The Hill: “Obama Drug Plan ‘Firmly Opposes’ Legalization as California Vote Looms”

So this is your administration on drugs. Any questions?

Obama drug plan ‘firmly opposes’ legalization as California vote looms
via The Hill

The Obama administration said Tuesday that it “firmly opposes” the legalization of any illicit drugs as California voters head to the polls to consider legalizing marijuana this fall.

The president and his drug czar re-emphasized their opposition to legalizing drugs in the first release of its National Drug Control Strategy this morning.

“Keeping drugs illegal reduces their availability and lessens willingness to use them,” the document, prepared by Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, says. “That is why this Administration firmly opposes the legalization of marijuana or any other illicit drug.”

Is anyone surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, this is the same Gil Kerlikowske that has said repeatedly that legalization is not in his vocabulary, and publicly stated, “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.” And this is the same administration that recently nominated Michele Leonhart to head the DEA — the same Michele Leonhart who overruled the DEA’s own administrative law judge in order to continue to block medical marijuana research, and publicly claimed that the rising death toll civilians attributable to the U.S./Mexican drug war “a signpost of the success” of U.S. prohibitionist policies.

UPDATE: Director Kerlikowske will appear live tomorrow on WAMU, Wednesday, May 11, (likely in the first hour between 10-11am, eastern) on the Diane Rehm Show. Listeners can call (1-800-433-8850), email or Tweet their questions to the Drug Czar.

Yet, given that national polls now indicate that an estimated one out of two Americans nationwide support legalization, and that a solid majority of west coast voters and Californians back regulating the retail production and distribution of pot like alcohol, it seems politically counterproductive for the administration to maintain such a ‘flat Earth’ policy. So what could possibly be their reasoning?

It’s actually spelled out here, in the White House’s 2010 Drug Control Strategy:

We have many proven methods for reducing the demand for drugs. Keeping drugs illegal reduces their availability and lessens willingness to use them. That is why this Administration firmly opposes the legalization of marijuana or any other illicit drug. Legalizing drugs would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of use. Diagnostic, laboratory, clinical, and epidemiological studies clearly indicate that marijuana use is associated with dependence, respiratory and mental illness, poor motor performance, and cognitive impairment, among other negative effects, and legalization would only exacerbate these problems.

There it is in black and white — in less than 100 words: The federal government’s entire justification for marijuana prohibition; their entire justification for a policy that has led to the arrest of over 20 million Americans since 1965, that is responsible for allowing cops to terrorize families and kill their pets, that has stripped hundreds of thousands of young people of their ability to pursue higher education, and that is directly responsible for the deaths of over 20,000 civilians on the U.S./Mexico border. And that’s just for starters.

Yet the entire premise for maintaining the government’s policy — that keeping marijuana criminally prohibited “reduces [its] availability and lessens willingness to use [it]” — is demonstrably false. Under present prohibition, more than 1/3 of 8th graders, more than 2/3rds of 10th graders, and some 85 percent of 12th graders say that marijuana is “easy to get.” Even according to the stridently prohibitionist group CASA (National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University), more teens say that they can get their hands on pot than booze, and one-quarter say that they can buy marijuana within the hour. That means, President Obama and Gil Kerlikowske, that 25 percent of teens can obtain marijuana as easily — and as quickly — as a Domino’s pizza!

This is your “proven” method for “reducing availability?” Don’t make us laugh.

By contrast, dozens of studies from around the globe have established, consistently, that marijuana liberalization will result in lower overall drug use. For example, no less than the World Health Organization concluded:

“Globally, drug use is not distributed evenly, and is simply not related to drug policy. … The U.S. … stands out with higher levels of use of alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis, despite punitive illegal drug policies. … The Netherlands, with a less criminally punitive approach to cannabis use than the U.S., has experienced lower levels of use, particularly among younger adults. Clearly, by itself, a punitive policy towards possession and use accounts for limited variation in national rates of illegal drug use.”

In fact, NORML has an entire white paper devoted to addressing this issue here.

Of course, the best option to truly reduce youth availability to cannabis is legalization and regulation. This strategy — the same one that we employ for the use of virtually every other product except cannabis — would impose common sense controls regarding who can legally produce marijuana, who can legally distribute marijuana, who can legally consume marijuana, and where adults can legally use marijuana and under what circumstances is such use legally permitted.

But we already know that this option isn’t in the administration’s vocabulary, now don’t we?

I’ve written time and time again that this administration ought to view marijuana legalization as a political opportunity, not a political liability. They obviously aren’t listening. Nevertheless, it is the voters who have led — and will continue to lead — on this issue, and it is the politicians who will follow. Could we expect it to be any other way?

