Rolling Stone: Drug Czar Kerlikowske's 'Striking Reversal' On Marijuana

Kerlikowske Finds Ideology

7/24/09, 12:34 am EST
This is a major disappointment:
Obama’s drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske hit the road this week to rail against the perils of pot:
“Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit,” he said at an appearance in Fresno, California.
This is a striking departure from what Kerlikowske told me in an interview in May.
Because of the restrictive terms the Vice President’s office imposed on our interview, I’m not at liberty to quote the drug czar directly.
But when I asked Kerlikowske for an example of how he hoped to bring sound science back to Office of National Drug Control Policy, he told me that science would answer whether smoked marijuana has any medical benefit.

That’s a question that science answers, he told me, not ideology.

From this week’s comments, it appears it took just two more months on the job for Kerlikowske’s openness to scientific uncertainty to snap shut in a fit of ideological conviction.
Tim Dickinson

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  1. I know this is off topic. Please allow it.
    Please write a letter to your senators and congressmen to not vote for the HR 2454 bill, the Wwaxman-Markey climate and energy bill. It will be a disaster for our economy. BTW: I notice that (R) Representative Mark Kirk supports this bill. I am familiar with this guy, he is an absolute idiot and a crooked politician. I would oppose this bill solely on that basis.
    Go here to read more about this.

    Merda taurorum animas conturbit.
    Non grdus anus rodentum.
    Vescere bracis meis.
    and cannabis advocates
    Illegitim non carforundum.
    Bullshit baffles brains.
    Not worth a rats ass.
    Eat my shorts.
    and cannabis advocates
    Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  3. Wow. Amazing how I got singled out because I’m “Libertarian” (NOT once did I say that. I am politically conservative being anti- war, in favor of a balanced budget, cutting spending in just about every sector of government, anti- gun control and am socially liberal meaning do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone, cause financial loss to anybody, and don’t hurt the environment). That is the TRUE role of federal government according to our founding fathers. I have NO affiliation with ANY political party. If that makes me sound libertarian, so be it. I didn’t always think that way, but through educating myself and actually paying attention to what’s going on have I come to my belief system. I don’t affiliate myself with large groups because a lot of people talk a good game, but unless you are there you have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Politicians are driven by polls, not issues. Let me amend my statement. Now is not the time to be good Democrats, Republicans, Reform Party members, Libertarians, etc etc etc, it’s time to be good Americans.
    You completely missed my point. I don’t care what you are politically. Your argument just proves my point… You are letting YOUR political affiliation (Democrat? Which is OK by the way as long as it doesn’t blind you) take precedence over what you want to get accomplished. It’s like a pitcher and a designated hitter arguing who is more important to their baseball team, all the while distracting the rest of the team in the race for a pennant! Instead of attacking people that support the racist and unconstitutional War on Drugs, you are attacking people on the same team! It’s kind of like NORML people and MPP and other organizations arguing whether medical, decrim, or outright legalization is the way to attack the system. YOU ARE ON THE SAME TEAM! A house divided against itself cannot stand.
    The only reason I provided those links is because instead of bickering amongst ourselves, which is counterproductive, I was simply giving people additional tools along with legalization groups to direct their energies into positive change. Campaign for Liberty is trying to take back our country by organizing people on the local, state, and federal levels to run for office with liberty (including freedom to smoke “devil weed” recreationaly or for medicine) principals. And for the record, the second time I ever heard of Ron Paul was the fact that he got an A+ rating on NORML’s website (the only one to do so by the way). He may have been alone for a long time, but if you noticed most people in the GOP are falling in line with his message now with transparency of the Fed. If they started following him drug policy as well, we would all be better off. I support him because he actually DOES what he SAYS. If that changes I will be the first in line to put his feet to the fire.
    The only reason I posted such a liberty message is I noticed a lot of these posters shared these “libertarian” thoughts already. No comments for them? I was merely trying to give some lost sheep a place to direct some of that positive energy. I hope this doesn’t come off as too b!tchy or condescending, because I don’t mean to attack you, just your short sighted ideas. I appreciate the work that you guys do, but hope you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot. I wish you the best and forgive you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some elected officials to get a hold of.
    LIBERTY loving American,
    The Dole
    PS thanks for your support fellow blog members, apparrently I am not alone here. Keep up the fight! Love the Rothschild comment. People understand what’s going on more than I thought!
    [Editor’s note:Campaign for Liberty is trying to take back our country by organizing people on the local, state, and federal levels to run for office with liberty (including freedom to smoke “devil weed” recreationaly or for medicine) principals.”
    Despite your opinion and unlike you, NORML does not steer or direct readers to political parties or their pet projects (ie, ‘Campaign for Liberty’ is self-evidently a Libertarian project), so it would appear that you are trying to influence readers’ views, by promoting libertarianism/Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty–not NORML.
    BTW, there is a reason why there are 15-20 different drug policy reform organizations, and it is not because they are necessarily working with each other.]

