Dictionaries for the Drug Czar

Remember this statement from our Drug Czar that “legalization” is not in the president’s vocabulary, nor in his own?
Numerous writers in the blogosphere (including me) said, “Somebody get Gil a dictionary!” So we decided here at NORML to launch the official “Dictionaries for the Drug Czar” Campaign.  Here’s how you can participate:

Dictionaries for the Drug Czar Campaign

  1. Go to your local discount store and buy a cheap pocket dictionary.
  2. Find legalization inside and mark it with a yellow highlighter and a Post-It® or paper-clip on that page
  3. Mail that dictionary to the Drug Czar at the address below.

Cheaper Option:

  1. Buy a postcard.
  2. On the postcard write: “Director Kerlikowske, here is a new word for your vocabulary: le·gal·i·za·tion (noun): the act of authorizing something previously illegal.”
  3. Mail that postcard to the Drug Czar at the address below.

Cheap and simple no-mail option:

  1. Click that graphic up above to donate online to NORML.
  2. Fill in the boldfaced fields.
  3. Click the “Comments (Add any group affiliation here)”.
  4. Enter “Dictionary for the Drug Czar” in that line.


Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
Executive Office of the President (EOP)
Attn: Director Gil Kerlikowske
Washington, DC 20503

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  1. Oh man this is exciting, Im sure total legalization is just a matter of days after he rec. and then tosses out all those postcards and dictionaries! The plan is FOOL PROOF!

  2. This is a nice bit of agitprop. I’m going to mail him a dictionary. Apropos, in the Netherlands, politicians sometimes get mailings of joints from grass roots groups, anonymously of course. Maybe the next agitprop should be to mail President Obama and Congress joints. In the US one should probably wear latex gloves and leave no fingerprints on anything and pay the postage in cash. Agents can detect fingerprints on paper using an iodine lamp process. Let’s hope such an agitprop action is not necessary. That would be a very embarrassing demonstration of the failure of cannabis prohibition if it ever hit the mainstream network news.
    Here are a couple of great web sites of a couple of great men who were amongst the very first cannabis coffeeshop pioneers in the Netherlands. They are my heros, and I’d like to see Fred Armison of Saturday Night Live play the one if a story is ever made. Those of you in the know will undoubtedly recognize both of these cannabis heros, as well as the high profile Americans shown or mentioned.
    The webshop is closed, but their fan has got some great growroom pictures and menu pictures on it, now that it’s 3rd party because someone not involved with the coffeeshop (a fan) has to run the site because prohibitionists bitched about coffeeshops not being allowed to give even the hint of advertizing, not even online. Prohibitionists pulled the same crap in Switzerland and got the government to force the hemp shops and cannabis shops in Switzerland to take down their websites because they too now are not allowed anything that even hints of advertising.
    This other site (below) has some YouTube videos in it in English. Some of the links take you to pages in Dutch.
    Maybe some of the joints in such an agitprop would get through to Obama or the Congress, and then they would finally pull those sticks out of their asses and legalize it! 🙂

  3. Avoidance of the issue is fare play, we have to change something to make opponents understand that we’re seriously going to be in their faces to the end of prohibition. Just as I said before, tit for tat doesn’t solve anyone’s problems. We’ve been stalled, now what would turn the war in our favor?

  4. I gotta admit dam good idea. I might do a spanish-english dictionary and highlight both so there is no confusion. Im gona tell everyone to i know to do it to.

  5. i wonder if they are hearing the peoples will about legalization.it seems they have programed responses.
    I wonder if they realize that this question will never end until the say “yes we can” legalize, “yes we can” stop punishing americans for choosing a less toxic way of relaxing.”yes we can”allow the american people to use ther free will to choose to consum what they prefer…YES WE CAN?

  6. I’m all for the legalization and all that but this seems childish. There are better ways to get our point across than these silly antics.

  7. everbody with access to a fax machine should start faxing the definition of legalization to the so called drug czar. I could set my fax program to send it 20,000,000 times. they would probably charge me with obstruction of justice or some shit.

