Georgia Lawmaker Calls For Caning, Executing Marijuana Offenders

[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up for NORML’s free e-zine here.] State Republican lawmaker Tommy Benton (31st House District) favors “caning” minor marijuana offenders and “executing” those who sell the drug, according to a recent correspondence sent by the representative to a constituent.
In a July 29, 2009 e-mail (which was voluntarily forwarded to the NORML office), Rep. Benton wrote: “Thanks for the email. We will have to agree to disagree on this and whether or not money is wasted (by mandating the state to prosecute minor marijuana offenders). I am opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I think we should go to caning for people caught using and maybe execute dealers. [emphasis NORML’s] That would solve the problem as well. That is what they do in Singapore and they don’t have a drug problem.”
Caning is a form of corporal punishment consisting of up to 24 violent lashes with a long rattan cane that has been soaked in water. The procedure inflicts intense pain and deep, bloody lacerations that can take several months to heal.
Rep. Benton followed up his remarks in a separate e-mail on August 11 (also forwarded to NORML) in which he threatened to turn over the names of citizens who disagreed with his political viewpoints to local law enforcement.
He wrote: “You and your cronies want it (marijuana) legalized so you can get a hit anytime without having to worry about getting arrested. I have forwarded your email to the Lowndes County sheriffs [sic] office so that they can be on the lookout for you. [emphasis NORML’s] Consider this my last correspondence on the the [sic] subject to you or anyone else who shares your similar “conservative views’.”
Benton was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2005.

UPDATE from Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator – Please Don’t Threaten Rep. Benton! Just Vote Him Out of Office.
Since we began covering the story of Georgia Rep. Tommy “Caning for Potheads” Benton on July 29, the story has spread like wildfire. We issued an official press release today and featured the story here and the NORML front page just yesterday and already the story has been covered from the libertarian/right Reason blog to the liberal/left TalkLeft blog.
However, I am deeply disturbed at some of the nearly 250 comments the story has gotten at the NORML Blog. There are threats of assassinating, shooting, caning, and kicking the ass of Rep. Benton, as well as comparisons to Adolf Hitler. Some have even threatened his wife, children, and family dog and published Rep. Benton’s home telephone number (which I’ve scrubbed).
Stop it! Rise above the level of people like Rep. Benton. Violence and threats of violence not only solve nothing and hurt our movement, but they may be actionable criminal acts.
I understand the feelings of anger and desire for vengeance. For far too long our people have been intimidated, harassed, threatened, assaulted, imprisoned, and killed for our interaction with a plant. Far too many homes have been burst into by armor-clad assault-weapon-armed police. Our people have had our careers shattered, education thwarted, children taken, healthcare denied, civil rights abrogated, dogs murdered, property stolen and destroyed, and voting rights erased in this “Land of the Free” because we liked to use the hemp plant in the same way this country’s Founders did. Believe me, I report stories and read heartbreaking personal emails like this every day.
I considered deleting these comments but have not (though my superiors may overrule me) because I do think they tap into the strong current of “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore” that runs through the cannabis community. Plus I am a strong advocate of free speech on our forums.
But realize that this kind of reaction only empowers Rep. Benton within his community of hateful anti-pot zealots. “See,” he’ll crow to fellow prohibitionists, “smoking pot turns you into a raving violent psycho!” We’re better than that. Cannabis is supposed to be the peaceful plant. Do not sink to this man’s level. Fighting fire with fire only burns down everyone’s house and an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Fight this man with peace, education, and voting for his opponents in the primary or general election.

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  1. It sounds like he is ignoring the most important amendment VIII (stating: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed , nor cruel and unusual punishments). My point is that he prefers cruel and unusual punishment, therefore; his bill may not survive.
    By the way Singapore violated uncountable numbers of human rights. You can either cast him out of office or sign petition to force him out of office. It will embarass him more than he tries to us. Use cool head. We are intellignet beings. Think before act.

  2. NON-VIOLENCE people. Dont fall into their trap. They want us to look like violent drug users. Gives them more ammo to keep prohibition going. You dont want that now do you?
    Didnt think so.

  3. I hope some psycho assassinates him.
    [Editor’s note: No. All of the vitriol directed at Benton that leans towards violence is profoundly counter-productive. Let’s keep the attention on Benton’s violence-prone policy endorsements.]

