California Assembly Candidate Paul Chabot "campaigning against cannabis"

The pure, unadulterated, distilled essence of Reefer Madness, courtesy of California Assembly Candidate, Republican Paul Chabot:

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Let’s tear this thing up, shall we?

  1. It’s not “a few million here and there”, unless you count one-thousand, four-hundred millions as “a few millions”. The California Board of equalization has estimated that $1.4 billion dollars would be raised by regulating marijuana.
  2. Also, you’re absolutely right that every $1 in tobacco taxes is subsumed by $8.50 in health costs… because smoking tobacco is really, really bad for you! 400,000 Americans die annually from tobacco-related illness, compared to how many for cannabis? Oh, right, ZERO! I can walk into any hospital and find you a dozen people there solely because of tobacco smoking; I dare you to find me just one in the hospital solely for cannabis smoking.
  3. If there is any social cost from cannabis use, it is going to be far less than that of alcohol, tobacco, or even caffeine in our society, and we’re already paying those costs now and taking in ZERO tax dollars to mitigate those tiny costs. 22 million Americans smoke pot now, and an estimated 4 million Californians smoke pot now. In order for the social costs argument to make sense, $1.4 billion worth of new pot smokers would have to take up the habit following legalization. Even if pot smokng went up by 20% (a stretch to imagine), each of the 1 million new California tokers would have to cost California $1,400 annually to just break even on the tax revenue. For comparison’s sake, a recent study in Canada found the health costs of every smoker to be $800 annually, for drinkers it’s $165 annually, and for tokers it’s just $20 a year.
  4. Any burning vegetable matter – tobacco, cannabis, and a campfire – share some of the same carcinogenic hydrocarbons. That’s why so many patients now prefer to vaporize or eat their cannabis medicine. However, what tobacco and campfires don’t have are THC and CBD, both of which are non-toxic and have been shown to have anti-tumoral properties.
  5. A recent study in the journal Cancer Prevention Research concluded that “10 to 20 years of marijuana use was associated with a significantly reduced risk of [head and neck cancers].
  6. Dr. Donald Tashkin studied marijuana smokers for 30 years, seeking to find a link between cannabis use and lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and in 2006 told the Washington Post: “We hypothesized that there would be a positive association between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that the association would be more positive with heavier use,” he said. “What we found instead was no association [between cannabis use and lung cancer and COPD] at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect.
  7. Dr. Tashkin later told McClatchy news: “Early on, when our research appeared as if there would be a negative impact on lung health, I was opposed to legalization because I thought it would lead to increased use and that would lead to increased health effects,” Tashkin says. “But at this point, I’d be in favor of legalization. I wouldn’t encourage anybody to smoke any substances. But I don’t think it should be stigmatized as an illegal substance. Tobacco smoking causes far more harm. And in terms of an intoxicant, alcohol causes far more harm.”
  8. Furthermore, nobody on our side suggests we should be selling marijuana to kids! That’s your side that insists on maintaining a prohibition on cannabis that continues to feature one million teenagers dealing marijuana to other kids with nobody checking IDs. When’s the last time you heard of a high school tequila dealer?
  9. Prop-215 was passed with the following very easy-to-understand wording for all the voters to read: “Seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the person’s health would benefit from the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.”
  10. The 1996 California Ballot Pamphlet on Prop-215 read, in part: “Exempts patients and defined caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical treatment recommended by a physician from criminal laws which otherwise prohibit possession or cultivation of marijuana.”
  11. The 1996 write-up by the Legislative Analyst stated: “The measure provides for the use of marijuana when a physician has determined that the person’s health would benefit from its use in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or ”any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.” The physician’s recommendation may be oral or written. No prescriptions or other record-keeping is required by the measure.”
