Because Women Are NORML Too!

By Sabrina Fendrick , Executive Assistant, NORML/NORML Foundation

I have never been more proud to be a part of the marijuana movement as I was after reading an article in the October issue of Marie Claire titled “Stiletto Stoners”.  The feedback and comments in relation to this have been fast and overwhelming.

The woman cited in the article is quoted as saying, “‘I hate the term pothead—it connotes that I’m high 24/7, which I’m not,’ Jennifer Pelham says, wincing. ‘I don’t need it to get through my day. I just enjoy it when my day is over.’ Her nightly ritual costs only $50 a month.  It never induces a post-happy-hour hangover and, unlike the Xanax a doctor once prescribed for her anxiety, never leaves her groggy or numb… ‘It’s really not a big deal’.”

The normalizing of recreational cannabis consumption is not just happening with men, which is what most people think of when they think of pot smokers.  Women, who are not necessarily left out of the movement, are rarely recognized as a major demographic that is essential for the reform effort to push forward in a truly legitimate fashion.

This underreported phenomenon is now spreading across the mainstream media.  From Matt Lauer and the Today show,

To the Los Angeles Times

This story is spreading like wildfire across the Internet and I am willing to bet, it will only get bigger.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize the extent of this closet practice among my female cohorts.  Perhaps it’s just that they’re not as outspoken as the men?  Or maybe it’s because they have more at risk?  Whatever it is, the fact that more and more women are admitting to smoking cannabis (or marijuana or pot) is truly inspiring.

As a side note, I posted this article to the NORML Facebook page and within an hour there were already more comments on this post than almost any other on NORML’s facebook page!  Here are just a few from some NORML women:

-“ Finally, Female stoners who aren’t classified with dreads and no make up.  It’s definitely been around for a while but now there is recognition! Successful Stoner Ladies Unite!”

-“Hell yeah! Finally some coverage of us smart, sexy pot smokers.”

-“That’d be me!”

-“I am a successful Optician by day, and a happy pothead by night!”

-“And some of us run three business’s and support a household too!”


-“Wooo! Thanks for the shout out guys!!”

-“This is so great…I actually read this in a salon the other day…”

-“I know a dentist, a lawyer, a paralegal and a few managers who all smoke and they are brilliant women who just like to relax after making all that $$…lol”

-“I’m a stay at home mother during the day and at night i have a job and go to school, and i rather smoke a joint once I’m home from work and the kids are passed out then have a glass of wine.”

-“Agreed everybody!! Don’t know what I would do without this option!”

This is a major response that reinforces my belief that women need to get on the bandwagon and start to fight for an end to these archaic marijuana laws.  When was the last time you saw this many comments, from women about women and their marijuana use? What does that say??  Let’s go ladies!  It’s time to get vocal and become an active participant in your own liberation.

Like one person commented on my wall earlier, “Blaze on Stiletto stoners.  I am proud to be one of you!”

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  1. “The behavior needs to be normalized (normlized)”
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. They should have also highlighted that that smoking marijuana isn’t a “chick” thing to do. Woman are discredited by society at large because they are a minority and have lack in influence in government.
    None the less … this was a very positive article for marijuana use. lets keep the media wheel turning.

  2. Well you wouldn’t catch me dead in stilletto heels but otherwise count me in among this closet group. It’s heartening to see yet another untapped source of support for legalization. and did anyone see last month’s edition of Fortune mag, talking about how cannabis is essentially legal with med mj and showing us all how a legitimate cannibusiness could operate? I grabbed my copy when I saw them starting to run out. Probably a particularly high selling issue.

  3. one of the comments on the marie claire website said the story was one sided because it didnt talk about the “side effect” of some people getting anxiety and paranoid while on it.
    well thats because those are side effects of prohibition, not cannabis. Everyone that is comfortable with smoking does not get paranoid, even when high in public. its just from being afraid of getting caught. no more, no less maybe something to touch upon some more with the public. lets end the reefer madness

  4. Hey ,women had a lot to do with alcohol prohibition reform, why should this be any different. I have noticed that women are uniting on many fronts to change laws and the way government does thier job. I feel politicians are making a BIG mistake minimalizing or ignoring women and the power they have. No ladies , you NOT just moms!

