Life In Prison For 51 Cannabis Plants?

At a time of heightened national security post-911, a near-depression economy and state government budgets bleeding red coast to coast, what is the moral and economic imperative that compels some in law enforcement to seek lifetime sentences for small-time cannabis growers?

Again, cannabis consumers and activists should never shrink back from prohibitionist (and some in the media) arguments that “no one gets arrested for cannabis in the US (it’s practically legal!)” when over 755,000 cannabis consumers are busted annually for simple possession (94,000 others were charged with cultivation, distribution or conspiracy therein).

Even more so when there are outrageous claims made that ‘no goes to jail or prison for pot’.

Unfortunately for a Jackson Mississippi man named Ronald Sekul, he can attest to how wrong these false claims are as he stares down a lifetime sentence for cultivating 51 cannabis plants.

Man could get life in pot bust, Jackson resident was growing 51 plants, officials say
A 33-year-old Jackson man accused of growing marijuana in his apartment could get up to life in prison if convicted.
In the case of Ronald Christopher Sekul, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics intends to ask prosecutors to apply a law called the “kingpin” statute, MBN Director Marshall Fisher said.
The statute can be applied to Sekul’s case because he allegedly had a drug operation for longer than 12 consecutive months and had more than 10 pounds of marijuana, Fisher said.
Sekul was arrested Wednesday for allegedly growing 4-foot marijuana plants in the back bedroom of the fourplex he lives in at 1510 Myrtle St., according to MBN.
He is out of jail on $50,000 bond.
Read the entire article here.

Think about, life in prison for cultivating one of the most popular agricultural products in America–arguably the number one commercially cultivated commodity in the country. Think about the annual expense incurred by the taxpayers of Mississippi for the incarceration of Mr. Sekul: $22,000-30,000 a year; think about the total cost to the taxpayers if Mr. Sekul spends 10 years in prison (approx. $275,000), 20 years (approx. $600,000) or 30 years (approx. $1 million).

Rather than tax and actually control cannabis like more dangerous and addictive government-sanctioned drugs like tobacco and alcohol products, is it not remarkable beyond words that the state and federal governments still engages both massive number of annual cannabis-related arrests and the incarceration annually nationwide of an estimated 45,000-65,000 cannabis-only offenders, while still not achieving any of the stated goals of prohibition (view a comprehensive NORML report analyzing cannabis arrests in the US here, read page 45 to see where none of the government’s stated goals are achieved).

Feds Are The Ones Still Stirring Pot With Taxpayers’ Money

However, there is a potential policy silver-lining to buttress the expense to the taxpayers and tragedy of what our society is trying to do Mr. Sekul and that is that President Obama’s new drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, can stop these kinds of foolish and expensive incarcerations for cannabis by de-funding the federal grants provided to local law enforcement and their ‘multi-jursidictional anti-drug task forces’, like JET, the Jackson Enforcement Team, which boasts of Mr. Sekul’s arrest.

How many fewer Americans would be arrested annually if the federal government didn’t fund local arrests?

Exactly how many taxpayer dollars could be saved if the expense and trouble of local cannabis arrests were not subsidized by the feds?

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  1. All more to show this society that you should not be paying money for marijuana and instead it should be given out like food stamps LMAO…If this guy thought he was MR.GROW IT ALL move to california man why risk it you know how the DEA operates once you mess with the governments money they mess with you!

  2. I blame this all on the people…It would take a simple petition and letting your voice be heard. The voice is an instrument, use it well enough and you will actually be listened to!

