So-called Civil Forfeiture: Another Cannabis Prohibition Fiction

Bear witness with me please to the end of what has been nothing less than a slow and torturous cannabis prohibition persecution, sorry, prosecution of a most decent fellow named Bernie Ellis. On his bucolic and much-loved Tennessee farm Mr. Ellis we arrested and prosecuted for growing a small amount of cannabis, much of it shared with nearby sick, dying and sense-threatened medical patients–including some of Mr. Ellis’ closest neighbors.

For this ‘crime’ against the state he was sent to prison, lived in halfway houses, suffered through probation and dozens of drug tests, and, if that was not enough, the government wanted even more flesh in the form of Ellis’ beloved farm. As if arrest, prison, probation and drug test were not enough, the government also wanted Ellis property.

Eight years after Ellis’ arrest, the final chapter on the incident appears to have been written last week at an auction house sixty miles from the scene of the ‘crime’.

The question for many is, was the crime cultivating medical cannabis or the government ‘stealing’ Mr. Ellis’ property? In their misdirected war against cannabis consumers, every year in America tens of billions of dollars in cash and other valuable assets (i.e., land) are seized by states and the federal government.

Rather than twist the beautiful and freedom-giving US Constitution into a pretzel when trying to seize a citizen’s land for an act most citizens don’t consider a crime, let alone a major crime, state and federal government should employ a constitutional-friendly, non-adversarial, logical and decidedly low tech way to cease the legal sophistry of so-called ‘civil’ forfeiture for cannabis-related ‘crimes’: tax stamps (the same way far more deadly and addictive products like tobacco and booze are legally controlled).

To medical cannabis activists: This is a long note I sent out this morning to the 500+ people who have followed my eight year battle with federal weasels for the crime of growing cannabis and giving it away to four terminally ill neighbors. I hope that this story illustrates once again the importance of your work and the necessity for strong and persistent voices for science, common sense and compassion. Keep up your good work and I will try to do the same.
Bernie Ellis, MA, MPH


Good (really) early morning, all y’all. It is just past 4:20 am Friday morning in my Tennessee deep hollow home as I start this message, though I have already been up an hour. I’ve already had my quart of coffee, my quiet time on the porch with my two dogs and the young brown bats that play tag above my head on my front porch, before the sun gets up. I have soaked in the claw-foot tub, and dressed for the day, in shorts, work-boots and (for the moment) my favorite t-shirt from 10,000 Waves out west in the other Santa Fe (NM), on the high road up their mountain.

Most of the pieces I share with all y’all about my life and my views, both considerably colored by my eight year dance with federal weasels over my federal medical marijuana case, have been written quickly, as soon as the incident or the urge allows. This one, for several reasons I am well aware of, has taken longer to start. What follows is (and will be) my memory of witnessing our government sell part of my farm for the crime of growing pot … and giving it away to four dying neighbors.

I could have written this down Wednesday evening, but instead I sat around a friend’s kitchen table, with his wife and his kids, to let the day out somewhere I would not be alone (and where I would certainly be understood). These folks have been my friends for 30+ years and they are the most complete married couple I know. They were the right place to start this process Wednesday evening.

I also could have written this any time yesterday – Thursday. Instead, I took advantage of our recent three inch rain to pull more pliant weeds in my late summer Garden all day, to begin the process of building my bookend compost piles, to the north and south of my raised-bed rows, with the offal, the refuse, the wild growth (what little of it) still inhabits my 40+ year organic bread-basket that breaths just beyond my front-porch — my Garden. She kept me busy and distracted almost all day (with the help of some donated sour diesel from a Nashville friend that provided more reflective fuel for my internal fire). The more time I spent with Her,the more it was clear that She had been neglected by me in the past minutes and seconds, as my hip and the impending loss of my land intervened. Yesterday, I began to make amends to Her and we worked together for hours, Her donating the random weeds that had sprouted in Her presence and me accepting them as a deposit on next year’s abundance.

So, after two days of cogitating, here goes. On Wednesday, I drove 60 miles – one way – to witness our government sell some of my land at what should have been the final chapter in my fight to save my farm. The thing is, in saving most of my farm, I have learned just how far my country – or the fundamental, freedom-loving foundation of it – has been lost in our war on (some) drugs. So read and weep (or get mad as hell) and let me hear from you. All y’all — my flesh-and-blood and virtual friends, my fellow warriors for science, common sense and compassion, my fellow protectors and benefactors of the Goddess (and the rest of you too.)

Here goes ….

