Gallup poll registers most support ever for marijuana re-legalization

PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup’s October Crime poll finds 44% of Americans in favor of making marijuana legal and 54% opposed. U.S. public support for legalizing marijuana was fixed in the 25% range from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s, but acceptance jumped to 31% in 2000 and has continued to grow throughout this decade.

The highest level of support for decriminalizing the use of marijuana today is seen with self-described liberals, among whom 78% are in favor. In contrast, 72% of conservatives are opposed. Moderates are about evenly divided on whether the use of marijuana should be legal, although they tilt against it (51% vs. 46%).
Gallup also finds a generational rift on the issue, as 50% of those under 50 and 45% of those 50 to 64 say it should be legal, compared with 28% of seniors.
Public mores on legalization of marijuana have been changing this decade, and are now at their most tolerant in at least 40 years. If public support were to continue growing at a rate of 1% to 2% per year, as it has since 2000, the majority of Americans could favor legalization of the drug in as little as four years.
Americans are no more — and no less — in favor of legalizing marijuana when the issue is framed as a revenue-enhancement tool for state governments. Regardless of how the question is asked, 53% of Americans living in the West — encompassing California, where the issue could be on the ballot in 2010 — support legalization.

It’s not a question of if cannabis will be re-legalized; it is a question of when, where, and how. Stats guru Nate Silver has opined that overall support for re-legalization should top 60% by 2022/2023 independent of any other factors but the continuing movement of Baby Boomers into retirement age. However, we here at NORML don’t really want to see another 11 million arrests between now and then, so we urge all of you to contact your elected officials to help us prove Mr. Silver to be too pessimistic.

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  1. Only 44% of Americans are in favor? What is wrong with the 54%. And what about the other 2%. Common people, just because it will be legalized doesn’t mean everyone has to partake of it. (Although, I would stongly suggest it, because it makes everything more fun.)

  2. “If public support were to continue growing at a rate of 1% to 2% per year, as it has since 2000, the majority of Americans could favor legalization of the drug in as little as four years.”
    I disagree, there is a thing called the “tipping point”. We have reached the point where talking about legalization is not frowned upon anymore. This accelerates the process. The more people who discuss it and know the facts, the more the word spreads. It is not linear, it is a geometric increase.

  3. This god given herb for all we know can be legalized by next year!
    “Should top 60% in 2022/2023” Are you kidding me?
    If anything, MORE than 60% favor legalizing. They are out there but might be scared of speaking out due to being arrested!
    That guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. The way this country is being runned now, THERE WILL BE no america left by the year 2022.
    What i’m saying is almost everyone is sick of this failed war on drugs. Everyone i ever talked to feels this should be legal, every state i ever been too, seriously.

  4. Yah – 44% means a loooooot of you people out there are still in hiding! Come on out and play, the sun feels nice!
    Raise our numbers, and let’s get re-legalization on the minds of the majority. (I definitely like that phrasing much too!) 😀

  5. Now that i think of it as they pretty much decriminalized it right there,cuz the GOV says theres no medicinal use for it,it helps me with alot of everyday stress or cant sleep at night jus toss n turn an i dont take p ms either no pill diet….lol,wait vitamin C thats it

  6. Even groups like Republicans and Christians seem to be evermore supportive. I would guess that the numbers against are largely the older generation population. This group is also the largest actively voting.
    I think it’s imporant that we are getting more of facts and reality of the situation and rid of the rhetoric and propoganda. Share the truth with others by having them visit CannabisPlanet and

  7. And how much of that 54% against legalization could possibly be Dealers, Groweres, employees or relatives of employees of the DEA or prison unions, Big Pharma, and so on, where maybe they dont join those that are morally against it but stand to lose finnancially because of it.

  8. 44% is A LOT of people. That alone should be enough. Why does public approval need to cross a 50% barrier to consider re-legalization? You can’t please all the people all the time, but if you can make 44% of them happy, I’d consider that a success.