  12. The 1996 Argument in Favor of Prop-215 read: “MARIJUANA DOESN’T JUST HELP CANCER PATIENTS — University doctors and researchers have found that marijuana is also effective in: lowering internal eye pressure associated with glaucoma, slowing the onset of blindness; reducing the pain of AIDS patients, and stimulating the appetites of those suffering malnutrition because of AIDS ‘wasting syndrome’; and alleviating muscle spasticity and chronic pain due to multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and spinal cord injuries.
  13. The 1996 Argument Against Prop-215 even warned: “Proposition 215 DOES NOT restrict the use of marijuana to AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and other serious illnesses. READ THE FINE PRINT. Proposition 215 legalizes marijuana use for ”any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.” This could include stress, headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, a stiff neck . . . or just about anything.” And yet, 56% of Californians supported it anyway!
  14. The 2% of San Diegans Chabot refers to are those using medical marijuana for cancer and AIDS. Paul doesn’t consider people suffering the pain and spasticity of multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to have “significant illnesses”. People going blind from glaucoma or wracked with the pain of migraine don’t have “significant illnesses”.
  15. So, how is it that within our community, we allow our school bus drivers and airplane pilots the choice of using alcohol and impairment-producing prescription medications? It’s not a “Pandora’s Box” we’re opening – marijuana is already here! If someone is going to be irresponsible and drive a school bus high, they are doing so now; prohibition isn’t stopping them.
  16. How do we bust people for driving high now? Chabot is referring to the use of urinalysis to determine whether someone has inactive THC-COOH metabolites in their system, which do not prove impairment and can remain in the system for weeks. However, there are blood tests which can fairly reasonably determine recent marijuana use, and new technologies are arriving that analyze saliva or armpit sweat (really) to determine recent use. Finally, there’s always the good old fashioned roadside sobriety test… you know, actually testing someone to see if they are impaired, not what they may have ingested.
  17. Who are you to tell anybody – terminally ill or not — how to feel or how not to feel? If someone is dying and smoking a non-toxic herb, you’re okay with it, but if they’re healthy, you’re going to have to lock them up in a cage to keep us all safe?
  18. “Pro-drug lobbyists?” We are not pro-drug lobbyists; we’re pro-marijuana. Johnson & Johnson Pfizer GlaxoSmithKline Roche Sanofi-Aventis Novartis AstraZeneca Abbott Laboratories Merck Wyeth Bristol-Myers Squibb Eli Lilly, with a combined $392 billion in annual revenues and 2.3 lobbyists for every lawmaker on Capitol Hillthat’s your pro-drug lobby.
  19. By the way, I’m still waiting for the first medical marijuana patient to beg me to stop fighting for medical marijuana laws because she felt he was being used.
  20. Marijuana doesn’t have “400 carcinogens”, it has 400 or so constituent chemicals, 64 of which are cannabinoids, and which don’t even become carcinogenic compounds until the marijuana is burned (but not eaten or vaporized).
  21. Marinol is 100% pure synthetic THC (people like you constantly complain about the new super-potent pot, some of which registers 20% THC) and is eaten. The delta-9 THC when ingested coverts to 11-hydroxy-THC which is far more psychoactive than smoked cannabis, and unlike smoked cannabis, lacks the cannabidiol that acts as an anti-psychoactive and mitigates the psychoactivity of delta-9 THC. In other words, Marinol will get far higher than smoked cannabis and it is a paranoid, anxious, terrible high.
  22. Sativex is a whole-plant extract sprayed under the tongue, and is superior to Marinol, but only because it is more like the natural plant cannabis that is superior to them both.
  23. As for the “sip of whiskey” comment, let me just quote the American Medical Association: “short term controlled trials indicate that smoked cannabis reduces neuropathic pain, improves appetite and caloric intake especially in patients with reduced muscle mass, and may relieve spasticity and pain in patients with multiple sclerosis.” Furthermore, the report urges that “the Schedule I status of marijuana be reviewed with the goal of facilitating clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines, and alternate delivery methods.”

On medical marijuana, who do you trust, the American Medical Association or a guy who believes there can be such a thing as a Drug Free California?

