Reuters: Pot Kills Cancer But Don't Even Think About Using It!

The MSM may be starting to pay attention. I just got off the phone with CBS News radio, who will be covering this story imminently.
It was just yesterday that I was lamenting about the mainstream media’s failure to report on the anti-cancer properties of cannabis. And then along comes Reuters with this:

Cannabis chemicals may help fight prostate cancer
via Reuters News Wire
Chemicals in cannabis have been found to stop prostate cancer cells from growing in the laboratory, suggesting that cannabis-based medicines could one day help fight the disease, scientists said Wednesday.
After working initially with human cancer cell lines, Ines Diaz-Laviada and colleagues from the University of Alcala in Madrid also tested one compound on mice and discovered it produced a significant reduction in tumor growth.
Their research, published in the British Journal of Cancer, underlines the growing interest in the medical use of active chemicals called cannabinoids, which are found in marijuana.
Experts, however, stressed that the research was still exploratory and many more years of testing would be needed to work out how to apply the findings to the treatment of cancer in humans.
“This is interesting research which opens a new avenue to explore potential drug targets but it is at a very early stage,” said Lesley Walker, director of cancer information at Cancer Research UK, which owns the journal.
It absolutely isn’t the case that men might be able to fight prostate cancer by smoking cannabis,” she added.

Well, well, well, leave it to the MSM to misrepresent the facts and miss the real story. First, the chemicals assessed in this study, R(+)-Methanandamide and JWH-015, are neither “cannabinoids” nor are they “chemicals in cannabis.” Rather, they are synthetic, selective CB2 receptor agonists. In short, they are chemicals created in a lab to mimic certain elements in marijuana, and to bind to specifically to those cannabinoid receptors that are not located in the brain. After all, we can’t possibly have the terminally ill feeling ‘better’, now can we?
Second, US federal researchers have known for some 35 years that the naturally occurring chemicals in cannabis — not just synthesized agonists — can halt the proliferation of multiple types of cancer, including including brain cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and pancreatic cancer. We even know how.

Cannabinoids: potential anticancer agents
via Nature Reviews Cancer (2003)
Cannabinoids are usually well tolerated, and do not produce the generalized toxic effects of conventional chemotherapies. … Cannabinoids inhibit tumor growth in laboratory animals. They do so by modulating key cell-signaling pathways, thereby inducing direct growth arrest and death of tumor cells, as well as by inhibiting tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Cannabinoids are selective anti-tumor compounds, as they can kill tumor cells without affecting their non-transformed counterparts.

Of course, the real question — conveniently ignored by Reuters and the rest of the MSM — is this: Why, after three decades and dozens of preclinical trials documenting cannabis’ potent anti-cancer abilities, are “many more years of testing” necessary? Last I checked, humans die en masse from cancer, not rats! Yet for some 35 years scientists have been content to replicate these  cancer-killer findings in animals and in petri dishes, all the while warning, “It absolutely isn’t the case that men might be able to fight prostate cancer by smoking cannabis.”
Well why the hell not? Not only can cannabis alleviate cancer patients’ nausea and pain, elevate their mood, and increase their appetite, but also — as dozens of preclinical trials over the past three decades consistently demonstrate — marijuana may help to alleviate the very disease that’s ravaging their bodies. Of course, rather than put this theory to the test, investigators for more than three decades have been willing to let people with a terminal illness die while they piddle around with their petri dishes. And to date, not one reporter from the mainstream media has ever had the guts to ask them why.

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  1. ROE.#4
    I ,and probably thousands share your feelings. Strength to you .
    D.J. #17, I would rather that be two years.
    Alex #21, That IS the first brick in the wall, everyone put pressure on Obama administration to reschedule Cannabis.
    Mike #29,Get a new Doctor
    CFHJ #36, That is why everyone needs to grow their own, sort of like a “Victory Garden”.
    Moldy #42, DITTO
    JED #46, AMEN.
    That’s all folks.

  2. Steve I hope you get get well brother dialisys sucks from what i understand. And number 29 that is jacked up and a half!! We are worse than rapists and murders? To HELL with that. Stay strong. Our army will win this..war on drugs..this war on us.

