A Tale of Two Studies

For 35 years scientists have known that naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant possess potent and selective anti-cancer properties, a fact that I have documented extensively in previous writings here, here, and here.
Yet for more than three decades the scientific study of these anti-cancer effects has remained almost exclusively limited to preclinical in vitro (in a petri dish) and in vivo (in lab animals) analysis, rather than clinical (human) study. Why? A just published review in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology provides an answer.

Cannabinoid receptor ligands as potential anticancer agents – high hopes for new therapies?
abstract excerpt via PubMed
In recent years, CB receptor ligands, including Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol, have been proposed as potential anticancer agents. This review critically discusses the pharmacology of CB receptor activation as a novel therapeutic anticancer strategy in terms of ligand selectivity, tissue specificity and potency. Intriguingly, antitumour effects mediated by cannabinoids are not confined to inhibition of cancer cell proliferation; cannabinoids also reduce angiogenesis, cell migration and metastasis, inhibit carcinogenesis and attenuate inflammatory processes.

Sounds promising, huh? Well it is — that is, until you get to this:

The development of CB(2)-selective anticancer agents could be advantageous in light of the unwanted central effects exerted by CB(1) receptor ligands.

And just what are these terrible “unwanted effects” — effects so “problematic” that we must continue to forbid scientists from clinically studying the drug’s effects in cancer patients? I’ll let the authors explain.

“In terms of a potential therapeutic application the unwanted psychotropic effects mediated via CB1 could be a problem.”

You read that right. The ‘problem’ with cannabinoids anti-cancer abilities is that patients might temporarily feel better after they take them!
Now contrast mainstream science’s feigned concern with the so-called ‘unwanted effects’ of the natural cannabis ‘high’ with the actual side-effects of the pharmaceutical cannabinoid antagonist drug rimonabant (aka Acomplia), which was recently withdrawn from the European market because of the the drug’s link to depression and suicide.

The psychiatric side-effects of rimonabant
Experimental evidence has suggested that drugs that enhance cannabinoid type-1 (CB1) receptor activity may induce anxiolytic and antidepressant effects, whilst the opposite has been reported with antagonists. Thus, the objective of the present review is to discuss the potential psychiatric side-effects of CB1 receptor antagonists, such as rimonabant, which has been recently marketed in several countries for the treatment of smoking cessation, obesity and associated metabolic disorders.
… Patients taking CB1 receptor antagonists should be carefully investigated for psychiatric side-effects. These drugs should not be prescribed for those already suffering from mental disorders. Nevertheless, the development of new compounds targeting the endocannabinoid system for the treatment of several conditions would be necessary and opportune.

Let’s review shall we? Natural plant selectively kills cancer, but it may also get you high = “problematic.” Synthetic pharmaceutical drug short circuits the body’s natural endocannabinoid system and will likely make you depressed and suicidal = “opportune.”
Any questions?

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  1. Are they even reading there own studies. Come on my fellow partakers of the “Heavenly Herb”, we must stand up and stand up NOW.

  2. Feel good facists? That sucks. Ive had about my fill of some of these know it all, live in a labratory cave, out of touch with humanity scientists. No offense to fair and truthful smartguys

  3. “Any questions?”
    Yeah, when will people realize that big pharma is just a front for legalized addiction? I mean, holy cow – those pill ads clearly state all the possible side effects – some include SUDDEN DEATH. Marijuana compared to those FDA-approved drugs is like comparing clean air to the most tainted poisons – poison being those pills.
    Sometimes I’m saddened that so far this is the reality of things.
    But I have to keep my head up as well as everyone else. This is the BIGGEST fight to save our people right now. Keep up the fight keep up the fight! Fact and truth will set us free. Those who profit from the War on US Citizens will be held responsible soon enough.

  4. According to Rick Simpson, cannabis oil can be effectively used with no psychotropic effects at all.

  5. As some of you may know, the brain is a bit more absorbent and analytical when “high”. I am currently enjoying a joint after a very stressful week. I am reading this and cannot understand how anyone manipulates logic for bias reasons. Language is a very constricting thing. The hysterics that oppose the use of Cannabis use language to manipulate truth. In lamens terms, to lie. It is a pity.
    Whoa, check out the spelling and grammar. Is this a side-effect of being high?