After all it was the federal government that followed the states lead in 1937 — federally criminalizing pot, but only doing so after virtually every state in the nation had already done so. California, for instance, outlawed marijuana use in 1913 — nearly a quarter of a century before the Feds acted similarly. Likewise, it is going to be the states — and California in particular — that are going to usher in the era of re-legalization.

And it will be the Feds who eventually will have no other choice but to fall in line.

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  1. I would be more inclined to take this stance seriously from a president that doesn’t openly use tobacco and alcohol. I am so sickened by the blatant hypocrisy from all politicians that say their taking the moral “high ground”( no pun intended) by supporting prohibition while they use and support the use of much more harmful products. There is so much money being made from these policy makers from tobacco and alcohol that of course they won’t support the legal use of competition. I don’t even want to start with all the synthetic chemicals being prescribed legally by doctors that time and time again have resulted in more harmful side effects than the condition itself. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH MY VOTE FOR OBAMA.

  2. The feds are holding out for one reason. It is the easiest way to get involved in your private life. The very first roots of marijuanna prohibition were sown in controlling mexican migrant workers, then copied to control black americans. In the sixties they discovered that they could arrest anyone that was out of line by just slapping the pot smoking hippy label on them.

    The Federal Government has no constitutional right to police the people, only the states do. While states are choosing to pick thier battles over immigration and health care in respect to states rights, they are fighting an uphill battle. They gave away thier rights when they allowed the federal government to police drug use in everyday people for the last 4 decades. Every govenor, senator and representative that doesn’t get this is a complete idiot.

    You can’t pick and choose the liberties you give away. Liberty and Freedom are just that. There is no almost free. It is all or none.

    Get out and vote! Forget how you have been told to vote! Forget the minor issues they try and confuse you with! Forget the “freebees” they are offering. They don’t want you to focus on the real issue. Our politians should be focusing on ONE THING, taking back our states rights and keeping the Federal Government out of the way. Then everyone can vote on thier state issues and if you disagree with the outcome, you can move to a state you agree with. Don’t vote for Candidates because of thier views on Marijuanna, Abortion, Immigration, any war, taxes or any other issue. Do they fight for States rights or not? That is the most important thing right now.

  3. I cannot believe the cowardice of the two drug warriors on WAMU. I listened to the broadcast and could not have been more disappointed. They berated the concept of legalization, continued the same old drug war propaganda about the dangers of marijuana. Then when it was time to take questions from callers these two gutless wonders left the studio so as not to have to answer any questions from citizens who believe that legalization is the only answer to end the violence and remove the criminal element from the marijuana trade. Prohibition has never worked to modify personal conduct.

  4. i fully support legalization on Marijuana, altho im from Mexico, i need to say the following, the rock bottom reason marijuana is not legal yet it is because being legal, it would change the world order, and im very sorry to say this but the United States of America will be the first nation to collapse, thats why they are fighting with all these lies, the American system as we acknowledge right now would become OBSOLETE, marijuana means, cheaper medicine, cheaper plastics, fuel, clothing, food, i mean… cheaper FUCKING EVERYTHING. Cannabis, in some kind of political and social point of view means: Power to the people.

  5. I certainly don’t think Obama is going to push for legalization in his second term. I also don’t think any other candidate with a real shot at the white house in 2012 will push for legalization either. We need to concentrate on the states. If we can get this passed in CA, an example can be set for other states to follow. We need to work on increasing public support, we need to pass the 50% mark nationwide. We need to set the stage for a candidate in 2016 who’s willing to get behind us, or at least not laugh at us.

  6. When California clinches the vote in November to make marijuana legal, it’s going to make the 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS the DEA rethink their tactics on how their going to fuck us more. It will be like taking candy away from a baby and all they will do is go WAH! WAH! WAH! The FEDERAL OVERLORDS are starting to fear the will of the American people, they need a taste of their own medicine. The real green jobs are knocking on our door. A stimulus move that would not cost the government a wooden nickle, instead it is costing us billions of dollars of our tax dollars on MARIJUANA PROHIBITION. THE UNICORN MACHINE IS STILL IN FULL FORCE and OBAMAS MIND MUST BE ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. But it was ok for him to inhale and become President. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE. THE NEW AMERIKA! I am still trying to figure out what the proven methods are more prisons and terror tactics.

