Georgia Lawmaker Calls For Caning, Executing Marijuana Offenders

[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up for NORML’s free e-zine here.] State Republican lawmaker Tommy Benton (31st House District) favors “caning” minor marijuana offenders and “executing” those who sell the drug, according to a recent correspondence sent by the representative to a constituent.
In a July 29, 2009 e-mail (which was voluntarily forwarded to the NORML office), Rep. Benton wrote: “Thanks for the email. We will have to agree to disagree on this and whether or not money is wasted (by mandating the state to prosecute minor marijuana offenders). I am opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I think we should go to caning for people caught using and maybe execute dealers. [emphasis NORML’s] That would solve the problem as well. That is what they do in Singapore and they don’t have a drug problem.”
Caning is a form of corporal punishment consisting of up to 24 violent lashes with a long rattan cane that has been soaked in water. The procedure inflicts intense pain and deep, bloody lacerations that can take several months to heal.
Rep. Benton followed up his remarks in a separate e-mail on August 11 (also forwarded to NORML) in which he threatened to turn over the names of citizens who disagreed with his political viewpoints to local law enforcement.
He wrote: “You and your cronies want it (marijuana) legalized so you can get a hit anytime without having to worry about getting arrested. I have forwarded your email to the Lowndes County sheriffs [sic] office so that they can be on the lookout for you. [emphasis NORML’s] Consider this my last correspondence on the the [sic] subject to you or anyone else who shares your similar “conservative views’.”
Benton was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2005.

UPDATE from Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator – Please Don’t Threaten Rep. Benton! Just Vote Him Out of Office.
Since we began covering the story of Georgia Rep. Tommy “Caning for Potheads” Benton on July 29, the story has spread like wildfire. We issued an official press release today and featured the story here and the NORML front page just yesterday and already the story has been covered from the libertarian/right Reason blog to the liberal/left TalkLeft blog.
However, I am deeply disturbed at some of the nearly 250 comments the story has gotten at the NORML Blog. There are threats of assassinating, shooting, caning, and kicking the ass of Rep. Benton, as well as comparisons to Adolf Hitler. Some have even threatened his wife, children, and family dog and published Rep. Benton’s home telephone number (which I’ve scrubbed).
Stop it! Rise above the level of people like Rep. Benton. Violence and threats of violence not only solve nothing and hurt our movement, but they may be actionable criminal acts.
I understand the feelings of anger and desire for vengeance. For far too long our people have been intimidated, harassed, threatened, assaulted, imprisoned, and killed for our interaction with a plant. Far too many homes have been burst into by armor-clad assault-weapon-armed police. Our people have had our careers shattered, education thwarted, children taken, healthcare denied, civil rights abrogated, dogs murdered, property stolen and destroyed, and voting rights erased in this “Land of the Free” because we liked to use the hemp plant in the same way this country’s Founders did. Believe me, I report stories and read heartbreaking personal emails like this every day.
I considered deleting these comments but have not (though my superiors may overrule me) because I do think they tap into the strong current of “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore” that runs through the cannabis community. Plus I am a strong advocate of free speech on our forums.
But realize that this kind of reaction only empowers Rep. Benton within his community of hateful anti-pot zealots. “See,” he’ll crow to fellow prohibitionists, “smoking pot turns you into a raving violent psycho!” We’re better than that. Cannabis is supposed to be the peaceful plant. Do not sink to this man’s level. Fighting fire with fire only burns down everyone’s house and an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Fight this man with peace, education, and voting for his opponents in the primary or general election.

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  1. “There are threats of assassinating, shooting, caning, and kicking the ass of Rep. Benton, as well as comparisons to Adolf Hitler.”
    There have been ass-kicking threats made.
    LOL, I got a laugh out of that. Whether or not it was meant to be, it was a hilarious example of taking a serious post and throwing a little humor in there.
    I can see the news: “Once again today, drug policy protesters have resorted to offering ass kickings to the members of Congress that refuse to grant them their freedom.”

  2. Any historian that has studied governments century after century will tell you with references that government leaders are simply over run by the people in the end when they’ve had enough.

  3. Its absolutely sad that people still think that marijuana is this “scourge on society” despite the growing (hehe) support for legalization. But some points have been made, to everybody reading this, PLEASE dont threaten Mr. Benton, youll just be feeding his fire and giving him “evidence” that pot smokers are violent psychos. Instead, if you live in Georgia, get the word out on this guy and dont vote for him. LEGALIZE FREEDOM!