  8. I wonder, what could they do if I did send a fax many, many, many, times? Could they legally do anything about it? Help me out NORML.
    [Editor’s note: Can you be arrested for sending multiple faxes to the White House. No. Will the staff at the White House think you’re insane for re-sending the same fax over-and-over? Yes, and rightly so. They will tune you out!]

  9. I’m considering writing a hand written letter to the drug czar and explaining to him the failures of marijuana prohibition- but something tells me he isn’t so naive ………………………..
    I think Obama is still stuck playing the political games with the old people that support prohibition and the government……..
    We really need our members of congress to start stepping up against our failed cannabis policies- besides the fact that is almost literally a benign drug as far as side effects go- and that’s not including it’s many positive uses.

  10. Great tactics NORML, outside-the-box strategies like this one are what we seriously need in order to fight the mean fight ahead of us. Keep up the incredible work you do and don’t ever give up the good fight.
    Always remember this: you have MILLIONS of citizens on your side, never forget that.

  11. Mike #13: it’s just as crazy as a large cardboard fake check made out to the U.S. Treasury being waved at passing cars and will be tuned out just like they were.
    Stop hiding behind your fax, phone, blogs and emails. Make an appointment to visit the offices of your elected officials face to face and vent your views to them. Otherwise wish in one hand and shist in the other and see which comes first.

  12. I am a proud 4/20 member of NORML since this year and would like to finally voice my opinion when it comes to marijuana reform. I am pissed of at the current movement. You cannot tell me that us pot smokers enjoy a lower popularity then homosexuals and African Americans (used to among whites), yet their voices where heard and ours are not. No, before I receive hate male, I am not comparing the movements in causes (for lets be honest, i can live in a country that keeps pot illegal, but direct human rights violations are another thing all together), but merely in success stories.
    Where are our allies? When Martin Luther King was at the height of his reform power, the Black Panthers, multiple unions, human rights activists, judges… all stood by his side. Where are we today? NORML Chapters in colleges and the main organization itself and VERY few other organizations who are directly advocating the legalization of drugs are among our only supporters besides a SMALL minority of politicians.
    Where is the American Farmers Union advocating for the American agriculture to stand as a major benefactor of this possibly emerging industry? Where are the unions who could be expecting larger memberships and a possible say in the creation of an entirely new industry? I can think of so many more… who is lobbying them and why are we not finally forming some sound coalitions? Its a win win people!
    This is the time for us to act. If Washington does not want to listen to us then let our voices grow too loud to be ignored. Let us grow in political power and only then return to this elitist town with some muscle! I would love to see the next 4/20 parade to include farmers and industry workers and rights activists other then the stereotypical “hippie” as we are all portrayed to be in the media.
    Just a thought,

  13. Don’t bother sending a dictionary, they won’t use it anyway. Remember, they don’t even read the bill’s they pass. Let’s get them a reading eye dog, so they don’t just pass any ole bill. Over seers need over seer’s to over see the over sight’s when allowed to over-see. THE POWER of THE PEOPLE, Will make a REAL CHANGE! Remember, The power not apportioned to the Federal Government, or to the States, IS THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE TO MAKE A CHANGE WHEN ALL AVENUES HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED. Have we come to this point YET? I hope not, I ask of you to open your mind and see with your heart, to make the true,just and right decision to realize, only we can make the CHANGE needed to FREE the population of this Country from the tyranny we live with every day and don’t even know or sometimes care that you are a SLAVE to the Corporate American legal system known as THE LAW. That they misled you to think of as the norm, for so long, it’s normal, to pay and pay or to be so afraid to say or do anything that might reflect upon you negatively, for ( I might lose every thing). Well let’s see what you really have. Do you think you own anything, with a title,or a registration, a deed or any instrument of commerce that requires you to pay a fee to file. Try again, all owned by you know whom, as we all are reduced to serf’s when the economy failed in 1933. Maybe this time we can regain our Country and BUY it back from whom ever our latest Government SOLD us to, so that GOVERNMENT will stay TO BIG TO FAIL. PEACE! AL…

