Ending The Bipartisan War On Pot!

For far too long the federal government’s war on cannabis consumers has been a bipartisan effort.
At worst, politicians of both political persuasions have proactively lobbied for tougher pot penalties (or actively opposed efforts to amend such laws); at best, leaders of both major parties have done nothing at all.
When will this situation change? When the core constituency of both major political parties — Republican and Democrat — compel their leaders to make drug law reform a primary part of their legislative platforms.
In practice, this means that Republican leaders need to know that their base cares just as much about marijuana law reform as they do about shrinking the size and scope of government. Conversely, Democrat leaders need to be made aware that their supporters are just as passionate about ending the war on cannabis consumers as they are about addressing issues like climate change and health care.
Is this day coming?
NORML Advisory Board Member Norm Stamper believes so. Writing today on the Huffington Post blog he proclaims, correctly, that a record number of influential progressive publications and pundits are now calling for fundamental changes in drug law reform. A quick review of conservative-leaning websites and periodicals identifies a similar trend.
For decades conventional political wisdom has dictated that drug law reform is the so-called ‘third rail’ of mainstream politics, when in fact just the opposite is true. American voters of all political persuasions are ready to embrace common-sense marijuana policies.
The question is now: Are they ready and willing to demand them from their political leaders?

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  1. The opponents of marijuana legalization,the drug cartels
    (growers and entrepreneurs),the anti-drug cartels(D.A.R.E.,Drug Free America,and any organization whose livelihood depends on marijuana and drugs remaining illegal,the Pharmaceutical industries,even though there is a chance that with proper testing and lab work,new medicines will come from the marijuana plant,the loss of many of their dangerous drugs will hurt them immensely. And in the end,when man keeps messing with any safe substance long enough,he can make it dangerous. The prison industry. The DEA. Both of these make their money off keeping prisons full,and if marijuana is legalized,the prison ind will lose millions releasing a majority of peaceful,non-violent prisoners. And the DEA loses their easiest bust,as they say,they can go anywhere in America and bust grows. And if statistics were released,I wonder how many law enforcement personnel have been killed in pot busts,versus other drug busts,versus how many pot offenders have been killed by police. Pot is probably the safest bust for them.

  2. There are lots of things needing demanding from our leaders. All you have to do is surf the web,look at te tv news or ..most importantly…look what they have done to YOUR life lately. Is the pot(no pun inteaded) boiling enough yet? Give our leaders time .. if it isn’t..they will make sure it is. The thing is,when the demand is great, they will lable us all nuts or extremists and ignore us all the more in my opinion.
    What do I know…nothing as far as our leaders are concerned.


  4. I write to my elected officials on a regular basis about this issue. I have also written to the demcratic national committee. I asked if they had position on lifting prohibition. I did not receive a reply. They kept sending me letters asking for a donation. I replyed that I would like to help but would no longer support them unless they could tell me their official position on this matter. I got no reply. They quit sending me letters asking for money. I guess that is an answer of sorts. Which party will be the first to support lifting prohibition? The $64,000,000 dollar question.

  5. Not only am I an American…born in the U.S.A…I am a native Californian and a Angeleno (Los Angeles).
    Today California announced that it would be paying their bills with I.O.U’s and it would be back on furloughs.
    Well O.K. here I go…”I don’t want your fucking I.O.U’s…your fucking broke!” What I want is for you to get your shit together, stop the fucking excuses for bad management, and realize that there is a “wonder drug” for our recovery. If you’re not calling for emergency sessions to work this situation out…you’re failing once again. I’ll bet the Californians that made California great…but are longer with us…are rolling over in their graves.
    You need to get real..and…face reality…no matter what. Arnold…you’ve read many scripts…I know because I seen every one of your movies…but…I can’t tell you what zeal I’m going to have…seeing
    how this script plays out. Come on man…get your
    legislators in line…and…be the director I know you are. Medicinal cannabis is the “magic pill” Do it!
    Remember…You’re in charge of Democrats, and Republicans. You’re the executive producer.

