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Cannabis law reformers are going into 2010 strong:

Looks like the ‘Natural State’ is joining the 20 or more states that will have cannabis law reform legislation in 2010 with a medical cannabis bill.

Rhode Island:

RI proposes new rules for medical marijuana stores
PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Health officials have proposed new rules governing how up to three medical marijuana stores would operate in Rhode Island.
The revised regulations released Friday explain in more detail how andwhen the stores would notify police and state officials in the event of emergencies. The public can comment on the draft rules during a Feb. 2 meeting.
Rhode Island lawmakers voted in June over the objection of Gov. Don
Carcieri (kuh-CHEHR’-ee) to allow up to three nonprofit stores to sell
marijuana to registered patients who use it for pain relief. The state
allowed patients to possess marijuana in 2006 but never made clear how they could legally get the drug.
Once the rules are approved, applications will be accepted to open


Quinnipiac poll 59% say medical marijuana is a ‘good idea’

Philadelphia- A majority of Pennsylvanians favor passage of the medical marijuana bill according to a new Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday. Specifically asked about the current legislation, this is the strongest indicator yet of the tremendous popular support for safe, therapeutic cannabis access here in PA.

The greatest support came from Democrats with 67% in favor and from residents of the Northeast portion of PA who supported the issue at 72%.
Republicans were more evenly divided on the question 49% positive and 47% not. Women strongly supported medical marijuana at 57% ‘good idea’ and just 36% saying ‘bad idea.’
Nearly even support was found among all age groups 18 to 55+ and all income levels, with a close average of 60% saying ‘good idea’ to the concept of a state authorized medical cannabis program. The medical marijuana question was the last one posed to voters during the lengthy poll that mostly dealt with the PA gubernatorial candidates.
Comparatively, medical marijuana is more positively favored by every single category of voter than any of the gubernatorial candidates.
Therapeutic cannabis received significantly greater favorable poll support than Governor Rendell, Attorney General Tom Corbett or the job of the PA legislature.
Asked ‘how satisfied are you with the way things are going in Pennsylvania today’ the totals were equal ‘Smmwt Satisfied’ 38%, ‘Smmwt Dissatisfied’ 38%.
Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana (PA4MMJ) recently participated in the historic first hearings on HB 1393. The bill would legalize medical marijuana access in PA and create Compassion centers for cannabis to be sold, with a tax, to authorized patients.
More about medical marijuana in pa at


Three great Wisconsin medical cannabis patient heroes: Ryan Nofsinger, Christine Harrington and Jacki Rickert testify at the medical cannabis bill’s hearing this Tuesday in a video Mickey Kienitz did for


Doctor-legislator eyes new medical marijuana measure; Positive signs from D.C., legalization in other states buoy pot advocates

by Alan Brody
Staff Writer
When Del. Dan K. Morhaim is in the emergency room, he can administer cocaine to anesthetize a patient. But he cannot write a prescription for marijuana as a pain reliever or nausea remedy.
That’s just one of the flaws in Maryland’s narrow medical marijuana law that Morhaim (D-Dist. 11) of Owings Mills, an emergency physician at Sinai and Northwest hospitals in Baltimore, is out to fix during next year’s legislative session.
“Physicians prescribe drugs that have risks and benefits, and we make those judgments all the time,” he said. “There’s a whole method of accountability and responsibility and constraints that control that.”
While budget discussions will take center stage in Annapolis, medical marijuana advocates believe the momentum for their cause has never been greater.
U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has said federal narcotics
agents will not crack down on pot dispensaries or prosecute users in states where the drug is allowed for medicinal purposes, reversing a Bush administration policy.
And last month the American Medical Association shifted its stance in urging the federal government to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II controlled substance, which is less restrictive than the Schedule I group it is currently in, alongside Ecstasy, heroin and PCP.
Under current state law, Marylanders can be arrested and charged for possession of marijuana, but they can avoid jail time and receive a maximum $100 fine if they can prove they have it for medicinal use.
Morhaim’s proposal would be set up similar to the state’s slots
legislation. Companies that want to grow the plant would have to bid for a license and be regulated by the state to ensure it is being done in a safe location and properly manufactured. The producers would then give a portion of its gross sales revenue to the state.


United States Virgin Islands

USVI NORML Announces Citizens’ Initiative
St. Thomas, USVI, 12/18/09– USVI NORML, a local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is excited to announce the undertaking of a territory-wide petition to place the choice for the legal reform and legalization of cannabis on the November 2010 ballot.
In order to collect the required amount of registered voter signatures the group will be hosting several voter registration drives so the voices of all Territorial citizens will be heard. Chapter President Linda Adler has stated that, “Although this will be a tremendous effort to empower the people of the Territory, it won’t take away from our continuing mission of education and independent economic development”.
For more information on upcoming events, petition locations, or membership/donation opportunities please contact the NORML offices at (340) 244-9179 or visit Please direct all correspondence and membership applications to:
P.O. Box 535
St. Thomas, USVI 00804
USVI NORML is a non-profit organization based in the US Virgin Islands. Their mission is to de-criminalize cannabis in the Territory as well as educate, protect our youth, reduce crime, and promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.
Contact Information:
Linda Adler
Executive Director, USVI NORML
(340) 244 9179 P.O. Box 535
St. Thomas, USVI 00804

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  1. Go Arkansas! We are a very liberal southern state. Our governor, both our senators and 3/4 of our house of representatives are Democrats. Now we are just waiting on our Attorney General (also a Democrat) to approve the measure… things finally shaping up around here!

  2. I’ve been around awhile (63) so I am impressed with the progress being made in the area of getting the government’s cannabis prohibition repealed. Maybe if everyone in the 13 MM states would get their card for whatever malady (flatulence if necessary), the rest of the populace would finally understand that this substance is benign and can be a much healthier life-style choice than alcohol or tobacco. How many times can we say it?
    Keep after your friends and neighbors with a religious
    fervor or the tenacity of a right-to-lifer (different subject). Let’s legalize and forget about it. We have many other battles to fight in this crazy world.

  3. It’s nice to see that Arkansa is getting into the fight.I just sent the Govennor of Tennessee Phil Bredesen a e-mail that he needs to get into doing the Peoples Business and get informed on this topic of Medical Marijuana.Their are two Legislator Rep.Jeanne Richardson(D)Memphis and Senator Beverly Marrero(D) Memphis has a bill that they are going to introduce HB0368 for the use of Medical Marijuana.Anyone from Tennessee Lets get into the fight also.

  4. Indiana needs alot of help with Medical Marijuana.
    Is there an active organization in Indiana who can get the ball rolling in this ass backwards state?
    That politician was full of shit, Politicians and medical people in the US are above the law and listen to the retoric and lies of those who know nothing about the marijuana industry, which consists of more than just the medical benefits.
    This Government has been dictating our lives for more than half a century, this is just one of many rights we have lost to close mined, ignorant, arrogant, immoral, unethical bigots who think that stealing is ok for them, but not for the American citizen.

  5. I Think I will be about ninety years old before they Legalize it and I will very pissed. I wish we could buy the stuff at a store like the liquor store. Just tax it and relax.

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