  4. We must just ignore this fascist and spread the word so he is voted out… a massive campaingn to educate voters and have him removed is far more satisfying than stooping to his mental level…. be cool…

  5. My fellow Americans. I am disgusted by two things here, the comments made by Rep. Benton, and the comments made here today. It is with pride and admiration that I come to this site.
    I am not a betting man, but here I would bet on the downfall of this politician. Not for his lack of common sense, his disrespect toward the law, or his complete disregard of his own people; no it is his lack of compassion for the office he is suppose to serve. We musn’t deprive ourselves of the moral high ground. This great fight that we are in isn’t a fist fight. We are here to change the hearts of the people, and to do that means to set the example. To change the status quo means to change what it means to be normal, and for that we must change our approach.
    I am as outraged as the rest of you. Remember, there will always be those that try to conquer your mind by instilling fear in your heart, don’t let fool your mind into acting with your fists. There comes a time when the common man must rise above the rest, and lead the common people to freedom.
    So my fellow brothers and sisters, lets remember who we are, and where we come from. Don’t let the evils of this world cloud your judgement nor your direction. We are the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Never, never, never forget what blood has been shed so we all can debate these fallacies.
    My god bless you all. Keep up the good fight, and don’t loose your morality.
    Peace be with you all.

  6. I take issue with those that say NORML should not run this type of article..
    This is just what should be brought to light. Our representatives saying kill us if we don’t agree with them. This type of story is not covered enough to suit me. We all need to know what our leaders are capable of.
    Many of our lawmakers feel the same way they are just not stupid enough to say it out loud, as this guy did. But it does explain why our so called leaders will spend billions to put us in “for profit jails”. But will not vote to spend one penny on helping inner city youth.
    If the middle class is struggling the poor are starving. Crime is on the rise people are desperate! They not only do not have access to the American dream they are hungry. In some civilizations if you steal to feed yourself it is not a crime.. Some civilizations have the best interest of their constituents in mind this man does not. He has taken the bought and paid for corporate line on this issue. If you don’t buy our legal chemical cannabis “Marinol” you go to jail or are shot on site. That is how the pharmaceutical industry controls their market by making us slaves. They do not care as long as the billions keep rolling in and the million dollar bonuses are paid on time. Their kids will never go to jail for smoking cannabis they have money. As our former president and vice president proved if you are rich and politically connected you can get away with anything..
    Like the CIA importing cocaine to fund an illegal war. The only man that went to jail for this was the black guy that sold the stuff. Not the ones that bought it, flew it to this country and allowed the black guy to sell it by looking the other way. Oh, the black guy is Ricky Ross he paid for many a white rich connected mans time!!
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  7. I have read about cops that say they should be able to shoot cannabis users on site. Now I know where they get their leadership…

  8. Tommy Benton needs a nice warm herbal,hemp enema. The man is obviously constipated and it has back up into his brain. Poor fellow; He is simply full of shit.

  9. I think to keep him alive and force him to be aware of the power we have and watch as the marijuana laws get passed to allow such use would be punishment enough, then I got to thinking more about it, and decided I want to blow a nice fat lung full of smoke into his face! Screw the caning, kill him with kindness, so who has the kindest!

  10. [Russ responds: You don’t really hope that, do you? We are not the Taliban. This is the USA and even cruel pathetic Georgia state representatives are afforded freedom of speech. Focus your anger and vengeance on getting the guy out of office. Threats only help him with the anti-pot constituents.]
    F#%& you Russ you know marijuans is harmless just like me. Im not threatening anyone and I’ve never killed anyone knowingly or otherwise and I currently don’t have any plans in the makeing. Try asking that to the tabaco executives. I’m just trying to make a point. Marijauna should be legal based soley on the FACT the it is PHYSICALY AND MENTALY HARMLESS. If anyone is a Taleban bitch it’s Rep. Benton for what he siad.

  11. If Tommy gun Benton is breaking any laws, I hope Norml has the resources and will to go after him in court !

  12. I was told cannabis was illegal.
    So I went to my doctor he said I could use Merinol. A drug our lawmakers allow the legal drug pushers to sell. It is the same as cannabis the same component THC.
    Our lawmakers take care of the pharmaceutical companies because they kick back millions to them every year kinda like bribery. Only in DC our lawmakers have made it legal to take bribes. They don’t call it bribery they call it lobbiest. The lobbiest pay our representative to support corporate interest like FOR PROFIT JAILS AND THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES PLUS MANY OTHERS LIKE THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE WEAPONS.
    Our lawmakers are very wise and all have millions in the bank from the lobbiest. The lobbiest should be number one on our list of things that need to be CHANGED!!
    Then when a company wants to charge us, the tax payer, 35,000 a year to house a cannabis user. We can tell them how stupid that is and CHANGE some shit up….