  6. Dear Mr. Rodriguez:
    Thank you for contacting me regarding the use of medical marijuana. I appreciate hearing from you.
    Introduced by Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) on June 11, 2009, H.R. 2835 would prohibit any provision in the Controlled Substance Act or the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act from restricting a patient from obtaining, possessing, manufacturing, or transporting marijuana if prescribed or recommended by a physician in a state that allows for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Additionally, H.R. 2835 would allow pharmacies to possess and distribute marijuana for medical purposes. Currently, this bill is pending before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where it awaits further consideration.
    As you know, some states have passed legislation that would provide for the medicinal use of marijuana in situations involving life-threatening illnesses. I am very concerned about the merits of these laws. I have been informed that the doses of marijuana cannot be controlled, numerous side effects accompany its use, and its utilization compromises the immune system, putting AIDS patients at significant risk for infections and respiratory problems.
    Additionally, the FDA has determined that marijuana has no medical value and is not uniquely suited as a pain relief drug, certainly not enough to supplant other pain relief products currently on the market. Former Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey agreed, citing corroborating medical evidence, when he said that “smoked marijuana isn’t medicine.It has no curative impact at all.”
    Unfortunately, many supporters of “medical marijuana” are attempting to convince average Americans that use of this drug is beneficial, even necessary for some Americans, particularly the terminally-ill. Usually, the outcome of such an initiative is little relief for those in pain, blurred legal distinctions for marijuana on our streets, and increased illegal drug use across the board. Like all of us, I support efforts to relieve those who are in pain, but the simple truth is that palliative care has reached a point that almost all human pain can be relieved with approved methods currently on the market.
    Given this fact, I see no reason to lift reasonable restrictions on a drug that has always been a gateway for our children to more dangerous drugs, such as LSD or cocaine. The initiatives underway in a number of States to legalize marijuana for medicinal use have sent a confusing message to our children concerning marijuana that could not come at a worse time. Recently, we have seen drug use by our young people increase at an alarming rate.
    Marijuana is illegal for many reasons, despite the sophisticated public relations campaign that some groups have used to create public confusion about the drug’s effects, and despite conclusive scientific evidence showing it to be dangerous and addictive. Recently, researchers have shown that the main active ingredient in marijuana has the same impact as heroin on a key brain site that influences addiction to many drugs. The same researchers also found that abrupt cessation of long-term marijuana use causes the same kind of cellular withdrawal reaction in lab rats as that produced by other major drugs of abuse. As such, I see no reason to allow such a dangerous drug to gain greater acceptance in society, and the Federal government certainly should not be limited in its ability to enforce Federal drug laws.
    Again, thank you for contacting me. If I can be of further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to call on me.
    John Linder
    Member of Congress
    WASHINGTON, DC 20515-1007
    [Editor’s note: Thanks for taking part in the tried-n-true process of lobbying your elected officials on cannabis law reform. Stay on him! Encourage your like-minded friends, family and co-workers to contact him as well. He’ll be a tough nut to crack. As one can see, anti-cannabis members of Congress like Rep. Linder (R-GA) are locked into a modern form of Reefer Madness. Ask him if he’d ban alcohol and tobacco products if he is so concerned about all the supposed harms caused by vice? Ultimately, only the voting constituents from his district are going to be able snap him into reality, to let him know this is a political priority, as ‘all politics are local’.
    Again, thanks for taking the time and effort to contact your member of Congress and forwarding their reply. NORML’s working on publishing the lobby list online the staff uses in DC on the recently re-introduced cannabis decriminalization bill, and this important list is supplemented by letters forwarded to NORML by supporters.]

  7. I’m sure a record number of people would come out with approval if they would stop scaring the crap outta peeps with jail over a plant…

  8. My need for pain relief is great, yet all the pharmaceuticals I’ve been prescribed are proven to be addictive, causes liver damage, nausea, renal failure, impaired motor function, personality changes, accidents, lowered immune systems, respiratory failure, even death.
    I smoke pot. Off and on for forty years. I also served 5 yrs USNavy. Ran marathons,skydived, traveled extensively, earned 2 Associate’s degrees(made Dean’s list), raised 2 boys, coached soccer ect. I want to convey that I was never slowed up by pot!
    I have pain, can’t take the pills, and I live in Florida. Research proves pot is safer than the pharmaceuticals-therefore the pharmaceutical lobby in D.C. is $loud$. Our fires are hot for change. Spred your seeds, educate yourselves, speak up if you witness “reefer madness” & ignorance, use your vote.
    Most important—
    SUPPORT NORML … peace,Jeani