It was early when I got up Wednesday, but not too early. The forced sale of my 25 acres (as a plea bargain to save the remaining 147 acres) was not happening until 1:45 pm and it was just now 5:30 am. But the joys of living in my country include ritual, both of necessity and of intention, and my rituals spread out in front of me to fill the hours before my trip north began. No rain yet (three weeks dry here, in almost constant 110 degree heat index, brutal), so I spent an hour hosing cold spring water onto the two late summer Garden rows – the ones with alternating sweet corn and cantaloupes, with one section of sunflowers and another of late yellow crook-neck squash. Soaking them down as much as possible, them and my out-of-place baby watermelons, beginning to look like they just might feed me (and others) yet. Time to (not) kill, time to breathe.

Getting centered is always good, and it was good on Wednesday. In truth, I had been preparing for this day for eight years but, since the government had sprung the sale out of the blue last month, it was still something I was not really prepared for. (As my late (psychiatrist) daddy used to say, “the healing of a fractured relationship does not begin with the separation, but the divorce.”) At that moment, though, the 25 acres was not still mine (having signed it over to the weasels in December), but it was not yet someone else’s. That was coming now, though, like a freight train.

One good thing about recovering from my hip surgery is that I have become more intentional with my time away from the farm. So today, knowing that I would have to drive north of Nashville to lose my land, I made a list of everything that needed doing in Nashville. Delivering a big sack of sweet basil to a new friend to feed her sons, returning books and movies (“Apocalypse Now”) to an older friend, making copies at Kinko’s and eating green curry at the International Market. There was more (other) stuff to do, and so I left the land by mid-morning.

The drive to Nashville always provides two choices – follow the Natchez Trace on its secluded gentle roller-coaster ride along the “Path of Peace” or take Old Hillsboro road. The second choice allows me to drive a little bit faster, and to stop in Leiper’s Fork, which I did for gas. Another hour or so in and around Nashville completing the chores and there was nothing left to do but show up to the sale. For all that I had done to distract myself, I was still the third one there.

It remains weird that the feds had chosen not to sell my land actually – you know – on the land. Maybe they knew that their extortion of me still rubbed my neighbors, as well as the local media and medical marijuana activists in lots of places, the wrong way and that some of them might show up to shine a “shame on you” light on their activities. Certainly the fact that my neighbors had spent weeks tearing down the gaudy yellow “auction” signs the feds had paid to litter around our back roads, depositing them at the head of my driveway each morning, might have given them a clue. So, for whatever reason, the feds bundled my land with four other sales and conducted the auction as far from my farm as they could get. I am sure they will claim efficiency as their motive – I will always and forever claim it was chicken-shit.

When I arrived at the tidy brick house near an industrial park in Whites Creek, the auctioneers had just started unloading their papers and other equipment. There were a few folks there, including one (a new neighbor I had just met in the weeks leading up to the sale) who had told me he would bid. Then I noticed another neighbor, a carpenter who had built the sun-porch on my home, who was there with another friend of his in hopes of getting the land too. There were at least three other groups of folks, a young man with a “Co-op” hat and his dad, two husky country-looking boys probably in their 40s and an withered old man standing next to a G. Gordon Liddy look-alike. All those folks had made the drive to bid on my land, and they made up two-thirds of the crowd.

In addition to taking bids there, these very efficient auctioneers (who had told me they do a “lot of this” for the government, so they knew their deal) were equipped to accept on-line and phone bids. But they were there to move fast, and then to move on.

Two of the five pieces sold before mine, both nice homes in nice neighborhoods in Clarksville and Nashville. The second one, an almost 3,000 square foot home that looked very substantial and well-maintained in the photos at the auction, went for less than $20,000 – in less than two minutes. Everyone there looked as amazed as me. I would know in a minute just what my land would bring.

But, first, as background (and to introduce a little suspense), let me remind all y’all that my surrendering this 25 acres was to prevent a “summary judgment” decision by my federal judge to give the feds my entire 172 acre farm or to place a permanent $250,000 lien on my property to satisfy our government’s view of justice in my case. Justice that, in their opinion, had not yet been satisfied by my $60,000 in legal bills $500,000 in lost salary, eighteen months in a federal Bureau of Prisons halfway house and three years ever since unemployed.