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  1. I honestly feel bad for the republican party, this guy, really? How can talk openly about a subject you know obviously nothing about? He’s a fool.

  2. 2 tours in Iraq. I’ve seen alot and after all that nothing calms my nerves and helps my back pains more then smoking every now and then when the pain gets bad. I wish I was able to do this legal but I can’t. I must turn to other means to get ahold of buds. If this type of treatment was legal for me to use in the military I would use it more then i do now. But I can’t so most of my days I have to deal with the pain. If I took the meds the doctor gave me. I would be a zombie. Besides the pain meds put me to sleep right away. Oh and by the way i’m still in the military. I’m getting another promotion and i’m always first on the list to go to military schools. My walls in my office are full of awards and medals I earned during my 7 years in the military. If my life isn’t enough to help prove what this guy is saying is wrong then what will? So I ask you the people to help me and speak out against this type of hate. Because I can’t I must remain anonymous. Since i’m a soldier I gave up my rights 7 years ago when I swore to defend my country. I ask that you please speak out for me.

  3. This man needs to be voted out of office. Also he needs facts e-mail, mail, call his office and flood this fool with truths not lies!!! He should also be informed of other methods of ingestion of Marijuana. Being a republican he should see the massive windfall of money this could earn for the state. ” A few million dollars” its more like a few billion not to mention the countless millions from tourism. This man is in need of some education on the facts. And another thing by a small majority 55% thats a large majority in the political world. IDIOT!

  4. This guy has obviously been bought . 1) We wont be selling to our kids. He made that statement as if we WANT our kids to get cannabis. Quit the opposite , we will be I.D. ing kids where dealers do and could care less.2) Its been proven that cannabis(if smoked) has far less cancer cuasing chemicals than cigarettes, and, any societal cost of cannabis are already here. These pee brains always state that as if there arent people using cannabis now.3) Any money made from cannabis sales is money not made by cartels and money not being made by states, no matter the amount.4) We will NOT be adding one more drug to society, it is already here, people already use it and will….legal or not.4) The synthetic concotions have been proven to not work, you can keep your man made crap.
    I could go on, but I think the rest of the postees here will pick up where I leave off…ripping these lies apart.

  5. Is it not painfully obvious this guy is either an ex-Pharmaceutical sales rep. or his campaign is funded by Pharmaceutical companies. It sad to know that many uninformed, uneducated and illogical people will fall for smooth talkers such as this guy. Complete bogus non-sense. It’s just as pathetic as the DEA’s website which is tongue and cheek, stating marijuanna is Schedule I with no medical value and highly addictive, yet if you scroll down further, there is a link to Marinol. Stand up for something or fall for everything. This issue is hotter than it’s ever been. The only decent argument many of the prohibitionist’s have is that smoked marijuanna is cancerous. Take the wind from their sails. Tell them you vaporize or use edibles such as butter. If that doesn’t shut them up, don’t waste time, the brainwashing is so deeply intrenched with that person, the next thing their likely to tell is that America is the Land of the Free. What a joke!

  6. Paul,
    The 1950’s called and want you back real bad. Remember when you could lie to the public like that and they just ate it up?

  7. So weed still cause’s lung cancer apparently. Oh and us prohibitionists are just throwing the terminally ill in front of cameras so we can get high….. Wow.

  8. The problem is, someone gives this buffonary air time, while not giving any to the other side. This is how the media, particularly here it seems, works.

  9. I have 2 words to say to Paul Chabot “GROW UP”. I have been smoking cannabis for as long as you been alive and it benefits me in many ways. Have you ever try it or did you know someone who died from it? People like yourself really make me sick, spewing nothing but false information about Cannabis like it’s more dangerous than your precious drug (alcohol). I don’t care how many college degrees you have or how long you have worked for law enforcement, if you never tried Cannabis then how in the hell you know it’s so bad for you?
    To the people of the great state of California, this is your chance to vote out people like Paul Chabot and have your state run by the people.

