Georgia NORML wants YOU!

From our chapter in the Peach State and Executive Director David Clark:

When Barack Obama, a former pot smoker, was elected President, I was hoping for great things. Decriminalization! Legalization! And then…

Obviously, waiting for Obama was not going to work, so I contacted NORML and asked about setting up a state chapter here. I knew legalization was a long shot here in the Bible Belt, but we should at least have a voice!

A year later, I am proud to say that GANORML has raised awareness, emboldened many who were in the closet, and re-established a beachhead for marijuana reform in Georgia. We raised $5,000.00, sponsored a successful legal seminar, engaged the media, and grew our mailing list.

I have enjoyed every minute of it, but it’s time for a new leader. We have opportunities politically because of the upsurge in Libertarian activism nationwide. Our issue can have a high profile in the upcoming statewide elections. Our videos can get exposure in Georgia. Our bills could get the all-important legislative sponsor. Since I’m not a Libertarian, someone else should be in charge.

I am calling a general meeting open to all interested persons for July 10, 2010 at Kavarna Cafe in Decatur (707 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA, 30030). I will ask the Board of Directors to elect a new Executive Director at that time. Anyone interested in assuming a leadership role in GANORML please email me

I’ve received a few emails from people in Georgia looking to get involved… now here’s your chance!  You don’t have to step up to be Executive Director, just show up to the meeting and get to know others in Atlanta and surrounding areas who feel like you do that marijuana should be legal for all adults.

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  1. Hi! I am in Columbus, GA. Let me know what I can do.

    Robin Williams-mccormack

  2. I am a libertarian and i am a political activist and an avid pot smoker but i curently live in tulsa but i can do my part hear because oklahoma as well is in the bible belt so things arent going good here either but i cant do it by myself so please send me information on how i can help hear in oklahoma as my email always gets overloaded with spam and i dont want to risk deleting this important messege please send all info to my address at 4647 hartford ave tulsa oklahoma 74126
    and thank you for everything you are doing to help the decriminalization and lagalization of a wonderful plant that helps so many i beleive it to be my obligation to do my part as well so please let me know how i can i cant realy donate money because times a hard right now as you know and i have a family to suport but i will help in any other way possible

  3. Hi my name is Joseph from Jimi Rays LunchBox. I’ve been followong the events of NORML’s activitys the best i can.I would love to be a part of the organazation one way or another. But Really wanted to propose an offer to put a fundraiser event involving some of the best bands i know and then some.I was able to put one together in less than a week for the march of dimes that raised over a 1000$ with only 3 bands. Im sure we can do better than that. Just tell me where and how to get started.

  4. The soil and climate are perfect for growing marijuana in this state; especially the southern part in which I live. And, like most Georgians, we don’t really care much what the government (or the law) says we can and cannot do. It’s grown all over here, as it should be. It should be grown WITH seeds though, so that it can be spread all over. Pot smokers have messed up that overgrow campaign with their insistence on growing sinsemilia. It will never be overgrown into the realm of ridiculousness that it needs until that is corrected. And that is exactly what is needed as our government is far too corrupt to ever care what we, the people truly want.

  5. In my opinion YES it SHOULD be legal medically AND REC use, its no different than Alcohol or someone that wants to take pills to get high for the night or someone that wants to do both, because that’s what people are doing these days not to mention dying along with it, well i dont wanna die i jus wanna get high.

  6. No worries Georgians! I’ve been an activist here in Tennessee and no has ever come to my house as a result. I stay in contact with Senators and Congressmen constantly, run ads in the opinion section of my home town and organize local seminars. At the very least, I hand out fliers with recent events in the news about legislation and where and how to take action. Hiding in closets will only get you more time in passing new laws. Don’t wait till your busted and then wish you’d done more later. Step up to the task or be considered a coward, selfish, inconsiderate and uneducated on the issues. Be active or send money to support those who’ve taken a bold stand!

