The Importance of Permitting Consumers the Right to Cultivate Marijuana for Personal Use

For nearly 40 years, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for the tens of millions of Americans who enjoy cannabis responsibly. NORML is and has always been the ‘marijuana’ consumers’ lobby.

In the short run, NORML favors the elimination of all criminal and/or civil penalties prohibiting the possession of cannabis for personal use, regardless of whether one is using it for medical purposes or for personal pleasure. Further, NORML opposes sanctions that presently prohibit the not-for-profit transfer of small amounts of cannabis between adults. This policy, called “decriminalization”, was the recommendation of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse in their groundbreaking 1972 report, Marijuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding. Versions of cannabis decriminalization have now been adopted in 13 states.
Cannabis consumers are ordinary Americans who work hard, raise families, pay taxes and contribute in a positive way to their communities. We are not criminals. Just as millions of Americans enjoy a beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day, we enjoy sharing a joint (or, for that matter, a vapor bag) when we relax in the evening. Of the nearly 900,000 marijuana arrests in America each year, about 90% are for possession of small amounts for personal use. Continuing with this Draconian policy makes no sense. That is why three out of four Americans now support decriminalizing the personal possession and use of cannabis.

NORML’s ultimate political goal is the establishment of a legally regulated market where consumers can obtain their cannabis in a safe and secure environment. This policy is generally called “legalization”. As our country discovered when we experimented with alcohol prohibition, it is only by providing a legally regulated market that we can significantly reduce the crime, corruption and violence associated with a criminal black market.

NORML supports the imposition of state and/or federal age and quality controls governing the commercial production, sale, and use of cannabis to assure public safety and to advise the consumer of the strength of the variety of cannabis being purchased.
And, importantly, we support the imposition of a reasonable tax on commercial cannabis sales that could raise substantial revenue for the various states, to be used for drug education and other programs to encourage responsible use and to discourage abuse. But as we work toward these goals, it is crucial that we underscore the importance of permitting consumers the option to grow their own cannabis.
Alcohol consumers possess the legal right to create their own home brew, free from government interference. Although the vast majority of alcohol drinkers never utilizes this freedom, and prefers the convenience of purchasing alcohol at a retail outlet, that option remains available to those who wish to use it. We believe that similar regulations should govern the non-retail production of cannabis.
The cultivation of cannabis for personal use is the single most important element of the NORML legalization proposal. Allowing for the legal, personal cultivation of cannabis provides consumers with the option to grow their own product should commercially available sources offer cannabis that fails to meet the consumers’ needs because it is excessively expensive, too heavily taxed, or of inferior quality. The mere threat of consumers exercising this option should be sufficient to assure that the legal market for cannabis will be responsive to the needs of consumers, and will not be exploitive.
So when any organization or any state or federal legislator proposes legalizing cannabis, either for medical use or for personal pleasure, but forbids the consumer from growing their own cannabis, those of us who lobby on this issue must insist on amendments to permit personal cultivation.
Otherwise we, cannabis law reformers, trade away our only leverage to keep the big corporations and the government honest and responsive to cannabis consumers.

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  1. Awsome story i think that should be allowed to cultivate yourown for personal use.I got seeds n waiting for that day to come.Sorry Normal for no donations yet this broke down economy isnt helping none of us

  2. funny how so many politicians are raging alcoholics and chain smokers yet they don’t feel the need to change this. well we are not going away…so game on!

  3. This is a well-thought-out plan in my opinion. I never considered the need to include a “personal cultivation” clause before, and am glad to have had my eyes opened. As with others, being unemployed, I haven’t been able to make any donations either, but will do so once I am enrolled in school again and get some money coming in. Thanks for carrying the torch for all of us “little guys” for all these years. I just turned 50 years old and actually thought this would have been done by now. Well, no time like the present!
    John in Kentucky

  4. 40 years seriously. Wow. As i said before ive been both supportive and critical of NORML. But you guys have done more for law reform then ill have done in my whole measly life. When i have nay-sayed before it wasnt you guys it was my own lack of patience. I know with all my heart that pot is not just not bad its beautiful. I just get so freakin angry about how politicians and prohibition is in general. How slow things move in the real world. But ill have more faith from now on. We are NOT criminals. Im a father and husband. Seriously though thanks you guys alot.

  5. P.S When i do get some money i want one of those hoodies that Say Its Normal To Smoke Pot n i’ll wear it proud N E where

