New Strain Of Medicinal Marijuana Announced

First Unveiling of New Strain To Redefine The Medical Cannabis Industry
New Released Scientific Data Supports Medicinal Value, U.S. Government Ignores Scientific Data
Next week’s Patients Out of Time (P.O.T.) conference in Rhode Island features numerous speakers and interesting topics, but the announcement by Harborside Health Center of the development a new Cannabidol-centric strain of cannabis I suspect will be of great interest to patients, medical providers and cultivators.
I think it also a shining example of why the Drug Enforcement Administration should not bust and harass laboratories contracted or operated by cannabis wellness centers that test and analyze cannabis that is sold into the medical collective for the very reason that these forensic labs provide necessary patient information regarding potency, purity and medicinal effects based on plant strain.

Oakland, CA – The availability of a new type of medical cannabis strain will be presented for the first time by Steve DeAngelo, who has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and The New York Times as Executive Director of one of the nation’s top model and non-profit medical cannabis dispensaries, Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California.
DeAngelo will announce the availability of this type of non-psychoactive cannabis that has been lab tested with California strains with CBD (Cannabidol) at the 6th Annual National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics on Friday, April 16th at 12PM Noon at The Crown Plaza Hotel, 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island.
Conference information can be found at:
For three decades, DeAngelo has been an engaging speaker as he cuts through the stigma, and delivers the true facts about cannabis. His exciting and important presentation will include results of the first large scale analytical study of California’s medical cannabis supply, which revealed that one of the most medically efficacious cannabinoids—CBD—has been bred out of plants grown primarily for psychoactive effect. Only within the past year have CBD-rich cannabis varieties been identified, thanks to an analytical chemistry lab that DeAngelo helped launch.
Recent research has demonstrated that CBD is effective in slowing or reversing a number of different types of cancer; as well as other serious illnesses. In response to the shortage of CBD rich cannabis varieties, Harborside has initiated a program to identify such strains, and encourage growers to propagate them. Because CBD modulates the psycho activity of THC, some patients respond better to varieties of cannabis which couple low THC levels with high CBD levels, because they enhance medical efficacy while reducing or eliminating psycho activity. This is particularly true for cannabis-naïve patients, who have no prior experience with it, prior to receiving a recommendation from their doctor. “Ultimately, there will be greater demand for CBD-rich cannabis, than there is for cannabis that just gets you high” predicts DeAngelo. “Only a small percentage of people enjoy the psycho activity of cannabis, but almost everybody can benefit from its medical properties”.
The 6th Annual Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics is the only one of its kind in the United States for health professional to learn about the many benefits of cannabis therapeutics. Medical professionals can receive their CME (Continuing Education) credits for attending this forum through the University of California, San Francisco.
The New York Times: “Harborside Health Center, a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, Calif., is looked upon as a model of how others could operate.”
Contact : Gaynell Rogers/Media Relations

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  1. #45 – I agree with you 100%. I’m just worried that the government will only legalize (for even non-medical purposes) the high CBD weed. I still consider it good news overall, however.

  2. A minor point, to be sure, but is the first line of the article missing the word “of” before “a new Cannabidiol-centric”?

    “the announcement by Harborside Health Center of the development . . .” (of) “. . . a new Cannabidol-centric strain of cannabis”

    How is cannabis still in schedule I, considering patent 6630507 and the 31 states that have medical laws on the books*? What are the barriers to demonstrating locus standi, if that’s the correct legal term?

  3. Thanks primordialstu,Don,Marc,CJT and others. I have been smoking since 1968, and waiting for legalization, which I’m afraid will never come to the U.S. Too much money involved in keeping it illegal, funding the legal practices and the prison systems. I was scheduled for surgery and just wanted to check if anyone knew if THC would be indicatged in the pre-sugery blood tests. As we all know maryjane has a relaxing effect and I am getting more nervous as the date for surgery approaches. It is re-assuring that there is still so many of us advocating its use. I hope someday to experience the freedom to smoke without fear of retribution from the establishment. Andy (one of the original hippies).May Timothy Leary and Richard Albert be remebered.