  9. How come there are so few rallies against prohibition? We should be out in the streets of every major city demanding change in our drug laws. Emails and phone calls are good, but they are a lot easier to ignore than thousands of people demanding an end to prohibition outside the White House.
    This is the only way our elected officials are going to take the movement seriously and realize it is more than just an internet fad.
    NORML, it’s on you to organize this.
    [Editor’s note: Are there really so few pro-cannabis reform protests in the US? Arguably, there are far more pro-cannabis protests in the US annually then there are pro-reproductive, anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-animal rights, pro-environmental and civil rights protests.
    What social cause and organization convenes or sponsors more pro-reform protests than NORML? PETA? Greenpeace? NRA? NAACP? No, NORML does more protesting than these other pressure groups. Ironically, some drug policy reform and so-called civil rights groups argue that NORML has too many protests…
    Since 1970, long before the advent of the Internet, NORML has held or sponsored hundreds of pro-reform rallies, and the organization will proudly continue to do so. Hundreds of thousands of Americans annually attend NORML-affiliated protests in cities like Boston, Denver, Seattle, Boulder, St. Louis, Portland, Madison, Ann Arbor, Austin, Orange County, Cleveland, Washington, D.C., etc…]

  10. The only thing I have to say is of course Fat Cats in suits will do anything, pay any one, say anything, to keep GOOD WORKING AMERICAN FAMILIES misinformed and frightened about marijuana. And another thing JOHN LINDER, you can keep throwing your “Gate way drug” and “Safety Of Our Children” card. It wont make it true. Stop worrying about a plant that GOD made and Appointed his children to use in anointing oil. You make me sick. Seriously. Cigarettes are legal and they kill every minute. Alcohol destroys lives and families. Marijuana…well, in case your ignorant, has killed No one. Stop wasting American Tax Payer Money on a Plant that is in no way harmful to adults and Focus on REAL issues. I smoke pot and PROUDLY. I have never committed a crime, never been in a fight, and never used ANY and I mean A-N-Y other drug. I’ve never even been curious. So to hell with your “Gate Way” bull and of course children shouldn’t use. But then again, when an American turns 18 they can Die for their Country but they can’t drink alcohol? Don’t worry though..go back to your mansion and let the American People fill your cup. I think I’m going to throw up.

  11. To Jerry Moler #4:
    “The Democratic Party Committee Abroad, otherwise known as Democrats Abroad, passed a resolution on April 25 recommending the legalization of marijuana in all 50 states. . . .”

  12. Wow you californians are pissed…IOUs huh. Cant blame ya for being pissed. The drug war eats up lots of money but they cant see the light. They have a 7 million dollar EMPTY monkey cage but cant see the light. They will cut schools,police, fire fighters(oh theres no need for fire fighters in cali) and they dont see the light. I hope you californians get so pissed that you start a wave of change that rolls right up to the steps of the white house and the capitol building. Go cali…

  13. We must continue to make contact with our leaders and give our heart felt requests . It will be more important as time goes by. We will be judged by what we say to them , and they will be judged by what they do or do not do for us and humanity. Elected officials can say I was just following orders….. God will not be amused.

  14. Greed,power,money,Greed,power,money,Greed,power,money,Greed,power,money,Greed,power,money,….when can we get off this ride? Its making me sick!!

  15. Michael Jackson would still be alive today if he had been doing marijuana instead of poppin pills!!!

  16. Congressman Linder gives a very good account of the many reasons which led him to conclude that prescription medications are better medicine than marijuana. Good for him. He is entitled to form his own opinion on the subject. The problem, however, is that Congressman Linder and others like him insist on imposing their own opinions and lifestyle choices on everybody else.
    Government has no right to infringe my personal privacy by dictating to me what medications I may or may not use. It isn’t a very far stretch that next they will want to control what I eat, how often I should exercise, and numerous other choices that are within my personal privacy. People should be responsible for running their own lives, rather than having the government run them.
    Marijuana prohibition, in fact all drug prohibition, is the antithesis of individual liberty, and all Americans should be ashamed of these oppressive policies.

