Cannabis Once Again Shown To Halt Cancer Growth — So Why Aren’t We Studying It In Humans?

[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up for NORML’s free e-zine here.]

The administration of THC reduces the tumor growth of metastatic breast cancer and “might constitute a new therapeutic tool for the treatment” of cancerous tumors, according to preclinical data published online in the journal Molecular Cancer.

Investigators from Complutense University in Madrid assessed the anti-tumor potential of THC and JWH-133, a non-psychotropic CB2 receptor-selective agonist, in the treatment of ErbB2-positive breast tumors – a highly aggressive form of breast cancer that is typically unresponsive to standard therapies.

Researchers reported, “[B]oth Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol … and JWH-133 …reduce tumor growth [and] tumor number [in mice]. … [T]hese results provide a strong preclinical evidence for the use of cannabinoid-based therapies for the management of ErbB2-positive breast cancer.”

In 2007, investigators at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute reported that the administration of the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid CBD limited breast cancer metastasis in a manner that was superior to comparable synthesized agents.

Previous preclinical studies assessing the anticancer properties of cannabinoids have shown that they inhibit the proliferation of a wide range of cancers, including brain cancer, prostate cancer, oral cancers, lung cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, biliary tract cancers, and lymphoma.

Full text of the study, “Cannabinoids reduce ErbB2-driven breast cancer progression through Akt inhibition,” is available online here.

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  1. After reading this you have to wonder how much further the research would be if studies would have been allowed for the past 70 years. Thanks NORML for the information.

  2. So why aren’t we doing studies in humans,maybe it’s because the cancer researchers are working for big Drug companies that have loads of money already tied up in synthetic products already in the pipelines for development. Why is the question, would someone please give me the answer,not any kind of theory,but the answer as to why such an advanced nation can’t get it done right.Why do we continue to throw money down the black hole known as the drug war,why does this nation think that killing more Mexicans,and throwing more peace loving hard working American citizens in jail is in anyone’s best interest.I just don’t get it man.A substance that shows greater promise than any substance ever in history,and it is flat out IGNORED. I don’t get it man,I really just don’t understand.Millions and millions is spent annually on cancer research,with very little to show for it.Millions and millions of people suffering and dieing of cancer daily,you would figure that a substance that shows so much promise would be the top chemical on every researchers list.I don’t get it, I just don’t understand

  3. Even if they flat out had proof that Cannabis cures Cancer it still would be struck down by the feds. The federal government is not doing what the people want and that is why this November the PEOPLE will decided whats best for ourselves!

  4. We aren’t testing it on humans because it’s probably good medicine. Might compete with chemical/radioactive cocktail sales. Maybe we’ll try it out once Monsanto gets around to trowing in an octopus gene.

  5. The marijuana prohibitionist would still say, “marijuana has no medical value”, because it is written in the Control Substance Act of 1970. That law is unconstitutional because it was created by the late former President Nixon’s own personal hatred toward marijuana. He wants to outlaw it to the highest degree!

  6. One chemo therapy treatment costs $40 thousand dollars or
    more and most patients require five or six treatments.
    So you think the pharmaceutical companies want a cancer blocking and treatment medicine growing in your yard?

  7. Depriving people of the medical benefits of cannabis will be another charge against prohibitionists when justice is served and they are rightfully held to account for all their drug “war” crimes.

  8. maybe that is why it is illeagle because it can help.
    seems thay do not want people to get better.
    i know myself i smoked a many years with no problerms but when i start with cigaretts after a while coughing , flemm, cant dance as long. just to mentiom a few things,
    dont forget some doctors own chemo thnig.s they aare not willing to loose money. that is another horror story.
    bless you all be happy

  9. I still say, and I will say it every day till someone lisens.

    There has to be a dirrect corrilation between the prohibition of canabis in the early 1900’s and the spike in the cancer rate since then.

  10. Most people know why MJ isn’t at the forefront of modern medicine. It’s not because it doesn’t have extraordinary medical properties, it’s because of 1) Greed, 2) Ignorance, & 3) Predjudice.

    So far, the absolute worst debate points I’ve encountered is that it smells bad and he doesn’t want to have to run a gauntlet of people smoking pot outside buildings as he now has to do with cigarette smokers… In his mind – just keep it illegal forever!

  11. JWH-133 shown to reduce tumor growth?

    Must be why the State of Illinois just banned JWH-018 and JWH-073. Imagine how much money Pharma would loose if a whole generation dodged the cancer bullet!!

  12. Thanks NORML – Why doesnt the president of our country want to help its people? HUH? He acted all cool and open to the subject and has Done some good (they still don’t listen to him).Does president Obama know that the cannabis plant fights cancer? Is he behind hiding this from the world also?!Just like the others-we are one —–WHY?

  13. Because it Gives you the truth about God’s name and makes you super intelligent. Our United Intelligence, its in their because you worshiped a president or some other figure playing the book of eli.

  14. More research involving Cannabis and cancer growth is absolutely necessary. This is a moral directive. It should be a red flag to any human with a conscience, an ability to empathize, and a moral compass.