  4. I think anything that gives patients more relief and choice is important but… keep your CBD pollen off my THC enriched buds and we’ll all be happy! Although, it could be a good cross for strains that do not have enough CBD’s initially?

  5. of course , in a perfect world where weed is completely legal, this would definitely be a good thing. It clearly is from a medical standpoint, BUT this will absolutely be used by the prohibitionists to argue for a medicine that “wont get you high”, or for pharma to patent another pill that the DEA will rally behind. If you believe in full legalization, I don’t see how this possibly could help the cause. at all. In fact, whereas I am happy for the medical benefit of those who may require this type of medicine, I only see it hurting the cause for full legalizaton. I wonder what other crazy ammo the dea and feds are preparing to fight against Cali’s november vote.

  6. best news possible…those that do have medical marijuana in their state can vouch that 80 percent of the people who have a card should NOT under the law as it stands. this will really be able to seperate medical use and recreational use.

  7. people just don’t get it…the more we learn, the more we can identify which aspects of the plant are doing what for each problem…its a way of using marijuana as actual medicine not just a way to go get stoned with your pals.

  8. shaun, good point, and those people are the same ones that should NOT have a “medical” card…the high is enjoyable of course, but it can’t be the only reason you use it if you have a card saying you need it…its a slap in the face to the rest that DO need it…those that have a choice between horrible pain killers that will eat your organs, or marijuana.

  9. Cannabis / marijuana should be looked at as Preventative Medicine. Much like people take vitamins, (which by the way McCain is trying to change and control supplements).

    Some of you who can’t use cannabis for now, please think about the Preventive Medicine theme. When you used it you felt better didn’t you? Now that you can’t use it there are certain physical ailments coming back to haunt you. Preventative Medicine, that is what cannabis is.

    The 360 degree viewpoint should be embraced by all supporters of medical mj and legalization.

    Clear thinking people, clear thinking. Let’s not allow the medical / legalize people to be separate.
    I am asking those who are fortunate enough to get and use medical marijuana to jump on the legalize bandwagon. Please take the Legalize Cannabis bull by the horns and don’t let go, please.

    There are many people, yes, many people, who are still without medical marijuana and the only way they’re going to be able to enjoy it’s benefits is by putting their lives on the line and use it illegally. Is that what we want? More people busted and their lives ruined over failed policies?
    This is going to be an important meeting, did you click on their site and read who’s going to be there?

    With that said, and I mean no ill intent NORML because I support patients out of time, however, in a recent interview with two people from Patients Out of Time this comment was made, “When we get to the recreational issue, we don’t talk about that and frankly, recreational people can do what they want. But what we want is a product that medical professionals will accept as clean, dose able and they understand it effects, all it’s effect.”

    Heavy frakking sigh…………

  10. if it is genetically modified you can take it to university of missippi and shove it up you butt with the whack job dr.(running the operation) and all his suppository research

  11. They stole my idea – not really, but I feel they did. This is going to be the new tobacco, I can smell it. I wouldn’t doubt that both big tobacco and the anti-smoking movement funded the whole dang thing.

  12. i know this is off topic but, i just bought” marijuana is safer…” and have found a wealth of information…truly…knowledge is power.i will be taking this book to work to give to our will provide much needed back up for the cause of personal freedom. i “highly “recommend to anyone who has not read this book to grab it. the more well rounded we are about it, the more we may be able to get through to people who dont know the truth….thanks paul and company…

  13. Grow your own,keep your favorite strains pure and crossbreed for seed and the future. Then you don’t have to worry about “Them” Taking the fun out of our girl Mary Jayne! Not that there’s anything to worry about. The Republican Church has not been able to take her from us and as long as I can pay the power bill or walk in the woods I’ll be damned if I let the Scientists take the fun out of it.
    However that being said it’s wonderful that the patients that could really benefit from the CBD in Cannabis but are reluctant to use because of the “High” they would normally get, can now revisit this wonderful plant and get the medicinal benefits in the way THEY choose. After all the freedom of choice is what were ALL fighting for, Medicinal and Recreational.