  3. To the editor;
    Let me break it down to you. When you get arrested they only charge you with the biggest charges, in an effort to cut down on paper work. I.E. If you rob a gas station and shoot the clerk they will only charge you with murder and not with robbery.
    Now this guy is only facing cannabis charges because they are the biggest ones. If growing cannabis was legal in his state, they would have still arrested him, only this it would have been for tax evasion and all you guys at norml would not care less that he is going to jail.
    We can’t just push for every single person that has anything to do with cannabis, to be let go. Only the ones that are Truly facing cannabis only charges.
    Now I know what you the EDITOR are going to say “ there’s lots of people in jail for cannabis charges. Maybe so, but if you cant admit that they where likely facing other chargers, then your as one sided as the prohibitionist.
    We ask for a open debate about cannabis reform, however most of you on this page are afraid to have it. Bad mouthing me is not a debate.
    Now try to understand, I am the only one in my state going to meet with lawmakers, in the name of cannabis reform, that I know of. All you guys do is blog to each other. If you where out there talking to lawmakers like I am, you would see that you cant just go in there demanding to set all cannabis related offenders free. That would be the the same as demanding that law makers open up AREA 51 to the public or that we demand that they work for free. If you I in there spouting all that stuff you will just look crazy and they will likely forget everything that you said once you walk out.
    Now I was trying to show you honestly why I cant use this guy, but all you want to do is make me look bad for saying he should get less then a year in jail. Well maybe you can see it this way. if you are selling anything, no matter if it’s cannabis, grapes, apples, barley, hops, potatoes or widgets you must make a honest effort to follow the law pay some type taxes. Now if the law find you’ve been running this business and have a cash flow of almost 1 million per year, your god damm right your going to jail and for well more then a year. This is the major fact and point that the law makers will point out to me when I meet with them, and the grounds for there NO vote.
    # 100
    Well I am a math major at UNM, but it look like your asking about the $20 per gram figure. So, the first question you have to ask yourself is what kind of cannabis did this guy make. In most cities there are two types of cannabis for sale a compact Mexican brand that is low in THC value and a high grade Chronic brand the in high in THC value. Now the piece in Albuquerque is $2-$4 per gram for compact Mexican bud and $15 to $25 per gram for the high grade.
    Now I have never seen a indoor grower that makes compact bud, only high grade.
    So the $20 per gram is the mean value or average for indoor cannabis sales. Now I do know of a few suppliers out in CA that will sell chronic for $6 per gram but only if you buy the whole 12 foot plant or all 2+ pounds. With this guy being in Mississippi and only growing 4 foot plants, he would likely sell at the 20 per gram range. Lets not forget he was able to post his $50,000 bond.
    If you don’t like my math, I invite you to show me your own.
    [Editor’s note: Thanks for letting NORML know that New Mexico citizens need to fear your ‘pro-reform’ advocacy….Heaven help them.
    Stop pissing up a hemp rope on NORML’s webpage…you’re not going to win a debate in favor of caging cannabis cultivators here or any where there are sane humans present.
    BTW, you’re incorrect regarding criminal charges and cannabis…hundreds of citizens busted for cannabis contact NORML and its 575 lawyers weekly who are charged on cannabis-only related charges; in many cases prosecutors drop assault, robbery, gun and even sexual assault charges in favor of the cannabis charge!
    Because they can’t ‘steal’ (sorry, civilly forfeit) the money and/or property of accused arsonists, rapists, muggers, etc….instead, leading law enforcement to perversely concentrate on cannabis (and other illicit drug) consumers, where they can readily liquidate and KEEP the proceeds of the forfeiture.
    Again, you’re either woefully misinformed or purposely misleading the reading audience.
    What are you going to justify next here, prison rape of cannabis cultivators?]

  4. To Mark Anthony – needed to add a couple things to what everybody else has said to you. First off, re your comment about people not wanting to legalize dealing: while this may be a sticking point for many at first, the ONLY way to achieve a peaceful, productive market is to fully legalize every aspect of the trade, from initial production to final consumption. Any retailer who sells alcohol or tobacco is a drug dealer, as are pharmacists, but you don’t see them gunning each other down. Why? Because their businesses are legal. They can go to court to resolve their disputes, or hold contract negotiations.
    From your comments in #83, I can only conclude that you have absolutely 0 experience in the illegal market. First of all, you add 15 pounds to the total claimed by the police – they claim he had 51 plants capable of producing 10 pounds. Early on, they say they are charging him under the kingpin statute in part b/c he had 10 pounds, but they never mention confiscating any processed cannabis, leading me to believe they were simply referring to the plants’ potential production capabilities. So where did you find this extra 15 pounds the cops seem to have missed?
    You also make several faulty assumptions about the man’s alleged business. You assume, and the police made statements intended to make you believe, that all 51 plants were flowering, and that they were all in the same stage of flowering, in which case 10 lbs would certainly be in the range of realistic results. As you should know if you actually grow 12 seedlings and 4 mature plants in your medical program, most growers will not put all the plants they have into flowering at the same time; they stagger them. If this guy had the space to accommodate 51 plants, he probably went to the effort of making vegging and flowering areas. Most growers, at any given time, will have at least half their plants in veg, and half the ones in flowering will be just starting as the other half are finishing. This allows a constant supply throughout the year, instead of having to really ration your harvest. Given that he allegedly had this system going for a year or more, I would guess that he was probably growing in this manner, meaning that he probably didn’t have much more than 10 plants ready for harvest when he was busted. Of course, cops don’t recognize this distinction, and assign an arbitrary weight value to plants regardless of stage of growth. If you were busted by the feds for your medical program (don’t dismiss the possibility, the feds are in no way prohibited from busting those growing in accordance with state guidelines) they would charge you with growing 16 plants and would assign an arbitrary weight to your immature plants.
    You also seem to believe the police assertion that this guy is some kind of big drug dealer – you even make projections that he made quadruple the police estimate of his profit. For lack of a better term, your calculations are bullshit. First of all, your estimate is based on him having 25 lbs. The police only mention 10 lbs in the article – the potential harvest, they never mention seizing cured, packaged cannabis. As I asked above, where is this phantom 15 lbs?
    Secondly, as R.O.E. noted, your gram prices must be from a very localized sample. Where I live, you pay $10/gram all the time. The only problem is the supply changes frequently and can vary from week to week from crappy mids to headies. Luckily, it tends to stay in the good mids – headies range. So even if we accept your magical multiplying cannabis theory and assume he had 25 lbs, the realistic street price is half what you estimate.
    Finally, you obviously know nothing about how big distribution networks function. According to your estimate, not only was he a major grower, he was growing 4 of these large crops a year, then nickel and diming it out. What big grower in his right mind does that? If he was growing for distribution, which I question and will address in a second, he would certainly NOT sell it by the gram. Selling large amounts by the gram requires selling lots of cannabis to lots of people. Doing this poses a double threat to your crop: lots of visitors means more people potentially knowing you grow and store large amounts, and very visible traffic for the cops. People who grow for distribution wholesale, meaning they sell large quantities at low prices to a very small number of people. These people then break it down further, raise the price, and resell it. Typically, this happens a couple times before being sold by the lowest level retailers by the gram. If you’re in a good market, or a poor region, the price per lb directly from the grower shouldn’t be much more than $2000. The grower just wants to get the weight out of his hands, and is most likely to sell to friends and those close to him, and is therefore more willing to negotiate low prices.
    My final point: there is no real evidence that he was actually distributing. At least, no conclusive evidence was presented in this article. As someone previously mentioned, if he was selling, especially getting rid of 10 lbs every few months, the cops should have been able to bust at least a few people buying from him. Where are these witnesses? I doubt he was growing for major distribution. For one thing, I’ve never heard of a commercial grow using fluorescent lights. If he was trying to get harvests every couple months and had 51 plants total, he probably wasn’t harvesting more than a quarter of them – in all likelihood, less – at once.
    They mentioned that he owned guns – they always make a big ruckus when a pothead owns a gun – and will likely use this to advance their ‘kingpin’ case against him, but it doesn’t prove anything. You may not believe this, but owning a gun, even if you grow cannabis, does not make you a violent criminal. Maybe this man grew up hunting and target shooting, owned those rifles since he was a kid, and bought the .40 cal as soon as he could apply for a permit. Unless he bought those guns specifically to protect his grow, simple ownership does not mean he was using them to commit a crime. For all we know, he was the model gun owner, and kept them locked in a cabinet, unloaded, with trigger locks. The cops won’t tell us that. Cops routinely use the fact that an American citizen is exercising his/her right to own a firearm as a reason to throw that citizen in prison for longer. It’s despicable. As for you apparent support for such actions…please, take the editor’s advice and stop claiming to represent those who want to reform cannabis laws.