  17. #22 Kev Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 4:40 am
    Michael Jackson would still be alive today
    if he had been doing marijuana instead of poppin pills!!!
    You stole the words right
    from my cerebral-cortex!!!
    – The saddest part of this sordid tale
    is that he resided in the Medical-Marijuana
    State of California,
    would have easily qualified upon basis of his
    worst medical-conditions,
    (lupus, chronic-pain, low-appetite, insomnia),
    yet, he never availed himself of the India Wondermint…
    (As far as I know…).
    Only if MJ had been vaping cannabis…


  18. This is supposed to be a Democratic nation ruled by the people. Why not put the whole legalization issue to ballot? A simple yes/no question; legalize or prohibit. No, that won’t work either. The politicians will never take a chance that they might actually lose to the majority of the people who GAVE THEM THEIR JOBS AND PAY THEIR SALARIES. The very people they are SUPPOSED to represent. Maybe it’s time to petition the Feds to put it to ballot anyway. At the least it would give accurate stats on Marijuana’s popularity.

    Representing or serving to represent We the People.
    Acting or speaking, by due authority, in the place or on behalf of We the People.
    A Martingale is the “Double Down Sequence”…1+1=2…
    2=2=4…4+4=8…8+8=16…and so on.
    How does it work?
    By the 21st sequence, the number will be over one million. If you start on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month, adding up one number each day, the number will be over ten million at the end of the month. If that doesn’t impress you to personally take non-violent action…nothing will.
    When we use a Martingale with “WORD OF MOUTH” it’s only a brief period of time before we achieve the objective.
    By me telling five(5) of my friends, and those five(5) friends telling five(5) friends…”THE WORD”…can spread like wild-fire…ad-infinitum.
    The only question is …1. What do we want to say that will cause saturation? 2. Who do we want to receive “THE WORD?”
    We want our elected “REPRESENTATIVES” to get the message…”Vote…YES…on medical cannabis…or…dig you own political grave.”
    Ive got my five(5) started!…how about you? Here’s your chance to make your words work. Just watch how fast it gets back to you.

  20. 18 R.O.E…Manny here!
    Who do you think started this campaign with HS 11362.5
    Follow our lead guys. California is the 5th largest nation in the world. We are the pack leader.

  21. Get behind Ron Paul, not only is he right on just about every issue, but he is the only politician I know calling for an end to the war on drugs.

  22. Paul, you say we need to get the republicans to realize that their constituents care as much about marijuana reform as they do about shrinking the size and scope of government like they are two different things. However, I think it would be more effective to show them that they are the same thing. Ending prohibition would shrink the size AND scope of government, giving the the citizens more of (their favorite word) freedom!!!

  23. It strikes me as odd that we can still hear the same TIRED propaganda about pot. That congressman still thinks its a gateway? Fuck him. I kicked a five year meth addiction with pot. Matter of fact pot was one of the last things i tried. To those of us who have done hard drugs we dont even classify it as a drug. Its laughable in its harmlessness. And yet they are still talkin propoanda from when i was school in the 80s? At leadt come up with new shit

  24. I would like to know if anyone has ever gotten a policy statement from either party that holds the position of lifting cannibus prohibition. Has anyone at NORML ever heard of anything like this from any party? As for demonstrations, I have attended many of NORML’s get togethers and for anyone who hasn’t, you need to go. They are extremely informative and you meet some of the coolest people on earth. I hope the good people of California see fit to lift prohibition. It will be the first place I go on vacation and spend my time and money. Please start the domino effect!
    [Editor’s note: Neither the Democrats or Republicans have formal, written positions specifically on cannabis. However, some state political parties, from both parties, have pro-reform planks with in their state platforms. However, generally speaking, both parties have been strongly supportive of cannabis prohibition from inception.]

  25. I think it is possible with effort and patience that within this year we could totally revamp the law on marijuana and get them thrown out or at least changed to legalization. The wheels have begun to take momentum and each and every one of us needs to help push the vehicle along by keeping others informed and speaking out for legalization. If someone doesn’t want to hear it because they have some personal problem with marijuana try to explain it to them in terms they can understand. I had a good friend and recently I asked him if he believed in marijuana legalization and he said no. My whole view of him changed. Don’t hang around people who are lame squares and are unable to expand their horizons, they will try to trap you in the same cage that they’re living in.
    It’s time to get up, stand up, to stand up for our rights.
    (>^_^)></////W~~~ excuse me while I light my Spliff!!!!