For the crime of growing seven pounds of pot and giving it away to four terminally ill neighbors, a crime that I never denied I committed from the moment that two helicopters and ten four-wheelers descended on my farm. One big lesson here – if you cooperate with the feds, they will want to know just how much bull-shit you can take. (Obviously I can take a lot)

Our final plea agreement, in which I surrendered the 25 acres, saved the rest of my farm and saved me from having to live under the burden of a $quarter-million$ lien for the rest of my life. The feds agreed to take whatever they could get for the 25 acres, in return for which they agreed to get out of my life. (More on that later.)

At the time of our plea agreement, the feds’ appraiser had estimated that the 25 acres was worth between $170,000 – $220,000, and that appraisal (I am sure) is what turned the tide toward a final resolution last December. Now back to the sale.


The bidding on my land opened with an on-line bid — of $30,000. (My guess is that this bid came from Arizona, where two other new friends who had already bought 15 acres from me that fronted the 25 acres (for $125,000, two years ago) were trying to protect their rears – and mine.) People whistled in the crowd, and a few jumped in with slightly higher bids. But there was to be no feeding frenzy here today. The bidding quickly stalled, the unseen internet bidders fell silent, and the land was sold ….. for $35,000. To the G. Gordon Liddy look-alike – the only person at the auction who looked out-of-place for my bucolic ‘hood.

No matter. After shaking hands with the folks there I knew (as well as to the country folks I did not), I went over and shook G. Gordon’s hand, told him who I was and said I would be happy to answer his questions. The first thing that was obvious was that he had never even bothered to look at my land beforehand. He asked how much road frontage came with the land (my answer: “None”). He asked how big the pond was on the land. (My answer” “What pond?”) He asked about the driveway. (My answer: there is an unimproved easement, back to the start of the land, but that will require building a 300 yard+ driveway that doesn’t now exist.) With each of my answers, G. Gordon’s mustache drooped a bit more.

I saved the best news for him to experience in the flesh. I neglected to tell G. Gordon that his new land in the country was bordered by the no-longer-young man from whom I bought the land a decade ago (to keep my then-young neighbor from losing the land to an alcohol and cocaine-fueled bankruptcy) and that neighbor had just moved two dilapidated trailers into his side field to join the dozen rusting cars and trucks up on bricko–blocks already scattered all along my (former) land’s western view. Everyone else who bid on my land on Wednesday knew about that scenery. G. Gordon did not.

I can’t wait to see his face.

So that was it, folks. Seven years of heart-ache ended in three minutes of cold-cash bids. I was glad (I suppose) that it was over. And I was very glad that my land brought so little to the feds. In fact, I drove home hoping that the last prosecutor I dealt with (dense between the ears, deficient in the heart) would choke on the news of the pitiful return the land brought. Choke on it … and die.

I have learned and (and re-learned, one day at a time) that keeping an attitude of gratitude is the best way to face everything and recover. So it was on Wednesday. But two things kept eating me, and I suspect they always will. Unbeknownst to me and to my neighbors who bid on the land, they were instructed before the sale that the US Marshalls had imposed another restriction on the sale of my land that would prohibit anyone that day (including, especially, me) from bidding on the land with the intention of selling it or otherwise returning it to me. They repeated that extra-judicial restriction (which none of us, including my judge, knew about or acquiesced to) several times before the sale. Mind you, no one was there to buy the land for me, and I hardly have a pot to piss in these days, much less more money to throw down a fetid federal rat-hole. But just the thought of that final example of arrogant federal flatulence posing for law-and-order reminded me of it all.

And some of that “all” was what the 25 acres meant to me. Even though it was not part of my original farm, it was land that I learned to cut and haul hay on (when I helped my young neighbor’s daddy, Sharkey Shouse, put up hay for his jacks and jennies). It was land that I had fenced, not once but twice. It was land I had kept clean, before it was my land and after. It was land from which I had cut firewood, and witnessed the wonder of an ice-storm’s aftermath, coating the tall grass and every hanging tree twig and branch with ice that sparkled like a billion little prismic rainbows. That was what that 25 acres meant to me.

What it was to the feds was one more chance to drown the American dream in the drug war’s civil asset forfeiture bath-tub, one more chance to demonstrate that growing pot is the crime that keeps on punishing – more than murder, more than rape, more than election fraud or fouling our seas. More than almost anything.

That is where I want to leave all y’all this morning. But – to be clear – I am not leaving you at the end of this story. I am leaving you in the middle of this struggle. No one else (or precious few) should have to go through what my last eight years have been. Our failed war on drugs – and the steroided, well-armed, civil liberties-trampling “drug worriers” that it has unleashed like so many rabid flying monkeys on us – has got to stop. And it has to stop soon.

