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  1. wow, that lady seemed to not get the point at all. this all seems way over her head. shes just worried that she will lose her job as a snake oil saleswoman.

  2. Why did that woman get to talk for 2 to 3 minutes at a time when she was saying nothing but the same lies we’ve been told forever. I like how she got terrorism involved in the conversation, it’s nothing but lies. It’s time for people to stop believing this crap and do something about it.

  3. Good Video ,so now time to find some good seeds even though i live in iowa ,an no med card o well one plant wont hurt cuz its 4 me.Im not someone that would want 99 plants to me thats not for personal id be happy with 6 plants of the finest shit,yr after yr after yr

  4. That woman is the only one living in a fantasy world. We aren’t trying to make the cartels pay taxes, we’re trying to eliminate them by creating an American market.

  5. Ms Fey, needs to be reminded of prohibition of alcohol, and how the criminal affect went away quickly after it was legalized.

  6. wow that bitch was fucking annoying. Why did the person who knows fucking nothing get the most airtime?

  7. Too bad they wouldnt let Kieth rebut at the end there, I am sure he was about to take the lady from PDFA to task for the 2 minutes of lies she told at the end there.

  8. It’s time one of these networks actually gives a full hour of debate because even after 15 minutes so many rebuttals that could have been used were left out. To say that the MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES are FUNDING MEXICAN TERRORISM is crazy, when is the last time a Mexican drug cartel blew up an American building, kidnapped kids from school or when has a dispensary sold marijuana to ‘children’….NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER. GOD DAMNIT. I completely agree that we need to prevent children from obtaining drugs of all types, defeat drug cartels and stop the grow houses. The only way to do so is to legalize and control where the source comes from. As the last 35+ years shows the current system of criminalization is a failure at doing so. How many more years and billions of dollars are we going to waste on a system that is corrupt and failed? Not to many because Americans are starting to realize the enept failure of such policies.

  9. thats bogus.. CNN 24 hr news. but not enough time. Why wont they just take that woman and make her support herself by having cnn do a fact check, and when someone is wrong, call them out on it. YOU ARE WRONG!

  10. Man, that lady is an idiot. Of course these drug cartels won’t pay taxes. That’s not the point. The point was to make them NOT HAVE THE BUSINESS. They should have given that rebuttle to the NORML rep!

  11. Calvina Fay is the epitome of ignorance in America regarding marijuana. Everything she says is pure propaganda. I love how she said no one is in jail for a joint… uhhh? Am I the first in saying… Calvina Fay and along with her government funded organization if the pure #1 enemy of sensible laws regarding marijuana or cannabis in America?

  12. I would have liked to have seen Mr. Stroup’s final response, that lady was clearly making things up!

  13. it’s about time…. now maybe we can get them to look at all the new evidence that it DOES help some people.

  14. she’s an idiot, “if we legalize weed, the drug cartels will still be in power because they won’t pay taxes.”
    HELLO, it’s not the cartels we are employing, it’s the honest american workers who will be employed.
    I’d rather buy from a store than a drug cartel any day

  15. I wanted everyone to think about how much time the mainstream media is giving this issue since the Obama Admin. made the announcement of this change in policy. No matter what we did we couldn’t get this much public exposer. This is the best thing to happen to this movement this year. The snowball is starting to roll!

  16. i want weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  17. Calvina Fay is the last of her kind. It’s time for them to fizzle out now. Bye-bye, baby boomer prohibitionists!

  18. Every time that stupid b!tch started talking, I just wanted to hit her in the face with a shovel. It’s obvious she dosen’t have a clue. Yea, OK lady, keep regurgitating the same pack of lies like you and your kind always do. And what’s with cable “news” being on 24/7 but only giving 15 minutes to a serious topic like this?!? Mr. Stroup was about to tear her a new one, but of course they had to “leave it there”, What a joke. But on the other hand, at least it’s getting media attention, so that’s good…..44% and growing every day.

  19. that lady made some excellent points…… …..for legalization… now we arent looking to change the minds of the extreme prohibitionists… who cares about them… but the rational people who are on the fence and could go either way, those are the people whos minds we want to change and every single time we get someone anti-pot on the tv that makes no sense, its a win for us.
    The people that totally agree with her are the ones who will never change their minds. We are looking for the ones who say “wait a minute, we wont be asking the cartels to pay taxes, we will be growing it here and employing americans” and they will also say “well if the cartels make most of their money from weed and we take that away, then they wont have money to fund the other criminal activities”
    I know its maddening that people like calvina fay spew reefer madness and problems that are the direct result of prohibition itself and not weed, but it will make all the rational thinking folks who could go either way think twice about why its really illegal. I see it as somewhat of a positive. We dont need to convince everyone and despite the 44% gallup poll, you me and almost every cannabis consumer knows the support for it is much greater.
    Im waiting for a debate like this where someone has the balls to come out and start talking about all the many other uses of cannabis. I know there was some sort of agreement for marijuana law reform groups to leave the hemp part out of it but that would put most people in favor of legalization.