  7. Why don’t we just start peaceful public protests over the summer? Think about it, how many marijuana beneficiaries would publicly support marijuana at the nation’s capital? If the government wants to ignore the issue, we bring it to their attention. Our government is built around the people having our say; and to put our children on the streets, on the doorsteps of the occasionally caught up “provider,” we facilitate drug market related violence. If the drug is provided in a balanced market, large quantities will not be localized. Simple economics concept for, where there is a plentiful demand, supply makes itself available. Large cities and suburbs alike are subject to territory conflict in the form of a power struggle over a monopoly. Let’s be the supply and implement conceptually similar laws that prevent teenagers from selling tequila. The time is now, I guarantee you the violence in the country will decrease, the employee market will become more competitive as less teenagers are willing to throw their potential away for the allure of the psychologically overwhelming opportunity to make money “selling weed,” It presents itself at first as a harmless method to get some quick money, nothing too serious…Oh yea, greed… the world’s loudest complaint regarding the American perspective. Let’s be clear on this. Marijuana is not alcohol and should not be tolerated as alcohol is. Marijuana is not as impairing as the government portrays it to be as people under the effects of marijuana are very aware of their impairment and compensate for it, usually over-doing it. I blame it on the paranoia, either way, this indicates we are in control of our common sense, and make rational decisions (generally as in all cases) in regards to safety. Marijuana has a negligible effect on driving capabilities, and while I do not support driving while using the drug because at this point one is not aware of the impact to follow, I do support driving after the effects have been allowed to set in. Arguably 10-20 minutes is enough time to make the determination. After this the common sense kicks in and a rational choice is made, thus the lack of headlines reading “Teens die in car accident after having binge smoked marijuana.” I think we can all agree the $300 some dollars spent per second in the United States to oppress a people and house a black market spanning coast to coast, generation to generation, age groups from 10-70 and beyond, poverty to riches, the tranquil among us to the greed plagued “thugs” We as a people need to be heard, forget the bureaucratic wealth driven government that ignores the social barriers facing our country, forget the lie that your voice isn’t enough and let’s make something happen. How is it half of the population shed the misconceptions psychologically FORCED onto children of the 1930’s that spread through the media outlets as enraged Hispanic and African Americans who were high, but had completely lost control of their conscious state, but the government fails to recognize it? Ignorance remains reversible, despite the government’s say-so and now is the time to act. For our economy, our medical well-being, our youth and our families; let’s have liberty and justice for all already eh?
    Sorry for the Canada reference, I figured if we are going to start imprisoning peaceful citizens of a neighboring ally we ought to give them a small taste of their home country. You know, the same country they pay taxes to and exist through.

  8. can you find video of obama 2004 as a senator stating ” the war on drugs is a failure, and suggesting decriminalize cannabis and play it on times square to show how much he twisted.

  9. the govt. plans on winning the war on weed by drug testing, besides pre employment testing they are making companies random test, ihave a lot of friends in ohio and indiana who have lost thier jobs they were good workers and never missed work but that doesnt matter they came to work and were told to test or be fired,i recently had to give up weed i smoked for 30 years and never worried about being fired for it,thanks to the govt. we have no rights anymore,they will win unless drug testing is stopped somehow

  10. the govt. will win the war on weed because they plan to drug test evryone all the time unless we can stop this we will lose they are going to randomly test everyone and if you toke you cant work or drive we must stop this some how we have very few rights anymore

  11. the fight for marijuana as an acceptable form of medicine in light of our big business government is proof that our cops and DEA need work. our taxes are being wasted and that is the biggest joke. busting people for weed is just plain stupid.

    i too voted for Obama but it saddens me he sold out. he’s a bigger and better puppet than bush?

  12. im a junior in high school and ive smoked weed all this year. i wasnt into it like i am now because i was “one” of the blind community hidden by the dea’s political bs. while smoking weed ive ran track made it 7th in districts had a 3.1 on my report card and im perfectly fine ive had a loss of friends but thats because they dont know the truth….legalize marijuana

  13. 98 Chris

    States [any state] have the sovereign right to contol substances.

    The Federal Controlled Substance Act
    regulates “Recreational drug abuse.” Apples and oranges.

  14. 100 Jo Anne Ludwig Stinger

    If you say Revolution…you’re going to political prison…the ones that they built for drug abusers. Sure! drug abusers. That’s what they built them for. But – what you suggest was the way we won our “freedom.”

  15. presidents quote,
    “We have many proven methods for reducing the demand for drugs”

    ok, lets hear about it them, because in the last 70 years nothing that anyones has done has reduced demand. not even a percentage point. Mr president, someone is giving you some BS inforamtion. wheres the proof?
    nothing, absolutely nothing. not incarceration, not the swat team shock and awe tactits, not the increased spending on law enforcement. the only thing we know to be proven is that you cant stop the will of the people.