  10. sigh…ok, I will continue to slowly die with prescribed drugs like oxycontin digging into your organs, while you refuse to recognize that RX is WORSE than the marijuana that does far more with far less of a cost.
    if you want to talk about us turning this into money, then what is a lot of the RX meds? its the same concept…I get relief from one prescribed med, but what about that isnt about making money? Big Pharm much?
    Gotta love the “drug free” concept…If you want no drugs, take away oxycontin too…ALL major pain killers, remove them…no more alcohol either….no cigs….hey I just listed 3 things WORSE than pot. Since some smoke pot in SMALL SMALL amounts throughout the day, not to get high, but to relieve pain…just like taking a pill…heck we even have it in liquid form now…cmon…over the counter, whats the difference between a glycerin based tincture, and some liquid over the counter drug? big pharm?

  11. I just wrote this guy a Letter .. Here is the Letter I wrote. I live In Michigan and I believe we as a Society should stick together… Michgian is a Medical Marijuana State as well but they are trying to change our laws up here as well from Growing 12 Plants and having 2 and a half ounces allowed dried on you, they want to Not allow us to do this … Here is my Emial to MR. Chabot.
    I am appauld at your recent Assesment of Medical Marijuana, First off you need to get your facts correct. No one has ever died from Marijuana and Marijuana has helped many who are in Pain and Need it. We as Citizens have Constitutional Rights and I am Glad the Supreme Court IN California has Agreed that People should be able to Have Medical Marijuana. There is way to may people getting prescription drugs that cause very bad Side Affects, And they can cause Death. Yet they are legal. I dont’ live in California I live In Michigan another Medical Marijuana state. I believe Our Govenment has gotten away from Our Original Constitution . Our Rights as Citizens to vote for something and then someone in Government tries to change the Law… The People has Spoken. Why is Alcohol Legal? How many Deaths has it caused? How about Tobacco? How about talking on the cell phone and Texting Messages. Our Country Needs to protect us alright , and Laws NEED to be changed. Make Alcohol Illegal and Cigarettes and talking on the phone while driving.. There is Advantages to taking Marijuana as Medicine.. I’ve read that Medical Marijuana helps protect us from Head and Neck Cancers… I know the reason why No One wants it legal , its’ because if grown the pharmaceutical companies would Not be Needed. You Need to do Some Research about Marijuana before saying bad things about it. Also God Put this plant on earth for all to Use. Who is anyone to say it is bad and Lie. Before it was made Illegal the Government Lied and said that it will make you go crazy and Kill People. Marijuana should be Legal for all to use.. I am glad Americans and other Countries are finally seeing the truth about this Precious Plant. Hemp also should be legal because we shouldnt’ be cutting our trees down for Paper, and Hemp is a crop that can provide not only Nutritional benefits from the seeds but a Long lasting fiber that can produce so many products.

  12. Hearing people like this guy piss me off..reallly Paul Chabot youve shown me nothing in your argument ,simply put your ignorant..and im gonna throw a prayer in for you today , just for you, that you some how by the grace of god gain knowledge of this plant and realize anybody whos smoking pot and so called raising health costs is already doing so now.. just because its legal doesnt mean my moms gonna go out and start smoking pot and for the real issue marijuanas 10x safer than alcohol and cigerettes..Here I got an Idea how bout we trade both of those horrible drugs in for a sensible marijuana law…….

  13. Hey, this is a weed, right? Why don’t we all throw a handful of seeds out into all the open spaces like prairies and road sides and just let it grow. If every toker did this, even just a few seeds, the long arm of the law would be hard pressed to capture it all. Maybe they would just give up!

  14. Why is it that when talk is about a system that will make it harder for persons under the age of 21 to obtain cannabis, the nay sayer always say “what kind of message will that send out kids?”. It sends the best message possible, We Care, and will do everything we can to protect you. Now we are telling them that we care, but not enough to do anything inteligent about it. Legalize, control, regulate, and educate is the only to go. Mr. Chabot I don’t like you. I see in you a man who thinks he’s better than those he serves. Mr. Chabot we do not work for you. YOU work for us, and never forget we get regular chances to FIRE you.

