Who's Behind Pot Prohibition? The Answer Is Obvious

Without a doubt the question I’m most often asked professionally is this: “Why is marijuana still illegal?”
The common inference behind this question is that there must be some behind the scenes cabal of Big Pharma, Tobacco, and Alcohol executives conspiring to keep cannabis illegal. By contrast, the real culprits behind pot prohibition are far more overt.
Law enforcement organizations — including cops, district attorneys, prosecutors, prison guard unions, sheriffs, and narcotics officers associations — remain the primary force working against sensible marijuana law reform.
Case in point? Look no further than these two egregious examples:

Los Angeles County D.A. prepares to crack down on pot outlets
via the Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said Thursday he will prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries for over-the-counter sales, targeting a practice that has become commonplace under an initiative approved by California voters more than a decade ago.
“The vast, vast, vast majority, about 100%, of dispensaries in Los Angeles County and the city are operating illegally, they are dealing marijuana illegally, according to our theory,” he said. “The time is right to deal with this problem.”
Cooley and Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich recently concluded that state law bars sales of medical marijuana, an opinion that could spark a renewed effort by law enforcement across the state to rein in the use of marijuana. It comes as polls show a majority of state voters back legalization of marijuana, and supporters are working to place the issue on the ballot next year.

Even prior to the passage of California’s passage of Prop. 215, cannabis dispensaries — the same sort of dispensaries that D.A. Cooley now unilaterally defines as a “problem” — operated openly, and without incident, in L.A. County. Today, over 1,000 such operations exist in Los Angeles. District Attorney Cooley has now arbitrarily declared that “100%” of these dispensaries are acting illegally based not on a court decision, but rather on his own personal anti-pot bias.
Do a majority of public of L.A. county share D.A. Cooley’s view that open market, regulated medi-pot transactions are, in fact, a “problem?” Not at all. Does the will of the voters actually matter to their District Attorney? Not at all.
According to a separate story from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, D.A. Cooley “was one of dozens of guests at a recent conference … in which the topic was the ‘eradication of medical-marijuana dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County,’ according to a flier advertising the event hosted by the California Narcotics Officers’ Association.”
This, of course, would be the same California Narcotics Officers Association that just last month issued the white paper: “California Police Chiefs Association Position Paper on the Decriminalization of Marijuana.” You can read the entire position paper here (Have a potent anti-emetic handy!), but here’s some excerpts.

“Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, was passed by California voters in 1996 on a ballot initiative promoted by those who subscribe to the idea that all drug use should be legalized.”
“It has become clear, despite the claims of use by critically ill people that only about 2% of those using crude Marijuana for medicine are critically ill. [Editor’s note: Predictably, no statements, including this bogus percentage, are actually cited with any supporting documentation.] The vast majority of those using crude Marijuana as medicine are young and are using the substance to be under the influence of THC and have no critical medical condition. … Marijuana is being abused by people who have no serous medical condition and simply like to be intoxicated on Marijuana.
“Marijuana as a smoked product has never proven to be medically beneficial and, in fact, is much more likely to harm one’s health.”
“The thought of decriminalizing Marijuana or allowing taxation of Marijuana is bewildering. The thought that a group of individuals would want to advocate for decriminalization of a substance that the state of California has deemed to be carcinogenic is alarming. [Editor’s note: Alcoholic beverages and aspirin — along with over 300 other substances — are also included on California’s Prop. 65 list of official carcinogens. I suppose the CNOA would argue that these substances ought to be illegal as well.] “The use of intoxicating and addictive substances fuels crime and destroys lives by creating addiction and dependency. Children are victims of abuse and neglect at the hands of parents or caretakers who live in addiction. Young adults are particularly vulnerable to addiction. Relaxed attitudes toward drug use place them at greater risk of addiction. Clearly legalization of Marijuana will lead to great use by those who would not use if it were not legal. [Editor’s note: Virtually every study on this subject finds just the opposite outcome. You can read summaries from a couple dozen or so here, here, and here.] This increased use will lead to negative outcomes.”
“Much as we see in the use of other controlled substances,
people who become addicted to Marijuana and cannot afford to maintain their addiction will turn to crime in order to supply themselves with their drug of choice.”
“Marijuana is not and never will be good for the success, education, and well-being of our society. When a person examines the two known abused drugs in our society, alcohol and tobacco, from a Public Health standpoint, those two substances would be recommended today to be banned. [Editor’s note: And apparently the CNOA would be in full support of such a ban.] The California Police Chiefs Association clearly understands that this will not occur. But, the discussion of Marijuana is important especially in light of the money being infused by the Drug Alliance [Editor’s note: Who are they?] and their ability to prey on unsuspecting compassionate people of our great state.”