  16. The “Drugged Driving” part of this new policy is terrifying. Cops will stop anyone leaving a MM clinic or someone that bought papers, or just someone they think may have smoked pot in the last 2 months. If you are pulled over and test positive for marijuana you will be arrested and charged with “driving while impaired” even if you have not used weed in a month. In some states there is zero tolerance and mandatory jail time. Any marijuana user in this country is at risk of being arrested, jailed and revocation of license for having marijuana metabolites in thier system while not ever being guilty of impaired driving. Voting for Obama is not in my vocabulary. Do as I did and let the white house know they lost your vote. It’s the only thing they care about. If every person that enjoys cannabis wrote and said they will not vote for any person that would hurt Americans, maybe some notice would be taken. Please send a letter now. I here by pledge to only vote for people who support marijuana legalization. Aloha

  17. folks do not let doctors drug test you during normal visits. this is something the govenment may try to force on you. especially with a government ran health care system. you will have far more implications than just drug treatment if you come up positve on drug test. names on database, increased rates, denial of services and jobs.these are things that can happen with this new drug policy.

  18. I have stuck up for Obama a few times on this board. I still think he’s far superior to his predecessor, Bush, who was every bit the MJ prohibitionist. (And I sure don’t see many presidential candidates in either party who will have the guts to legalize MJ. Does anyone know of any major candidates who have said they would?)

    However, I have to say that Obama is pissing me off more and more. He does some good things, then he turns around and gets weird on other issues. I’m starting to think he’s a phony in some ways, a typical politician. I was hoping for another FDR–I fear he’s more akin to LBJ.

    I’m sure now that MJ won’t get legalized on the federal level for many years to come–the politicos simply don’t have the backbone or inclination. I’ve always been a bit suspicious of “states rights”, but this is one of a few instances where I believe the states–not all of them of course–are right. I suspect that even if CA and a few other states do vote to legalize it, you can be certain that many others NEVER will.

    Still, here’s hoping that Calif can show the rest of the country the way in November! If Cal does vote to legalize and Obama attempts to intrude, he will very likely lose my vote.

  19. Same old bs.just twisting the words around. If you look at the bottom line more money is being spent for the same old sh…When are they gonna learn that these people are just protecting there cushy government paid jobs.instead of looking at the facts. Obama can speak out of both sides of his mouth with the best of them. we can change things VOTE FOR NO INCUMBENTS couple years we will get our government back ! and if they don’t do it vote them out again. we have to take our country back from Corporate America and put it back in the hands of us

  20. We are not surprised as to why the US is going bankrupt.
    Pouring good money down the drain to finance quixotic efforts is the mark of poor government as it attampts to over extend its control over the lives of individuals who resent such self righteous efforts of the governing minority.
    It is not beyond US politicians to expect all Americans will nealtly fall into either the democratic or republican group, and this is the democracy we get: the ability to choose between two individuals who will not do what is necessarily correct as they both make appeals to the oposite sides of some vain and empty issues which will not really help the true problems at hand whatsoever..
    I see an alternative. ..Apathy towards the efforts of the US GOvernment as it becomes a tyranny just the same as most other powerful military nations. With such apathy the nations destroys itself withinn because of the ineptitude of a national government obsessed with misguided priorities.
    It is quite possible to withdraw necessary support for both politcal factions as they both utterly fail to rescue the US economy.
    It seems th US Government always chooses to defend the moneylenders of this temple earth while the business interests of the world rape the world population in their blind effort to drive us extinct.

    Their temple shall indeed be greatly disrupted as we expect God to protect the meek as His SOn ahs implied in Gospel.

    It is not that the faithful have declared war on big business interests. It just seems we always lack the ability to defend ourselves against their multiple offesnive efforts and any resistance by us makes us appear as an enemy which they must aggressivly and relentlessly destroy so as to maintain the status quo of political power/

    The vain eforts of the US government to eradicate the casual usage of marijuana is indeed an extremely misguided waste of money, and will continue to be that way/

    The usage of Marijuana is itself a symbol of rebellion against abusive and excessive government regulation… which is the mark of tyranny. It more than anything else represents a refusal to comply with government authority enforced without proper and good reason, but by the sheer might and bullying of politcal authority with all its benefits of punishing individuals for their behavior which is not practiced by the ruling minority..

