Rasmussen Reports: Majority Of Americans Now Agree That Booze Is More Dangerous Than Pot

More than half of Americans agree that marijuana is safer than alcohol. Rassmussen Reports has the details here:

51% Rate Alcohol More Dangerous Than Marijuana
via Rasmussen Reports
Fifty-one percent (51%) of American adults say alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 19% disagree and say pot is worse.
But 25% say both are equally dangerous. Just two percent (2%) say neither is dangerous.
Younger adults are more likely than their elders to view alcohol as the more dangerous of the two.
Fifty-three percent (53%) of women say alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, compared to 48% of men. Men by a two-to-one margin over women say pot is riskier, but women are more inclined to say both are dangerous.
Unmarried adults are more critical of alcohol than those who are married. Those with children at home think alcohol is more dangerous than those without kids living with them.

Given the multitude of ways that our culture celebrates booze while simultaneously stigmatizing cannabis, these survey results are rather remarkable. Despite more than seven decades of federally sponsored pot propaganda, a slight majority of adults — including many Americans who drink booze and don’t smoke pot — recognize that alcohol poses far greater harms to the consumer and to society than does weed.
Here are just a few of the ways:
Quite literally, alcohol is an intoxicant; cannabis is not.
The word intoxicant is derived from the Latin noun, toxicum, meaning: “a poison.” It’s an appropriate description for booze. Alcohol is toxic to healthy cells and organs, a side-effect that results in some 35,000 deaths per year. Ethanol, the psychoactive ingredient in booze, is carcinogenic following its initial metabolization, which is why even moderate drinking is positively associated with increased incidences of various types of cancer. Heavy alcohol consumption can depress the central nervous system — inducing unconsciousness, coma, and death — and is strongly associated with increased risks of injury (Booze plays a role in about 41,000 fatal accidents per year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.) and acts of violence. In fact, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Crime Statistics, alcohol consumption plays a role in approximately one million violent crimes annually.
By contrast, the active compounds in marijuana, known as cannabinoids, are remarkably non-toxic and actually mimic chemicals naturally produced by the body, so-called endocannabinoids, that are vital for maintaining one’s proper health. Unlike alcohol, marijuana is incapable of causing fatal overdose — cannabinoids do not act upon the brain stem — and its use is inversely associated with aggression and injury. Finally, lifetime use of cannabis is not associated with increased risk of mortality or various types of cancer — including lung cancer — and may even reduce such risk.
Given our government’s demonization of the cannabis plant and its users it’s a wonder that anyone — much less over half of America — is finally recognizing these facts. That said, this awareness does not yet translate into majority support for legalizing cannabis, which Rasmussen reports remains below 50 percent — meaning that we still have our work cut out for us.

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  1. Honestly I cant belive it that close. This just shows how uneducated or just educated in the government propaganda. In the past 7 or 8 years I have seen maybe three cases in the news where marijuana was involved in a deadly car wreck and at least this past one was a woman who was also drunk but somehow is blamed primarily on the pot. Alcohol related accidents and deaths are a nightly occurance around the city I live in. A co-worker was 1 car back from being a splatter on the road because some drunk was going 80 on the wrong side of the interstate. Unfortunately the woman infront of him was killed on impact and the drunk only had a broken leg.
    No one should be driving impaired on alcohol, weed, prescription pain killers ect. but what it comes down to is alcohol is a way more dangerous substance and taken thousands of lives but somehow its still legal.

  2. I understand that marijuana is safer than alcohol.
    but talking about how bad alcohol is isn’t gonna help get marijuana legalized, in fact it might make alcohol become taxed more and stuff.
    why not talk about how dangerous the government is?

