Anti-Marijuana Zealot Still Employed By Obama

No employee of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) sans the director has ever drawn more public and academic criticism than David Murray, ONDCP’s chief scientist.
Virtually an entire book was derived from the ONDCP’s twisting science and statistical data during Murray’s eight-year tenure—Dr. Matthew Robinson’s Lies, Damn Lies and Drug War Statistics, A Critical Analysis Of Claims Made By The ONDCP. You can watch Murray and Robinson debate about the drug war and ONDCP’s methodology at the Cato Institute here.
Question: When will Obama and Holder finally kick Murray to the curb and replace him with someone other than another anti-cannabis zealot masquerading as a ‘scientist’?
The Washington Monthly’s Charlie Homans cast some much needed, white hot light in Mr. Murray’s direction.
The Bushie Obama Can’t Fire
by Charles Homans
August 25, 2009

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  1. Too many people know the truth about cannabis’s medical efficacy and several thousand year history as a medicine for our government to pay people to spread blatant lies about cannabis.
    Obscuring, distorting and/or concealing vital medical information is unconscionable and un-American. Even more unconscionable is the fact Murray gets paid 6-figures to spread fear and blatant lies.
    Hopefully, Gil or Barack will collar Murray and assign Murray to the window-less, computer-less room ASAP. And if Gil continues to lie about cannabis’s medical efficacy, maybe he can get his special room too.

  2. Watching the debate with Murray is absolutely infuriating. It took all I had to make it through the entirety of it. He needs to be fired immediately.

  3. go David Murray go…get the hell out of here….we don’t want you any more; you have overstayed your welcome

  4. Dam relic bastard. Representative of archaic and inhumane ideals and beliefs. Like a prohibitionist Frankenstein locked away safely in keep. Id like to lead a pitchfork and torch equiped mob to oust him from his government paid sanctuary.

  5. Murray has definitely got to go. Help him get a job that pays better with a conservative think tank that we can ignore.
    (I make plenty of spelling mistakes myself and have let spellcheck change things to the wrong word and missed it so I’m no one to criticize, but as a city boy I believe the expresson is to kick someone to the curb, as in put them out on the street.)
    Kick him the hell out of the country, along with El Sohly! Singapore can have them!
    Kerlikowske had better show everyone he is in charge, he is running the place and get rid of this prohibitionist. If he doesn’t it just demonstrates the the prohibitionists are still in charge and Murray still has enough influence to be calling the shots. If he doesn’t change things around, it’s a sick and twisted ONDCP version on Animal Farm where Kerlikowske says beforehand that he’s going to change things but once he gets in charge keeps things the same for all of us misrerable wretches beneath him while he covers his own ass and serves only imself and networks to enrich himself with the DC elite.

  6. “kick Murray to the curb,” not “kick Murray to the curve.” The latter makes no sense.
    [Editor’s note: Thank you!]

  7. Man 47 million dollars to lie must be nice to work in the government. Now only if we could get real change and stop wasting our resources fighting the devil weed. Then we could spend that extra money on violent crimes, improving education, and bringing the cost of secondary education down to a resonable level. These are things i support changes that will change the US instead of the same old same old with a new face and name. So whats so funny Mr.Obama you did pot so have millions americans. Stop wasting our money on bad policies it is not funny so I suggest you change your attitude if you want to have my support.

  8. Edit to my earlier post spend the money catching violent criminals not on them like giving it to them.

  9. everyone should watch the ONDCP video at the top of this page! the only thing i dont like about it is that the quality is very poor and you cant read whats displayed from the projector and of course i dont like how insanely cocky and unprofessional David Murray is. I am convinced that if you put David Murray and Allen St. Pierre in a marijuana only debate that Murray would crumble, just like he did after Allen’s 3rd question. We need to get this guy out of Washington! Great work Allen and to all at NORML!

  10. Well… Someone has to kick him to the curb. Why should we have a drug czar trying to protect us from what he knows very little about? He flat out said Marijuana has no medical use, up until people started correcting him reminding him how clueless he is. Hint to the drug czar: Medical marijuana dispensaries exist for a reason, BECAUSE IT DOES IN FACT HAVE A MEDICAL USE. Just from him saying Marijuana had no medical use should of been enough reason to kick him to the curb, considering you have to be pretty clueless to state such a terribly incorrect statement. We need people who know what they’re talking about to run as drug czars, not just some clueless dude who hates pot smokers because of his incorrect beliefs.