  5. If you want to see activism that is inspiring and a darn fine example to all of us stoners–go to

  6. I would like to know who are the people that say that smoking pot is related to men. That is the first time in my life i have ever come across a statement like that. Male or female, we are all in the same boat as far as being in the closet on marijuana use, medicinal or recreational. When you live ia a state like Indiana, the only laws we have are fines or jail time and so called rehabilitation. MARIJUANA PROHIBITION does not have distinction of whether you are a female or male just a body count of victims of unjust marijuana laws and the Stormtrooper mentality that enforces these laws, THE UNICORN MAKERS. TOKE ON STILETTO STONERS. 420 ALL THE WAY!

  7. OH BIG DEAL. I have been a responsible user of cannabis for 41yrs. In all that time I have never known a female consumer of cannabis that ever woke up in the morning and wondered “Just who was that masked man, and just what the hell did I do with him?”. I have never known ANYONE who didn’t wake up because they smoked too much. You simply can’t do that. I however know several people who didn’t wake up because they drank too much. None of my cannabis consuming friends were ever found dead in the mangled wreckage of a car. Several of my drinking friends were, and yes I was almost one of them. There is absolutely NO good reason for arresting, and/or incarcerating responsible adult cannabis users. NONE! Tell me ONE that I can’t blow flat out of the water. Just ONE.

  8. Please do not missinterpret NO BIG DEAL. I have known successfull women who consumed cannabis for a very LONG time, so to me “It’s NO BIG DEAL.

  9. These women are voters. I believe they have the power the legalize this lovely plant. If coming out parties become real popular, and i see no reason why they should not, the politicians will be scared into submission in no time.

  10. Prohabition is a witch-hunt! norml folk use cannibis,all other’s swallow pharmacudicals & all of their potential side effects ! Power to the flower ! AVOID BIG PHRARMA & their poison product ! When you use these products you are supporting prohabition ! These products are lethal & highly addictive ! Lastly most pharmacudicals simply arn’t effective ! They are designed to make more money, than cure ! Fight on ppl ! You know our federal imperial government used to hang women for being “witches” Was that a good law?

  11. This is excellent news. Simply excellent!
    Hopefully this goes mainstream all over and people will finally realize the true meaning of NORML people.

  12. I am 62 years old and have smoked pot on and off since I was 20. Now that I am older my only problem is supply since it is not a socially acceptable habit to be to open about in my area.

  13. “This is a major response that reinforces my belief that women need to get on the bandwagon and start to fight for an end to these archaic marijuana laws”.
    Haven’t finished reading the entire story Sabrina but let me throw something out there, something you could share with your Facebook crowd and beyond.
    Incorporated in these ladies conversations should be something along the lines of: “And since I’m politically active it is one of my top priorities to discover if the political official that I want to support in their bid for election supports an end to Prohibition of marijuana. If they don’t then I’ll be telling all my friends to not vote for them.”
    That should put the fire under the feet of politicians to rethink their stance on Prohibition.

  14. I thought this was a given. Didn’t people realize it was not just men smoking? I’m a succesful, otherwise law-abiding, female who has held her job 20+ years and smoke every day. There is nothing wrong with an adult wanting to smoke marijuana and the sooner we push out the old farts in our government, the better. LEGALIZE IT, ALREADY!!!

  15. Good to show this Gov that people can smoke pot jus like they can drink ,an still go on with there everyday lives

  16. Power to the people! I’ll take Cannabis over any pill. Zoloft left me with amnesia for a really long time.

  17. the traditional ‘stay at home mom’ can smoke it whether it is illegal or not, because they are not subject to workplace random drug testing. This is probably why you don’t hear women complain about it as much as men.

  18. NOW, For one moment lets talk about the Duty of the Court and the Rights Secured by the People. Here is a few thoughts to contemplate about our Court system and why I say we should attack the Cannabis Laws by class action writ and title actions. This is a peaceful approach left to us by our founding fathers.
    The Courts are not bound by mere forms, nor are they to be misled by mere pretenses. They are at Liberty —- indeed, they are under a solemn duty—- to look at the substance of things, whenever they enter upon the inquiry whether the legislature has transcended the limits of its authority. If therefore, a statue purporting to have been enacted to protect the public health, the public morals, or the public safety, has no real or substantial relation to those objects, or is a palpable invasion of the Rights secured by the fundamental law, it is the duty of the Courts to so adjudge, and thereby give effect to the Constitution. (Related case law: Mugler v. Kansas, 123 U.S. 623, 661)
    It is the Duty of the Court to be watchful for the Constitutional Rights of the Citizen, and against any stealthy encroachments thereof. (Related case law: Boyd v. United States, 116 U.S. 616 (1886))
    Closing thought:
    There can be no liberty if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and executive powers. (Related case law: Searle v. Yensen, 118 Neb., 835, 226 N.W. 464, 69 P 2d 953.)
    Remember this the next time you lite up your joint and enjoy your outlawed liberty;
    Liberty lies in the hearts of the people; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While liberty lies in the hearts of the people it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.