  6. Which is the more potent cancer fighter, THC or Cannabadiol? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

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    BUT NOT the ON-TOPIC POST?????

  8. PART ONE:
    – The disasterous, dangerous, side-effects caused by
    cannabinoid-receptor ANTAGONIST Rimonabant
    only further emphasize the
    INTEGRAL-importance and interdependence of
    cannabis-compounds and the endo-cannabinoid-system.


    – Considering that Rimonabant CAUSES many of the
    medical and psychological conditions remediated by cannabis,
    shouldn’t it, NOT CANNABIS, be highly-illegal?

    – If this site’s software were functioning properly,
    I wouldn’t have to sequential-post a 15-line COMMENT

  11. @adle1984,
    I can personally tell you about the Highly Addictive Pharmaceuticals. I have heart problems and have to take a handful of the CRAP twice a day just to keep my heart healthy. Well guess what one of my Regular Meds is; Xanax. I have been taking it regularly since I had a heart attack and triple by-pass surgery in 2003. Over the last few months I have been slowly Weening myself off of them, and the fact of the matter is if the government would go ahead and legalize Marijuana so that it would be easier to obtain and LEGAL, I would immediately be able to stop taking this evil stuff all together. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be on certain meds. for the rest of my life, but it would be so much safer, healthier, and down right more relaxing if I could just relax with a joint or 3 every day. Please people, even if you are not a partaker, let WE THE PEOPLE, decide what is good for us. Let’s make the government stop this ridiculous war on a harmless and actually beneficial herb. If you don’t want to partake that is fine, but give Us our freedom.

  12. Is it blasphemy to say that “Marijuana” as a schedule one substance in the Control Substance Act of 1970 could be wrong? Do we really have to suffer because doctors must follow the DEA’s medical expertise. Since when did DEA has ever done any cancer research?

  13. Morphine makes you high, but that was never a consideration when it was researched and subsequently regulated.

  14. How could THIS be considered
    “the unwanted psychotropic effects mediated via CB1” ?
    Euphoria is medically recognized
    as an emotional and mental state
    defined as a sense of great elation and well-being…

    …The word derives from Greek ???????,
    “power of enduring easily…”
    – What is the PROBLEM with having the
    “power of enduring easily…” ???

  15. That is depressing and infuriating at the same time. What the HELL is wrong with the people writing that study?

  16. Steven,
    You say “legalize Marijuana so that it would be easier to obtain and LEGAL, I would immediately be able to stop taking this evil stuff all together’.
    What ever you do DO NOT stop taking Xanax immediately! Even if you are only taking a relatively small amount per day it is advised to reduce the dose VERY SLOWLY over a few weeks until you are only taking less then 20mg per day (or even less if you considering your prescription and how much you have while weaning yourself off the stuff)
    When I was diagnosed with a type of anxiety disorder (that was later found to be a psychotic disorder with schizoaffective features and personality disorder or Manic depressive disorder type (1 manic sever) I was prescribed Xanax (20mg 3 times daily). After only 3 months on this dose I moved. Since I moved to another state and had not retained a new primary Dr. before my prescription was in need of a refill I had to go to the ER for to get it refilled. The ER DR. told me that Xanax was only meant for light and/or short term use. This is true if one reads the Dr’s notes on this pharmaceutical. My new Dr gave me a weeks worth of Xanax and a prescription of Paxil (which I found later only exaggerated my mania, as do all antidepressants). He gave me no other details of the changeover process. I proceeded to take the Xanax until it was gone and the started taking the Paxil. Within 2 days I was having horrible symptoms such as the shakes, heart palpitations and an all over feeling that caused me to think I was dieing. I thought this was a reaction to the Paxil. It wasn’t! It was the withdrawal symptoms of stopping the Xanax cold turkey. I was told by my now retained primary Dr that many people DIE from Xanax withdrawals and that I was lucky I hadn’t. Keep in mind this was only after taking 60mg of Xanax a day for 3+ months. So please don’t just stop taking it. Wean yourself off it VERY slowly.
    Thank goodness for cannabis! It is the best medicine I have ever taken for my disorder and will never have to tell anyone such a horrible story about it like I just did about a KILLER like Xanax!