  11. Sounds like a good time to flood the ONDCP with letters and emails demanding the removal of Mr. Murray. It’s people like this who refuse to understand that what they are doing is causing more harm than good that need a reality check and a pink slip.

  12. Maybe they could assign him the job of researching the use of cannabis through the ages. He did a lot of research about marriage through the years, how about pot through the years. I can’t wait to here his science based research on medical uses, food uses, clothing, building materials and all the other things cannabis can be used for.

  13. uhh hello,
    The Senate is poised to pass legislation that would give federal prosecutors new powers to shut down hemp festivals, marijuana rallies and other events and punish business owners and activists for hosting or promoting them. The proposed law would also potentially subject people to enormous federal sentences if some of their guests smoked marijuana at their party or barbecue. It would also effectively make it a federal crime to rent property to medical marijuana patients and their caregivers.
    The bill, known as the Reducing American’s Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act (RAVE Act), was just introduced in the Senate on June 18th and has already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is moving VERY rapidly and could be passed by the Senate as early as this week. While it purports to be aimed at ecstasy and other club drugs, it gives the federal government enormous power to fine and imprison supporters of marijuana legalization, even if they’ve never smoked marijuana.
    [Editor’s note: The RAVE act was passed and signed into law in 2003…about the group it has been used against is….NORML.]

  14. Great example of how fucked up things can get in Washington. You have an asshole in a position and you can’t get rid of him. I think he should be sent to help fight the war on the Mexican border. If he really wants to stop drugs thats where all the action is. I don’t think it would be a good idea to give him a gun as he might hurt himself or someone else by accident.

  15. THis article tries to make it seem like Bush is still in power and if only Obama could get rid of this guy, things would really change. However, what power does this guy have? I mean, if the rest of the department is completely against him, his position should be essentially meaningless. Do you really think, after what we’ve seen, that obama has any different a stance on drugs as Bush?

  16. We wont get it legalized until we all get out and vote for candidates who promise to legalize……

  17. Fire this fool now! And have kerlikowsky follow him to. For lying to the ppl! I don’t care who u are or what position you have, you should never have the right to lie to ppl the drug czars have lied to us! Both of yuall should be fire and everyone that’s a anti-cannabis! (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  18. One can only hope that Murray is a dinosaur, and needs an appropriate job, not counting paper clips, but assessing the scientific value of haveing paper clips at all. Perhaps he will come up with a reason paper clips are dangerous, and need to be eliminated. We need to be patient, but not complacent.

  19. bravo,when you remove this idiot,only about 100 senators
    and 200 reps to go to remove all the corruption from our system.

  20. How much money do the ones that profit form the war on us. Pay to have a person in this position? That advocates more of our children be locked up and destroyed. Why don’t they use to same money (ours) they use to destroy us and help the few that need help and leave the rest of us the hell alone….

  21. well may-be he can fire him now for not doing his job in Beverly hills and Holly Wood checking the drug stores where the rich force the doctors to write powerful drugs for them…yes this is right mike jacksons famly should go after the DEA instead of the doctor,just think if they were out thir doing thir jop mike jackson may still be alive today. but instead they pull old people out of bed smokeing weed.some one go to the jacksons and let them know and let them think about it thank you Bill

  22. obama is an usher for the new world order criminals you think he cares about weed as medicine .obama is only for big parma.obama is a lier!

  23. as the war on drugs is on the people,who do you think is controlling most of the drug trade to pay for there black operations?

  24. Reading this today just irritates me. I just lost my job today. I took a really crappy job after being laid off in Feb. from a really good one, spending months on unemployment before taking a job I really didn’t want. I am actually glad to be gone. Now I am back out in the market again although I may have a new one to go to (fingers crossed) next week, out of town though, so will have to commute. These Bush idiots ran our economy into the ground and us workers are paying for it. When I read about these guys who can’t be fired it makes me angry.

  25. prison labor replaces slave labor. outlaw what the minorities are using instead of drinking the white man’s alcohol. Lock up minorities, stop them from voting. can’t have minorities in control, that would distort the WHITE way of life.*
    *I in no way endorse this.
    But it’s a multibillion dollar industry; keeps gun suppliers busy, keeps police busy, keeps minorities in prison.
    /burn your wicked garden down

  26. Make him count the ways in which marijuana has helped millions of people to live better, more productive lives. Basically, his new job should be to undo everything he’s done.

