U.S. DEA Finally Gets Its Man

Just over four years ago, former U.S. DEA administrator Karen Tandy announced to the world that her agency had struck “a significant blow … to the marijuana legalization movement” by indicting Canada’s so-called ‘Prince of Pot,’ Marc Emery.
For nearly two decades Emery operated a successful marijuana seed bank operation in Vancouver, British Columbia — a venture which he used to directly fund cannabis law reform efforts around the globe, including the magazine Cannabis Culture, the internet site Pot TV, and the founding of the British Columbia Marijuana Party.
Emery’s seed business was hardly a secret. For many years, Emery mailed copies of his seed catalogue to Canadian politicians. A Canadian court convicted him in 1998 and sentenced him to a $2,000 fine. Undeterred, Emery continued to sell seeds — and pay federal taxes on his profits — up until his arrest. Canadian authorities were happy to accept his tax money, and officials at Health Canada, which oversees Canada’s legal medical marijuana program, often recommended that patients contact Emery for grow advice. Nevertheless, when the Feds came calling, the Canadian authorities were swift to throw Marc Emery to the wolves.
Even though Emery’s alleged crimes would have warranted, at most, a month in jail in his home country, Canadian authorities yesterday placed Marc into custody so that he can be extradited to the United States. Once here, he faces up to five years in prison for pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana (more than 100 plants) in violation of 21 USC 841(a)(1) and 841(b)(1)(B).
But lets not kid ourselves. Marc Emery was hardly a high level target because he sold marijuana seeds to the U.S. — a simple google search will yield dozens of listings of competitors that presently engage in similar activities. No, it wasn’t so much what Marc did (“There isn’t a single victim in my case, no one who can stand up and say, ‘I was hurt by Marc Emery.’ No one,” he told the Vancouver Sun) as it was what he did with his money that aroused the ire of U.S. anti-drug officials.
And we have Karen Tandy’s own words to prove it.

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  1. Stompedonmyrights: Alright brother ive read your comments enough times to actually believe you may have somthing that could work. Im gona learn more about what you speak of.
    ROE: Your right man i didnt see it till i read all these posts.. hopes not lost this Emery fiasco is actually lightin fires under peoples asses.

  2. I don’t really see this whole incident as a blow to the legalization movement….if anything this is exactly whagt the legalization movement needs as fire for our argument. he didnt hurt any one and yet he is going to serve a 5 year sentence for giving people something they ordered and payed for….and yet our government will allow pedophiles and child molesters out in less than five years sometimes they only serve two or three….how is that justice when child molesters are taking the innocence from our children when they didn’t ask for that?? our government will let a pedophile out sooner (SOMEONE THAT ACTUALLY HURTS OTHERS) and outrageously punish someone who didn’t hurt anyone! please explain to me how this is justice??? sounds like to me the government thinks its ok for adults to sexually abuse kids against their will but it is a CRIME for me to put a herb into MY OWN BODY!!!!!

  3. 109 Al Manefee
    The Genesis Faith has disolved all political bands with the Government. When they resume the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution, we will consider a reconsiliation. Until then…we have nothing to discuss. How is that for a boycott. Think about this as well…cessation is more appropriate than
    Manford Mantis

    Have you checked out post #8 Conference 2009-Friday Agenda.

  5. The precedent Canada is allowing to be set here has a chilling effect on global trade. You can bet other countries are going to cite this case when a US based shipper violates the import laws of an importing country. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a US Citizen held at some point. This is what happens when personal or petty political motivations creep into important policy decisions.
    I understand, in this case, Marc Emery knew what he was doing and he knew he was exploiting a well known weakness at our border crossings. He was not trying to be a drug lord; he was making a political and logistical statement on the ridculousness of US marijuana policy and how out of touch it is with the rest of the world. He was engaging in non-violent social action at its finest. Even if you don’t agree with him or his stance, you have to respect him.
    This is a US problem, not a Canadian problem and, certainly, not Marc Emery’s problem. If anything, Marc Emery did us a favor and showed that US borders are extremely pourous. He also showed that we need to get our priorities straight on what’s getting into this country and how we protect ourselves.
    Spending resources on marijuana enforcement to defend a futile and outdated moralistic policy is probably not a good use of border security resources, not with Al-Qaida agents tooling about our borders.
    I can’t help but wonder what else has gotten into this country through the mail that is *truly* dangerous while law enforcement was looking to save us from all of those evil “reefers”.