  17. If prohibition were lifted many new medical applications could be developed. Many new treatments might be found and numerous new extracts would be developed that might help prevent cancer. Medical schools are not allowed to research cannabis now due to it’s schedule 1 status (no medicinal value). I think in the future many new very good things will come from cannabis. Let the research begin.

  18. It is so depressing to think that to any politician the fear of being labeled as pro-drug or soft on drugs is more important than simply talking and debating making this substance legally available or providing funding for its research. How many lives could be improved and extended? This is America. Why can’t we have an adult discussion about cannabis?

  19. this is the paradox I struggle with daily. As a psychologist I am confronted almost daily with clients taking antidepressants that half the time do little to improve mood, often only for a while before tolerance kicks in and the client needs an “adjustment,” meanwhile they can be gaining weight, lose their full range of emotions, experience fatigue and lack of motivation, and put themselves at risk for diabetes, and all for what?
    This is what we’re encouraged to put in our bodies? And yet with all the research on the relative safety and efficacy of cannabis, the government has a hair up it’s butt about “drug use.”

  20. As pharmaceuticals are dispensed (usually) in milligrams, perhaps it would be beneficial to begin a discussion on the amount of marijuana one might use on a regularly scheduled basis.
    For example, I use 1/4 gram (+/-) per day (a “joint” weighs about a gram) for depression and ADHD. In pharma-speak, that’s 250 mg QD. I space it out throughout the day, usually 1/3 upon rising, 1/3 early afternoon, and 1/3 in the evening.
    Just a thought… evolving as it is…
    Thanks, NORML, for all you do.

  21. Also, how best to ingest? Some ailments might call for vaporization, other ailments benefit more by oral ingesting.

  22. The thing that I finnd funny in all of this is that is some how suprises people that ” they” would do the right thing. Only when it makes them more rich do “they” condider change.

  23. SO wht i get outta this story is those tht smoke could possibly be fighting off potential cancer cells? Correct me if im wrong.

  24. Good gawd here we go again!! HYPOCRASY ABOUND!! Unwanted side effect? Oh I get it,it must make you feel like shit like all other pharmacuticals. Why would anyone in thier right minds take something that wouldnt make you feel good. I for one know how these pharms are. Damn anti-deppressants I was on some time ago really shouldnt be on the market. seems synthe meds all are like that. Oh cannabis is bad ? ya ok and the moon is made of cheese,synthsised cheese none the less.

  25. #19 about xanax, Dont ever try stopping effexor cold turkey either, side effects are terrible.

  26. HA,Ha, I use spell-check too. The grammar must be just you or the voice in you’re ear. OK, Listen to this. Cannabis, is an integral part of our body, This is because, we, as human’s, have been partaking of this, “GOD”, Given, Plant, For FOOD, And to use, As a product of our Existence! FOR ALL TIME, and till END of TIME. SO SAYETH, “HE” THAT IS “I AM”. LORD YOUR “GOD”. In whatever language you want to use, in whatever country you want to chose. It’s all the same, when you really get down to it, Just a few minor ritual differences, That really don’t count, In, THE BIG PICTURE, In the END, Now does it. As A PEOPLE, WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER, for, WHAT IS TRULY RIGHT. If we don’t then we might as well lay down and be trodden on and die, that’s what is happening, right now. I’LL POST IT AGAIN AND AGAIN,I’M TAKING THIS MONTH,”OFF”. TOGETHER WE STAND, divided, WE FALL!!! PEACE!!! AL…