  5. Our business is the complete legalization of cannabis/hemp not Mark Anthony…unless he interferes with our business disregard him lest he should become our business just because, dig?

  6. R.O.E. Says:
    November 17th, 2009 at 3:30 am
    Mark Anthony:
    I wont beat you up any more for your comment.I think the editor and the rest of us here have done a fine job of that.I do have one question though. WHERE are you buying your cannabis man? I would never in my day paid 20$ per GRAM, Thats One freaking joint for cryin out loud. Can anyone here attest to this,have any of you paid that for one joint or bowl?
    Go to the dispensary websites.
    But obviously this man was not growing that quality bud.

  7. @jd.
    As far as paying $20 per gram goes, yes it happens, but it’s high-grade stuff (you’re going to pay for quality). In fact, $20 per gram is actually a sweet deal in some areas believe it or not. Some people try to charge $25-$30 for a gram, but I won’t pay any more than $20. However, you must understand, I am speaking of very potent strains. Not Mexican brick weed, and not commercial “high-grade” Marijuana.
    Also, one gram breaks down to A LOT more than a joint or especially a bowl. You aren’t talking about the compacted seedy/stemmy brick weed, right? If not, a single bud that weighs a gram has one stem, no seeds or other BS. So you get more bud and keep in mind it’s more potent. However, I guess it depends on how much you smoke. I know people who can make a gram last a week. Really good stuff.
    Gram – $20
    Eighth – $60
    Quarter – $120
    Half – #200-$220
    Ounce – $400-$450
    Listed above are the prices I can get the top-notch stuff for. I live in the south, near Mississippi. For the past several months all that’s been around is stuff from Cali, Oregon, Miami, and Colorado. You can’t find Mexican brick weed anywhere, there just isn’t a demand for it anymore.
    As soon as some states closer to mine legalize Medical Marijuana, that’s when the prices will drop even further. I hope Texas legalizes Marijuana for medicinal purposes soon, but I’m not sure how likely that will be.
    We smoke on some of the same stuff, but just may pay a little extra.

