California: Historic Vote On Cannabis Regulation To Take Place On Tuesday, January 12

On Tuesday, January 12, members of the California Assembly will hold a historic vote on statewide marijuana policy. Members of the Public Safety Committee will decide on Assembly Bill 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act, which seeks to regulate and control the production, distribution, and personal use of marijuana for adults age 21 and older.

[UPDATE from Russ Belville: NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano and MPP’s California director Aaron Smith join me this afternoon’s NORML SHOW LIVE, airing at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern, to discuss this historic vote in California.  Call in with your questions to 347-994-1810]

Tuesday’s vote will mark the first time since 1913, when California became one of the first states in the nation to enact cannabis prohibition, that lawmakers have reassessed this failed policy.
If a majority of the Public Safety Committee votes ‘yes’ on AB 390, the bill will immediately face a separate vote in the California State Assembly Committee on Health. (I have been tentatively invited to testify before this committee; you can read my prepared testimony here.) In short, members of both committees will likely be voting on this historic measure next week. That is why we need your support in contacting the members of these legislative committees today!
To date, over 8,000 of you have contacted your California Assemblymembers via NORML’s Capwiz ‘Take Action’ Center. This is a tremendous outpouring of public support, but we need to ramp up our advocacy before next week’s vote.
If you reside in California please click here to find a list of Assembly members who sit on the key committees overseeing AB 390. Constituents in their districts are urged to phone or fax support their for AB 390 today. Lawmakers’ district phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail contact information appears here.
If your member of the Assembly does not appear on this list, please take a moment this week to call and leave a polite, concise phone message voicing your support for AB 390 with the Assembly Committees of Public Safety and Health. You can find the direct line for these committees, as well as for their Chair and Vice-Chairs, here and here.
Finally, Californians can also send a letter of support directly to their individual member of the Assembly by using NORML’s pre-written letter service here.
Let’s begin 2010 by letting California’s politicians know that the time to end the state’s nearly 100-year failed experiment with marijuana prohibition is now!

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  1. I have a couple things to say. The first is to support the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2010! You can find the website here:
    The other thing I am wondering, is where can we find the link to the live feed so that we can watch this on January 12th? I’d love to be kept up to date on this important event!
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Your presentation, if allowed, will be a voice of reason and rationality, Paul. It seems to me that some mention of the benefits of a legal hemp industry would also be appropriate. The positive economic impact from California-based industrial and nutritional hemp products could end up being far greater than tax income from medical and recreational marijuana alone.
    Is there any consideration or awareness among the legislators of the enormous economic potential that can come from legalization of all forms of cannabis? If California voters approve this legislation, will the hemp industry be automatically legalized as well?
    [Paul Armentano responds: Keep in mind that my remarks are tailored to the individual Committee, which in this case is Health. Your arguments are economic in nature, and would be appropriate before Appropriations — if we get there. Thanks for the feedback.]

  3. These guys need to quit buying their own rhetoric. Marijuana is not any stronger today than it has ever been. When people talk about the potency of marijuana today, they are starting the straw-man argument about cocaine and crack. If they knew jack about $hit, they’d know that hashish, kief, and honey oil are much more pure refinements of thc than the bud can ever be on it’s own. That being said, they need to strip any provision regulating the amount of THC (and other active cannabinoids) in bud out of any bill under consideration. If the limit to paying attention to the efficacy of a strain is to classify it like the difference between beer and liquor fine. But, if it is meant to limit THC levels then I say it has no place in this legislation.

  4. i agree with judge grey. however incresed state revunue would be to put user fee on state issued 50 dollars a year per i d per year with this fee you would be able to purchase one once of marijuana per week with this restiction it further keeps marijuana off the streets and out of the hands of our youth

  5. this is absolutely fantastic news!!!!!!!
    what is the time line until it would actually be legalized after the vote?
    thank you

  6. Way to go California! BUT HEY! there is a relatively good 2-3 page read on Marijuana in the January 2010 issue of GQ magazine that starts on page 44. It’s a small blurb about what really is going on at your mothers book reading nights and your neighborhood dinner parties. It is a funny and good read, check it out!