  3. There’s no comparison since Alcohol is the only real killer . Speaking of Alcohol…….has anyone heard the new anti – marijuana radio Ad put out by ( obviously ) the Drug , Alcohol and ( maybe ) tobacco Companies ?
    It starts out with a Mom telling her son that they soon will be drug testing in his school . She then asks her son if he ever tried marijuana then she immediately says cocaine , heroin , speedballs , etc. What these Companies are attempting to do is to try and make you the uninformed think that marijuana is just like any other ” hard ” drug . This is called deceptive advertising . They are trying to deceive anyone they can for their own financial greed . Not for their honesty .
    [Paul Armentano responds: I believe that the ad in question is funded by the Church of Scientology.]

  4. A lot of people have come to realize that the govt’ has been lying about a lot of issues. And this issue has costed us billions with no end in sight, nor alternative solutions proposed. “The Green Baggers”, Pro Tax, Pro Jobs, Pro Freedom loving Americans are the only ones with an alternative.
    What makes me real hopeful is the other headline to an article/survey linked to this one reads “57% would vote to replace the entire Congress”.

  5. If the facts were admitted by our lawmakers. Rather than stating what they know to be lies and propaganda. The numbers would be much higher. We have been feed lies for over 70 years about cannabis and the motives behind the war on drugs. This is hard to overcome because some will believe what ever the mainstream media feeds them. Without doing a little reading and research to see the truth.
    I feel history will look at the war on drugs and its supporters. As being part of a large corporate scam pulled off with the help of our so called leaders. Its main legacy will be for destroying the lives of about 22,000,000 Americans lives and counting….
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  6. and my mohte used to worry about me a lot, as I’ve smoked pot since I was 15 and she tried her darndes to get me to quit. I remember sitting in the kitchen in the morning waking up to a cup of coffee and she’d start in on another one of her magazine articles she read, “I read somewhere that pot makes your hair fall out.”
    At 80 now, and seeing that I managed to become a thriving adult, in fact quite healthy in spite of all the dire warnings about long term heavy pot use, and she is even conceding that maybe pot isn’t all that bad for you. I think I got her on the legalize it bandwagon.

  7. Every time I read stuff like this it just makes me more and more frustrated. Why is the federal Government insisting on being our parents? The only and I mean ONLY reason this botanical is illegal is because of Corporate intrests. Just like god forbid the banks failed and logic dictates that new banks would take over and the “old money” would be undercut. So it is true that buisness’s that would compete with marijuana and hemp production would lose their hold on the capital that run’s their industries. Who can compete with the money pledged to the D.C. Puppets that is supplied by Big Pharma, The logging industry, The paper industry, The cotton industry and so on. I get the feeling we will never see legalized marijuana and thats a shame. Decriminalization is not good enough. Decriminalization is predjudice to some, Legalization is for all. If we decriminalize, those that are handicapped and rely on public assistance for housing will and have lost their homes, those that are on workers comp will lose their benefits, those that are gov’t workers such as police, nurses, highway workers, office clerks will lose their jobs because decriminalization will not mean that those people will get as fair a shake as an entrepenure or doctor or politician. Legalization is the only answer and is fair for all not just the privedged. The war on pot is a war on Responsible adults and The Handicapped. Unfortunatly big buisness doesn’t care for responsible adults or the handicapped, big buisness only cares for it’s own CEO’s and stock holders as well as the puppets it funds into office to keep the laws in favor if it’s own intrest’s

  8. So they published the knowledge common to most people for decades. Shit i grew up on a farm in bumfuk nowhere hearin all the hype about ‘the devils plant’ and after nearly dyin a few times from overdrinkin i learned at like 15 the easily reckognisable truth. Its fukin weak it takes till the year 2009 to get a miniscule peice of truth to feebly punch thru the dam american-born facist style propaganda. More evidence we are just slaves to the system.

  9. A majority is still a majority…
    Oh, and this research concludes there is still a large minority of morons.

  10. “…this awareness does not yet translate into majority support for legalizing cannabis, which Rasmussen reports remains below 50 percent — meaning that we still have our work cut out for us.”
    Well NORML, to me I guess this is exactly the problem. There shouldn’t have to be work to do if people recognize this. I think AMERICA needs to know America is READY to legalize cannabis; that is recreational, medicinal and industrial cannabis.