  26. P.S. I agree with # 2, Michael Jackson should have been smoking marijuana instead of popping opiates freely handed out to him with blatant disregard for his safety. I saw his rehearsal tape of the day before he died, there was no way he was frail; he died because this country thinks that pharmaceutical companies should make as much money as possible rather than let people take the greatest medicine in the world. Michael Jackson is a victim of the drug war and the drug laws. Our government actually advocates taking a serious dangerous substance rather than taking one of the most benign medicines known to man. And if anyone says any different they have a head up their asses and washing their colon with their tongue….
    Stop producing opiates, start producing phat sticky nugs. Free the medicine!!
    (>^_^)></////W~~~~~ Excuse me while I light my spliff!

  27. It shall come soon if we keep on doing what we are doing. I know for a fact that not every one started with marijuana matter of fact and in the field research has proven that majority of marijuana smokers started off with perscription and over the counter meds and other more dangerous substances and when in the field doing research people who were asked ” If marijuana was legalized and taxed and you happen to be a harder drug user would you quit using harder drugs?” 98% out of 100% replied with this answer ” No question about it . If they would legalize and tax marijuana that if I use/used a more dangerous drug would simply quit the harder drug and only use marijuana due to the facts that the harder drugs has more dangerous side effects and a person could even die from more harder drugs as well as man made pills of all kinds versus having to worry about harmful side effects from marijuana being marijuana is 10X more safer than even alcohol,tobacco and any pill that is known to man that I know of. I would openly in a hart beat quit using the harder drugs if marijuana was legalized and taxed.”
    Unlike how the prohibitionists who lie and provide false data to scare people I only deal with Facts that are true and simply present them to every one to help educate them. Now after I do that it is up to the individual to make their own decision how ever believe me or not I do not care being I know what is and is not true and simply provided the trueth and if no one likes the trueth or does not want to believe the trueth but wants to believe the prohibitionists and others lies so be it that is who ever listens to their BS has their rights. How ever they should also respect the rights of those who do know the trueth and want to have that decision as long as it does not harm any one and frankly marijuana use by an individual who decides to use it is harming no one unless they are stupid and doing marijuana while driving which in that case I and just about every other person on both sides of the fence believe that that persons rights should be treated just as that of a person who drinks and drives that indangers not only others lives but that of you and me. Kind of the same laws as alcohol should be the same if marijuana is legalized. This will prevent any problems and will save multi billions anually that is being spent on keeping marijuana illegal,in prisoning people for simple use and possession, Cort costs as well as wasting time from our police who can use their time to put away more violent offenders and dangerous substances such as cocain , Meth , Extacy etc…. , Not only that but can produce jobs in the bio fuel , production of fibers from the plant for clothing and other valuable resources . It can also help prevent terrorism , Pay off our nations debt, provide money towards our education as well as to help end violence and destruction like that in our national forests as well as take away the multi billions that is 60+% of the cartels annual profit . Their are a lot of reasons to legalize marijuana than keeping marijuana illegal. But hey do not take my word for it do the research and see for your self while keeping an open head and using logic . you will see that it not only can help our nation, Help the sick, and save multi billions to name just a few…. The keeping of marijuana illegal is doing way more harm to America than simply legalizing and taxing it which is not just logical but is also smart…. Marijuana Prohibition has never worked nor will it ever work it is a stupid war against the people of America and also violates American Peoples rights….. Think about it ….How would you feel if your rights were taken away?….. What would you do?……. This is all straight out facts no lies what so ever….. Now what you decide is up to you…. And when you decide on this is your call how ever “We the people” Shall keep fighting for what we know is right and that is not only for our rights as Americans but also for our freedom through ending this stupid fight of marijuana prohibition which should never have been.Time to end marijuana prohibition is now….. Lets make a positive out of an in just neg. that should never have been….. Lets keep fighting till we win…

