Meet Obama's Drug Czar, Same As The Old Czar

Yes, we know that the Drug Czar is required by law to lie, but given the abysmally low standards set by Gil Kerlikowske’s predecessor we certainly expected better than this.

Drug czar: Feds won’t support legalized pot
via The Fresno Bee
The federal government is not going to pull back on its efforts to curtail marijuana farming operations, Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, said Wednesday in Fresno.
… “Legalization is not in the president’s vocabulary, and it’s not in mine,” he said. … “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.”

Most folks visiting this blog ought to recognize Kerlikowske’s first bit of hyperbole; after all, this isn’t the first time the Czar has admitted to possessing a severely limited vocabulary. It’s Kerlikowske’s second allegation — an outright lie — that truly has people flabbergasted. And with good reason.
Hundreds of scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals now document the therapeutic utility of cannabis. That’s why thirteen states, encompassing more than 25 percent of the US population, have legalized the physician-supervised use of pot. To add insult to injury, the Drug Czar was visiting a medical marijuana state (California) when he made his asinine remark.
Then again, the Kerlikowske is stunted by his limited vocabulary. So perhaps he is unable to read the findings of the hundreds of studies presently available in the scientific literature. But is that any excuse to deny what is taking place in front of his eyes?
For instance, a new study published in the Journal of Opioid Management just days prior to Kerlikowske’s foot-in-mouth speech affirms:

“Clearly, there is a growing acceptability of the therapeutic practice of medicinal cannabis use amongst organized medicine groups. … Estimates indicate that in 2008, approximately 7,000 American physicians have made such authorizations for a total of approximately 400,000 patients.”

So which is it Gil? Are more than 7,000 US physicians really all just snake-oil salesmen? Are 400,000 US patients actually just suffering from one massive placebo effect? Or are you sir, just like your predecessor, simply full of sh*t?

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  2. I think anyone that gets involved with the government is sworn to obey the rules of a secret warlock council that will eat their family if they don’t. I really really hate politics..I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can make a decision for the people based on what “others” may think..Really it doesn’t matter what these assholes think, this is our country and they work for us, the more we push the more they have to listen.

  3. ive been hearing all this stuff about ‘Bluedogs’ today on TV, and im wondering… who are our “Greendogs” so to speak in the house and Senate. and we need to get them on TV more. why havn’t barny frank and ron paul and all the other co sponsers to that 100 gram bill call like a major TV press conference… they are running out of health care stuff to talk about on TV. you parade those guys out on tv together and other reps standing behind them… it’ll be the number one talking point for weeks.
    TV is the answer. Its easy to manipulate public opinion. this is obvious, you just need to convince people the end of prohibition and near and everybody starts to beleive it. Just spread a giant rumor that the prohibition is coming to an end… and next thing you know sarah palin is Tweeting about bong rips and BAM, we got a national discussion.
    ~smoke em if you got em.

  4. The Drug Czar is just a better terminology for Drug Lord.
    Importing and distributing drugs is their main business and they need to keep it illegal to keep competition down and prison populations up.
    They’ve been caught shipping in tons of drugs as “Military” cargo since the 80’s and they need this farse War to continue in order to justify and continue to receive the $40B annual budget. (and thats just for the drug war) Watch video “Great White Hope”
    They make money on both sides of the deal. It couldn’t be sweeter!!!
    It’s all about business and economics……$$$$$$$!!!!
    Money, Greed and Power – It’s the Good Old American Way!!!

  5. I’m beginning to feel violent and angry. Everytime a douchenozzle like this talk the end result is an unjustifiable, egotistical, power struggle, at the expense of the American Dream.

  6. Anonymous Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at @ # 48:
    Ya have you heard that Alaska just filed for sovienty couple days ago? How many states is that now? I think this should be a clear message to the federal government. Hello you morons in government, we the people dont like nor want what you are doing!

  7. #49, You do know that the 7 Hemp-legal states don’t actually produce any, right? Just like cannabis, it’s still illegal under federal law, and because of that, farmers aren’t going to start up a crop just yet.
    It’s just nice to have the state-regulated law in place for when it is made legal, by the OCTA ( or some other way.

  8. Hey DEA, guess what? We’re still toking!
    Marijuana will always thrive. That’s one truth that will always stand tall. As much as you try, marijuana will always be here.

  9. If it has to be law enforcement for that position, why not Jack Cole? If this one hasn’t figured out or won’t face the problem of prohibition, it’s time to demand a new czar?
    We need problems fixed, not more of the same bad ideas, Gil.