  14. you’ve all missed the obvious, design the strain that you want, then grow it. if they’ve come up with a seed variation that slows or stops cancer, jump for joy, you want a little more relaxation, grow what you want it to be. both choices mean freedom to grow your own, that’s what we all vote for. thats the point entirely. what “we the people” have voted for, it’s just that the great drug nazi’s still know whats best for us, even if they have to put you in prison and destroy your life, because you want to grow your own medicine, a plant that slows or stops cancer, for just a few pennies, instead of being force fed big pharmacy drugs that have more side effects and cause as much damage, for thousands of dollars.

  15. I think what’s being lost here is the fact that there is nothing harmful to anyone about being high.

    I think the shame is on the “Shame on you” people who are attacking the ‘potheads’ who want weed legalized. Shame on YOU people for shouting at us because we want people to stop being arrested for smoking weed.

    This article reeks of the ‘you just wanna get HIGH’ stigma, and it’s a little disconcerting that norml supports it.

    God damn right I just wanna get High. Existence on this planet fucking sucks and I should be able to alleviate the pain however I want as long as I don’t hurt other people, and anyone who has a problem with that can kiss my ass.

  16. Heyyy, for those complaining about the “new” variety and not being able to get high anymore…C’mon! It’s all about HAVING CHOICES, ain’t it?
    You’ll still have the high THC weed.
    for y’alls info, the OLD, ORIGINAL, HEIRLOOM strains of cannabis had loads of CBD, compared to THC.
    High THC cannabis is the NEW cannabis.
    THC has BEEN BRED IN over the last several decades.
    My greatGrandmother, according to my Dad, had terrible rheumatoid arthritis, but she used DAILY a cannabis tincture that allowed her to lead a normal pain-free high quality life, without the sometimes bothersome effects of being stoned.
    What’s wrong with bringing back the original varietals?
    And, personally, I would not trade the super good feeling of a healthy body with a Sense of Well-being, for any kind of THC-related High.

  17. RE: #69 HeirloomerBoomer

    I completely agree with you…

    – In addition, this also DEMOLISHES the lame
    arguments raised by the DEA, FDA and anti-cannabis
    politicians who always steer the focus towards the
    Marinol / dronabinol pill, saying IT contains THC,
    the “active-ingredient” in marijuana, which is,
    in fact, only PARTIALLY-CORRECT, as there are
    actually SEVERAL “active-ingredientS” in cannabis,
    NOT just THC…

  18. i am not interested in cbd only marijuana. it is a GMO and should not be given to the public. It has been proven that GMO’s actually are bad for you….duh. and besides, if the government really had our interests, they would legalize all drugs and restrict their availability to the public to the legal age. I don’t think this will be a good idea. Indica cannabis can get the same results by when the person grows the cannabis instead of harvesting when the trichomes are hazy white, harvest later time when they are mostly amber. there will be a lot more cbd, as cbd is convverted from thc to cbd if it sits around too long. so instead of hailing in on this ”miracle” cbd weed step back and think before you go after this. cannabis is a perfect plant. Don’t fuck with it, and it will provide you with food, clothing, bud, and seed.
    whats better than that?

    GMO? i dont think so.

    [Paul Armentano responds: A high CBD/low THC strain is hardly a GMO, unless you want to also label any one of dozens of consciously bred high THC strains available in North America as GMOs too. CBD has dozens of therapeutic effects, from anti-cancer properties, anti-anxiety properties, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-diabetic properties, anti-epileptic properties, etc.

    For patients that can benefit from these specific therapeutic properties, who are you to tell them that it is a ‘bad’ thing for them to have the option of a strain that contains higher than average quantities of a specific cannabinoid that can help their condition?]

