Scientific Survey: Ever Been In the Military? Ever Used Cannabis?

If you’re a veteran from any era and have some time to answer questions about your experiences, your input could be a huge help.

A survey from Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a member of the NORML Advisory Board, addresses cannabis, military experiences, and a whole lot more. Responses are completely anonymous and there’s a chance to win gift certificates from

Check out the survey here.

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  1. i was in air force.went to alaska in 1981.when i got there everyone smoked pot.there was 2 plants growing outside the door to our shop on could smell it walking down hallways in dorms.then reagans policys took effect and everyone starting narcing on eachother to stay out of jail.I was one of the ones that someone narced on then i was sent for pee test.6weeks later came back pos.i was a buck sargent so they booted me out .

  2. A note about the forgotten veterans from Desert Storm…no big programs, no thanks, no special concerns or benefits. They just followed orders and are a missing component of those who deserve honor and recognition. Just sayin’.

  3. I have just taken the survey, and best of luck to making this pass. I, as a vetran, need to have this due to damage and mental issues the MILITARY will not help out with. Thank you for what you do and good luck…

  4. Lies Even in the Instructions!
    Seems the Gov. Lies Even in the Instructions!
    I was looking just curious about the questions.
    They say you don’t have to answer a question if you don’t want too but it won’t let you to the third page of questions if you don’t answer.
    How amped up you are right now? UGH should have known!
    The US Gov Lies and ALL sub branches of the Gov. Are For Profit Corporations!

  5. My military career was ended for cannabis use. Sucked. Seems like if it should of been ended for anything it shoulda been alcohol…

  6. I took the Scientific Survey: Ever Been In the Military? Ever Used Cannabis?
    I can’t use in my state, Florida and I used rearly in the military in fear of being drug tested. However, throughout my life when I did use marijuana it greatly assisted my bipolar, PTSD, ADHD and anexity / panic disorders. Thank you.

  7. I sure wish my father was alive to take this. I know what it iwas like to live with a Veteran. He did not smoke until he got to Nam.

  8. I had just gotten back from Iraq 31 of Dec 09′ My mother passed away from Cancer end of Feb. was left out to dry in another ‘thing’ that my plt sgt fucked me on, on purpose, so started to toke up again. I helped with all that was going on in my life, then the army had a great plan to kick out first offenders for drug use. let’s keep all the rapists, drunks and overweight people in and hire another 40,000 people that dont want to be here. FTA

  9. I just took the survey. One night while I was on watch in the engine-room (1973 off the coast of Vietnam) we took an unofficial count of who smoked weed on our ship. We had a crew of 250 sailors. We could personally account for 217 of them( ones we had smoked with). There were several more we suspected of smoking but we had not personally smoked with them as most were officers or high ranking career enlisted. Most of the Vietnam Vets I know smoked back then. Oh yea we are still smoking! Did it help? Hell yes it helped all of us maintain our sanity in a very crazy place.
    I hope this survey helps explain how cannabis helps people with all kinds of stress related illnesses.

  10. I for one was a drunken Alcoholic under several medications to combat high blood pressure , obesity , high tryclycerides , near diabetes ,
    knee & back pain from being overweight . I now take NO madications since i substituted Alcoholic beverages with a more sensible , healthier alternative to Alcohol known as Marijuana . ( true story ) When i was in the U.S. Navy you didn’t dare even mention
    Marijuana .
    The war on drugs has been waged long enough, and more lives have been destroyed and families torn apart by the prison system than by marijuana itself. Legalization of marijuana would save countless time and money from being wasted by law enforcement and by our courts. It would save national and state governments an estimated $7.7 billion on law enforcement and generate an additional $2.2 billion in tax revenue, according to a report by Professor Jeffrey A. Miron and endorsed by 500 economists. This doesn’t include all the economic benefits of industrial hemp. Legalization also would have a “substitution” effect; some consumers would substitute marijuana for the more harmful legal drugs tobacco and alcohol, saving us money in health care costs. Drugs should be a public health issue, not a criminal justice issue. America demands action on this important issue NOW! No more lies and propaganda, let’s base our policies on reality and scientific findings.

  11. My father was in Desert Storm but he’s waaaaay against it he believes the Gov. We clash about the marijuana subject all the time.