  4. PPS I think it’s hillarious that you are telling people what to think when that is exactly what irritates you about the War on Drugs… People in Washington telling you what to do with your body and what to think. Be careful that you are not becoming what you hate.
    [Editor’s note: Again, you, not NORML, are promoting how readers’ should think by directing them to Libertarian projects. NORML is not telling anybody how to ‘think’ or what to put into their ‘body’, only informing readers that 1) Ron Paul (or any single member of Congress) is not the answer to ending 72-years of prohibition and 2) while many supporters of cannabis law reform may identify themselves as ‘libertarian’, the country currently (and historically) does not embrace libertarian candidates–otherwise the LP would be a viable third party with hundreds of elected policy makers holding important elected offices. But in the minds of many, regrettably, such is not the case, and the prospects of the Libertarians breaking through in the next one or two election cycles appears remote.]

  5. PPPS Campaign for liberty has no political affiliation either, they will support candidates that are Republicans, democrat or independent parties. The messages is liberty and the constitution. Maybe pick up a history book and research before you make your “editor’s notes”. Nowhere did I ever recall them touting a political party. Every time I think I’ve made my last comment, I read more rhetorically asinine statements.
    [Editor’s note: Campaign for Liberty may technically be ‘non-partisan’, but the project was conceived by, is marketed to, and is trying to be implemented by individuals and organizations with long and strong connections to the Libertarian Party and libertarianism philosophy.]

  6. I say the only way we can decriminalize & legalize hemp/cannabis is to ban together and vote. We had the largest voter turn out for the president election and ruin the great republican stronghold for first time in over 25 years. We have to educate people who doesn’t have a clue what hemp and cannabis can do for this country. I’m 50 and I have seen how our government tried to oppressed people to the point where they feel they don’t need to get out and vote because it won’t matter who they vote for. Today, with the use of internet and we can see how our politicians doing their job and find out who the prohibition loving weasles are. We have to ban together and vote them out one by one or otherwise we may very well have Mark Kirk as our future president (may God forbid that to happen).

  7. Wow, another politician got elected and decided to roll over on the voters? You don’t say?! Maybe we should keep telling each other about the benefits of cannabis while letting ourselves get taken advantage of. Oh we’re already doing that, good stuff! Obama, enjoy your 1st and only term bubba, you and Bush sr. will have much to talk about in a squandered 4 year stint as head puppet not in charge. Good thing we have organizations looking out for our best interests …making a difference.

  8. We, as humans, have been rounded up like cattle. We are no longer free. We are all victims of the largest conspiracy to control the world ever!
    Alcohol Prohibition was thinly disguised as a moral issue. What it was really about was removing the ability for the common man to make his own fuel.
    Alcohol burns cleaner than dirty petroleum. When prohibition was lifted, the oil barons had won. They did not care about grandpa going to the bar, they wanted to take away the freedom of American farmers to make their own fuels.
    Enough alcohol could be made from one acre of potatoes to fuel all of the farm equipment for a year. If American farmers could produce their own fuel, they would not have to have petroleum delivered to their farms for fuel.
    After prohibition was lifted, alcohol was completely regulated and productions of “fuel-grade” alcohol by private citizens was made illegal. This effectively killed the American farm. If we were allowed to produce fuel from our farms, we would be buying our fuel from the American farmer instead of the petroleum companies.
    Outlawing hemp was the final nail in the coffin to farmers. Hemp was been guilty of being the most useful plant known to man. A man who can grow hemp, needs not a thing from the big industrial complex we call corporate America.
    You can produce 300 gallons of hempseed oil and 800 gallons of ethenol on every acre planted. That is enough to fuel 4 cars for every acre planted per year. Hempseed oil is our most wonderful renewable natural resource. The primary ingredient for safe non-toxic paints and varnishes, carpeting, plastics and cloth.
    Henry Ford recognized the value of hemp to the American farmer. Henry Ford envisioned American farmers being able to produce hemp in sufficient quantities to produce automobiles from the fibers in light weight composites and demonstrated it by building a hemp car in 1943.
    This car weighed 1/3 less than a conventional steel car
    was ten times as strong, filmed withstanding axe blows from then 78 year old Henry Ford in the winter. The vehicle did not dent and would not rust.
    Dupont Chemical company recognized that if they could make hemp illegal they could corner the market for such things as paints, varnishes, plastics, cloths, carpeting etc. All of these items had been traditionally supplied by hemp and all of these items were needed in great quantities for Americas new found passion, the automobile.
    In 1934 Dupont bought General Motors. In 1937, hemp was made illegal and Henry Ford’s dream of empowering the American farmer died. The deed was complete.
    With Americans (farmers) unable to create products like automobiles and their clean fuels from god given renewable natural resources, the petrol companies tied our hands as free Americans.
    We need to unite behind the American farmer and demand our rights be restored as our forefathers envisioned them. If we freed alcohol and hemp regulation, America would grow strong again. Our forests would not be cut down anymore for paper. Our cars would be green. Our citizens would be the reapers of great profits instead of the dirty corporations.
    The Civil War was as much a war between the big-business and the farmer as it is today. We need to march on Washington and send these politicians packing. Bring the tar and feathers. We can take back our freedoms by simply educating ourselves to what is truely going on.
    God bless America! Free the American Citizen!! We demand freedom!! We demand the American farmer be set free. I want to buy my fuel from my own neighbors farms. Keep the money local. We must take back our freedom before it is only a word with no meaning.