    The Cannabis prohibition and the scheduling of Cannabis in Schedule 1 is an unreasonable crime against humanity.

    To serve the greater good is an American value of the highest order. Doing that, instead of allowing the DEA, a small branch of our government, which exists on our tax revenues, to run it’s own arbitrary authority on all the people of this country, to other countries of the world?

    The Drug Czar and the DEA…their authority is totally arbitrary, is not based on any sort of moral authority or ethical standard. Period. In a free democratic society, that is a travesty. Period.

    It’s time to end the Cannabis Prohibition.

  15. nothing will make me say yes to legalizing it even if it does legalize here i’m moving fcking out of the state’s,i don’t want my kids or husband going on back to it my husband already did it once stupidly before i married him, if i catch him again i have no problem shooting him for what he’s done & putting me threw.

    i don’t even see how cannabis halts growth in cancer since most people already know it’s from radiation from metal such as the metal in bras and cellphones because i read up on a lot about cancer.

    the thing that bothers me is how you use it my bestfriend used it for years he tells me over and over it has no effect on him it makes him moody with me and lately he’s been whining to me because i keep telling him i can’t be friends with him if he keeps using this stuff or even thinking that way because he always has to testify against the drug and its obvious he cares more about it then he even cares for me i don’t see how a couple can have a relationship with someone who thinks this way.

    my husbands friends do it too, i never have done it and i don’t ever want to.
    if i could i would feed it or put it in a pipe and give it to a baby just to prove what happens to both a man and a baby and that its the same exact thing if the legalize it to sell just like alcohol i won’t even be going outside without a god damn dust mask.

    it’s a god damn plant weed and tobacco should both be banned for good.

  16. This is brilliant! And very, very true. I have a friend that has breast cancer and can vouch for the effectiveness of thc over synthetic “copycats”.

  17. The obvious reason why we are not studying cannabis is that Big Pharma does not want to allow us to discover a remedy that we don’t have to buy from them. For God’s sake, people can grow this stuff in their back yards.

    The laws and government of this country serve only the money. If you just follow the money, everything else will make sense.

  18. It should be “criminal” to withhold a viable treatment option from the public. Our government does it for the good of the people… who have money invested in big pharma stocks, prison complexes, drug testing corps. and $o on.

  19. ^ My website is called Test It On People ^

    Paul, I liked your part in “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer.” It sucks that america is so far behind the curve. It is obvious that the medicine industry is being protected. After the first test on a human the jig would be up.

    Part of the problem is the widespread public incredulity about cannabis being a good thing. If more people knew about the ECS and the body’s relationship with cannabis, they could understand how important it is.

  20. We can’t because the German pharmaceutical companies say so and the prohibitionists are good Germans of American stripes. Anslinger and Hoover were both too damn by the book rather than common sense for everybody’s good.

    Making changes in the law to rid ourselves of this albatross requires federal politicians to actually do the work, to work instead of being lazy unless getting sweet deals from rich donors and fat cat lobbyists.

  21. There should be a law that makes any law void, if that law was passed by spreading false information….Maybe then we can look at why Cannabis was made illegal in the first place.

  22. Damn good question – but even better – why aren’t we doing something about it? Let’s start making very loud noises again.

  23. i keeping saying we the people have to get out and vote these people that r against reform or thelegalzation of pot. after where paying there wage, that r way to high.

  24. uhh b.c there are like 10941329849132 dif herbs and other things that treat cancer… not mention even more that gives u cancer.. but the reason is b.c once a college in Virgina did a study and found that natural cannabis cures cancer and synthetic thc kills.. the gov made it illegal to do any studies with cannabis (except for pharma companies ofcourse)… and its still illegal b.c of lobbyists!

  25. A prime example of how government and corporations interact. The rabbit’s hole goes far deeper than just cannabis.

  26. We all know money is at the heart of the issue. Besides, we the cannabis community are the local and federal government’s cash cow in terms of fines for arrests, etc. They have no inherent interest in legalization because of the money they make off of it being illegal, which also makes it a conflict of interest. Even with all of this glowing evidence of the benefits of using cannabis, “our” government remains ever ignorant because of their addiction to the money we make for them. I’m afraid the only way this will end will be when they money all dries up. We’re still not going away! F the arrogant prohibitionists!

  27. I hate that it has come to this, but I think legalization has become my number one political concern. As a grower, prohibition makes me a good living. I would give up every dollar I ever could have made growing this wonderful weed if it meant I could enjoy it out of a portable vape while strolling through the park. As a political conservative, (does not mean republican, I am libertarian) I disagree with Obama on practically everything. But if he moved to legalize it I will vote for him next election. This one issue is that important to me. HEAR ME YE DEMOCRATS: I will vote for you as well.