  6. #71 zack: Glad you finally posted.
    When someone types in ALL capital letters it is considered shouting, and much more difficult to read. Please consider changing this.
    As far as the quote above you wrote: It was another waste of our tax money. Mrs. Obama flew over on one tax payer paid airplane ride (14 hours) and Mr. O flew over on the other plane and had Oprah with him.
    And I’m happy Brazil got it, NOT Chicago.

  7. Shawn #126: where you at in kansas bro cuz im in kansas and would like to formulate a march or protest cuz this is total bullshit. Just like rose mentioned above they always lettin child molesters and rapists free way early. And punishment is similar to a guy sellin seeds? Fuck that. Time for our voices o be heard. Time for non-violent protest.

  8. # 154 Ive said that many time that a pedophile get less time then a pot head………THEN……..THEN GETS OUT WITH AN ANKLE braclet an the next time he does it is already to late cause they murdered them an THEN the pedophile gets life In which i think he should be shot on site that will keep the prisons pop down for a good damn reason to

  9. like the arrest of Tommy how much safer are we with this man in jail?? If I were one of the legal drug pushers I would feel better I suppose….

  10. I agree with above except I do not use alcohol at all???
    It killed my father and his father I got smarter and am a happy healthy 61 just very stealth…..

  11. Rose you right, we have been denied Equal Protection under the Law. Violent crimes are less offensive to our system, certianly not the public, than that of someone smoking pot or selling its seeds.
    General-Jake, have hope and dream that we can use the very system our founding fathers left us. They knew that poeple get greedy with power and abuse others for profit, they knew it, they had to fight it back then. African Americans had to fight again, during a time when they were being hung and the murderers posed for photos, many of them cops and judges. Sound like todays raids on people in their homes, dragged awa, children taken, home taken, job lost, it bullshit!
    I personally have had the stormtroopers terrorize my wife and children. I have seen my brothers abuse first hand. I have watched law enforcement break FCC laws, do drugs and lie under oath. I have seen first hand the level of coruption in my town. Cops stealing out of the property room. Remember in Miami when the cops killed the drug dealer and started selling the drugs themselves. This the continuos harm the government exposes us to with their constructive fraud. It not a LAW, it is not proper legislation, therefore it is a Constrctive Fraud created by Mr. Anslinger, it questionable if he even completed high school. The railroad paved the wave for him to seek a 2 year ass. degree but it is questionable that he completed the 2 year program.
    I am still searching for a photo of him standing under some murdered Black American, (evidence). I am almost sure that man was just that evil. I would not want his Krama.
    I am not kidding about the Class Action Writ to the Supreme Court of the United States, by passing the lower court and requesting that the Court act on the People’s behalf, expose this Constuctive Fraud and argue that the legislators never had the right to act because there was never an issue of safety to the health and welfare of the Nation, therfore they had no right to act. To act upon false information for the health and welfare of the Nation does not grant the legislators their right to abrogate inalienable rights of the people. The laws must been seen as unconstitutional. We never attack on these ground without being arrested. We as people do not need to wait to be arrested to use the Court to address this illegal act of our employees.

  12. Want a movement? How about a move to Court with a Claas Action Writ, now that’s a movement. Class Action Writ, never been done. Writ have been traditionally a single persons attempt to get the highest court to issue orders upon lower government employees or agents. There is nothing that says a group of American can’t petition the high court by writ request relief from a harm. We ahve the evidence and the proof of harm to the Nation which gives us the right to redress our governemnt through the Courts. This is how government from becoming a tyrant.
    Who will be willing to sign a legal document, a Class Action Writ to stop this injustice, this unconstitutional behavior of our government?

  13. it is sooooo sad that our government is wasting time on shit like this.
    mark is a hero to many people…..