  7. I don’t see why capital-L Libertarians are required to lead the charge for marijuana reform. In fact, I’d say that strong support for reform among the two major parties would be a more valuable asset. I’m a small-l libertarian, and I don’t see much political hope in the Libertarian Party.

    If anything, I think it will be libertarian Republicans in the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson mold who will end up doing the most for the cause from within the government. Either that or Democrats who finally get a little backbone for once and stop pandering to tough-on-crime BS.

  8. I wish to put in my efforts and FREEdoms as a human BEing to live out my rights as a native of planet Earth to be able to have respectful interaction with every seed bearing plant. EARTH, WATER, LIGHT…hold no evil…only when mans free will coupled with greed and lust can something natural be manipulated to a society and the world to not see that the plants are no different then we are for they breath air, drink of the same waters, absorbe the same sun as we do.

    Paul Felices

  9. Its not about just the basic freedoms for the medical patients, we are robbing our world from having limitless products that could result in not having to cut down ancient trees. A society tries to tax trees for they take so many years to grow…but a quick renewable product can save many. Build houses out of bricks, clothing, make a whole new world of culinary adventure, breakthroughs in medicine. Think about how much history a single drop of water has experienced…now how much water has that plant drank to reach medicine.

  10. What time is the meeting on July 10th? Please update/edit your original post with the information.

  11. To tell any human being or animal that they cannot take part in the Earth in any form is to send man into damnation. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust…each puff is a living sacrifice unto the body…may each breath enlighten, cleanse, heal, build, restore, and give grace. Its not about the money, its not about the power, its about BEING HUMAN!! I was born from my parents love as a seed is born from elemental love…are we so different? Answer man has free will to create good and evil through words and actions, a plant holds only earth, water, wind, light. Be elemental!

  12. Hmmm , Georgia .

    A losing State . Last and only time i was there i went to a night club and they wouldn’t let me in because of their hillbilly dress code . I was wearing blue jeans and a T shirt . Last time I’ll ever go back . In California it’s just the opposite as this hillbilly State . Wear a suit white shirt & tie and you can’t get in and that’s our dress code .

  13. Sorry for my demeaning this State of Georgia but , i couldn’t stand it there .In fact , anywhere in the so called Bible belt .

    NO THANKS to anywhere back – east .

  14. I do not live in GA at the moment, but will be moving there to live with my son, as I am disabled and unable to work. I would be willing to help in anyway that I can in sending out info to the media and to the politicians regarding this issue. Especially the info for medical marijuana. I suffer from fibromyaligia and disc disease, as well as chronic pain and I have found that when I hurt to the point where nothing else works on the pain, mj is the only thing that helps relieve the pain and obtaining what is needed to help function and to relieve pain that is not relieved by legal pain meds and most doctors under medicate with pain meds because they are so afraid that the patient will become addicted. So even though you are receiving pain meds legally, it is likely that you are still suffering from pain because you are being under medicated. We need to come together in getting a bills introduced and passed legalizing the use of medical marijuana, at least, and then possibly getting it legalized for all adults. I would much rather deal with someone who has been smoking than someone that has been drinking. People seem to forget that alcohol is a DRUG and is more detrimental to your body and more people die from the use of alcohol and cigarettes than mj, which I believe I read that there have not been any deaths from the use of mj. If we can get mj legalized for use, the impact on the economy would be very beneficial-money for the government from taxes, more jobs and law enforcement would be able to concentrate their resources on the true criminals and crime, plus our jails would not be filled with minor crimes that are usually for possession of mj for personal use and there would not be as much overcrowding in our prisons and the judicial system would not be having to let real criminals out into our communities because of the overcrowding.

