The Importance of Permitting Consumers the Right to Cultivate Marijuana for Personal Use

For nearly 40 years, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for the tens of millions of Americans who enjoy cannabis responsibly. NORML is and has always been the ‘marijuana’ consumers’ lobby.

In the short run, NORML favors the elimination of all criminal and/or civil penalties prohibiting the possession of cannabis for personal use, regardless of whether one is using it for medical purposes or for personal pleasure. Further, NORML opposes sanctions that presently prohibit the not-for-profit transfer of small amounts of cannabis between adults. This policy, called “decriminalization”, was the recommendation of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse in their groundbreaking 1972 report, Marijuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding. Versions of cannabis decriminalization have now been adopted in 13 states.
Cannabis consumers are ordinary Americans who work hard, raise families, pay taxes and contribute in a positive way to their communities. We are not criminals. Just as millions of Americans enjoy a beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day, we enjoy sharing a joint (or, for that matter, a vapor bag) when we relax in the evening. Of the nearly 900,000 marijuana arrests in America each year, about 90% are for possession of small amounts for personal use. Continuing with this Draconian policy makes no sense. That is why three out of four Americans now support decriminalizing the personal possession and use of cannabis.

NORML’s ultimate political goal is the establishment of a legally regulated market where consumers can obtain their cannabis in a safe and secure environment. This policy is generally called “legalization”. As our country discovered when we experimented with alcohol prohibition, it is only by providing a legally regulated market that we can significantly reduce the crime, corruption and violence associated with a criminal black market.

NORML supports the imposition of state and/or federal age and quality controls governing the commercial production, sale, and use of cannabis to assure public safety and to advise the consumer of the strength of the variety of cannabis being purchased.
And, importantly, we support the imposition of a reasonable tax on commercial cannabis sales that could raise substantial revenue for the various states, to be used for drug education and other programs to encourage responsible use and to discourage abuse. But as we work toward these goals, it is crucial that we underscore the importance of permitting consumers the option to grow their own cannabis.
Alcohol consumers possess the legal right to create their own home brew, free from government interference. Although the vast majority of alcohol drinkers never utilizes this freedom, and prefers the convenience of purchasing alcohol at a retail outlet, that option remains available to those who wish to use it. We believe that similar regulations should govern the non-retail production of cannabis.
The cultivation of cannabis for personal use is the single most important element of the NORML legalization proposal. Allowing for the legal, personal cultivation of cannabis provides consumers with the option to grow their own product should commercially available sources offer cannabis that fails to meet the consumers’ needs because it is excessively expensive, too heavily taxed, or of inferior quality. The mere threat of consumers exercising this option should be sufficient to assure that the legal market for cannabis will be responsive to the needs of consumers, and will not be exploitive.
So when any organization or any state or federal legislator proposes legalizing cannabis, either for medical use or for personal pleasure, but forbids the consumer from growing their own cannabis, those of us who lobby on this issue must insist on amendments to permit personal cultivation.
Otherwise we, cannabis law reformers, trade away our only leverage to keep the big corporations and the government honest and responsive to cannabis consumers.

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  1. It will come to war before it comes to legalization. The government is well aware of marijuana’s popularity. As long as the people remain weak, the government will remain strong. If you want to smoke weed legally, put down the pens and the paper, look around you, the government doesn’t have a peaceful solution to anything. The government’s specialty is war and profit. Stop complaining. Do something about it, the chances for change are better now then they will be in the future, trust me. If we don’t kick them in the ass soon, they truly will OWN all of us someday. Cannabis is but a small issue in the larger picture of American freedom. There is a threat, and these are signs of further neglect. I encourage every American citizen to educate yourselves as much as possible about the inner workings of all of your branches of government. You will discover how deep the corruption really goes. We must aquire this knowledge, and spread this knowledge to the people, ALL of them. It is our right as Americans to know what is going on and why. Don’t wait for help, help yourselves. We are amazing creatures and god is on our side, please look past cannabis legalization, our freedom is at stake guys, and its our own government who are the bad guys. That’s scary stuff man.

  2. I really can’t wait to enjoy the experience of cultivating my own cannabis someday! I enjoy a good beer every now and again, but it is not a needed thing for me to have. I know several people that brew their own beer and it is a great beer, let me tell you. I think that personal cultivation could open up new developments which could be marketed to a legalized system and would encourage new development. Legalization is definitely the answer to many problems we all face today. I hate being looked at as a criminal. I work 40 hrs a week, and I go to school, AND maintain a 3.7 GPA. I like many others am just as normal as the next guy, not a criminal.