  10. Hey nice work Mr Obama Brown nose Flunky FUCK! FU ! Were gonna throw all you maggots OUT SOON ! You And all your Acorn maggot friends ! MO-fos !

  11. this guy has to go…NOW!!!!!!!!!
    obama too if he continues to be so ignorant to the implication to society by continuing the prohibition on cannabis & hemp.
    Ron Paul 2012, i suggest Obama to be his VP ticket, he has some learning to do from the wise one.

  12. Marijuana is dangerous…..hmmm
    I think he needs to let us know why this is and not just say it because that’s his opinion.

  13. okay folks, please don’t get angry with me because I have to yell…WAKE THE FUCK UP…Take this Cannabis situation; experienced users can easily see through the lies and propaganda that our federal government continues to support and promote. Now what about all the other issues, like new rules/laws that will enhance the corporation and the prison/police state, while taking more personal freedoms away from us citizens,etc…that we don’t know anything about? (Hate crimes bill, cap and tax, health care, expanded war on terror etc…..) Like what have the “banksters” done with all the money? Notice how quickly the Federal gov is trying to get bills passed? Not even reading what’s in the bills they are about to pass laws on? (When it comes to Cannabis, however, we have to spend forever debating a lie) More than incompetent, I believe these people are criminals. This is how our fed gov is working? What makes you think these prohibitionists will do anything…like read new information which would dispel myths about Cannabis?
    I woke up after being laughed at by the Harvard lawyer this past February. It was from this site that I clicked on a link to the movie “The Obama Deception”
    It hurt to see how I was duped; I was an Obama Zombie who fell for the “bait and switch”. After, I started to listen to alternative internet tv/radio/news shows, and day by day, I began to see through the propaganda of the elites’ agenda, more of what I considered to be truth. It really hurts to accept the fact that our government was involved in 911. I’m waiting for the gov to tell the truth. It’s amazing how many of our freedoms were/are currently under attack, many based on the fear of terrorism. I’m 58 y/o…thought I was a “hippy” in the 60’s, but now realize I was a “truther.” Very hard to get the truth from mainstream media at present. Once I woke up to the hypnotic brainwashing coming through the TV, I realized this isn’t the place for truthful info…just reinforces the status quo…which the corporate wall street “banksters” (offshore international links…where’s the $$$ ?) ultimately control our information and what the debate will be.
    Sorry for the rant…Cannabis has been my medicine for a very long time…some cop telling me it has no benefit is is is is as laughable as Bin Laden hiding in a cave planning to come attack my way of life. No, there are plenty of others, right here in America, in plain sight, hiding in/behind the white house…called our government that is attacking my way of life. Free the Cannabis plant…just say NO to any federal tax these criminals want to impose. What’s the Fed going to do with the $$$…pay fiat currency debt to the offshore banksters ?…maybe we could buy some new drones to bomb suspected terrorists in civilian areas to create more instability in Pakistan ? Big problems brewing folks…and these fuckers want to continue the lies, and actively try and keep you from the truth.Big storm coming: everyone needs to start paying attention and start preparing…..

  14. Now we have the most liberal staff we’ve ever had and still no change. Hahaha, liberal…that’s funny. Is it time to relocate to another country where personal freedoms are appreciated & acknowledged?

  15. I think everyone at the Seattle Hempfest this year should yell out over and over again, “Fuck this Guy!!!

  16. This guy is pathetic, John Walters the second is what he sounds like to me. It looks like we the people are the last hope, as obviously our elected officials don’t give a flying **** about helping this country in any way.
    Him and the president can’t even get on the same page about medical marijuana, so how in the world can we trust them to fix this horrible law against the patients and help them, and actually do something productive to help the United States before we go into another depression?
    I’ve just about lost all faith in this administration for any type of positive “change.” Well, hopefully we can get Ron Paul elected in 2012 and get our freedom and this country back.

  17. uh…let me ponder for a moment…our federal gov. is telling us that Cannabis is dangerous and has no medicinal value…while at the same time they show their allegiance to GMO food and Monsanto by appointing their new US Food Safety czar, former Monsanto lobbyist Michael Taylor. The story starts, “The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is no joke.” Hey folks…time to wake up…see the “corporatocracy” for what it is in America. Fuck you…I don’t eat your food anymore anyway…but I have to stay on my toes because there are laws being introduced to force us all to eat it anyway….and folks , just one more of many to add to the hypocrisy…time to pay attention…This is not a joke!