  14. .”Isn’t that a violation of our first amendment rights to freedom of speech. What if it were an abortion movement OR an anti-abortion movement?………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    What if it was the gun lobby? That’s a movement. In any case. Mrs. Tandy clearly identified that she was very interested in seeing Marc get to spend some quality time in the Federal Prison System. She telegrapghed this FOUR YEARS AGO and they finally got him. He was a man not afraid to talk about his cause and freely promoted legalization. Spoke up as a free man and taunted our law enforcement like a monkey on the outside of a lions cage. Except this lion has reach and, for a charge that would get him a $2000 fine in his native homeland, he will recieve a five year invitation from the Federal BOP. They put Gandi in jail too? Aw, man! That’s funny! But you watch. He will be stronger when he gets through it. If he’s smart, he will get a prison consultant and start reading a lot of books.

  15. Shawn #126 and General-Jake: I have live in Kansas all my life. These folks are always the last people on the planet to change, Kansasans are slow to step up to any wrong doing. Kansas Likes it’s prisons. Kansas should have signs up at the boarder that read, Welcome to Kansas, NO Exist! The work on the Class Action Writ and Class Action Title 42 (1963 and 1983 to 1986) law suit on said code is being worked on here in Topeka area.
    We have gather the evidence of the Constructive Fraud, gather case laws to support our claim of action, now we are making sure that the format is correct so that the Supreme Court can throw it out because it fails to meet their designed format for the Court.
    My job over the last few weeks was to monitor the public, ie NORML Blogs to see if people were ready. The next step was to inform the bloggers on NORML what we are about to do. Now we need to know how many willing soul would sign their name to such a writ and Title 42 action.
    Our last step, when it is completed is to post the Writ and then the Title 42 on this site for you all to read, bitch, or throw stones at. We think that their are a few American people who will be willing to do exercise their right to reddress this unlawful act of our government, so get off your asses, read some history, quit bitchen, and prepare to hit the governemnt and its agents squarely in the face with their Constrctive Fraud upon the People.

  16. Get Title 42 ready, I think most of us will sign it but I can’t speak for them. I thought a similar motion was already tried though?

  17. I am not a lawyer. I have been to many Court rooms for different reasons and stood for myself or my wife as a criminal, civil, and traffic as a Defendant, Plaintiff, and as an interested party. I have study the law of the land and the courts on my own. My college education is in world cultures, world prehistory and cultural histories of America as well as education in human behavior or what was once called mental health. I am a skilled public servant and volunteer worked 7.5 years as a firefighter/driver/operator/ EMT-I/All Water Rescue and Recovery team leader and trainer for my area. I have always smoked cannabis, some 30 years or more now.
    This is where I am coming from, just another simple guy who wants the system to work.
    NOW, For one moment lets talk about the Duty of the Court and the Rights Secured by the People. Here is a few thoughts to contemplate about our Court system and why I say we should attack the Cannabis Laws by class action writ and title actions. This is a peaceful approach left to us by our founding fathers.
    The Courts are not bound by mere forms, nor are they to be misled by mere pretenses. They are at Liberty —- indeed, they are under a solemn duty—- to look at the substance of things, whenever they enter upon the inquiry whether the legislature has transcended the limits of its authority. If therefore, a statue purporting to have been enacted to protect the public health, the public morals, or the public safety, has no real or substantial relation to those objects, or is a palpable invasion of the Rights secured by the fundamental law, it is the duty of the Courts to so adjudge, and thereby give effect to the Constitution. (Related case law: Mugler v. Kansas, 123 U.S. 623, 661)
    It is the Duty of the Court to be watchful for the Constitutional Rights of the Citizen, and against any stealthy encroachments thereof. (Related case law: Boyd v. United States, 116 U.S. 616 (1886))
    Closing thought:
    There can be no liberty if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and executive powers. (Related case law: Searle v. Yensen, 118 Neb., 835, 226 N.W. 464, 69 P 2d 953.)
    Remember this the next time you lite up your joint and enjoy your outlawed liberty;
    Liberty lies in the hearts of the people; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While liberty lies in the hearts of the people it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.

  18. The Drug & alcohol Companies use deceptive advertising to ” trick ” you the public into making you think marijuana is a dangerous drug .I saw a TV ad where a guy takes two hits off a joint then gets in a car w/ his girlfriend . They park & he gets out without looking and is run down by a car .For a drug testing kit ad ( invented by the Drug & alcohol Companies ) another one is a Mother asking her son if he’s ever tried Pot then she asks cocaine , heroin , speedballs , etc,. What they are doing is combining Pot w/ hard drugs to deceive you into thinking marijuana is like ALL HARD DRUGS . Their most powerful tool used to deceive the public has been the drug testing kit .