Who is really behind marijuana prohibition. The answer should be obvious.

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  1. What I find hilarious is ““those addicted to marijuana who can not afford their addiction will turn to crime” … when in reality it should read “those addicted to marijuana who can not afford their addction will turn to gardening.”

  2. Whoa there. Now first off, I agree completely with Paul. That the strongest force holding back legalization is law enforcement lobbying groups. But we really have to be careful. This isn’t really directed so much at Paul as to some of the people who commented. First off police officers do not prescribe to one solid mentality. There are a variety of different opinions within the law enforcement community when it comes to this issue. THERE ARE GOOD COPS OUT THERE. We need to brig those from LEAP into the fold more to help combat LEO’s that are trying to derail legalization. They are a valuable ally. We mustn’t forget that.
    It’s one thing to have a political disagreement with someone. But when our response is “Fuckin’ pig cops just want to control people”, we aren’t helping our cause and we aren’t making a point. Really that’s bordering on hate speech. And that’s the kind of rhetoric prohibitionists want us to engage in. That’s all we need is to be painted as anarchists. We only help the other side with talk like that so let’s show a little more maturity.

  3. In the risk of government shutdown in Michigan, the government lawmakers decided to take a vacation on Mackinac island. Days later an underage intern accused these govt employees of providing minors with alcohol,it`s on You-tube….But wait!!! There`s more! After their drunk baby-raping weekend on the island they decide the best thing for Michigan is keeping bars open til 4am!!!! This is more Government/Alcoholic pedophiles continuing the tradition of getting drunk raping babies and making stupid laws that get them and their scum friends and family rich.

  4. I have said this online before and I`ll keep saying it till it`s legal. Alcohol companies,drug dealers,Pharmaceutical companies, judges, lawyers, police, and government employees all profit from marijuana prohibition. Follow the money and you find the enemy .

  5. #49 Rick, you have my heart. what you said needs to be said over and over, “If you are on the jury at a marijuana trial, JURY NULLIFICATION!”
    Again we should be shouting this from the roof tops, saying it every chance we get, JURY NULLIFICATION
    That by it’s self will change the laws, it will force the will of the poeple upon this dipshit government.
    But wait, our government will just import the jury from China and pay them.
    #50 iblogleft, they are enemies of the People and our constitution. They have no sense of fair play, none at all.

  6. My career was destroyed because I grew a plant. I couldn`t care less if these idiots that work for alcohol companies,prisons, law enforcement, Pharmaceutic,govt. etc.; all lose their jobs. People are sick and tired of seeing family’s destroyed because they had a plant growing in the garden. While the neighbor next door gets 3 babies drunk , rapes them, and 2 years later is free and drunk again. I believe if he would have had marijuana in the house he would have got 10 years. But since he is a drunk they went easy on him because the judge likes his booze and baby party’s too.

