CBS News: "Pot Measure One Step Closer To California Ballot"

As a general rule, NORML tends not to publicize or comment on ballot initiative drives — including campaigns we are involved in — until they have officially qualified for the ballot. But in this case, we (and the mainstream media) just couldn’t resist.

Pot Measure One Step Closer to California Ballot
An initiative to make marijuana legal, and open to local taxation and regulation, is one step closer to getting on the California ballot this November.
Backers of the initiative on Thursday turned in nearly 700,000 signatures to state officials to place the measure on the state ballot, according to reports — far more than the 433,971 valid signatures required. California Secretary of State Debra Bowen has until June 24 to certify the initiative, the Sacramento Bee reports.
The measure, if approved by voters, would allow anyone over 21 years old to possess up to an ounce of marijuana or grow plants within a limited space for personal use. It would also allow local jurisdictions to tax and regulate it.
[Author’s Note: There is a clause in the initiative that allows for municipalities, if they desire to do so, to establish regulations governing the retail distribution and sale of cannabis. Personal, non-commercial possess or cultivation of marijuana would not be subject to taxation under this initiative.] … An April Field Poll found that 56 percent of California voters supported legalizing marijuana, and Mark DiCamillo, the poll’s director, said the initiative had a 50 percent chance of passing, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Next week, proponents of a statewide measure to legalize medical marijuana in South Dakota will also turn in signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to place the proposal on the November 2010 ballot. Petitioners claim that they possess nearly twice the number of signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot.
Separate ballot drives are under way in several other states, including Washington and Oregon.

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  1. This is all good, its got the ball rolling. We gotta start some where . A means to an end.
    Now with that said, you al have to know.
    See how conditioned our government has all of us… We think we cant make something legal unless we give government control of said thing.
    I have a dream…One day all freemen will be able to make decisions without control…we will oneday see we are the creators of the world around us with not need of support from an entity of entity of entity of enslavement…for we do enslave ours selves…we do so from a lack of our own will to see truth from lies.

  2. Yeah, it’s about time the mainstream media started reporting the truth, aka the same stuff NORML and other activist groups have been saying all along.
    Come se dice “damage control” en governmentese?

  3. This is exactly what I want to hear: more news regarding full-blown legalization bills. There’s no turning back once it’s legalized in one state; this should be our top priority, regardless of whether or not you live in Cali.

  4. The only way this will continue is if people stand up and tell their local and state legislators that they want the law changed.People should have the fundamental right to use cannabis.It’s on this earth for some reason,Isn’t it!

  5. This is an exiting time for cannabis reformists worldwide. It seems that the West Coast will lead the way on this issue. I, personally am disappointed that I will no longer live in my hometown San Diego, Ca come November. The job market and cost of living has become too much for me to be able to support my family. I am moving to Wa state closer to more family. I certainly wish that the California Cannabis Initiative folks could have gotten enough signatures to get that initiative on the ballot but alas, they do not have the monetary resources to acquire enough signatures. Legalization is on the way, and soon enough I will open up my own Pot Shop, a dream of mine for the last couple of years.

  6. Does anybody have any news on the Washington Initiative? Why hasn’t the Secretary of State assigned a number or published the document online yet? Has it died already?

  7. Will S. (60) mentions a Pot Shop, among lots of ways to get into the cannabis economy. The key is to start learning and practicing now, as a quasi-journeyperson getting the experience, 20-30 hours a week, but don’t try too hard to make any money until January 9, 2013 (Vote Nix Day).
    1. Kill the foremost enemy of cannabis legalization, hot-burning overdose nicotine $igarettes and their slavish servile imitations “blunt” and “joint”, by making and giving to every friend a narrow screened longtube one-hitter (see wikiHow: How to Make Smoke Pipes out of Everyday Objects) or, if you have the BigBuck$, a vaporizer. (This reduces carbon monoxide intoxication and the sad stereotypical braindead fumbling behavior falsely attributed to cannabis itself by prohibitionists.) By Nix Day you will be ready to open a Toke Shop and make a river of money.
    2. Set up a woodworking shop with saws, drills and other relatively inexpensive tooling, salvaging scrap lumber and dead branches from urban and rural sources, trimming, sorting and racking the wood pieces by size and type. Highest priority mini-carpentry priorities:
    a. Thrift store shelving and open-top stock boxes (because THC helps users invent interesting ways to re-use leftover stuff which will therefore need to be stored accessibly)
    b. Indoor-outdoor shelved lumber storage bins, “B-racks” built on a pallet, movable and loadable by lift truck, for ranked pieces up to 4′.
    c. Strong workbenches, usually 35-40″ high, with a shelf or two underneath.
    d. Composting bins of notched logs or scrap plankage, 40″ x 40″ atop an old ugly pallet, can be forklifttruckloaded onto a pickuptruck and delivered to rural use location. Sacks or buckets of sawdust and other composting medium delivered inside.
    e. B-Cart, wooden box built on two bikewheel forkassemblies right and left, to be drawn by hand or wired onto the seatpost of your bike. Two front forks used for a trailer which can carry 100-kg., two rear forks for a heavier trailer to carry 200-kg.
    Scrap lumber carpentry is the most inspiring creative act on the planet and suited for cannabis users. But you will also make money. Smaller products include sanded toy blocks, music instruments (bogie, clwnky, czogy, zooky, zukicello, bogenbong, marimbadera), tool handles and gigs, Green Mouse Hack Knife, Giant Billboard Wired Paper Tag etc.
    Note: All these products are public domain, but keep infant bogies short so one kid doesn’t get poked in the eye bringing on a $3,000,000 lawsuit and banning the whole product line, that’s what prohibitionists do.