  13. I always hear people say vote! I agree, but I vote each and every time against people like this, and somehow they still get in. What will we do when they either rig the election or win anyway, while everyone shaked their heads wtf??

  14. this kind of “role model” is why i don’t vote. the only 2 things i would ever vote for is 1- legalizing marijuana amd 2- AGAINST abortion. only this SICK government would allow the slaughter of innocent children and want to “can” users. can we say population control and tyrant leaders??? really… we need to remember. WE are the generation that need to change these kinds of things. one day soon, all of these idiots will be dead, and we will run things peacefully b/c we will all be passing around a blunt while we make the laws!! lol… all seriousness though, people like this deserve to get their own treatment towards themselves. WE ARE THE VOICES for the innocent… innocent children and innocent smokers. for God’s sake, it isn’t crack!!!

  15. People like this get elected because people who elect them are just as ignorant.
    I advise anyone who disagrees with Tommy Benton to start purchasing firearms, learn martial arts, join the NRA, and keep contributing what you can to NORML and the NRA. Tell everyone you can about this, and DON’T THREATEN ANYONE. It’s important to understand that if it comes to it, you have to defend yourselves. What the idiot doesn’t seem to realize, however, is that if they give any pot dealers the death sentence, then pot dealers will start acting violently toward police. Simple arrests (which shouldn’t be happening anyway) will turn into blood soaked shootouts. The normally laid back and sensible users of Marijuana will be replaced by the same rabble that populate the rest of modern drug culture.
    The crime which apparently results from drugs, is in actuality the result of the government’s interference with people’s private lives. Get rid of drug laws, and the resultant crime dissipates as people use them responsibly and in designated areas. No more violence. No more theft. Nothing.
    Marijuana already doesn’t cause these. There are no deaths from it, period. There are no burglaries caused by it, period. People don’t beat their spouses or kids while on it, period.
    Tommy Benton would obviously like to see these things happen. And who elected this sick bastard into office? People who feel the same way.
    Email him, email his superiors, get him out of office!

  16. C’mon people , whos the real sheeple here . We bleat ahd baw as they drive us through the prison doors . Yeah I vote every chance I get . But if its helping I don’t see it . You can chant peace and love all the way to prison . Time for the sheep to bite the farmer in the ass . Bullets change goverments far surer than votes . And Russ , an eye for an eye only leaves the world HALF blind . Thats still leaves one good eye to look through the scope .
    [Editor’s note: VA Patriot…no matter how bad cannabis prohibition has been for 72-years, murder is never justified and you will not (nor will others) promote killing prohibitionists on NORML’s webpage. Unlike baseball, it is two strikes and you’re off NORML’s listserv if you promote killing again as a solution for peace.]

  17. You know, all that Green Door crap and peaceful negotiations is really the road the less traveled and held in the highest regard I’m sure. However, the mexicans are dying by the thousands and pushing north. Everyday. Our compassionate search for peaceful negotiations are killing these people without question. So it might not suit your time frame, but in order to save some lives I’d say its time for a little more heated approach. Nobody likes a coward. NoRmL is suppose to be the leader on this issue, LEAD…
    [Editor’s note: WTF?! NORML is leading. What are you doing to reform cannabis laws? Are you a member of your local NORML chapter? Are you a member of any organized cannabis law reform group who is ‘leading’ you?]

  18. OK, so caning is bad and Tommy is a brutal man. That’s a given. We should just lock em up right? Think again. Here are the statistics. Thousands of people have been subjected to prison for possession of a plant.
    You have a…
    25-30% chance of getting killed during your prison sentence.
    10-15% chance of getting raped during your prison sentence.
    30-40% chance of getting stabbed during your prison sentence.
    80-90% chance of getting beaten during your prison sentence.
    Additionally, 60,000 inmates are sexually abused each year. Many are turned into sexual slaves by the violent offenders already there. Now, think about this, almost 800,000 people are arrested every year for marijuana. At least 90% are in the system for simple possession. Most are not “dealers”. Are you frightened yet?
    If you complain to the guards about the abuse, you are labeled a “snitch” as you will be required to give names in order to substantiate the claim. You can be put into solitary “for your own protection”. Having this label in prison can be a death sentence. Many inmates keep quiet for this reason and endure unbelievable hardship for years at a time. Some are so scarred from their experiences they are not able to make it in the outside world and become recidivist. Some commit suicide.
    Additionally, basic medical care is almost non-existent. Some cancer patients have waited up to a year to get treatment while incarcerated.
    So, which is worse?

