DC police kill grandmother’s dog while serving drug warrant

Please take a moment to sign the petition at http://CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com/animals to protest the cruelty of the unnecessary killing of pet dogs by police during encounters with citizens.

Today’s story of police canicide comes to us by way of the Associated Press (click to watch the video). A 62-year-old grandmother in Washington, DC tells AP that police came to her home serving a drug warrant for her 28-year-old grandson. The grandma asks to put her dog in the back yard or the bathroom. The cops tell her the bathroom would be fine. Later, the cops open the bathroom door, claim this 13-year-old dog named “Wrinkles” attacked them, and they shoot it multiple times. By the way, the grandson hasn’t lived in the home for a dozen years and the only drugs cops found were what they claimed was “drug residue” on some baggies, which the grandma contends is the residue of fortune cookies.

There was another heartbreaking dog killing by police in Lagrange, Missouri, caught on video that you can view on our NORML Stash Blog. This incident did not involve a drug warrant, however. Instead it was a report of an aggressive dog, who on video appeared to be quite calm and friendly, shot to death by an officer after the officer had it fully restrained by chain, noose, and pole.

If we can get the signatures on the signatures on the LEAP petition over 1,000, supermodel Joanna Krupa has agreed to deliver the petition to both PETA and the Humane Society to increase the exposure of this all-too-common police procedure of killing family pets unnecessarily. (For more coverage of police dog killings in drug raids, check our Dog Shooting category at the NORML Stash Blog.)

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  1. I signed the petition…its too bad that PETA kills (euthanize) over 60% of animals they “rescue”

  2. Please I am a proud supporter of both NORML and animal welfare, PETA and the HSUS are not for animal welfare they are for animal rights and those companies just take money and don’t really help the animals…I have links that can back my statements up with factual financial and news reports. Please contact ASPCA and NAIA to assist in fighting the injustice of these dog killings.. I have signed the petition and am getting others to sign but please get the right animal welfare groups behind you.. (animals rights groups think people shouldn’t have anything to do with animals let alone have pets, animal welfare seeks to protect those pets and other animals. )

    [Russ responds: This is not a matter of questioning the legitimacy of PETA or HSUS. If you feel better pressuring ASPCA and NAIA, please, do it. Pressure everybody and anybody.

    But if I have the chance to engage a celebrity in the fight to end these brutal police tactics, and that celebrity will engage PETA in the fight, and possibly PETA brings a boatload of mainstream media coverage and perhaps a few other celebrities (*cough* Bill Maher *cough* Pam Anderson *cough* how many other animal rights supporters can you name who you know have smoked herb?) into the fight, and maybe that extra mainstream exposure gets people to question why we serve violent warrants on non-violent cannabis consumers in the first place… well, I can get past MaryBeth Sweetland using animal products to control her diabetes while condemning my leather jacket.

    Besides, it is a petition to get PETA and HSUS to focus on this issue, which is something they should be doing if they wish to protect animal welfare, don’t you think?]

  3. Are all of our cops really this retarded? It’s if they are roided up evil 12 year olds that just got their first pellet gun for Christmas. This just shows how the human beings we use to call police men and police women have be replaced with unthinking, inhuman tools called police officers. And they wonder why we humans do not trust them or respect them.

  4. stupid cops… you cannot win a war on a plant that grows on every continent besides antarctica… such senseless violence…

  5. Too many officers of the law are under educated, under funded and under the repression of low IQs – it is proven fact that those with lower levels of higher brain function often turn to order based proffessions. In that they follow orders well, but lack critical thinking skill required to engage other people in a civil manner once issued the power of badge and gun.

  6. I suggest everyone who is as disgusted by this as I am go to this site: http://forums.officer.com/forums/ And sign up and start posting your disgust. I did a search there on “dog killing” and read that the cops think its just quite alright to shoot and kill your family pet, but when someone else shoots and kills their K9’s they get sacked with a FELONY and PRISON TIME! How can this be fair? Please, go there and start posting!

  7. This has gone too far! Dogs are the embodyment of innocence! If inoocence is a crime in the eyes of the state, then we might as well be all executed if we want or have the desire to be happy as human beings. the time for passive indifference is over people! when you hear about this in your neighborhood (which no doubt may very well happen), DO NOT JUST SIT AROUND. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR FELLOWS.

  8. This is the kind of shit police do that makes freedom-minded Americans form militias and secret societies. Gots to keep the Klan police under control, push back.

  9. Pigs!!! I hope America wakes up someday and realizes these pigs are horrible scummy trash. If they killed my dog I would end up in the Penitentiary. I hate pigs and the Republican scum who support them!!!

  10. are they just picking drunks up off the street and stuffing them in police suits cause they sure act like it.these guys are morons

  11. i started watching the video, but knowing what was goin to happen to the dog after i saw a clip of him/her just laying down with its head on top of its paws looking innocent, i had to stop watching the video . i feel so sad and angry at the same time . the feeling i have inside are so unexplainable. i wish everyone or government can see whats happening . now cops are killing dogs too ? cowards . doesnt sound like serve and protect to me , at all.