  11. I wouldn’t call 51% a majority when I’m sure the margin of error is well over a percentage point, but here’s something to ponder: what if only those who had actually TRIED both marijuana and alcohol were surveyed. Then you would have a more balanced survey because, while almost 100% of those surveyed had tried alcohol, probably only half had tried marijuana. If the entire survey population had tried the two drugs they were being surveyed about, just think about what the numbers might show….

  12. but that alone isnt gonna get us outta this debt .I really think there gonna have to do the full legalization to get this country back on track. But Who Am I?.

  13. And one more thing real quick: What do you think would happen if a survey, instead of using a vague word like “dangerous”, asked questions like:
    1. Do you believe alcohol or marijuana is responsible for more driving intoxicated deaths?
    2. Do you believe alcohol or marijuana is responsible for more fatal overdoses?
    3. Do you believe alcohol or marijuana is responsible for more violent behavior that results in fatalities?
    4. Do you believe alcohol or marijuana has contributed to more sexual assaults?
    5. Do you believe alcohol or marijuana has caused more devestating addictions?
    …The only thing “dangerous” about marijuana is illegal sales, and you can’t blame that on the herb….

  14. Imagine my surprise……….
    And yet, many people I know (even family members) who drink booze don’t want to hear it and keep repeating the mantra “POT KILLS BRAIN CELLS”, PERIOD.
    Who’s brain cells are REALLY fried, hmmmm?

  15. so this report says that we have to wait for the elderly to go away before we can get any work done? (sorry to sound so crass, but that was the first thought to pop into my head)

  16. I can see why “Fifty-three percent (53%) of women say alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, compared to 48% of men”. That stat is most likely due to how many women get the piss kicked out of them by a Rat Bastard coward of a male. I have known a lot of cannabis only consumers in my 43 years (actually starting at about 13) and have yet to know any of them to be wife/girlfriend beaters but just the opposite. On the other hand I have also known a number of drinkers that prove themselves to be useless pieces of sh#t that continually abuse their wife/girlfriend if not physically the verbally. I do not seek them as friends let me tell you!
    Cannabis = a mild loving spouse
    Alcohol = More often then not a wife/girlfriend beating Rat Bastard
    So why is cannabis still illegal? Yeah, I can’t think of a reason either.

  17. Mr. Prohibitionist,
    Holy Smokes. Your days are numbered. The fat sow is about to dry up. The time is now. Mr. Obama, tear down that wall. Stop the funding of the drug war on marijuana.
    Rev.sleezy, Activist
    The Universal Life Church of the Holy Smokes
    Potland, OR

  18. 99.9% of Americans can say that marijuana is safer than alcohol, but the problem now is marijuana prohibition mentality. The laws are being changed state by state, but the government could not give two shits about what we think. Were involved in two major battle fronts across the other side of the world and created the NEW WORLD ORDER OF A POLICE STATE. Since 9/11, BIG BROTHER TECHNOLOGY is here and being developed to control the masses in this country and fear. When ever the military comes up with something, here come the good ole boys to apply it to civilian population. Infra-red-nano technology to detect a few molecules of methane gas blowin out your asses-sweat-and lies and fear detection, and that is just to get on a airplane. And we can’t forget about our eyes, the so called window to your soul. Privacy went out the window. The drug war convictions of non-violent offenders filling up our prisons just for smoking a little marijuana. The serious offenders get a slap on the hand and a little kick in the ass of prison time. But when you want to smoke a little weed they want to throw away the key. What happened to the real justice in America? Our tax dollars being used against us and we have no control. Paranoia strikes deep and fear right behind it. IT’S REALLY A SHAME THAT WE FEAR OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, WHEN THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE FEARING US. I sure as hell don’t fear the government, they can kiss my sweet cheeks and it’s not on my face. 420 ALL THE WAY!