  19. Alcohol or too many prescription pills make you stupid & not to look for traffic & get run over by a car . IT IS THE OPPOSITE of what they are trying to make you believe . It is their Drugs that make you stupid but , they are trying to make you believe that it is marijuana that makes you stupid . This is another DECEPTIVE ad they cleverly made up to deceive the WHOLE WORLD .

  20. Since their are tens or hundreds of other people that sell seeds elsewhere & they were never arrested it’s obvious , Marc was arrested because he was too outspoken regarding marijuana laws . He said ” eff ” the U.S. & everybody who does not like me smoking weed .Marc Emery was arrested because of his beliefs .

  21. Stompedonmyrights: alright man im with you. Ive lived here in Garden City for about 3 years and though crime is reletivly low (good for my kids) It also means the cops are bored.. way bored (Bad for smokers) They also very notorious for leaving violent gang memebers alone and targeting potheads.. Im googling the hell outta your writs and stuff soon ill be educated.

  22. What would Ghandi do? Seriously. Think about it. It is really just time to sit down and smoke… and say nothing but NO MORE!
    I am so sick of being a wage slave.

  23. Gene Burns the DRUG PUSHER is at it again . His Radio show today ( Saturday ) is called ” Dining around with Gene ” where he promotes alcoholic beverages . His show is sponsored by Wineries and BIG ALCOHOL .He calls marijuana a dangerous D-R-U-G
    ………….he does this to promote alcoholic beverages , in particular – Wine . ( Anyone see the connection between the Alcohol Companies & anti – marijuana to promote their own drug ? )He is ” pretending ” not to get our emails . Write him a note at ; KGO Radio 810 on the AM dial , San Francisco , Ca. You can get his contact info . by going to KGO Radio .Write the Producers . This sends a wrong message to children . You can also call this hypocrite who gets paid by the Alcohol Companies . Number is 1- 415 -8080810

  24. Glad to know your in garden city, been there. Sure understand your thoughts about the cops.
    As we complete the class Action Writ of Mandamu and get ready to present it we had plan to share it, let folks look it over and decide for themselves if they want to sign it. I like you have grown old waiting for changes that never seem to come. I have watch to many fellow American be destroyed by these unlawful acts and their agents.
    I know this, if you throw rocks, they shoot bullets, if you shoot back with bullets, they come with tanks, if by chance you could have a tank they will kill you from the air, if you could get in to the air to fight, they would kill you from space. They have the big guns and we can not would not want to match that behavior, that just makes everyone suffer.
    All we have is paper and ink and a soul for liberty, a spirit which desire to be at liberty, by our own leave, as we see fit. Really this fight to have our right to cannabis is really much much larger, Liberty goes beyond the use of Cannabis, one could say the straw that breaks the camels back is cannabis.

  25. I support this idea of a “constructive fraud” class action law suit that stompedonmyrights proposes. Wouldn’t this take years to come about, however ? Couldn’t the 911 episode, the war on terror, the banksters fiat currency failure, GMO industry, big pharma pushing their pharma-geddon drug agenda etc. etc. etc. etc….like the corporate-tocracy servicing the corporate special interests over “we” the people also fall under this category of “constructive fraud” ? Fuuuuuuk were surrounded by fraud !!! The fraudsters with their criminal mis/dis information media need to (………)…you can fill in the blank based on your own feelings/emotions over massaging such an obvious lie…the criminalization of the Cannabis plant. Free the Cannabis plant now; just say no to any new taxes for the criminal government.

  26. marc emery is a courageous man,the States is wanting him so they can shut him up. they dont want the truth on cannabis to be public. the drug war is big money for nazi cops,lawyers,judges and the whole legal system. they rely on arresting smokers for their raises and money for prison guards. its all about the money!!! He has exposed the drug war,or as I call it war on citizens and its goals which are money and power over the people. I was born in the united states but am ashamed to be an american citizen now. war,collapsed economy and a law enforcement community that attacks americans on a daily basis. If I saw a cop in a ditch with his car on fire and he needed help I would wave and drive by. cops are the enemy in the war on people.