  7. Ziggy, my response to the “those addicted to…” statement would be something like this.
    Authors of the 1999 Institute of Medicine report wrote, “Millions of Americans have tried marijuana, but most are not regular users [and] few marijuana users become dependent on it … Although [some] marijuana users develop dependence, they appear to be less likely to do so than users of other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), and marijuana dependence appears to be less severe than dependence on other drugs.” In raw numbers, the report noted that fewer than 10% of those who try marijuana meet the clinical criteria for “drug dependence,” compared to about 15% of those who try alcohol.
    …and this from the *National Institute of Health. Symptoms associated with so-called “cannabis withdrawal” among marijuana “dependent” subjects are relatively mild, short-lived, and “may only be expected in a subgroup of … patients,” according to the results of a prospective clinical study to be published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.
    * http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19783382

  8. Having read “California Police Chiefs Association Position Paper on the Decriminalization of Marijuana.”it is more than obvious whos really behind pot prohibition:Cops,cops and more cops.The never ending story…It is unfortunately beyond my humane comprehension that an organism like NORML would seek to collaborate with any cops, be it repentant cops belonging to LEAP ,working to reform marijuana laws.
    The COPS are THE Real ENEMIES and they should be held responsible for all the violence and misery their actions bring.

  9. reply to 53.Mikey
    Hey Mikey, who paid you to say that ?
    I dont think that bringing in TAZERs USERS and people like you in the picture will help marijuana cause

  10. It all trickles down to one thing and it called GREED. MARIJUANA PROHIBITION creates jobs for LAW ENFORCEMENT and spends billions of dollars every year of Federal tax dollars going down the drain to eradicate marijuana and the users which creates UNICORNS. MONEY FOR NOTHING AND THE PAYCHECKS ARE FOR FREE. The BIG GREEN FOOT PRINT is making the big corporations nervous and that when marijuana is legal, they will be losing ducats and the coffers will not be full as before. What ever happened to the power of the people and will of the people? THE FEDERAL OVERLORDS OF THE FEDERAL LAWS.

  11. I just want to say that if the goverment legalized marijuana we would be out of debt within the next ten years. They spend millions to keep it illegal,but if they legalized they could tax it and create jobs. So what are they waiting for?? Booze is legal and it kills thousands every day. Cigarettes are even worse they are addicting and contain thousands of harmful cemicals and yet they are legal. See my point?

  12. They will be the ones behind the hysteria of DUI of marijuana as well. I have seen some of the most tyrannical bills being sponsored right now in my state. A lot of calls for manditory 2 to 5 year minimums if caught with any amount while in a vehicle. Imparment, or lack there of, is not even a concideration.
    Every step forward me make they (people in the criminal justice system) create a new way to destroy a life with an insane law.
    If we don’t get some rational people offering up some opposing facts on the topic of driving and marijuana we will find ourselves continued victoms of insane warrentless laws.
    I submit this. I believe that drinking a large coffee will impair your driving more negatively than any amount of marijuana. If we are going to bemoan about marijuana use on public roads then I wasnt to see a full on ban of coffee. I want to see 2 year manditory minimums for anyone caught with any prescribed pain killer while in a vehicle (passenger or driver)
    Marijuana and driving needs to be allowed the due process of cause and effect. We should not be writing laws that effect liberty without having VERY good reasons to do so. To date I see no cause to call for DUI of marijuana laws. Where are the deaths and accidents that can be attributed to marijuana use? I don’t believe there are any.

  13. Look recently at how the “Robo-Cops” at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburg acted when met with a little dissent. It was like a scene from a bad sci-fi flick. How can you reason with these people? Our country is swiftly heading toward a brutal, fascist police state. Keeping weed illegal is just one more device they use to control us and propagate fear. Our government lies to support unnecessary wars, including the war on drugs.

  14. How is it not legal when there is nothing wrong with it. Its the best part about life and its so sad that people cannot buy it.