  3. “investigators for more than three decades have been willing to let people with a terminal illness die while they piddle around with their petri dishes. ”
    As a research scientist I am seriously offended by this. It is our GOVERNMENT whom is piddling around and preventing cannabis research to materialize into anything.
    In 2010 vote out EVERY SINGLE incumbent politician. Vote for every libertarian and/or green party candidate you can. Definitely vote 3rd party in 2012!!

  4. #5 Adam Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 1:08 am

    “I love how the goverment won’t let us use
    a natural substance to prevent cancer and yield tumors,
    but okays having another life sucked out of your body
    and dumped in the trash.”
    RE: Adam,
    – Let all of us remember this fact the next time
    cannabis-foes spout-off with one of their favorite
    thought-terminating clichés…
    “…why don’t we just legalize murder…..”
    – In 1973…
    society / gov’t HAD ALREADY done so!!!

    (Roe vs. Wade…).
    – Worst of all,
    abortion is gov’t-approved
    killing of those least-able
    to defend themselves against it;
    at the time in their life when their
    perception / senses are MOST heightened…
    at a time when they’re MOST AWARE…


  5. Paul,
    You are a strong voice for a huge body of people. I, for one, have had difficulty doing the same lest I lose my job as an untenured professor. However, your voice is being heard and encouraging us all to become more active in the fight. I am through with the days of only composing passive emails to my legislators who feed me the same ignorant rhetoric of the past 70 years. Patients need medicine of their choosing and citizens–ones truly living in a free country–must have the right to make their own choices in regards to their body; moreover, we have a God given right to grow and consume a plant!
    My friends, we must shed our fear and be heard! I am not a lazy stoner. I am an academic and accomplished scholar and I smoke marijuana. I smoke cannabis to ease pain, relax, and commune in a peaceful surrounding. We can no longer remain silent as our government spreads jingoistic lies. It is unpatriotic to wage war on your own citizens.
    I am an American. I smoke marijuana. I will no longer stay silent.
    thank you for your leadership.

  6. Props to CBS for picking up this story. also recently ran a medical marijuana debate featuring NORML’s own Mitch Earlywine, Where he had the venue to share some interesting facts about marijuana use. I’ve also seen plenty of favorable coverage on MSNBC (not this story in particular, but marijuana issues in general). These seem to be the news sources where we have the best chance to get our side out. News radio and webcasts are good, but we need coverage on TV and in the newspapers. That’s where most get their news.

  7. The reason why marijuana is illegal is because it’s a federal mindset marketing philosiphy. Weed is about joy, laughter, happiness, spiritual enlightment. The energetic vibration people emit when they are high and have no fear makes them extremely powerful beings.
    And on the other hand alcohol and tobacco takes the lives of millions around the world annually. It’s all about instilling fear in the masses, population control, and the additional activity of law enforcement to keep people scared and powerless.

  8. #59 Bob Loblaw Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 11:17 pm
    “The reason is simply this;
    no one can patent Marijuana.”

    RE: Bob,
    – No one can patent white willow, either,
    (the “crude” botanical-basis for Aspirin®),
    but gov’t is not making / keeping this plant
    “outlawed”, nor trying to prevent people from
    utilizing this, in lieu of synthetic
    Acetyl Salicylic Acid

  9. Just so NORML knows- I just heard the cbs radio news bulletin on this study at 7:30am here on KYCA 1490m here in Prescott, Az. Funny thing about it- Ive never heard ANYTHING CBS on the radio- KYCA is a fox affiliate.

  10. Oh, and Prescott is a retirement community full of rich white republicans who don’t like any youth whatsoever, so I’m glad CBS forcefully jammed this down their throats!

    The Green Door is committed to “LEGALIZIING CANNABIS FOR MEDICINAL USE” in all fifty (50) states by demonstrating a show of superior numbers in favor of its medicinal use. Our objective is to accomplish this in the shortest period of time posssible. Although cannabis has been proven to treat more than 250 medical condititons, our purpose is to prove that “CANNABIS HAS CURRENT MEDICAL UTILITY AND EFFICACY IN THE UNITED STATES, AND NO POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE.” Our primary objective is remove cannabis from schedule I, and replace it in schedule III.
    Now!…is your opportunity to make that happen. Now!…is the time to pledge your support by adding [GD] to your posting handle…also by indicating your state.
    EXAMPLE: John/Jane Doe Activist [CA-GD]
    We are at present a 85% strong factor in favor of our objective. Let’s make it happen.