  9. Here something to think about.
    Our Federal & State Governments and their courts have repeatedly stated that We the People DO NOT have a Secured Constitutional Right to use and have in our personal procession any form of the Cannabis / Hemp plant. In the beginning of the Constructive Fraud the government abrogated the people inalienable right to this plant by it’s restrictive legislative acts, that this inalienable right is derived from the our creator which is indeed covered in the bill of rights. The act of abrogation by congress demonstrate that a constitutional rights did exist and that they were abrogated by an unlawful act of congress. That the citizen population has a legal valid claim to this inalienable right which has existence since the first civilization sprang forth some 3000 years ago. That the denial of said inalienable rights and the efforts put forth by law enforcement to unlawfully deny said inalienable right has and is still causing great harm and disharmony with in our Nation. That the very act of prohibition of cannabis has decreased the safety of our Nation which violates the will of the people to be secured in their homes. That this act of prohibition of cannabis has decreased the health of the American people and has unlawfully restricted their doctors to use cannabis as a traditional medicine. It has interfered with the exploring the cannabis plant’s potential as a medicine. That this act of prohibition of cannabis has unnecessarily endangers the welfare of people of this Nation again violating the people’s secure right to be secured in their own homes. That these principals of National Safety of the American People, that the Good Health of the American People, and that General Welfare of the American People is paramount are indeed covered by Constitutional Provision known as the bill of rights. That these legislative acts against the use of Cannabis by the American People are in violation because they violate this Nation’s fundamental principals guarding our Liberties.
    Although common defense is one of the purposes of the federal constitution, it was not formed to merely guard the states against danger from foreign nations, but mainly to secure both union and harmony at home and safety against injustice. 16 Am. 2d, Constitutional Law, Section 11.
    The constitutional provisions and amendments to the constitution relate to the fundamental law and certain FIXED Principals upon which governments are founded. Constitution are commonly called the organic law of the state. State Ex Rel Halliburton v. Roach, 230 N0. 408; 130n SW 689.
    Our inalienable rights are fixed principals, part of the fundamental aspects of law, the foundation of our republic. The first ten amendments, our bill of rights is not open for the government to negociate with, they are fixed, in place and binding upon the government. They know it, they are just hoping to keep the citizen population in the dark, time for us to turn the light on their constructive fraud and address it openly with transparency so all can see for themselves.
    The time is Now! Time to think for ourselves and do what is good for our country. It is time to protect the liberties of the people by acting through the instrument of the Constitution and our Courts, perhaps one day the legislature will comprehended the will of the people and respect it.

  10. I always said that those making money on both sides, dealer, growers, lawyers, prisons, are all making money, making a profit off the abrgation of our rights by way of this constructive fraud. Time to step into the light and be free of both the cops and the robbers. Time to take what is our back by court actions, Class Action will best express the people to this wayward government. Jury Nullification will stop the injustice in it’s tracks so act now, learn now and be ready to make the stand for our rights. Lets nullify this dam cannabis law and put this puppy to bed.

  11. In a recent America Online poll of over 66,000 members, said that 63% of those respondents favored the legalization of Marijuana and another 11% were “not sure” either way. Most AOL polls yield results which lean heavily toward Republican & conservative views. So if 74% of that conservative base either favors or is neutral about legalizing Marijuana, that saying a lot!

  12. Umm… How accurate can this really be?? I mean, every time a cannabis vote comes up, it get’s overwhelming support. What was the #1 question asked to Obama again? I forget.. Write your politicians ppl!!!
    Unrelated topic: Pot City, USA (A&E) just came started. ~weird~
    [Paul Armentano responds: Gallup is a scientific poll. This is a random national sampling. Online polls, such as AOL’s polls, are not scientific. NORML contracts with Zogby to do national scientific polls, and are last results (Feb 09) showed 44 percent. This Gallup result is significant.]

  13. Polling isn’t an exact science. Zogby reported in May that overall 52% want cannabis legalized. If the mass media and politicians would engage in science and facts we’d be years ahead in this struggle. Unfortunately all the bought and paid for special interest lackeys are capable of is nothing more than vile and below the belt emotional terrorism on the populus!