  19. Half of the population is below average. This survey adds to that data. I’m currently reading my new copy of”Marijuana is Safer so why are we driving people to drink?” It states many of the same things as this article and hopefully this book will be widely read. Keep up the good work. I hope we could get the authors on Bill Maher or some other show to talk about this book and the subject.

  20. Well I live in Ga and I think it’s a long way off here. I’d like to know where the survey was taken – all over or in Cali? The time is coming

  21. Anyone familiar with cannabis and alcohol knows:
    cannabis = mellow and understanding
    alcohol = invisible and bulletproof
    ps. #21 musclecarfreak should run for office!

  22. Thats about right. 19% of Americans are just kool-aide drinking (respecfully) IDIOTS.
    God Bless America!……….Please

  23. If you read that report (linked in article) you’ll see that married people think pot is more dangerous than booze. The obvious reason for this is simply because it’s illegal. They equate pot with it’s only risk factor: getting busted and being taken away from their family, thus having their family ruined. The fear of getting busted is huge for the majority of people in this country and that is, in my opinion, the primary cause for people thinking it’s “dangerous”. And, as those of us here who are educated with the truth about it know, prohibition is essentially the only risk factor associated with cannabis.
    Funny how that is – alcohol itself can destroy people and families because of its toxic and destructive affects on people’s behavior and bodies, but marijuana has no known negative side-effects other than the risk of having your life ruined by law enforcement and the judicial system. What’s wrong with that picture??
    If that alone doesn’t piss people off enough to want to change this hypocrisy, well then it’s a sad, sad world we live in.

  24. I love this website. it’s given me more ammunition (facts) so that I can address those naysayers & misinformed individuals.

  25. I agree with Mick that the main issue is how dangerous the government is. We should not be arguing the point whether MJ is safer than alcohol. What we should be talking about is that in the “Land of the Free”, no government has the right to tell me what I will or will not put into my body. This is a basic issue of personal liberty, and where I believe the focus should be directed.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Comparing and contrasting the effects of cannabis and alcohol provides objective frame of reference for Americans, many of which may be personally unfamiliar with the effects of alcohol or may be uneducated to many of the effects of alcohol. It’s not meant to imply one substance is ‘good’ or one is ‘bad,’ but to question why our laws criminalize those who would elect to use the objectively less harmful of the two.]

  26. This is pretty good considering the fact that there isn’t a pro cannabis voice in the mainstream to counteract the 70 years of lies spewed by our government. Just think what the numbers would be if the mainstream started picking up on the stories about cannabis killing cancer or mitigating the damage that alcohol does to the brains of drinkers? Things would change fast.

    It’s a simple phrase…one the whole world knows. It doesn’t require a great deal of teaching to understand its meaning. It is what it is…”DIVINE SANCTION.” What it does require is a great number of adherents devoted to a common cultural heritage.
    Manna has been “ACCEPTED” by a people from every nook and cranny on the planet. This is not a local, state, or national issue. The 85% of Americans [in favor] of legalizing medicinal cannabis is not exclussive to the United States. We are dwarfed by world opinion. So then!…we appeal to the world community, and seek its support. We seek a great deal of numbers to present our case. We appeal to anyone who believes in a creator, and “WHAT GOD HATH GIVEN…LET NO MAN PUT US UNDER.” Our objective is our most easily understood position. Manna had been legal since the beginning of time…until 1937…until greedy individuals created its “illegality/prohibition.” for selfish and immoral reasons. These reasons still exist today. It’s our objective to defeat those unconscionable motives with sound logic and reasoning of faith and science, and return cannabis to its rightful status, which is “DIVINE SANCTION.”
    To all people of the world who have devoted their entire lives to “FOLLOWING A BELIEF,” we present our objective and ask that you consider supporting this belief as a part of your faith in our creator, and his gift of Manna to his creation.
    It is our intent to be as insistant and persistant as any faith exisitng in the world today. Yet we do not compete with other cultures. We are committed to a universal belief system. This is so, because, all scriptures minuend the very same verses of “DIVINE SANCTION” of a common cultural heritage, and adherents number the total of all belief systems combined. We do not have an exclussive cultural heritage, but consider ourselves part of a world culture with a specific faith in God. We believe that one’s prophets are their’s alone…but…that all prophets extol the will of our creator. In this case…it is Manna…the gift of Holy Sacrament…and…”LET NO MAN PUT US UNDER.”
    Not every end is the goal. The end of a melody is not its goal; and yet: as long as the melody has not reached its end, it also has not reached its goal…a parable. Nietzsche
    So!…we must keep the music playing.
    Rebel with a cause.
    83 HooterJack Activist [TX-GD]. This one is for you.

