Saginaw Cops And DEA Reflexively Destroy Medical Marijuana Patient’s Property

Unfortunately, what happened to medical marijuana patient Edward Boyke, Jr last month in Michigan is hardly an aberration as NORML still receives calls and emails nearly every day from lawful medical marijuana patients being terrorized by local and federal drug agents, often destroying their legal supply of medical cannabis and cultivation equipment–effectively making the arresting cops prosecutor, judge and jury.

Thankfully, in Saginaw Michigan, post this embarrassing incident with Mr. Boyke, police seem to now ‘get it’.

Only patients and advocacy groups (like the nearly 30 NORML chapters in Michigan and other pro-reform organizations in the state, such as Americans for Safe Access) are working to keep law enforcement honest and respectful of the needs of medical cannabis patients.

Question: Is the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department and DEA going to compensate Mr. Boyke to the tune of $7,000 after they illegally destroyed his private property?

Medical marijuana grower releases photos of basement after police visit; Saginaw County sheriff’s officials say destruction policy will change

By Gus Burns
The Saginaw News

May 20, 2010

Photo taken by Edwyn W. Boyke Jr., 64, of Saginaw Township, after police raided his home and destroyed his grow setup.


SAGINAW — In response to the new medical marijuana laws, Saginaw County sheriff’s deputies will discontinue their policy of destroying grow equipment when they serve search warrants at the homes of medical marijuana patients or caretakers, Saginaw County Sheriff’s Detective Randy P. Pfau said.

“Instead of destroying property, we’ll take everything in a forfeiture and let a judge make a decision on whether they’re allowed to have that property back or not,” Pfau said.

The second look at the policy is a response by the department to the public concern regarding action taken by deputies and federal Drug Enforcement Agency agents in the basement of the home owned by Edwyn W. Boyke Jr., 64, of Saginaw Township, Pfau said.

Police raided Boyke’s home on April 15, because they say he violated drug laws, and destroyed his grow operations, which Boyke said cost him $7,000.

“It’s so new to us, this new law, so we’re acting on protocol that’s been in place… forever with manufacture of marijuana,” Pfau said.

Pfau said the old norm was to take a portion of the grow equipment to present as evidence and document with rest with photographs and inventory sheets, so they didn’t need to confiscate sometimes large setups.

Because the possession and farming of marijuana is no longer inherently illegal, due to the new state medicinal laws, Pfau said deputies will adjust their procedures.

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  1. It really is coming to a point where “law enforcement” is a euphemism for “Legally sanctioned armed thugs”.

  2. True JUSTICE would dictate that Mr. Boyke should now be allowed to incur $7,000 of damage to the homes of each of the officers involved, perhaps the judge’s, too…

  3. America is not what it was intended to be. We are now living in a communist country. THEY decide what we can and can’t do. THEY decide who’s a criminal, THEY decide what our children will learn in text books. THIS LAND IS NOT FREE! And anyone who decides to stand up and fight for our rights as Americans and Humans is now called “terrorists”. Sure, there are the real ones out there, but be careful what you say and do….Big Brother is watching.

  4. Are you kidding? Coming to a point? They have been doing this for YEARS! The problem is no one cares until it’s THEM or someone very close to them. People need to stop being lazy and get involved before it’s too late.

  5. The laws need to change. Our people are being harassed by the government and it makes it worse that he was COMPLYING with the law.

  6. Just because someone has a gun and a badge, does not mean they are not a criminal. All this could be avoided if people would simply re-read the Constitution of the United States and comply with God’s will for people to live in freedom with liberty as acknowledged and cited in that founding document. Freedom and liberty must extend to the point where free exercise thereof violates like freedom and liberties of others. Otherwise, we are at best marginally willing slaves in a police state. Don’t those police have any crimes to solve where there are actual victims?

  7. The police have become legal thugs…they are trained in deceit and manipulation. Many of them are on the take and breaking the law themselves daily!

  8. He should call the police an report that someone broke into his house and vandalized it. Then sue the mo-fos for illegal search and seizure. I’d like to know how these people with grow operations are getting caught? Seriously.