  21. To the powerful ruler of the world (Whoever it may be). You have destroyed not thousands but millions of Grandfathers and Grandmothers,Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters ( Not some insects nor fishes in the sea) but FAMILIES! I firmly know that you don’t care as the rest of the world are starting to believe that television makes actors and you should receive an award for it. But in reality, You look like a stupid puppet.(totally no control)
    The worlds eyes is on your country and like many Americans, we are hoping on your reform for the Marijuana law. Why? It’s because you have brought the death sentence to countries like mine. UNBELIEVABLE!! DEATH SENTENCE! How many more are YOU gonna kill?? And it wasn’t YOU who started the propaganda but YOU could end it. I work in a courthouse and everyday I see some Mother, Brother, Sister or an elderly one weeping because of the death sentence imposed on them. ( for 300gm least) They are normal people working hard during the day and they go back to their holes to wind down their day.
    I used socialize with alcohol nearly everyday after work and am not gonna lie that it makes me feel “confident” like Mike Tyson or a racing car driver even like a teenager on heat! But after watching my favorite uncle die from cancer due to cigarettes and alcohol, as well from doing my own research.. I had decided that my body has been lied to. So I am still going thru psychological torture coz everyday I still crave for my alcohol. It’s been 6 months since my first puff ( without tobacco), urges for alcohol has subsided. No more getting into silly heated quarrels or skirmishes, accidents and loving a wife (not a mate from the pubs). I’d prefer to stay home and RELAX. Wishing people like Marc Emery was in your seat.
    Mr Powerful or the people of GODS kingdom please do something as the truth is already on the wall. YOU can be a true LEGEND to the people of the world and not another tyrant.

  22. I appreciate this site so much. It’s so hard to believe that our government would rather ruin the life of our youth than to open their eyes to the statistics and legalize marijuana. Granted, our youth makes their own decisions and knowing that it’s illegal and still buying, selling, using is perhaps wrong. However, with all the facts presented how can they continue to say, “Legalizing drugs would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of use” and expect us to sit there and accept that. I have three children and the thought of them buying from a cannabis shop instead of a dealer greatly puts my mind to ease. It’s becoming more appearent that the U.S. gorvernment is more concerned about upholding an old, useless law rather than bettering our country by listening to the people, accepting the facts, and making POSITIVE change for our future. It’s scary really to see how hard these people are hanging on for control. I’d like to see the death tolls of alcohol compared to marijuana- and I don’t mean the deaths of people who were shot by our government for using. Seems like I hear more horror stories about drunks then I do a pot head. Seems like all the people I know who use marijuana are healthier, happier, and safer than those who legaly use alcohol or tobacco. And tobacco… I don’t have to say much on this. I’m certain that the concerns about tobacco being legal and marijuana illegal have already swam through everyone’s thoguhts. Also, have any statistics on the capitolization of marijuana been presented??? Not only would it create more employment opportunities, but it would bring in more tax dollars not just off the product itself but all the paraphinilia to use, grow, etc. etc. Ignorance is killing our economy and our way of life. I don’t know what else to say, this is rather depressing. Especially when you read the comments left by some our hopefuls. Our votes have never mattered, and sadly, they may never matter. Thank you again for all the information! Good stuff.

  23. Well, well, I’m with the comment from #51. I’ll second that idea. It also looks like many of the rest of us feel the same way.
    If some pig headed government scoundrel busted my door down and came in and murdered my pets, he would end up with a RHINO BULLET made of freeze dried chicken SHI-.
    It’s time to rise to the occasion for a good cause.
    ABOLISH THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 120 Longtime Puffer

    Greetings from The Rebel,

    Didn’t we have this healthy debate, you and I?
    It may surprise you to know that we all believe that progressiveism has done many wonderful things, and to follow its agenda is honorable – but – to convert the United States of America is a battle they will never win. It’s just not in the nature of patriotic Americans to cave in to socialism, as you can now well see. But don’t cave in to anything other than your own beliefs, even if you can’t bear the weight of freedom.

    Hang in there!

  25. If we the people want it legal it should be our choice.

    and the government should let it stand.

    spreed the word and vote.

  26. Iam a 58 year old man.Iam just learning the pc so bear with me.I have been a alcholic all my life.along with goin to my home group in aa and makeing coffee for the men.Its been 6 yrs now the longest I went without a drink.Of course i neever talk about it. I realy dont have to becouse erb has never caused any problems.Why do they glorify alcohol when it kills millions of people wrecks familys relationships not to mention liver and brain damage to name a few? Also it does not give you the urge to drink!

