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Cannabis law reformers are going into 2010 strong:

Looks like the ‘Natural State’ is joining the 20 or more states that will have cannabis law reform legislation in 2010 with a medical cannabis bill.

Rhode Island:

RI proposes new rules for medical marijuana stores
PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Health officials have proposed new rules governing how up to three medical marijuana stores would operate in Rhode Island.
The revised regulations released Friday explain in more detail how andwhen the stores would notify police and state officials in the event of emergencies. The public can comment on the draft rules during a Feb. 2 meeting.
Rhode Island lawmakers voted in June over the objection of Gov. Don
Carcieri (kuh-CHEHR’-ee) to allow up to three nonprofit stores to sell
marijuana to registered patients who use it for pain relief. The state
allowed patients to possess marijuana in 2006 but never made clear how they could legally get the drug.
Once the rules are approved, applications will be accepted to open


Quinnipiac poll 59% say medical marijuana is a ‘good idea’

Philadelphia- A majority of Pennsylvanians favor passage of the medical marijuana bill according to a new Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday. Specifically asked about the current legislation, this is the strongest indicator yet of the tremendous popular support for safe, therapeutic cannabis access here in PA.

The greatest support came from Democrats with 67% in favor and from residents of the Northeast portion of PA who supported the issue at 72%.
Republicans were more evenly divided on the question 49% positive and 47% not. Women strongly supported medical marijuana at 57% ‘good idea’ and just 36% saying ‘bad idea.’
Nearly even support was found among all age groups 18 to 55+ and all income levels, with a close average of 60% saying ‘good idea’ to the concept of a state authorized medical cannabis program. The medical marijuana question was the last one posed to voters during the lengthy poll that mostly dealt with the PA gubernatorial candidates.
Comparatively, medical marijuana is more positively favored by every single category of voter than any of the gubernatorial candidates.
Therapeutic cannabis received significantly greater favorable poll support than Governor Rendell, Attorney General Tom Corbett or the job of the PA legislature.
Asked ‘how satisfied are you with the way things are going in Pennsylvania today’ the totals were equal ‘Smmwt Satisfied’ 38%, ‘Smmwt Dissatisfied’ 38%.
Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana (PA4MMJ) recently participated in the historic first hearings on HB 1393. The bill would legalize medical marijuana access in PA and create Compassion centers for cannabis to be sold, with a tax, to authorized patients.
More about medical marijuana in pa at


Three great Wisconsin medical cannabis patient heroes: Ryan Nofsinger, Christine Harrington and Jacki Rickert testify at the medical cannabis bill’s hearing this Tuesday in a video Mickey Kienitz did for


Doctor-legislator eyes new medical marijuana measure; Positive signs from D.C., legalization in other states buoy pot advocates

by Alan Brody
Staff Writer
When Del. Dan K. Morhaim is in the emergency room, he can administer cocaine to anesthetize a patient. But he cannot write a prescription for marijuana as a pain reliever or nausea remedy.
That’s just one of the flaws in Maryland’s narrow medical marijuana law that Morhaim (D-Dist. 11) of Owings Mills, an emergency physician at Sinai and Northwest hospitals in Baltimore, is out to fix during next year’s legislative session.
“Physicians prescribe drugs that have risks and benefits, and we make those judgments all the time,” he said. “There’s a whole method of accountability and responsibility and constraints that control that.”
While budget discussions will take center stage in Annapolis, medical marijuana advocates believe the momentum for their cause has never been greater.
U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has said federal narcotics
agents will not crack down on pot dispensaries or prosecute users in states where the drug is allowed for medicinal purposes, reversing a Bush administration policy.
And last month the American Medical Association shifted its stance in urging the federal government to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II controlled substance, which is less restrictive than the Schedule I group it is currently in, alongside Ecstasy, heroin and PCP.
Under current state law, Marylanders can be arrested and charged for possession of marijuana, but they can avoid jail time and receive a maximum $100 fine if they can prove they have it for medicinal use.
Morhaim’s proposal would be set up similar to the state’s slots
legislation. Companies that want to grow the plant would have to bid for a license and be regulated by the state to ensure it is being done in a safe location and properly manufactured. The producers would then give a portion of its gross sales revenue to the state.