  12. Just a quick update for anyone interested… the dominoes have really begun to fall when a state that has been dramatically anti-marijuana begins to rethink it’s approach. The state I currently live in, Iowa, has started proceedings to reclassify cannabis from schedule 1 to schedule 2 based on the fact that many other states have found that it DOES indeed have medicinal value. (no brainer). This is so shocking because up until recently they have not even allowed for the consideration of medicinal marijuana (I have the antiquated and misinformed letters from senate and congressmen to prove it. references to “wasting disease”? come on…) a hearing took place on wednsday, with hearings to follow on september 2nd in mason city, october 7th in iowa city and november 4th in council bluffs. This is a small step, but if we decriminalize, then two major midwestern states will be decrimed side by side. Sen. Joe Bolkom of iowa city will re-introduce a medicinal marijuana bill next session. The news will always say what it’s paid to say and the meat of this movement will be grassroots in origin. I urge many other activists to petition thier state governments with the fact that marijuana has been approved for medical uses in many other states, a precedent that pretty much turns the traditional schedule 1 treatment on it’s ear. legalities may usually benefit those in power but this is one loophole that turns the tides in our favor. let’s ride this momentum to a safer more educated future!

  13. interesting sites:
    I do belong to American cannabis as a state rep but receive no money for my service.
    Unlike our lawmakers aka senate and house who accept millions every year for their vote. Paid for by the corporations they support with our money. Going against the people they are sworn to represent. They continue to jail and make slaves of our fellow Americans.
    DC is the only place on the earth where bribery is legal and considered normal?? I am 60 and have seen many things in my more than average life. I have always been lucky. But I have always wished to help those fellow Americans that were less fortunate. But I don’t mean handouts. We could change the system so all Americans could hold up their heads. Its all about sharing the wealth. If we could end the war on ourselves and legalize a harmless herb. It would be a home run for the human race. Its a win win to end the racist war started 72 years ago. Lets all fight to make our world a better place for us all..
    Peace CFHJ

  14. Editor – I get caught up in the ignorance of the public… I just wish the public was better educated on the hypocrisy of marijuana prohibition. Then there wouldn’t be any need of a “debate”.

  15. Now it seems to me that if “Marinol” is produced then the medical community accepts the fact that thc helps with a variety of issues. Then why the $%&**()+_ isn’t it legalized. They say we need more test….why? If you produce it in a lab then it is accepted and approved. Those lab produced chemicals will kill ya.

  16. #65, Proud to offer my support. Any Ideas where to get a good green shirt? Preferably hemp! Is it alright if I call myself an activist? All I do is open my mouth every chance I get to speak out about all the lies and educate people as well as point everyone to some of my favorite sites such as Norml, CC, MPP, etc lol!

  17. On the advice of an enlightened physician 22 YEARS AGO I was able to end a dependence on very debilitating anti-siezure medications for epilepsy and replace them with just a single joint a day. My experience led to BETTER siezure control and a very productive and “normal” life that would never have been possible with the previous “acceptable” treatment plan. I now look back on a very successful engineering career, three beautiful, well-balanced, successful children, an active lifestyle and a happy and enlightened attitude about life in general. I now find myself a happy and energetic “senior citizen” in great health, requiring NO maintenance pharmacueticals whatsoever (a rarity among my age group!). Was it worth being a “criminal” for the last 22 years? Was it worth being a social parriah by definition of our society? Was it worth the daily threat of prison? HELL YES!!! If you have ANY reason to think marijuana will help improve your life/condition then, for God’s sake, don’t let the ignorance of others condemn you to a lesser life to appease the masses. Let your LIFE be the example to others!

  18. Now I know why I have hardly ever gotten sick in my lifetime. I always suspected but now its great to know that I was probably right. Im 43 this year and I have been smoking regularly since age 10. Great Preventive Powers!!!

  19. 71 HooterJack Activist
    We are so happy to get your support. Any hunter green polo shirt works. Hemp is best, but plain will work for the cause. We need Texas, as you well know. Happy to have you on board. Stay tuned…more to come.
    As you may well know, coordination is the hardest pat of any task.