  15. We got another Politcian ( Meg Whitman ) calling for ” new “changes for ; California yet , when it comes to marijuana she turns a blind eye .She also likes , John McCain whose wife was a Drug – pusher ( beer ) & McCain wanted to raid & shut – down the Dispenseries.
    DON’T VOTE FOR – MEG WHITMAN or we’ll be turning back the clock .
    Secondly , i heard yesterday that traffic accidents ( fatalities ) are down 6 % . Instead of telling you that Alcohol sales are decreasing & marijuana use is increasing ( two leading reasons why ) they’d rather say it’s because of the economy or it’s because of the price of gas and this & that . They refuse to tell you how cannabis is turning the clock around .

  16. Dear , Sober and Free ,
    Alcohol Kills , causes health problems , makes you agressive leading you to criminal activity , auto accidents . Alcohol causes more deaths than all drugs combined .
    Then when someone such as , Michael Phelps gets caught toking a little hit from a Bong they tell us that this sends the wrong message to kids . Whose sending the wrong message to kids ?

  17. You know they could legalize cannabis and (the police and such) still keep their jobs! There is plenty of harmful drugs out there. Oh nevermind that means they would actually have to work for their arrests and probably actually have people that would fight back when they come banging on their doors.

  18. Well, speaking about plants (Cannabis, in particular, as far as this site goes) being prohibited, everyone needs to become aware of what’s called “codex alimentarius” Coming soon…12/09…1/10, or so, at a country near you…worldwide control/takeover by the science dictatorship of all natural(things?) plants. Just try and wrap your mind around this tyranny against the people…things natural…,being implemented around the world, created by the science dictatorship, backed by the criminal corporate-tocracy, we call our government.
    If you would like to see a predictive report on “The shape of things to come”, check out Clif High’s site http://www.halfpasthuman.com. The $10 report might be a game changer for what your immediate priorities need to be/become. Lots of things happenning, not only politically, but galactically(sp?), as well. Sure expanded my mind! Check out his past internet radio interviews, also; helped me grasp a more comprehensive view of our predicaments…well folks, I think we are running out of time.

  19. The Police do not make the Laws . They are paid to enforce the Laws . If Marijuana was legalized than Pot users would have a better relationship with Law enforcement such as the Police . I’m sure that there are Law enforcement officials that smoke Pot themselves and many more who may not even like arresting Pot users . We need to give our Police a lot of Credit .They work hard saving lives . Marijuana needs to be decriminalized .

  20. the tobacco industrt and the booze industry and republicans and the good moral christian groups… wait these things cause a lot of socal problems HOLEY HASH BRICK!!! THEY SHUD BE MADE ILLEGAL THEN WE CUD ALL GET ALONG AND PUFF PUFF PASS HELL IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR KIDS AT SCHOOL IT WUD MAKE THE LUNCHS NOT TASTE LIKE ARMPITS

  21. I know this doesn’t belong here but I’m known for posting things where they shouldn’t be. :] Why again did GM sell the Hummer brand to China? Our own military utilizes this vehicle. So wouldn’t this mean that GM just sold sensitive specs to another form of govt.? Albeit they do own most of our countries debt and is also a country that, even though most don’t want to admit it, has ties with our country. We want to know why other countries are catching up with us and in some cases surpassing us. Because anything and everything is for sale here. I know some will see where I’m going with this but then again I could just be blowing smoke.

  22. It will end people. Go back and read #39 – Markmy Words. Mark My Words.
    What needs to happen NOW is that every supporter really use their imagination and believe we’ll be reading newspaper headlines soon that say:
    Marijuana Legalized! Prohibition Over
    Not to throw a monkey wrench in the works here but wanted to share a billboard I’ve been seeing. They’re also on a few buses:
    1. Get High
    2. Shoplift
    3. Get Help

  23. whatever happened to inteligence, rather than ignorance? whatever happened to truely honest cops??whatever happened to having politaticians do what they were put there to do (follow the will of the voters not their bribers!!)?????!!!!!!!
    this is supposed to be a “FREE” country so why do we continue to be ignored, arrested and manipulated by those who were supposed to be OUR VOICE (politicians,attourneys, and even the majority of the medical community)???!!!!! the ONLY “PROBLEMS” I see is exclusively the prohibition and the stigma that goes along with it but it looks like uncle sam has done a fairly good job of brainwashing the ingnorant
    LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!