  8. To the editor:
    The last time I looked at what norml stands for it was the responsible use by adults and the non-profit transfer of small amounts, not the free market opportunities for current dealers. Once full adult use is legal, we can tackle the dealer’s issues. As for telling me that I am not helping the cause, there no one else here meeting with the lawmakers, at least not at the city level. All I am doing is trying to get the people that are flat out against us to change their mind. They have heard your input and still say no, they hear my views and say I got them thinking. Truth be told, New Mexico is ahead of most states and there is no norml chapter here. Maybe if you guys had a chapter in Mississippi this poor guy would not be facing life in jail.
    As for you comment about the hundreds of citizens busted for cannabis, I was talking about the three you had pointed out that or doing life in Alabama’s Talladega Federal Prison, not your every day Joe busted for smoking in the park and you know it.
    Also I’m sorry if I am misinforming your readers, I’m not trying to I’m just trying to share the views of the people who hold the votes of change. We need their votes and we have to take into account their views if we are going to work on a bill that will pass in the near future.
    You raise many good points and are open to debate, I like that.
    First to your comment about the dealers, you are 1000% right. There’s just one problem, lawmakers are not ready to deal with the dealer issue yet. It is still too taboo. We will be lucky if we get medical on a federal level in the next few years. After that we can fight for personal use on the federal level. Then we can fight for freedom to grow and sell with no limits. That’s when we fight for dealers’ rights.
    Now to the 25 pounds issue.
    If you research this guy you will find out that he did have 8 pounds of processed marijuana and the 51 plants. Now I grow cannabis and I know as a fact that you can get about 5 Oz from one 4 foot plant. 5Oz times 51 plants is just less than 16 pounds. Now the 8 pounds he had and the 16 from the plants is 24 pounds, so maybe I was off by a pound.
    Now as to if they where flowering, all my estimates are for a 4 foot plant that is done flowering. If the plant was 4 feet before it started to flower it’s final yield would be will over 5 Oz per plant and then total weight would be over 25 pounds.
    Now as to his intent to sell, you tell me. Was the 8 pounds processed marijuana and the 51 plants all for his personal use?
    Now to the price, even at 10 a gram he is breaking the law. Where talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in unreported income.
    Now to the fact that he had a gun, you always look bad if you have a gun and deal drugs, in fact in many states you will get extra time in jail just for having it. If you want to grow cannabis you don’t need a gun to do it. If you don’t think we should put people in jail over a plant then there’s no way you could shoot someone to protect it. It’s just a plant right, so get rid of the guns you will do more time for having it.
    [Editor’s note: Odd as it maybe, you can support incarcerating non-violent, cannabis cultivators…as a matter of principle NORML does not.
    Regarding guns and cannabis…again, another warping of the Constitution on the part of the government and you. Absent prima facia evidence that a gun is used in the actual commission of a crime, why should cannabis cultivators be deprived of their Second Amendment rights? Can pharmaceutical CEOs own guns? Can a truck driver for Budweiser own a gun? How about a tobacco farmer, as all of these ‘drug dealers’ only make and market genuinely deadly products? Why should any citizen suffer on the altar of the failed and self-evidently unenforceable cannabis prohibition laws? Worse, why do citizens allow elected policymakers to keep funding such failed policies?]

  9. my grandmother was killed in a hit and run. drunk driver.because she ran they couldnt prove she was drunk she was given 3years she served 18 for 51 plants give me a break!

  10. Hey bro , For all its worth , if this was me I’d want a jury trial w/a jury of my peers & I’d make sure that I was actively involved in pickin the jurors (ya know the stoner types) & I wouldnt take a plea deal even if they threatend me w/some big punishment ! Fork them ya know ! Roll the dice , represent yourself and really throw a monkey wrench into their system ! delay ,delay continuance etc , Bye the time I got through w/them they’d be so sick of me that they”d prob, drop the charges ! Can I get a jury anullment ? Bust the deal & spin the wheel ! I’d question everything they threw @ me and demand expert witneses ! I’d fight this tyranny w/every last drop of my blood ! Fuck dem mississippi redneck mo-foes ! good luck 2 ya !

  11. We have a National Debt of 12 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!
    How can we continue Marijuana prohibition? What the hell is wrong with people?!
    Wake up. Marijuana does not cause communism. Marijuana is not addictive. Marijuana does not damage your body in any way, even with long term use. It is not the 1950’s anymore please grow up and lets use some common sense already.
    There are more positive health benefits then health downsides for cannabis use! Wake up and see how you’ve been lied to! Spread the word!

  12. Guns and cannabis.
    The question is asked, “Why should cannabis cultivators be deprived of their Second Amendment rights?”
    Answer: They should not, and are not. There is nothing that says a person should be deprived of the right to bear arms for growing cannabis.
    So why does a person get more time in jail for having a gun? …. Well the answer to that is simple. It is a deterrent for future criminals. You don’t need a gun to rob a bank, yet if you have one you might shoot the cashier. You don’t need a gun to make a drug deal, yet if you have one you might shoot the other guy and take his money and his dope. The point is guns kill people and if you have one on you when you commit a crime, there is a chance you will loose you cool and shoot someone, or even worse you might shoot the cop that’s trying to catch you.
    Now lawmakers wanted to find a way to get criminals to stop charring guns, so they split the group. Gun crimes and non-gun crimes, here in New Mexico I think you get + 10 years if you fall under gun crime. It’s simple, use a gun in your crime and get more time!
    Now I don’t want any cannabis growers to have to do extra time just for having a gun. You have a right to have it, but do you really need it? If you know you are breaking the law then why take the chance of getting more time?
    I am a medical cannabis user, so does that mean that I should not be able to drive a car? I say no, I have a right to drive. However the day I got my medical ID, I cut up my drivers’ license. I have my wife drive me if I need to go somewhere. I don’t even take the chance.
    It is by this logic that I say cannabis growers don’t need guns and should not have them, even though they have the right to.
    If reading all this has given you a headache, let me share a home recipe with you to help out:
    1 part Big Buddha’s Cheese
    2 parts Cinco
    1 part K-train
    2 parts Kandy Kush
    1.5 parts Red Cherry Berry #7
    I have found this really helpful for headaches.
    [Editor’s note: You apparently don’t know what you don’t know re cannabis and gun ownership under cannabis prohibition…even state compliant medical cannabis patients have their Second Amendment rights taken away by the government. As recently as Nov. 4 the issue of gun owner rights for medical cannabis patients being interfered with by the government is being litigated in Oregon.
    Unfortunately the government’s war on cannabis consumers also negatively effects the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution.]