  20. That lady is going senile…or something.
    Obviously, the Mexican drug cartels would not come here and sell marijuana illegally if marijuana was made legal. Do Mexican drug cartels come here and sell alcohol illegally? No. SHE IS SO DUMB.

  21. That woman just had more lies, misinformation, and outright propaganda. Have friends and family check out some good video info on cannabis by checking out CannabisPlanet and CannabisTV.org

  22. That lady was so mis-informed (hopefully) or lying out her ass. What does she think – people are going to go looking for Cannabis (Please no more of Anslingers raciist babble) from illegal sources? Regulate in the same way that it is for alcohol. We (americans) are allowed to produce a certain amount of Beer & Wine at home, so long as it is NOT for commercial purposes. Especially annoying was her downplaying the benefits of using cannabis – what rock did she crawl from under. Right now I am perscribed Ativan, Depakote, Resperidone, Xanax, and Celexa to manage a medical condition that I (supposedly) have – oh, I forgot the Ambien so I can get to sleep at night. Just what I (and my insurance company) needs every month – a nice $685 bill for medication, and worse; an addicted patient. We shouldn’t even have to be discussing this crap 🙁

  23. The stupidity of people like that woman will be the death of rational thought. She probably believes in God and trusts the government 100%. Heaven help her.

  24. I absolutely hate how they always make these debates like 5 minutes long!!! GRRRRR! Are people supposed to make informed decisions or hear valid arguments with these silly news constrictions. They should dedicate more time to their show instead of doing re-runs of a badly divided debate every 2 hours. That lady from Drug Free America said some of the most ridiculous stuff I’ve ever heard. “You think they’re just gonna pick up and leave.” EH! YEA!!! They weren’t there in 1800 for a REASON you idiot! lol. Their entire influence is based on bribing Mexican officials. If they lose 70% of their money, they lose 70% of their influence. Then, perhaps, the freaking Mexican Army can actually fight them when they’re not more armed than the DEA.

  25. @ # 5
    EXACTLY! LOL. We’re just going to take the business right from theme. I’d love to see the look on their faces when the Customs agents just let them cross the border with tons of pot and find no customers awaiting their purchase! LOL. They’ll have to take it all back.
    “Oh well ese… I guess we can just smoke it then.. “

  26. Why is it that when we have a debate on tv it only lat for a few seconds or a couple of min. Can we please get some real air time to have the full debate. I think we should all write CNN and tell them we want a full 30 min. to debate making marijuana legal.

  27. This is just one example of what we’re up against. And it really should be easy to defeat “them” however, the lies and propaganda are so well ingrained in their brain that they actually believe it.
    What got to me about Calvina, other than her babble, was the word she used two or three times: concept. concept: Something understood, and retained in the mind, from experience, reasoning and/or imagination; a generalization, or abstraction (mental impression), of a particular set of instances or occurrences.
    By my rough estimates Calvina Fay got 4:55 minutes to utter her nonsense without answering any questions.
    Neill got 3:00 minutes. And Keith got 3:39.

  28. Calvina Fey organization is so twisted with their own terroristic activities, such as brain washing children to turn against their mom and dad for the sake of the “Drug Free America”. Will she deny that!

  29. This video is proof that basic common sense and logical reasoning from facts is obviously a rarity now a days in today’s society.

  30. That was highlarious. Calvina Fay must be on drugs if she thinks nothing has changed since the previous administrations. She knows that any shift in the attitudes of Americans toward cannabis is money out of her pocket. Drug Free America Foundation was founded by shopping mall developers. If kids spent all their disposable income on cannabis, they were screwed. Their malls would have withered up long ago.
    The ulterior motives of prohibitionists are both laughable and scary. It’s sad that such an organization, which obviously is not concerned with true science, would receive federal funding. OUR tax dollars for nothing but lies! Outrageous! Even if you are an American who does not partake in cannabis, I suspect you still would like policies and your tax dollars spent based on scientific facts and not the ulterior motives of special interests that stand to benefit from prohibition. Industries such as privatized prisons are one of the few growth industries in this economy. America must choose to stop effectively taking people out of society for life by criminally prosecuting drug users rather than treatment.

  31. I thought false testimony was illegal!They will not do a fair argument because it might actually have an effect. Our ‘leaders’ know what they are doing in keeping all forms(even hemp) of cannabis prohibited. Think of all the industries that would be debased by legalization. Private prisons,guards, probation officers, drug testing companies. anything that can be made with petrolium can be made from cannabis in a way healthier to our planet and bodies. Pharmecutical drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and all the business they provide to health ins.companies and hospitals..!! There is too much big bussiness at stake to legalize something natural and so useful. SHAME

  32. Calvina’s argument only strengthens our (the reformers) argument. This happens every time you hear or speak to an antimarijuana advocate. How more simple does it get?
    Please if you are an antimarijuana advocate and you are reading this blog think about what you say and write. I CRAVE, CRAVE, CRAAAAAAAAVVVVVE!!!!!!!!!!! to hear a convincing argument against the medicinal (or complete) legalization of marijuana.