  19. The American Jury is the last and strongest line of defense against our government’s encroachment upon our constitutional rights. The framers of the constitution knew the nature of politics that play in any and all governments, including the one they built. They knew power and powerful people often become greedy, controlling, and corrupt, that they no longer act in the interest, safety ro welfare of the people they were to serve. The founding dreamers of our Constitution knew that those powerful people often outlaw others, enslave them, and turn them into criminals / slaves therefore making it much easier to remove these folks from being an effective members of our society. This way those in power can silence the voice of the people. So jury of our peers clause was purposely placed into the Constitution to prevent the three branches of government from ganging up on the people, keeping government from becoming ungovernable.
    We the people have the power within us to effectually resist those unlawful acts of government without being driven to arms. It is not law; any person may be justified in their resistance. They maybe considered as a criminal by the government yet only their fellow citizens can convict them. They are the Jury of peers an if they pronounce a person innocent, not all the power of congress can hurt that person. “The jury has the power to acquit and the Court must abide by the decision.” U. S. v. Malawian, 417 F. 2d, 1002, 1006 (1969)
    The jury, after having received the direction of the Court, shall have the right to determine, at their discretion, the law and the fact is constitutional. Appeal of Lowe, 46 An. 255, 26 Pac. 749, An. (1891).
    It is a common law right of the jury to determine the law as well as the facts. State v. Crate, 23 VT. 14, 54 Am. Dec. 90 (1849).
    The Supreme Court of the United States recognizes that the American Jury in our political scene is ” Deigned to protect defendants against oppressive government practices.” United States Ex Rel Both v. Carlist, 350 U.S. 11, 16 (1955). It is best said by Justice White when he said, “A safeguard against arbitrary law enforcement.” in William v. Florida, 90 S. Ct. 1893, 1905, (1970).
    The special role of the Jury in cases involving political dissent was acknowledged to be particularly important because the American Jury then acts not only as a safeguard against judicial excesses, but also as a barrier to legislative and executive oppression.
    Take for example State v. Buckley, 40 Conn. 246 (Conn. 1873) This case was the prosecution for violation for selling liquor. The accused claimed that the act was unconstitutional, asked the court to charge the jury that they were judges of the law as well as the facts. The judge instructed the jury that in a criminal case they were judges of the law as well as the facts, but that they were under the same obligation in the matter with the judge on the bench, and were not authorized to say that is not law which is so; that the Supreme Court had decided the act to be constitutional; that if they decided to be unconstitutional which the Supreme Court had decided to be constitutional, they would disturb the foundation of law and, if on their consciences they could say that the act was unconstitutional, they ought to acquit the accused.
    So here you can see there is a way for the Jury to act lawlessly or by nullification of the law(s) that no longer represent the people. It is clear that we must teach juries to acquit those 800,000 plus cannabis users and growers. If we do this then we will render the law ineffective and they will stop enforcing it. This is a peaceful path to bring change and we owe it to everyone to bring change by peaceful means.

  20. Finally the mainstream is getting it. I predict, that someday soon marijuana will be recommended to enhance creativity. I can see it all now, doctors and scientists explaining that consuming cannabis before writing songs, for example, can induce more creative behavior. What stop there, computer game programmers should smoke pot before writing their games.
    Not only is pot medicine, but it also allows your mind to warp this reality and seek altered (or alternate) realities. In other words, being a pothead can enhance your IQ.
    I am a successful person in a very difficult and small population that can even do the work. If my company started to drug test their employees, they would lose all their best people. And I really think they are smart enough to know this. Drug testing weeds out the winners and rewards the hive or mediocre.
    Imagine when this can be packaged up and sold as a intelligence booster? HaaaaaHaaaHaaa

  21. Impressive psychologist. 😮 Most are buys trying to prove that marijuana causes psychosis and depression.

  22. Massive kudos to all hard workin, pot smokin ladies out there. I look forward everyday to escaping to the bathroom or bedroom with my wife for our daily
    gather N toke. Stay High All My Cannibis Lovin Family.

  23. Thank You Sabrina! I am one of many stilleto stonys i know. I am new to posting but Ive been a lifelong norml advocate. This is my first post. I’m tired of hiding who I am and I am sad to say yet another of my stony girlfriends was busted recently. These unfair laws have haunted us for too long. Toke on Stilleto Stonys someday we will toke freely.