  13. Stuck in MS wrote …”My senator who happens to be my landlord for my business has told me he supports legalization but it would be political suicide in Ms. to even suggest legalization in public. Around here the southern baptists, better known as talibaptists, will never allow legalization to happen; they still preach about no dancing or drinking. Maybe you better understand the situation in Ms. now.”
    For stuck and anybody else in similar position, an appropriate response to a real Christian, interested in God’s real word is Mark 7:18-23, part of which reads…Don’t you see that nothing that enters a man from outside can make him unclean? For it doesn’t go into his heart but into his stomach, and then out his body…What comes out of a man is what makes him unclean. For from within, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery….All these come from inside and make a man unclean. There are actually 2 or 3 more similar scriptures as this in the bible if you want to look them up. Good luck in MS.
    Sucks about the guy looking at life.


  15. I live in England and we have the same stupid laws as the USA regarding cannabis use. But how many of you know that HOLLAND has thousands of outlets called “Coffee Shops” that do not sell coffee – but pure grade stuff at very reasonable prices. The sensible Dutch legislators decided long ago that criminalising cannabis just filled up their jails at tremendous cost to the tax-payer. Now, the jails are empty, no need for street dealers, no drug-related crimes and you have to be 18-years old to enter the shop. You can roll a joint in there but, funnily enough you can’t smoke on the premises. You have to smoke it in the street. I sat down outside toking my head off and a cop joined me at the table – and we laughed about the fucked up state of the rest of the world – and especially the USA-led “War On Drugs” – what a hopeless crock of shit that is!

  16. I’m from Alabama. Lord, please help me win the Florida lottery so I can move to Colorado so I can get out of the south with the bullshit laws for marijuana.
    I knew a man once here in Alabama that spent 10 years in prison for two joints. Yes, two joints. I’ve managed to stay out of jail and I’ve been smoking pot for over thirty years. I had help because my dad was a cop, I’m sure. Now that my dad’s not living I’m sure I’m fair game. It’s very bad on the nerves to still smoke but I just have to take that chance. I’m not going to quit. I love it too much. I don’t keep anything in my house that can send me to jail. A friend keeps my pot for me and I have to go to his house in the country just to smoke a joint. That’s not good because when he runs out, he helps his self to mine. I have no choice. It’s better than having the law bust into my house with the dogs. If they find anything in my house they will have to plant it. Of course, the law around here will probably do just that.

  17. This is crazy. People in other states are growing. Just because Mississippi is a backwards state like MO. More people need to lobby and do legislative work in their state. We are working hard in our state to make this medicine legal so we can grow our own medicine.
    Wake up America 13 states have legislation for their patients to obtain quality medications. What about the other states there are lots of sick who are still waiting on getting their meds.. Wake up America and free our medicine.

  18. You know, “11 months and 29 days” is a hair spliters way of saying (1) year for (51) plants. That’s (7.15) days per plant.So if “Mark Anthony” has (5 not 4) mature plants and (13 not 12) seedlings in his posession ,he could ,by his own terms,be put in jail for 14.3 days for the extra 2 plants. This is logical absurdity to say the least.And you just know he’s got more at home than 4 and 12, right “Mark Authoritarian”? Give it up, caging people for plants is tyranny, laws or no laws.

  19. I had no idea that Oregon was trying to take gun rights away from cannabis growers, so I am looking into a bit. The first step to fighting something is to understand it.
    The link that you have supplied talks about Oregon wanting to take away the concealed handgun permit form growers not there right to own a gun. Now here in New Mexico you can own all the guns you want at home, but if you want to carry a hand gun in your belt under your shirt, while you are in a public place “ Like an old school Cowboy” You must first get a concealed handgun permit.
    From what I understand about the 2nd amendment right is, you can own a gun, and even carry it around in public, but it must be I plain view while your in the public. Now hiding that gun in your shirt or jacket is not a right but a privilege.
    Rights are something you are able to do if you want. A privilege is something your must first get permission to do. Growing medical cannabis is a privilege not a right, so why cant we set up a grow room next to a school? … Because the law made the rule “no grow rooms within 500 feet of a school”. Yet none of us question that rule to the privilege of growing. Driving a car is a privilege not a right, so you have to follow the rules of having a driver’s license. The idea of putting rules on these privileges is for public safety, not punishment.
    Don’t you think there should be rules for carrying a concealed firearm?
    Should a mentally ill person be carrying a concealed firearm?
    How about someone on meds for the mentally ill?
    Can cannabis be used as a med for the mentally ill?
    How about James Roszko? He was all for guns and growing cannabis, yet there is no way your going to defend him.
    So does that make it right to stop growers from getting a concealed handgun permit… of course not!!! But is this a 2nd amendment issue… I don’t think so, the 2nd don’t say anything about concealing a gun.
    Just so you know, I have never owned a gun and never plan to. I don’t like them. I have always felt like if I have one, I would pull it out when I was mad or drunk and do something stupid. Not a chance I’m willing to take.
    I do feel that all of you should have the right to own a gun.