  12. The husband took the survey for you.
    Would be wonderful to find out what the results are.
    Any possibility of that happening?

  13. Not me, but a friend of mine who is a veteran of the first Gulf war got discharged because they did a urine test on him and busted him. At the time he just made it to lieutenant in the army. The war was all over and he was back on US soil when this all happened.
    At least we know that one way to not get drafted to the military is to say you’re gay and/or smoke cannabis…

  14. As a veteran, I apprehensively took the survey (my career still at stake for use). I’d just like to make a comment here to the rest of our readers and posters. We represent progressive change and anti-prohibition, with that said, comments from posters like “LiesEvenInTheInstructions!” are counterproductive to our cause. I’m not trying to single one person out, but these types of comments are littered throughout nearly every comment section of every blog post. It provides first time readers who might take us seriously an easy out in thinking the worst of us…that we are conspiracy nuts, anti-government, or just plain uneducated boobs. Please, for the sake of the rest of us, keep your comments positive and intelligent.

  15. The millitary has always mistreated my family. Myself and my brother being the latest generation. As far back as I have been able to research, my grandfather on my mothers side was killed by radiation during nuclear tests. They had him standing outside with a breathing mask affixed to a tube. Needless to say they denied that all the cancer he developed not to long after was not because of the test. In my case, I was abused in every way imaginable. From hazing to career destruction. Needless to say I use pot to keep myself in check from rages, depression, and fear. I was happy to fill this out. Even if they were to find out who I am I would shout it in their faces that they are WRONG WRONG WRONG and always will be. Some of us need this just to get by, but can’t afford a shrink to get it medically. So much for vet. benefits right?

  16. yes, i was also discriminated against by the air force for being a cannabis user instead of alcohol… they couldn’t tax my only way of relaxing (spent 3 years at RAF Mildenhall in england) and i refused to by alcohol after a point… soo…. even with over 100 hours of volunteer work (more than all of the other airmen combined,) the only one in my shop with an associate’s degree and earned airman of the quarter with “5” only EPR’s… etc… etc… they ruined my life over it, lol… for what??? and guess what air force? FU!!!! I STILL SMOKE EVERYDAY!!!

  17. yes, i was also discriminated against by the air force for being a cannabis user instead of alcohol… they couldn’t tax my only way of relaxing (spent 3 years at RAF Mildenhall in england) and i refused to buy alcohol after a point… soo…. even with over 100 hours of volunteer work (more than all of the other airmen in my shop combined,) the only one in my shop with an associate’s degree and earned airman of the quarter with “5? only EPR’s… etc… etc… they ruined my life over it, lol… for what??? and guess what air force? FU!!!! I STILL SMOKE EVERYDAY!!! and guess what AF, i do it becuse i HAVE TO…

  18. When I arrived for basic training with a bunch of other draftees in 1969, we were given the chance to dump any illegal substances in a barrel before our first shake-down inspection. The barrel quickly filled as a bunch of young guys dumped their weed, papers, pipes and various pills and powders to avoid military punishment.
    Later I discovered that contents of the barrel were divided up among the permanent enlisted men on the post.

  19. The U.S. military pushes alcohol consumption and prohibits cannabis consumption. Alcohol makes you not think. Cannabis makes you think. Get it?

  20. we are all disabled veterans. mine was total catastrophic body damage, and then no medical recognition, and 32 years of bureaucracy for lawyers playing bureaucracy. i learned by helping other veterans with their claims, which gave me a deeper understanding of the claims process, and just how much it contributes to the ptsd and suffering of veterans. then “they” take all that veterans suffer, and set the standard for disability retirement of the average citizens. never thought of that did you? where the standards for social security and workers comp come from? when they say “we are the most productive nation in the world” what we really are, is the most productive slaves in the world. the nazification of america, it has already been in place for years, the slow erosion of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, has been replaced by slaves to government, and the will of big alcohol, big pharma, big tobacco, big oil, and even bigger government. the recent supreme court ruling of unlimited amounts of political contributions to any candidate just ended the one man (or woman) vote. candidates, or a flooding of candidates to fill any political office, for the benefit of the cause with the most cash to buy the office just began. and where does the veteran end up? the 22 cases i’ve worked on in a small geographical, rural area of west virginia tells me to extrapolate those same 22 lives across the U.S. it’s a sorry commentary on what the Dept. of Veterans Affairs really represents, and all the lawyers that clamour to represent those veterans, who spend years pursuing benefits for severe injuries medically documented, just to end up at the great COVA, where upon reaching, the veteran is bombarded by mailings from lawyers, they all used to work at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, now they represent veterans. i can assure you, no one has ever represented me, or the 22 veterans claims i’ve worked on. it’s quite apparent from the postings on the “net” no one is representing the majority of Americans, much less veterans.