I helped elect President Obama (almost all of us did) for many reasons, including his pledge to allow cannabis/marijuana to be returned to the medical pharmacopoeia. I celebrated when AG Holder announced last October that the feds would no longer go after participants in lawfully-established state medical marijuana programs. I have been encouraged by the number of states (14 now and DC) who have re-established medical marijuana programs and the several dozen (including Tennessee) who are not far behind. Indeed, there is much to be grateful for.

At the same time, I had to drive 120 miles round-trip on Wednesday for the privilege of witnessing the sale of land that was (and will always be) a piece of my heart. And, three times in the three weeks before that sale, I have experienced my farm being buzzed, low and loud, by the farces of evil – low enough to rattle my windows and blow down my late summer sweet corn – ostensibly looking for pot that only a fool or an insane person (or someone broke and in pain) would plant. Though I have been some of the above, I have not (yet) been all three.

My only recourse for these illegal low-level fly-overs has been to drop my shorts and invite the pilot to fly up my ass. After that temporary relief, my other response has been — and always will be — to keep working to overturn the laws that keep these worthless and irrelevant cowardly cowboys in the air. That will be my life’s work. I hope it is yours too.

From the banks of my creek, just south of my Garden, on what’s left of my farm.

Peace out. Y’all come.
” ..Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned; the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Surely some revelation is at hand ….” William Butler Yeats

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  1. Those of you who have seen how mighty and powerful and capable of dealing death on our enemies. Do we see that this warfare in inevitably coming to roost in our own American lives as well as American Sammoa and all of those holdings of the U.S. such as Porto Ricco? Are we to expect to be forever treated as enemies by our own country due to the failing of our elected officials and those whom they appoint in to positions of power? Is there any such thing as representation of the people, fair representation by taxation, and the security and freedoms given to those given to each and every child born in our republic – The United States Of America. Are we no longer bearing children that are entitled to the same legal right afforded to those of us born from the X generation? Our generation had a begining and it extended until the end of 1975. After that are the Y generation. I seems sad that people are bringing into this world children that are consuming the bi-products of 9+ years of warfare polution kicked up in the atmophere, a ton of nuclear material exploded in the world as various countries (like China in Tibet) test nuclear warheads, and the toxins of centuaries of industrial mayhem due to low standards and poor consideration for health of mankind. If Hearst had been less of a pig of a nazi capitalist, the plant and it’s cousin hemp could have saved our Earth from all these years of abuse at the hands of monsterous tyrants and there would have been a far greater world at our feet. End the madness people! It just takes simple agreement to push our evolvement along.

    Goverment Wool

    There is a
    Disinformation discharge
    In my brain,
    Traveling around inside me.

    Are they all
    Blind from seeing lies,
    That society is
    In dismay, as nothing’s free?

    When the world’s
    Truth is hidden from it
    And all it
    Sees and hears are lies to me

    Does the knowledge
    Slip away into disaterous hands
    And come back
    To haunt mankind in misery?

    From where will
    We shine our light be there none?
    No breath of
    Air rushes into our lungs.

    No life living
    In truth can truly be in peace.
    No one can
    Ever know if it ever comes.

    They are controling
    The blind Earth!
    When is the rebirth?


  2. My heart goes out to you Mr. Ellis. Never forget that you have many, many friends, including myself, that will stand with you until the bitter end. Never stop telling you’re story! People will be made to see reason.

  3. The only peaceful way to drastically fix our prohibition laws is to march on DC, just like MLK did, and have the voices of one million Americans saying “Stop this shit or we’ll fuck you up!” It’s not illegal to flex your inalienable rights.

  4. sir you are more of an american than the president our soldiers supposedly protecting our nation and anyone who isn’t willing to help our cause with bloodshed. YOU ARE MY HERO.

  5. America bickers over a muslim religious center while these types of atrocities go unreported with no national exposure. Our representatives in Washington sit on their hands, do nothing, and the Government continues to run ruff shod over it’s people.

    How Sad!

  6. What an abomination, people’s priorities are so far out of line it is sad. It’s pathetic that this issue is still so controversial and causes such a distraction from real problems.

  7. No more federal funds should be spent to “enforce” drug policies where the government tells individuals which drugs are “okay” (alcohol, tobacco) and which are “not okay” (Cannabis), like a parent would. It’s not the government’s job to be a parent. Prohibition is paternalistic, outdated and ineffective, and creates organized crime.