  20. Again though, supporting use but not taking into account the supply problem is a quirk even in Holland. They manage to turn a blind eye, but on paper you could never grow enough to support the coffee shops. Hence an ongoing problem with cartels and the like controlling a chunk of the supply even there.
    Why would anyone support the idea of prosecuting a person to the fullest extent of the law for “Made in the USA” versus the cartel junk? Are law makers in love with outsourcing everything we could possibly make outside our borders?
    US prosecutors are known for not bothering with certain, very large, thresholds when it comes to border crossers caught carrying contraband. But for a simple local cultivation by a citizen, local and sometimes even federal ones, will go after them tooth and nail.
    Any support for this continuing practice does not make sense. They have also not shown that he caused deliberate harm. He didn’t get arrested in a hail of bullets or committing a violent crime. He simply was supplying (albeit poorly) other dealers.
    I digress though. There is still the supply factor that has to be dealt with. The questions I always have for decriminalized possession states is how you can have one without the other. The stuff doesn’t truly grow “wild” all over the place such that it could be a supply source. Therefore someone has to be cultivating and supplying it from “somewhere.”
    Any support for prosecution of the cultivation is a continuance of the current policy regardless of your final intent. Legislators dont want cartel violence in their backyard but they cannot commit “political suicide” is the claim by supporting an end to the cartels via legalizing the competition. 30 years and over a trillion dollars spent combating a problem that has actually grown in that same time frame is clear enough in the business world. It would spell and end. The problem with this business (of prohibition) are jobs and prisons and special interests that died 50 years ago.
    Mark seems comfortable with his rights as established and is wanting to take them further for others. The only problem is he has his relatively safeguarded rights and is capable of accepting collateral damage to others as just and fitting now. The argument that he was over the top and is deserving of punishment is hypocrisy. Mark’s is violating Federal law in his medical use. By his own logic he should be incarcerated as well.
    Crazy debate but hopefully one that we can all learn from.

  21. Sherrie, trying to change the legislation pertaining to marijuana is a hopeless cause in the south. The Southern Baptists run the south. They are not going to change their minds. It’s sad, but it’s true.

  22. this is fucking bullshit and technically he wasnt growing “marijuana” he was growing cannibus not all cannibus plants are marijuana plants but all all marijuana plants are canibus plants so if any of those [plants were male they should take those plants off of what he is being charged with adn besides marijuana is the healthiest thing out there if it was so bad then there would not be evaluation clinics and dispenseries all over the united states therefore this is fucking bull shit FREE Ronald Sekul

  23. This sucks and I know how tough the midwest is on us stoners because just last weekend a buddy of mine and i got busted with less than a gram of some good cali bud at my college plus a bong and we could get two years and a fine of 5000 dollars, just for a gram! that is why i can not wait until marijuana is legal because im going to find those cops and walk around smoking a j right in front of them ^_^

  24. Just thought I’d like to try and sensibly comment on Marc Anthony – seeing as he’s not getting any support for all his efforts. It has to be said, this guy is one brave MF to put his pennyworth in on a blog like this. Looking at all the scathing comments he’s got – poor fucker has received nothing but grief – yet he STILL bounces back. Yet to me, that just shows what fighting tenacity he has – he really DOES know what he’s talking about – he’s just talking to the wrong fucking crowd! It’s obvious to me that this guy is NOT working for the feds or the fuzz – he’s too fucking honest for one thing. But it has to be said he is a little naive – to think he’d get support for his views on this particular blog because all us potheads have to break the law to get our smokes – and he doesn’t! He tells the truth about politicians being craven cowards because of the votes issue – but everyone knows that, nothing new there. What he SHOULD be doing is running for office himself!! NOW that’s something every hairy assed biker would just lurve to hear!Christ, I’d even give him ten damn dollars to start up his fighting fund. Let’s face it, EXISTING politicians DO have something to lose – but Marc Anthony has NOTHING to lose by his honest-to-goodness well-argued campaign – and my guess is every blogger on this site would send him ten dollars – to have the guts to stand up and try to change our stupid laws. C’mon guys don’t give the fella a hard time – instead let’s encourage him – this is the type of guy the public WOULD listen to – he’s the very guy we WANT on our side! Nuff said, Good luck Marc Anthony – throw your hat in the ring – I’ll back you ’til the cows come home. We know you have tenacity but the big question is; do you have the guts?

  25. .
    This is a total waste of money, just like the whole corrupt ‘War on Drugs’ is a total farce. It’s possibly the most evil thing on the planet.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    the unions must be in charge
    SUPPORT the evil drug war
    make jobs for law enforcement

  26. jet is a bunch of dumb low paid losers whos job is to stop marijuanan dealers from making cash when meth crack heroin murder and rape are the crimes that are taking over jackson while these dummies get paid to chase non violent criminals ….way to go mr barbour you are the HEAD GRAND WIZARD OF THINKING


  28. this is insane…our rights are being fucked in the ass by the govt….the founding fathers grew acres upon acres of marijuana….i wonder what they would say if they could see what this country is like today….pitiful, the land of the oppressed….this country is about freedom….how are we free if we cannot grow and smoke a plant that is not addictive, less harmful than tobacco = legal and alcohol = legal…Ive read that one person dies every 2 seconds from tobacco related illnesses…oh, and you cant overdose on weed either…can you OD on Tylenol? yes…vicidin? yes…oxycotton? yes…ibeprophen? yes…..alcohol? yes….the prohibition of marijuana is completely, 100 fucking percent unconstitutional…if it werent for the love i have for my family and friends, i would leave this oppressed state of ohio and move somewhere i can be truly free….potheads need to start hitting the streets with picket signs and megaphones….when i think off all the non violent people in jail for taking part in their right, their natural, undeniable, unalienable right to smoke or grow marijuana, i become very ashamed and embarrassed to be an American…the usa is supposed to defend the rights of its citizens…not rape their citizens of their rights…get it straight…make it right….undo your injustices…and legalize it already, we’re not going to stop smoking it…have you not realized that yet? are you blind? seriously…open you eyes….wake up and smell the ganja