  21. Iraqi “freedom” vet here…Glad to see this survey! I used rarely for fear of the pee tests until I got back from overseas at which point I didn’t give a crap anymore…They get drunk at drill and piss and crap themselves and it is all good…We all know how it goes with that massive double standard. MJ has been the best (gentle, no grogginess, natural)sleep aid by far and I wont give it up…Everyone should be free to do what is best for them without some ass miles away dictating what adults can and cannot do! Frustrating!

  22. do you blame then for using it.i don’t. the poor young ladies and gentlemen that were sent into a place that they should have never had to go to. it’s just like today’s wars either here at home with marijuana illegal or Iraq. pot is a waste time and money, legalize it and make money. Iraq is the last president that said before florida gave him the presidency said before he got into office ” it’s not for the u.s. to go around and police the world”.

  23. HELL YEAH!!!! after reading these blogs this is how we need to stand up to the Gov. and not giv one f**kin inch
    P.S I thought this was America

  24. I find myself grasping at straws as to how this survey could be used to make the military accept medical cannabis or somehow stop piss testing for cannabis. X percentage of veterans want cannabis legalized?

  25. #28 dave: It has always been in my mind, not sure if anyone else has thought the same, “its not for the u.s. to go around and police the world” … .
    Iraq did do us a favor, ordinary American citizens, when the said the military couldn’t come into their country and run shotgun over them.
    It was at that point in time when many minds changed in America, whether people realize it consciously or not.

  26. I spent four years in the USAF back in the late Seventies, all of it on a base in California. I was stoned daily, and not alone. Where did it come from? Military planes did not need to be checked by Customs…if you knew a pilot or loadmaster, you had a connection.
    Them was the days…

  27. I spent two years in Viet Nam, 1969 and 1970-1971. Smoking pot, and using the other drugs available to us, but especially smoking pot, allowed me to come home with fewer scars than a lot of others. Pot use has been proven to be a benefit to those of us suffering PTSD and depressive/anxiety disorders. As state laws regarding the use of medical marijuana continue to progress, the federal government has no choice but to follow the will of the people. If Congress approves the use of medical marijuana in Washington, D.C., a precedent is set. If the V.A. were to approve pot as a course of treatment, a precedent is established. Change is before us, I’ve seen progress in the law…

  28. Boy from the looks of it it’s not like the commercials would lead you to believe it is in the military. I thought I had regrets about some of my life choices and feeling cheated and exploited, but it sounds like a lot of you feel the same only ten times more.
    My hat off to all of you for your service! I don’t agree with all the decisions to go to war that have happened, but I admire anyone who can survive a tour of duty, heck even basic training!
    And #26, I hear ya about big pharma and big government and big oil. Add to that big business with big employers. My personal goal is to go it alone in business for myself so I never again have to be subjected to drug testing. I don’t understand how this is not a violation of our civil rights.
    But for God’s sake, why is smoking pot so bad when drinking alcohol and eating fast fried white foods and smoking cigarettes are all okay?
    Like another poster said, I reserve the right to make choices for myself and my body that I feel are in my best interests, and smoked or not, I say marijuana is good for me, dammit.

  29. Hey Norml I was thinking of maybe a new slogan ( How Can You Go Green If U don’t Go Hemp)? Let me know if already thought of,or good slogan

  30. if any body thinks they can trust the goverment they have anther thing coming. there the biggest crooks unless your rich around. look at the last what ever you want to call him that was in the white house. rules what’s that i’ll do what i want to do. even if it’s againest the laws that the ganeva conention has in place. he didn’t put us in a recation, i rember the reaction of the 80’s and it was not this bad.