  3. The right to possess is a barren right without the right to cultivate, store, trade, barter, process (harm reduction) and freely discuss. Age of consent is an artificial construct in an informed society, and represents the greatest unspoken hurdle to climb over. What is consensual is lawful. What is lawful is not necessarily laudable. We need social mores, the normative ‘rules and sanctions’ that can only come when the LAW changes. This will (and must) occur over time and only tolerance will get us there.
    New Zealand recently passed a progressive regulatory model (R18) for recreational soft drugs. It could/should be the model for the rest of the world to follow.
    New Zealand placed into law the regulatory model “Class D”. It makes provision under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health – possession, sale, advertising, packaging, labeling etc of ‘soft’ drugs. Canadian reformers and health administrators alike may find the pragmatic and simple approach to this problem instructive. Further, it was adopted without political squabble or public rancour.
    [end snip]

  4. – The continued, ongoing prohibition against
    growing / utilizing ANY God-Given plant,
    especially one as useful and efficaceous as
    Spanish-Inquisition nonsense…
    This MUST END NOW!!!
    (Should’ve ended 700 years ago…)

    By the way, #49, Manny, you ROCK!!!
    (A more detailed, complete reply shortly…
    but for now, an appropo song…)

    Whatever the cost
    From this day on ‘ until forever
    I will take the narrow road
    For I am not alone
    I do not walk this path alone

    Yes, I believe in God
    This I will say to you
    Mean it death or mean it life
    Oh, I believe in God
    For I have found the way
    And I am not ashamed
    I have found the way”

  5. I would be perfectly content with the way marijuana laws are now if I could just mantain a job without having a drug test. I work harder than most people I work with; however, one day I’ll get fired and be denied unemployment. Not because I didn’t do my job, not because I made mistakes or wasn’t smart enough. For the simple reason that I like to smoke marijuana. I like to work hard and come home, sit on the porch with a few good friends and smoke a blunt in the summertime. Is this really hard to ask for in a ‘free’ country? I made straight A’s in high school went to a good college and have a good job; but this horrible drug I use is suppose to make my memory bad, give me cancer, and make me dumb. I don’t know what kind of marijuana the government was smoking but I think they should try my stuff. It’s sad that a marijuana legalization bill probably gets scrutenized more than a stimulus bill thats rushed through the process and spends trillions of dollars that won’t help the economy. How about making me feel like my tax money is being used properly by actually doing something important in Washington.

  6. Thank you NeuroGenesis1:29 for understanding what my comment was referring to. I felt most of the comments up until my post were just exactly what the “other side” fears… and is precisely what keeps them at bay.
    We must engage in smart & intelligent debates and address their concerns with empathy and assure them that we too, do not want more crime, more children addicted to drugs or more death. In fact, prohibition INCREASES these problems!
    And what Robert Vetter said in his post is exactly the type of stuff that needs to be talked about and debated with the “other side” until they finally cave on their prohibition stance. The good news is we are in the right and they are simply misinformed or just “phoning it in” with traditionally stances passed down from previous generations.
    Like it or not, we must get the prohibitionists to change their minds. I fear the worst way to do this is with ad campaigns that promote marijuana over-usage or encourage others to try it, etc. I don’t think NORML does this, but I think alot of users around the world do and this is a mistake.
    I have changed more minds by asking questions from the “other side” and then addressing their concerns. And if given the time, I can explain all what NORML talks about too. And then at the end of the debate most are suprised to learn that I’m not a user, which is what we need more of.

  7. 56 MAJK We all understand…and…agree.
    Keep this in mind…Religiously we are protected by the First Amendment…and…God. Medically we stand +80% in favor of “legalization”. Recreational use has a way to go…but…GO WE WILL…with a vengeance if need be. History has shown us that all the yaba, yaba, yaba…and…bla, bla, bla is great…but…no change takes place until we actually physically shove it down their throats. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point…God help us. But…keep in mind…
    “Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God.”
    Consider also…if you please…”Politics is only a prolongation of moral science…and…war is nothing but failed policy.”
    Don’t…however…underestimate the power of words.
    “Words are things…and a small drop of ink falling like dew upon a thought…produces that which makes thousands think.” Byron

  8. 54 NeuroGensis1:29…..Manny here! Got ya loud and clear!