  14. Just for those that might think I’m, Anti-Government, I’m not, I’m less Government, Just as the CONSTITUTION SAID, I should be, don’t forget all the other BILL’s that were meant to, LIMIT, the power of someone else, over someone else, this means you and me and everyone else, have a duty to, TRUE FREEDOM. That is what this country was founded on. No matter the times, Tyranny can and will, raise it’s ugly head. If nothing is said, or done, about it. Don’t be a sheeple, waiting for the slaughter, trying to escape when it’s to late. May GOD have mercy on OUR soul, for when the time comes, where will your allegiance lay, for or against, we will see.

  15. NORML i need your aid. There is a woman in my small town about three houses down in her late fifties and she has seveal ailments one of which is braces on her legs and diabetes. Anyway three days ago she was busted in my very pot-unfriendly town with bud. She says she spent the first night on the bare concrete and the subsequent days and without any of her meds or medical treatment. Also she has other ailments that required attention. What can she do? She wants to sue but is like most of us poor. Are there lawyers that wood help pro bono? ( also our public defenders are crap ) P.S. in other posts of mine i have been both supportive and critical of the NORML org. I beseech you forgive me of my criticisms and help me help this lady. Also there is no way she is lying. Tho i hav known other ppl in this town get busted and not teated this bad.
    [Editor’s note: Like hundreds of other citizens who contact NORML weekly after becoming part of the 872,000 annual cannabis arrests, this medical cannabis patient can contact NORML toll free @ 888-67-NORML (ask to speak to NORML’s legal counsel). NORML (ACLU, DPA, MPP, etc…) rarely represent individuals arrested for cannabis at the trial court level (non-profits tend to only be able to represent folks at the appellate level, if the case has significant legal value). Will a lawyer represent her pro bono? Who knows? That is up to each lawyer to decide for themselves (most lawyers try to put aside about 5% of their practice for pro bono and indigent defense work).
    She can contact NORML’s national office and hopefully one of the 575 lawyers associated with NORML can provide assistance to her.]

  16. to the editor’s
    what u mean by tune you out?
    [Editor’s note: Not pay any attention. To disregard. To avoid.]

  17. The dictionaries are fine, but they need brain transplants and re-education for the real world, instead of thinking and living in a fantasyland mentality or maybe Orwellian.

  18. PLEASE tell me NORML isn’t actually spending donations to send highlighted dictionarys to the Drug Czar… I am as infuriated by the lack of receptiveness as anyone, but a stunt like that strikes me as cute, but expensive and pointless. Just my $.02.
    [Editor’s note: Indeed, money will be spent on sending these highlighted dictionaries. Why? Because NORML asked its supporters that if they saw merit in the public relations/earned media opportunity that THEY fund it…and as of this morning about 10 dictionaries have been purchased (with notes in their comment section indicating their enthusiasm for the opportunity to spend THEIR funding on the project). You don’t want to send a dictionary, don’t send a donation. Different strokes for different folks.]

  19. Please include the word “Regulation” in this campaign you got going here.
    Regulation is a word that transcends political lines, who isn’t in support of regulation? What responsible Republican would shoot down the opportunity to take America’s #1 safer alternative recreation out of every high school in America and into responsible business for responsible adults? You expect a dealer to be carding your kids? Why not allow us to take this money out of the hands of the black market and into the hands of the American economy.
    Hell, I’m not saying this for myself. Being 17 years old, alcohol is very hard to obtain for me. Takes a lot of driving and a few phone calls, not that I’m regular drinker but I know what it takes. If cannabis was legalized I’d have to wait 4 years to be able to easily get my hands on it like I can now if I wanted

