML was on the Daily Show in 2002. Again, if viewers of these shows really want to see NORML represented, contact these shows and request such. The producers and marketers of these shows care far more about audience opinion than being pitched by an advocacy group.
    However, even with an appearance on one of these comedy shows, it is not like the earth stops turning or anything; it is not like the webpages of the organizations featured on these shows sees large traffic spikes and most importantly, there is no flood of new supporters or donations.
    It is not like these shows don’t know about cannabis law reform efforts as NORML has been sending multiple parties at both shows NORML’s regular news/legislative alerts.
    Showing up on TV is fine, getting the 99.9% of cannabis consumers to support organizations who support them is far better, and to date, 5 minute appearances on comedy shows does not achieve much in the way of true advocacy or membership recruitment.]

  39. To the Editor:
    You are responding to a lot of posts here. And you are calling me paranoid? You put a lot of words in my mouth with your last reply to me. I said I was “LEARY”. And you turn me into someone suffering from reefer madness. And BTW you provided me no proof or description as to how these things are measured.
    I got news for you. I have worked in local television and radio as a host. Sometimes the engineer screws up and forgets to run a spot. Sometimes he gets called on it sometimes he doesn’t. Whats your story?
    [Editor’s note: Responding to inquiries (or delusions) is now a sign of paranoia?….OK. Maybe your engineer forgot to run an ad every so often, but NORML ran almost 8,000 ads…8,000 radio engineers did not forget to run the ad as already has been demonstrated by commentators to this very string indicating they saw the ad.]

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