  14. This is so great I cant believe its happening in my lifetime. I guess its thanks to those hippies that cut their hair and went into politics but didn’t forget where they came from. I just wanted to point out how funny the “by ideology” line is with the conservatives having reservations and the moderates are being…moderate. That poll is total crap though there cant be that many people who are against marijuana. I bet they forgot to ask the other half of the population thats already been locked up for it.

  15. It’s time to write the President a thank you note for the policy announcement yesterday, advising Federal prosecutors to not waste resources prosecuting medical mj users. EVERY politician out there is watching to see where the public opinion lands on this one. Let them see that the public supports this move!
    It takes two minutes; Here’s the address
    [Paul Armentano responds: NORML Has an automated system set up that let’s you contact the White House directly here:

  16. We have to target those conservatives. Many of which church going folk. Mass marketing something along the lines of “Marijuana is prohibition is the work of the devil” might not be a be a bad idea. Lets hit them right back where they hit us.

  17. I just smoked 1/2 of a small bowl last night of some high grade cannabis, that was all I needed, so there goes the “THC %” arguement.
    This morning I got up at 7am, got my kids breakfast, my one child off to school, and am on my way to another glorious day. Cant really say that cannabis I smoked last night is affecting my drive or judgement this morning, all is status quo. Well, there goes the “Laziness” arguement.

  18. HOW ON EARTH can that 22% who call themselves ‘liberal’ NOT want freedom? BOGGLES MY MIND!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!

  19. “Public mores on legalization of marijuana have been changing this decade, and are now at their most tolerant in at least 40 years. If public support were to continue growing at a rate of 1% to 2% per year, as it has since 2000, the majority of Americans could favor legalization of the drug in as little as four years.”
    There’s your answer. Hemp rallies and ballot initiatives are a step forward, but it’s the NORML PSAs, publicity like “stiletto stoners” and people talking favorably about legaliztion of Fox News that is going to ultimately make cannabis legal again.

  20. the 73% of “conservatives” who dont agree with legalization arent really conservatives. they want big gov. to come bust your door down, what the hell i feel like im living in bizzaro america. conservative means telling government to take a hike not bust your next door neighbor.

  21. The today show reported on this issue but said we just wanted the medical use and weren’t seeking to undue the wayward law on cannabis. HA HA
    We seek to restore our right which has been unlawful abrogated. Don’t they get it? Is the media so dumb or blind to the fact that there has been a constructive fraud placed upon our sub-culture for the last 70 years? God dam it, they will chase a empty bloon but can’t see the writing on this wall?
    We are the light at the end of this long ass tunnel, when they get closer they (media) will realize we are a freight train coming down the tracks seeking justice and equal protection of the law, that we seek what others have or ignor to have, but none the less we seek our secure rights, we want them returned, we want this government to correct itself from it’s wayward behavior towards the will of the people.

  22. Lmao @ “I bet they forgot to ask the other half of the population thats already been locked up for it.” Good point man. (#21)

  23. They think all we want is the right to use medical cannabis. WOW! Can they not see us coming?
    The today show reported on this issue but said we just wanted the medical use and weren’t seeking to undue the wayward law on cannabis. HA HA
    We seek to restore our right which has been unlawful abrogated. Don’t they get it? Is the media so dumb or blind to the fact that there has been a constructive fraud placed upon our sub-culture for the last 70 years? God dam it, they will chase a empty bloon but can’t see the writing on this wall?
    We are the light at the end of this long ass tunnel, when they get closer they (media) will realize we are a freight train coming down the tracks seeking justice and equal protection of the law, that we seek what others have or ignor to have, but none the less we seek our secure rights, we want them returned, we want this government to correct itself from it’s wayward behavior towards the will of the people.

  24. I got it! The media outlets in America are just too overwhelmed from chasing hot air that they just can’t cover the fraud of the century, or the fraud that lasted almost a century. Watergate was nothing compared to this constructive fraud.