  27. Screw Oblama he lost most his pot smoking constituents when he laughed us out of the online townhall back in march. called us a bunch of special interest online hijackers and now the ass wants our support for his shit!!? Ha and Ha Ha Ha, homiedonthnkso president rhetoric

  28. In 2010 vote our every single incumbent possible. Vote 3rd party where possible. In 2011, register as republican if you aren’t sabotage the neo-con republican primary by voting for the most libertarian politician (who will be pro-legalization). Then in 2012 it will be Obama against a libertarian. If you aren’t down with libertarians, then vote green party or another 3rd party. This will ensure obama is a 1-term president and prevent us from swinging to another neo-con Bush 3.0. FUCK OBAMA.

  29. #29:ol tex: Yeah an to get one of their permanent fed jobs they force drug testing… The Feds got a nice game going on they make sure only people who play like them get permanent jobs with the fed gov. look at they don’t want anyone who’s not from their cookie cutter mold. Next time we have to vote for some real change not this same crap we end up with again and again and again! but good luck on your job search bro i hope we all find work soon.

  30. Nuff said. Murray needs to go. I think Obama is sending a message by only appropriating $1 million (probably enough to pay Murray’s salary!). Get rid of the S.O.B!!!!!

  31. Well said number 22 claygooding. Our problem doesnt lie with jus one man. (Tho he is a dick.) There are several hundred corrupt government men to be rid of as well. Most of our government now reminds me of that diseased and corrupt council that screws leonidas over in that movie 300.

  32. These people are left in place to stone wall MJ activist and this one must be very good at frustrating all of us on a national level. What can we say other than leave sarcastic comments here and vote the bastard out someday in the future.
    After moving from Tennessee to Colorado this past week, my previous title, “Tennessee Activist” is now the “Colorado Activist.” I’m the new man at the FUND company. A national legislative group that pays us to legislate political issues. If I can be of assistance on MJ issues, please click on my name and send me an e-mail message.
    All The Best,
    Mr. Rick Seymour

  33. I would like to apply for the paper clip counting job. I’m ok with no windows, phone or computer too. I’ll just stay in my office, open the door now & again to should some inane idea into the general direction of the director. wonder what that job pays anyway?

  34. Unrelated but big news. Vermont Governor Jim Douglas is not going to seek reelection in 2010. Governor Douglas has been the biggest opsticle in passing dercriminalization in Vermont as he has haulted the progressive legislatures attempts to pass a decrim bill. This is an opening to get a 14th state Decrmininalized.

  35. These Pple in Congress,senate need to jus back off cuz were not givin up this fight.By wht i see lmao its millions vs 1 srry murray u dont stand a chance we DAMN near to the top of the hill u 1 measly person is not gonna control U.S

  36. Glad to see our tax money going to good use once again, Murray should be on the unemployment line. This is a prime example of wasteful government spending. With all the real dangerous drugs to have a war on he pick’s “POT” to waste a whole eight years on. Come on people whats wrong with this picture, people are overdosing on Heroin and Morphine STILL……and still spreading epidemic’s with reuse of syringes. And for the record all of these racy comments is America’s number one issue why nobody see’s eye to eye. To be ONE NATION UNDER GOD WE NEED UNITY.

  37. Will someone please post a video of the cato institute debate on youtube or google video so that I don’t have to download crappy bloated realplayer to watch it off of the cato institute’s website?

  38. You make this sound like news… This is the same old game in Washington D.C. It happens at least every 8 years; maybe even 4.

  39. Murray is a completely unprofessional smooth talking bastard. I think the last person to speak was the most intelligent person there.

  40. this is truly frustrating. this guy should not be employed by the government. my taxes going up in smoke to pay a moron.
    obama, you have 3 years to shape up on this issue. you better start quickly. hemp & cannabis prohibition and the harm it causes is possible the number one ISSUE WE CAN SOLVE NOW and move forward on. the world will be a better place no doubt.
    its been a long time, we NEED A NEW AMENDMANT, legalize cannabis, hemp, and the right to marry whoever you choose as long as they’re over 18…21 for cannabis.

  41. interesting stuff!! # Real Change Says:
    August 27th, 2009 at 8:12 am
    In 2010 vote our every single incumbent possible. Vote 3rd party where possible. In 2011, register as republican if you aren’t sabotage the neo-con republican primary by voting for the most libertarian politician (who will be pro-legalization). Then in 2012 it will be Obama against a libertarian. If you aren’t down with libertarians, then vote green party or another 3rd party. This will ensure obama is a 1-term president and prevent us from swinging to another neo-con Bush 3.0. FUCK OBAMA.

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