  6. I am a proud cannabis user, and the day anyone tries to come and take me from my house I’ll be waiting with my SKS and 200+ rounds. I feel like marching to the white house with hundreds of thousands of people and having a synchronized “light up” to make a stand. Why should we let other human beings tell us what we can and cannot do in the privacy of our own homes and the discretion we take into the public sphere? I should be able to walk down any public street and smoke a bowl or light a joint as long as I mind my own business and do not offer it to anyone, besides, beer and cigs already cost a fortune, like I’m going to just throw buds at total strangers…..
    The president and the government say they’re for the people and by the people but it is false. They do not listen to us, and force their OPINIONS upon our own private lives….Do you think Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, or Lincoln would allow them to be subjected like we are in the modern day? But what can you really do against a force that can wipe you, your family, and your property from the face of this earth? The government does what it wants, it only places a facade in front of it’s ulterior motives to distract us and keep us deaf, dumb, and blind.
    Look at all the death going, look at all the pain and suffering which is a daily aspect of life on this planet. Disease, rape, murder, theft, war…and the government is going to make it a personal vendetta to stomp out marijuana users. “To the United States government, where are your fucking priorities?”
    Everyday a child is kidnapped here, everyday an innocent life is taking by a demon. And what is the so called “protector” of our free society doing? Spending all of our money to arrest and prosecute marijuana defenders rather than going after the horrible demons which infest our world. What kind of government is that?
    I always hear the old adage, well “what about the children”? Well….what about them? Why should I worry about your kids? What right do you have to make me worry about your fucking children? Do your children worry about me? “They’re the future” No, they’re not, the future is here, this day, this moment, not 30 years down the road which we cannot see. The future is here and now. And for God’s sake….get over your children, they don’t run the world. Stop being a doormat for them…..
    A lot of people won’t agree with me, but then again what kind of world are we living in when everyone is always agreeing with everyone else. What I do think we can all agree on, is that legalization is the only way to save our country, our planet, and our lives. Obama is spending too much money without a plan to get it back. We’ve heard the statistic and the rhetoric, now is the time to make a smart decision. Legalize marijuana to end the suffering and spread peace. Stop being douche bags and start acting already….
    (>^_^)><//////W~~~~~~~ Excuse me while I lift my spliff!

  7. I saw an interview with a man who is proposing decriminalization legislation in Canada, although his name escapes me, and I was remarking to friends about his inclusion of a clause that would allow people to grow up to two plants for personal use. He said it is smart for politicians to want to allow people to grow for personal use because then it cuts the ties between those that are in it for personal or medical use, and those who are only there to reap criminal benefits. Of course, NORML follows up the next day with this well written article that goes right along with my thoughts. I concur.

  8. This is a great articles,but I have one question. As stated in the article” 3 out of 4 americans now support decrim”. If true why is it still illegal? Isnt 3 out of 4 the majority? Are we just being ingnored as they ignore us on other bills we dont want? Have WE the government been hyjacked? This doesnt make sense.

  9. There is no transparency from our leaders to us,but we have to be prefectly clear to them? This also makes no sense.

  10. How about an annual personal use grow permit at a reasonable price? Government can’t seem to keep its nose out of people’s personal lives, or its money grubbing hands out of people’s pockets, so this might work. Is God-given freedom and liberty as acknowledged in the Constitution of the United States too much to hope for? Having been around the world a few times, both hemispheres, I’m amazed how freedom and liberty in this country have been degraded to a point where life in this police state is much like that in several third-world/developing countries. The only thing that sets us apart is the Constitution. But when it is largely ignored, what is the point of having one?

  11. Blog posts about how stupid prohibition are well and good, but I come here for NEWS! How about mentioning that the Barr Amendment was stricken from the 2010 DC budget???

  12. Excellent… very well spoken, sir.
    Yes, the right to plant your own seed is just as fundamental as the right to possess and use.
    Decriminalization / Legalization without the right to self-sufficiency will just lead us to more enslavery by big Pharmacy / Medicine and their million dollar a day congressional lobbying juggernaut.
    Thank You NORML !

  13. I’ve been a smoker for a long time. We must be grateful for the internet, and the presence of NORML. It is no easy task gathering the many of us who enjoy cannabis. . .responsibly. The numbers are looking up everyday, but we have to keep at it. Unfortunately, money seems to be everyone’s issue these days, but that’s what we get with the concentration of wealth. I’ll add my name to the millions of us who are smart, responsible individuals who consider it our right to use cannabis. We’re not going away, and we will not back down. A recent video pointed out that alcohol prohibition ended with the depression. Perhaps our elected officials will get it through their heads to legalize a plant that has killed no one before we bankrupt ourselves. I’ll leave you with this quote. . . ‘When the government fears the people it is a democracy….when the people fear their government it is tyranny…’ — Thomas Jefferson
    Peace to my brothers and sisters, our fight has been long and is not over.

  14. Thanks for bringing this important topic to the forfront. It is imperative that when legalization happens we are free on an individual basis to utilize all aspects of this plant. It is the key to our personal freedom and the tool with which we will end our corporate bondage.
    Cannabis freedom means personal freedom and we will never compromise on that.

  15. After reading this again, there is no reason you cannot join forces with MPP and change the conversation forever.
    Meet in the middle, respect the differences, and use the combined power to make change happen.

  16. Patience is a virtue, and our time will come. Whether sooner or later nonetheless we will prevail. I have a dream, and that is to be free amongst my friends and be able to enjoy the pleasure of marijuana, the ability to purchase, to share, to GROW and need not worry about FED’s busting through my doors to take me to prison for enjoying myself responsibly and causing no harm to myself or others. This has gone on much too long but we all need to stay together on this, need to keep fighting, keep supporting. our time will come.

  17. Agreed. Good story. I hope decriminalization/legalization takes place in your country in the near future. Maybe then other western countries like Finland would open their eyes and atleast start to debate the question of legalization/decriminalization in a serious level.
    Smoker from Finland.

  18. Having been a member of NORML since 1978 I’m never surprised by the well thought out proposals that the great people at NORML suggest to our elected officials. Again you guys are right on the money. I think there is more closet cannibus than anyone realizes because growers are very careful who they let know what they are doing. Having grown up in Nebraska I would tell you there are some very seriuos growers that are using the education they received at the University of Nebraska school of Agriculture to produce some of the finest cannibus I have seen. If it were ever made legal these fine farmers would produce crops that would blow your mind. The hemp that could be produced could be extremely beneficial in so many ways it is hard to count. Thanks to all of the brillant minds at NORML. Keep up the fight! The truth will eventually win out.