  29. To think we live in what is considered a constitutionally protected country; Whats wrong with that picture! Being a 53 yr old disabled man who smoked marijuana for pleasure for some 35 yrs, and now use it for medicinal reasons, as well as the great frame of mind it brings me to. When I was younger I to was imprisoned for marijuana, when does this bullshit end man. My heart broke when I read this article. I know how this poor chap feels right now,not to mention the pain his family and love ones are going through; is this the country our fore fathers established, absolutely not. Unfortunately everything is structured around greed and ignorance. In 35 years I have never heard of (1) case where as someone harmed another person as the result marijuana induced rage. The crimes that do surround marijuana are always a direct result of greed, if it were off the black market I believe 90 percent of those crimes would be eliminated completely. Unfortunately this government has dug a hole so deep by incarcerating thousands upon thousands that I don’t believe legalization is in the future; due to the many incarcerated persons they would have to contend with should it become legal. If you think the convicted persons would just do their time without complaints if legalization took place you’ve got another thing coming, and I wouldn’t blame them, as I was one of those persons. I wish I knew what the answer was. If the system could say WE MADE A MISTAKE; and release the incarcerated persons that fall under the new guidelines upon legalization. BUT we know they’ll never do that… A very sad situation all around.

  30. Its rediculous that they can put anyone away for growing weed. Its not even as close to harmful as alcohol and tobacco and they are legal. the problem is that too many people sand to lose if marijuana is legalized. the alcohol companies, paper, the dea. This country revolves around money and they should open their eyes and realize pot isnt bad and everyone could actually benefit from legalization. I guarantee that soon marijuana will be legal because just like in the case of prohibition of the 1920s people got tired and took a stand.

  31. I f cannabis was legal:
    Look at all the paychecks that get cut: The cops make their dollars. The bail bondsmen get their rake off. The prosecutors make their cases. The social workers write up their interviews. The clerks push their papers. The lawyers collect their fees. The judges render their verdicts. The prison guards make their rounds. The vendors sell their baloney sandwiches. The construction firms build their additions. And the shrinks nod their heads.
    If the constitution was printed on cannabis paper and signers such George Washington Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were large grower of cannabis I find it hard to believe that our personal and medical, use is not protected by the Bill of Right and our Constitution.
    I am 59years old and been laid off for 18 month now and just scrape by on my wife’s $8 hour job. I have been smoking off and on for over 40 year only when I can afford or offered. I now have several medical issues that I feel cannabis helps me. I have no medical insurance and they finally open up a clinic in my area with a siding scale. How ever if the Doctor writes me a prescription or refers me to specialists that I cant afford to fill or see, what good is it. This past summer I ordered five female cannabis seeds from for about $35. In a little over 60 days I had enough personal medical cannabis to last several month depending whether I smoked which uses the least or vaporize or made butter. As an adult with two speeding ticket and ticket for a rolling stop since 1967and I have always filed a tax return. Why should I be a criminal for a god given plant the helps me and makes me feel better. If you change the category of cannabis prisoners to political prisoner China would pale in comparison. How ever what would China invest in we did not have the very profitable prison Bonds to sell them.

  32. I think the united states government should legalize marijuana and tax it like tabaco!If this was to happen the government would cut out all of the drug smuggling and billions of dollars of profits too other countries. Legalizing marijuana would benifit our “united stats” economy and get us out of this recetion. Look at how the drug cartel are living it up laughing at the united states government. Why dont we cut them out competly and start laughing at them for the first time in the United States hisory.

  33. I grow 200 in a sea of green. There only 16-24 inches
    when done. Producing only 4lbs. But because Im across from a catholic school and its ellegal in my state I could do life to. God created all things for a purpose.
    Once again its the evil hearts of men nailing anything
    thats pure and good to the cross.

  34. this seriously cant be true. LEGALIZE FREEDOM
    [Editor’s note: Unfortunately, cannabis consumers and sellers in a number of states routinely face life sentences for possessing, selling and cultivating cannabis. In the recent case below out of Oklahoma, a 25-year old man is facing TWO life sentences for possessing three pounds of dried vegetable matter, with mild psychoactivity–in a country where taxed products such as tobacco kills over 400,000 annually; alcohol severely impairs, causes injury and death every day.
    Drug charges have Enid man facing life sentences
    By Cass Rains, Staff Writer
    An Enid man is facing two possible life sentences on drug charges after being stopped Nov. 13 with three pounds of marijuana in his car.
    Dustin Cain Buffalo, 25, was charged with counts of unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance, both felonies.
    Buffalo was stopped about 5:05 p.m. Nov. 13 by Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Logan Niles in the 8400 block of South Oklahoma 74 for illegal window tint.
    While speaking to Buffalo, Niles reported he could smell an odor of burnt marijuana and saw Buffalo putting a plastic bag into his front pocket, according to a court document. When asked about the smell of marijuana in the car, Buffalo said there “might be a blunt” in the car, according to the affidavit. Niles asked Buffalo if he had any drugs on his person, and Buffalo said he did and gave Niles a small plastic bag of marijuana from his front pocket, according to the affidavit.
    Deputy Jon Marshall arrived with his K-9, GeGe, who alerted to the presence of drugs inside the vehicle. During a search of the vehicle, the deputies recovered three one-pound packages of marijuana rolled inside a shirt in the back seat.
    Buffalo is being charged after former conviction of two felonies and is free on $20,000 bond.