  24. Fuck a vote…..BOYCOTT(it’s more effective). Remembr women’s Sufferage. Women didn’t have the right to vote…..but wanted it. THEY got it, too…by boycotting. Oh yeah!! FreeKeene.com

  25. Freemindstv.com…….apparently the Fed. Gov’t is willing to spend 6 mnths worth of tax-payers money 2 stake out and ARREST(by way of S.W.A.T.) an elderly couple for selling ORCHIDS!?! WTF??? That is not some slang term either….I’m talking about flowers… Orchid flowers. Anyway…the old man spent 2 yrs in jail…..for selling a F&%#ing flower out of his home.
    If I’m not mistaken…I believe that kind of situation is referred to as—FUBAR(are my words not correct?)

  26. When I worked at a large company headed by Meg Whitman, cannabis use by the employees was widespread and totally ignored by the company. I was high every time I met her. I can also confirm that she is a person who has no conscience and has an odd tendency to make up bizarre lies (which can be easily disproved) on the spot if it furthers her interests.

  27. Thank you for pointing out the role law enforcement and all its “subsidiaries” are playing in this racket. The public is not well informed how we are taken for a ride by the law and order crowd. We are no safer for all the people they put behind bars for inordinate lenth of time. We are poorer for education, treatment and rehabilitation. Let us stand up to this nonsense of fear mongering.

  28. (Editors Note)
    Hey man chill out! Thank you for the information regarding Marketing/Advertising in my local area but it is apparent that you need to smoke one and relax! I am an avid NORML supporter, member, and activist for Marijuana Prohibition. I can assure you I meant no harm by my e-mail regarding Bedford County, Pennsylvania and our rich pot smoking friends. I simply am optimistic regarding the activism in our Nation regarding marijuana reform at this time, and hope to see more activism in my local area! My simple comment regarding Willie or any other well off pot-smoker was that I hope they are helping the cause financially because the more money we have in these NORML Ogranizations, the more Marketing/Advertising we can do, and the more effective we will be. If you would like to discuss this in further detail please shoot me an e-mail. Thank You!

  29. It’s because the federal government/DEA wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if cannabis were legal and regulated. it’s 99.999% of their workload. They’d have to lay off about 99% of their force.
    I’m sure Mr. Armentino is correct too, that pigs would rather bust nonviolent tokers than actually do their job arresting violent people.

  30. A whole lot of agencies, committees, projects, partnerships, and divisions would be eliminated with re-legalization. Heres just a few to get you started….
    California Narcotics Officers Association
    Partnership for a Drug-Free America(annoying T.V. ads)
    sectors of D.A.R.E.
    N.O.R.M.L. (a job well done!)
    divisions of the D.E.A. (my favorite)
    National Institute on Drug Abuse
    Marijuana Policy Project
    A multitude of task forces both state and local
    And if anyone knows anything about politics, think of all the random political groups(from local to federal) that convene to discuss the bureaucracies of marijuana….a lot.
    The list is big and getting bigger as hopefully the alleged democratic gears of our country reflect a growing reality.

  31. Ahh yes, the american dream is what i dream, the one where the gov. squashes on our very liberty as citizens and tramples upon our rights. We sold out this country to the corporate interests long ago. One of the main reasons cannabis was made illegal in the first place is that the industry of hemp posed a threat to the paper industry and the textile industry. So those industries lobbied congress to make hemp illegal. It wasnt until WW2 that the gov. had to ask farmers to grow hemp for rope because there supply was cut off in the philippines. For the very least people with medical or health issues should be able to use cannabis as there are no known adverse side effects that would lead to or could lead to death or other health issues. On the contrary it is very safe. So safe in fact maybe a little too safe for the drug companies who do nothing but peddle their “LEGAL” drugs to the american populace. These drugs such as oxycontin, vicodin, etc, kill people. Just look at all the rash of hollywood celebs who have fallen to the legal pill. We dont see police raiding the god damn LEGAL pharmacies do we. These corporations are nothing but greedy slime. We pay for that slime and they do nothing but spit on our own humanity in every way.