  19. This is precisely the reason why I was so disappointed by the proposed medical bill in New Jersey. The version of the bill in the assembly removes the clause allowing patients to grow their own medicine! Please help out and ask the New Jersey Assembly to allow patients and caregivers to grow cannabis legally.

  20. Karyn (#2): That’s right! GAME ON! We will NEVER quit til the day we see legalization! NEVER!

  21. YES. I’ve smoked for ten years off and on now and I would gladly and happily pay a yearly growers permit for personal use. Even if it were a thousand dollars a year for nothing more than a permit, issued by the city I reside in, to hang on the wall that would allow me to grow my own. If i ever sell it arrest me. If I ever provide it to minors, arrest me. If it doesn’t leave my property, let me live in peace. Is that so unreasonable? As Americans we should demand it. Everybody reading this JOIN, SUPPORT, and DONATE to NORML now!!

  22. A very well thought out article. I agree. We need this as Marijuana Prohibition fails and this is very logical. Hats off to you!!! I one day want to enjoy Thai weed mass grown and quality controlled. But there is a certain magic to growing weed . It brings us back to the garden of Eden in a way. There also must be written that Consumers will be able to buy seed stock of any Variety that they want. I love the taste and the effect that thai weed has on me. It is very hard to find. That is why people grow strains that help them but may not be commercially available do to long flowering times and such.

  23. I wish we could convince Mr. Obama to listen to Mrs. Obama regarding growing your own.
    This is from an article in the NY Times about the Obama’s White House garden:
    “There’s nothing really cooler,” Mrs. Obama said, “than coming to the White House and harvesting some of the vegetables and being in the kitchen with Cris and Sam and Bill, and cutting and cooking and actually experiencing the joys of your work.”
    I would like to legally experience the “joys of my work” coming out of my garden! I think we all need a garden… a VICTORY GARDEN in the war on weed.

  24. The biggest issue keeping the bubble from busting wide open in my opinion is the “in the closet” effect.
    I have no criminal record, have been employed continually for 25 years, married for 20 years, father of a son in college. I have had as many as 30 direct reports in my job, coached youth sports, involved in Boy Scouts (I achieved Life rank). Yet I am in fear to even express my thoughts and beliefs about the complete injustice and tyranny of the drug laws.
    You see I like to partake… usually daily (I grow my own). I grow my own to save myself from the complete experience of waiting on the call…. transporting….restocking….(what quality…where is my money going…etc) Because I have dirty urine… potentially anything that happens physically to me at work could cost me everything.
    I never understood the big deal for the gay movement and this “closet: thing….why was there so much venom?
    Its just the same in our movement.
    People like me are going to have to get so fed up with the situation that we are willing to risk all just to say ” I am a responsible tax paying…almost 100% law abiding citizen and I grow my own, sell to no one, and am sick of feeling like I am a criminal that needs to be scared and just stay low and keep my mouth shut… Pot is a plant not a crime”
    I feel ashamed I don’t put a banner in my front yard…
    Thanks NORML and members that are fighting for me. I may have to become abstinent so I can be a warrior… I am sick of feeling like this

  25. I smoke illegaly and feel like a criminal when I’m actually a good guy.I Work hard to pay my bills and I’m in college attending full time. Thank you for your efforts NORML!

  26. R.O.E #10 and Stillinthecloset #26:
    Just because something is in the majority, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily right; however, in this case (legalizing MJ), we are right.
    The “in the closet” mentality is part of the reason why MJ is still illegal, despite scientific evidence, logic, practicality, and plain humanity. People are afraid of social stigma or losing life and property to an unjust system. If you really believe in this cause, clean house and advocate, so they have nothing on you. Keep in mind that if you’ve been using and wonder why others can’t be as safe, mistakes and accidents happen, and yes, they can happen to you. No one should be persecuted for responsible MJ use.
    And that is another reason why so many people may support personal use decrim, but legal change is slow in coming: many people dont’ see the effect on their lives. They may not use, or if they do, have yet to be screwed by the laws. Or may not vote. Or if they do, aren’t willing to make this issue the main one concerning their vote. The list goes on.
    Anyway, donate to the cause if you can. Even better, I say buy a shirt–that will get people thinking and help to keep it in public consciousness. It will help “in the closet” tokers and average citizens to feel, umm, “norml” about this issue, especially if more people are seen with such apparel. Vote, and be willing to make this issue the only issue worth voting for, and let your representatives know. They need to know where Americans stand, because a lot of them really don’t know; or if they do know, at least they’ll realize why they’ve lost votes, and hopefully their office.

  27. “How about an annual personal use grow permit at a reasonable price? Government can’t seem to keep its nose out of people’s personal lives, or its money grubbing hands out of people’s pockets, so this might work.”
    So they can’t keep there hands out of it, so you are just going to invite them in?!
    Forget that, I want ALL the legal rights that alcohol consumers have or it’s a no deal. If ONE SINGLE THING is out of line, then again, NO DEAL. If I want to grow the most dank bud in my home, then I should be able to without needing a permit, license, being taxed, etc. I’ve brewed beer before, no one made me obtain a license, etc, so why the hell would should I have to for pot? And better yet, why would I agree to such insane terms?
    All or nothing, period.