  25. Contacting gov officials is important, but talking it up amongst the common people is just as important. Come out of the cannabis closet. Telling people on the street about the truth is what will change opinions. Don’t be afraid to admit that you are an responsible adult consumer of cannabis. I have been doing so for quite some time now, and I have never been arrested, or even I believe looked at by the police with whom I have no trouble entering into a conversation on the subject with. I wear a cannabis pin on my Marine Corp utility cover every where I go. Stop being afraid, it is after all the Safer Choice.

  26. NO EFFIN’ WAY !!
    we have allready PASSED the “tipping point”.
    let’s not start going backwards here.
    1. first it says; “Americans are no more — and no less — in favor of legalizing marijuana when the issue is framed as a revenue-enhancement tool for state governments. Regardless of how the question is asked…”
    —later it says; “In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.” (from gallup)
    2.Results are based on telephone interviews with 1,013 national adults.
    —that is a VERY SMALL sample, that is less than 21 people per state.
    3. Interviews are conducted with respondents on land-line telephones and cellular phones.
    —old people mostly use land-line telephones, (and are mostly anti-pot), while young people mostly use cellular phones, (and are mostly pro-pot).
    and they dont say what the proportion is.
    bored old people pick up the phone, for free, and are happy to talk, while busy young people avoid calls from unknown numbers to save a per-minute charge.
    4. “For results based on the total sample of national adults, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points.”
    —usually we get an estimate of error, (± percentage points),
    but this is the first time i have ever seen an estimate of the estimate !! (95% confidence)
    5. the poll didn’t offer choice of actions.
    give them a CHOICE, and the numbers will be much higher.
    (do think we should legalize pot, OR, should we just raise taxes so we can hire more police and build more prisons?)
    6. the poll asked “legalize”, if it asked “RE-legalze”, or “just tax it and regulate it like alcohol” the numbers will be much higher.
    7. can we please stop punishing peacefull people allready ??
    8. (only slightly off topic) the republican party is now on record as the first-ever pro-rape political party, by a 30-to-10 margin, (of 40 senators) so where is their “moral high ground ??
    why should we listen to their effed-up views of “morality” ??
    [Paul Armentano responds: Gallup is a professional polling firm and has been using this methodology for over 30 years. These polls resuls echo those of similar polls conducted this year by NORML/Zogby (44%), ABC, CBS, Rassmussen, and others. It does no one any favors to overestimate supposed public support for legalization. Recent legalization initiative efforts in Colorado, Nevada (twice), and Alaska have all failed at the ballot box, garnering public support in the low 40 percentile — or about the same numbers that pre-polling results indicated going in. It is accurate to say that national support for regulating marijuana is at an all-time high, and it appears clear that public support on the west coast (53-58%) and in California specifically (52-56%) has reached majority status in the past year. But to imply that these polls are greatly underestimating national support for the issue does not help our overall reform efforts.]

  27. Someones not bein honest cuz ive lived on this planet
    little less than 30 years and ive personally come across an 80 percent or more people who have seemd cool with herbs in my life. Matter of fact ive only come across a small handful of people under 55 yrs who truly have hated pot

  28. RE-LEGALize both Cannabis and hemp….Sh!t. I’m tired of watching de-forestation ruin nature; when hemp-paper is the GREENer way to go.