  9. Speaking of music, can anyone remember the Jim Stafford song WILD WOOD WEED. We need to find it and recirculate it. It is about a farmer that ‘took a little trip – didn’t even have to leave the farm.’ It ends with the sheriff rolling away on the back of the pickup ‘sittin on that SACK O’ SEED.

  10. In my opinion, we need to criminalize Lobbyists in every facet of Government. Yes – I KNOW this would also stop the pro-pot lobbyists, but here’s the rest of it..
    Our Constitution was a basic document which provided for Private Citizens to express their concerns to a Representative for their District. Any concerns by that areas general public were passed from the Representative to the appropriate Senator, and together the system worked out the details to ensure the happiness and well-being of districts all over the nation. Nowdays we are restricted in our efforts to even be HEARD by our Reps. and Senators, since we don’t have the Deep Pockets that Lobbyists and their special interest groups have.
    This is of course, just one simple man’s view – I am not a scholar or a lawyer, just a God-fearing citizen who knows when he is out-represented because of his social status. This is really a war of Money – as it always is in Washington these days. I agree with Thomas Jefferson, who, paraphrased said, “Clean all the bums out of office every 4 years” so they don’t get fat and lazy and embed themselves in government while being on the receiving end of the money…that last unquoted part, by me 🙂

  11. I was wondering what Norml’s postion on home cultivation in a legal market. Thanx for clearing that up Allen. Glad to hear Norml stands for freedom !
    Does anyone know what MPP’s postion is on personal home cultivation in a legal model ? I hope its the same as Norml’s.

  12. Hello Castaneda,
    Indeed, NORML strongly supports the ability of cannabis consumers in a legal market to grow their own cannabis, just like beer consumers can brew their own beer (in most states).
    Thanks for your inquiry!

  13. 61 Casteneda
    Being able to grow and consume your own “medicinal cannabis” was the whole idea behind California’s 11362.5. Then, we concluded that hundreds of thousands of Qualified Patients could not or would not cultivate their own supply, and were left without safe acces to their medicine. Therefore “collective cultivation” became the agenda. The problem…until July 1st, 2009…was that everyone and their brother got into the business of cultivating and distributing. It’s the “unlawful Pot Shop” on every corner that got the attention of concerned parents and law enforcement. Even though the Attorney General’s Guidelines based on SB 420 allows for “collective cultivation” some over-zealous servents of law enforcement basically pissed on the law and did their own thing. They can’t do that anymore without getting their ass in a sling.
    The bottom line is this. If you can grow your own…
    that’s the best way to go. If you can’t grown your own
    …a “lawful collective” is equally as good.
    I can only prohesize the outcome of California’s direction…so to say…1. Cultivating will become
    “legal” with State Certified Growers. 2. State Operated Dispensaries will distribute the medicine to MPP cardholders obtained from the County Health Depts.
    So 61…Growing and consuming your own is really the safest way to go.

  14. Hi ‘ya all Wendy here. I’m busy today but would like to share some FOOD for thought.
    Here are some cute sites (www) we may establish in the very near future:
    – homegrown easy money not outta’ ‘ya own pocket
    – Uncle Sam.uoittous
    – Love Your Neighbor..Respect Their Privacy
    – appoint custodians to nation’s seed supplies
    which are on-hand now
    – foodgetreal
    – farmers.united.u.s.a.
    – whogetsthemanna (anyway)
    – legalizefreedom
    – ucanhaveit
    Peace, later.

  15. # Wendy from Good ‘ole Utah Says:
    July 5th, 2009 at 12:00 pm
    Speaking of music, can anyone remember the Jim Stafford song WILD WOOD WEED. We need to find it and recirculate it. It is about a farmer that ‘took a little trip – didn’t even have to leave the farm.’
    RE: Wendy,
    Here’s one version
    I found…on YouTube:
    Wild Wood Weed

  16. I’ve just been raked over the coals by a small town judge for having a JOINT. I plea bargained like an idiot so I wouldn’t lose my Hope Scholarship if I were convicted, and I certainly couldn’t have afforded a lawyer, so like a fool I plea bargained. Now I’m playing the probation game. The probation officers treat me like some kind of child molester, and refuse to do anything but be as uncooperative as possible, just because they can.
    I was at my wit’s end…feeling like a murderer or something, and like I was locked in this legal cycle forever, and then I found this! True professionals with logic who can back up their claims with legitimate science and reason, and who aren’t afraid to speak up for what they believe. You guys are amazing. Thanks and God bless!