  20. This tactic may work how ever if we have enough petitions sent to the white house with voters who signed it and basically saying that when election time comes around that we will simply not elect any on who is against legalizing marijuana. With our vast numbers the govt. will have to listen to us if they want to keep in govt. for a vast amount of signatures along with the steady fighting we are doing will make or should make an impact . But I may be wrong on that how ever I do know if we stop and do nothing then nothing more will be gained and the govt. will in a sort of say sweep us and our cause under the rug . They think we will stop our fight if they do nothing so lets make them do something ….. Lets keep fighting and show them we are not a bug that they can squash and hide in under the rug… Lets show them that even though the govt. may be a shark in the water that we are parannas and will fight to the end…. Lets make the decision to keep the pressure up while we fight as patriots and show them that they can not win this fight against us and fellow Americans who are on our side…. Let us WIN by keep doing all we can for our rights and freedom of not just ours but that of our kids and their kids and so on…. Together we shall prevail … In short lets show them we vast in numbers and want our rights restored for we are The People of the US in accordance to the constitution and that it is not we the govt. …..

  21. Not going to do any damage other than annoy them and I think its a waste of donation money. You should be saving the donation money for more advertizements about how it isnt as dangerous as alcohol/tobacco because clearly people still dont know that.
    And if you guys do send them, you sould put marijuana next to legalization, not all drugs.
    [Editors’ note: NORML is a pro-cannabis reform organization only…]

  22. I think we know what they mean. I’m not taking it literally that they don’t have the word legalize in their vocab. Why would the govt., that’s not the people, ever admit that they were completely wrong about any situation? Have we ever known the govt., that’s not the people, to admit they were misleading or had anything to do with falsifying truths to the American public that is to be governed of the people by the people and for the people? They just find someone to blame it on, scapegoat(s). What is so wrong with the truth? What is so wrong with allowing people to make a choice based on what they they find to be acceptable not just by their belief(s) but by the overall consensus and unbiased, truthful information? I mean if it can really hurt or kill then we need to know but if it can’t then we need to know that as well. I know what some would say. “What about cheeseburgers, coffee, scissors, etc.? They can cause fatal outcomes.” To those of you that say this, you know what I mean! I’m talking specifically about MJ. I would rather they admit it and we can move on instead of coming up with new ways to deter our spirits because all it’s doing is proving that the whole transparency and basing conclusions on science was just one big campaigning ploy to lure voters to vote for change that we can believe in. It doesn’t matter how many times we say it. They will never admit that they were wrong. So called intelligent folks don’t like it when so called stupid folks tell them they were wrong, about anything! While we keep footing the bill for everything. What a great country we live in today when we see such a historic election take place and it is overshadowed by more control and hypocrisy. They want us to all be marching robots. Sorry, I don’t care about the mind games and mental warfare. All I see is more money being spent when we have none and a serious loophole in the taxation without representation. Wouldn’t that explain the Tea parties? Now the FED Reserve wants more power. Oh, so when your a so called “PRIVATE” Institution, that just so happens to print our money, and you tell the people (govt.) they can’t see your books that’s not enough power for you? I’m not hating on the rich cause a lot of those families got there with hard work, dedication and unwavering pursuit to achieve goals. Also, some can be really cool people genuinely. You take away everything from my people, my friends, my family and me and you expect me to sit back and act like nothing is wrong? Then I get labeled an extremist. Why? I guess everyone has to have a label placed on them. You stand up for something they don’t believe in and your a threat. No one should be afraid to say what they hold to be self evident. All men/women are created as equals. Oh, I get it. We are created equally in terms of the mold, of a certain prominent figure from the past, but in terms of what we decide to do after we are created can place us on opposing specs. Sometimes I feel like venting, sorry. “Some will choose to step with you or over you but if your not careful they will step on you.”

  23. The sheer brilliance is in the simplicity of this idea. I laughed so hard when I read this, I almost volcanoed my bowl. Me and my wife are sending ours out tomorrow.
    And hell, at least this way, were not being rude, were just being informative and educational. Maybe we can get on Fox News!!! (hehehehe) Remember the “tea parties”? Im sure more would join in on this dictionary idea…you dont have to do anything, and you can remain anonymous, so thats perfect for you closet smokers out there…
    (Kinda messes with the opponents “potheads have no motivation” argument, though…)

  24. Oh and by the way….just in case they dont know…
    These are the synonyms for Legalization from thesaurus.reference.com
    admittance, allowance, charter, concession, consent, favor, franchise, go-ahead*, grant, green light*, indulgence, leave, liberty, license, pass, passport, patent, permission, privilege, sanction, warrant, empowering, legalization, safe-conduct, sufferance, toleration, visa
    Feel free to highlight those bad boys too if you get around to it.

