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Former Deputy Drug Czar Still Looks For Marijuana Prohibition To Pay Her

Here we go…Dr. Barthwell has made a career and a lot of money advocating that the American public should be drug tested en mass, all children should be randomly drug tested, students should lose their loans upon a simple cannabis arrest; as well as the mass arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations of cannabis consumers.

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NORML SHOW LIVE visits with actor Hal B. Klein and director Tao Ruspoli

Join us this weekend on Saturday at 6pm Pacific for another episode of NORML SHOW LIVE! ( We’re going to the movies, or at least a small part of the movies is coming to us. Actor Hal B. Klein from independent films “Nobel Son”, “Killer Movie”, and “Bottle Shock” joins us to talk about (what else?) cooking! Hold on, there’s a 420 angle to his recipes that will definitely add some flavor to our first hour.

Marijuana Incarceration

The Freeman: How To End Mexico's Deadly Drug War

So what are the Obama administration’s plans to quell these gangs growing influence and the surging violence surrounding the drug trade? Troublingly, the White House appears intent on recycling the very strategies that gave rise to Mexico’s infamous drug lords in the first place.
In the December 2009 issue of The Freeman I propose another solution.

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Parents treating children with medical marijuana cited in mainstream media

The anecdotal evidence keeps showing some remarkable results for some young patients in treating the symptoms of these mental health disorders.  However, it is important to note that it is, at this stage, just anecdotal evidence.  There is a paucity of studies researching the use of cannabis for these disorders in children and teens, owing in large part to the government’s placement of cannabis on Schedule I.  The only research generally allowed on cannabis in America is to show the dangers of its use, not its medical benefits.