  29. The power reside in the people to claim what is and was rightfully theirs in the first place. Congress never truly had the right to act against the people of America, Never was the safety, health or welfare of the Nation endanger and therefore Congress lack the right away to abrogate our inalienable rights secure with in the constitution. Here in lays the proof that we as people do have a constitutional right to use cannabis even though it is not named specifically in the constitution by name.
    We the People of these United States is where Sovereignty resides, Sovereignty doesn’t belong to our employees – government. Sovereignty resides in the employers and only the employers.
    The law of the land says; “ In the United States, Sovereignty resides in the people, who act through the organs established by the Constitution.” Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 Dall 419, 471; Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators, 3 Dall 54, 93; McCullock v. Maryland, 4 Wheat 316, 404, 405; Yick Yo Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356, 370.
    Organs established by the Constitution is where our protected sovereignty lays and only by our taking action can we use that sovereignty to pursue our liberty and happiness. So we as people must act in order to receive what is ours in the first place, we must assert our liberty. We can find our inalienable right to use cannabis in the United States Bill of Rights, in Bell v. Hood, 71 F. Supp., 813, 816 (1947) U.S.D.C. So. Dist. CA. The Court said; “ History is clear that the first ten amendments to the Constitution were adopted to secure certain common law rights of the people, against invasion by the Federal Government.” It is here that the Court recognizes that the people retain Certain Common law Rights, these rights are not for government to decided as to what they are, it is the people who decided what these certain common law rights are and is our sovereignty to do so in pursuit of our liberty and happiness. Therefore we have a constitutional right that lays with in what the Court calls, “certain common law rights.” It is further clear that these common law rights are referred to in Article IX, of the United States Constitution, “The enumeration (to count out) in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed (explain) to deny or disparage (lower in rank) others retained by the people.” This makes it clear that there are certain common law rights which the people own.
    Our Constitution or original contract from us to our government clear states where the boundaries are and who the boundaries were meant to control. That these boundary limits were set by the founding father for good reason they were set to prevent any stealthy encroachment upon our liberties, pursuit of happiness, and among those certain common law rights.
    The Court has stated that the U.S. Constitution is Paramount Law, that it is the Law of the Land and everyone is bound to it.
    We can see that Congress must also follow the structure of our Constitution for in Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 491. The Court made the following statement, “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” There is no Supreme Court case law or law of the land that changes this statement. This Court clearly tells the people of America that legislators and those who make the rules can not, I repeat, can not make any legislation or rules that abrogate our secured rights, even those described as Certain Common Law Rights in which our right to have and use cannabis arises. So you see We do have a Constitutional Right here and it has been unlawfully and without due process been abrogated.
    The Court went further in South Carolina v. United States, 199 U.S. 437, 448 91905) when it said; “ The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now.” ‘…Every word appears to have been weighted with the utmost deliberation and its force and effect to have been fully understood.” Wright v. United States, 302 U.S. 583 (1938).
    History has shown us that our government can and will act wayward and out side the will of the people. We know that Congress over steps it’s boundaries from time to time or Chief Justice Marshall would not have made the following statement in Marbury v. Madison, 5, U.S. 137, 174, 176, (1803). He said, “ All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” This would indicate that Congress at times violates the Constitution and when they do so those laws in conflict with the Constitution and the will of the people represented therein, those laws are null and void. And in Amos v. Mosley, 74 Fla. 555; 77 So. 619. (Congress) the Court stated, “ If the legislature clearly misinterprets a constitutional provision, the frequent repetition of the wrong will not create a right.” Even after all these years of fake due process, all the bullshit lies handed down, the great injustice upon our sub-culture and the total lack of equal protection of the law, We, the People still have the ability to fight in Court(s) for those “certain common law rights” which are open for us to define not the government (employees).
    So you see folks just because the Court makes a claim that we do not have a constitutional right to have and use the cannabis plant and therefore have no constitutional argument I say we just haven’t presented our argument in a way that the Court can not ignore. We must ask the right question of constitutionally in the right Court excepted form to be heard. It is difficult to present the truth about the cannabis plant when some one has spent time wiping it clear from our historical records. But I a sure you the light is on and the lies are for once being seen as fake. The Constructive Fraud can hide no more.
    It is great that the 14 states have come to the aid of the sick but I know and you folks know that medical cannabis respect is just one step in regaining what has been stolen from us by our wayward government. Above you can see just how far this wayward government has fallen from the Constitution and our liberties. You have been made aware of Jury Nullification and how a jury of our peers was designed to protect us from a wayward government as we have today. By planting your seeds in the enemy face we show them that whatever they do that is outside the will of the people will fail and that in the end the people’s will and it will be adhere to one way or the other. You would think that our fellow Americans would realize this simple truth.