  7. good luck… not much I can do from GA but I will cross my fingers for you guys
    We are watching our generation’s version of the civil rights movement… and you guys are leading the way…can’t thank you enough

  8. I think this is great. The more professionals and law enforcement officials that testify about the absolute absurdity of Marijuana prohibition the more our actual law makers will be swayed to end this nearly century old prohibition. If you have not taken the time to call or at least send an email then you are not doing your part. Visiting the website and watching the videos is not enough. This is a huge opportunity for the movement if California passes then it may send a domino effect through the nation. These people need to hear all our voices, because they serve the public and that means they work for us.

  9. yea,…..I saw this video like, what?; 5 months ago??
    Still, nice to see a Judge that is actually willing to see reason.

  10. Thank you, Paul!
    We will be faxing, emailing, snail mailing and calling. We will not be ignored!
    CHICAGO – sounds interesting – will check it out.

  11. Finally, the most important social issue that affects the freedom of all American citizens.

  12. No matter where you live in the US, you should be doing all you can to help this bill. In one way or the other if this passes its only going to be a matter of time before we will all get the chance to see similar bills in our own states. Lets help them help us!

  13. Holy Smokes. This could be a ground breaking policy reform. It’s about time we stop the insane criminalization of mairijuana. Marijuana smokers are not criminals. They are mostly law abiding citizens who are labeled criminals within the justice system because of prohibition. Lives are ruined, jobs are lost, families divided, the harm of prohibition is far worse then the substance itself. I pray that CA does the right thing and ends the stupid prohibition of marijuana.
    Universal Life Church of the Holy Smokes

  14. Jerry Droz should get the credit for reaching out to perhaps 50 million people while on the air at KGO Radio for telling nothing but the truth to the listeners about facts concerning marijuana and for continuously expressing the truth by posting on NORML’S blog . It was , Jerry Droz who was first to state on KEET TV while running for Mayor of Eureka that the first step toward legalization was regulating & taxing
    marijuana and back then everybody laughed at him . It was Jerry that worked hard coordinating & gathering enough signatures for the initiative to tax & regulate marijuana for the November 2010 ballot .There’s a lot more he’s done and for all his work he recieved not one penny…..not even a Thanks . Some of the things he’s done would not of been possible without NORML so i give my thanks to them & everyone else that have made this happen .

  15. I live clear across the country in New England Connecticut, I’m only here to say I believe in NORML and I know we as a people can help ourselves.
    Legalize the plant.
    Change the world….For the better

  16. Congratulations, Russ; and thank you. I hope the Cmte. listens to reason and shifts towards health – away from poisons. Our Canadian sham has now been frozen until March and our Cmtes and (entire gov’t) dissolved. Rick Simpson is a refugee in Europe and thousands as you know are being poisoned needlessly. Thanks to you, and all who support reason. May I forward your prepared testimony to our members? |
    J Bowman – Thyme For Hemp

  17. This is very exciting that we are so close. Still has to get through 2 government committees before the people can get there say in. Never the less, we are as close as ever.

  18. Have I not been saying for the past 12 months that 2010 is going to be The Year? My faith in the voice of reason has been redeemed.

  19. I really hope Cali becomes the catalist to stop this madness…not getting my hopes up..but still. This would really be a great way to start 2010.

  20. fantastic! Is it helpful for ex-California citizens to contact and show support?
    please push vaporization as much as possible, so we can try to circumvent smoking issues.
    “We cannot allow smoking in public bars and restaurants”
    well, then let’s just say it might be vaporization only…for now. 😉

  21. If they live feed this,I’d almost bet a joint that it will be one of the most hit links that day on the internet.
    “America doesn’t have a marijuana problem,we can find marijuana in ANY town in America!”