  12. This guy hasn’t even lived at the location the warrant was served on in 12 years! My guess is the search warrant was obtained as a result from another lousy “confidential informant.” If I was a judge, I would never sign a warrant based on CI testimony. They are always in it to save their own skin, so their credibility is crap to begin with!


  13. Has any reader here ever heard or known of a similar case in which the police agency was sued and won?

  14. I wonder how long it will be until the people retaliate in a violent manner? A few more killings of innocent pets, or searches in ‘police states’, may be a spark to a lot of radical minded people.

    [Editor’s note: Hopefully, and if past is prologue, cannabis consumers will not strike out in violence as prohibitionists will only seize upon even the most demonstrable self-defense as ‘dope head violence’. The cannabis law reform movement has well attained the moral high ground after 40 years of ‘turning the other cheek’ and not lashing out at sometimes oppressive government violence–notably in one’s home or on their property.

    Unfortunately, the moral high road has traditionally been paved with self-sacrifice and martyrdom.]

  15. It’s a dog you morons. The USA and many parts of the world are falling apart and you care about dogs?

  16. The cure that kills. If an eye for an eye is the norm. What do you do to someone that just consumes a plant?

  17. There ought to be a cute dog food commercial were a cop bust in the house and kills the dog.

  18. I’m on probation and i’m afraid if they come and do a home visit, they might shoot might my harmless golden retriever for trying to play with them. This is getting out of hand, or it’s probably been out of hand for quite some time and it’s only getting out now because of such wipespread internet use. This must be put to an end, both animal killings and prohibition. These kind of actions make me feel sick, sad, and disgusted. I am not proud that I share my country with these incompetent swine and pretty soon, I might not even be proud to be American at all. We are not free, and haven’t been for a long time. the founding fathers got it right with the constitution, but since then, douchebags have twisted, reworded, amended, and taking its meanings out of context. Now I know why the rest of the world hates us so much (for this and many other reasons as well).

  19. Calls for violence will not aid us in our fight for legalization. We have already rose above this government’s lies in our ability to produce credible scientific evidence that cannabis is not the evil thing they’ve made it out to be. Their violent acts against us only serve to solidify our resolve that we’re fighting the good fight. I’ll turn my cheek and be the better man so that I can rest better at night knowing that I am with the good guys. Sooner or later, they’re going to break the bank trying to support this drug prevention experiment gone sour. The money will be gone, and no one will be left to defend their lies. What future do they have knowing that one day, it will all end? What it must be like for them to sleep at night knowing their house of cards will fall. No one in their right minds believes the lies they spew about the most wonderful plant ever created. If what they say about cannabis were really true, this website wouldn’t exist. We’d all be laying on couches somewhere surrounded by Twinky wrappers. But to kill a dog is beyond comprehension. Sadly, one bad cop makes the rest look very bad. I seem to remember a time long ago where our citizens valued law enforcement. Senseless acts like this do not advance their cause.

  20. The coward only threatens when he is safe.Cowards can never be moral. Men lie, who lack courage to tell truth…the cowards. These pets like children are the innocent members of any given family. Stop the slaughter.

  21. When will we stop these thugs! My father was a L.A. Police Officer and warned me over 30 years ago that out of control “police state behavior” was coming and that he believed by the turn of the century citizens would loose most of their rights. Do not agree to let them in your house without a warrant!!! Learn your right while we still have them!!

  22. The souls of our beloved dogs can only be recalled by the Human Companion who shares this gift sent by God. They never judge, only protect, love and walk thru our life . I feel that a law should be fashioned to protect the Dogs from aggressive acts of police officers while conducting a drug raid. Any act against a animal during this type of police force should be reviewed and prosecuted .

  23. It seems to me that the supposed good guys are as bad if not worse than who’s supposed to be innocent untill prooven guilty.To abuse your position of power in such god awfull ways is just so morally wrong it makes it 10 times worse because of who they are and what their supposed to stand for.

  24. My wife is 62, I am 68, when the enforcers of darkness raided our house (7 law enforcement groups and over 20 individuals) they left our farm house door wide open and our 2 dogs in an outdoor encloser withour food and water for 3 days although my wife and I asked about our house and dogs daily and were assured by law enforcement that are house was secured and our dogs well cared for. The theives took all of our money while listing on the evidence report that they took an endisclosed amount of cash. The story goes on an on. We had 97 plants but were forced to plead guilty to 1,000 plants because if you are “planning” to grow more you can be charged for future growth. Can you believe it?

  25. No Jethro the world is not falling apart. It’s “changing.” Quit trying to make people hysterical. Since that’s all you “law enforcement” are good at these days. Does a dog not have a spirit? Me thinks it does sir. You’re putting a value on another form of life and who are you to do such a thing? Truth is you want people to become hysterical so they end up doing something they wouldn’t normally do. We’re not playing by your rules anymore. The people do have more power than they think. Things need to shape up before it’s to late.