  27. OH, Just to let all to know. I’m not rich. I’m a struggling mechanic, Trying to deal with this slow economy, Just like the rest of the middle to lower class of citizenry in this messed up Country, We try to “live” in today. Let “GOD”, Guide your Conscious, All, Will be good, In you, And yours. “GOD”, BLESS THOSE THAT ARE WILLING TO GIVE ALL, FOR “HIM” AND “HIS” NAME!. PEACE!!! AL…

    when you order a cup of coffee with sugar? You get a caffeine and sugar rush…a stimulant. Has anyone ever witnessed caffeine withdrawls. Try it, you won’t like it!
    when you put a liitle Irish Cream or Tia Maria in your coffee. You’ve compounded your upper with alcohol. It’s not getting any better. You’re a snowball headed for hell.
    you’ve just fininshed your dinner, and have a whole night of dancing ahead of you at your cheers. Oh hell!lets do some meth, crack, extacy, or some Rx upper, so you don’t crash at the hour of performance.
    You’ve got more trouble than you can handle.

  29. Thank God you can still get Nitrus at the Dentists office to help with the Pain. I sure hope that in the Heaven they get to that GOD says so you made it up here, well I’m affraid that you can’t handle too much joy so Ill give you a shit sandwich for 72 years and get back with you at that time. All for your own good you see. These Politicians and Puppet Scientists are just such gestapo lying , stealing , and killing all in the name of greed. Keeping things from you that heal you and make you feel better is proof that they are children of their father the Devil. The Lord Jesus Christ reward them richly for their deeds, IN HELL!!!!!

  30. This Tale of Two Studies is truly disturbing and sickening. To think that the pharm companies can do this terrible injustice to the American people makes me want to throw up! The founding fathers of our great nation have to be turning in their graves right now expecially considering that most of them were hemp farmers and its even more crazy that industrial help is still illegal but that’s a total different subject all together. The herb is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am an artist (singer song writer bass player and I paint) and I have several health problems that the grass helps me with (for example I had a horrible asthma problem and literally since I started smoking I completely stopped my medications and have not had an attack since even though I smoke a pack of cigs a day). And the heaven sent grass cures me and helps me with all of it its like it was meant for me. Also the other thing I love about it is that things in Austin TX have been really dry lately (which was actually convenient because I have to pass a piss test tomorrow god I hate MJ’s current illegal status) and I have not smoked in a solid month (30 days and counting god im bored LOL) but I have been totally fine, I have been having no withdrawal symptoms at all I am sleeping fine eating fine and I am better then I have ever been! And I was smoking over 3 grams a day which to most people that smoke is a ludicrous amount and I did that for 4 years strait. To think that musclecarfreak from 19 is having horrible withdrawal problems from a pharm drug that anyone can get legally or illegally makes me question this countries sanity. All I want as an American citizen is to be able to have the freedom to use the MJ without the fear of being thrown in jail, losing my job, or destroying my family (I have kids too). Isn’t freedom and the pursuit of happiness what our great country stands for? I see serious problem here.
    -Forever frustrated,
    Mike H
    (At least until our great country uses some common sense)

    illustrating God’s name, indicationg that “God has given us green herb for meat-food.” I assume that this “FACT” is an expression from “DIFFERENT RELIGIONS”
    …but at the same time…is a monotheistic view. “We all” do not believe in the same religion, or follow the same prophets…however…”we all” believe in the same creator (except non-believers). I refer to God as “L” the original biblical name for our creator. I also believe “TO EACH HIS/HER OWN.”
    Regardless what religion one practices devotion to…there is a “COMMON FAITH” that is contained in the scriptures of each religion. These are the six verses found in Genesis…and…as they are “THE WORD OF MY CREATOR”…they mean as much to me as the rest of the scriptures.
    Genesis I:11,12…where God “CREATES” his/her gift for us, Genesis I:29,30,31…where God “GIVES” his/her gift to us, Genesis IX:3…where God reaffirms his/her gift to us.
    If one believes in our creator, and that he/she “L” has given us his/her gift of meat-food-Manna as Holy Sacrament for Communion, we who believe as such, can all gather “AS ONE…ONE VOICE…ONE FAITH (not religion). To each his/her own religion…but…to all…their own FAITH.
    that reject this concept…even call it blasphemous…
    but…as life itself is 50/50…there are equally as many that would shout Hallelujah!…and…we are
    “RELIGION FOR CANNABIS”…and…we will not be denied.
    Today is Sunday, and I am with my “L”.