  4. i lost it. lost my composure, called him a dickhead n told him to move to singapore. fuck that redeyed perv..

  5. #362 R.O.E. Says:
    August 14th, 2009 at 11:16 am
    Manny :
    Will do. What ever I may hear I shall relay to all of you.
    RE: R.O.E.
    Are you certain that Manny’s addy is correct?
    Is it “earTHINK”,
    (as typed),
    or earthLINK ???

  6. Please resign office…I am profound deaf male person. I always pray for legalization marijuana since 6 years. I really want smoke weed for legal without worry about cops. I am sadly that US government forget about Civil rights in 1776. That felt hurt our own cizitens. I was send to obama twice but he not response me that he hurt my felt and I dont understand he ingored me but I did vote for him. That was kind of insult and heartbroken. I always hope about legalization effect economy boost up include papers, rope, medicine, food, and everything plus reduce crime without prohibition. I am saying “I am proud of America but I am not proud of US government that I am American Rebellion.” My silence protest without harmful anyone. Last word, I hope not American will fall like former Soviet-era that what our economy is broke and collapsed. I am pray to God that someday Legalization come and peaceful with dawn.
    P.S. Please change America to freedom from fascism.
    “I am pothead and Jewish” “You are government and Nazi” Excuse me I am not insult you but I can see your picture what look like to me. Excuse me forgive me God. Thank you

  7. How did someone this stupid get voted in to office? I’m going to run in Georgia as the “fear blacks, fear potheads, eat fried chicken” candidate. Chances are I’ll win.

  8. Thanks for the info! My work brings me in contact with many, many people and whenever the opportunity arrises to educate I always try. Oddly, I haven’t met anyone who disagrees with the absurdity of prohibition. So if everyone from young to old (at least locally)has no problem with hemp and mj, I just can’t understand why these politicians are so affraid of voters and looking soft on crime if they happen take our stance. This is so odd. I even had one very influential local business leader pull me aside and tell me personally he privately agrees with ending prohibition, but if he ever openly admited it, he would be in real trouble with his elite contacts and family. I’m kinda affraid to send anymore letters to my local representatives after seeing how Benton threatend to turn over any letters to the local police. I have nothing to hide, but still makes me feel like crap knowing politicians will sell us out over a differing of opinions.

  9. This person is a shining example of the type of people who are ruining our country. He doesn’t need to be threatened. He will cheat on his wife or get caught going down on some male prostitute or having sex with whatever barnyard animal happens to be handy. It is inevitable. Make fun of him to everyone you meet. These type of asses deserve nothing but ridicule. His type of attitude is an embarrassment to our country. He typifies the ugly ignorant American bully. Vote this guy out of office and send him back to whatever hole he crawled out of.

  10. One note to Atlanta Toker. The NORML group in Nebraska was able to take possesion of cannabis from a felony with a possible one year prison sentence to a civil infracture of a $100.00 dollar fine. What have you done? I was part of the NORML chapter in Nebraska when this was accomplished and have been since 1977.

  11. Profiling is alive and well when it comes to cannabis arrest!!
    Perhaps most appalling is who the police are arresting for marijuana possession. U.S. government studies have consistently found that young whites use marijuana at higher rates than do young blacks or Latinos. But the NYPD has long arrested young blacks and Latinos for pot possession at much higher rates than whites.
    In 2008, blacks were about 26% of New York City’s population, but over 54% of the people arrested for pot possession. Latinos were about 27% of New Yorkers, but 33% of the pot arrestees. Whites were over 35% of the City’s population, but less than 10% of the people arrested for possessing marijuana. In 2008, police arrested Latinos for pot possession at four times the rate of whites, and blacks at seven times the rate of whites.

  12. #322 ol tex Says:
    August 14th, 2009 at 1:09 am

    “OK, so caning is bad and Tommy is a brutal man.
    That’s a given. We should just lock em up right?
    Think again…”

    RE: ol tex,
    – Was watching a repeat of
    “Deadly Dealing” on NBC’s Dateline…
    about the untimely death of 23 yr. old
    F.S.U. grad, Rachael Hoffman.
    – The worst states for pot penalties,
    the states most-entrenched in maintaining
    and escalating the so-called “drug-war”,
    (often in the name of “God” / religion,
    against a plant-species GOD CREATED…
    the fucking IRONY of the so-called BIBLE-BELT),

    the states most resistant to law-reform
    are located in the south and southeastern U.S.
    (ol tex, I’m sure you already know that…).
    – Georgia shares borders with the state of
    – GA Rep Tommy Benton only characterizes,
    epitomizes all that is wrong with this area
    of the country. He needs to be ridiculed
    thoroughly for the buffoon he is…
    – Since some have already labeled
    Benton as a neo-nazi, let’s go one further
    and satirize him in the manner which Mel Brooks
    has done to Hitler.