  28. I’ll be more than happy to pay taxes on marijuana if it will allow me to buy it legal at the local store. Trying to demand growing your own on ANY BILL at this point is just plain stupid. It will not happen, and will kill any bill with any chance of decriminalizing at all. First let it become decriminalized, then push other issues such as your growing your own with no taxes fantasy. FANTASY being the key word. Understand that the government and states are not going to allow an item to become legal without being able to tax it, regulate it, and profit from it. Those who think they can get around the taxes issue are the very ones who keep marijuana illegal. As soon as talk about growing your own marijuana and paying no taxes on it comes up, everyone will fold their hands, cause it does not make sence to make it legal if the states can’t profit from it. No NORML, You can not compare marijuana to alcohol in cost to produce comparision,well you can, but you would lose that one hands down. I’m a diehard marijuana legalizer all the way, and I support NORML’s efforts at heart, but I also stand up for the FACTS, even if it hurts my position. Facts are, making your own home BREWS is quite costly when compared to store bought brew. The reason people don’t brew their own alcohol is because it’s not really that easy, nor is it that cheap to brew your own Brews. It’s not like you can just put a tablet in a gallon jug and make a gallon of beer or a gallon of wine. It takes more effort and costs more to brew your own beer or wine than it is worth. This and this reason alone is why most people don’t brew their own brew. Alcohol is a mess to make and process at small levels, and is cheap enough at the store as to not make one want to go throuh the process of making their own. To make your own beer or wine, you will pay more in grapes at $2.49 a pound, sugar at $5.00 per 10 pounds, and hops, and barly, and yeast, and so on, and so on, and so on. Who in the hell would pay that kind of money and go thru that much trouble to make their own alcohol??? Not many! That’s why people don’t make their own brew. It just don’t make sense too. People buy Cigarettes,Beer,Wine,and Liqour cause it would cost more in time and money than it would cost to just buy it already made. These costs are due to the processing factors and the price of the products needed at small levels. If I could grow my own Cigarettes as simple as planting a seed, I sure the heck wouldn’t be paying near $5.00 a pack including taxes for them. If I could produce wine and beer cheaper than commercial scale when adding time and costs, I would do that myself as well. The FACT is,not You, nor Me, nor Anyone else, can produce cigarettes or beer or wine or liquor/alcohol on a scale of just for one person, cheaper than just going to the store and buying it from the mass producers. Time+Labor+Materials=LOSS Not to mention that the cooking equipment and filter systems and storage areas to make good tasting quality brews is out of the ordinary mans price range. 6lbs of grapes 10lbs of sugar and your already at $25.00 for a gallon of wine, not to mention the mess and time to make it. I sure ain’t going out and paying $25.00 for a gallon of homemade wine that tastes like crap, when I can get a cheap bottle of wine for $2.99 already made sitting at the store, and I’m not gonna spend $25.00 to make a couple gallons of beer that tastes like crud, when I can go to the store and get a whole case of cold brewed filtered beer already canned for around $12.00 to $15.00 YES, one could brew their own brew, but it would not pay too, it would cost you ,in taste ,in cost,in time, and you would have to fall into the completely stupid catagory for doing so outside of doing it for fun of just doing it like a hobby. I would guess that it is fairly safe to say that less than 1% of people brew their own beer and wine. Most who try it end up with a product that tastes like over priced puke water. I personally know of no one who does it because it costs more than it’s worth. Now back to marijuana. If you try to make grow your own TAX FREE MARIJUANA a BILL ISSUE it will be like shooting every Marijuana smoker in America in the foot. Any bill that has grow your own in it will fail and fail repeatedly and badly. NORML above anyone should know this to be true. Everyone needs to stop this talk of demanding to grow your own included in ANY BILL, until it becomes decriminalized at state levels across the country. It’s like trying to put the cart before the Horse. It would never go nowhere!Marijuana does not fall in the hard to process area at all. This is where it is so different than alcohol and tobacco. It is the main (#1) reason why it has not become legal. It is just too easy to grow your own. This is the very reason it has been illegal for so long. The government and states know, just as you and I know, that it can be grown so easy in fact, that hardly anyone would not grow their own if allowed to do so. Where’s all the BILLIONS of DOLLARS in TAXES coming from if everyone grows their own???!!! There is no process that has to be gone thru , there is no formula that needs to be followed, and there is hardly no cost whatsoever to produce marijuana. All you really need is a seed, and they are FREE also if you grow your own. In a nut shell, the cost to grow your own marijuana is, 0.00 zero dollars and zero cents. Marijuana would cost NOTHING, ZERO, ZILTH, NADA, GOOSE EGGS, ECT,ECT!!! Marijuana would cost absolutely NOTHING to produce. $0.00 Why would anyone go to the store to buy Marijuana and pay taxes? They can grow it for FREE!!! Everyone who smokes marijuana in America would have Marijuana growing in their front yards with very little effort and hardly no cost at all. Sunshine is free, water is free if it rains,if not, a squirt from the hose a couple times a week don’t really cost anything. Comparing Marijuana to Alcohol NORML is not even a fair or well thought out statement. Yes, there would be some who would buy Marijuana from the store, but not that many at all compared to those who buy beer from the store. People buy beer, wine, ect, cause it is to the point of stupid to even try to make your own because of overall costs time taste ect. Marijuana on the other hand would be just opposite. One would be near stupid to go to the store and spend say $50.00 a week for Marijuana when he/she could very simply legally grow it for FREE in his/her own front yard! Marijuana would have to be priced cheaper than cigarettes in order to make people not grow their own. You know, and I know, that a single plant of the right variety grown outdoors under perfect growing conditions can produce up to Three POUNDS of Flowers. Most people don’t even smoke half that amount on their own PER YEAR!!! Anyone reading this—be completely honest with yourself—-Would you plant say two or three seeds and have more Marijuana than you could even possibly smoke for a whole year for FREE!!!