  17. There’s been talk of tax/regulate “like alcohol”. I can produce 100gal of beer & 100gal of wine per year at home, no regulation/permit. And I can give it away, but not sell it. And if there are 2 or more adults in my household, those limits double. So, what is to be the hemp equivalent of that? Until I get a straight and reasonable answer, I won’t support tax/regulate because claiming it’s “like alcohol” would be a lie. 6 plants per person/year would put the criminal element out of business.

  18. Okay finally #66 NeuroGenesis1:29
    Hi there I just noticed Genes within the word Genesis.
    So anyway thanks for the research.
    Golly gee whiz…sure puts a smile on your face, huh?
    Jim Stafford is such an absolute doll and the Writer Don Bowman is so awesome too (of course.)
    Burlap? …notice the genuine laughter in the background anyone? We all know laughter is the best medicine. A-a-a-Men. Amen.
    I heard once that Angel’s have a hilarious sense of humor. I’ve recently read that Angels are spiritual beings created in ‘large’ and there are a great number of them of whom now reside in Heaven with God. He has a great ‘host of Angels’ of whom are his Army now and forever more. Oh, and I read that Angel’s were created long before ourselves too, maybe on the Third Day and Angels compare to wind or fire’s time of Creation also. Anyway,
    …and the lady in the YouTube video that yells out loud, “Yeah.” Very funny she sounds like me in fact ’cause I’ve been one who’s known to yell out loud. Tee-hee. I did grow up on the farm with eleven other brothers and sisters after all. Tee-hee.
    I can picture the man from Washington D.C. sittin on a HUGE sack o’seeds. Big ‘ole gunny sacks of grain are as big as our own bodies. I guess though it just as easily might have been a little tiny sack o’seeds he was sittin on. Ha-ha-ha.
    Oh, I guess I had it wrong; it was Himself not the sheriff sittin on it. So in fact the seeds did remain with Himself and his Brother Bill after all. I always liked all of Jim’s hilarious songs. Check it out ya ‘all. There are 60 of ’em.
    How much seed (food substance alone) is under siege in our local evidence lockers within the whole American Continent we live on? Yes, tribes were known to have survived on hemp seeds alone. There is a rare amino acid in hemp seeds that is really nutritional.
    It’s a challenge but what if world hunger could be eliminated? Human kind deserves that much out of this tyranny. We Americans are the leaders of the world so let’s get on with the leading part…
    Photo-synthesis: I wonder if Governor Lingle of Hawaii knows what this word means. The World is supposed to be restored to its pristine (uncontaminated, pure) form once again. I’m not sure of the Prophecy if this happens before or with the Second Coming of Christ. I think Jesus will then reign on Earth for a thousand years after that.
    That natural laughter certainly needs to be restored into the background of T.V., etc. too! That ‘canned’ laughter is so annoying and has been for such a long time. What’s wrong with the media anyway? Are they under the thumb of oppression like us or is it Satan at work against the Spirit of Thee Lord Almighty God? Amen.

  19. 69 Wendy
    Hemp is the most nutricious food know to man.
    Hemp seed, hemp powder, hemp oil.
    Google hemp manufactures…and…enjoy. As amatter of fact…they claim some 80 cannabinoids in hemp now.
    What’s really good is hemp granola.

  20. Of course u.f.o.’s exist…
    we are communicating with one now….
    the truth is self evident.
    It has always been us up there in the heavens and skies already all along up there come on now okay…okay…alright already?
    All along. Okay? Okay.
    I mean alright already okay?
    I hope we don’t have an earthquake. Wendy.

  21. the gov’t could still make a sizable amount of money by making people get “permits” to grow their own. growing for personal use is difficult enough without trying to hide it from neighbors and authorities. its a plant, not a meth lab. everyone could use a new hobby, especially one with such great rewards if you do it right. the fact that people are still getting arrested for possession is something that has always bothered/baffled me…

  22. and please refrain from all the god posts; i come here to talk with responsible adults about real issues, not imaginary beings…
    i started my own plants about 2 years ago, and the excitement of coming home every day and checking on the little ladies was such a challenge/satisfaction i will continue to as long as the sun is shining, regardless of what my gov’t tells me. its for me and close friends, not your children or anyone who doesnt use.
    keep to yourself, and well get along great

  23. #76 – gfunk Says: Hi there from Wendy.
    Amen Amen Amen.
    And yes they did treat me as though I had a meth lab.
    Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness to each and every one.
    (How’s that?)
    And yes of course.
    I know what you mean.
    They are gorgeous little plants for heck sakes already.
    I had just forgotten to pull ’em up when all hell busted loose.
    I swear to God (which from my own personal faith I believe I am not supposed to) but anyway,
    I had only been curious that year in my hobby greenhouse.
    I had never grown before but I saw each and everyone around me grow and get away with it for a million years.
    Why don’t you therefore show your face?
    What is your name?
    Oh Lord Pray Tell I Ask Thee? Amen.