  31. Disabled Veteran here. Wish the VA would allow medical cannabis for my back injuries which I obtained while on active duty. Not just the costs, but the legality of obtaining it. Also for those with PTSD, marijuana has been promising in recent studies. Really wish the federal government would wake up and extend the program they opened in 1978 to EVERY AMERICAN or VETERAN, instead of just the currently enrolled 4 persons. Yes, there is a federal program for medical marijuana where it is grown at the University of Mississippi, however its still a Schedule I drug? Do you not see the hypocrisy in their current policy? I served my country for 5 years, incurred injuries, and am DENIED the only medicine that works effectively without getting me addicted (prescription drugs). Its time to wake up and have a federal medical marijuana program for all, and especially us veterans who benefit from its medicinal value.
    Good day.

  32. Some of those questions felt like ringers, to call all of us vets. gun amped pot heads!!! hope i don’t get a visit from uncle sam lol

  33. I’m an active duty Air Force officer and licensed clinical psychologist (Ph.D.). Personally, I’ve always preferred weed over booze and have never understood why marijuana is not regulated like alcohol. I’ve recently “come out of the closet” about my support for ending marijuana prohibition (a risky move for an AF officer). Thank you Mitch Earleywine for looking into the issue of veterans. I hope this is just the beginning of a line of research that could potentially benefit all servicemen and women, but especially our wounded warriors and veterans. If there’s any way I can help, I’m on board!

    The budget places America’s drug war spending at $15.5 billion for fiscal year 2011; an increase of 3.5 percent over FY 2010. That figure reflects a 5.2 percent increase in overall enforcement funding, growing from $9.7 billion in FY 2010 to $9.9 billion in FY 2011. Addiction treatment and preventative measures, however, are budgeted at $5.6 billion for FY 2011, an increase from $5.2 billion in FY 2010.

  35. I just heard on the evening news out of San Francisco that the State of California is now ” asking ” all growers to start paying sales tax . Tee Hee He . That’s a good one !
    It’ll never happen until the Federal Government says OK otherwise what grower is gonna risk being thrown in the tank for an growing an illegal substance according to the Federal Government / !!!?? ( change is coming )

  36. Reading all these comments just makes me want to get out of the military even more. Maybe if they rescheduled marijuana, vets would have access to it medically. Getting it down to a schedule III (even schedule II) would give the legalization movement a much-needed push.

  37. off topic here but i had an ephinny.
    would a class action lawsuit against the federal govt on denial of civil liberties grounds pertaining to legal recreational use be totaly out of the question? Or is there some merit to that arguement?
    [Editor’s note: Indeed class action lawsuits have been attempted by reformers, and the courts fail to certify them.]

  38. who saw the nat geographic channel taboo its was a new drug episode with a first segment about cannabis

  39. i was in the air force from 1973 to 1977. i was stationed in fla and alaska and smoked pot everyday. when i got out i still smoked pot atleast 5 days a week due to back problems and doctors said i was fakeing. in 2002 i found out i had 3 crushed disc in the doctors wont give me meds if i smoke pot and if i dont i cant sleep at night, i have found that a joint before bed is better than ambiat.

  40. I smoked pot when i was in nam in 1970-71. a buddy told me to smoke it when I couldnt stop shaking after a rocket and morter attack at our base camp. i had only been in country for 1 week! it helped me keep my sanity in an insain army. I smoked pot until I was discharged.This year is my 40th year I have been smoking pot.I have lost a new truck,all my guns, my drivers license,my hunting rights etc.for not having a tax stamp that I can`t get. If I`m not mistaken it was the same people that trained me to kill people that have ruined my life! thanks uncle sam

  41. HEY PLEASE HELP ME ANYONE IM BEGGING i got busted what are some convincing arguments to tel my father an ex cop my reasons for smoking if it helps i have epalepsy add undignosed despression and im underweight im 16 like 5 10 and maybe 120 if im lucky so ive been trying to look healthy people please im begging for your help please anything help me out i threw away my bongs and giving my stuff to a friend any way i can lower the thc before my dad makes me take a test i only have 7 hours please help me and much thanks

  42. hey#40,get out of the air force and put your license to good use helping vets like myself and others unlock the psychological benefits of pot.Your experience and knowlege could be a driving force for our cause Hurry time is wasting!

  43. your 16 stop smoking pot and keep your ass in school get smart get older then start makeing changes from the inside help me pls lol underweight eat fast food when yr older and have a brain then smoke up peace

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