  28. I watched alcohol kill my grandfather and his son my father. I was raised by a heavy violent drinker. It is not a pretty site but I suppose it points out my fate. I need a little help from time to time to relax or wind down. I am a very wound up person a very hard worker and my mind spins all the time.
    Even though I do not have freedom of choice and am aware my own representatives will put me in jail. Enslave me for the millions they are paid by the corporations that reap billions from the war on us. I still tried and chose cannabis for my relief. It is much better than alcohol. Today I am 60 have not been to a doctor since my release from the Air Force in 1972. I attribute my health and young attitude to cannabis, to me it is miracle herb. If we can change the system that enslaves us for insisting on having freedom of choice, I could live in peace….

  29. How dare anyone or government at any level even try and run my life in violation of God’s will for people to live in freedom with liberty as acknowledged and cited in the Constitution of the United States!? I for one refuse to live like a slave, a ward of the government. What I freely choose for myself that does not violate the rightful freedom and liberty of another citizen IS NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S DAMN BUSINESS! I live in a state where it is illegal to have oral sex with my wife, for crying out loud. All prohibitionists can take their bull shit laws that violate God’s will and shove them right up their collective ass. Prohibitionists are religious fanatics, like the ones that brought us the inquisitions and burned people at the stake for being witches. Prohibitionists need to get their noses out of other people’s business and mind their own affairs. I don’t try and run their lives; I have every right to demand the same respect and courtesy in return. This is not too much to expect and as a freedom loving American patriot I will tolerate nothing less, at any and all costs. To do otherwise is to accept slavery.

  30. Americans are evolving fast forward and it shows.
    A majority (yes 51% is a majority !)think that booze is more dangerous than pot.It shows that science and common sense have prevailed, the truth has come out and education has paid off.I am really happy about this state of affair and can only hope that it is only a question of time before the 49% others get convinced.Also,it would be nice to see tobacco cigarettes considered more dangerous than alcohol and pot.
    It is not such a good thing to compare alcohol and pot because they are completely 2 different things and their mechanisms of action on the organism are totally different but definitely pot is the least toxic.
    So, EDUCATION is really the key to a better understanding and acceptance of pot by the American people !I am really thrilled by this and foresee a bright future for my beloved Cannabis Sativa Indica.
    Peace !

  31. It’s all population control. Think about how many alcohol related deaths are reported every year. It’s a horrible way to think, I know, but look at it. If marijuana were legalized, it’s possible that millions of people could stop drinking. That results in less deaths every year, and more people the government has to take care of. These people that die due to alcohol consumption no longer receive pay, they don’t have to go to the doctor so no medical insurance; in short…their deaths save money. The government only cares about the people so long as there are enough people to keep this country going. Everyone that dies every day, saves them money. Marijuana doesn’t kill people, so they prefer it not to be legal where people have access to it as an alternative to cancer and cirrhosis(cigarettes and alcohol). To sum it all up, the government prefers killing us to line their pockets as opposed to trying to work on a way to make things work properly.