  27. DUDE-MAN!!! EVERY activist should go to FreeKeene.com…..THIS town in NH is the place to make our stand. AND they are already doing it with a 4:20 smoke out every day in town suare park. GET THE WORD OUT. AND check out the Ridley Report .com on Youtube

  28. Little Media attention was given concerning ” the bags & bags & bags of marijuana ” found in his house after his death . Why the media is trying to keep a zipper closed on this is ; because TV and Radio are heavily funded by the Alcohol and Drug Companies . They do NOT want to lose the money they are paying to advertise on their stations . This war on marijuana is being funded by the DRUG , ALCOHOL & TOBACCO COMPANIES and thank God i found Pot . If i would of kept on drinking i would of been 6 feet under by now .I don’t take their drugs or drink anymore and i never felt better !!

  29. Here in America we are supposed to be free, and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They’ve taken this away from us through progibition. Under religion God gave us the right to free will, to do as we may but at the end of life we will be punished for our sins. In America they’ve taken away ourGod given rights. In America you cannot be sentenced for the same charge twice. We’re being punished by God and state for what we do making 2 sentences for a single charge. An uprising is needed to endthe tyrany of our government.
    If we are the land of the free then let’s exercise our rights. You’ve got my signature for a class action writ and class action title 42. I’d also like to ask for your signature on my petition on http://uspoverty.change.org/actions/view/hemp_4_victory_saving_our_evironment_and_our_economy
    With the American government stepping into international affairs, with an issue that has no concern to them, but to the Canadian govt. If America wants to target people we should target the people buying the seeds. They’re the only people who broke American law.
    Let’s change the law today, and make a better way of living for ourselves, our children, and every other future generartion.
    Marc Emery’s arrest will only make us stronger and more inclined to finish what he started before he’s released. Mr. Emery is a strong man, and I would have accepted the same agreement to keep my friends free. I believe that the main thing he would want us to do is finish the job, but let’s boycot right on the grounds where he is held (help with transportation if willing please).

  30. to #182:
    what if that cop was a member of L.E.A.P? (law enforcement against prohibition). Then its possible that we could lose a valuable member of the team. Cops are not the enemies, the state legislators that have the ability to end this prohibition now but do nothing about it. Just vote them out and the laws will change. patience is a virtue!

  31. To moldy: I can’t historically find any group of people filing a Class Action Title 42 (1983 thur 1986) for harms receive under the color of law by the constructive fraud upon the people with a (1986 part)which is the continuos act of denial of securied rights nor have I found anyone or group of people to file a Class Action Writ of Mandamus with the clerk of the Supreme Court request that it order a stop on all legislation presented under fraudulent pretenses. Further the writ needs to request the release of all prisoners held for cannabis convictions.
    To nesomania, no it should not take years, it is a writ, not really a motion or petition.
    Here is some thoughts on American Juries and the idea of Nullification of the law.
    The American Jury is the last and strongest line of defense against our government’s encroachment upon our constitutional rights. The framers of the constitution knew the nature of politics that play in any and all governments, including the one they built. They knew power and powerful people often become greedy, controlling, and corrupt, that they no longer act in the interest, safety ro welfare of the people they were to serve. The founding dreamers of our Constitution knew that those powerful people often outlaw others, enslave them, and turn them into criminals / slaves therefore making it much easier to remove these folks from being an effective members of our society. This way those in power can silence the voice of the people. So jury of our peers clause was purposely placed into the Constitution to prevent the three branches of government from ganging up on the people, keeping government from becoming ungovernable.
    We the people have the power within us to effectually resist those unlawful acts of government without being driven to arms. It is not law; any person may be justified in their resistance. They maybe considered as a criminal by the government yet only their fellow citizens can convict them. They are the Jury of peers an if they pronounce a person innocent, not all the power of congress can hurt that person. “The jury has the power to acquit and the Court must abide by the decision.” U. S. v. Moylan, 417 F. 2d, 1002, 1006 (1969)
    The jury, after having received the direction of the Court, shall have the right to determine, at their discretion, the law and the fact is constitutional. Appeal of Lowe, 46 Kan. 255, 26 Pac. 749, Kan. (1891).
    It is a common law right of the jury to determine the law as well as the facts. State v. Croteau, 23 Vt. 14, 54 Am. Dec. 90 (1849).
    The Supreme Court of the United States recognizes that the American Jury in our political scene is ” Deigned to protect defendants against oppressive government practices.” United States Ex Rel Toth v. Quarles, 350 U.S. 11, 16 (1955). It is best said by Justice White when he said, “A safeguard against arbitrary law enforcement.” in William v. Florida, 90 S. Ct. 1893, 1905, (1970).
    The special role of the Jury in cases involving political dissent was acknowledged to be particularly important because the American Jury then acts not only as a safeguard against judicial excesses, but also as a barrier to legislative and executive oppression.
    Take for example State v. Buckley, 40 Conn. 246 (Conn. 1873) This case was the prosecution for violation for selling liquor. The accused claimed that the act was unconstitutional, asked the court to charge the jury that they were judges of the law as well as the facts. The judge instructed the jury that in a criminal case they were judges of the law as well as the facts, but that they were under the same obligation in the matter with the judge on the bench, and were not authorized to say that is not law which is so; that the Supreme Court had decided the act to be constitutional; that if they decided to be unconstitutional which the Supreme Court had decided to be constitutional, they would disturb the foundation of law and, if on their consciences they could say that the act was unconstitutional, they ought to acquit the accused.
    So here you can see there is a way for the Jury to act lawlessly or by nullification of the law(s) that no longer represent the people. It is clear that we must teach juries to acquit those 800,000 plus cannabis users and growers. If we do this then we will render the law effective and they will stop enforcing it. This is a peaceful path to bring change and we owe it to everyone to bring change by peaceful means.