United States Virgin Islands

USVI NORML Announces Citizens’ Initiative
St. Thomas, USVI, 12/18/09– USVI NORML, a local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is excited to announce the undertaking of a territory-wide petition to place the choice for the legal reform and legalization of cannabis on the November 2010 ballot.
In order to collect the required amount of registered voter signatures the group will be hosting several voter registration drives so the voices of all Territorial citizens will be heard. Chapter President Linda Adler has stated that, “Although this will be a tremendous effort to empower the people of the Territory, it won’t take away from our continuing mission of education and independent economic development”.
For more information on upcoming events, petition locations, or membership/donation opportunities please contact the NORML offices at (340) 244-9179 or visit Please direct all correspondence and membership applications to:
P.O. Box 535
St. Thomas, USVI 00804
USVI NORML is a non-profit organization based in the US Virgin Islands. Their mission is to de-criminalize cannabis in the Territory as well as educate, protect our youth, reduce crime, and promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.
Contact Information:
Linda Adler
Executive Director, USVI NORML
(340) 244 9179 P.O. Box 535
St. Thomas, USVI 00804

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  1. Norml needs to focus on the most stubborn region of America, the south. i live in Mississippi and have MS, Cannabis is very helpful to me, but it is very difficult to get a hold of, not to mention i could be robbed or even killed every time i need more medicine. Being in my weakened condition makes me very vulnerable and having to go to dangerous dealers is very frightening, and i shouldnt have to risk my life to get something that helps me.
    Please Norml, help me and others like me in the stubborn and still oppressive south.
    Dictated Not Read

  2. And the beat goes on. As soon as the congress can react to all the states making marijuana medicine and remove it from schedule 1,the road will smooth out considerably.
    Without the propaganda and the refusal too furnish marijuana for medical testing,very soon we will have marijuana medicines sold in the pharmacy,and all these problems and hoops the establishment keeps throwing up will be a bad memory.

  3. Cannabis law reform in Arkansas (WOW). This country really is changing. I will be doing as much as I can to spread the word and hopefully bring Arkansas into the legal cannabis community. 2010 may be the year that all of us old hippies have been waiting for for over forty years. I hope at next years national convention we will be talking about all of the states that have passed new reform laws dealing with legal cannabis.
    My New Years promise is to work at this more than I ever have and do as much as possible to bring change to Arkansas and America concerning legal access to cannabis. A Very Happy New Year to everyone at NORML!!!

  4. Does anyone know if the debate in Wisconsin led to a successful conclusion in legalizing medical marijuana or pushed over any boundaries towards it’s decriminalization?

  5. hey man, can you guys slow down on reaching the tipping point? My kitchen furniture is sliding all over the place……oh, wait, that was just some good weed I just smoked…

  6. It is great to see that every NE state but Connecticut has passed SOME reform. Thankfully Jodi Rell leaves office this year!

  7. #5 Theodore
    The hearing in Wisconsin went well. We had a great turn out of supporters. Now we wait to find out when they schedule the bill for a vote. So for now there’s nothing new to report. We sit and wait.

  8. Dont let positive news prohibit our continued efforts of activism in pushing reform. They give us an inch, lets take a mile. And Sat, post 1, your absolutely right. The south lags far behind and has the lowest support for legalization. Lets just vote these idiots out of office that oppose our efforts.

  9. There is no mention of Arizona’s 2010 m.m. initiative.
    Perhaps because of the regulations MPP put into their bill? It definitely seems MPP sat down with Larry Law Officer to write the initiative. If it doesn’t pass it will be because they emphasized on dispensaries instead of allowing the patient to grow their own. Personally I think both should be allowed to control the prices, if the dispensaries are charging too much, the patient will grow their own.

  10. People are still going to jail. This morning’s newspaper from a north-central California town tells of two busts for cultivation and sales. California might be broke, but they still have funds for pot busts.
    While I agree that there is cause for optimism,I wouldn’t say that legalization is a foregone conclusion. The Feds might well intervene to protect citizens from the laws of their states.
    What is called for at this moment is massive demostrations. I’m not talking about a 420 smoke-in…I’m talking about organized marches weekly everywhere it can be conjured. NORML is the best group that can get this started…but tell me why this isn’t happening when there are fifty million potheads out there who want it legal. Is it just that a marijuana smoker can’t be inspired to march?

  11. Texas needs to pass a law now to legalize it. We are the state where the border patrol are paid by the drug dealers to get across the border. Gov knows about it. Govt wants us to just shut up and let the matter die. No, I refuse to. I have had enough of the drug cartels and hearing gunshots at night. Incoming Mayor of Houston, Pat, please listen to the plea!