—or would you go to the store every week and pay say a price of $25.00 to $50.00 a week plus taxes??????????? While some who have plenty of money may in fact go buy from the store, most will NOT! Not when you can Grow it very easy for FREE!!! Asking the Government or States to let one grow their own will never be agreed too!!! When and if it does become available at the state level, you can then look for the grow your own for medical purpose to be done away with as well. The bills in congress would allow states to sell at levels below 3 and 1/2 ounces is about as good as it will get. I look for that amount to be taken down to say just over an ounce as well if it were to even pass at all, which I am hopeful it does pass. If it’s legal, who needs to have over an ounce at any given time, when you can run up to the store and pick up more at any given time? This wanting it legal to grow your own is putting the horse behind the cart and going in the wrong direction. Hoping that it will become legal at state level at any level at all is the first step. Saying let us grow our own so we don’t have to pay any taxes, is like sticking a hot IRON to
    a stick of butter and hoping the butter won’t melt. The only reason it is getting looked at seriously at this time is because of the profits and taxes that could be made from it if it were legal. Take the taxes away and you are left with absolutely no chance whatsoever of making marijuana legal at any level. To demand—-GIVE US MARIJUANA FOR FREE WITH NO TAXES—Is just flat out a crazy demand to be making in any bill at this time. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it were true that we could grow our own and do it in a tax free manner. That would be totally SWEET!!!That would be true FREEDOM, but let’s be honest, that’s not gonna happen, I doubt ever. To say the time will come when one can grow his own legally, that time could possibly come, but it will only come with laws that apply tax to the grower and also the end user should it be sold. It will never be like alcohol or cigarettes where you can make your own, as it is too easy to do so, and can be done at little to no cost at all. The only reason alcohol and tobacco has make your own laws, is because it makes no sence at all to make your own in the first place. To have the same laws in place for marijuana, it would make no sence at all not to grow your own. Again, this is the number one reason that keeps marijuana illegal. It’s so easy to produce that no one would buy it for much of any price at all if they were able to grow their own legally for FREE!!! The current bill that Mr.Franks has put forward is the best step forward, it allows for legal sales at state levels with no Federal interferance, yet keeps in place laws at te Federal level to keep it illegal to grow your own. The bill is a masterpiece and everyone should be cheering it on. The Bill creates an avenue that allows one to smoke marijuana in peace without chance of arrest, it at the same time ,by not allowing one to grow his own, makes it so that one has to pay taxes on all marijuana and there is no way around it without breaking the law. HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT FAIR!!!!! Well it’s not to some degree such as your rights, but then, niether is charging $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes that probably costs 20 cents a pack to make!!! To me, this is fair, or at least as fair as I can see it becoming and be made legal. Mark my words NORML, You will never see the day when every American has TAX FREE marijuana growing in there front yard (un-less it is being taxed). This FRANKS bill makes marijuana legal at a personal level, and keeps the taxes going to the man. If it were hard to produce marijuana and process it, or costly at a single person level to the point that making your own would be pointless, it would have already become legal. The FACT that marijuana is so,so easy to produce and process and practically FREE in cost to produce, makes it not at all on the same level as alcohol or tobacco. People don’t grow their own cigarettes or tobacco products for the most part as the process is too complex. People don’t brew their own brew because the time+cost+labor=LOSS The FACT is, Marijuana is so easy to grow if it were legal to grow in the wide open, that I can’t think of one person who couldn’t or wouldn’t grow their own if they could do so legally. Poster above says he has his seeds waiting and ready to plant as soon as it becomes legal to do so. That is a very fair statement to make, and so does everyone else who smokes, they all have their seeds waiting to plant if it becomes legal to do so. The FACT s NORML, their is not one person I know of who would spend say $25.00 to $50.00 every week at the local store for Marijuana if they have the simply option to plant their own. It would take a complete moron to pay such a weekly price compared to FREE, when it is so easy to grow. I can sit here and YIP YIP and YELL right along with you about FREEDOMS, and I would be right, as you to are right NORML. As free people one should be allowed to grow ones own marijuana and smoke as one pleases as long as it don’t cause harm to others by the one doing so. However, at some point one must know out of pure common sense that the tax man is gonna have his cut of anything and everything that amounts too or becomes anything. Putting grow your own in any bill would be the most backward thing and the most destructive thing done against marijuan in ages. Trying to force this in bills would set the marijuana movement back 20 years. We have an oppertunity here to make marijuana legal for the first time in my lifetime and NORML wants to screw it up by demanding TAX FREE POT like a 60’s HIPPIE, as in let us grow our own because we demand it??? WE DEMAND TO GROW OUR OWN TAX FREE MARJUANA!!!! What on earth are you smoking NORML? FAIRY DUST!!! Your flying high like marijuana is already legal!!! Heck, let’s demand that we get our weed tax free, because the bill in the current form will make us pay taxes. DUH!!!!! The Bill as written is pure talent in the way that it makes marijuana legal at the personal level, which is WHAT WE WANT!!!, and it allows taxes to be collected which is WHAT THEY WANT!!! Take away the TAXES and there will never