  20. My brother Pete died at 5am on Saturday 13 June 2009. Ralph Earl “Pete” Vance was a Vietnam Veteran who enlisted in 1967 and spent 1969 to 1970 in Vietnam. After his service he became a sheet metal worker. He raised 2 beautiful daughters and was the kind of guy you were glad was on your side. He was loved by family and friends.
    You may be asking, “ Vance , what does that, as sad as it is, have to do with the restriction of personal freedom.?”
    Well, ’m gonna tell ya!
    Pete died of 2 cancers, Squamous cell carcinoma and a very aggressive form of breast cancer. He was gone in 9 months.
    Since the 72 year war on marijuana users began in 1937 there have been few if any American studies of it’s uses or effects. Harry Anslinger, America’s first Drug Czar, allowed New York City Mayor, Fiorello Laguardia the marijuana to do his own study.
    Anslinger felt betrayed when the findings of Laguardia’s study showed marijuana to be harmless and not a problem in New York City. Anslinger decided that there would be no more marijuana studies as far as he was concerned.
    President Richard Nixon’s 1970 Shafer Commission on Drugs concluded that marijuana was relatively harmless and not addictive, and that drugs were a medical not a criminal problem. Nixon also felt betrayed and announced that he would not look soft on crime and declared the, now 40 year old, War On Drugs.
    Since then the Drug Enforcement Administration has consistently refused to provide the marijuana to researchers. A ruling by the DEA’s own Administrative Law Judge Francis Young that said,” Marijuana in it’s natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known …”. “ It would be unreasonable, arbitrary, and capricious for the DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance…”. ( Sept 6, 1988) Even with this ruling the DEA still refuses.
    Despite the DEA research has been done. A population study at the University of California at Los Angeles by a Dr. Tashkin found that there appeared to be no link between lung cancer and marijuana, even among heavy users. He found that it seemed to act as a cancer preventer. Simply put cancer is when a cell after becoming defective, replicates instead of dying as it should. Studies at Universities in Europe have found that when substances found in THC ,the active ingredient in marijuana called, cannabinoids, are present when a cell goes defective, the cell dies. Investigators at Harvard University’s Division of Experimental Medicine reported that THC inhibited the growth of cells in vitro from 2 different lung cancer cell lines from patient lung tumors. They also reported that THC administration reduced the growth of tumors in mice by fifty percent.
    Even with all this the government still stands in the way of research of the beneficial properties of marijuana. There can be no explanation for the government’s position other than Prohibition has become a religion to them! Ideology trumps everything and the religion of Prohibition is more important than a possible cure for cancer!
    I personally believe that all of the misery and damage done by continuing these failed policies lay right at the feet of Harry Anslinger, President Nixon, and every politician who has made his career on the War on Drugs.
    So, is Pete’s death collateral damage in the War on Drugs? You tell me!

  21. As usual, Mr. Armentano sees the story behind the story.
    The “liberal” (yeah right!) media is a joke, they make Congress look honest.

  22. Study Suggests THC May Help Fight Bacteria
    A new study by researchers in Britain and Italy suggests tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main substance found in marijuana, shows promise as an antibacterial agent against bacterias that are resistant to treatment with broad spectrum antibiotics such as penicillin and methicillin.
    Experiments in the 1950s tested a host of marijuana compositions against skin and various infections. But, at that time, they had very little understanding of marijuana’s chemical makeup.
    For the study, researchers examined the antibacterial activities of five common types of cannabinoids. All five proved effective against several common multi-resistant bacterial strains. However, researchers suggest nonpsychotropic cannabinoids may be more promising for eventual use.
    Researchers are unsure how exactly cannabinoids work and if they would prove effective as systemic antibiotics, which would require more trials and research. But the compounds may be useful as a topical agent against meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (more commonly known as a “staph infection”), or MRSA infection, to prevent bacteria from colonizing the skin.
    The study was led by Giovanni Appendino, of the University of the Eastern Piedmont, and published in The Journal of Natural Products

  23. This is scary. In Feb 2007 my prostate PSA was 3.9 (barely within the “acceptable” range of 0-4). After 30 years of regular pot smoking, I quit entirely in March of 2008. No particular reason, just wanted healthier lungs. In Feb of 2009, my PSA jumped to 5.5 and in July of 2009 it’s at 11.4. Serious stuff and now I am like to undergo removal surgery. Is it coincidence or proof?