  30. As a 34 yr old NC born and raised American, who served his nation, has owned 3 small businesses, and now is a father of 2 young boys, and I know this one will really suprise a few conservatives, but Im God fearing Jesus Loving Christian.
    Its amazing that the same people who endorse the alcohol and tobacco industries are at the forefront of keeping our non man made product under the earth. And its even more embarrassing that my forefathers not only did the black race wrong but those same people are the same ones who see to it that our judges and cops and political peoples “remember how they got their old money, and how that same old Southern White Man mentality made its way from the south to D.C.
    Im proud to call myself a man, a business owner and a father, but depending on what state Im in Im a criminal drug abusing manufacturer. Funny, with alcohol your a social drinker / entrepreneur if you own a micro brewery. I cant even watch Sunday football or ESPN with my twin 7 yr olds for all the beer commercials.
    Tell me this America, where else can a product kill hundreds upon thousands yearly, and still be promoted and accepted as the Norm. Yet something that heals, calms and collectively soothes the soul, can be hated and exciled like it is.
    Coming from a family line of Hwy Patrolman, you would think the people who see what alchol has done to this country would have some stand up backbone for the difference in what really is a problem on our streets and what is causing these issues.
    Every day marijuana prohibition stays in place, theres another reason for an illegal to come across our border and try to make a dollar. Theres a reason why the drug dealers stay in business. BC you cant go to the store even the doctor in my state of NC and get a product that does deserve to be overseen and controlled. This problem eats off its one root: Supply and Demand! Get this plant out of the hands of criminals in the hands of adults who arent out to hurt this nation. The last time I walked down the street or even my neighborhood, the grocery store, college campus, try buying alcohol as an underage kid. It wont happen. I promise you any kid on the steet can put his hands on tablets, crack, meth, heroin, coccaine, 10x’s as fast as alcohol. When you take control out of a product its left in idle hands! In this case drug dealers. The one group in America who doesnt care what people ask for or receive. Its a lazy mans career.
    Personally I respect my father, but I hate him for what he stands for and as he sips his Jack and coke and turns into the jerk we all call late nite Jack. I pray he chokes on it!
    And for all of you who can’t maturely accept our God given fruit, I promise you: Keep this policy in place and we’ll see our nation rott from the inside out! I truely cant wait until these baby boomers who started this mess are asleep and voice speaks no more!
    Your American Son

  31. these jump in figures can likely be attributed to more people knowing the truth about marijuana. considering the millions of people who smoke regularly and those who have smoked in their lifetimes, it is becoming harder and harder for the government to keep rolling out their tired old misinformation tactics. just continue to educate yourselves and others about the reality behind marijuana laws and it’s history. the truth is on our side and it shall set us free!

  32. when its re-legalized, NORML should open up shops all over the country…. i would buy my weed from NORML all the time as a big thanks for working so hard for our rights!

  33. Look, i am all for legalizing nature..but honestly i dont really give a f you c kay. im still going to smoke it and i dont have a medical license and i dont have any disease..i just enjoy it!!!
    so f you c kay babylon vampires!!! your ignorance doesnt effect me : )
    one love
    Mr Smokey Da Weedy