  28. #33 Jerry Moler Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 10:27 am
    I would like to know if anyone has ever gotten a policy statement from either party that holds the position of lifting cannibus prohibition. Has anyone at NORML ever heard of anything like this from any party? As for demonstrations, I have attended many of NORML’s get togethers and for anyone who hasn’t, you need to go. They are extremely informative and you meet some of the coolest people on earth. I hope the good people of California see fit to lift prohibition. It will be the first place I go on vacation and spend my time and money. Please start the domino effect!
    [Editor’s note: Neither the Democrats or Republicans have formal, written positions specifically on cannabis. However, some state political parties, from both parties, have pro-reform planks with in their state platforms. However, generally speaking, both parties have been strongly supportive of cannabis prohibition from inception.]
    Though the Democratic Committee Abroad is in respects like a state Democratic party (it gets a certain number of delegates to seat at the national convention), it is an arm of the national Democratic party. Unless they don’t write down their resolutions, or this is just a fabricated joke, part of the national Democratic Party does have a formal position on the legalization of marijuana:
    #17 tensity1 Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 1:11 am
    To Jerry Moler #4:
    “The Democratic Party Committee Abroad, otherwise known as Democrats Abroad, passed a resolution on April 25 recommending the legalization of marijuana in all 50 states. . . .”

  29. The violence supporting anti-marijuana cartels in DC are
    spending big bucks keeping the bills decriminalizing or
    legalizing marijuana for medical use in committee,where they will probably die,without ever being read or voted on. It is the same tactic they have used since Barney Frank and others started introducing decriminalization studies and bills since 1984.
    And the reason you haven’t heard another word about a new
    medical marijuana policy from the DOJ probably comes from the same bank account. It took 4 months for the congress to ask about it,and still no response from the Attorney General. And when the AG announced that marijuana was a medicine,it should have changed the Schedule I classification,but that isn’t happening either.
    All these delays are a favorite ploy of big money and
    any actions by the congress they want stopped,or ignored.
    Only when we start voting out the people receiving those “gifts” and perks from the big business lobbies
    in DC will we get ant rue response out of congress and our elected officials.

  30. Now I know our leaders have lost thier minds. I just heard they are talking bout forcing americans to buy health insurance or they have to pay 1000$ or more in fines! How the hell is a person gonna pay the freakin fines if they cant pay for health insurance in the first place. Whats next? Jail if you dont pay the fine. We are in serious danger here people. This little hell they are creating is for us not them. Damned if we do damned if we dont.They are slowly lawing people right into a cage.

  31. Hold your local Pol`s feet to the fire for 2010. They need to know that your vote is for pot! Demo or Rep.

  32. “All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us.” Michael Jackson

  33. Maybe officials are just afraid of looking stupid. If they renounce their “War on Drugs” campaign and properly legalize marijuana, they would have to literally eat their own words. Don’t worry Fat Cat Suits! Free non-violent offenders and no one will judge you once they are all High!