be legal marijuana. Almost every YES vote will come from the fact of revenues WILL BE being made from TAXES and REGULATIONS. THAT”S WHY IT”S CALLED REGULATIONS<CAUSE IT IS REGULATED!!! YOU CAN”T COMPARE IT TO ALCOHOL!!!Alcohol costs plenty to make,where Marijuana costs bare nothing to grow. BIG difference. The Bill as written SHOWS that marijuana will be taxed if allowed to become legal at a state level. THIS!!! is what they want to see. GROWING OUR OWN MARIJUANA TAX FREE???? This would be laughed off the table!!! AGAIN!!!, THE ONLY REASON IT IS GETTING LOOKED AT IN A SERIOUS NON-STONER WAY, IS BECAUSE OF THE MONEY THAT IT COULD MAKE IN TAXES!!!! KEY WORD TAXES___TAXES___TAXES!!!! You might as well demand that Cigarettes come back down too $0.75 a pack while your at it NORML. TELL THEM WE DEMAND TAX FREE CIGARETTES!!! Ten hold your breath and wait for it to happen. If you can do either, then this is one that I’ll gladly be wrong on. Marijuana is much easier than tobacco to produce and 100X’s easier to bring to usable form. Therefore, for it to be completely legal to grow your own, and to make it not worth growing your own so you will buy store TAXED goods, it would have to be sold even cheaper than cigarettes. WOW!!! THAT WOULD BE GREAT MAN!!! LOL!!!! Sure it would, but let’s take a look at that for a minute. You would be able to buy a pack of 20 count cigarette sized joints for less than a pack of cigarettes!!! The average person who smokes, smokes a half to a pack of cigarettes each and every day. Now lets look at that same pack of cigarette sized marijuana cigarettes. That same pack would last the average marijuana smoker a week or longer for just the one pack. A cigarette sized joint is two to three times larger than an average joint. So, at this point, the taxes collected on marijuana would be 7X less than that of cigarettes as 7X less would be smoked compared to cigarettes in volume. Not to mention marijuana would have to sell at a lower price than cigarettes to keep those from growing their own to save money. Now your at less than cigarettes prices, and people still will be tempted to grow their own, because they can save money by growing it for free. YOU just can’t beat FREE NORML. YOUR FAIRY TALE PRINCESS WORLD of TAX FREE Marijuana would leave the States and Government with little to NO profits whatsoever!!!. What happened to all those BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Dollars that the States would make for selling legal marijuana. You know the reason we claim it should be made legal to start with!!! It’s not happening, cause everyone is growing their own, TAX FREE MARIJUANA in NORML FAIRY LAND!!! Being allowed to grow your own marijuana at FREE of cost is hard to compete with and make any kind of a profit at any level. The very thing we promise if marijuana was to be made legal is the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of DOLLARS that States could collect by taxing marijuana. Everyone growing their own tax free marijuana would produce no taxes whatsoever. Unless marijuana is priced at less than say three Dollars a 20 pack, I just don’
    t see people not growing their own once prices go beyond that price. Like I said earlier, if I could grow my own cigaretts from simply planting a few seeds, I would certainly do it right now in a minute. At $5.00 a pack, a pack a day, that’s $1,825.00 a year for cigarettes. X2 because my wife smokes also, that’s $3,650.00 for cigarettes. Now you show me a plant that I can grow and save myself $3,650.00 a year, and I’ll show you plant that I’ll be growing. While tobacoo is not that easy to grow and bring to readiness, Marijuana however, IS!!! Their is no person in his/her right mind that would go to the store and spend $25.00 to $50.00 every week for TAXED MARIJUANA, when they can simply grow it at home for FREE!!! People don’t brew their own beer and wine NORML, because it costs to darn much to do so. People would almost certainly grow their own Marijuana for FREE of CHARGE!!! The argument of everyone should be allowed to grow their own TAX FREE, cuts off the legs of the claim that BILLIONS and BILLIONS would be made by the states in tax revenues. In order for Marijuana to in fact make the states billions and billions of dollars in tax money, it will have to be kept illegal to grow your own for free. OR you could let everyone grow their own as our freedoms should rightfully allow, and the states would make pretty much nothing off the deal other than the reduced crimes and reduced need for prisons ect. It’s not like alcohol where it costs more to make it than it does just to buy it. It’s not like cigarettes where it takes many different processes to bring it to usable form. It’s MARIJUANA, It’s a weed that anyone can grow for near no cost at all. Again, this is why it has not become legal, because the NORML’s of the world want it for FREE, as in TAX FREE. The way Franks has the Bills written is the only way that it can work, and make the Billions in Revenues, and make it legal to smoke at the same time, and along with that working as it should, it must in FACT stay illegal to grow your own, as once grow your own is placed on the table in a TAX FREE way, then the profits for sales go right out the window with it. While less than 1% of people make their own brew because it makes no sense to pay more for something than you have too, and buying from the mass producers is cheaper than one could make it him/herelf. I don’t have no DATA to argue a point of exact figures, but when given the option of paying between $2,000.00 and $4,000.00 a year for TAXED MARIJUANA or the option too grow your own for FREE!!! I’m thinking we are batting near 100% of people will take the FREE option. I mean, I just don’t know of ANYONE!!! who would not plant one or two plants in their yard or in containers, to save $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 CASH every year. I think people would indeed grow their own marijuana if it were totally legal and free to do so, I in fact couldn’t think of one person in their right mind, who wouldn’t grow their own. It would have to stay illegal to grow your own, or you would lose the money factory. Can’t have it both ways. The way Franks Bill is layed out gives each side a WIN. They get their taxes, you get to smoke marijuana free of fear, just pay your taxes. It really is a great bill, that works for both sides, and it is the only way I think it will ever work or be passed. My hats off to Franks for planning such a great Bill that had to take a lot of thought to make it work on a workable, TAXABLE fair level for both sides of the isle.