    So, I would be willing to help in anyway that I can and would like to get info on the meeting in GA, once it is held, as I am unable to get out of the house rarely, because of the conditions I have prevent me from being able to drive. Plus my husband, son and his wife want to make sure that they are not involved or in any way appear to be be involved, they will not condone it publicly because it may be detrimental to them and could affect their jobs. They know that I smoke now but will not be allowed to continue once I start living with them, so it is very important to me and others that something is done in getting mj legalized in GA and the rest of the states in legalizing mj for medical reasons, making it easier for people that need to use it for medical reasons to obtain it more easily and legally, not have to worry that their families are negatively affected by your use and by providing correct information of mj’s benefits and not feeling like criminals by having to hide in the “closet” regarding our use of mj.

  15. Hello i am a pot smoker like the rest of you and i believe what you are doing is a great thing, but i would like to address the last few words of this segment “who feel like you do that marijuana should be legal for all adults.” See i am only 16 yet i have not seen any proof to suggest that marijuana is unhealthy. Infact all evidence i have been shown points to the contrary. So i ask why do you believe it should only be for adults?

  16. Good job man, glad to hear norml is coming to GA. I’m sure there’s lots of tokers up in GA. I’d say with Widespread Panic’s fan base, you should have a lot of luck. Peace and take care,

  17. If we Georgians could get the greedy judges out of their grow houses and the corrupted police and bereau
    agents out of their basement and big warehouse grow rooms and quit victimizing the honest hard working people that need relief from this sly form of modern day slavery, then us Georgians may be able to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. It’s all about government corruption and scoundrels in the government that is the problem here in Georgia. Of course the government is in it for the money and if your looking for compassion and fairness from the government here in Georgia, you won’t find any unless you’re one of the protected informants or other corrupted government scoundrels that is bilching us hard working and well deserving people of our right to have a non-narcotic remedy to pain, stress, fatigue, etc. Of course if we ever get medical marijuana here in Georgia, everyone should realize that those greedy politicians and greedy, scoundrelous government will be the ones owning the dispensories! Enough of the sly, corrupted, greedy, non compassionate government!!
    WE NEED FULL LEGALIZATION SO AS TO MAKE THE GOVERNMENT COME CLEAN. Otherwise they will place moritoriums on dispensories so that the only ones in existence will be operated by the very scoundrels that have been against marijuana from the get go! We Georgians need to do something about these government scoundrels and vote for “total legalization for marijuana”.

  18. A big thank you to Russ Belville and the rest of NORML bringing some light to our backwards state. Georgia is, unfortunately, a state that still imposes illogical, and quite frankly, ridiculous “zero-tolerance” policies for driving while intoxicated under marijuana. Not that I am a proponent to smoking pot and driving, I in fact discourage any such action, however, if arrested under the suspicion of being under the influence, and you test positive for thc you are going to jail. Yet, you can blow a .08 on a breathalyzer and drive away from a traffic stop.

    Just one example of backwards Georgian law.
    That is, even if you aren’t high, but smoke marijuana and drive a vehicle, you are indeed committing a felony in the state of Georgia.

    There is so much work to be done in the beautiful state of Georgia, kudos to NORML.

  19. Well, stand up, speak up for your rights!!
    How are we ever going to get anything done here in Georgia if you can’t stand up, and speak up? I can’t hear you! If you people want to get something done, “TO END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION” here in Georgia, everyone is going to have to get off of the scared wagon!
    This comment section should be a mile long, what are you waiting for?

  20. Talk about a “lightbulb” moment! As soon as I saw the blog headline, I realized that this could be a wonderful opportunity for me to get involved and help educate and enlighten the people of Georgia on the benefits of responsible drug policy via legalization, taxation and regulation.

    While I may not exactly be qualified for an Executive Director position, I would sincerely love to be a part of Georgia NORML and help out in any way I can!!