  24. You dont understand. We are less than trash to the real power in this country. We are even more worthless to them now than in Washingtons time .We are expendable.Get it they want us to die. Population control.

  25. #80 Jay Says:
    August 22nd, 2009 at 12:03 pm
    …No particular reason, just wanted healthier lungs. In Feb of 2009, my PSA jumped to 5.5 and in July of 2009 it’s at 11.4. Serious stuff and now I am like to undergo removal surgery. Is it coincidence or proof?
    RE: Jay,
    – IF you still had cannabis available,
    you should have JUST merely
    (Wish I had it, (canna-availability), this easy…).
    Resume, but DON’T SMOKE IT;
    Vape instead!!!

  26. The reason it’s never been legalized? Pot smokers are free thinkers and hard to boss around. Pot smokers aren’t inclined to take much idiocy from others either. It would also put the big pharma out of business. Why is it you think they haven’t come up with a medical use yet? It’s because they can’t bypass those nasty little receptors. And anyone who’s been a recreational smoker for over a period of time will admit, it sure is darned hard to tell a stoner what to do. Pot smokers are also more likely to avoid battles…one good reason the military doesn’t want it near their soldiers.
    Ever wonder why we need a drug test to get a job? They aren’t looking for heavy drugs. Those are out of your system in under 72 hours. Pot is the only “drug” that can be detected in the system for longer than that. Hard to boss those pot smokers.
    Get half of this country to light up a doob, and the politicians would soon be out of a job. Time to dust off and pass around the Elkhorn Manifesto and educate some more people.

  27. The elites have there own secret stash. You can bet on that, One in two men get prostate cancer, 50,000 die every year from the disease and these scumbags won’t allow the stricken to try cannabis.

  28. Here are the reasons Marijuana started to be illegal AND WILL STAY ILLEGAL in the U.S.
    1.) Even if a “cure” to everything, it (Cannabinoids) cannot be patented. Therefore, they must be “suppressed or “buried”).
    2.) Was already illegal in early 70’s when the refereed to study was done. Was made illegal right after prohibition to give the then, exclusively, white police force, the ability to put any “uppity” person with shades of brown or black skin in jail immediately for “ungodly” long periods of time just by planting a little marijuana on them, then, placing them under “arrest”. ALSO, made illegal to drive the “colored” populace to the newly made legal, alcoholic beverages.
    Think this is outrageously fascist in it’s logic?

  29. Maybe if more people who get regular MSM exposure wouldn’t be such cowards — Phelps, I’m lookin’ in your direction.

  30. Sure… it’s A-OK to give us DRUGS that cause dizziness, nausea, anal bleeding, diarrhea, sensitivity to light, nosebleeds, suicidal thoughts, severe sexual or gambling urges, the urge to shoot up a McDonalds, the urge to suffocate your babies, dementia, blurred vision, etc…
    But NO WAY can you have marijuana… the side effects are too dangerous. Munchies, questions, answers, ideas, thoughts, wonder, creativity, and laughter.
    Hell.. they won’t even let you have Laetrille, which is nothing more than freeze dried apricot kernels that were crushed and encapsulated, and were scientifically PROVEN to KILL CANCER CELLS ALTOGETHER. In fact, the FDA banned it, and they put a few Doctors in jail and took their licenses to practice medicine for advising patients to go to Mexico to buy it. Reason? It cures cancer, and the FDA, the AMA, the American Cancer Society, and various I.G. Farben (old name, they’ve got a new name now… but just think Nazis and you hit it on the head) colluded together to see to it that it was taken off the shelves and banned.

  31. First off, lets clarify the definition of a drug. A drug is any substance thats isolated and concentrated. This makes Alcohol a drug. Refined Sugar is one of the biggest drugs on the street.
    This also means that cannibis is NOT a drug. Therefore should not be subjected to the BS swirling around the “Anti-Drug” viewpoint. And lets not forget, drugs are actually the backbone of most western economies, so the anti stuff is highly selective at best. Don’t believe this? Take a closer look at Afganistan..

  32. It is a plant that wounded, wild animals go to, the eat it, and it deadens the pain.
    I suppose that’s the Indigenous Peoples in the Andes, chew the coca leaves.
    But any medicine plant, that is continually used, after that, also destroys the neurons of the brain. That little fuzzy feeling you have, perhaps a “buzz” are the neurons dying.
    After a while, a person’s sharpness, alertness, is worn off, and they can be easily controlled, and you start to lose track of, or interest in this Reality.
    Same as fermented fruit, tcoca leaves, same as poppy, and peyote. A don’t know about Ayahuasca, one pays a heavy price right away with that.