  9. Check former drug czar Barry McCaffrey’s “perls of wisdom” at Huffington Post…..
    Qoute from the blog:
    >>> “Our traditional justice system has been inadequate to the task of breaking the cycle of substance abuse and crime. Four out of every five offenses are committed by someone with a drug or alcohol problem; and we just keep locking them up!”
    Check the rest of what this hipocrite sais here:

  10. This is the last post. You should be working WITH the legalization community, not against it. Maybe you should join the drug czars office where opinion rules over facts. This is from C4L’s website, which should clear this up:
    Campaign for Liberty is a 501(c)4 lobbying organization which neither supports nor opposes candidates for public office and claims no
    responsibility for the actions of individuals or groups of individuals who use the Campaign for Liberty logo or name or who may claim to act as
    representatives of the Campaign for Liberty without prior written consent of the Campaign for Liberty.
    Sounds a lot like NORML to me. Let the truth speak. I guess I should just be thankful you didn’t delete my posts. You guys are a lobbying organization as well. Doesn’t this prevent you as an officer of NORML from supporting any political party over another? I guess I’m just wasting my time. I called AND wrote Obama, Jim Sensenbrenner, Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl. What have you done for the cause besides divide and conquer today? I think the truth speaks for itself.
    Don Lucas
    PS Don’t worry, this is my last post to you.


  12. This so called Drug Czar is a joke. This person really needs to look at what is going on around him and what is realy happening to this country. No jobs,no money and you keep puting people in jail for cannabis. Has this country forgot how to think for themselves, for 70 years this has been going on and i am sick of it. We need to get rid of all these so called politicans, who think it is there job to take care of us. We can have this drug but not that one. Gil Kerlikowski, says there is no medical value from cannabis, how does he know? Has he done research, has he done studies to find out the truth or did he just believed Anslynger, Hearst,DuPont, Rockafella and what they said in the late 1930’s, they all wanted cannabis to disappear from the face of the earth. I really thought Obama was going to help with legalizing cannabis, but i guess he lied too, sad.

  13. I am a young 60, people tell me I look like I am in my late 40’s. You be the judge first cannabis use was in 1971 have not been to a doctor since 1972. I say its good for you!!
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  14. These people have a drug problem, the drug is money, power, greed. They inslave us for profit it is time to end this atrosity in our great country.


  16. we need this guy to come say this in san francisco.
    how many other non native plants are farmed in the sierras, get over it. we’ll grow our cannabis & our hemp when allowed. YOU SUCK ARNOLD S. YOU SUCK NEW DRUG CZAR. did you not learn anything in washington state? you are already corrupted by washington?
    end the unjust, overcostly, doomed 2 fail prohibition on cannabis & hemp throughout the americas once and forever.

  17. Never saw this one coming, the government influencing decision making…whoa big surprise. How sick is this getting. Even officials that declare an allegiance to reason and scientific proof end up having nothing to better to say than “its bad.”
    I’m sure WE ALL wish we can go behind the scenes and find out exactly what goes on behind closed doors. Why does cannabis make the powers that be so nervous?

  18. i can drink 20 shots of alcohol and die, pop 20 prescription pills and die…or smoke 2 bags of pot and be a little high..LEGALIZE ALREADY

  19. Very well, Mr. Kerlikowske. By changing your stance in the war on drugs you have openly invited the possibility for revolution. There is always revolution upon governments who don’t respect the will of the people. No more is this true then in America. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, NOT THE WHITE HOUSE’S!!!!! Do you and your foolish government officials really think you can take on the people of the United States of America? We want it legalized. Legalize it, or eventually we will make you.