  21. The citizens of this country need to establish some new rules governing elected officials!
    When a candidate claims they will support something just to get your vote, but then as soon as they are elected, they turn face or jump off the wagon! Have you ever noticed that cute little twist?
    Well I believe the people should endorse a new moritorium on elected officials who obtain office on their promises, but then change their mind after elected, or they decide to take some palm greasing money to turn 180 degrees from what they stated in their campaigns in order to be elected. The new rule should state that any candidate obtaining office that changes their stand on these issues (marijuana legalization or any other issues) will be immediately ousted from their political position per se.
    It’s only fair to say this because I speak not only for myself but rest assured everyone knows what I’m talking about!
    I’m no politician but, maybe i will run for office someday and show them how it’s done, that is unless someone who is a true leader stands up for our rights and cares for what the people want, and not what greedy, corrupted, uncompassionate government scoundrelism wants! If anyone out their in the state of Georgia is not a chicken, maybe it’s time to stand up, and speak up!
    Where are you????

  22. If only someone would do this in Kentucky. I mean, we used to friggin grow hemp! If someone with some political charisma would step up, I would back them and so would all of my friends. We would help raise money and contribute any other way we could. There is absolutely nothing going on in Kentucky right now. No NORML chapter, no activism, nothing. Kentucky is such a “key” state (I mean just look at its shape). If anyone has any info on how to get things going in KY or how to connect with others in KY, please make a comment.

  23. “End Marijuana Prohibition” Legalize marijuana 100%.
    Personally I don’t think medical marijuana and moritoriums against despensories is the way to go! MORITORIUMS ON DISPENSORIES IS STILL ALLOWING THE GOVENMENT CONSPIRACY TO CONTINUE!
    We should “GO FULL STEAM AHEAD WITH 100% LEGALIZATION” Until that happens, the government snitches and paid protected informants AND OTHER GOVERNMENT SCUMBAGS will be the only ones allowed to operate a dispensory after the government gets their moritoriums in place. Then any money derived will be going into the very government scumbags hands that have been beating on peoples heads with their flashlights and raiding people in the middle of the night, killing your pets in front of your children!
    Go back and read this comment again and pass the word to all!!! Could anyone out there acknowledge the fact of what I’m telling you in their next posts. I and many others will appreciate it!
    LEGALIZE MARIJUANA 100% and take away from the government scumbags that are using us hard working people to fill their suitcases under the bed with easy money!

  24. To Dr. Dunk, that someone could be you. I am not going to be involved in the op in Georgia, though I do live here, but it is because I believe in the tactic I wrote of above. I would also like to defend the state I was both born in, and choose to live in today, from the person known as “anonymous.” Unlike that person, who had nothing good to say about my beloved region, I have enough backbone to post my actual name. Please stay in California, especially if you are too afraid to stand up like a free person, and instead choose to hide like a slave (which is the same as a coward). Grow your vote, WITH seeds, and let freedom spread that way. It’s not like this country will stay afloat much longer anyway. Law has far less meaning than it ever has before. Flaunt it at every opportunity, or remain a slave.

  25. MARIJUANA PROHIBITION = government CONSPIRACY against the people!
    MORITORIUM on dispensories = more government CONSPIRACY!
    100% MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION = make the government come clean of their crimes against humanity!
    And the list goes on and on and on and on and……………………………………………………………………………………………..
    If anyone else out there has anything you would feel the need to include in the list please don’t be afraid to do so!!!

  26. Why do you want to make this a Libertarian issue? I believe it will only make your organization seem like more of a fringe group in the eyes of the mainstream media and public. This upsurge in “Tea Party” activism is temporary. Let’s not make this a political issue but a public health and safety issue, based on the facts that are on our side!


    END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION = STOP government SCOUNDRALISM AND government CORRUPTION over the marijuana issue.

    VOTE 100% LEGALIZATION and keep the government from abusing the taxpayers tax money, this tax money should be used to fight things such as bank robbers. I just read an article about some guy who has robbed about 28 banks in the south east before finally getting caught…
    This just goes to show that the government is more interested in the easy money than they are in doing what our tax dollars are paying for. Sounds like the police may be involved in bank robberies since it takes so long to catch the bank robbers. GO FIGURE!!!!