  32. Interesting where Cooley stated, “The vast, vast, vast majority, about 100%, of dispensaries in Los Angeles County and the city are operating illegally, they are dealing marijuana illegally, according to our theory…”
    Since when did taking life forcible action on innocent civilians become an ok thing to do according to the theory of a cult of “renegade mavrick” cops? Oh, damn. forgot about the double standards of law enforcement.

  33. Boycot is our only answer. Alcohol tobacco and pharmas’
    Come the day eveyone can grow and be free from these burdens we are imposing on ourselves.
    The fact it cures and prevents cancers gotta be on our side hey?

  34. these pathetic, lying pigs and politicians have been repeating their “war on drugs” mantra for decades.
    now, they finally have a REAL drug war,
    with the bad guys fighting back,
    in both mexico and afganistan.
    and that scares them sh!tless,
    and they have no clue what to do,
    except more of the same. (a proven failure)
    and every poll shows increasing support for legalization !!
    (allready 54%, next poll should be well over 60%)
    that is why you see such desperation and lies in their retoric.
    they know they are loosing !!
    HA HA, PIGS !!
    the harder you fight us,
    the more people wake up, and come over to our side !!
    try doing something benificial to society for a change.
    arrest the bankers for fraud.

  35. I don’t really put all the blame on the police,I mean who out there doesn’t know that theres a cop in their town that smokes. I think the reasoning for pot being illegal is because it would take over the wood industry by making things out of hemp and the government wouldn’t know how to tax it. But the biggest question is “Why doesn’t the government make pot legal?” Answer? Because they are afraid to lose all the money they get by putting pot trafficers in jail and reclaiming land. But if the government actually had a smart person in it, then they would know that they would make double what they are now if they made canibas legal.

  36. The most dangerous creature the world has ever known is someone who thinks they know what is better for you than you do, and has the power to do something about that inclination, particularly if they mean well and just want to help. These sociopathic prohibitionists coutinue to commit crimes against humanity deserved by the sheeple that allow themselves to be enslaved. Law enforcement’s legitimate role is to enforce the will of the people, not enforce their will on people.

  37. It seems as if this group is taking matters into their own hands. Who do I contact to express my extreme displeasure at what they are trying to do ? These guys sound like “cowboys” out to enforce their opinions on people. Who can rein these guys in ? It’s scary !

  38. Its amazing that these organizations still use excuses such as “the legalization will make more people use”.
    I am an avid marijuana smoker, my mother is highly against me smoking she’s smoked a couple times early in her life but is not interested in smoking in smoking it. Though even though she does not smoke and would not smoke it if it was around her, she still thinks it should be legalized. What does that say about the actual peoples opinion? Maybe that it doesn’t really matter to our government. They ignore all the pros of legalization and focus on the falsities of the campaign they’ve been pushing for so long. Maybe this is so they don’t lose face to the few citizens that still believe their lost cause. Maybe if they showed the stats of what this drug war costs the Americans now versus the profit the government COULD make on legalization. They would rather yank our hard earned cash away through fines and legal fees, then to take up taxes on a plant that could very well pull our economy out of this recession.