    (HUMOR as a WEAPON against DESPOTS!!!) 😈

  13. Tommy Benton started it, and I don’t think it is excusable for prohibionist to make threats like that to the American people; like they have been doing for the past 25 years. Tommy Benton went too far. If we don’t take it seriously, he may actually do what he says he is going to do, thinking that he will get no resistance.

  14. Rather than feel threatened by Benton’s attitude, this is possibly cause for celebration, or at least encouragement.
    No way would a law allowing cruel and unusual punishment get passed (remember there has to be a vote on it) and also recognize that there are a lot of lawmakers and politicians, republicans included, that are very open to the idea of legalized marijuana for adults, see it as “no big deal.”
    And as far as turning names over to law enforcement, as long as you don’t in your letters admit to any illegal activity, keep your statements limited to what you believe about the issue in general, law enforcement has no grounds to “come after you.” Without some kind of evidence of illegal activity, there is no search warrant.
    this kind of insane rhetoric is the voice of someone who truly does feel threatened by a cause he disagrees with. Only when you’re threatened and feeling powerless do you make threats you can’t carry out.
    so yeah, anger is understandable, but expressing it rudely and issuing threats is just stupid and unnecessary. It gives them the wrong impression and also gives them further justification. So let’s not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here.

  15. Representative Benton,
    By now you are well aware of the backlash that has transpired over your remarks concerning caning and execution of minor marijuana offenders / those who sell. Many of the comments directed towards you have been harsh, and for that part I’d like to apologize however, what you have done is wrong, insensitive and a real career ruining move.
    As a whole, the many groups that support Decriminalization and Legalization are huge, growing in membership each day, and not willing to bend any longer to the absolute lies and propaganda that have been openly produced and embraced.
    May I ask you: Have you truly researched the facts concerning Prohibition of Marijuana? Have you read all the credible research papers, by the hundreds, written in favor of marijuana as a medicine? Have you researched the devastating effects of alcohol over marijuana? Have you asked yourself about the negative impacts Prohibition of Marijuana has produced? – No, I didn’t think so.
    As respectfully as possible, how could any level headed, intelligent person not understand that Marijuana IS NOT dangerous?
    Please issue an apology to all the people you’ve offended and please do the right thing and research the Facts. Let the Lies and Propaganda fall away because of their own dead weight and be a real hero. Now, and only now, is your chance to do the right thing.

  16. Wow. It really shocks me to see that some of the people running this country are still stuck in a medieval mindset.
    When will people wake up and realize that drugs are not going to disappear. Ever. They are going to get more potent, more numerous and more distinct. The solution to abuse is treatment and education, not prohibition.
    Education is key. Recreational drugs should be treated the way we treat other dangerous activities by regulating it and keeping it safe. To operate a motor vehicle, a device that kills many more people each year than all drugs combined, one need to go through training, education and licensing. Same thing with firearms. Why shouldn’t recreational drugs be treated similarly? Allow responsible, educated adults to engage in whatever activity they wish as long as it is done in such a way as it poses the least amount of risk.