  27. Obama, first your against this Illegal Immigration bill my state passed. Now your against Legalization of Marijuana in California? Your a walk contradiction, maybe you need to watch videos of your 2004 self on Marijuana and Illegal Immigration. It would help weaken/end this fail Drug war. President Obama, I’m not voting for you, your out of office comes next election. You want another term, decriminalize, legalize and regulate Marijuana, BRING REAL CHANGE! It’s also create jobs!

  28. Hello Rebel,

    Nice to hear from you. I wasn’t aware that we were having a debate. My gosh, man, I didn’t even mention the dreaded “S” word!!! LOL

    The only reason I even mentioned socialism in past posts was because I got tired of hearing people rag about big govt, and imply that we would all be better off if we just let the states take care of everything. I don’t believe state govts are any more pure or ethical than the fed. I mean, all those evil senators and reps come from the states!

    Rebel, as far as “patriotic Americans” not “caving into socialism”, I have to laugh. These dutiful citizens who don’t want to be infected by socialism would have to give up many of their current benefits, including social security, disability and medicare. (A lot of the tea baggers I see look like they’re drawing SS and/or disability!!) Are you willing to take that away from the old folks? You gonna take care of ’em? Also, we’d have to disband the military–heck, the military is one of the largest “social” programs in our country, LOL.

    Rebel, if the above things I mentioned aren’t social programs, including the military, please tell me what they are? They sure aren’t private. I think there’s a lot of “patriotic Americans” enjoying the benefits of social programs (ie, socialism) who are in pure denial.

    Anyway, take care–here’s a -hit- for the cause.

  29. I hope that the DEA raids California’s shops if the marijuana legalization bill passes. Then, I hope all of the citizens of California stand up for themselves and take up arms and force the DEA back to whatever pit of hell they rose from.

  30. i am 20 years old and ive been smoking pot since my 8th grade year.a kid can get pot anytime where i live at and for me i can get it whenever anywere i want.and booze i cant get all the if u controlle the substance like alcohol it will be less used by kids.

  31. You know Rebel a lot of socialists support marijuana legalization. We understand capitalism as not just “free market” but as a system where the government serves the interests of the capitalist class of bosses, bankers, landlords, stockholders, etc. Sometimes this involves government intervention to help the ruling class at the expense of the common people. William Randolph Hearst didn’t want hemp competing with paper so he partnered with Harry Anslinger and used his sensationalist stories in his newspapers to get it banned. This was easier because marijuana was associated with marginalized groups(blacks, Mexicans) and groups people were afraid of “undermining society” i.e. jazz musicians. Later it would be associated with radicalism(mostly socialist), so the government still continued to demonize it.

    The point being we don’t consider government action “socialist” if it is being done to help the ruling class and neither would have any of the earlier socialists such as Proudhon, Bakunin, or Marx.

    Not all socialists are even pro-government. Anarchists/libertarian socialists like me are against government, but most (not all) still like it when the government does things that help the common man even though we realize when the government does that they’re just trying to calm outrage. We just believe that if the economy was reorganized based on freely associated worker ownership most of these social programs could and would be voluntarily organized from the bottom up by the workers themselves and a few simply wouldn’t be needed in a socialist society.

    Of course we can agree to disagree. We both agree on what’s important, legalizing marijuana!

  32. NO to POT HEADS
    Obama is being nothing but a tool, with a monkey on his back telling him what is best for us when that same monkey is what put us in this damn shit hole with money AND marijuana. We need a new woodstock, FUCK acid, heroin, and other bullshit drugs used that day.. we need something that will create a damn bold statement not something that’s gonna make everyone seem like damn druggies. Music has always been there,
    whats stopping us now???
    Why is everyone so fucken scared to stand up for our rights??

  33. Government Thugs with Guns

    Surely sad to see are Federal Government become so blatantly corrupt. Follow the money. Who benefits from the continued prohibition?

    It seems that Law Enforcement at all levels has become dependent on the War on Drugs. Have they become the ultimate “thugs with guns” in this so called war on Drugs? Is it institionalized corruption? Turning Guns on thier own people over a weed.

    Shame on Obama for allowing this to go on. Obama, the incredibly shrinking president.

    It may take a national movement near the magnitude of the civil rights movement to effect change.

    Wake up Obama! Wake up Gil Kerlikowske! Wake up Uncle Sam!

    Your verbage and behavior toward your own people is hurting, not helping. We already know you wield the guns of law enforcement at every level. Isn’t 20 million arrests enough for you?