  8. So glad the people of California are finally starting to turn the tide of prohibition. The power will finally be in the hands of the people again, thank goodness. Here’s hoping it passes and the rest of the country (especially OHIO) will finally put down the prejudice and pick up a bowl. Cheers!

  9. Can’t wait for marijuana to be legal so we can smoke and forget the many uses of cannabis that would ensure an anarchist state…. big business and big government will ONLY legalize it once they can find a way to keep it under control.
    A practically free source of food, fiber, fuel, constructon material AND medicine??? Power would become so decentralized that really anybody with some small scale equipment, land and the know how could be COMPLETELY autonomous from the society in which we find ourselves, but then nobody will be able to tell anyone else what to do….. of course anybody with any real say in this country would soon be out of a job and powerless, and why would they want that?

  10. they have ways to test if you have been smoking it and driving. it’s just a bunch of politions that want to keep thing the way they are. there all a bunch off liars and 2 faced people who should be showen the door. canda sounds good better and better to me then this messed up country. give to the rich and take from the poor, hog wash.

  11. I live in California and this November will be my first time voting. I’d love to vote for this bill.
    But I’ve moving to MA 2 months before the election… dang.

  12. And to think, AZ could take up this measure and save state jobs, cut back the deficit, cut down (most of the) drug trafficking from Mexico, and NOT HAVE TO IMPOSE A 2% TAX INCREASE! Think about THAT Sun City when you wonder why (some) good cops are losing their jobs. But that must have been the terrorists fault right? lol Stop voting for McCain and Arpaio and think about our future generations, instead of being paranoid about Mexicans and gay people because of these political jerk offs.
    Sorry about the rant, but I’m fed up with everything imagineable being illegal to the max here and tax dollars being wasted, as well as watching my future dwindle away because of an out-dated, irresponsible, failed economic system.
    Keep fighting the good fight, and some day we all can enjoy the sweet, sweet combination of democracy and herb.

  13. High!
    To those of you who are California residents but who are not able to punch a ballot physically on November 2nd.
    You Can Still Vote By Absentee Ballot!!!
    In fact, any US citizen can become a legal resident of California by sleeping there for 2 weeks i think, it doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping in a Volkswagen and don’t even have an address. then you can get a State ID for $30, then before the election comes you can request an absentee ballot.
    Then you can help us free the weed.
    Yes, it is damn shame California Cannabis Initiative failed. Too Bad NORML didn’t support them AT ALL…

  14. I an so glad that this is going on. I have been smoking for over 35yrs and i’m tired of hiding and being in fear of my freedom. how can i get something started here in south carolina. I’m so tired fo the lies and propaganda. lets legaliz it and move on to happy times with out fear.

  15. the only way we can do anything is if we do it together. individualy we are concidered wacko’s, together we are a forse to be reconed with, but this will not happen because we have our lives to deal with,bills to pay, familys to feed and protect. it is a sorry state of affairs when our elected officials ignore our votes and do what ever they want. i have always said “LADY LIBERTY MAY BE BLIND BUT SHE KNOWS THE FEEL OF A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL”. the justice system used to be noble and honorable but the politicions have perverted our laws so much i now call them liars instead of lawyers. we need to get back to the notion that it’s WE THE PEOPLE not them the rich. they have only one vote and they are few and we are many. get out and vote every time, because every thing that comes up for vote matters

  16. in mn. the gov. says he will veto the mdeicial marijuana, because the state troopers told him to do it. i wounder if the state patrol told him to jump he would say how high?

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