  17. I retract my comment made in #186 about “Hanging” Rep. Benton and my personal email to him regarding Flogging him. Reflecting on the situation at hand I was merely speaking in rage. I am not a violent person and actually have never been in a real fight. Benton may be out of line, but that’s to expect from someone who is in a position of power and acting on what they believe is right. Like Mr. Benton, many Americans are ill informed about Marijuana and it’s true potential. I do not possess a medical license to use Marijuana because it is not offered in Kentucky. I have a terrible anxiety disorder that causes both social and personal problems. I have problems with sleeping, eating, depression, stress, my nerves are always shot, and my hands tremble just like an old man’s.
    I’m only 22 years old and these problems are both embarrassing and irritating. I will not except “Magic Pill” medications because 9 times out of 10, the side effects are worse than what their supposed to cure. I was like many people at first, firmly against the use of Marijuana. But at age 19 I gave it the benefit of a doubt and tried smoking it. It was like an answer to my prayers! For the first time ever I was COMPLETELY relaxed and felt…dare I say Normal. I’ve used ever since never having these problems again unless I haven’t “medicated” myself.
    Yes, Marijuana gets you high, but its not what everyone thinks. You don’t “See Things” and your reasoning skills are not “Impaired” and it doesn’t make one “Stupid” or “Burnt Out”. In fact, the effect are not permanent or irreversible. As far as the “Gate Way Drug” myth goes, I have never had an interest in any other substance. Wouldn’t even know what other drugs look like, let alone know anything about them. I have no criminal record and it would be terrible to have something like being arrested for possessing a “Joint” ruin my statues.
    Where I’m getting at is this my friends. For those of you who enjoy using Marijuana, but have done nothing to help the legalization movement, GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to get a job done. I would proudly dirty my name for the right cause, and that is why I have decided to use my real name from now on when I post any comments.
    Mr. Benton, I apologize to you and your family. All readers of this comment ought to consider sacrifices for what they REALLY want!!! INFORM INFORM INFORM!

  18. I love this guy….. wow it reminds me of the difference between stupidity and ignorance. I love how he fails to mention Coke, Crack, Meth, Heroin…… but he wants to execute dealers who are selling a plant that came from mother earth. Im sorry, this guy needs to get out of office. Since when does one man have the right to punish/kill another man for using a plant that comes from the earth they both share and were born on.

  19. damn, caning and execution is way inhumane and barbaric for peaceful potheads. i surely hope not that benson will post new georgia signs that say “Death For Drug Traffickers” on state borders. I saw that foreign sign when visiting Saudi Arabia. That really scared the shit outta of me…
    hey benson, try to make a successful attempt on the new law, im gonna wage an ungodly fucking shitstorm into your republic mansion, you hear me??? yes, an ungodly fucking shitstorm. remember that…

  20. this benton guy must be truely afraid of the unknown. i expect to hear about this subject this weekend at seattle’s hempfest. if spoken about at the gigantic gathering of marijuana enthusiasts then it will not only solitify the work NORML has been doing on the subject, but possibly begin the much needed uprising to finally legalize this plant

  21. Hi Russ,
    I understand where you are coming from and I get your point. We have to rise above them true. But remember what Bill Maher said when he spoke at a NORML conference, “It’s time we express outrage. It’s time we get mad as hell.” You can only run over a people for so long and then they have nothing to lose. True we have to rise above, and avoid threats, but the time has come for us to stand our ground too and get alot tougher and way more vocal on this issue and express daily outrage non stop until it is finally RElegalized.
    peace Russ

  22. Tommy Benton can say all these negative things about cannabis users and about wanting to cane and kill them and you don’t see this on the mainstream news, but if someone like him or anyone else for that matter in his position of authority were to say something like the N-word you would have heard about it yesterday and he would be resigning. Am I wrong? Maybe someone in Georgia should trick him and make him say the N-word and he would be gone. I’m graduating college this year with a degree in biology and environmental science, and I smoke everyday and make good grades, hope mj gets legalized soon so I can get a job growing it. Everybody keep up the pressure, but ease up with the death threats, I know everybody is thinking it, but don’t say it out loud.

  23. These people call themselves lawmakers, but they dont even know the laws.
    “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”
    Eight Amendment, Bill of Rights
    seriously, any punishment whatsoever for owning a plant could be considered unusual..

  24. – The worst states for pot penalties,
    the states most-entrenched in maintaining
    and escalating the so-called “drug-war”,
    (often in the name of “God” / religion,
    against a plant-species GOD CREATED…
    the fucking IRONY of the so-called BIBLE-BELT),
    the states most resistant to law-reform
    are located in the south and southeastern U.S.
    (ol tex, I’m sure you already know that…).
    Damn right I do. A lot of the cops are damn crooked too!
    I know of a former police chief in a small town who was covertly flying in drugs and then arresting people who used them. You would not believe what they get away with. Our governor wants to secede from the union. What an idiot. Trust me, weed is plentiful in Texas and so are lawyers. The laws here suck to the tune of 50,000 arrests every year for a plant that will grow wild in a ditch. It’s absurd. Under two ounces is a misdemeanor but it will still get you jail time!