  39. I’m glad there are a few intelligent people posting here.
    Again, not every cop is against marijuana. It should be legalized for many reasons, which you all know. Replace trees for paper, coffee filters, etc with a renewable, and compound the amount produced with out harming the environment. For the hemp oil which could assist with pollution, gas shortage, etc. For the medicinal and recreational therapeutic effects of it and may other reason, which we all know.
    As a cop, I have never taken weed from anyone for personal use or to sell to someone else. When I encounter someone with weed, they dump it out on the ground themselves. I do have a job to enforce laws, and although I think it is a waste of good bud, it is a law which is being broken, so it is handled then and there without any court or DA looking into the matter nor any money or jail time for the person possessing the amount.
    Cops aren’t the bad guys, and as someone posted above, the members of LEAP, which I am, is or can be a very beneficial help in the movement for marijuana reform. Instead of Clinton, who said he didn’t inhale, we have Obama who admits to inhaling multiple times.
    Griping on a public forum about what could/shoulda/woulda been isn’t doing much except for voicing your opinion to someone who most likely shares it. Writing an email or letter to your senator, congress, state representative and even the president would be more useful..
    Also useful would be getting out there and voting or submitting laws/petitioning for laws to be added to an upcoming ballot. Something I did for NORML years ago for the medicinal marijuana in Colorado. It passed, but took some time. It doesn’t have to be on the state level either, start locally in your city or county. They make their own laws as well!
    You people who say all cops are bad, we steal your bag, or call us pigs really need to lighten up. I’m not pointing the finger, but maybe your attitude towards the cops you’ve encountered has a big role in how they react to you? Maybe the cop was just an asshole to begin with, whether he/she wore a badge or not. No one, nor nor organization is perfect.
    There are many different types of people on this planet. Cops are people too and there isn’t a mold we are stamped with when graduating the academy so we are all the same. Office Discretion is a big part of the legal system, and mine is very pro-marijuana. Did you know that most DA’s Offices will listen to the officer, and even ask officer how he/she wants to pursue a case? If I arrest someone, the DA has the ultimate say in charges, but our local DA is more than happy to dismiss charges, give probation, or the least amount of fines if I give a thumbs up to the suspect I’ve arrested.
    Seriously, get out and go to your local Law Enforcement Officer, ask him or her if you can do a ride-a-long with them. If you do, you will likely see that all drug related calls have little to do with marijuana, but have more to do with harsher drugs such as meth, coke, heroin.. being used around children, while driving, etc. Drugs are about a 5% part of my day while on duty, if even that. Domestic violence, traffic accidents, reckless endangerment, suicide/homicide, theft, burglary and other crimes take up the majority of each shift.
    We need all the help we can to legalize marijuana, so don’t put a person who believes in your cause on the outside just because they wear a badge. I smoked many years longer than I’ve worn a badge, and that won’t change. I don’t smoke so long as I employed as a Law Enforcement Officer though.
    Also, thank you Paul Armento for the response and detail in my initial post on this topic. I do understand the hurdles and “mainstream”.

  40. After reading all these comments with all that hatred toward Law enforcement i can’t imagine what life is like outside of California . We simply do not have hatred as you have . The Police in California are well respected for who they are and they fine job they do . I don’t travel outside of California because i don’t like
    it outside of here . It sounds like a whole different World outside of California . A place I’m too scared to visit . This is just one more reason to decriminalize Pot .Maybe you people will actually like the Police when marijuana is legal .

  41. Our officials have lost their minds. What was once a campaign to help and save people has become a war on the people. They have killed countless numbers of “drug users” and have no accountability for the trillions of dollars they have been given.
    Its clear why pot is illegal and thats because of corporations and politicians… Oh and old people who got brain washed with mindless propaganda.
    Hemp isnt even legal so you know they are just full of themselves. They are pathetic, worthless, and I will never ever follow that unjust law. I smoke when I want to, come arrest me.