  22. Come on lets get it legal people! I cant do much from where im at but I spread the word and changing peoples opinions and view on marijuana everyday!!!
    much love from mississippi

  23. So this is the vote? Its legal if it goes or what?
    [Paul Armentano responds: No, this is a Committee vote. Proposed legislation must first pass out of Committee before it can go to the floor for a vote by the full chamber. If and when that happens, pending legislation must then go through the same hurdles in the other chamber.]

  24. What CA AB390 is doing is not an attempt at legalization of marijuana. It is simply laying the groundwork for if and when the federal government lifts its ban on marijuana. This will simply put into place the provisions for how the state will deal with the commercialization, control, taxing, etc. of marijuana if this happens. Read section 1, and you will see what I am saying.

  25. I wonder what the odds of this going through are. We all know the citizens of california will vote infavor, but whats the general thougths on the asembly?
    And I second the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act….I live there/here lol.
    If cali can get this to go through to the voters, it will pave the way for us here in oregon. The west coast will be a money making tourist attraction by all the nation.

  26. How many stages of voting will come after this until the bill is fully passed? And when will they take place? Is this knowable at this time?

  27. #3 is correct in his thinking when it comes to real income from cannabis or hemp. Both will generate huge amounts of money. The paper production alone will be in the millions of dollars. Hemp fiber as a commodity will be trade on the futures market and will become one of the most valuable on the market due to the number of uses for it. Lifting prohibition will be one of the best things California will ever do for it’s people and it’s economy.
    Nice work Paul. I’m certain it will have a positive effect. The road to freedom is being paved one brick at a time by our friends at NORML.

  28. Wow! A judge with a BRAIN !
    I fell off my chair.
    Thank you Sir, America needs more people like you !!!

  29. One day soon the majority of the people will recognize that laws dictating what a person may eat, drink or breathe are violations of basic human rights.

  30. Awesome! Be aware that Washington state is considering a legalization bill Jan. 11, 2010 as well, house bill 2401! Hope Washington state leglislature will pass the bill as well as California! Legalize it, and until it’s legalized, overgrow the government!!

  31. I was wondering when people would realize this was being voted on the 12th, ive been spreading the word and jumping for glee for about 2 weeks now in anticipation.
    Whether or not it is legalized from this bill is not truly the matter, but that even if it is not with such a majority in favor a voter initiative will certainly do the trick, finally guy’s, finally.

  32. Also dear Jason Brumley,
    I am happy to inform this is not the case, specifically stated in the bill is that, California will not willfully assist or use any resources (officer’s, cash, or information effectively stopping any and all related enforcement) to assist the federal government is prosecuting laws inconsistent with California state law’s.

  33. 35: As goes California ,so goes the United States. After it goes legal in Cali and the sky does not fall but instead the rest of the country sees DUI vehicular homicides (in CA) decrease, youngsters having more trouble getting to weed, the ball will really start rollin’…
    Speakin’ o’ rollin’… 😉

  34. 34. Jed The head Says:
    #3 is correct in his thinking when it comes to real income from cannabis or hemp. Both will generate huge amounts of money.

    JOBS. It may take a few years, but already with cannabis dispensaries, they must be hiring staff, so there’s new jobs there; after we push the fed gov to reclassifying cannabis we gotta keep the pressure on them SO WE CAN GROW HEMP!
    I have an uncle who inherited his father’s farm, 9 acres, he’s being forced to sell it because he can’t afford it. Imagine if he could grow raw hemp to sell to be processed into paper, clothing, building materials…

  35. Don’t get excited, I am willing to bet my last dollar that this bill will be delayed/tabled in committee. You can contact them all you want but legislators are too cowardly to actually change things. The bill will not even be voted on.

  36. wouldn’t it be grand if you(the taxpayer), could decide by means of checking off a list; which gov’t programs your tax dollars paid for……I mean, it is YOUR tax money,…shouldn’t you decide what it is spent on???

  37. @Ozlanthos: i agree there shouldn’t be any THC restrictions especially since marijuana isn’t any stronger but its needs for its healing ailments are very demanding.
    So i do believe sometime it does take THC in its more concentrated form to do it’s job rather than flowers.

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