  18. I know many people that prefer cannabis and its safety compared to liquor. But due to there job and the lies about cannabis they have no choice. I would rather my children have free choice. Liquor killed my father and his father I do not drink. It will kill you and I tell my son this and the fact it is addictive…

  19. for those who aren’t aware of what’s happening with the food supply please see: see what others around the world are doing to ban Monsanto from their countries…and we the enlightened ones…just put this guy in charge of food safety….hahahahahahahaha…yea…right, Cannabis is dangerous…hahahahaha Monsanto, the food for the sheeple…Obummer Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama…what a puppet you and crew really are!!!


  21. I can’t afford moving to a friendlier state, or out of this country for that matter. I would, because sometimes when things are too broken, they just can’t be fixed. This issue is one of those times. At least I can say I didn’t vote for Obama….
    Dr. Ron Paul in 2012, or at least someone JUST like him!

  22. Both sides of our College educated family think he is an ignorant fool. A majority of Americans support the legalization and taxation of pot. It was never banned for health reasons in the first place, they had an immigration problem in the Southwest due to Mexicans bringing pot across the border…so a few officials decided the way to control the immigration was to ban pot, then came the entire ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda campaign. This was documented in detail on The History Channel. Millions die each year from alcohol and cigarettes, even 10,000 people die each year from over the counter Asprin, yet no one has EVER died from pot. It is a 100% organic plant that grows naturally. When are these people going to put their Political agendas aside and listen to the people??! It might be that time for all of us to start throwing handfulls of seeds along road side tree lines and let nature do its thing.

  23. I am not sure that voting (president) has much importance anymore. Who are we going to vote for? Who are they going to let us vote for? Who do the people we vote into office really answer to? The people we need to vote into office don’t have a chance against the $$$ machine of our one party system…with two divisions calling themselves the democrats and the republicans. Just a two headed snake with a long neck, so its hard to see the true body. The last president that really spoke out died in Dallas in Nov 1963. WARNING: Beware of people offering you a flu shot…even if our Drug czar tells us its safe.

  24. I saw nothing about being required to lie as director of the ONDCP, but I’m no lawyer, and I’m not about to try to become one. That said, maybe Gil is still on our side . . .
    His past history has shown him to be reasonable and fairly open-minded. Maybe he’s saying this because most people know it to be a lie, that marijuana does have medical value. Maybe he’s going to continue to say such lies, and even bigger whoppers, to show the illogic and absurdity of it all. This could actually galvanize the public to cut through the shit (look at this board, for instance).
    He should say that smoking mj will cause women to grow three testicles and turn white christians into black muslim terrorists. Really far-out stuff for fear-mongering effect to keep legalization at bay.
    He may be required to lie, but who knows what the “unintended” consequences of his earnest fear-mongering will be. Plus, there’s nothing that says that he can’t tell some truths as long as he “deems” (maybe he’ll be really bad at deeming) it isn’t helping any legalization efforts. Some nice juxtaposing of fact and fiction just might help to further sane policy and create an honest director out of Gil. I’m sure he’d like nothing less. Are you listening, Mr. Kerlikowske?

  25. Sorry, Legalization isn’t going to happen and I’ll die from drinking alcohol to relieve my chronic pain.

  26. I’m with “19-rm 11:55pm” their personal and individual preference and belief is not relevant, WE THE PEOPLE will decide, based on FACTS, SCIENCE AND RESEARCH.

  27. First of untill the Drug Czar is diagnosed with a disease like cancer or AIDS i dont think he should say it has no medicinal value when tons of patients say it does and so do doctors. Secondly i dont understand why legalization is not in there vocabulary the past three presidents and probably more have had i have smoked weed in there vocabulary (and our current one has tried harder more dangerous ones). Marijuana being illegal is all due to fiction and personal interest. Its time to face the facts marijuana is not dangerous!

  28. I agree with ZZ, alchohol has caused so many deaths, yet marijuana still has such a bad image. Marijuana has caused no related deaths, yet every time I turn on the news, another college student is dead due to overdrinking and alchohol poisoning. The drug Czar should really reconsider, since marijuana does exhibit some positive effects. We have finally made steps legalizing medical marijuana in close to 12-13 states. We do not want to lose this progress by listening to this guy. Futher more if marijuana is so bad and dangerous why am i going into college with 30 credits and starting as a sophmore?

  29. Next time…try not voting for republicans or democrats!
    They are the same, only different.
    Maybe we should all turn ourselves in and flood the legal system. (just kidding!)

  30. #110 Randy702 Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at 2:48 pm
    “…You do know that the 7 Hemp-legal states
    don’t actually produce any, right…?”

    – Yes, Randy,
    I’m all too aware of this…
    – Legal HEMP growing in the states
    which have approved it, is contingent upon the
    cooperation and approval of the DEA,
    two traits which this federal-agency is SORELY-LACKING!!!