  33. Cannabis promotes peace ,health and creativity. Society today is BASED on war-industry,hate,aggression and intoxication of the public,with alcohol, media and opiates. Legalising it all will rid the world of the drug-mafias. Cannabis HAS been legal in the US of A in several periods, Ford made a car from it!They couldn´t put a dent in it with a sledgehammer!!! Smoke on, the vibes are working!!!

  34. Let me clue you in on this media-blackout theory on this story. There is no conspiracy. Reporters are not “paid” not to write about topics by pharmaceutical companies and so on. They are not “brainwashed” by the government. Plenty of them are rabble-rousers and contrarians just like you who want to ask hard questions of the powers that be.
    On the other hand, they are busy grinding out everyday news stories on a frantic, deadline-driven basis. Not all reporters or news outlets are the right agent or venue for a detailed, long-term, investigative piece on the anti-cancer properties of cannabis. Furthermore, if you’re generically pitching the idea to “” or some other broad contact, chances are it sinks to the bottom of an ever-growing pile of more timely and pressing story ideas.
    A better approach is to look at who is covering health and medicine at a publication, TV news group, Web site or whatnot and contact the reporter directly. Give them specifics — facts, local people to talk with, relevance to other things going on in town or the world — and they will have part of the work already mapped for them. Believe me, the more compelling or “sexy” a story, the more interested a reporter is to cover it, mainly because they want their articles to be read and to resonate with the community in a thought-provoking way.
    And when jumping into a dense, political topic like medical marijuana, government over-regulation and the like, reporters will be damn careful to represent the establishment side and make sure they are not advocating too subjectively for any particular point of view. It’s their job, it doesn’t mean they are “against” progressive ideas or afraid to challenge the reflexive orthodoxy of society as it stands.
    Reporters are your friends, whether they work for the alleged MSM or some obscure blog. Involve them in telling the story, guide them to the source of knowledge and the reason why they should be telling their audience this notion you are so passionate about, and they’ll eagerly take it from there.
    Thanks — a journalist

  35. 91 bonnie, you said:
    But any medicine plant, that is continually used, after that, also destroys the neurons of the brain. That little fuzzy feeling you have, perhaps a “buzz” are the neurons dying.
    After a while, a person’s sharpness, alertness, is worn off, and they can be easily controlled, and you start to lose track of, or interest in this Reality.
    Same as fermented fruit, tcoca leaves, same as poppy, and peyote. A don’t know about Ayahuasca, one pays a heavy price right away with that
    You are nuts. its been proven that maryjane protects brain cells not harms them.

  36. The people who are REALLY in charge of all the govermnets of the “free world” are population control extremists, who want to reduce the population down to 500 million, as stated in the “Georgia Guidestones” monument. So of course they don’t want any real cancer treatments becoming available to the “sheeple” public. Watch “Endgame” by Alex Jones for free on google video to see that the Presidents and other world leaders have been puppets for the banking and corporate Elite since JFK, who they murdered. Here’s
    a link to the HQ version:
    Wake Up! A lot more than legal buds are at stake, as long as these criminals are in charge!

  37. LOL! Protect them? Saying marijuana protects brain cells is like saying cigarettes protects against some mental illnesses. (Some studies indicate that small doses of nicotine can delay schizophrenia.) It’s a ridiculous statement. A single chemical or two, in it’s raw form, COULD be useful. But when you line that up the fact that other chemicals leave residue in the brain for about six months after you light up trumps any good it could do. After a while, this residue builds up and slows down neurons and practically stops nueroplasticity (this is the physical equivalent to learning.) That is how people become “burn outs” when they always seemed to be perpetually high. It’s because their brain is severely slowed down.
    [Editor’s note: “Ridiculous statement”? Only if you’re ignorant of the emerging scientific reports regarding cannabis and cancer…]

  38. Thanks for the support EDITOR! Sam #98 needs to go back to Cannabis Elementary School!!! or Pre-K? lol
    Time for a cheer!!!
    HooterJack, Activist [TX-GD]

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