  34. re; Recent legalization initiative efforts in Colorado, Nevada (twice), and Alaska have all failed at the ballot box,
    1. unfortunately, all too often, these initiative efforts are self-defeating.
    in a foolish attempt to win over the people who can NEVER be won over (for whatever reason, ideology or $$$ vested interest) they put in too-low limits, (1 ounce), rediculus restrictions, way beyond what is required for alcohol or prescription drugs, no legal access, (o.k. to have, illegal to sell or grow, etc) harsher provisions for some things, (for smokers who have kids who might see, or smell, something, but are NOT being harmed in any way), causing MANY pro-pot people to vote against it.
    then, next time, we seem to say, “well, we lost last time, we need to give up even more to the other side this time”
    “treat pot like alcohol or tobacco” gets OVER 50%.
    2, i thought Alaska allready had the right to 4 ounces for many years.
    3. there is no such thing as ballot box stuffing, miscounting, fully programable electronic voting machines, (that print no recipt), or fraud. (bush “won” twice, sure).
    4. law enforcement comes out in force, and says “‘the sky will fall’ if you vote for this” and pepole vote out of fear.
    our previous victories took them by suprise.
    they are now fighting us.
    our side doesn’t get the airtime they do.
    re; It does no one any favors to overestimate supposed public support for legalization.
    1. and under-estimating it does ??
    2. supposed support ??
    it is 100 % genuine support.
    it is the other side’s support that is over stated, out of fear.
    3. if people feel (falsely) that they are in the minority, they will stay in the closet.
    when they know they are truly in the majority, they will make their voices heard, we will legalize, and some pepole will be out of their cushy jobs.
    (prison guards),
    (drug dealers),
    [Russ responds: Damn! Our double-secret classified master plan to keep pot illegal so we can roll around in piles of cash in our stately penthouse suite has been discovered! I was hoping my driving around in an eleven-year-old used car with major body damage and a rear differential that sounds like a bad shopping cart wheel would hide the luxurious wealth I enjoy in my cushy job moderating comments at the NORML blog. You know, I was just thinking about this last time I voted against a pro-pot initiative because it just wasn’t good enough. I thought, you know, it’s a good thing 850,000 people a year have their lives upended paying $400/ounce for plant matter so I can live such an opulent lifestyle.
    I thought we were alone in this kind of double-cross – promoting legalization when we really don’t want it because working in the non-profit, donation-supported political advocacy sector is so financially and materially rewarding. Turns out, though, that there are plenty of us working in advocacy non-profits that secretly don’t want what we’re fighting for because it would cost us our jobs. For example, my friends working for PETA really do want to see more puppies abused and tortured because it keeps the donations flowing. My pals at Greenpeace really do love to see more Japanese whaling because every dead cetacean is another dollar for the cause. My NAACP buddies don’t really want to see an end to racial discrimination because they’d have to find real work. Just like we here at NORML really want marijuana to remain forbidden so we can write blog posts, answer emails, lobby politicians, appear on radio and TV, and travel across the country for something we don’t believe in.
    If only we were better at masking our true intentions, like the guys in the grassy knoll, the directors on the moon landing soundstage, and the explosives experts in the basement of the World Trade Center, maybe we could’ve gotten away with it all.]

  35. #42 please don’t confuse all of the people in the baby boom generation with prohibitionist. Timothy Leary wasn’t for prohibition. Most of what was done was long before our time. I wasn’t born when these terrible laws were passed (1937). If my generation is guilty of anything it would be falling for government propaganda. Growing up in the 60’s you either drank alcohol and were considered a red neck or you smoked weed and were part of the cool people. I’ve been smoking for over 40 years and have supported NORML for over 30 years. We have made a lot of progress and we hope all of the young people will not be fooled into thinking cannabis should remain prohibited.

  36. You didn’t mention the fact that the group “Drug Free America” is sponsored by the drug and alcohol business and are mainly responsible for the lobby interests in keeping it illegal. Alcohol destroys so many lives and families and then the laws against marijuana destroy more lives and even more families. This issue eats at my soul! So many political lies, I hope you people who have gotten rich off judging others in our so called “Christian Nation” get your day in Hell! Your the same people who put Jesus on the cross! Your the same bigots that hate people for skin color or race! I know so many people who go to church every Sunday and still don’t understand the basic principals of Chistianity! He didn’t die on the cross for you!(ok he did) but, I hope they find the error of there way before it is too late. Judge not less ye be judged.
    People can choose to be what they want to be in life, they don’t have to fit a profile so you can be comfortable. Let people make there own choices!
    -30+ Veteran
    De Oppresso Liber
    “The Professionals”
    The trumpets sound, the banners fly,
    The glittering spears are rankèd ready;
    The shouts o’ war are heard afar,
    The battle closes thick and bloody;
    But it’s no the roar o’ sea or shore
    Wad mak me langer wish to tarry;
    Nor shout o’ war that’s heard afar–
    It’s leaving thee, my bonnie Mary!

  37. #45 idont know if u were talking to me,but its CK NOT c kay n i as well smoke without a med card proly as many as 10million do

    Amazing but true……It would be great if we could get reciprocity with all the medical states and get the airports to do the same. At this point in time, it seems reachable……
    Here’s the link to the article and video:

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