  20. The drug czar is not a joke. He is simply a lacky that has been shown his place and put in it. There is another possibility, the lining of his pockets got so heavy that he just had to sit down, and they only made one chair available.

  21. 112- Obama never said he would legalize, but he did say that we need to rethink our marijuana laws. It is a disgrace that he made such a big 360 on that statement.
    Obamas Approval rating is 49% and Legalizing Marijuana is at 41%
    I look forward to seeing how those numbers differ in two years from now………… USA is more ready for legalization then it has ever been before
    I really hope that we can end this prohibition within the next few years!!

  22. “Editor’s note: Again, you, not NORML, are promoting how readers’ should think by directing them to Libertarian projects. NORML is not telling anybody how to ‘think’ or what to put into their ‘body’, only informing readers that 1) Ron Paul (or any single member of Congress) is not the answer to ending 72-years of prohibition”
    But see you ARE telling people how to think by telling them Ron Paul is NOT the answer. How about you just keep your editors notes to yourself and let the PEOPLE discuss the issues on your message board. If you were truly impartial to politicians, you would NOT say someone’s opinion is wrong because you PERSONALLY think the politician or movement is not viable (which is your opinion man.) So let’s get this straight: you wont tell people who to vote for, but you have no problem telling people who not to vote for. I fail to see the difference.
    I am sure your “hope” and friendly editorials about Obama the candidate materialized in at least a few votes from NORML members/readers for him. Well that is just working out dandy isn’t it?
    It’s too bad because I really thought C4L and NORML could work together and lobby politicians on this ONE issue. Maybe others were doing otherwise, but I for one was trying to form a symbiosis with NORML, not recruit and convert people to libertarianism. But NORML editors can continue to naysay Ron Paul unnecessarily at every opportunity, yet FAIL to make a similar comment when someone writes that we shouldn’t give up on Obama. Your hypocrisy is undeniable, and you clearly are directing people to certain political ideologies and not others when WE THE PEOPLE should freely discuss these issues on your message boards..
    Unfortunately I can no longer continue to support NORML if they are going to use your editorial powers to bully one political ideology and not others. I will no longer try to point other libertarians/constitutionalists/freedom loving individuals to your organization, as I clearly foresaw a symbiosis that can not exist. It is really a shame, and best of luck to you.
    Finally, I urge you to follow HR 1207 specifically, and other causes that we are actually making an impact on in local and national government. When you realize that we are movers and shakers and much can be learned from each other, we will be more than willing to work with you as we support legalization and all-around personal liberty.
    [Editor’s note: NORML does not tell anybody who to vote for and if Liberty for Change chooses not to work with NORML, that is Liberty for Change’s choice. If this is because thin-skinned commentators like you need a civic lesson that 74-year old congressman 1) who can’t come even close to winning their party’s nomination for president are in fact not a viable reform vehicle for the tens of millions of Americans who consume cannabis, 2) no single member of congress, let alone a genuine political ‘maverick’, is going to to influence the outcome of 70 plus years of cannabis prohibition, so be it.]

  23. People of America:
    I have been doing a lot of reading. Been reading about our forefathers,about the history of this nation,been reading about the hows and whys of the laws our past and present leaders have made. I have learned more than maybe I wanted. Its sickening me to the core. Purposefully or not, our leaders have ruined what our foerfathers have created. They lie,they act as if they are entitled to suck the life out of us for the rest of thier lives.they act as if they are above the laws they make for us .
    It is time,time for a nation to heal its self. Time to rid its self of the uglyness they live by.Time for the people to become a family again. Time to stop the fight amongst our selves,the fighting our leaders cause. Time to pull the veil away and see that two parties are one in the same. Time to see these devils speak with forked tounges and two heads. Time to demand the theieves and hypocrates step down or pay for their crimes. Time for true patriots and contryman to lead this nation back to the greatness that was intended. Time to show the world that WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have woken up,show the world that we are strong,show that we are angry,show that we have come to claim what is ours!
    The giant the is WE THE PEOPLE is slow waking from a long slumber! Leaders of this nation! Fear us or parish!

  24. People of America:
    We must organize, must march on washington,must stop the insanity that is our leaders,must remove the hypocrites that would keep AMerica from growing stronger than ever.
    Bring out your VOICE, your SINGS OF PROTEST,bring out your COMMON SENSE! Force it on the thieves and hypocrites that have ruined your nation. Burn off the ticks that suck the life out of this great nation. DEMAND TRUTH, DEMAND THE END TO GREED AND THE LUST FOR POWER! For this is the death of our great nation! Save this nation or the enemies of America will destroy us all. You are the cure! you my fellow Americans! You must bring justice to our nation,for with out you, WE THE PEOPLE IS MEANINGLESS!