  29. I’m glad NORML is fighting for legalization of the marijuana market. However, I am disgusted that NORML and other supporters of legalization are so willing to forgive the government’s irrational drug war which has costs thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. WHY SHOULD ANYONE AGREE TO THE TAXATION OF THIS COMMODITY?
    The U.S. government agencies who have commanded the drug war have been violent enemies of marijuana producers and consumers for decades. It is widely known that marijuana is a huge cash cow, the country is in a recession and desperate for income, and now the government (whichever one… state/local/federal/doesn’t matter) decides it wants a share of the pie. I say FORGET IT. If marijuana is legalized and heavily taxed, then I have no intention of participating in that market. There will remain a black market for producers and consumers of this vital commodity, they will have lower prices than legal channels, and I will support the free market.
    [Editor’s note: What is legal is taxed. If you don’t want to pay taxes on cannabis, grow your own, which is what NORML’s legalization reforms seek.]

  30. I am not a user but I support what NORML is doing 100%. However, I’m a bit dissapointed in alot of the comments on this blog. I don’t think users here are really addressing the problems the “other side” has.

  31. Well that’s quite a wall of text – what are you smoking??!! I joke, but really, IF MJ was taxed and sold at the local Quik Stop do you really think local officials would still be out in helicopters looking for home grown weed? I think growing our own, after Legalization, would become a defacto practice. I know I would grow my own, and many of my friends would, too. The thinking is, if it is legal, how could they give you too much grief over growing it? Surely the penalty, if any, would at least be much less than it is today.

  32. To # 31 – I think from your rant that it’s quite apparent you have never grown cannabis. Cannabis is easy to grow, if you’re trying to grow schwag. Growing good cannabis is about as easy as brewing good beer. Ask any experienced grower. This means it is not impossible to produce your own quality product, but the first few times, you’re almost guaranteed to fuck it up. Furthermore, once you have learned to grow quality cannabis, you still have to fine tune your art to remove yourself from the buying part of the equation. Most plants, contrary to government propaganda, do not produce a pound, or even a half pound, per plant. Most growers are happy when they perfect growing a strain that produces a QP or so per plant. Add to the difficulty of growing large quantities of quality cannabis the fact that growing a mature plant from seed takes at least 4-5 months, at least 3 from clone, if you rush your crop, and that’s a long period of time during which even successful growers will likely have to buy from a retail outlet. Once you know how to grow, you also have to learn to cure. You don’t just chop the plant and smoke. Any good growing guide will warn you that the easiest place to fuck your product is in the curing – proper curing adds another month or so to the grow time. In short, cannabis cultivation would be a very long process, which requires great care and attention to detail every step of the way. Re your comment on growing tobacco – tobacco is probably easier to grow than cannabis. Maybe you should try it. And you don’t have to buy all the ingredients for home brewing – I know people who grow their own grapes to make homemade wine. Also, many of the states which have legalized medical marijuana already allow patients to grow their own – and those states still have great demand from medical patients for ready-to-buy product as well. What makes you think it would be any more difficult to work similar provisions into decrim measures?

  33. I’m 50 years old and have spent the majority of my life in silence. I have finally come to the conclusion that silence is no longer acceptable. The time has come for the silent majority to step into the light of truth and speak out against the tyranny of an oppressive government that refuses to hear the voice of its citizens. I agree whole heartedly with this article and your position. People like me must step out of the shadows and with a collective voice let government know we will be silent no longer!
    To #31. Tobacco is easy to grow. Anyone can do it. It does not take a rocket scientist to grow tobacco. I know I’ve lived in Kentucky. It is simply far easier and you get a better product by going the commercial route. The fact of the matter is people are far to busy trying to make ends meet to spend hours cultivating. There is also the issue of space and security. WHEN marijuana becomes legal to cultivate it does not mean you will be able to do so in the openly in your backyard there will still be those who will “rip you off” at the first chance they get. Furthermore, it is my experience that most people are just lazy. Why would they spend countless hours cultivating something that, if it were legal, they could go to the convenience store and buy and very likely in higher quality than they could grow themselves. I support exactly the position NORML puts forth. Legalize, tax and grow your own!

  34. The Importance of Permitting Consumers the Right to Cultivate Marijuana for Personal Use… and Marc Emery has understood this fundamental principle very early on and as a business minded person he wanted to be instrumental in making this possible by selling the seeds of freedom.And today he faces extradition and possibly years in prison. America ,how dare you condemn this man ? and if you ever do, HISTORY will judge you severely

  35. BRAVO BROTHER!!!! This what freedom would look like, if we weren’t Government property. I for 1 would chose to grow, for meat,clothing,and fuel and whatever I could invent with this GOD given plant that produces SEED OF IT’S KIND. THANK YOU GOD for loving us SO MUCH. peace!!! al.

  36. Dude (and you’ll figure out who you are), if you need to make a point, DON’T toke up first. Figure out what to say and do it somewhat succinctly. After I realized how long your babbling was, I stopped reading. I can go inside my own head for looping stream of consciousness.
    Use paragraphs.
    What #36 said about growing.