  32. It’s not a war on (some) drugs, it’s a war on minorities determined to keep minorities minor.
    Asians smoked opium, so opium was outlawed so Uncle Sam could stuff his prisons with nonviolent asians.
    Mexicans smoked cannabis so cannabis was outlawed so cannabis was outlawed so Uncle Sam could stuff his prisons with nonviolent blacks. etc etc.
    read tinyurl.com/1mn
    The US creates enemies just so it can destroy them by way of superior firepower, keeping weapons manufacturers full to the brim and constantly expanding with their research on new weapons technologies.
    You’re all pissin’ in the wind posting comments here. No one reads them except for a handful of people, not even the posters who leave comments after you’ve left yours read your comments.

  33. this is ridiculous. its all about the money, people. I hope more people will see the revenue that comes in from the new oakland tax, so they will see (even if its a little) what the money can go for.
    Oh and one more thing. I always hear people complaining about med MJ in the form of “people are just using it to get high.”
    Stupid preconceived notions. These people are the same ones who have no idea how the scientific method works and will still tell you that “evolution is JUST a theory”
    Just like music is a theory
    oh…and gravity.
    They should be handed a ballot.

  34. It’s damn heartening to find that young adults find alcohol more dangerous than weed. The sad fact of the matter is as they graduate from college and try to find a job, they are more than likely to face a drug test for successful recruitment. Thus, the daily bong hit and weekend joint gets replaced by alcohol.
    Discarding long-term physiological effects of abuse of both alcohol and marijuana, what studies show that 50 ng/ml THC metabolites (15 ng/ml in confirmatory tests) pose equal or more risk than <0.01999 BAC? Until that fundamental scientific question is definitively answered, weed will continue to be socially unacceptable (dangerous) while alcohol will reign supreme as the rapidly-purged metabolite of choice.

  35. Keep up the good work. Education is the only way to the truth of both these substances. I as a ‘younger’ generation have had to come to terms with alcohol taking more lives than cannabis could even dream of taking. Sensi>Beer 😉

  36. What I find to be the Most disturbing issue of all in the war on drugs, (Cannabis in particular) is that the government has spent Billions if not trillions in the past 70 years telling american what to do with their bodies.
    From americas conception Our forefathers set up our government to be run by the people for the people, not to rule over the people with an iron fist.
    I am a distant relative of our first President George Washington. I still live in the DC metropolitan area, and find it appalling that our Government Will not listen to You and Me, and 51% of the nation when it comes to drug reform. Our current President whom I voted for, laughed us off at his town hall meeting back in March of 2009, when the top topic written into the white house was about decriminalizing and taxing pot.By doing so would Open a valuable Taxable crop who’s legalization would create jobs, tax revenue streams, and lower dependance on other more harmful legal drugs like anti depressants, sleeping pills, any many others, I watch my local Tv station advertise Drug company commercials and hear the side effect of taking such ” medication” and think to myself the side effects of Cannabis, Happiness, munchies, heightened interest in activities.
    I may not have been alive when our government changed from being the for the people by the people to our current Screw the People and Rule the people mentality that is currently happening, but I relish the day I get to see our government turn to the people and listen to what the people want instead of following what the special interest groups that run Washington DC want.
    Are we close yet to winning our battle on capitol hill? I fear we are not, I fear as we step closer to the podium to voice ourselves, our Government is becoming deaf to our cause for concern. Please keep this drum rumbling in the halls of Congress the Senate the White House, and your house. together we can, let me hear you say it YES WE CANNABIS.

  37. What a shame. Ted Kennedy drinking whiskey his whole life, like the Irish have been doing for a millenium, probably gave himself brain cancer as a result. The one thing that could’ve saved him, daily sticky-bud, was denied him by a corrupt police state.

  38. What I would like to do is to give a few grams to smoke to all of the people who answered to the query and let them vote again. I do belive we would see completly different results. Go out on a friday night, all the loud-obnoxious, fighting-yelling ludacris puking jerks are what, drunk or stoned? Which kind of situation is more plausible – a drunk guy beating someone or a stoned one? .

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