  12. We are closer in nc than before but still no real forward motion. Please email your reps. This is truly needed for people

  13. HEY!!! Justin and runlevel—- I tried to get 20 of my pot-smoking buddies in the greater PHX area to join together and all donate $2 dollars…..($2 fuckin’ dollars), so we could send Norml 40 bucks one mnth, MPP the nxt month, and VoteHemp the next month…and then back to Norml. TWICE I did this and nagged, and called, and tryed to put a Dank-Donation-Drive together……but you AZ natives are some of the most half-assed un-motivated stoners I’ve seen. AND I’ve lived in three states besides the one I was raised in.
    I am poor, and can not afford(like many others…) to send $40 to $60 dollars a month to Norml/MPP/VoteHemp by myself.
    BUT, there is always hope. Even in the desert. So go out and try to band together with 10-20 of your smoking buddies and donate $2 dollars each…..and send that sh!t off to Norml, VoteHemp, or some other “pro” advocate.
    …..I haven’t been able to form my “treehouse” donation club, yet. But I’m telling everybody I buy from and smoke with; so they can(maybe) get something like that going with their friends.
    Samson……Mr. Smarty Pants.

  14. From: “” View contact detailsTo:
    Dear Mr. Kilgore:
    Thank you for contacting me regarding the medicinal use of marijuana. As your voice in Washington, I appreciate being made aware of your views.
    In response to the increasing levels of drug use in the 1960s, Congress passed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, which included the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is a Schedule I drug. Schedule I is the most restrictive category and consists of controlled substances that have not been approved as medicine by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because these drugs have not been approved by the FDA as medicine, human consumption of them is strictly prohibited outside of FDA-approved scientific research.
    Under the laws of the United States, the FDA has long relied on a science?based review and approval process for medical products. The purpose is to protect patients and promote public health by ensuring that medical products are safe and effective. The FDA process also requires that an approved product be accompanied by sufficient information to permit its accurate and appropriate prescription and use.
    In 2001, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) completed a medical and scientific evaluation of the possible abuse of marijuana and concluded that marijuana has a high potential for abuse. In 2006, the FDA issued a statement that smoking marijuana is detrimental, and that “no sound scientific studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the United States and no animal or human data supported the safety or efficacy of marijuana for general medical use.”
    As marijuana contains over 400 chemicals, some of which may cause cancer and other medical afflictions which affect brain functioning, I do not support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. When the FDA, through its science?based approval process, approves a new drug to come onto the market, it is after years of trials and tests and after consensus has been reached. To date, there is still little evidence, nor consensus, about the effectiveness of smoking marijuana as a medicine.
    Although we disagree on this issue, I hope we can find common ground on other issues of importance to you. Thank you again for taking an interest in the legislative process. Please do not hesitate to contact me again.

  15. I want to grow my own…..not be forced to pay unreasonable prices because I am not even given a choice between homemade vs. brand-name. I would hate to see the Cannabis industry become Legalized only to discover my new Legalized Freedom came with strings attached…. unreasonable and restrictive “strings”.
    Man, I hope that’s not gonna be the case.?.

  16. So if the FDA takes years and many trial and error tests before medicines are approved then why is it that medicines are always harming people putting them in the hosipital or worse 6-feet under. Marijuana has over 400 chemicals some of which cause cancer and some of which affect the brain functioning. We all know this is BS the FDA takes many years of trial and error testing to release medicines that more often than not just cause more damage then they help prevent. But since marijuana has over 400 chemicals it can’t be a medicine when was the last time a marijuana user was sent to the hospital or 6-feet under? Never! That should be enough testing for the FDA to release it as a medicine yet they don’t. Marijuana has been used for thousands of years also and nobodies ever died from it. Yet the FDA releases medicines all the time that are harmful fuck you FDA continue to suck on my Governments cock and I’ll continue to suck on my marijuana pipe! I’m still free and there not a God Damn thing you can do about it! Peace!

  17. So samson #25 when your non contributing friends get busted then they’ll feel bad about not listening to you. What can you do, you tried.
    Darrell Kilgore #26 – so you get your facts together and dispute and dispell every lie that your senate member wrote to you. don’t let them off that easy and let them know that this is something they need to agree on with you or you’ll not be voting for them again.
    As far as the Texas complaints you need to do some web searching, there’s good things going on in Houston. All you have to do is click on some of the links at the various pro cannabis sites. I don’t even live in Texas and found two very active people, one an ex cop, who is doing their part.