  19. hemp is pot. its the same thing. just that the buds get super seedy and they spend all their energy making seeds. im sure if you were able to somehow isolate a few buds they wouldnt get seedy and make some good weed. but as for the stalks, thats where the hemp is. the stalks and fiber are the hemp, the seeds can be cold pressed into food, by the way cannabis seeds have all essential fatty acids, including all the ones that your body doesn’t get from its own body.

  20. I cannot in my right train of thinking trust anybody tackling trying to make what? Weed more deadly? Since it is now laboratory created and you don;t know what the hell is in there. I believe I will stay with my natural WEED. Fuck that man made shit.

  21. how is this anything new or special they have been making new strains of cannabis for decades and even centuries, ever since cannabis was first cultivated by man, they have been making new strains

  22. #69 do you have any web sites or other information about this old heirloom cannabis i would like to learn more.

    did cannabis have higer cdb just because of the ratio, of cdb – thc a more even ratio would seem to be more effective

  23. Hmm ,Weed that don’t get ya high …… Hey they got that already , it’s called your local weed dealer ! Just what we need, expensive herb that don’t get ya stoned, or that tastes like sh…… ! New strain eh ? yea right ! generically alter this !!! Leave the fr…..flower alone already !

  24. This would be good news if the world viewed Marijuana equaly and fairly, but that is not the case. The government will use this low THC specimen to further medical marijuana and the war against THC positive MJ. Soon we will see only this low THC kind being offered, therefore making medical use ok but anyone who wants THC will just be a “pot head” and a social outcast being thrown in jail when ever the law gets the oppertunity. Come on NORML, you know the prohebitionists will do this.

  25. Guys, you are not reading into this right. THC produces the “psychoactive” effects of marijuana. These pychoactive effects include hunger, paranoia, anxiety, and various other effects. You may know of these psychoactive effects as “head high”. Head high, while enjoyed by many for kicks, is honestly very rarely sought after in my own experiences with others. While some may receive benefit from the “munchie factor” (such as patients suffering from anorexia), many people do not long for such effects for recreational or medical use.

    Now, “body high” on the other hand, is what many people seek, yet don’t know it. It is not considered a “psychoactive” high, it doesn’t make you as hungry, you don’t feel near as (if at all) impaired, and overall it just relaxes the hell out of you. Many people I know who smoke marijuana do so as a method of relaxation, be it alone or with friends. Recreational users who smoke so they can “chill out” seek the effects of CBD, as well as those suffering from cancer, aids, pain, anxiety, uncontrollable muscle spasms and nervous reactions, and stress. CBD still gets you “high” as smokers have come to know it (we all just want to smoke a little and chill out don’t we?), without the “high” the government and many others fear. Besides, how many people here can actually say they enjoy smoking cannabis that makes them extremely paranoid? I hate the stuff myself, I have even refused to buy more of the stuff from people until they get a new batch. With these new strands popping up, we will be able to chill out without the bullshit, and I think most of us can agree on that!

  26. What I said in comment 64 – I wasn’t complaining, oh contrair. I am actually excited about this. I, along with millions of others in the world, love to smoke. However, tobacco kills you. Canabis causes no disease, so as soon as pot is regulated, I plan on making my own filter cigarettes with it and dropping tobacco altogether. I am quite sure that millions of others will do the same, and I am quite positive that gov’ts of the world all over will urge everyone to. So, this is not only a win for patients who do not like the high, but a humungous victory for the world’s cigarette smokers. However, I can also see corporations like big tobacco adding nicotine and the other 4000 some odd chemicals to it that will poison us, so we can be addicted to THC free weed that is actually harmful. I say screw that – I’m going to get seeds for it and do it old school.

  27. Here’s my concern: Remember the Medicare legislation that no longer allows consumers to buy their own prescription meds from Canada (so we can “regulate” the quality and, by the way, protect Big Pharma in the US)? One of the politically acceptable arguments for legalization is that the FDA can regulate marijuana for dosage and quality. However, it isn’t that big of a stretch to envision federal laws controlling any and all of the following: what strains can be grown and by whom, where it can be sold, how much it will cost (if only certain pharma companies can sell it) and outlawing private cultivation of your own crop. The kind of legalization that we are hoping for–with few regulations on cultivation and use–seems much less likely to me than legalization as a Schedule II controlled medication that is even harder to get legally than decriminalized medical marijuana.