  34. we’ll just have to vote that misunderstood president and all of his little buddies out of office

  35. 130 LongTime Puffer

    O.K. Puffer. The fact is – I was born before penicillin was a wonder drug. I am a native Californian, so I’m right on top of the Kannabis issue. I’m also on Social Security and Medicare. I served my country in the military [ part 2 of the American Dream]. Here’s the deal Puffer. I raised my right hand and swore allegiance to protect my country [ not government] against all enemies foreign and domestic. I personally have lived under a mixture of capitalism and socialism for a long time, but this present government is marxist radical – and – that’s my enemy. If we disagree, then, we agree to disgree.

  36. Fuck Obama, fuck the feds, fuck the drug czar who does nothing but create misery for the Americans that pay his salary, fuck people who support marijuana prohibition and read a fucking book or use the damn internet to get the facts and stop listening to the government’s lies, and most of all, Fuck all you uptight bastards in Washington D.C. because its YOU and not drugs that are destroying this country! Fuck.

  37. Rebel,
    Thanks for the background info. You’re to be commended for your service. The draft ended the year I turned 18, so I didn’t have to go to Nam. I was hopped up to go fight the Commies. I hated them with a vengeance; thought they were a cancerous growth on the planet. My brother came home on leave, and talked me outta joining up. I come from a family with a long military history–my mom’s bro was in the Death March; another of her brothers shot down in a B-24. My dad’s dad was gunnery sgt in WWI. My dad, ten years Air Force. So I’m no bed-wetting liberal. I know military history as well as anyone, from Cannae to Lutzen to Stalingrad.

    But I also know military folly when I see it. And I also know when the people have been duped into a war.

    I also have a keen interest in politics–and IMO–Obama is far from a marxist radical. Heck,he’s very conservative in many ways–he’s proved it with his tax cut this winter, with his pre-oil spill stance on drilling, his surge in Afganistan, and even with his refusal to go after Bush on the war crimes issues.

    As you said, it’s obvious we disagree, and can agree to disagree, and I’m very happy that you’ve never shown yourself to be hypocritical on the issue of free speech.

    Best wishes, Longtime Puffer

  38. 134 Libertarian Sociaist

    Please! join LongTime Puffer and I in this dialogue of what [is] and what [isn’t]. Welcome!

    Puffer…how about dialogue…is that a better discription than debate?

    Guys! Since the dawn of time – Kannabis has been both a medicine and a sacrament. All of a sudden – this Anslinger guy needed to save his “failing” Bureau of Narcotics. Coinsidently – to this day – the “failing part” hasn’t changed, it’s still supported by a “failed prohibition.” So! Harry appeals to include Kannabis [a political pawn] so to get increased funding and save his ass. “Feed the failing monster he cries.”

    The fact of the matter is – The cops, the courts, the attornies, the prisons are [all] “profiting.” Not only that – special interests [alcohol, tobacco, pharma, paper, and synthetics] contribute huge amounts of payolla to keep it illegal. How dispicable and horrendous is that? What kind of a human being [a word that sticks in my throat when referring to prohibs] would do such a thing? Certainly not the kind of person I’d care to know – or – acknowledge as one having a conscience.

    I believe yesterday’s voting – clearly indicates that my crystal bal is still working. It tells me that “a free society will prevail.” Wait until these prohibs get a whiff of “anti-prohibs voting.” We’ve made medicinal kannabis the #1 issue since before the presidential election – and – we will keep it #1 until we run every jackass out of office – if need be – Republican, Democrat, Progressive, Conservative alike. Anyway – the three of us know the “fraud” behind this prohibition. So! Ya! – we’re on the same page. Kannabis lovers don’t want to hurt other kannabis lovers. Don’t we know that the [solution] to the whole thing is to reschedule kannabis from a schedule I subsatnce to a schedule III substance. That makes it a legal substance STAT. Ya! I was Navy Medic so I can speak from compassion.

    1 to 3
    THE POT.

  39. Come this November election, when the People get to vote , we the People will show the legislature that if they want to keep their jobs, they must vote to reschedule Cannabis. If not then, it will be more of the same.
    Mr. Obama must know that he is a one term wonder. Just another rich man, who continues the failed policies of the puppet masters. The Hopeful Americans who elected him are very sad, that he is just another back door Politician. My hope is that God sends him a dream, and educates him on the tenets of being a good Human Being.

  40. This is the biggest government cover up in history!

    It’s not only rediculous, but it is a known government cover up. Especially when they were doing studies to find all the bad things. They found it was medicinal and destroyed all evidence of many years of research paid by me and you. (The goverment said they “lost” the documents.

    Let us all make cigarettes illegal and see if he continutes to smoke.