  28. Not only as a state, nation, continent, and WORLD!! We as men and women have the full born right to not be enslaved by mans corruption. To live in this way is to live already dead. Why should any person have to live in fear…there are only to base emotions in life and those are LOVE and FEAR. I would rather live in love then always afraid of the next moment. Lets stand up as a People!! Unified by the fact that we breath air, drink water, and are warmed by fire…so lets have freedom to use of the land freely

  29. Cheers to Keith Stroup, Paul Armentano, David Clark, Russ Bellville and all the rest of the people at the NORML Foundation!

    stop political and government corruption!

    End the government conspiracy over the marijuana legalization issue, once and for all.

  30. The person that should lead NoRmL in the great state of Georgia is Bob Barr. Cynthia McKinney should also be a big part of this movement. If Bob Barr is now what he says he is he should take this post with open arms. He is now a born again liberty seeker. Let him prove it. In all honesty he could do more good with this issue that anyone we could get to take this chair. He was one of the biggest obstacles dealing with marijuana while in Washington d.c as a Georgia congressman. Let him show his fellow Georgians that he is indeed for liberty and freedom. Bob Barr should lead this charge in the state of Georgia and gain some repentance for all the people he’s helped put in jail over this issue. He should shout from the top of Stone Mountain that the most addicted people throughout the United States of America that is addicted to marijuana are LAW ENFORCEMENT themselves. Without marijuana we could delete at least 25% of all police forces in this country. The local law enforcement budgets would be cut by 30% to 40% minimum over all. Washington DC would save BILLIONS. The state of Georgia would also benefit from not putting all those people in jail for possession to the tune of millions of dollars. If Bob Barr is what Bob Barer says he is, let him step up be a man and show it…Try and right your wrongs Bob, Ill help you and support you if you do. Ill give you that chance. This is the man that should lead NoRmL in the great state of Georgia..

  31. To comment further on why Cynthia McKinney shoud be involved with NoRmL in the state of Georgia. Its black families throughout the stat of Georgia that are suffering the most from Georgias Law Enforcement against marijuana possession. In Cobb county you never see a car pulled over that has black people in it where the police are not doing a search of their car. If you’re black and you drive thru Cobb county you should beware. This is how law enforcement controls black people in the state of georgia and Cynthia McKinney knows it. You’d have to be a total moron to not know this. It is beyond me why the local pastors and ministers throughout the state of Georgia stand for this. They know its happening too. It would appear that most black ministers in Georgia today are cowards and no longer have what it takes to stand up and fight for the black people in the state of Georgia. Apparently they’re enjoying the black boots thugs that stand on the throats of their children, because thats whats happening. Everyday.. The Atlanta police department had police officers that murdered a 91 year old woman over marijuana. MURDERED HER!!! Where are you Cynthia. Your people in the state of Georgia need you kore than the people of Israel. WHERE DO YOUR PRIORITIES LIE??? Where are all the black leaders in the state of Georgia on this issue. They all have become cowards and care less for black children today than ever before and the color of the prison population is proof……..