  9. I thought the saying went, “innocent until proven guilty,” not, “innocent until the police arrive.”

  10. I’ts a shame when even citizens who abide by the “laws” given to medical marijuana patients , are forced to be bullied by our Government. In California back in 2009 there was a “drug bust” 3 doors down from where a known pedophile had a child duct taped to a lawn chair in his basement ..while SWAT teams were busy destroying growing equipment and searching for more than the resin in a pipe they found ..this young boy was raped…3 houses down..put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  11. “It’s so new to us, this new law, so we’re acting on protocol that’s been in place… forever with manufacture of marijuana,” Pfau said.

    NO – Manufacturing (growing) of cannabis has been going on forever… Its only be illegal for 70+ years…

    Get your facts straight Pfau!

  12. No it’s coming to the point where we utilize our 2nd amendment rights and protect ourselves from the corruption of this out of control government. Let us stand up against our oppressors and fight for freedom once again. We fought and won a war “over a tea tax” among many other violations of our freedoms, yet we stand by now and watch the government take all our freedoms from us. The next to go and already has begun is our 1st amendment and once that is gone the rest will fall like dominos. Come on people open your eyes, get out of your comfort zones, we can live without cell phones, big screens, xbox’s. All these devices make us slaves. And the government knows this. They want us to be obedient little slaves for their master plan of world domination. Don’t stand idle while they strip us of our freedoms! We have a God given right to be free, not a man made right A divine right to freedom. Do you really feel you need to be told what to think, how to dress, what food to buy, where you will live, what to say, what you learn. For now we still have decisions we can make on our own but lately I see those opportunities fleeting very fast. Sure marijuana should be legal but that’s just a small piece to the real battle we face. Once we lose our freedoms we will never see them again. The American Revolution started because someone took the first shot, and if you look at all this government has done I would say they have taken many first shots! How many more will they take before WE THE PEOPLE stand up for what is right?

  13. The evidence destroyed by police? Has the law enforcement change policies and no longer collect evidence, but to search and destroy and then press charges?

  14. They are being the bullies that they truly are and acting like spoiled children who have to have their way no matter what.

  15. Police need to fear the consequences of overstepping their bounds. Just like the people fear them. The good people of this country do not deserve to be terrorized. People who act in this matter whether they are law enforcement or not, need to know that they are not safe. No one is untouchable so long as they are human. The police act this way because WE let them. We give them too much power. We can take it away in a heartbeat. If we want.

  16. For 32 years I was in the “protect and serve” mode, adjusting procedures as laws and policies changed.
    I will not believe that Saginaw PD did not know about the passing of medical marijuana laws in Michigan, I am ABSOLUTELY positive DEA knew about it.

  17. What is sad is that they see their ‘old’ methods as justified, and would continue to do so if not for a change in legislation.

    I always think to myself, “sure, laws can be immoral and wrong but why do people enforce them? People should be able to transcend laws. Officers should see that it is wrong that they are ordered to destroy lives, and as a result stop.”

    Nope, Drug Wars require a stupid and immoral police force willing to arrest their neighbors and destroy their property. Police states and martial law require a stupid and immoral police force willing to shoot their neighbors.

    Officers enforced slavery laws back in the day. They are shooting people in Bangkok. Our military listen to ‘higher-ups’ without thinking, and as a consequence they drone strike areas packed with civilians in Pakistan.

    From our foreign troops in Afghanistan, to our ‘domestic troops’ at home, this complex of legal evil and following orders needs to STOP!

    Government is our greatest threat! Not Cannabis or terrorism! Police that enforce dangerous government are our most physical and direct threat!!!!

  18. I can’t believe what detective pfau said! It’s a new law and these cops were acting on the old law. what??????
    That is such BS. How stupid do these cops think we are?
    Utterly unbelievable what excuses these cops come up with. LEGALIZE NOW!!!!

  19. its funny if the law makers change a law or make a new one i just say maybe you dont understand it or maybe didnt know about it do you think any of the police,judges,or any others of them would give you a break ??? ok then insted of asking for his 7000 dollars maybe he should be asking same jail time PROBATION and record ,jobloss any of us would get if we broke in say a cops house and done same to his just saying maybe we not asking for enuff in return

  20. $7000.00 HA!!! Get a lawyer and sue the city for all you can get. They have no right to terrorize the law abiding citizens. Contact the ACLU and call the lawyers in the HIGH TIMES LEGAL GUIDE. The cops will try to intimidate you and will bluff you if given the slightest opportunity. Most people don’t realize how accountable cops are when they violate an Americans civil liberties. You need a lawyer to push this case all the way to the Supreme Court.