  25. This is not a disappointment.
    I’m still smoking weed today like I was 15 years ago.
    Where is the disappointment in that?
    I knew this asshat would 180 just like Obama did, so I wasn’t disappointed, I just called it before it happened was all.
    Speaking of smoking some more marijuana, I’m off……

  26. I agree with number 85 Scott. Im pretty sure its gona be illegal for decades to come. Most orginizations arent working together and stonys overall are lazy and unMOTAvated. Hell our comments and blogs are the only good thing that comes from NORML. Basically a time kill and unloading zone. They’ll never change nothin. But if every single stony in this country hitchhiked, drove, or walked to capitol hill and demanded change and refused to leave till reform occured then it wood come. But i kno IM havn trouble leavin my computer chair. LOL and i know all you are too.

  27. we got to get rid of the “drug zcar” he is a waste of our money, he dosent do anything but report to obama about some nonsense bullshit. What the hell do we need a drug zcar for anyway? what the hell is it that he do….just lie his ass off?

  28. This article isn’t horrible. Gil may have ill-perceived notions on marijuana, but 81 illegal aliens were detained and hopefully sent back to Mexico. Why Gil and Obama don’t see the big picture here is beyond me. Here we have people from another country risking life and limb for no other reason but to engage in an illegal operation to make money that isn’t helping America. They are literally taking a dump on our face. I mean this IS the drug war problem. I guarantee if our borders were secure these dangerous outdoor grows that make headlines wouldn’t be here. You would have some dumb hillbilly’s, but not professional Mexican cartels that only exist to break our laws for profit for only them and their country. They kill, rape, and force enslavement on their own people and ours because some people want to buy cheap weed from cartels. STOP BUYING MEXICAN MARIJUANA!!!! KNOW WHERE YOUR CANNABIS COMES FROM!!

  29. how can someone live with their self? by keeping the lies and hate going when they could be a hero..

  30. I cannot express enough how disappointed I am with Obama and everyone he has put in power. This might sound stupid to some of yall but the only reason why I voted for him is because he seamed at the time to support legalization, vs. his adversary who was so against the whole idea I couldn’t see a picture of him without wanting to throw up. But now that Obama’s true colours have come out I wish I had in fact voted for the opposite party. Obama if you are reading this (even though I know you’re not becuase it is obvious you don’t care) I curse the day I assisted putting you in office. Please all readers of this if you support Obama do not get mad at me all I am stating here is personal opinion that apparently wont ever change anything. Instead please hear this, the only way we can get the politicians to change this is if we show them that their career will be over fast if they don’t listen to 60+% of the people that put them there to begin with. (Refer to 98) What happened to change we can count on Obama?
    -Mike H

  31. #76 Eric Johnson Says:
    July 26th, 2009 at 9:59 am
    “…Except that vaporizers DO NOT WORK. “
    – This sounds very difficult to believe, Eric.

    Anti-smoking zealots, like California is full of,
    who want to continue to smoke pot like them
    because of their political correctness,

    is the LAST reason
    for choosing / using a vaporizer…
    – Two glaucoma patients,
    citing the advantges of vapes-verses-smoking,
    is what originally piqued my interest:
    1) Greatly-reduced CO2 and carbon-monoxide,
    (perhaps HYPOXIA what you miss with vaporizing, Eric).
    2)Much lower tar and combustion-byproducts.
    3) Virtually odorless, no “second-hand-smoke”.
    4) A clearer, cleaner, ‘trippier’ high.

    but a good old bong works far and away
    better than any stupid vaporizer.

    RE: WRONG about the BONG!
    – You’re losing valuable-goodies in the ‘filtration’,
    (and STILL getting appreciable-quantities
    of tars, CO2 and carbon-monoxide),
    – The active-components of “the smoke” are
    actually, SLIGHTLY water-soluble,
    (because THC-molecules contain
    one polar hydroxyl, (OH), group).
    Baysik, graid-skool kemisstree!

    And yes, I have purchased, while living in Amsterdam,
    vaporizer after increasingly complex and expensive(!)
    (ostensible) vaporizing apparatuses,
    from the ridiculous to the sublime,

    RE: Eric,
    – Have you tried going towards something SIMPLER,
    and LESS-EXPENSIVE, such as the VaporGenie?
    – Some of us have never spent a penny for our vaporizers.
    (Why spend $100 for a glass-dome-encased
    soldering-iron element or quartz-halogen bulb?)

    and they simply do not work.
    RE: Eric,
    – I’m puzzled.
    Are you holding the vapor in your lungs long enough?
    Is / was your vaporizer’s temperature-control
    set sufficiently-high enough?