  25. Look here. People have been paralyzed from caning. To even consider caning for something so damn innocent is beyond human rights. P.O.W’s haven’t had the pleasure of being caned, let alone hard working, honest mom and pops of america. It’s time to stand up like “Fight Club.”
    “We are you sanitation control, we make you you’re food, we turn down your beds, we drive your kids to school. DON’T FUCK WITH US!” Caning, I thought we were beyond shit like this. Georgia BLOWS!!!!!

  26. This is horrible.
    In fact, it honestly makes me ashamed to live in Georgia.
    It’s one thing to ignore us completely, but to forward our emails to the authorities is completely sickening.
    Mr. Benton, you will not be getting my vote.
    Also, forwarded to my friends/family who live in Georgia.

  27. The fear of legalized marijuana.
      A gateway drug resulting in youth corruption and nationalized
    dependency is the highest concern of legalized opposer’s.  Ironicly  
    the majority of legalization opposers unknowingly admit marijuana
    has no physical or mental harm by only bieng concerned about the
    gateway theory.
    Some how the opposers fear that kids will be smoking dope and wanting to
    move on with their habits, thereby putting any life goals aside. A
    fear of dope heads taking over society and damaging our country’s
    While these concerns are admirable, they lack truth and structure.
    Truth is supported by facts and evidence. Structure is supported by
    its foundation and a creator.
    Let’s take the gate way drug theory for example. Even the smallest of gateways
    have a pathway or point of entry. Upon closer inspection this
    pathway is the start of a gateway or change of direction. Therefore  
    before any gate is entered in a person must decide to go in the direction and  
    then in
    succession go in that direction. Once that criteria is met the gate may
     In Revelation a thought process must occur first and foremost before
    any action. Thus presenting the primary gateway to any human physical
    action. The human mind is a conglomerate of thoughts. The governor of
    these thoughts is personality. As with any action there is equal or
    opposite reaction, thereby conflicts occur within the thought and
    personality process.
    As humans tend to be influenced by other humans addaptions occur thus
    persuading personality. As a youth’s mid develops the governing is  
    implemented by parents,teachers,family,friends,and other humans.  
    Even into adulthood as well. The youth then is confronted with multi  
    spectrums of influences.
    As with any human being free will is the bridge to these influencing
    factors.From birth to adulthood, a Child is primarly governed parentally.  
    It is the sole duty of a Parent to instill proper decisions
    upon their kids. And with that being done successfully,a Child will
    open and close the gates as taught to do.
       Parents are guides to all pathways. It is their responsibility to  
    instruct and give the proper discesion making tools to thier children. Knowing  
    and understanding  the personality of the child should be fully realized  
    by the parents.The fear of outside influences harming kids should be  
    comforted by knowing your parental duty was fullfilled.
      Another prime example is government set laws. In order to manipulate profits
    laws are intact to regulate possesion and use. Laws are socialy put into place
    for” prevention”  and punishment.Violated Laws have monitary fines set payable to governement and   
    institutions. Amusing enough the offenders contribute tax dollars as well as fines.
    Government and institutions are established to serve
    citizins and taxpayers. The employees that labor in these
    institutions have salary supported by taxpayer dollars,private
    funding,and the law offenders.
      Now comes the bigest downside to legalization ( in the eyes of
    government). If legalization was to be implemented the istitutions  
    that govern law offenders will be severly impacted if not obsoleete. Those  
    employees will be in turn out of a job. The institutions will be soley fundid by tax  
    dollars and private funding. With little to zero offenders those istitutes will   
    be non functional and be severed.
    Now that doesnt make sense to an employee of an istitute that is fundid by law violations.
    Why would they advocate or encourage legalization?
    They would be talking thier selves out of a job. So naturaly they do the opposite by  
    attempting to shadow citizens with false statements and scare tactics (not scientific truth)
    about a God created,non synthetic,unharmful plant. Whether you believe in God a Creater or
    just mankind it is undeniable that humans have no right to irradicate a part of nature
    especially if it is not harmfull. In fact countless studies show the contrary.
    Nor do humans have a right to violate  
    rights of others humans.Possessing,growing,smoking or talking about marijuana is a right.  
    To say other wise is dictatorship and should be backed by facts. There  