  28. I wish that a research physician would my post. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE AFFECTS OF CANNABINOIDS ON CANCER, TREAT SKIN CANCER WITH CANNABIS OIL. I treated basal cell carcinoma with the direct application of cannabis oil. Within 8 weeks the lesions were GONE. I completed treatment 2 years ago, and there is no sign of a recurrance, there is in fact no sign that there ever was any cancerous lesions at all. I have been posting this on the net in various places for quite some time. JUST EXACTLY WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET SOMEBODY TO TAKE SOME ACTION? Treat skin cancer with the oil, and you can watch it vanish. DO IT.

  29. Damn it – if they can spend millions of bucks testing monkeys on coke – damn – someone tell me why they can’t do reasearch on cannabis?

  30. alison’s comment was terrible.. She will shoot her husband for smoking marijuana?! and will move from the US when it becomes legal.. Well pack your bags and get a u-haul reserved – I say good riddance to haters like you .. My phrasing is *when* because it is only a matter of time – no country can sustain a 10+ year war on multiple fronts with an economy in a tailspin without considering a way for more cash and sorry but weed is the way america will re-establish a thriving economy and rekindle the creative minds we still do posess .. I do wonder if she and her husband drink alcohol or take anti-depressants- if it were my call alcohol and ALOT of pharmaceutical products would be far more criminal than good herbs (bad (commercial) weed gots to go I stopped smoking a while back because in my area the good reefer was to expensive and hard to come by) .. I have acted far more foolish and out of my mind crazy due to addictive prescription drugs and alcohol mixtures than any bud plant will ever dream of doing (I’ve done my own research) – and if your kids are intent on trying cannabis they will find a way – or you could dose them up on some toxic drugs that haven’t even been around for 100 years but give it to them because the doctor (who gets kickbacks from that company) says it’s what they need or a TV commercial says it will fix whatever you think is wrong .. I’d elect the natural remedy- time tested – my mother approves – but I won’t have a shit-fit if someone I know and love decides to opt for new medicines and medical technology .. You cannot run someone else’s life (its called free will) .. Concentrate on you! If you were suffering would you not want to explore any/all options on this great planet to comfort yourself.. We were given all the tools we need for this life – not by a president, congressman, representative, senator and especially NOT a profitable pharmaceutical company .. Let’s get REAL please! We have the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS … Smoke it – shoot up – pop pills – get drunk – solicit prostitutes (just Tax the dog shit out of it) Can we concentrate on violent criminals and ethical white collar criminals please? .. Whatever your vice is just remember DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU- not a tough way to live people… And who taught you all how to spell?- It’s terrible – I was going to list all the misspelled words on this forum but went on a rant instead..wanted to end it with the golden rule but oh well -GOD BLESS AMERICA (and help the people that work for Her)

  31. sorry I knew I missed a point or two– alison said she would give weed to a baby ?!?! WOW! I don’t think a crackhead is that out of line- I would love to know what that could dream of proving though..And her complaint was it made her male friend of many years ”whiny” and he doesn’t care about her as much as he cares about weed (I don’t blame the guy she’s a real square stick in the mud)- she says she can’t “SEE” how cannabis stops cancer cells … Oh my what a long way we have to go -My first thought to that is whoever put the plant here didn’t intend for you to “SEE” how alot of things work but did put it in plain sight to be discovered and used accordingly.. “it’s a god damn plant” alison don’t get your panties all bunched up – I don’t see how no one else ripped into that obnoxious woman

  32. Isn’t it sad that if scientists in the U.S. want to study arsenic or any other poison they can all they want but because of the ignorant morals of those in the federal govt. scientists found in the possession of cannabis are arrested and prosecuted. As far as I know weed is the only non lethal poison on the planet.

  33. I think Alison has gone off the deep end. she needs to “do a LOT of Research ” on Marijuana since she “thinks”
    she knows so much about it! I too would help her pack her bags. She’s never experienced it yet she wants to criticize it? I think her friend is moody when he does not have his pot.She also needs to do a LOT more research on cancer. It was around LONG before they put metal in bras or had cellphones. The crap they put in our foods & personal care items (soaps etc) is the biggest culprit of cancer. I KNOW because I have actually researched & had family members die from it & some recover. At this moment my own husband has cancer. we are waiting for the completed tests to verify the extent then we are going to start the marijuana treatment, I have a topical oil ready & am about to prepare the “Rick Simpson oil” which is to be taken by mouth. So Alison do some true research before you spout off!!

  34. too many people that have too many crooked politicians in their back pocket want it to be illegal until we rise up as a nation and tell “politicians”the people that we pay their salarys with our tax money that we want marijuanna legal they arent gonna listen.

  35. well i don’t give a shit im killing myself today because i got in a fight about it with him before and he’s mad that i showed my boobs to someone online i barely knew of twice my life couldn’t have gone off the deep end even deeper and guess what im two weeks pregnant and i don’t give a shit because i dont want my son being born into this world where we do drugs or kill people

  36. Hasn’t it occurred people, we are being molested and raped on every level. This plant is banned because we can cure many ailments and use it recreationally without worry or fear of health consequences. Oh, and you could make your own fuel in your backyard out of hemp. There you go.

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