  32. Hi i thought i should contibute my point of view i recently had my leap badge stolen supporter by some asshole samurai type and my strobe light dare badge by an asshole ninja type before that one after wop man got his self a deputy job. Fuckin bullshit people are associated with too tight of non disclosure too libertatian records and archives that makes me fed up with antosocialist exremist that call themselves socialist that won’t get real about details and don’t know us mentality they have we will contact you mentality if they want too. Get this libertarian gone wrong ignores every real issue and some gyspy style traveler after too long of wastin your time and no preplanning time line to you. Conservative gone wrong leaves me drugless too long. I can’t be no pure capitalist or pure communist mode person instead of just not know what the fucks going on this way all i know is that i’m a philantrhopist oriented independent everyday and don’t think a fuckin french statue invited me over any more than god dammed buffalo type people back in the day. I know some iconic libertarians thats in to letting people take the fall the wrong way and than not accepting a collect call anyway and some police that don’t mind if people stay a prisoner in there homes cause they don’t mind everyone elses victimless crime vice double standards anyway. I been to kennesaw athens and columbus city and get that LPGA ezine and had’nt found proof yet that theres meetings going on. When i used to before others houses more than now that how i do what i could do that best i don’t do no more when the LNC don’t let me do that though they say i deserve liars hatred and populist thugs knowing tyrant thusgs is better but not more realistic than them sometimes turning out to be don’t tell last name badits and i guess that shits better than that stuff is’nt it except when it isn’t isn’t it. I can’t stop the LPGA from being ran more retarded than fuckin dweebs that could be better than some stupider fuckin dorks out there but i think LPGA sounds way stupider than LGC affilate meetings. An LNC newspaper anarchist antiparty politician knows what the fuck its good for and knows too much of its caused by statist liars and thieves and won’t sign or give real details to the logbook keeper. Why is it too many people lace the crowd with won’t get real with you folks everytime? I could tell you honkys and niggers names honky and niggers games where they go an who they know but people too many times are too intensely secretive with me and won’t never fauwckin discuss occupational concerns or haphazards with me. A bullshit policemans criminology don’t woek after he loses it all in a fake uncertified lawyer type across the state line he’s too far bent a little r republican instead of an independent everytime and that won’t get a call back instead of cause another one to get sent out. A shittier sack of shit is that causes more interacial unwanted porno on the marke instead of same race porno on the market it’nt it. STOP BEING A STATIST JOHN ORR I KNOW YOU MAY NOT DESERVE IT WITH A 20$ DOOR AND I KNOW YOU GOT A $80 DOOR

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  34. John Orr make sure to worry Ralphs cold case can be arranged I can’t belive you wanted mine by not talking on the telephone across the county line…

  35. PLEASE GET ON THE HORN EVERYONE and make sure that everyone in CALIFORNIA reads the posts from BIGHARE1 UNDER “Georgia NORML wants you” on the website. (Several posts from BIGHARE1)
    I JUST THOUGHT you people in California should at least consider the issues that I have brought to everyone’s attention. SERIOUS!!!…GO FIGURE!!!
    SPREAD THE WORD before the article is removed.

  36. This shouldnt even have to be a voted upon matter. Constitutional rights comes from the basic human rights…Life, Liberty, Happiness…and well LAW is shooting mankind in the foot…leaving everyone crippled and weak. Its not about legalizing a substance but being humble enough to know when people through unjust law are still enslaving people…and that is not just!

  37. Marijuana won’t be decriminalized or legalized in Georgia any quicker than Alabama. In Mississipi if i could have my way i would start by decriminalizing small scale cultivation to under five plants a minor infraction.Expanding NIDA’s program probably would’nt happen but should. Benji and Patrick and Paul its wrong as sin to only liked me over folk lore alone over there in midtown don’t ya think. Its not fair enough different kinds of artist could’nt stay friends with real details 25 to 30 years at a time this has hampered weilding fourth article home stewardship and helped not prevent the wrong kind of unsurping. Past mistakes will never be repeated and must be learned from. Once deforestation of more pine and elm happens it must be over urbanization and new construction this won’t neccessarily help out in the future. If you midtown. people don’t never get kinder though once i move back across the state line i won’t never call you back from the outskirts woods areas of Reform parties homes that aint mine but old friends and homeowners that had more advantage than renters every time but don’t try to float no jazz with me im not always ultra friendly.

  38. It’s an issue of civil rights, not Libertarianism. Democrats are better for the cannabis movement in the US anyway, so the political reason for leaving the position doesn’t add up at all.

    What a pathetic reason to leave. We who support US Liberal political philosophy have more power than Libertarians and are just as cannabis-friendly. It sounds like that ex-leader in GA smoked some salvia divornum perhaps, got some hate mail from Tea Party people and believed ‘a message had been sent’… like from ‘God’ or something. It is pathetic.

    US Libertarianism is not as practical or as ethical as US Liberalism.

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