    are no and I repeat no facts that marijuana is harmfull. It is time to put a stop to lies and propaganda .
     The whole mess can make a person ponder why It was illegal to start  
    with. Oh but wait, news flash It wasnt! The use of marijuana is documented  
    dating back over thousands of years ago. It is not any different than medicine  
    used presently. Ofcourse medicine today has side effects that out  
    weigh its intent. The cost and addiction of modern medicine is damaging society in a rappid pace.
    Ahh the simple times, it must have  been nice to grow your own medicine without fear of incarceration,  
    public prejudice and humiliation.American politics make it lawfull to kill an unborn child on one hand,
    However it is unlawfull to expose them to a pottential “gateway drug” on the other hand.
    It only takes comon sense to figure that one out.
    Whithin the past year a Oklahoma man was convicted of raping a 5 year old boy. The term he has to serve
    in prison is shocking and disturbing. One year is all that man will have to serve. He is do for release in
    September.In comparison to anyone caught with possesion of marijuana may serve many  
    many  years of prison term. Hello?
    We live in an advanced civilization but we are Governed by degressive laws and personal agendas.
    For what purpose other than to violate human rights and profit. Recently a program was displayed on national
    television tittled Marijuana Inc. A scare tactic display was poorly attempted by the enforcement agents interviewed.
    Pictures of guns And dead people were displayed implying that the “marijuana culture” is dangerous.
    Hippacriticly there are many television adds displaying people (mostly juveniles) bieng vegtables and lounging around.
    Deductivley wasting thier lives away while thier piers are accelerating becoming esteamed and acomplished  lawyers,
    doctors, presidents and so forth. As if presently there are not any accomplished lawyers, doctors, and presidents in
    exsistence who have not or currently use marijuana? Hmmm
    Obviously money is the biggest factor of intrest for government and law. It baffles the government and law inforcement
    on how much money comes from marijuana. Hence the term cash crop. Unless ofcourse the shift is towards foccousing on real
    drugs instead of a plant. Our tax dollars will continue to go to waste.
    Folks, plain and simple it is a plant. It doesnt have to be proccessed or altered like it’s parralell opposite the coffee bean.  
    further more marijuana is no more addictive than caffeine. Caffeine stimulates and alters the nervous system. Yet coffee is used
    world wide Without any of its tax paying consumers bieng prosecuted. All due in fact To its social acceptence. Have you ever seen
    a person who hasn’t had thier morning cup of coffe? It is almost as if they can not function. Talk about dependency! Or how about
    somone who ” all wired up” after several cups? Hmm
    Does anyone notice the hypocrocey between bieng potrayed a slow ignorant vegtable then on the other hand a gun toting
    violent crime junkie?  Examine the cause and effect and  you will find the root cause is the law itself. Alcohol prohibition
    did  not work!Remember? Violence and smuggling became overwhelming. Citizens wanted alcohol however government law did not.  
    The point was to reduce violence,dependency,prison over crowding and so forth. It reached a point were there was no choice but
    to legalize alcohol again.Let me remind you that history has a way repeating itself.However if we do not learn from the past it is all in vain.
     It is Common for users of marijuana to deny it can be addictive.But it is ok if they are addicted to starbucks isnt it? Right.
    However any person place or thing can be addictive physicly and physcologicly. Society proves that over and over. That bieng the case a person
    could presume it would be lawfull to try anything once?  
    So if any of you feel comfortable knowing that your tax dollars are funding such nonsense dont be to content.There is countless americans in support
    of legalization. The sad thing is that most of them will never voice thier oppinion. Probably because they consume or posses marijuana and fear the law.
    I for one do not posses or consume.Thank God for freedom of speach!
    Lets hope common sense adds up to dollars. Money after all seems to be the reason behind opposition.
    Jason Simpson 8-15-2009 (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  28. Wooooooooooow. This guy is absurd and nothing short of evil. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the government of any state. Georgians should do something about this… Marijuana illegal or not that’s just ridiculous. Murder and torture. Nice one there, buddy. By the way, for you guys in Georgia who have some words, his webpage has ALL of his contact info right there when you log on. Somebody’s gotta say something to that guy. Peacefully, yes. But he certainly needs told about 100,000 times that he’s a dick. Haha. I hope he’s never touched the stuff, otherwise he should be first in line for the torture he recommends.