    I’m not sure if the “vaporizers,” or
    people who think they get some kind of
    something delivered into their brain or body using one,
    actually have never smoked pot, so they don’t know what it is like.

    RE: Eric,
    – Many of us who USED to smoke the herb…
    choose to vaporize now, instead.
    – Vaporizers are much more EFFICIENT,
    the cerebral-effects, much clearer. 😀
    – Vapes ALSO work VERY WELL with tobacco,
    (MUCH easier on the lungs, less wasted nicotine),
    as also with cannabis.

    Vaporizers are a fake and fraudulent rip-off.
    500 bucks for that stupid bag machine.
    500 dollars!

    have you tried contacting the manufacturer
    of that “stupid bag machine” ?

    With cannabis, you can light it,
    or you can ingest it via the mouth
    with liquids, solids.

    RE: Or ALSO,
    gently heat it to approx. 392F / 200C, and
    inhale the sweet, VAPORIZED goodness!

    it is illogical and improper for the anti-prohibition
    movement to hitch itself to something which is so ineffective.

    RE: If only that were really the case…
    (It’s quite the opposite…).
    – Vaporizers are a Godsend, a viable alternative to smoking
    and a powerful counter-answer to prohib’s objections to,
    concerns about, the hazards of “smoked-marijuana”…

    I don’t know who convinced people
    that they were getting the effects of
    cannabis from these stupid vaporizers.

    RE: Perhaps it was…
    – ADVERTISERS, airing frequent,
    catchy, highly-convincing commercials…
    on prime-time, American network tee-vee…
    (Likened to those annoying pharma-pseudo-cal ads…)
    …I believe every word they say…..NOT!!!
    – The results of the
    device and the method
    speak for itself!!!
    Baked, not burnt!
    Toasted, not torched!
    High, not hypoxia!

    Eric Johnson
    [Editor’s note: Your personal preference maybe smoking to vaporizing, but it is incorrect to exclaim that vaporization ‘does not work’. The science behind the delivery method and commercial popularity of vaporization clearly speak to the fact that vaporization is both an efficient and more healthful delivery method for cannabis for many cannabis consumers and medical patients.]
    Dear Editor,
    – Perhaps Eric isn’t following the
    “science behind the delivery method”…
    – Or…maybe they mistake the effects
    of tars and oxygen-deprivation
    for a cannabis-high…LOL!

  32. Reclassifying Drugs
    Not reschedule but completely change the classifications of drugs. Currently we have Schedule 1 – 5 drugs. This system does not give an adequate difference between all the drugs that are out there. I think the classifications should also be numbered 1 – 1000. This will give adequate separation between drugs and leave room for future drugs. IE I would place Heroin and Meth around 900 just because their will probably be something worse.
    Mental Addiction 1 – 1000
    The Habit or Routine IE I quit smoking for 2 weeks. (Over 7 months now) I got in my car for the first time. After about a mile I started wondering why is it so cold? Out of habit, I rolled down my window for my cigarette. This isn’t even the worst part. I am just trying to paint a picture of just the habit of lighting a cigarette when you don’t even really want one.
    Physical Addiction 1 – 1000
    IE Many drugs the Physical Addiction can be so strong if you quit cold turkey you will need medical assistance. If you do not have medical assistance, you could die from trying to quit.
    Social Addiction 1 – 1000
    IE Meth Dealing or Cooking. A 50-year-old overweight man can sleep with 18-year-old strippers. How do you convince them to be normal again?
    IE People surround themselves with people who do that drug. If that drug is socially acceptable like alcohol, you see it everywhere. Every time you go out on a first date, you’re invited out for drinks. Or even better invited in for drinks. Changing your friends your lifestyle. All of these things are very difficult. The worst part is it isn’t a choice you make one day. You need to make that choice every day, every hour, every minute and every second. One brief instant a lapse in judgment can destroy years of work.
    Health Risks 1 – 1000
    IE Effects of short and long term usage to the body. Developing a number system for adverse effects on the body.
    Overall 1 – 4000
    And of course education! Mandatory volunteer work in emergency rooms and detox centers. Faces of meth should be posted everywhere to the point of us being sick of them. We should also do the same type of program for all drugs that change your appearance. This system leaves no doubt. With this knowledge, you now have a much clearer picture of what you are doing. I essentially grew up with this knowledge. I saw the worst-case scenario of every drug in my early teen years.

  33. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
    — Mohandas Gandhi

  34. he is the drug czar he obviously is obligated and paid to rail against the perils of pot. this is to be expected but secretly i think he doesn’t believe the crap he is preaching and neither do we anymore.