  8. Now they’ve done it! Now they’ve really pissed me off!
    If it’s a war they want – it’s a war they will get!
    I’ll say no more – except to say – “Bring it on!”

  9. anther reason why WE the people have to vote these bumbs out off office. it’s b.s. the goverment can’t see the trees through the forest. the goverment could make $, but with the people in there know no way off it happing.

  10. Prohibitionists must be held to full and just account for all their crimes against humanity. Allowing government this much power in violation of God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and liberties is like allowing pedophiles to run day care centers for children. In both cases, they just can’t seem to control themselves. If I had the money I’d buy the stolen property and return it to its rightful owner. But then, if I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t live in this country. If our founding fathers knew of this kind of government criminal activity, they would likely vomit, then start another revolution.

  11. Does Bernie Ellis look like a criminal to anyone? Why do we allow our government to treat such an honorable man so badly? Is it because we don’t get involved in our government through the ballot box? Get up Stand up for Mr. Ellis and all of the victims of this disgusting policy! VOTE!!!!

  12. THANKS A LOT, REAGAN!!! I wish I realized how much of of a criminal you were while you were still alive but I was only a child and grew up watching Family Ties, and Alex Keaton idolized you and so did I. I even registered as a republican when I turned 18.

    Now I’m a Republican because I know both parties are corrupt but I can’t vote in the primaries in PA because you’re limited to your own party.

  13. I’m sick of hearing the lies being told by those who do not want marijuana to be legal. I am equally sick of hearing them repeated by the sheep who believe them.


    The children absorb the changes
    In the truth of modern man
    The children learn a version
    From the preacher on the stand

    Reality melts away as it
    Is replaced by plastic fools
    The children learn to purchase
    Such violence from a tool

    The programs lock the circuit
    What’s real is what’s on sale
    The lines are blured by static
    The teacher does not fail

    Oh they believe the piper
    They live to learn the song
    As long as he keeps playing
    They trust and go along

    They learn to hear the message
    To them the story’s true
    They kneal in wide amazement
    The signal misses few

    And we just feul the fire
    We hype and breath this crap
    If blood is in the picture
    It ends up in our lap


    I notice that these slick teflon politicions skate just so refined and polished on the mind control machine called TV. I will freely admit that I own a modern TV, and I have an older model hooked up only to a VCR as well as the wall to view old tapes. I watch TV on occasion, but I feel like a fool, believing that I am cheating on my own philosophical aproach to politics. This is just like many people and pot, TV shows anything that they believe people will watch and believe about cannibus, drugs, and anything that they can attached their own warped view and political policies upon. The bias keeps their right wing views in monopoly of American media and they can suckle like pigs to the nipple of their mother pig’s nipple that wants everything to be a divided world under their the control of her law.

  15. Bottom line to all of this is that it SAVE LIFES,!!!. When iy comes down to survival instincs we are going to do what ever it takes for self periservation. A lot of us would die a more prolonged painful demise with out the drug. In the name of compassion and humanity ignore the buricradic B.S and keep living. Lifes way to short to let ignorance of a few take away from so,so many. Do what your heart say and not what the man say. Peace,Love and Dove.

  16. Mr. Ellis,

    I am a rap/hip-hop artist from South Florida (Canio the Rapper) and I wish to send you my condolences and apologies…

    From the time we are old enough to understand the words being spoken to us, we are all told about how great our country is and how much liberty we have here…

    In comparison to other countries this is largely true, but the fact remains that we are denied the majority of the freedoms promised to us in our constitution and more of these freedoms are being taken from us on a daily basis much like the taxes taken from a working man’s paycheck to support the men who do not work in this country…

    Our country was formed in the belief that all men are created equal… How true can this statement be when the laws governing us vary as greatly from state to state as they do from country to country?

    California and 13 other states have lifted their prohibition on medical marijuana, do the other 37 states reside in a different country? Why are they governed by separate laws? Am I LESS American because I live in Florida and NOT California?

    I will fight for marijuana in any venue – electronic, written, public and private…

    My only regret is that I can not right the injustices forced upon you and every other American who has been affected by our government’s B.S. legal system…

    I wish you the best and send you my deepest apologies on behalf of our corrupted legal system… We will fight this and we will win…

  17. I repeat bring it on!
    Run them out of office – or – run them of the streets -makes no difference to me. One way or the other –
    they’re down the tubes.

  18. I was also arrested for growing , So I know exactly how Bernie feels. A change is on the way , I feel it!! Keep your head up Bernie! Peace and Compassion!