  29. OK, people! Stop the threats already. If we are ever going to get weed legalized we need to put a good face on it, not confirm dark aged thinking like Benton’s. Let’s not lower ourselves to the image his kind want to see. Do not give him and his kind any more ammo to shoot back at us with. Let’s PROVE to them that we are good rational people by using the brains that they don’t think we have.
    If he must be punished, maybe putting him on an island for a year with 1000 happy-go-lucky potheads will bring him out of his medieval mindset. If not, he would likely spend a very lonely year isolated on a remote corner of the island while everyone else had a grand time of it. If that didn’t change his mind, then he is beyond help and need not be a concern to us.
    In any case, we need not go through him. We can go around him and in that way, prove that we are not the primitive people he perceives us to be.

  30. Law makers want to kill pot smokers, well if that’s not enough to put citizens into action mode, no one’s going to be there for you in the end when it’s too late. No one cared enough to take action in the 1930’s when pot was legislated to be illegal but no one ever saw this in the future. What do you think the future holds for pot smokers now?

  31. I am sorry for repeating myself.
    I`ll wager Mr. Tommy “the commy” Benton enjoys an occasional alcoholic drink. Which means he is yet another hypocrite among millions of anti-marijuana drunken baby raping hypocrites. If they can prove 100% that they have never used “any” drugs including alcohol, which they can not prove, then the rest of us might listen. Don`t send money hungry drunks to kill marijuana smokers because it shows just how idiotic our government has become.

  32. #424 SpyBoy Says:
    August 15th, 2009 at 12:04 am

    damn, caning and execution is way inhumane and barbaric for peaceful potheads. i surely hope not that benson will post new georgia signs that say “Death For Drug Traffickers” on state borders. I saw that foreign sign when visiting Saudi Arabia. That really scared the shit outta of me…”

    RE: SpyBoy,
    – Though I’ve never been to Arabia,
    I’ve read plenty of “horror-stories”
    about those who have been detained / jailed for
    what would be extremely-trivial elsewhere;
    – Nothing more than poppy-seed-residue
    from bread or rolls;
    – For a miniscule, (2-3mm long, 0.5mm dia.),
    pot-stem wedged in a shoe-tread;
    – For possessing certain OTC meds,
    allowed elsewhere, but VERY-illegal in the U.A.E.
    – I know that Arabia, (and Islamic countries in
    general), are very strict, draconian about forbidden
    plant-components and various medications…
    – How much of this is true??? And to what severity???

  33. Just so everyone here understands, jerks like this are put into office for the purpose of distracting people from real issues. Of course, he’s a jerk. No arguing that point. But, if you want to get away with something you know is unpopular, you make lots of smoke and get everyone focused on a diversion. This creep is no doubt in office because someone else snaked him in, and that was for the purpose of screwing the locals out of what’s theirs. Getting people upset at himself over herb is just a diversion to allow him so screw people over on other things without them noticing.

  34. This one seems simple. The man is not mentally fit to hold a position in politics/lawmaking. What else can be said?? He needs to hear it too, every day of his life until he loses his job.
    I smoke the stuff legally, and it’s obvious that cops/politicians care not about our “voting” process. Until these cops/politicians are publicly called out and FIRED, they will continue to ruin the lives of disabled people like me.
    If people can unite under the “we’re mad as hell and can’t take it anymore” principle, I see that as much more productive than just sitting there waiting for the guy to get voted out. The time for silent protest is LONG gone. The War on Drugs has done far too much damage to our freedoms and finances already.

  35. If Ga.State Rep. Benton has execution laws in his state. He would serve his his state and country better if he started making laws stronger concerning child abuse and abduction.
    There are alot of sick people that abuse kids that get set free in our communities that are able to live.
    If the death penalty is needed lets make sure the bad guys get put down and not a peaceful cannabis \ hemp farmer.
    I wonder if Benton would kill his own son or daughter for selling pot? If this man does have kids, they must be embarrassed.