  28. I would love to know where they got the statistics that claim most users don’t enjoy the psychoactive aspects. If this is true then why do we have breeders creating strains with a high THC content? Unless they are speaking specifically of medical marijuana users, I do not agree. Recreational users definitely want the high.

  29. I meant to add that reclassifying marijuana from Schedule I (no accepted medical use) to Schedule II (tightly controlled as is done with morphine and Percocet/Oxycontin) is more likely to occur than ever getting marijuana from Schedule II to “over the counter” status for whatever use one wishes. I fear that the prohibitionists who oppose marijuana use on “moral” grounds could point to reclassification and say “you got what you wanted, now it’s legal for compassionate use” and further legalization for personal nonmedical use will be dead in the water.

    I think proponents of medical use (and I am one) need to keep in mind that anything other than complete legalization may result in a politically appointed regulatory body deciding what medical conditions may be treated with marijuana.

  30. “Only a small percentage of people enjoy the psycho activity of cannabis”.

    Someday soon the medical benefits of a psychedelic experience will be realized. The cannabis effect is an excellent meditation inducer, which allow a patient to reflect on life experiences. This introspection, that also benefits from a larger sense of creativity, allows one to be confronted by the truth. This can be painful; and in my opinion, the reason for a “bad trip” experience with cannabis. In my observations, the people who do not like the “psychoactive” effects of cannabis are people who tend to ‘lie to themselves’ a lot or have a lot of ‘guilt on their conscience.’ In other words, they usually suffer from a lot psychological ailments.

    So cannabis makes an excellent tool to help a patient come to terms with psychological problems in their lives. The cannabis effect can also help a healthy person see alternate views which leads to many sorts of innovations.

    All in all, it would be a crime to say that the psychedelic experience of cannabis use has no medical benefit. But of course this new strain seems exciting for other medical benefits, that’s all.

  31. #59 Lea,
    You hit the nail on the head. Cannabis as a prophylactic is what I have been practicing for years. If you have a problem with headaches it seems to reduce their frequency and severity. It is important to get the proper strain. There is definitely a difference.

  32. Oh, and awhile back there was an article in which Harborside Dispensary in Oakland said that they’ve found a couple of strains with high CBD, low THC content.
    One was found in Mendocino county and the other was from near Oakland. I forgot the names of the varietals.
    But, you can bet your sweet bippy that they are from the old lines of cannabis, and due to the medical cannabis movement, are now, thank goodness, reemerging…

  33. One more thing and I’ll shut up-

    I’m certainly all for the Concentrated Cannabinoids in the sparkly trichomes of Miss Marijuana, but, but, but
    that is only HALF of the Equation.

    Try this stuff:

    (A blurb from the product advertising…)
    Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder is a whole food protein powder. It is rich in protein(50%), branch chain amino acids, Omega 6 & Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and healthy dietary fiber.

    I have been taking this Rich Dark Green Moist Cake-like Flour of the milled Hemp Seed, with these growers from Canada leaving in a lot of the oil from the seed to go with the flour or the “meat” of the hemp seed… and this is
    along with the Cannabinoids Oil,
    and THEN
    you have BOTH of what you need. The Complete Package.

    This stuff is Frakking Fantastic. It is 50% Protein, along with all the wonderful macro and micro-nutrients that the looong searching deep cannabis/hemp roots bring up out of the soil and bedrock.
    It is Chockful of your 3, 6 and 9 Essential Omega Fatty Acids, too.

    Been giving it to my Pop who is suffering from aftereffects of stroke, but is rallying and rehabbing with physical exercise and Cannabinoid Oil AND now, this Manitoba Harvest Hemp 50% Protein Flour.

    I’ve been taking it myself for several months and I can attest that after 30+ years of battling a chronic condition, that this is the Most Well I’ve felt in all that time.