  15. I stopped the video at 2:47 – however, I wanted to stop it about 30 seconds in. This guy is an uneducated, stupid immoral jackass. What a piece of garbage Chabot is. If you live in CA, please please please vote this piece of gutter trash out. We wheel sick people out to further our cause? Screw you, dude! That is very far from the truth. But even so, it’s better than inhumane stuffed shirts like yourself to lock them up. Not to mention ruining countless lives and careers.

  16. I live in the California Inland Empire and this guy is a well known local “anti-marijuana” nut case. His efforts are funded by the government yet his organization has nearly no members. He will not debate the issue nor speak to groups who do not already share his views. He is basically a well-known fraud who is never worried about things like the truth. The scary thing is that the local press puts him up as some kind of authority whenever there is a news story about marijuana.
    I don’t blame him so much (he is just a whore who has found a niche), but I do blame our local media for giving this guy a platform to spread his lies.
    Hopefully thinking voters will see this guy as the opportunist and shill that he is.

  17. the information he provided is complete bullshit. and each point has been debunked right here on this page. but none of it will matter if the same audience that seen this stupid segment seen the debunks. we need to get this information on tv for everyone to see we need people to see what we know not what this dumbass thinks he knows

  18. wish i could remember the year. william f buckley, on pbs,(paraphrasing): …at a party you dont pass your drink around for all to share…but a joint…get’s passed around…a very sociable action.
    and what i would like to see is the actual number’s,
    verity of pot leads to other, hard durg use. please prove to me pot is bad…PROVE it!!!

  19. Another snot nosed punk who has his head up his derriere. 55% of the electorate voted for MMJ and he calls that marginal?
    I am a conservative but I am in favor of legalization.
    What this punk does not understand because he is too young is that after the age of 50 everyone is experiencing pain, muscular, skeletal, and pot is option for us.
    I get really tired of this “I wanna be elected clone”
    who is now becoming reactionary.
    so what if people want to get high. Did Junior ever get drunk every weekend when he was in college and suffer from two days of hangover and miss class.
    He should engage in getting high one saturday evening and see how he feels after a good night sleep on sunday morning.

  20. People don’t get it when it comes to these “supplements” that are supposed to replace marijuana. You cant just make a medicine that contains thc and say “problem solved”. Alot of dispensary workers will recommend a particular strain to a patient based off of the symptoms they’re suffering from. It’s just like walking into a pharmacy with no knowledge of medicine and asking the pharmacist what they would recommend for a headache. The different strains of marijuana out there are like a whole new line of medicines. Instead of realizing this, the drug companies just try to make a substance that replicates marijuana without being marijuana. We have to make people realize that the answer isn’t developing and marketing new pills (this country has enough problems with the illegal pharmaceutical trade as it is). It’s only through the approval of expanded medical research for marijuana that they will realize that legalization is the answer. As long as people like Paul Chabot are allowed to sit there and lie about it without repercussions, no ones ever going to listen. Because everyone would rather watch the news and believe what they hear before going on the net and reading about weather or not what they heard was true.

  21. Edible marijuana oil, marijuana vaporizers and a regulated market to restrict possession by minors as opposed to prohibition chaos. Simple facts, that’s all that is needed to counter this entire interview. Pharmaceuticals are not what the people want and we need to continue to speak out about why organic plants are the only future we will accept. The right to grow personal amounts or the right to have organic uncontaminated marijuana shipped to your home should be had by any American with serious illness immediately.