  19. Much respect to the Cannabis Community for speaking out.
    I like how that Marijuana Users seem to be getting more active these days!

  20. With comments like these about executing dealers, I really question just how far we’ve come. Not only on the issue of legalization but just how some people can be so shunned from the “real” world that they resort to lashing out with whips and gas chambers.
    This comment by Georgia’s Rep. really unsettles me. Exactly how far have we really come to legalizing marijuana? Please let me know, but as for now I can only assume there are miles still to gain because of an extreme proposition by one ignorant congressman.

    TITLE 21 U.S.C. Food and Drugs
    Section 822(2)(c) Persons Required to Register – Exceptions
    clearly states:
    “The following persons shall not be required to register and may
    lawfully possess any controlled substance or list I chemical under this subchapter: (3) An ultimate user who possesses such substance for a purpose specified in section 802(25)* of this title.”
    *Section 802(25) of this title, referred to in subsec. (c)(3), was redesignated section 802(26) of this title by Pub. L. 98–473, title II, § 507(a), Oct. 12, 1984, 98 Stat. 2071, and was further redesignated section 802(27) of this title by Pub. L. 99–570, title I, § 1003(b)(2), Oct. 27, 1986, 100 Stat. 3207–6.
    TITLE 21 U.S.C. Food and Drugs Section 802 Definitions at (27):
    “The term ‘‘ultimate user’’ means a person who has lawfully obtained, and who possesses, a controlled substance for his own use or for the use of a member of his household or for an animal owned by him or by a member of his household.”
    It is an undisputed fact that Marijuana is listed as a Schedule I Controlled Substance at 21 U.S.C. 812(c) Schedule I (c)(10)
    It is an undisputed fact that Federal Law at 21 U.S.C. 822(2)(c)(3) clearly states that an “ULTIMATE USER” as defined by 21 U.S.C. 802(27) need NOT register with any authority and MAY LAWFULLY POSSESS MARIJUANA in any amount, in any state or territory of the United States, regardless of local laws and statutes!!
    Further, it is NOT illegal to “possess” or “use” drug paraphernalia if you are the 21 U.S.C. 802(27) “ULTIMATE USER” nor is it illegal to “possess” or “use” drug paraphernalia unless you are using it with intent to deliver or manufacture with intent to deliver!
    “THE STATUTE IS VIOLATED ONLY IF POSSESSION IS ACCOMPANIED BOTH BY KNOWLEDGE of the nature of the act AND ALSO BY THE INTENT “TO MANUFACTURE, DISTRIBUTE, OR DISPENSE.” United States v. Clark, 475 F.2d 240, 248-49 (2d Cir. 1973).” UNITED STATES v. JEWELL, 532 F.2d 697 (9th Cir. February 27, 1976.) (It is crystal clear that 21 U.S.C. 841(a)(1) is worded in the conjunctive “and.”)
    United States v. Jewell, supra, makes it clear that:
    21 U.S.C. 822(2)(c)(3) clearly establishes that if you are the 21 U.S.C. 802(27) “ULTIMATE USER” then possession of Marijuana is NOT illegal!!!
    Deprivation of any right secured in the US Constitution or the Laws of the United States under color of state authority is punishable under 18 U.S.C. 242 and 42 U.S.C. 1983
    [Editor’s note: This is really bad and inaccurate legal ‘advice’. Unfortunately, unless a person possesses a recommendation from a physician, in a state that allows medical cannabis use, citizens can’t lawfully possess or cultivate cannabis. Period.]