    Friends, “Euphoria” is over-rated.
    I’ll take the fantastic feeling of “A Sense of Well-Being” anyday over euphoria, which is often nice, but fleeting.
    This Hemp Flour is Here To Stay.
    It, as grandma used to say “sticks to your ribs”.

    I do believe that along with the Well-Being and added energy out the wazoo, there is a not so subtle change going on that I will call “a change in my consciousness”.
    Believe it or not.
    Better yet, order you some of this stuff.
    It has the distinct advantage of being LEGAL!
    Don’t have to worry about “the man” with this schtuff.

    And now, dig this – Manitoba Harvest has a 70% Protein products. Check it out here:

    Okay people, let’s start feeling better.

  34. In a free country, adult citizens freely choose what to consume or not consume. This is a God-given right as cited and acknowledged in the Constitution of the United States, and this freedom and liberty extends rightfully to the point where it violates the same rights of another citizen. More options equals more freedom. In a police state, sociopathic prohibitionists and religious do-gooders dictate what others can/can not do, and enforce this un-Godly, unconstitutional tyranny with the threat of violence backed by violence. Re-legalization of cannabis has almost nothing to do with the common weed, and almost everything to do with God’s will for humankind to live in freedom with liberty…

  35. I just cannot trust a strain the government made. I never will. It is the Government that said cigarretes were good for yah at one point till people started getting cancer.

    We really do not know what the government is gonna manipulate this plant with. I am sorry I just do not trust it. Call me what you will but I will be staying with strains already known not some new GoverGova weed

  36. @Fernando: What gives you the idea that this is a strain that “the government made”? I don’t see anything in the press release indicating that this strain was developed by any government agency. In fact, this is exactly the sort of innovation our government is unable to perform by virtue of their lockdown on cannabis information.

  37. This is definitely of interest to me. As a patient in Colorado, I hope I get a chance to try this new strain. It sounds like it would be perfect for in the day before work.

  38. On this whole “recreational aspect” thing:
    Of course, that’s why I smoke it. But, the whole idea that the psychoactive aspects are “useless” is misguided. Yeah, maybe a separation of uses or intended “treatments” is warranted in the medical realm. However, as a “psychoactive” substance it has medicinal value as well. claiming otherwise makes no sense. Valium & Prozac are just two established big-pharma drugs whose SOLE pharmacological purpose is psychoactivity. Let’s not act like there is no definable market there.

    In fact, that my whole argument highlights the inane nature of marijuana regulation and the long-held restriction of it’s medical uses: “Intoxication” is NOT an entirely objective term!

  39. What Jaceb79 (#78) pointed out was interesting, the distinctions between the “head high” and “body high” produced by THC and CBD, respectively. If what he said is true, many smokers that have to worry about drug tests can switch over to the high CBD / low THC strain since drug tests look for THC and its metabolites. I wonder what sort of high that strain would cause…

  40. They should allow certified people to look at marijuana, study it, and analyze it. Data should be looked over, instead of just getting tossed to aside and trashed. If there is significant research that supports that marijuana can be controlled and safe, there should legal marijuana for everyone. At this point the pros are over weighing the cons, medical marijuana should have been dealt with a long time ago. Any type of marijuana should be legal it’s not dangerous; data has proven this over and over.

  41. Producing this in the lab makes more room for errors and potentially making it deadly.

    I’d rather stick to my good old buds.

  42. Point #1: Seems to me that there is a little too much “big pharma” ideology here. In the quest to legitimize medical marijuana, how about NOT turning what has traditionally been grower’s prerogative (cross-breeding, etc. for certain properties) into just another “pill.”

    Point#2: If you want to get more CBD, CBN, or THC in your particular plant, stick with the basic rules of harvesting and plant maturation.

    Point#3: Cannabis has traditionally been looked upon as a holistic medicine, healing both the body AND and mind. Part of physical health is mental health–taking a break from what ails/plagues you. If you cannot take a mental break from yourself, why use it?

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