  32. I am very sensative to drugs. I can only drink one alcoholic beverage without an instant headache, fever and nausea. After one surgery I was given morphine and hallucinated so vividly that I sat up in bed and damaged my stitches…they ended leaving a bottle of Tylenol 3 beside the bed to take as I needed instead. Recently I was put on hydrocodone. Max I could take was 1/2 every 4 hours. After a couple of days I was hallucinating so I switched to Ibuprofen except for 1/2 pill of hydrocodone at night…long story. I still kept dozing off at work the next day so now I just take one aspirin at bedtime and to heck with worrying about the night pain.
    I cannot smoke in my current life situation but would for pain, spasms, if I could. Smoked it years ago for migraines…doctor had been giving me a shot of Demoral every episode but that knocked me out for hours and limited my mothering…and my migraines stopped completely after only a few months of trying it. I attribute it to the cannibus. Never made me sick and I just seemed to naturally smoke what I needed then stop, so no hallucinations. Maybe when I’m old and retired and in serious pain the reefer madness mindset will have given way to sensible use by responsible adults.
    OK…the main point…I have never hallucinated on MJ like I did with doctor given Morphine or Hydrocodone. Seriously, what BS!

  33. #31 al menefee Says:
    July 18th, 2009 at 6:10 pm
    “…Listen to this.
    Cannabis, is an integral part of our body…”
    I agree.
    This point MUST be emphasized as often as possible.
    Prohibition of cannabis is denial of a key, botanical-components of LIFE.
    Like…outlawing WATER!!!

    1. Essential or necessary for completeness;
    constituent: The kitchen is an integral part of a house.

  34. #31 al menefee Says:
    July 18th, 2009 at 6:10 pm
    “…Listen to this.
    Cannabis, is an integral part of our body…”
    I agree.
    This point MUST be emphasized as often as possible.
    – Prohibition of cannabis is denial of KEY,
    botanical-components of LIFE.
    – Considering the essential, biological-roles
    of cannabinoids…their present prohibition
    can be likened to
    outlawing WATER!!!

    1. Essential or necessary for completeness;
    constituent: The kitchen is an integral part of a house.

    PROHIBITIONISTS find out that the human body manufactures two thiings all by itself. One is…1 ounce of alcohol per day. The other is…YOU GOT IT.
    I wonder what the POT-PHOBIC PROHIBS are going to do with that piece of information. God didn’t give us an endo-cannabinoid system to just sit there and do nothing.
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it PROHIBS!

  36. Ok. So many parts of this that need light on this subject. Research has been done on this for decades now. Animals (mammals) have been in these studies (since day one). There is always a reason when mammals are studied. To overall see if the test substance (marijuana), used on the test subject (mammals) will effect the subject in a positive or negative way, and thus to someday be used on mankind (people like you and I).
    These (real) studies all conclude the same, time after time, cannabis is a safe plant. And now it CAN CURE CANCER. The best kind of cure (to not get it at all)! What are they (Government) thinking? And all the money that can save the crippling economy? Come on!
    We need this! It’s not like Tobacco (cause cancer – PROVEN), and Alcohol can also cause many problems for mankind and has it’s own health problems, yet in almost the ENTIRE world is legal for those whom are of the legal drinking age. Alcohol has more problems with it than cannabis ever did (the truth).
    Can we give cannabis a chance in this country? It’s been way too long enough. It will do every adult whom decide to take it more positive effects than negative and that’s been proven!
    Bryan Wilson

    I haven’t found any studies that claim a “CURE” for cancer. I have found studies that claim that cannabis “STOPS THE GROWTH” of cancer cells. Then, all you have to do is “REMOVE THE BLOOD SOURCE” to the cancer.

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