  25. Anti-legalization Policy
    By law, the drug czar must oppose any attempt to legalize the use (in any form) of illicit drugs.[5]. According to the “Office of National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act of 1998″[6] the director of the ONDCP
    (12) shall ensure that no Federal funds appropriated to the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812) and take such actions as necessary to oppose any attempt to legalize the use of a substance (in any form) that– 1. is listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812); and 2. has not been approved for use for medical purposes by the Food and Drug Administration;
    You guys are taking it to the Drug Czar way too early.

  26. this is NOT good to the cause.
    and futher, I think this clip can hurt the cause. (that we all are going for.) which im SURPRISED that norml would put this out there. I say write to norml.
    Our words need to be specific. Most legislation goes unread, and surely the newly appointed “czar” from seattle washington isnt going to advocate The Drug Czar is required by law to lie
    For observers trying to ascertain what this nomination will mean for the nation’s controversial “war on drugs,” Kerlikowske–like many Obama appointees–eludes simple ideological classification. Although he opposed a city ballot initiative to make marijuana possession the lowest law-enforcement priority, some pro-medical marijuana advocates in Seattle have been quoted in support of Kerlikowske’s nomination. Many treatment and recovery advocates were hoping for a drug czar with a clinical, rather than the more traditional law enforcement, background, but on the other hand Washington State is well known for its innovative treatment system, and so it’s possible that Kerlikowske will come into his new role with some new ideas to develop the American treatment system.
    Seattle Police Chief to Be Named New Drug Czar | Blog | Addiction Professional
    I got hes in for a fight, but Ill be damned if this fucking video helps.
    That question was ridiculous, was it taken out of context? Three times I heard, legalization of DRUGS.


  28. All very good but until we end the control of our country by big corporations they will not listen to us..

  29. I think it stinks that we have to adhere to the wishes of any elected official after all those promises they make before they’re elected.
    I guess I should be thankful that we have a few States with approved Cannabis Programs.
    What a pain in the ass to live in a State like Tennessee who’s dead locked in MJ prohibition. We, medical MJ patients, risk everything in our lives if we don’t move geographically to a State in the Union with MJ programs.
    I can’t wait to vote these old son’s of bitches out of office!

  30. ATTITUDE CHECK: You can monitor how excited blog readers are here by the amount of comments. This report appears to have depressed a great many readers this week.
    [Editor’s note: This blog post is getting plenty of replies, more positive than not. And, again, some readers of the blog are sending their donations in for the p.r. effort directed at the ONDCP. So while others may not like the idea, others do, and they communicate their approval with their donations.]

  31. Lets keep it going. I think as long as we keep getting all up in their face about this is the only way to get some action.

  32. People it is not “Legalization”. It is “RE-LEGALIZATION”. It was legal, then made illegal, so it is not necessary for legalization to be in their vocabulary. Re-legalization is actualy the word. Considering that the word is a bit more complex I’m not surprised these idiots are vocabularily challenged. Is vocabularily a word? Who cares, you get my point.

  33. “Man oh Man” Russ, you sure stirred up some emotions. Your concept has merit, however; it must have been a high decision to post this dribble. While in complete agreement with the concept, it is more in line with junior high school retaliation for being punished. We all understand what they mean by “the word is not in my vocabulary”. This is not in the literal since of the word. It is his way of keeping the political lid in place. Think about it; are we really to believe that the leaders of the most powerful nation on the planet, are going to put MJ reform or (entertain the idea) above the other major issues we have as a nation, like WAR and Peace. These buffoons are not likely to take any steps towards re-legalization, the same as the prior buffoons failed us. Don’t give in and never give up never know it may open a few eyes, but I am sure the end results will be the same. “Hush hush; what was that”?
    “Oh it was nothing, just a pin hitting the ground”.
    But after all of my own dribble I will partake in the venture, went out for lunch, and had a nice salad bowl, (northern lights + haze) (kind of like captain crunch, w/o the milk). Stopped by the local store and picked up copy and will be mailing out today.
    Keep up the good fight ya’ll