  34. I can’t understand how dumb ass people are still allowed to give an opinion on national tv, I vote for a law against that!!! UNREALL

  35. I can’t believe CNN gave that old crow so much time to spew those lies all over TV. She’s an old bat that’s no longer credible or relevant.
    She just wants to keep collecting that salary from the organization…..she’s really just fighting to try to keep her job…….hopefully she’ll lose it for all those lives and families she’s ruined.
    Calvina Fay has been a TERRORIST to Freedom and the American People!!!!

  36. DFA ALL THE WAY, thats the motto I heard the other day. I think its kind of funny that that they worry about taxes above all else.

  37. The people out there that can’t see what this is all about will never understand because they are programed like that. They only know one way and can’t be shown the light. They are so dam stupid it makes me crazy. The way i see it, we have been doing it their way for far too long and it has ruined this country. I think all yuppies should step down just like they due to their wives, and put some real men in congress. Men who’s wives obey the man, not the other way around. How can you make rules and laws for all of us? When you don’t even have a say when you walk through your front door? Ha Ha Ha Smarten up, the easiest way out is running straight up all your asses, you been bent over so much you can’t even feel it! Stop waisting our money on a drug war, against pot, that you can’t ever win. If you can’t see that, then you help prove my point. STEP DOWN NOW!!!!

  38. It’s ok Keith we all know what you were trying to say and Mrs. Fey is just living in her own world. She is spreading her propaganda lies so she can keep her crummy job. Mrs Fay talks if she herself has been in law enforcement and completely dismissed Neill’s statements as if he didn’t know what he was talking about. When in reality he has the most experience dealing with law enforcement and the persecution of innocent marijuana users. I swear, he should have cut her off a long time ago and let Keith talk some sense to the people, instead of letting Mrs. Fey spread her useless propaganda.

  39. COME ON CNN!
    Who was that amateur running the show that gave the ex-cop (who, even though was in favor of decriminalization, wasn’t really a good speaker) the last word over Keith Stroup?????? In fact, why even have the third guy on and keep it between the representatives of both sides? I felt Keith’s pain when he wasn’t allowed to respond to all the BS right at the end from that (#*$ Calvina. The little time Keith got was great, but the show was poorly run and could (should) have gone on for at least twice the time.

  40. It’s funny to see all these angry posts about the woman from the DFAF. I know they’re justifiably angry, but we need to keep our cool, like keith did. Although it’s unfortunate the major networks don’t give legitimate marijuana activists fair air time, America will eventually become better educated and informed through the notable debates organizations like NORML partake in. The American public has been lied to about marijuana for almost 80 years now. And the liars have gotten their way so far because they had told their shameful myths and misinformation mostly in the dark and behind closed doors where the public could not see them, debate them, or call out their lies. But now, we live in a massively connected world where people can easily seek out the truth for themselves. It’s only a matter of time now before marijuana is legalized and all the pitiful organizations and institutions like the Drug Free America Foundation get their BS turned around on them, shunning them from any recognizable relevance to this world as we know it. The fastest way to ward off these liars is to call them on their misinformation and spread the truth and actuality about marijuana to as many different people, places, and institutions as possible, as fast as possible and as reliably as possible.

  41. I just sneezed. No really I did… I’m probably allergic to the lie’s that she is spreading to our People of America.

  42. WOW that lady cant take a hint!!
    Hey lady, listen: for a drug free america you would have to get rid of 90%? of the population. are you crazy?

  43. I agree with many of the posts here. This woman is clueless. How many times have kids been used as shields to defend bad policy “PLLEEEEEZE, won’t SOMEONE think of the children?”. She knows that the American people do not support her or her organization, and this is just making her an unhappy bitch.

  44. I just wanted to add a voice to the chorus. If Calvina represents the best that the prohibitionists can offer, then it’s a sign that prohibition is in it’s last throes. She would make a great stand-up comic on SNL…she wouldn’t have to change a line. Especially hilarious is the notion that drug cartels would still be in business after legalization. I would love to see a skit with that scenario. Especially sad is that she seems to actually believe the crap she spews. Funny and sad. What a clown.

  45. Teach your children well, Jury Nullification will change the way government operates, it will change the law to the will of the people.
    Don’t forget to let your seeds fly this spring. There are lots of government plants in every city in the US.

  46. I’m dieing to hear what Mr. Stroup wanted to say. It was obvious that he REALLY wanted to put that lady in her place. I’m wondering if there’s any way Mr. Stroup could post his would-be response here for us. I know you don’t need it but you completely have my permission to post the response here since there’s no reason to create a new page for it. Many thanks for your work by the way.
    Jesse (Aspiring Hippy)

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