  24. In my lifetime of cannabis use, since the 60s, I have had many women friends who have smoked with me. It seems no more unusual to me for woman to enjoy it and regularly use it than for men to do so. It is truly an herb for everyone. It’s great to see such a calm and rational report on such a middle of the road, popular, and uncontroversial program. This is a sign that the times are really changing and I look forward to soon having cannabis as available and inexpensive for adults as alcohol and tobacco are now.

  25. I am a 51yr old woman, worked as a banker for almost 30 yrs. I am out on stress and depression related illness. I smoke MMJ to help with stress and controlling my manic episodes. It works well for me. Thank goodness I live in CA.

  26. I hope more ppl start standing up and fighting for thier rights, anymore we are like a herd of cattle ran by the government! I thought this was a free country! Our president smoked it, why cant we?

  27. JLI #3: Ya They dont get it, it doesnt cause paranoia, prohibition and having your door busted down most definitly does. Lose of job, drivers license and many other rights/privilages causes high anxiety.
    Smoking a little cannabis is the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done.
    Come on ladies, show your power.Join the fight.

  28. Maybe because men are more likely to take risks that they(we) are the ones who are more outspoken about it. Just a thought.
    I love this article. Strong women who smoke are a great asset to the movement, and (ladies please don’t take this the wrong way) are more attractive than their non-smoking counterparts.

  29. I saw this on the today show last week when it aired and Matt Lauer kept trying to get it out of them that there had to be something bad about it, but they wouldn’t budge, saying it’s safer then drinking! I was so happy with that interview!

  30. Come out of the closet NOW. I wear a cannabis leaf pin on my USMC utility cover EVERY WHERE I GO. Put on your pot hats, T-Shirts, pins, whatever. Quit being so damn paranoid. I have no qualms about striking up a conversation about cannabis with anyone,ANYONE, including police officers. 41yrs using, NEVER been arrested for it.

  31. #22 Stephen: Thanks for the link, have book marked it and will check it out in length sooner rather than later. What’s happening with me is a conscious choice to align myself with the doers and shakers in this movement and to set aside those who talk alot and do nothing. And I mean no disrespect fellow MJ’ers becasue I care about you, however, it’s time to get busy, REAL BUSY.

  32. #31 It has been proven that cannbis DOES NOT increase the incidents of Physicosis, or Depression. It has been found that the increase in cannabis use has NOT shown a corresponding increase in incidences of Physcosis, or depression. The prohibitionist see only what they want to see, and look no farther. We anti-prohibitionist see what we want to see, and continue our search because we want the whole truth, even if we may not like it. So far I have not found ONE verafiable fact about cannabis that gives me reason for concerne.

  33. The psychologist was more than impressive. She knew the correct talking points and didn’t want to convey anything negative pertaining to cannabis. That’s really cool to see THAT on mainstream media.

  34. Finally, Female stoners who aren’t classified with dreads and no make up. It’s definitely been around for a while but now there is recognition! Successful Stoner Ladies Unite!”
    -“Hell yeah! Finally some coverage of us smart, sexy pot smokers.”
    -“That’d be me!”
    -“I am a successful Optician by day, and a happy pothead by night!”
    -“And some of us run three business’s and support a household too!”
    So what about all the female stoners who do have dreads and dont wear make-up…are they unsuccessful according to your standards…and will you ladies become day tokers when this is all made legal, or will you remain self-proclaimed closet stoners in an effort to maintain that nice office job where you can wear those stilettos and continue to perpetuate a very MALE vision of what a successful female is, WHERE IS THE ARTICLE OF SUCCESSFUL BLUE COLLAR STONER FEMALES because I can promise you this…these ladies are the true minority

  35. that, is an awesome peice from the ladies. or , is it peace….. yea, thats it. and, right on main stream tv. i have smoked responsibly for thirty two years. it has been an awesome asset to my personal company that i have worked for, for thirty two years started testing. this , i have to say has been possibly the worst eight months of my life. sure, their has been worse emotionally but,not consuming cannabis after a long day at the hussle an bussle job leaves the day quite empty. it only took a couple of draws from the pyrex for it all to fall in place. i miss the grin time.we need more main stream activity like that. peace and comfort to you all!

  36. i have had issues with depression for many years.i cannot remember a time of depression while consuming the mind races many times during the day to the point of incredible confusion, that is until i get home i find temper and, thought processes smoothe while still dealing with daily issues. it has been the remedy for me. it is a great benefit for those types of reasons.i will fight for the remedy. it is whats right.

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