  41. I take Census’. You would not believe the number of people pissed off at the Obama Admin.after voting for him. That is all they want to talk about and I can’t talk about it with them. I just take the census and leave but in my mindm I just want to scream, ” I know what you mean people, it’s time for the US to take their votes back and get new leadership!” He is giving us more of the same old BS! Next time will be the first time I vote Republican. If Ron Paul runs, I will vote for him.

  42. I am with #128. I’m divorced. I could not get weekend visitations with my son because I smoked a little weed. I never drank alcohol or any other drugs, until…

    When the Judge in Texas told me that I had to give up the pot in order to see my kids, I did that.

    I am now an addicted alcholic and a cocaine user. But now I can test clean and see my kids and see, this is not right! If I could, I would take back the pot in a heartbeat over everything else, but then I couldn’t see my kids.

    I want to see my kids no matter what I have to do and the judge ordered me to stop the pot and I did and see where I have gone since? I have to drink now or I will throw up in the mornings. This is how our judicial system works and you know. Therefore, I am forced to choose a vice that is not my choice that I have become addicted. The alcohol led me to the cocaine so I could sniff it and get sober from the alcohol. So I can honestly say, alcohol was my gateway drug.

  43. LongTime Puffer
    Rebel without a Cause

    What seems to be most relevant here is that each of you have faith in humanity and yourselves. Love thy God, love thy neighbor, love thy self. To me it sounds like you’re all on the same page.

    Genesists believe in separation of church and state; a hard thing to do when government intrudes in God’s business, and with all due reaspect, religion insists on recognition in government. What do they say: “Viva la difference.” On the other hand, if the only thing you agree on is God’s gift of Holy Sacrament – then – you agree to agree, assuming secularism doesn’t weigh in.

    Consider this:

    QUESTION: 1. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
    2. Which came first the cannabinoid or the cannabinoid receptor?
    ANSWER: It does’nt make any difference; whether by God or by nature, they were meant to be one to each. other.

    God bless,
    Manford Mantis

  44. Obama was elected into office “ONLY” because he said… He would let the science research see if cannabis would/could benefit America/Americans… B.S, he lied…
    56% of Americans want Cannabis to be legal, not to mention all the products that can be made from cannabis… also cannabis is first in line for a cure for cancer… wake up all you anti cannabis people, if you don’t wanna smoke it fine, use cannabis to make metals, fuel, cloth, paper…
    Our next president would get 56% voters buy just making cannabis legal and stay in office for a second term by getting the cannabis law passed.
    All you California folks, make history by voting YES for Cannabis… If CA don’t get it passed, some other state will…

  45. I helped my daughter do a research paper on Hemp/Cannabis for school…Henry Ford made metal for cars with hemp oil, 10 times stronger than metals made today for autos & 10 times lighter than what companys use today making auto bodys, 100 pot plants only 8 months old make more paper than 30 trees that are 30 years old, 3, 8 foot tall cannabis plants can fill up your cars gas tank compared to 200 pounds of corn it takes to fill up a cars gas tank, fabric made with cannabis last YEARS longer than fabric made with cotton !!! George Washington’s teeth were made with the Cannabis plant… NO ONE has ever died from smoking pot, you cant get addicted, thats more than you can say about cigarettes or liquor…!!! Man, I could go on & on about the benefits of a Cannabis plant, but what it all boils down to is major big companys loosing money if & when cannabis becomes legal…!!! Lets legalize pot and bail-out all these big companys with the taxes made from cannabis & still the US could pocket millions from the taxing of cannabis…

  46. Obama is a hypocrite. Who’d have thunk? I’ve been arrested by SS more than once for smoking a bowl in front of the White House. Government that governs least, governs best.

  47. Rebel,
    I agree wholeheartedly on the issue of legalizing MJ. None of the Prexies have had the courage to deal with this issue. I don’t believe any Prexy-wannabes will have the courage in upcoming elections either, anytime soon. Hopefully, MJ won’t be the taboo issue with polticos forever. As others have mentioned on these boards, it’s time we started putting pressure on our Reps and Sens. I’ve called mine a few times on this issue.

    It’s bad enough we have these businessmen forcing their drug-testing BS on us. (I’ll bet most of them are alcoholics.) We don’t need the govt pitching in too.

    I gave up drinking about 20 years ago–started getting bad headaches from booze of any sort. Most people’s hangovers happen the next day–mine started happening about 10 minutes after I opened the can.

    Like a good many other people, I tried many things over the years–particularly when I was younger. MJ is the only thing for me now.

    Anyway, take care. May we live to see this carried thru to the end.

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