  24. woops!
    dang it.
    My service just went down a second.
    I am not sure sometime when I am on-line or not.
    It just bleeps out sometimes ya know.
    Maybe It Is The David And Goliathe Factor.
    maybe it is satan himself…
    so be ware….
    I cast thee out oh dirty devil beware beware beware!

  25. #76 – gfunk Says: – Come on out and try to refrain yourself from Our God Posts. Amen.
    Wherefore All Yea Nation Lay
    Forever Be Thy Name.
    I Pray Oh Lord
    Oh Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done
    On Earth As It Is In Heaven
    Give Us This Day Oh Please Oh Lord
    Your Manna Sent From Heaven.

  26. #76 gfunk Says: – Really I am happy that your family has remained unscathed kind sir but please allow me to stress this issues, please;
    …you just entered our thoughts as a person with no name. As long as you coward and fall unto the lies?
    Hide, sneak, cheat, tell your children that it is okay to make an untrue statements?
    Now please kind sir please tell me so
    so that I will know.
    How do we protect our children
    and how our gardens grow? Wendy.
    What kind of a ripple effect stems from just ONE LIE!

  27. I hqave the answer, Have one of Norml’s lobbyist contact Ron Paul or Barney Frank I think B F. would
    be most likely plausible, but have him stick in legalization legislation in the next 1000 page bill that comes up and no one reads anyway!Say page 420. Zap can you say legalization end of probation. Now maybe congress will read the next bills thoroughly!

  28. Wendy from Utah. For someone that weas buzy, you sure have time to post. I’m reading along, and every other post is from you. Sorry out of smoke.

  29. I would love to see marijuana growing freely along side of all other plants and used as God intended-that’s a beautiful thing everyone should see and not just those greedy criminal and law thugs!So many people in douglas county and surrounding counties have seed being carried onto their properties and the misidentifying of plants bringing police to bust down house doors-tear up house and property-slice clearly marked meat packages-valuables come up missing-place of employment being called causing unemployment before any report is written-victim and victim’s family and friends being tormented constantly and at all hours by hovering helicopters-police running their mouths saying the victim is adruggie and a drug ring leader even when nothing is found and 9 panel hair tests are passed-gee what did they accomplish!!!!!! War on the beautiful people that God loves so much.Marijuana was created for us to enjoy as a plant to admire it’s beauty along with other beautiful plants and was to be used freely as God intended!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hello I’m a responsible single white male with no kids. You know the guy who gets fucked out of his income taxes. The abilty to grow my own for personal use would be a nice addition to the bill, but I’m going to do it regaurdless. Leagalize Pot. No more gang or terorist ran cartells. Quit endangering americans. Thanks


  32. Civil disobedience is the best form of peaceful protest while trying to stop a WAR against a PLANT! As someone whose great-grandfather grew hemp and smoked cannabis and nobody said a word. I guess being full-blooded Cherokee it was expected of him.

  33. Marc Emery, Is a money hungrey man,And he has toled people that got the wrong seeds that if they did not stop Bitching he would let LEO,Know they were growing !How can anyone back a 2 faced man like he is ? Poster #39 if you are going to use Marc Emery as a example get your fax’s right !There are a few more but I just wanted to let people know ! And FREE the weed ! Tax it just the same as beer or cigs but just get it legail anyway we can and we can go from there ! Peace to all,God Bless the USA.

  34. Marijuana jus that word makes me smile but to know i can get atleast a year for any amount of pot.. in my state is sickining. I think its pretty stupid that you can can buy some type of alcoholic drink go out an kill somone bc your impaired an that ppl can sit behind a desk everyday knowin that they work for a cigarette company that kills so many ppl, but when it comes to a simple plant that can replace 1000’s of lethal drugs to ridicule it sayin that if you smoke pot you will ruin your life?? thas bullshit. i believe this simple solution can solve this problem take away pos charges an cultivation charges tax it if necessary but how can a person sentence someone to prison who is using marijuana simply bc they would like to relax after a long day of work or any stressful event?? So many ppl have their head stuck up their ass its insane they can even breathe!