    “It’s just nice to have the state-regulated law in place
    for when it is made legal, by the OCTA (
    or some other way.”

    – From what I’ve read in the text of the proposed initiative,
    cannabis would be made legal following voter-approval of OCTA,
    since it closely conforms to international law, superceding U.S. federal law.


  31. #87 Ray Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at 12:05 pm
    “I’ve seen several comments on this blog referring to the cancer research that has shown cannabis has a TON of potential for real advances in the fight against cancer. As a Christian, I firmly believe that the people who know the truth, who have the power to make real change at the top, but continue the war on cannabis will have to answer for their SINS.”
    RE: When???
    I hate waiting for
    perpetrators-in-authority to
    ‘get theirs’…

    (Even though 70 years is but 1 2/3 hours
    on God’s time-scale: 1000 years = 1 day).

  32. Rob dizzle said something about decriminalize first i say SCREW THAT…
    the cannabis & HEMP need to grow people! we want responsible growers and access providers making the profits in the supply and consumption chain.
    not mexican cartels & cops paid overtime to raid cannabis farms of cash & little flowering girls. get over it nation.
    OBAMA WAKE UP TO EVERY RECENT POLL CONCERNING CANNABIS. Now take your power to educate the masses on both HEMP & the actual stats & power of cannabis. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Have Ron Paul help explain everything for you.

  33. come out of the closet cannabis users!
    and get as many virgins stoned as possible, or at least argue with them the rational expediency of our NATIONAL PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE.
    &HEMP 2!

    this makes me sick that our nation is so greed that they have patented cannabis. obviously they are convinced it has medical value.
    but for now the greedy prisons, DEA, & judicial system make too much money. the BIG PHARMA, TOBACCO, PAPER, ALCOHOL COmpanies make too much money as do their congressman funded via the respective lobbyists. we’re not taking it anymore.
    yes we cannabis & HEMP 2010 throughout the americas.

  35. it is time for CALIFORNIA TO SECEDE as we are about to go bankrupt.
    the government isn’t going to bail us out? they are going to sentence our cannabis users to jail? DEA GO AWAY. we’ll take all immigrants currently here. let any 1,2, 3, or 4 humans get consenually married. mind ‘YOUR OWN GOD’s DAMN’d” business as to what is going on consensually behind closed doors.
    in our wonderful new nation we’ll even let the little kids eat HEMP CEREAL. but as long as they are 18 they can cultivate and consume cannabis & ALCOHOL. they already do in HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE now they’ll just do it a little more moderately & intelligently.
    if we really want to lessen crime our new nation will BAN GUNS as well. let the cops run around flaunting there tazers they seem to love so much.

    “I am a prod native Californian and Angeleno.”
    This is a “defining moment in time” for our great sovereign State of California. We the People of the sovereign State of California have declared that we will uphold the unobstructed rights provided for in the Compassionate Use Act/SB420. Additionally, we are determined to recognize medicinal cannabis as a Health and Human Services juridiction.
    “In life…if you stand your ground…you get what you want.”

  37. Who benefits from prohibition? I tell you who. Drug cartels. Follow the money people…there is only one reason why cannabis is illegal. Money. Do you folks honestly believe our politicians give a shit if pot is illegal? Not as long as someone with enough money tells them to keep it that way.

  38. I think the only thing that has NO VALUE AND And is hazzardous to your health , is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ! Hey …..Whats that sound ?………….. Its A BIG Collective FUCK YOU UNCLE SAM FROM THE PPL !!! WWWWWWSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTT ……….AHHHHHH!!!!!

  39. Here’s my take if you’ve scrolled down this far. Obama is trying to get an enormous health care plan passed. He is going to need to make some consessions to the big pharmaceutical giants to even begin to get it through. These companies have probably made it clear that they do not want the federal gov’t to say anything but zero tolerance to pot or President O can take his plan and shove it. Just a thought.

  40. It seems to me, that no one follows the money or the power far enough. Keep going with that until you get there…and then…it would be a good idea to keep to youself. Governments, cartels, pharma-beasts, religious prohibs, all prohibs, mean nothing to them. You may have real fear going down that path, and you would have good reason to have fear.

  41. Obama is trying to please everyone right now. and is not pleaseing anyone. Marijuana reform is an target to dismiss at this point. We got him elected an when 2012 the GOP will be back in power if Obama does not wake up now.

  42. I’m more than disappointed by the sudden turn around of the new Czar.
    Many of us thought that Obama would lighten things up and pay more attention to science.
    Unless something gets changed with the feds, we can look forward to more raids when he leaves office.

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