  18. #26, AMA recommended taking cannabis off of schedule I. 17,900 studies showing cannabis heals. 50 million pot smokers in the USA. The senator is in truth supporting the Drug Cartels. The senator in truth is afraid only because of his career, which will be over if he doesn’t wake up. 13 states have medical marijuana. The IND Compassionate Access Program with Irvin Rosenfeld still receiving 300 marijuana cigarettes from the federal government every 25 days. The success of Amsterdam’s tolerance.
    Pick apart his letter and address each of his issue’s with facts, wait for his negative reply and then go at it again.
    Start speaking with your State Legislator’s, armed with the facts and anticipate their responses ahead of time.

  19. One thing to remember when cannabis is finally re legalized is the government is going to be tooting its horn to try and make their selves look good. Don’t allow it, it’s the good people of NORML and others that have gotten things accomplished, not them.
    This is what I dislike about the “holiday” season, it basically puts everything on hold. Then again it’s a good time for supporters of this movement to get their poop in a scoop so you / we can go for the throat of law makers.

  20. #26,
    that letter is appauling. and to think that , is the opinion of many higher ups that are law makers in the u.s. why dont they do whats right and consult the professionals……..those of us that are inspired, comfortable, happy with what friggen little we have but, we do have a level of peace an comfort from a great little herb.not needing to “get high” on the other man made shit. the little herb is a blessing in my life.god promised us peace and comfort from his spirit and, he put this plant here for us to use reasonably. no other form will do. i have used this serenity. its reasonable but not like cannabis.cannabis has stood the test of time…. this tasty little plant that cuts the top off the highs and, adds it to the causes all that seems old to be fresh and anew… hey….talk to us big government… bunch of chickenshits!

  21. Once the politcal shift ageinst MJ starts it will be like rats leaving a sinking ship. Remember we’re dealing with politions and they will trade sides in a heart beat. They have no values unless it get them votes. HOWEVER don’t get too carried way, the media is playing a big part in this and all us pothead need to look like inteligent people. The stakes or high and we’ve been waiting a long time..

  22. #1, I am from the South too ( Louisiana) and feel your pain. I am a ton of crap wrong with me and that is the only relief I get. I keep sending e-mails to our State Reps. but they do not care.

  23. No word on Ohio? I have been reading lately how several Ohio lawmakers not only want, but are actually pushing, the issue of a medicinal cannabis policy here. Does anyone have any info on the buckeye state? My knees, ankles, and back are all just killing me. Also, I have family with MS, nerve problems, and severe migraines – two with the migraines. One of them, his meds make him feel like crap and makes some of his favorite foods downright appauling to him. People say, “take a tylonol.” I just nod and walk away – 500 mg motrines, 3 times a day don’t even help me.

  24. Once again nothing from Florida. Florida, you suck. The only thing you have going for you is that it doesn’t snow. Lame ass fucking state full of kkk and old farts who shouldn’t be allowed to decide our future. I bet Florida will be the last state, if even, to even decriminalize. Don’t come to Florida.

  25. And again very little happening in Iowa. We have great buds and tons of people smoke but every change we get to change laws they mess it up.

  26. Is North Carolina ever going to pass the medical marijuana bill? I hope so this is just not fair for other states to get law’s passed and be legal medical marijuana and North Carolina still doing nothing and still has fine’s and arrest’s… I thought the USA was all in 1 guess not since they select states they want.

  27. # 7 , # 10 and so on…………..Your State is a McCain State just like Texas is a Bush State . They receive millions and millions from BIG alcohol ( Beer sales ) and out here in Cali . well, beer sales are falling as evidenced by the increasing amount of advertising promoting ( mostly ) light beer . I never saw so many NEW beer billboard signs recently as i have during this last month as i have never seen before in my whole
    life . These signs are now popping up all over the place.

  28. Thank you samson #38, not really wise, just passionate about the issue. I really have to watch myself though, I can get easily aggravated anymore over Prohibition.
    You be careful samson. And I’ll send in the $20.00 to NORML for you.