  35. While I certainly agree with allowing the freedom to grow your own, until the FEDS change their tune, I would think twice about growing your own. I myself have had to FIGHT the 900lb gorilla, known as the FEDS to keep my property after it was raided by the local fuzz. Medical use was unrecognized and my home was forfeited. The only reason I was able to keep it, was after striking a deal with the US ATTORNEY for them to share the equity. Since I had beat the FEDS by 1 week and stripped most of the equity before they filed a case, they only got $ 50k (they were looking for $ 300K they thought was there). AT any rate, there is more to growing your own smoke than most realize. Do not think it can’t happen to you. I grew for 10 years before my nightmare happened. I am still trying to recover. On a happier note, there are some wonderful strains available today and that makes for some nice choices! Legalization is the ONLY way to go for the entire country but California will need to lead the way. Be vocal folks-make the legislation HEAR our DEMAND!

  36. Since the majority want marijuana to be legal and it seems we are not being heard just maybe everyone needs to over throw the government and clean house and get things done that needs to be done and get it done right as it should be done!!!

  37. Legalization of cannabis can only be achieved by mass numbers constantly in the “new gods” (government) face, let’s all make our voices heared. no debates, just do it. Thank you to all @ NORML but let’s face the facts; all the major pharmaceutical companies pay lobbyists extreme amounts of money to sway our polititians to keep cannabis illegal. We don’t have enough money to buy our FREEDOM. Where are the pro-pot advertisements? Ask your preacher, priest, minister or whoever teaches about GOD ” is god the creator of all things? Does god LOVE us? For centuries cannabis has been medicine,food and fiber. The new gods of man can prohibit god’s creation? What about freedom of religion? My god created everything for my benefit because he loves us. Man gods are only interested in control of men and of course MONEY. I say LEGALIZE IT! NO TAXES on food. Cannabis grows from soil; ready to use. Alcohol and all those poisonous pills have to be manufactured. Let’s change this country into a FREE country and not let the “man gods” make money on something they don’t approve of anyway.

  38. We agree 100% with you-now we need to arrange something to get everyone together to do something like angry american says.Hey everyone-you all got some ideas to get it all rolling and then once we have things rolling our numbers will grow as we pass through-that would be quite a sight to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Bag of weed, Bag of weed everything is better with a bag of weed. You don’t need meth you don’t need speed cause everything is better with a bag of weed. That’s a song from Family Guy. A recent pole stated that 52% of Americans think pot is safer than booze. If you notice most TV progams deal with the subject of legalization in some shape form or fashion. It is only a matter of time guys and gals. The movement is main stream. If the republicans want to ever get back in power this is one position they will have to come to the 21st centry on. The entire war on drugs is such a freakin waste of time and money. It is almost like trying to stop the wind. You can block it in a small area but it only blows past in another. As long as there is a demand there will be a supply.

  40. We need Ron Paul to write up a bill that asks congress to allow testing of medical grade mj by reputable sources that we can all agree are fair and unbiased tohave access to med grade unfettered by the DEA and if it has medical value then reschedule appropiately!Done deal We don’t have to put them on the spot to vote pot legal, their own rules will do the job.Anybody that sees this as solid logic, please pass it on to your legislators.

  41. Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.
    Thomas Jefferson

  42. I agree 100% with what was said in the above reading…..The government needs to back off of cannibus users b/c we are the same as they are, except we like to smoke cannibus. Like me i use it to help me calm down after a stressful day. The government has ways they can tax it, just don’t want to. If it is legal in one state it should be legal in all states. The cultivation of cannibus is just as much of a right to us as growing ur own vegatable garden. Well this is my thought on the legalization of cannibus. So thanks for the time and letting us fellow cannibus users be able to speak our minds freely about what we believe is right for us as citizens of the United States…..

  43. To those who feel that growing decent bud is too difficult or too dangerous to do in a home garden:
    I’m glad I didn’t know that. I’ve had amazing results just putting seeds in the ground and watering as needed. When this plant finds itself in a place it likes it grows with very little attention. You can, of course, worry and stew and fuss over them, but it’s not really necessary. And that complicated curing that one writer fears is also quite simple…hang the branches in a closet for several days and they’re done. Not tough. Not complicated…unless you choose to make it so…and very inexpensive.

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