  35. He knows he’s a puppet, he’s collecting a pay check like the rest of prohibitionist who get money for busting pot smokers. The country is financially broke and pot smokers make up a lot of revenue for being busted.
    It’s war on you and me personally, now, would you like to join the POT BRIGADE? Yeah, I would too if it were real. : )

  36. I have a Voodoo vaporizer, $200.00. It works very well.
    I have made cannabis oil to treat Basal Cell Carcinoma. I have treated two lesions on my head. The treatment took 8wks. It has been one year since I finished the treatment, the lesions have not returned. NO Medical Value my ass. Look at the new boss, just like the old boss, a LIAR.

  37. #71 Anonymous Says:
    July 26th, 2009 at 7:38 am
    Listen to what he is saying. Read between the lines.
    “I have to lie…but…sound science will answer the question.”
    Everybody knows that cannabis is NOT harmful…
    including him. He’s giving the whole thing to science…where it belongs. Who else has done that?
    RE: #71 Anon.
    Yet, who has the bigger ‘megaphone’, ‘hammer’?
    (Kerly-Kow’s puppeteer?)
    What can ‘science’ do?
    When will the truth win out, 100%, if ever?
    – – – – –
    The REASON for Kerlikowske’s
    “Striking Reversal”
    – Killings over a common, God-Given plant-species,
    artificially price-inflated, weight for weight,
    beyond truly-rare gold and platinum…
    Kerly-Kow’s gotta proclaim the “DANGER” of that plant…
    ‘Pot-Prohibition Related’ double-homicide in Fresno:
    Is #19 eggsalacarte the only one who noticed this?

    #19 eggsalacarte Says:
    July 25th, 2009 at 10:46 am
    “This is no coincidence; the connections between the city, Kerlikowske and cannibus – for those who might not have heard, I have attached recent news of a homicide/drugbust/home invasion.
    Here is the link if you’d like the full text:
    Now, there is plenty of room for speculation
    on the matter – no doubt…..
    …In this case, the LAW has created these factors…
    …This is a dog and pony show, sensationalism at its finest.
    These opinions, whether they are held quietly or openly posted must be assigned their value. NORML, it’s members and supporters, it is time to take the offensive. Kerlikowske should be publicly grilled for this tripe.”

  38. I personally enjoy vaporizers. It has a very nice and clean feel to it- I think this option would be prime for medical users. It also doesn’t have any of the side effects that smoking has. I can vaporize before anything and it would just make my performance better.
    I got a 30$ vaporizer from a company called vaporstar- it’s a bong attachment piece- and no I am not advertising for them……..
    just saying that vaping is nice and it uses less weed per session.
    if vaporizing gets more popular– that could be a good campaign for legalization or world wide medical marijuana- I have never felt lazy after vaping like I do sometimes with smoking

  39. Those that have seen Drug War the last white hope know Cele Castillo he was the X DEA agent that told the truth. In his words, if you want to smoke a joint in your home it is your business it is not the governments business!! The same way I feel about lawmakers supported with our money enslaveing us because they say we do not deserve to have freedom of choice. Cele has been charged with some bull shit over guns they are going to put this man in jail over nothing. We all know it is get back from our leaders that support the corporate business plan. Enslave, charge, fine, destroy the poor people they do not matter to us anyway. As long as we have our 10% growth in the many companies that share the billions spent to ensure we have no freedom of choice. Our only choice is support these corporations or go to jail. A very fucked up choice if you ask me.
    I can do this for days but the bottom line is if you can help this man do so. Send him a few bucks to help fight this action they are working hard to take away our free speech. If they succeed in this objective we might as well bend over and kiss it goodbye. PLEASE HELP THIS MAN FIGHT FOR HIS FREEDOM!!
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  40. I just kicked in another 10 bucks. Or you could buy his most revealing book. Explaining how our government takes our money and feeds the rich and keeps us in an existence only life. Worse! They say we can sacrifice one million poor people to feed the corporate machine.
    They are feeding on our children. All to support corporate greed and ensure the rich get our money not us…
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  41. I just wanted to add that WE are responsible for the idiots in power being in power. for example, I got an actual form letter from senator chuck grassley (R-Iowa) today which was five pages of prohibitionist bullpucky. it was appalling. the language used dripped with smoke and mirror propaganda which has all been scientifically proven to be false. big suprise he is head of judiciary matters and get this, agriculture in this state. so farmboy goes as far as to say hemp is quote “psychotropic” and good for only twine. its called elections people, vote….please.