  29. I live in Arkansas and suffer from MS just as # 1, all the meds I use do not help at all. The only meds that works is Cannabis, just like # 1 it hard to get and the fear of getting caught and going to jail, over something that help with the pain and spams. Is just wrong. It has been 3 months when I had any relife from my pain this as well is plain wrong. So NORML do you have plans to help AR. out like you do CA.,WA and AZ. or does AR to damn small of a state to care for?

  30. I have mentioned it is D.A.T. whose the real force behind prohibition . I have shown and demonstrated why the Drug and Alcohol Companies are spending endlessly to ” snuff ” out marijuana . In illiterate Countries they still push tobacco and fund the war against Cannabis so , these poor illiterates believe this rubbish which increases the penalties against marijuana which increases the use of Drug , Alcohol and Tobacco . Lies and deception all done for money .
    In , China where penalties for marijuana include frequent executions there are 350 million cigarette smokers . Illiteracy jumped 33 % from 87 million to 116 million .
    Surely these Companies who use Children in life or death situations to deceive you into thinking marijuana is the Devil are the Devil themselves .
    Paypal was aquired by eBay in 2002 . Meg Whitman is or was Chairman for eBay . The McCain’s and many others love the lies , deception & brainwashing these Companies do . It puts money in their pockets . Paypal stopped doing business with NORML saying in similar words, ” you may not use Paypal in the purchase or sale of narcotics “.
    In Russia where they are killing themselves with their love and lust for Alcohol as little as just enough Pot to put under your fingernail would result in a 3 yr. prison term .Things are changing but , that’s just how powerful that Satan is by using deception to trick and to deceive you into thinking D.A.T. is good and marijuana is bad .As a result of Satan’s great deceptions there are people being executed , jailed and prosecuted throughout the World .This includes even here .
    Yesterday , i heard on the news that violent crime was down significantly . They said this was due to an aging population then they said it’s because more felon’s are being locked up or they say this and that but , what they refuse to tell you is that there are now more and more people using Cannabis ( a non violent Drug ) as the safer and healthier ( Marijuana has no calories ) alternative to the deadly legal drugs that are available on the market today . Instead of telling you the TRUTH they use deception and feed you lies . They will do everything but , tell you the TRUTH .
    I told you in advance that we will win this war because we tell the TRUTH & as a result God is on our side .
    Are we not winning the war ?
    In advance i tell you that when Cannabis is legal throughout the World then that is when the World will be at
    peace & Satan will be cast back into the depths of the living Hell where he will dwelleth .Right now Satan the Devil still has his mighty grip on the World & deceives many Nations with his most powerful tool ; DECEPTION .
    ……… ” called the Devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole World “.
    Jerry Droz ( IMDb ) , THE TRUTH DOCTOR

  31. I’m moving out of Florida first chance I get. as much as i’d like to stay and fight, this place SUCKS. and not just with its uber restrictive pot laws (5 years for 21 grams of pot, and a felony). property taxes are insane in my area, too many tourists who can’t drive, etc.
    sunshine state my ass, more like the valley of darkness…

  32. Medical Marijuana was on the ballot in South Dakota a few years ago..I am sad to say medical marijuana lost the vote by a hair: 49/51. Many of those who medicate with marijuana were completely oblivious to the fact that it was even on the ballot. When the occasion arises for citizens to have a say in marijuana reform, publicity, awareness, involvement, and action play a vital role in the success of this cause. It amazes me how many Americans fail to exercise their right to vote while complaining about the rights they dont have.

  33. definitely focus on federal legalizations over state by state crap. i have adhd and marijuana is the only thing that can slow my mind down enough for me to catch up with it. However, i’m sick of loosing out on jobs because i smoke marijuana, especially seing as how i couldnt do the job without smokeing.

  34. Here is the response I got from Indy.

    Thank you for your letter and for sharing your thoughts with the Governor. He appreciates the time you took to share your views on this subject.
    In order to change the laws governing the legalization of marijuana, new legislation would be required. Members of the Indiana General Assembly would need to provide backing and sponsorship of the legislation. Given your statement of support, I encourage you to also contact your local legislators to express your desire for legislation to be introduced in the General Assembly. Contact information for the Indiana House and Senate is included below.
    Please be assured that Governor Daniels monitors all legislation very closely as it proceeds through the legislative process and thoroughly reviews all bills that are brought to him for approval or veto. This issue is of concern to many Hoosiers, so it is likely that legislators will deliberate on the benefits and/or downfalls of any changes to current policy.
    Thank you for your citizenship.
    Suzi Spahr
    Constituent Services

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