  34. A vote, as you believe, may make a change. Let’s try it and see, we have been waiting this long. Oh, that’s right there has been voting on this issue, and this is as far as they will allow US to go, without further retaliation on their part. When they come for my neighbor, how long before they come for ME? Let your neighbor just say, I believe they may be doing something inappropriate, and your door will be knocked down, in the name of protecting you from you. IT”S MY LIVE AND IF I WANT TO TAKE IT AND DO WITH IT AS I WILL, WHOM ARE YOU TO TELL ME, I CAN NOT!!!! I DID NOT KNOWINGLY GIVE UP MY RIGHTS, I WAS MISLED BY YOUR so- called government, state or federal. I HERE-BY NOW, CLAIM MY LIFE, IT IS MY OWN,I AM IN POSSESSION, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT OF CLAIM, IF YOU WISH TO TRY TO TAKE CLAIM OF SAID LIFE, HERE IT IS, COME GET SOME. FOR I WILL DEFEND MY LIFE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! I’M SURE YOU HAVE HEARD THIS BEFORE, AS IT IS SAID IN WRITING, LET IT BE DONE. If we stick together even 40 million people can’t be intimidated into servitude by the few. PEACE!!! AL…

  35. A vote, as you believe, may make a change. Let’s try it and see, we have been waiting this long. Oh, that’s right there has been voting on this issue, and this is as far as they will allow US to go, without further retaliation on their part. When they come for my neighbor, how long before they come for ME? Let your neighbor just say, I believe they may be doing something inappropriate, and your door will be knocked down, in the name of protecting you from you. IT”S MY LIFE AND IF I WANT TO TAKE IT AND DO WITH IT AS I WILL, WHOM ARE YOU TO TELL ME, I CAN NOT!!!! I DID NOT KNOWINGLY GIVE UP MY RIGHTS, I WAS MISLED BY YOUR so- called government, state or federal. I HERE-BY NOW, CLAIM MY LIFE, IT IS MY OWN, I AM IN POSSESSION, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT OF CLAIM, IF YOU WISH TO TRY TO TAKE CLAIM OF SAID LIFE, HERE IT IS, COME GET SOME. FOR I WILL DEFEND MY LIFE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! I’M SURE YOU HAVE HEARD THIS BEFORE, AS IT IS SAID IN WRITING, LET IT BE DONE. If we stick together even 40 million people can’t be intimidated into servitude by the few. PEACE!!! AL…

  36. Thank you NORML i have passed on the info. She had no idea you guys exsisted let alone a number to call for aid. She is not however a med marijuana patient. Shes just an older lady who tokes. Because its jus straight up illegal here we think shes screwed. Like she said how can prove they treated me this way? She cant. Its sad i moved my kids to this small town to get away frm crime and better schools. Yet ive found the hard way there is a gang here worse than all others. The dam cops. No other gang is gov backed. Basically what im tryin to say is thanks. I just got a fat sack of some of the strongest shit ive tasted in my 30 years. If i were at the NORML buildings office i would pass all you guys a FAT bud.

  37. Saturday, is the 4th of July, let’s go to washinton and see what’s going on there, that we may come together and stand as one, to be heard, if not felt in presence, so that the powers that be will be afraid for a change, we can do it, together. FREEDOM isn’t FREE, You must be willing to give your life for the life of YOUR CHILDREN to prosper, (without being a piece of property), as all parent’s have done for their children for as long as time recorded and before. GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE whom are afraid, yet still manage to endure the tyranny,my they rise up, and say, NO MORE WILL I BEND TO THE WILL OF THE OPPRESSORS, for if I do not comply, what power do they really have over me, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!! For I would not wish to live if I was not TRULY FREE or FREEDOM UNATTAINABLE.

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