  22. Since Sativex was brought up Russ I’d like to clarify for NORML readers something.
    Sativex is nothing more than a plant extract made from marijuana bud and leaf in a ten part bud to one part leaf ratio according to GW Pharmaceuticals website.
    It could be easily made by any person and would certainly be more affordable. With it prescribed in Canada people can’t afford to purchase it as its cost is too high. So what do they do? they return to the black market.
    And not to take away from the jerk Chabot there are some readers here that may want to know this:
    Bottom of page 203, going on to page 204 in the book Dying to Get High – Marijuana as Medicine by W. Chapkis and R.J. Webb wrote “GW Pharmaceuticals has enlisted the assistance of a powerful but surprising ally: former U.S. Deputy drug czar Andrea Barthwell. In 2005 GW hired Barthwell to help them make their case to U.S. regulators that their marijuana medicine, unlike its homegrown counterpart, deserves federal support. During her years at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Barthwell was an outspoken opponent of medical marijuana, arguing that, unlike synthetic derivatives, “a crude plant is definitely not a medicine.”
    But after becoming a paid consultant to GW Pharmaceuticals, Barthwell threw her support behind the pharmaceuticalization of botanical marijuana. Confronted with the apparent contradiction, Barthwell declared, “Comparing crude marijuana to Sativex is like comparing a raging forest fire to the fire in your home furnace. While both provide heat, one is out of control.”

  23. 1. I watched the CBS interview and noted that there were occasional quick cuts now and then showing buds being transferred in and out of various sacks, a bit of finger-work removing stems, and someone sucking hard on a crackling hot paper-wrap “joint”. No indication that by screening herb down to a uniform particle size (1/16″) and using a narrow screened long-stemmed one-hitter you can semi-vaporize 25-mg. single tokes at subcombustion temperatures, let alone use a vaporizer as one or two commentors mentioned. Note: this emphasis on showing hot burning overdose smoking procedures was the responsibility of CBS not of the speaker.
    2. Modest proposal for NORML: post your own how-to-video (after all, you posted CBS’s), showing how to screen herb to low-temperature particle size, how to suction-load a one-hitter, how to suck slow for ten or more seconds, how to do 30 intense Warm Wet W’s in and out of a 1-liter Launchbonnet (lunchbag) and other health-protective measures.

  24. Chabot is the name of a wine that comes out of the Napa Valley , Cali.
    Hmmmm , i seem to see a connection here between Alcohol & his dislike of Cannabis & his love of pharmaceuticals .
    ( Makes senses to me .)

  25. I just checked out his web site & in it is him & his buddies holding up while smiling a sign ( don’t choke now ) that says ” Inland Valley ; Drug Free Community Coalition “. Did’nt say in his interview to use alternatives to Cannabis…… use drugs like Marinol & Sativex or am i mistaken ?

  26. We know the truth, he is ruining his own credability. He was very tense, I think he knows he ruined his career with those baseless accusations. Everyone just remember it our country dont give up and we will get the changes we constantly are fighting for.

  27. He is interested in the Marinol and other such products because it keeps the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company’s in the game. Heaven forbid citizens obtain a natural, inexpensive plant to help them with medical issues. This guy is too transparent!!!

  28. Yep someone bought him.
    And a note on the new campaign fund laws – although corporations have millions, there are ways for we the people to organize and collect money for a cause. Remember, we the people outnumber special interests by the millions.