  37. Majk , You said we , the Marijuana Consumers are not addressing the Problems of the other side. Could that be all of the Scientific data and Studies that Prove it’s Medical Efficacy ? Could it be the Mirror of Prohibition of Alcohol that they do not understand. Could it be that they do not Understand when your Government Lies to you all the time that We the People Loose TRUST ? Perhaps they do not Understand that Life is an Adventure and those people who are adventurous and thrill seekers like to test the bounds of Consciousness need no Governments Permission to experience Sacred things.? I am Fucking Sorry that I have not fully addressed these self righteous Prohibitionists Fears, They certainly do not care about mine . I have Served My Country , and I am Honorably Discharged Veteran . That is More than I can say for the Scum , that keep Marijuana Prohibition going. They are Lower than Snake Shit , But not beneath my Contempt !!!!

  38. – Both Massachusetts’ HB2929 / SB1801,
    and California’s AB-390,
    proposed cannabis-regulation and taxation-acts
    ALLOW-FOR cannabis-consumers to home-grow,
    in likewise manner, that present alcohol
    regulations also allow one to brew their own beer and wine.
    – Any national or federal ‘decrim’ / re-legalization measures
    need to make said-same home-cultivation exception as well.
    (Even though the majority of cannabis-consumers
    would opt for readily-purchasing
    the taxed, pre-packaged product,
    over the inconvenience of growing their own).
    – Wild, feral cannabis-plants should ALSO
    be allowed to grow freely*,
    as an excellently-rated, “carbon-negative” ally
    for removing ‘greenhouse-gas’ CO2 from the atmosphere,
    as a strong hedge against soil-erosion and depletion,
    as a superior, wildlife seed-food,
    far too-long-absent from our world’s ecosystem.
    *(Instead of being subjected to
    reckless, idiotic, misguided,
    erradication-campaigns any longer!).

  39. #33 MAJK Says:
    July 2nd, 2009 at 4:37 am
    I am not a user but I support what NORML is doing 100%.
    However, I’m a bit disappointed in alot of the comments on this blog.
    I don’t think users here are really addressing the problems the “other side” has.
    – I completely agree…
    Unless we can intelligently, incontrovertibly
    allay dubious fears and refute the prohibitionists’
    false-premises for retaining failed policy,
    we’ll just be ignored as a bunch of
    “stupid potheads”.
    – A good place to start, as a practice “homework-assignment”:
    Address each and every valid-concern, spurious-argument
    and obvious-anslingerism raised in a news-article, report,
    or “findings” / “facts” from DEA, ONDCP, drug-free organization’s
    website, as if speaking to the author of such, in a “statement / reply format”,
    (Even if not actually sending it to the person / organization in-question…).
    – And if sending,
    (or just posting to NORML-BLOG, for that matter),
    PROOFREAD and SPELLCHECK everything before you do!

  40. Thanks for articulating this important point. Insuring the freedom to freely home-grow will keep the commercial market prices and quality reasonable. It really isn’t difficult or costly to grow good quality pot in a home garden, but if one can buy a pack of buds or joints at the corner market at prices similar to alcohol and tobacco, most won’t bother to grow. If those prices become the equivalent of paying $10 for a bottle of beer, or for a single tobacco cigarette, then home-growing will become very popular.

  41. If personal cultivation is kept illegal, I’d almost rather the whole thing be kept illegal. What a BEAUTIFUL way for the gov’t to basically eliminate good weed… legalize it, then set max THC levels at something outrageously low and only let a few companies grow it.

  42. We need to legalize pot.. It is far less dangerous then alcohol.. Can u jus think about a life were some1 smoking a joint is as common as sone1 walking their dog down the street, o wait it already is now lets make it legal.!! (added by Mobile using Mippin)

    If the best way to worship God is by doing good for yourself and others…there’s a lot of “do gooders” that better stay away from God’s house. At the very least…they should duck when they enter, for fear of God zapping their pointed little heads. And…for God’s sake…they better not go into God’s house and start straightening the pictures…even re-writing his Bible to fit their personal opinions.
    Frankly…The Kingdom of God is “within you”…and…
    all around you…not in mansions made of sticks and stones.
    Frankly…Jesus described today’s issues best in
    Matthew 15:9…and…Mark 7:7,8.
    Frankly…I don’t think these “do gooders” will understand Mark and Matt any more than they understand
    Genesis I:11,12 Genesis I:29,30,31 Genesis IX:3
    I don’t feel confident that they understand either Testiment.
    Do I really care? Of course I do! I care about my brethren and their beliefs in every single faith
    …that is…until they try to tell God what to do.
    Then…I have to consider their sanity and religious aggression.

  44. Hello to Mr. Mantis I like your writing!
    I believe in God and the Bible myself.
    Marijuana cultivation for personal use takes a bite, a very big bite out of crime. It also ensures us that it is clean and pesticide free.
    Twelve or so years ago three tiny plants were found in my hobby greenhouse; it was November. I was only curious. My Dad, o’rest his soul, grew some tall plants in 1980. Farming is in our genes and the movement that is taking place as we ‘type’ is long overdue to us.
    I am an American and proud to stand up for what is right.
    ‘By The People, for the people and WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES… in order to form a more perfect Union…’ are the history making words enscribed by our Forefathers on hemp paper. Amen.
    Thank you Lord. I hope everyone has a safe and happy celebration of our freedom tomorrow. May God please bless our troops in action in bringing peace to our world. Amen.
    Oh Lord I pray that not one single person suffer from this day on from the mistakes we have made with the war on hemp. Let the lush green fields roll forward. Amen.
    Wendy in Good ‘ole Utah.

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