    You think the powers that be on this planet want the world’s population to revolt? If that were to happen guess what. They would feel the pressure and they don’t want that on their mind. Knowing how good they had it at one time and now it’s gone. It could be bad for a lot of people not just the “small people.”

    “Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not… fuck with us.”

  26. Response to Russ, you are right I agree any help against this issue is help.. I just don’t trust PETA or HSUS with any money, they never use it for helping animals..or at least use very little. But as many voices against this as possible…this needs to stop.

  27. fucking god damn cops if those were my dogs i would have shot all the cops than smoked a whole blunt then kill myself….

  28. Cops think they can do anything they want; simple as that. The people of America give them that power, especially the WASPs who refuse to change. Who knows who many more times this must happen before people begin to wake up.

    @21 – Jethro – Maybe someone should feel the same way about you; I bet a dog can do a better job at just about everything more than you; lame ass muthafuka. Just die already.

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  30. I agree all the talk of violence is a turnoff. A previous article said 6.1% of america ADMITS to smoking MJ in the last year ( and those are just the ones who admit it, the actual number is at least double that). Let’s see 6.1% of 300 million is 18.3 MILLION votes. There’s only been 2 elections in U.S. history won by a 18 million spread. Guess which 2 those were. 1972 and 1984. In 72 Nixon (the father of the modern war on MJ) defeated McGovern (“what’s wrong with marijuana”), by 18 mil. In 84 Reagan defeated Mondale by 18 mil, and then amplified the drug war to a whole new level. What does that tell you. “They got the guns but we got the numbers”. They use thier guns but we DON’T use our numbers, that’s the problem. Like Dorothy in OZ we always had the power to get what we want, and for crying out loud voting in this country doesn’t take that much more effort than clicking your shoes together three times.
    John Belushi on SNL 1978, “Everybody votes in Amsterdam and they are smoking hash in the streets, I want to smoke hash in the street, but NOOOOOOOOO, I’m too tired to go vote.”

    [Editor’s note: Excellent and spot on Belushi reference! So true…’Cannabis Freedom’ exists for the non-lazy and those who’re not easily deterred.]

  31. cops do what ever they want. there above the law. it don’t matter if it’s person or a dog, shot first ask ?’s latter. after the fact they the cops have just killed someone or something. i agree with the person that someday the cops will get there. the sooner the better for all American people.

  32. This is so sick. I see the dog wagging it’s tail when the cops arrived.

    When someone says, “It is just a dog!” I like them to say that at a police dog funeral.

  33. While what is happening now is a horrible thing that we should not have to tolerate, I believe that now that this type of thing is starting to get more attention we will soon see a very big backlash. Just look at the Missouri shooting, it got on national news. And, this story should be sent to the one man brave enough to put in on the national scene, Judge Napolitano.

    The police are scared because they see the inevitability of marijuana legalization and they realize it will mean that many of them will lose their jobs so they are trying to go out and prove how dangerous marijuana is. And as long as they continue to pursue a course of action like the one they are taking they are bound to lose. When the police lose public support a big shift is usually on the horizon.

  34. Monica PETA is not much better lmao, go research em, like that person said, 60% get put to sleep, some rescue, google PETA and freezers.

    these pigs are all scum, no wonder people hate them, im a respectable guy with a good heart and i hate the pigs

  35. Consider this: a war is fought by 2 opposing sides, always with violence. Yet pot smokers do not use violence to fight violence and historically, that is a failed approach. Thats why WE are losing the drug war.

    If we are indeed in a war, then we, as the targets of oppression should be fighting like it is a war. Not with words, because those words fall on deaf, brainwashed ears.

    TALK IS CHEAP and the pigs know it. And they will continue their illegal ways to force their will upon us no matter what we say. Every cop is an enemy combatant. Every DEA agent is an ENEMY COMBATANT.Its time we treated them like the enemy.

    I have been lied to by my government for my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! Greatest country on earth??? I think NOT!!!!
    Are we ready to fight fire with fire, grow some balls and send a drone targeting a DEA headquarters??????? If I knew how, I would.

  36. :46

    I totally agree.

    Have you considered the possibility that these aggressive law enforcement types using all them fancy electronic toys, radar speed devices..etc will eventually find that they get testicular cancer, will not be able to reproduce and happily the gene pool will not miss them LoL.

  37. I am not sure if my plan is smart, but I would put my life at risk for my own dog…

    If the cops serve a warrant for some bizarre reason at my house, I will immediately restrain and put my body around my dog. I will immediately tell them that my dog has been issued a “Good Citizens” award issued by my town, which is a lie but might calm them down for a bit, and ask them politely if I can continue to restrain my dog while they serve the warrant. Or what else I can do to guarantee both the safety of my dog and the police officers.

    I have a beautiful Husky/Malamute cross who is the most loving dog I have ever owned or even met. She is best friends with a cat and would not hurt a soul. However, when she gets excited, she makes an “oooooooing” noise (anyone who is familiar with these breeds knows what I am talking about) that some people mistake for a growl. I fear that they will immediately put her down when she inevitably makes this noise from the excitement of serving a warrant.

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