  22. What the fuck is the matter with bitch’s like this?
    alcohol is so much worse then marijuana and and look which one is legal. its just that the bitch ass government has no way to tax it and they get way more money off of busting ppl then they would if they legalized it. and thats what is fucked up. just legalize it and control it like they do with alcohol. i mean fuckin bitch’s these days. damn

  23. then why the fuck dont you move to singapore you prick. see how ya like it there then we wont have to here your sorry comment

  24. u are the most narrow minded son of a bitch in the world at this point in time u probally have a flask of whisky to ur lips or an oc going down ur throat. do u realize the government is killing society already,( alcohol, tobbaco, war*, pills ) fuck, all marijuana could do is help by the way if u ever do have a sudden change of mind there is some dank in arizona rite now 😉

  25. We are above this, people. If you feel your votes don’t help enough, then run your mouth from any soapbox you can find. Are any of you hosting rallies? Handing out pamphlets? Initiating your own “Town Hall” meetings? Russ has it right, people. We are only fueling the fires that burn US down by having non-stop diarrhea of the mouth, here. DO SOMETHING! But make it something LEGAL. Terroristic threatening is enough of a crime to allow them to come pick you up. Protesting, Informing the public, and refusing to be a “lazy pothead with a couch stuck to your ass” can move mountains. If we all stand and quit allowing fear to lock us in place, we WILL WIN THIS FIGHT! Work smart, not hard. Think before you speak…whatever cliche’ you need. Just do something. If we of this modern generation do not take some initiative for once, what gives us the right to complain about what slips by? Vote, vote, and vote again…until it changes, we are just wasting air, here. We have numbers in the MILLIONS!! What makes you believe them when they say we are a minority vote in this country? Our sheer numbers would change the tables. We could “scare” them with our presence alone if we all stand. So do it…stop whining, and do it. If you all believe strongly enough to threaten and say you’ll do this or that…then use that anger to MOTA-vate us into a snowball that crushes the capital and send the old way of thinking, screaming for the hills. The Million Man March had an impact…what about the 40 million POT HEAD MARCH?!

  26. If major league asshole Benton thinks that Singapore is such an idyllic place to live, I suggest he fucking move there.

  27. Violence is not the answer,(unless you can get away with it,like the cops do) The only answer is to weed out these people,challenge their ideals in public forum,search out any place you can catch these people in public and question their ideals. If they have to defend a stupid position like this,he will defeat himself.

  28. Benton would not have said these things had he known that there is no change in the law. But we are changing the law. Prohibition is losing. Keeping it non-violent on our part, will only make them look bad. I would like to know know the elected officials that are against pot so I know who not to vote for. Georgia-you’ve got that.

  29. To my fellow Americans. I deeply regret the comments I have made as they were made in the heat of the moment froma continuation of the family tradgety I had suffered the night before. As I got home late that night after an expensive steak dinner and $30 a glass wine that you tax payers payed for. I come home to find the 94′ tricked out Integra my GrandDaddyPurp dealer drives in my driveway. So I’m like WTF? I decided to come in the back door as I noticed the front door was ajar. As I entered the living room I notice clothes strewn everywhere and the sweat smell of some fresh dro’, and then it hit me. I creeped up stairs and to my dismay I stumbled upon my wife getting jackhammerd by my man Chauncy. Now that fridgid bitch had it coming from someone other then me as we’ve been off lately but to see my daughter tossing this guy’s salad from underneath as he pounds his spike into my old ladies railbed was just to much to handle. I went to the closet to get my gun and then, after all that, I find my son gripping his piece like he caught it breaking into the house while video taping the whole uncarnal going’s on.
    Now I stand at this podium today to say I am sorry for generalizing all pot heads. I spoke hastely and with purpose about a subject I hold dear. My unfortunately pathetic life experience should not be projected onto the RESPONSIBLE ADULT AMERICANS who work hard all day and just want to unwind in the comfort of their own home on a Friday night after the kids are asleep.
    So please, if you are walking down the street at night after taking a loved one out to a nice dinner, and you hear a deep sucking sound coming from the allyway and all you see is a silloute of a man in the fetal position going to town on a tall pretty gentleman, just know that in some small way I am trying my hardest to giveback to the community for my disgretion. BTW if you see a pink pacifier on the ground next to us just plug it back in my ballon knot please so I don’t have to break the rythm.
    Tommy “kock funnle” Benton

  30. Only if he promises to do the caning himself. I’d like to see him try it on me. Good luck old man.
    And the point of peope threatening his family…good now they know what it’s liked to be harassed and threatened for doing nothing wrong. Welcome to our world.