  21. I am sick and tired of the DEA! I am a chronic pain patient and I am sick of the power they have over us.
    They have gotten into the doctors business. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!
    I am just waiting for people to become so outraged that we will finally exercise our rights.
    Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!

  22. Hey here’s an idea, why don’t these cops go over to their grandmothers house and raid her medicine cabinet. After they find all the NARCOTICS they can begin destroying her stuff too. Oh wait, those NARCOTICS are legal, but so was the use of medical marijuana in this situation.

    These cops are clowns. They knew what they were doing. Taking a mans medicine?? What were they thinking???

  23. the system is called fascism. fascists love war and their own glorious corporate power.

    mussolini got thrown on a meathook but fascism lives on.

    hitler got whupped but his wall st bankers live on.

    yes, prescott bush got indicted for his support of hitler. after the war he got elected sen of connecticut anyway.

    fascists fear cannabis users as they should.

  24. I hope the authorities and law enforcement keep making mistakes like this. All it might take is a few more innocent children and family pets shot up in botched swat and police raids for people will become so fed up that they will rise up against this tyrannical corporate motivated insult of government we are currently living under.

    No one is above the law. Ever.

  25. The proper form of politeness when faced with injustice is to ATTACK! Use your Second Amendment rights if ANYONE, be it cop or criminal, enters your home unannounced! Don’t be ashamed to defend your Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. God gave us these rights for a good reason.

  26. I agree with nic, we are supposed to be a government for the people by the people, yet washington seems to be comprised, these days, of people who view and establish themselves as something altogether seperate from the rest of america, especially “middle class” americans. It seems like our voice is silenced amidst false allegations from the government based on years of propaganda and research that has since been disproven or discredited. It feels like when we were kids and our parents told us not to do something, and then told us that it was because they said so, with no logical argument to base their decision on. But we are not kids any longer, the government is taking away our freedom bit by bit, and we just continue to sit back, put our noses in the corner, and buy all the crap they serve us. It is time for something, shooting at the government might not be the best idea haha, but we need to unite. It’s not only about marijuana anymore, its about our rights, our rights as individuals and states, and as citizens of what was once a great nation.

  27. many people have taken the first shot and have died defending thier homes the problem is its to many home owners who die and to few crimnals .who get shot and thier buddys try to make them out as heros .this will not end till there are 100 new hereos a day givin the honor of dieing to enforce failed drug policy .history says many true patriots will die flushing the big toilet called ,marijuana prohabition

  28. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will know peace – Jimi Hendrix

  29. If the growers in question had LEAGAL pappers to have a growop. Then why did the law go throught the expese of tax money to destroy it. And GOD knows so many of us would die sooner without it. Please share love and the CURE.Sicerly, just want to live alilbit longer.

  30. holy fuck, i thought they stopped all this, EDITOR, please put up a counter like the cost of our wars counter about the shit med users are getting, an email count etc

    norml FTW

    email me please meester editor

  31. Isn’t it interesting that so many right-wing ‘law and order’ types think it’s just fine for folks to be allowed to carry guns, with which they can shoot their fellow citizens, but that the possession of a medicinal herb that can alleviate their most debilitating symptoms is seen as being such a danger to society? How is medicinal cannabis a threat to anyone unless it’s big enough to club ’em over the head with? I mean, seriously, why is it that the dumbest faction always seems to wind up with the weapons of both the literal and figurative variety?

  32. Someone invades your home, then shoot to kill. Don’t waste time. Get a gun and protect yourself.

  33. I would consider going the initial extra costs of LED +
    CFL’s. The low electrical use stays under the radar and has no heat signature,I heard that,,,,,somewhere over the rainbow,,,,,,,

  34. Wow, this was absolutely unnecessary! Hopefully in the future they WILL change their policies and stick to their word and ONLY “raid” homes of those who are actually BREAKING THE LAW! I don’t even take most police “raids” seriously anymore, given all the recent mishaps with these so-called military-style “raids” on non-violent offenders.

    Although their statement of the law “being so new to them” might carry SOME merit, I bet you if it was a new drug law/sanction they wouldn’t have any problem understanding it, nor implementing it.

  35. When did the job of “Peace Keeper” become known as “Law Enforcement!”. Screw this country.

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