  42. Carcinogenic? I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CONFUSED. I have used cannabis oil to treat, and cure Basal Cell Carcinoma. Did my body anticipate my use of cannabis oil, and create these lesions from that anticipation? Did these carcinogens leap off the cannabis onto my head, neck, and face just so I would use the oil to cure them? I can’t understand why three of these lesions disapeared, and the other five are in remission, soon to disapear also, when I applied cannabis oil topicaly. Shouldn’t application of this highly carcinogenic substance, well that’s what they say, have accelerated the growth of these eight lesions so that my head, neck, and face should be one big bleeding sore? Being a recreational user of cannabis for 41 years, shouldn’t it have given me lung cancer by now? Recent chest X-Ray, I DO NOT have lung cancer. Blithering Idiots, they haven’t got a clue, just job scared.

  43. One parrot is taught to repeat a lie. It teaches another parrot the same lie. That lie is passed down through generations of parrots, all repeating the same words. Not one of the parrots involved has a clue as to what it’s saying, nor are any of them interested in finding out. Good parrots repeat what they were taught to say, don’t they?

  44. #60
    So I must be getting paid by the police to go and leave a comment on the NORML site saying that there are cops out there that don’t have their heart in the drug war, despite what these lobbying groups say. Yeah! That makes a whole lot of sense. You know, I used to think like you. Cops are all tazers and riot shields. They are all programed the think the same. When I was a mohawked 14-year-old anarchist. Then I grew up and joined the real world. I suggest leaving the serious legalization debate to the ADULTS because your immature ideology only hurts our cause. It would actually be far more likely that prohibitionist groups would be employing folks like you and Bruce Cain to preach legalization but to do it in a way that makes our side look extremist, dangerous or hopelessly out-of-touch.
    Law enforcement is just that. They enforce the current laws. Yes, law enforcement lobbying groups are strongly opposing legalization, but the opinion of the bosses doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the cops on the street. My opinion on this matter doesn’t come from financial contributions from police officials, as some would suggest. This comes from my personal interactions with the police. I’ve had my fair share of negative expiriences with the police, but I’ve had far more positive expiriences with police. It was an on-duty, in uniform police officer that taught me about my consent-to-search rights so many years ago. He taught me what cops look for and supplied my with a lot of valuable information. I credit him for me never having been busted.
    I now work in the tattoo industry. Many local police officers frequent our shop. Over time the “predator and prey” mentality fell away. We were just people with a love for body art. This over time led to nights out at the bar and eventually, perhaps foolishly, total disclosure of my cannabis use. None of them were very surprised. One of them put it to me something to the effect of… “If you’re out being stupid, smoking a blunt in your car, dealing or flashing it out in public, we’re gonna bust ya. We HAVE to. It’s our job. But really when I go about doing my job, I view marijuana much like alcohol. I’m arresting a drunk on a daily basis. Alcohol causes a lot of harm. It doesn’t mean I personally have a problem with people who use alcohol. Hell I’m half-drunk right now. I’m taking a cab home and I’m not going to be beating my wife when I get there. That’s the difference between responsible and irresponsible use. That’s the gauge that most of us use when it comes to non-violent drug use, at least around here. You’re a good guy and we never have has any problems with you under the influence of alcohol or pot. If it stays that way we will never have any problems” He specifically told me his job would be so much easier if people we out smoking pot on a Saturday night as opposed to drinking.
    Just like it’s not the gun that kills people, it’s the person using it; in the end it’s not law enforcement that’s the problem, IT’S THE LAWS! The existence of groups like LEAP should be evidence enough that law enforcement can be allies instead of enemies. We can’t draw lines in the sand; US good, THEM bad; and expect to get anywhere. That’s Dick Cheney/Bill Bennett style ideology, only applied to our side and our beliefs. That doesn’t help us. Legalization is everyone’s best interest. Even cop’s. We need to make that case in an adult and mature manner. If we can’t then forget about ever seeing marijuana legalized.

  45. Not all people join the police force to serve and protect. Some do it to dominate and control. These are some of those people. They are the enemy. They turn one American against another. They are the problem, and I will never yeild to their police state.
    I am an American. I have the right to freedom. I will die defending that right. They can take their Gestapo tactics straight to hell.

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