  31. #304 chrokee fred….. please tell me you didnt send ALL of these comments….. please tell me you went through them all and got rid of all the threats…. if you didnt then you gave this guy some ammo against us and our cause. now its great that these folks can voice their opinions but at what cost? how far back will it set us if the mainstream media picks up on it??? Politicians arent going to respond to threats and violence…. they will just blame it on cannabis

  32. I’m disappointed in NORML. Well, that’s nothing new, really. Since Jack Herer’s/ Chris Conrads book, “Emperor Wears No Clothes” and the word “marijuana” was found to be propeganda slang. It’s pretty obvious NORML is nothing more than a gatekeeper to draconian marijuana laws and not a door to decriminalize and legalize cannabis.
    You publish the email from Benton and then spend time trying to put out the flames, keeping the headline up, but not coming up with an petititon or resolution… NOTHING. Shame on you!
    You say you read letters from people telling you of their experience with a brutal war on drugs, the gateway to a police state, and so you know how this war is destoying people’s lives and you put the flames out.
    Why not write us an article telling us why you agree with Benton and why you would rather bury it here and not employ it to execute the war on drugs?
    [Editor’s note: Your email makes no sense whatsoever. Self-evidently NORML strongly disagrees with Benton, exposed him to the world as a pot bigot, is leading the charge against him and his obnoxious bias against cannabis consumers.
    Both Jack Herer and Chris Conrad have received achievement awards from NORML, and of course their work has been promulgated by NORML. Both men regularly speak at NORML conferences and at chapter events nationwide. The writer should be ashamed and embarrassed at trying to mislead the public and lying about NORML.]

  33. Is this dude from the dark ages? This is absurd! I believe it is Indonesia where possession of a certain amount is punishable by death. That being said the people of that country call it God Weed and use it on a regular basis. I’m not sure that this punishment even works! When are we going to stop putting up with this ignorance shown time and time again on this subject?!?

  34. Those of you who advocate an eye for an eye, guess what, you have even GREATER power than that…
    You have the power and the right to VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE, to which end this dipshit can do no more harm to society!
    VOTE HIM OUT!!!!

  35. 321 Atlanta Toker
    What is all this “SHOOT FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER” crap? You may not know it…but…you can get a lot more with sugar than you can with salt…with a lot less notariety.
    The Green Door advocates medicinal use in ALL FIFITY STATES…not war…not blood on anyone’s hands. I guess you’re one of those Georgia Bull Dogs sought after in post 165. Why don’t you “lighten up Spike.” Your time will come to take a hunk out of someone’s ass. By the way…Benton is “your” elected representative. I don’t suppose you had anything to do with that…did ya! A brutal mentality, a hot head, a big mouth, a fast pair of hands will get you what you are seeking…for sure. Let me repeat that…”FOR SURE.” Is Atlanta really burning in you head?
    We are all painfully aware of the possibility of revolution, for many reasons other than the cannabis issue…it’s in a multitude of posts. All it takes is someone to light the fuse, or throw a rock. Is that going to be you. By the way…what flag will you be waving? Look!… I’m sure you are a cool guy…so be cool!

  36. Would contacting our own Reps do any good? It seems to me that comments such as those should be addressed. At the very least, his fellow Reps should be aware of what sort of person they’re dealing with. That has to be some kind of breach of ethics, no?

  37. where’s the link to see what exactly norml is doing on this subject and any results in general? talking points are nice, but where are any results? i am gonna check into my local chapter, but even they have very limited feedback on agenda and results on the internet(no web-link, just an email address). Especially pertaining to this story. thanks!
    [Editor’s note: Considering that NORML just broke this news two days ago, type ‘Benton’ and ‘marijuana’ into a search engine and you’ll readily see how quickly and effectively NORML has directed public attention to Benton’s bizarre and untoward comments about the punishments he favors for cannabis consumers. About a dozen major webpages and news outlets have picked up on NORML’s cue.]

  38. This illustrates how important it is to know to whom your vote is going. This Benton is obviously a very disturbed person. Hopefully an informed electorate will remove this cruel character from office.
    I am guilty of voting for people I don’t really know very much about. This article certainly points out the dangers of that carelessness.

  39. WOW, there are some pissed off pot smokers in this world, c’mon guys and gals. Be a good 420 rep and show some restraint. It doesn’t do any good to get up in any politicians grill. Chill out. This particular politician thinks what he is doing is right. No matter what we do or say, it won’t change him. Show some mercy and let it go. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. It’s the only way. And send donations to NORML. They are our only hope for reform. PEACE

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