  34. This republican Doctor/Florida State Representative is a hypocrite.
    Republicans are about state rights over federal. Doctors should always stay abreast of the latest studies, particularly, pain management, chronic disease, alternative options-
    marijuana shouldn’t be a political, let alone criminal issue.
    I think he has missed the point of being my representative, but there are others who do care and will act. And I vote!!
    RE: Please Legalize Marijuana
    Thursday, May 14, 2009 10:05 AM
    From: “Kreegel, Paige”
    Marijuana is covered by the United States Controlled Substance Act, a federal law, which State law cannot supersede. Even if we were to decriminalize marijuana in Florida, it would still be a federal offense to buy, sell smoke, cultivate, etc. marijuana. You would still be subject to the penalties set forth in the act and arrest by the Drug Enforcement Agency and prosecution in Federal Court.
    There are many issues where the Federal Government leaves the decisions to the individual States to determine what is best for their State. Drug policy is not one of them. We cannot legalize marijuana or any other drug as long as the federal prohibitions are still in place. In California, where they have legalized medical marijuana in the state, “clinics”, “pharmacies” and “patients” are routinely arrested and raided by the DEA. Even if we were to legalize (whether medically as in California, or recreationally) it here in Florida, we would simply be in the same position California is in, conflicting State and Federal laws where the Federal Government simply takes over enforcement.
    I appreciate that this is a very passionate issue for you, but I must once again assert that you need to talk to your United States Congressman and Senators and ask them to look into the Controlled Substances Act.
    Zachary Burch
    Legislative Aide
    Rep. Paige Kreegel
    District 72
    Punta Gorda Office- (941) 575-5820
    Tallahassee Office- (850) 488-9175
    Please note:
    Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials or staff regarding state business are considered to be public records and will be made available to the public and the media upon request. Therefore, your e-mail message may be subject to public disclosure
    From: Jeani
    Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 5:26 PM
    To: Kreegel, Paige
    Subject: RE: Please Legalize Marijuana
    Dr. K–Surely, with your education as a physician, you are capable of reading medical research and discerning government propaganda. Marijuana is not a narcotic, but the government executed the 1937 prohibitive anti-marijuana laws out of fear, not knowledge. These laws were founded on race and prejudice to control Mexican workers, Indians, and blacks. Please-it is time for the truth!!
    Another point you made all narcotics laws, including those pertaining to marijuana, are handled by the federal government. We are a government of the people with elected representatives, elected to work for the people!
    I hope your dismissal of prohibition is not genuine.
    It is an important local issue–If you don’t know of our judicial, correctional and crime issues -then you should not be a representive.
    I am insulted by you rote dismissal- thanks for all your time and compassion
    – On Tue, 5/12/09, Kreegel, Paige wrote:
    Subject: RE: Please Legalize Marijuana
    To: jeani
    Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 1:45 PM
    Ms M,
    Thank you for taking the time to write to my office. However, . Here in (my area) you should contact Congressman Tom Rooney or Senators Mel Martinez and Bill Nelson. Their offices will be the ones that can pas your concern on to the Legislators that deal with these federal issues.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to write to me and please feel free to contact me in the future.
    Paige Kreegel, M.D.
    State Representative
    District 72
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Jeani
    Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 1:36 PM
    To: Kreegel, Paige
    Subject: Please Legalize Marijuana
    Rep. Paige Kreegel
    Dear Representative,,
    It is understood that while marijuana has been essentially illegal since 1937, the prohibition of this plant has not worked. There have been studies done that prove it has medical uses, if it didn’t then the synthetic drug Marinol would not exist. It has also been proven that in recreational use it does less harm than alcohol.
    Please look at how much our government spends on trying to fight something that is of no threat to our society. Realize how many other ways that money could be spent to make this a stronger country. Also, look into how much more money the country would make through taxation, as it does with alcohol and tobacco.
    Don’t be afraid to stand up and say this to your fellow politicians. We, your constituents, are asking you to do this for us and for our country.

  35. #41 Nelson P. Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    “All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us.”
    Michael Jackson
    All TOO TRUE, Nelson!


  36. 43 jeani42 Re: Paige Kreegal/Zachary Burch
    1. If a schedule I Substance is shown to have current medical use…and…low potential for abuse…the Act requires that it be removed from schedule I…FEDERAL LAW/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ACT.
    2. Federal Law does not preempt a sovereign states law to control substances…Congress.
    Someone doesn’t even read the law…or…obey it!… especially the Data Quality Act, and the President’s Memorandum to Executive Dept. Heads and Agencies.
    And Zach…if you think for a New York minute you can intimidate We the People with broad public record law…public disclosure…media…or your own opinion (OPINION…are like assholes…everybody has one and they all stink)…think again. We the People have a better form of disclosure. Now!…we’re going to play a little game…and…I’ve got a little news flash for you…you’ve already lost. Take that with ya!…on Independence Day. It’s called “VIOLATION OF REPRESENTATION WITH WILLFUL AND MALICIOUS INTENT.”

  37. Jeani42,
    Thats an awesome exchange. Tell Paige Kreegel that its easier to be heard as 1 of 50 states than it is to be 1 of 303,824,640 people. I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep it up.
    Peace and Love,
    Tyler D.

  38. the world is moving to revolution..Shit is going to hit the fan if the opressors dont change there ways…the goverment is to be for the people and there will, not against us and only for special interest…your system will crumble and fail!
    how come canada isnt being threaten with nuclear war?
    because they mind there own fucking business!!!

  39. Please, take five minutes to respond to any response received from your local, state or fed politicians, no matter how rote or redundant it seems. They recognize action! They expect acceptance and submission. We give them their jobs with health and dental insurance, guaranteed pay increases, per diem, travel, pensions ECT. ECT. ECT…..
    They need to listen to us!
    I personally found Kreegel’s postscript regarding Florida’s Sunshine Law refering to any/all Public SERVANT’S discussions redundant.
    I’ve been extremely NORML since 1970. That’s not ILLEGAL!!
    Please get your grasroots seeded, watered, fertilized and LOUD!
    Take this issue seriously -NOW!
    Quit cussing about what’s happened.
    Let’ make our future happen!
    It’s up to you, & you, & you, & you

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