  32. I must apologize to everyone and especially to , Gene Burns & KGO Radio . Mr. Burns is a great person with an outstanding one of a kind personality . Mr. Burns never referred to marijuana as ” Dangerous ” . He referred to marijuana as a D-R-U-G . I felt it was degrogatory to say this while your doing a Show based on Alcoholic beverages . Now i feel really ashamed of myself .Please don’t call or write Mr. Burns on something i said .He is a good man and has a good heart . I sincerely will make every effort to stay off this blog & hope i am not in any trouble .

  33. I think that we as an organization need to focus on the history of marijuana and hemp. We need to do this across the airwaves. Radio & Television. If the lawmakers today tried to pass a law like this through congress, based on the “facts” they used in the 1930’s, it would never make it. This would be laughed out of the Congress.
    Most Americans have no idea why or when marijuana became illegal. It is upon our shoulders to provide this knowledge to them.

  34. #192, Truth: It would probably be correct to say that we’ve all said things we regret, that’s part of the human psyche. It’s no big deal and you’ll get over it.
    What you want to do is hone your debating skills and stay with the areas that gain your greatest interest @ Mr. Burns. Controlling our emotional over-reactions is a constant battle.

  35. Hey Hey If you are angry at DEA for harassing everyone based on marijuana, GO TO WASHINGTON, D.C. where you can picket and protest his arrest by DEA.
    Need over 100,000 people to march to Washington, D.C. demanding that DEA be disbanded permanently. And You can order Karen Tandy be arrested!!!

  36. Stu:
    Your right! right! I went to Jamestown and the garden on display was void of hemp, Why?
    To talked to a historian at the ship, Godspeed and he said the hemp for sails was different than that you smoke.
    Misha: I saddly understand why he plea guilty to the charges, I understand the need to protect the ones you love when they are being used by the Government as hostage to the issue. One in jail is always better than three, I know this first hand and made that same trade with my government, what a shitty deal to have to make.

  37. Shawn, It’s people like you who are tying the evolution of society down. You have a closed mind because of the propanganda ridden media and I believe if you were to smoke a joint one day you’d realize the ridiculousness of you’re statement. Furthermore the adults he was distributing marijuana and advice to were medical patients who are actually prescribed marijuana as a medicine..

    It’s time to hand prohibitionists a Petition Mandamus. It’s time to get as serious as a heart attack. No more futzing around. Be there or be square.
    Manford Mantis

  39. It shouldn’t be referred to as a “legalize” movement, but the “re-legalize” movement, since it has been legal through most of American (and world) history.
    RE-legalize, just like that guy in the youtube video waaaay above said.

  40. @ bb54 on his comment up at the top (#3)
    You got the score wrong, DEA did get 1 but Emery scored each time he sold a seed. I would say the DEA is a few million behind.

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