  29. It is important that people like this are given a voice. It shows just how ridiculous the prohibition lobby is.

  30. I”ll try to be brief but I’d like to make a point by point argument here, at least the points where I think I can add to what’s already been said:
    1: not only 1.8 tbillion from tax revenue, but also eliminate the social costs incurred by people who have been arrested or lost their jobs for it. Do they not end up getting some public assistance? Do they not have an even harder time finding a job because of that, and then they aren’t contributing to the state income tax pool? Or the subsequent mental health problems that result from having these things happen to you, and if you don’t have any income, or very little, guess who pays for THAT? That’s right, you the taxpayer!
    2. False argument of applying the same characteristics of tobacco to cannabis, and adding on the element of THC,(which is totally nontoxic btw) to make it SOUND worse.
    3. See #1.
    4. right, and there are also space cakes.
    5. ibid.
    6. wow.
    7. Someone in a position to know actually GETS IT!
    8. To this I might add: The Hippocratic Oath starts out with First, do no harm. That means that you start treatment with the least potential harm, but in this country doctor’s don’t take three minutes before they write out a prescription for an antidepressant or a mood stabilizer or a pain med. The term “bipolar” is thrown around like confetti.
    If marijuana caused obesity, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, memory loss, risk of tardive dyskinesia (a permanent neurological movement disorder not unlike Parkinson’s) liver damage, death from overdose, that information would be smeared all over the media like graffitti. But the truth is that so many prescription medications do cause these side effects. And recent studies are starting to show that antidepressants aren’t nearly as effective as they’re made out to be, and they are incrediblhy expensive, and something like 10% of American’s are on one or another. And these are pills commonly stolen by teenagers and taken to parties. And these types of pills can cause serious addictions. and there are a lot of people who use some of these types of meds to attempt or threaten suicide. And you want to talk to me about marijuana’s harm to society versus these drugs?!?!? wtf?
    9. I just don’t understand what the big deal is. If people feel they benefit from it and can use it responsibly, let them use it FOR WHATEVER REASON.
    10. ibid.
    11. yeah, alll that and more.
    12., 13. ,14. ibid. ibid. ibid.
    15. if “releasing marijuana into society” were causing the antipated problems, then with a minimum of 30% of Californians who smoke pot, you’d be seeing those problems now. Let’s have a comparison between the states where there’s med mj and the more restrictive states and let’s look at the accidentrates, arrest rates, hospitalization rates, etc. line by line.
    16. ibid. (BTW, I’d be far more inclined to trust the stoned pilot than the drunk one, and maybe even more than the sober one.)
    17.18. 19. What he said x 3!!!!!!
    20.AND it’s theorized that many of the chemicals in cannabis have mitigating effects on the carocinogins.
    21. 22., and both of these will be the next things that high school students take to parties with them. And also, because you now are changing the chemical makeup of the plant, do you then make something that is toxic or has a lethal dosage?
    23. Again, first, do no harm.
    I think I’ll go with the AMA on this one.

  31. To # 54 The Unknown Soldier,
    I will speak out for you everyday of my life. I am a 2 tour veteran of Vietnam and will do everything I can for any veteran that needs pain relief. Paul Chabot is a the worst kind of asshole. He brings dishonor to veterans. We all gave so that everyone could enjoy freedom. We don’t want our elected officials dictating to us about what we can or cannot use for pain relief.

  32. #96 Jed the head: The husband went to Vietnam, nice to meet you sir. And I’m with the Unknown Soldier too.
    #81 john burg: “What this punk does not understand because he is too young is that after the age of 50 everyone is experiencing pain, muscular, skeletal, and pot is the option for us.”
    Was happy to read that john. It’s funny how the young can’t possibly phantom what their body is going to feel like once they get up there in age. At age 50 I was saying how good I still felt, at age 52 the walls came crashing down.

  33. #54
    You are not the only soldier I have met who returns home and runs afoul of the “drug warriors” or an overzealous cop. What a welcome.

  34. Mr. Chabot-
    I can understand your point about carcinogens in marijuana smoke, and the ratio of taxes to health care costs. Let me ask you and others a few questions.
    1) How many people have died solely and provably forensically documented from marijuana?
    2) What harm succumbs the body from eating it?
    3) Aren’t vaporizers diminishing carcinogens to a fraction of a percent?
    Got a dozen more questions waiting if you want to get ‘political’ with me.
    It embarrasses me to be a registered Republic when you and many others are so NAIVE

  35. To think that this country is controlled by the same people who make 3 lane highways converge into a single ramp leading onto a different highway under a bridge really makes me laugh to think that they are so dillusional and this is our time our generation lets go for the GREEN!!!USA is slowly changing,THE END IS NEAR AND I WILL BE SMOKING THE REEFER ON THE END OF DAYS 🙂 PEACE TO ALL DONT FEAR THE REEFER and DO NOT LET THESE OVER DEMANDING CONTROLLING POLITICIANS BRAINWASH YOUR MINDS

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