  36. I wonder how many folks voted Obama just b/c he said the war on drugs has been an utter failure and we need to rethink decriminalizing mj. I wonder if he would have won without that statement. That’s why he got my vote, I wonder if I was the only one that got duped in that way. I thought this guy “got it” but he is apparently being puppeted by the same people who puppeted the last administration. How going from Congressman to President distorts things.
    I agree waiting between lost elections is too much time to waste and wait. I’ll be 60 by that time if I keep waiting, what good will it be then? Precious years are wasted waiting for votes and the right candidates at the same time. I know we already have the numbers to support it, we just don’t have the legislators with the backbone to “allow” us to vote on it.
    Did you know GA is only 1 of 2 states that doesn’t allow the sale of alcohol on Sunday and voting days? Did you also know that GA legislators will not even conceive of allowing us to vote on it, b/c they know they will lose? GA still has “dry” counties for cryin’ out loud. That doesn’t do anything but give revenue to the neighboring counties. Then the “dry” county still has to put forth the effort of dealing with drunkards and the societal costs that comes with it, only they don’t have the revenue from the alcohol sales to combat these societal problems. They are cutting their own foot off, just like with MJ states and non MJ states. To seek out inebriation is the human condition and the pursuit of happiness is/was an American right. They haven’t curbed the appetite for drugs in 70 years, it ain’t gonna happen now. If anything, they have enhanced America’s appetite for drugs.
    Tell a kid they can’t have that lollipop and what are they going to want? Tell a kid don’t press that button, what are they going to want to do?
    It’s just a plant for cryin’ out loud. I think that we need to use a different word than “high” b/c the prohibs always say “there will be all these ppl getting high and driving.” (first off, they already are, they aren’t waiting for it to be legal to drive. Well what is high? It certainly cannot be compared to being drunk. “High” to me has a negative connotation just like “stoner” or “pothead”. If I want to smoke it like cigarettes, that should be my choice. Just for reference, the only times in my life where I have been asked if I were doing drugs were times when I was not and completely sober.
    GA has a lot of crooked police and people in positions of power. It seems to be more rampant in the smaller towns. I hear stories all the time about GA judges, mayors, police chiefs, and sheriff caught DUI, or laundering money, infidelity, or running some sort of drug operation.
    The boat company I was working for in GA was shipping cocaine out in the fuel tanks. The county sheriff was involved and providing protection from the airport to the manufacturing facility and they didn’t get caught once, but twice by the FEDS! Well the owner still has his company and Berrien County has a huge brand new jail paid for by the owner of the company.
    In a world where money talks and bullshit walks, its hard to win a fight when you’re the “nice guy”.

  37. And another thing, Why does the President and all of his “cronies” keep saying that “marijuana legalization is not a high priority right now”? Well when is it gonna be? It’s always something, the economy, health care, Katrina, always something that takes precedence. Not that I’m saying those issues are unimportant, but if they’d legalize it already, we’d quit bugging them. All it takes is the flick of a pen.
    They keep saying its not high on the priority list. Why did they not take the #1, #3, and a dozen of the top 50 questions asked to the (then) congressman Obama seriously? Obviously that was what was on the mind of the majority of Americans if it was the same question asked over and over, second to health care and the economy questions. Oh but, MJ is “not a high priority right now”. When Mr. President? When will it be a high priority? When America finally decides being tough on drugs is not the “cool” thing to do in the eyes of the rest of the world? Why doesn’t the American government stop trying to influence the rest of the world (and us for that matter) and allow them to think for themselves and make their own decisions. American government should practice what it preaches and allow people to be free and not interfere with the mind and body of it’s own people’s body as well as the rest of the world. The government has to “appear” to be tough on drugs while at the same time “appearing” to allow its people to be free, which leaves us ALL in the lurch.
    The other day Secr. Gibbs said NBC polls show that America wants health care reform. Ohhhh, but when an NBC poll says 86% of America favors at least decriminalizing if not legalizing mj, then those are bad stats in the governments eyes. It’s amazing the information they will refer to when it is in their favor, but when the same exact organization does a poll that’s not popular with the government, then they don’t want to hear it.

  38. #343 Phil Says:
    August 14th, 2009 at 9:07 am
    If he had read his Guidestones, he might not be of this opinion.
    RE: Phil,
    – Perhaps Rep. Benton is just
    TRYING TO COMPLY with Guidline #1,
    (…to the exclusion of the other nine…): 😯
    Georgia Guidestones

    1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2 Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
    3 Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4 Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
    5 Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6 Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7 Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8 Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9 Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10 Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

  39. #343 Phil Says:
    August 14th, 2009 at 9:07 am
    If he had read his Guidestones, he might not be of this opinion.
    RE: Phil,
    – Perhaps Rep. Benton is just
    TRYING TO COMPLY with GUIDEline #1,
    (…to the exclusion of the other nine…): 😯
    Georgia Guidestones

    1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2 Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
    3 Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4 Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
    5 Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6 Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7 Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8 Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9 Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10 Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

  40. Theres tens of millions of American citizens today in support of either medical marijuana, serious decriminalization or legalization. And we should be able to screen and elect officials that can be held accountable for their pre-elected beliefs/statements with serious repercusions for them if they renege. Like where did this dinosaur come from?

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