  35. 100 R.O.E.
    Califoenia leads the nation…there’s no doubt about that. In Cal…the gram weight “standard” is $20.00 per gram with discounts for volume. The price of Merinol at the “drug”-store will really knock your socks off.
    The real problem with 51 indoor plants in a residence is that it pretty much destroys the house/apt. Insulation and ventalation helps but, that fungus can kill the biggest investment of one’s life.

  36. everyone email the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics officers asking them to please give Sekul a lesser charge.

  37. We know and understand the good cannabis is for our society, from medical aid to replacement of wood which in tern saves the forest and the reefs on this planet.
    We have to over come this Government fraud, this Constructive Fraud set upon us and destorying our liberties. We must not let up about this exposed fraud and we must call it what it is, a Crime against the people.
    But until this wayward government gives up it’s unconstitutional position We, the People must act through our Courts. We must protect people like the man facing LIFE in prison. It is simple, we over ride the government in the court rooms acrossed America. Jury Nullification! That’s right, be a Jurier, be the Peer that reviews the case before the court, and then Nullify the Law, hang the jury, refuse to convict. As a jurier, educate the rest of the Jury in this Constructive Fraud and refuse to take part in it. Nullify the Law by way of Jury Lawlessness! No judge, no court can stop a jury in a criminal trial from reaching it own conclusion as to what is a Crime!
    So please stand and be counted, be a part of our court system, be a jurier and use your god given power to over ride this wayward government and it’s foolish cannabis law.
    Jury Nullification
    Know It
    Practice It
    Change the Cannabis Laws
    It is time to act, and act we must, we must stop this wayward government from sending anyone to prison over this plant. Time to put our foot down on the government waywardness and nullify those foolish laws they create that do not represent the will of the American people.
    Time to push, so PUSH REAL HARD against this unjust fruad once and for all.

  38. The entrenched bias against any form of cannabis has been a tough nut to crack. The arcane laws and misinformation has worked well over the past 70 years and has also served to provide a very nice living to millions of law enforcement creatures. It will be very, very difficult to pry their lips off the public tit any time soon, they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Cops, lawyers, judges, jailers, cities, states, and federal… How many of these people are there simply because of the millions and millions of dollars generated for them by the
    cannabis war? My dream is to someday add these warm and fuzzy creatures to the ranks of the unemployed. I am surprised and encouraged by the breath and depth of the current cannabis legalization surge. It has been my hope for 40 years now that maybe someday I can finally come out of the closet. The inroads we have gained on medical cannabis has brought reason and hope to millions of americans and now we must never quit the good war and road we are on. Write or call or e-mail your lawmakers, be a thorn in their sides. Tell them in no uncertain terms that after 72years of bad law, misinformation and millions of incarcerations, not to mention the lives ruined, that you have had
    enough goverment lies and deception and that your vote for them in the next election will be determined by their actions concerning the legalization of cannabis. It is that simple. I believe that legalization will happen first in California and the cascade will follow. The federal gov. will be forced to change. We are seeing it already in the AMA’s position last week on reviewing the placement of cannabis as a class 1 narcotic and possibly downgrading it to a class 2 substance. A small but important change. It took 72 years to change that but now it seems we have the
    momentum, the wind at our back. Now is not the time to lower the din. Now is the time to shout out your
    representatives and senators, your governors and city managers, your mayors and councilmen. Tell them to re-educate themselves about cannabus, that last year over 35000 people died in the US from alcohol abuse. Tell them that NO ONE died from cannabis use last year. Tell them thousands more die each year from failed and scarred livers attributed to alcohol. Tell them no one died from liver failure using cannabis. Tell them that almost every violent act, every assault in the US has a alcohol component, every domestic abuse has alcohol at it’s core, almost every child abuse! Every broken home. Violence and obnoxious behavior from alcohol appears at virtually every major sporting event to
    the degree that many families no longer attend these events because of the alcohol abuse. Tell them another Michigan student died last week of alcohol overdose. Tell them that last year 35 students died from alcohol overdose. Tell them that we want a SAFER alternative to the dangerous and mind numbing, violence inducing alcohol.Either you add your voice now or we will wait another 72 years before reason and logic bubble to the surface again.

  39. I’m sick of this too. I feel like that guy on “Network” leaning out the window and screaming “I’m fucking sick and tired of this, and im not going to take it anymore!”

  40. i beg to differ… you can over dose on weed its just literally impossible… you have to somke like 60 lb. in 60 min….

  41. It is time we stop begging for permission to use cannabis and start demanding! We are up to 50 million strong and have a very powerful voice to be heard. USE YOUR VOTE. Get your law makers off the fence or vote them out of office. In the mean time the smoking lamp is on! Do we really need permission to toke? NOT! The greatest freedom a man can have is to do what he wants, when he wants as long as he brings harm to no one else, regardless of the law. I have so much disrespect for the cannabis laws I simply flaunt them as do millions of others. I do not need their permission and I am tired of begging for it. Give them the finger and pass the dobie. Life is too short to waste another minute on these boneheads.

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