  42. Let Kerlikowske come face to face with my close family member who suffers (and I mean physically, emotionally, socially, mentally) from severe Tourettes… including the shouts, cursing, large and small complex motor movements, migranes…not to mention side effects of the heavy drugs prescribed over the last 15 yrs (breathing probs, heart issues, Zombie feeling, allergic reactions and on and on)…
    Guess what has replaced these drugs and brought relief (to us a miracle cure)… MARIJUANA!!! And guess who researched it and introduced it to her (who had never tried illegal drugs in her life)? For the first time in almost her entire life… she is living a “normal” life… being able to go to the movies, stores etc…anytime…instead of late at night so not to disturb others. Is not afraid to meet people or be around the public, is in college and doing well… thanks to a MIRACLE called MARIJUANA !!! (prescribed)
    Kerlikowske, like other ignorant, arrogant “CZAR”s, is a paid government puppet.. unable to digest real medical information/research. It’s out there… of course you have to want to look.
    The POT brigade has grown by hundreds in this family alone… even the over 80 crowd!!

  43. More people are waking up maybe we have a shot at taking our country back. The greedy corporations have control today including the votes of our representatives. I will be glad when enough people wake up and start doing something. I am ready to hit the streets soon. The FEDs are financing more cops and building new defense like home land security and the patriot act. Free speech is at stake we have limits today. I just watched another documentary where very passive protesters that were elder and conservative. But they were all prevented from making their march for freedom. The two major parties will no longer allow people to protest at their rallies. Our rights are slowly being taken away. It is time to stand up and take them back.
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  44. Politics is all about perception management. They steal our money and throw it away. They accept millions from corporations, nothing but bribes. They work against what is best for all Americans. They lie and spread propaganda to insure us they have our interest at heart. They do not wake up look into your representative in DC know what they are doing and how they vote. Don’t listen to the rhetoric look deep and read. You can find the truth on the web it is our gathering point and education center. Together we can make our great land a paradise for us all. One percent of the population does not deserve the majority of the wealth. We the middle and poor have been riding in the back of the bus long enough.

  45. I do not advocate socialism. I think we should have a country where if you make an honest bid you get the job. Not a country where you have to bribe or be related to get a contract. I also do not mean a country where the government puts so many rules and regulation on us. Only the larege corporations can meet their requirments. I see this more and more. It seems a few companies plan to control everything. They are even using us to fuel their for profit jails and hospitals. We are sacrificed to insure their profits are going up. And the stock market is making money for the very rich. I have never been able to make a penny on the market?? I think the very rich control the market only they seem to make money at it!!
    End 21st century slaver. End for profit jails it is not right to profit from anothers misery. Jail is bad enough but when you have judges taking bribes to insure for profit jails stay full. I think we have gone too far our freedom is to valuable to allow these blood suckers to take it away…

  46. I feel bad for those that got duped into thinking Obama stands for real change. He’s just as much as a corporate zionist biatch as Bush. Marijuana will be legalized when we take back our government and kick-out the Fed.
    All IMHO of course…

  47. #145 Debby Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 6:49 pm
    “…For the first time in almost her entire life… she is living a “normal” life… ”
    RE: Debby,
    – I’ve always thought / believed
    that this organization’s acronymn,
    was, (and still is), quite apt / applicable,
    precisely because cannabis exerts a
    STABILIZING / NORMALizing influence
    upon those who utilize it… 😀
    (Especially compared with toxic,
    man-made, “pharma-pseudo-cals”…).

    “Kerlikowske, like other ignorant,
    arrogant “CZAR”s, is a paid government puppet..
    unable to digest real medical information/research.
    It’s out there… of course you have to want to look.”
    RE: Debby,
    Considering his reform-oriented
    track-record in Seattle, WA…..
    (and prior statements he made to the effect,
    when he was their police chief then…)
    – I would consider Kerlikowske
    more COMPROMISED than ignorant / arrogant
    against cannabis-reform / medi-cann;
    – More DISallowed by his “job-specification”
    as “drug-czar” to the USSA, to
    PRE-sent real medical-info / research,
    THAN unable / unwilling to do so…
    – I really pity his reformation-APOSTATE status
    as an asspuppet of the ONDCP… 😥
    – I believe this to be true,
    especially in wake of the way that the recent
    Fresno, CA homicides are being used to further
    said-same corrupt, botaniphobic policies that will
    only lead to more, not less, murderous-behavior
    and homicides…
    – Cannabis needs to be restored to being
    boringly-ubiquitous / abundant again…
    (rather than artificially-scarce,
    as it still is, presently…).

    “The POT brigade
    has grown by hundreds
    in this family alone…
    even the over 80 crowd!!”
    RE: Debby,
    – If only my late Grandma were still alive…in body! 🙁
    (Would be 100 this year…bless her soul…).
    – She remembers when cannabis-extracts
    were still legally-available, OTC…
    than our present War On (some) Drugs is,
    (Which she believes, actually ENCOURAGES
    youthful-experimentation and irresponsible-use,
    rather than reducing it…).

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