  19. Our Government is so worried about Human Rights in other countries, but look what we have in our own backyard. We have the DRUG WAR-MARIJUANA PROHIBITION-SOUTH OF THE BORDER PROBLEMS and they have our TAX DOLLARS supporting the DEA (DEAD END ATROCITIES) in every nook and crannny covered to keep us in fear of the FEDERAL RETRIBUTIONS in violating marijuana laws. EIGHT YEARS OF FEDERAL PERSECUTION, OVER SEVEN POUNDS OF POT. When marijuana is legal, the atrocties will end and no more UNICORNS.


    Sorry to disappoint you but they do that in California too. The only real way to end the argument is to use cannabis as a sacrament in CDXX Communion. So! if we believe in God and his gift of Sacrament, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 is the best argument to the feds. Prior Competing Governmental Interests is no argument in medicinal use, under the American Policy.

  21. Todays world is lacking two things that were stripped from us [among other things] in the X-decades -“conscience and mercy.” It’s for sure we won’t recover them from evil. It’s only possible to redeem ourselves through good. We can recover from the plague of evil doers by rejecting them – by inflicting indifference on them. As Louie says – “Trow dem bums out!”

  22. This is a gross violation of your 5th amendment rights sir and I hope that someday the CRIMINALS who stole your land from you will be punished.

  23. The more they put armed guards on the street, the more they take our civil liberties away, the more the violate the rights we have in all juriadictions, the more they lessen and remove our dignity through torture, the more they take from us by way of illegal search and seizure, the more they arrest in violation of legal statutes, the more they illegaly forse their way into people’s homes to seize their weapons, the more they behave in dis-accord with legal actions under the World Court’s statutes and violate international crimes caused by our government and others including our detrimining our very rights under Constitutional LAW… the danger is rising into a complete class war. Either the ones that are in positions of power will have ther marching ordered wariors in America in direct combat with the poppulation that will be fighting a guerilla war using the tactics that beat the English so long ago with citizens like me (waiting for the evil bloodshed to just stop. I may be an activist, but I stay out of the line of fire because of the danger, I also refuse to break the law because it would do me no good and keep me from my computer and rational life in general. I tend to disagree with much of the law.I remeber the phrase well…”I don’t sh*t where I eat”… I am to high profile and also doing it for personal reasons. I know that if I was running for the president in the next election, I would seriously push to make pot legal before the election. The Democrats have serious problems fight now. I bet if the Republicans dug deep enough,they would see 8 years of presidential success, and tons of positions from coast to coast in all elections. What does this mean for Democrats? The Grand Old Party will see that All Mighty Dollar and realize it is a huge market that the can cash in on and that meand more power after all. The Law of Supply and Demand rings a few bells doesn’t it? The say the gangs and all other criminals want it to remain criminal to make money. They are rich enough to open a hash bar or maybe a store front with all sorts of “head shop” merchanice. Legitimate is usualy better because crime can only serve a man for so long. I heard that song from D12 that states: most platers are not trying to get imto the streets, they are trying to get out. Pardon any misquoted words or quotes in this reply. I am sure that the gentle man that was pinched by the screws was treated unfairly. It seems to grow, ha ha grow, atention and if a person is so up tight, thet relax and feel better. Just look at the leaf and the buds, as well as the rest of the plant. The leaves invite you in… the plant draws people in, and does most of the work. If your a lawyer, psycologist, botonist, what ever your specialty is, come together and study the plant as it is – the way it is affective in a myriad of ways.

  24. Sorry about the typos… I am tired. The pot plant can win the 2012 election by being pushed forward by the Republicans. If they make it legal before the election, and they surely see the obviously astronomical financial windfall they could cash in on, their presidential canidate will win the election twice in a row. Then they will also see tons of GOP wins around the country. I know the formula works.

  25. If those bastards had landed on my property it would have been “Game-on ! shootout till the bitter end ! Remember , this is fr*in war. Fuck the feds !

    [Editor’s note: And you’d be dead and gone, another unknown and uncelebrated death in the war on some drugs…unlike Mr. Ellis, who, is still alive and will taste genuine freedom someday soon.

    Getting in gunfights with the feds is pure bravado and folly…

    Victory in ending cannabis prohibition will never and should not happen at the end of a gun barrel. It happens in the hearts and minds of citizens who ‘Just Say Now! and hold accountable the politicos who hire and are responsible for the Cannabis Cowboys who persecute the Bernie Ellis-types and violate the spirit of the Constitution.]

  26. The Dawn Of My Vivid Dream

    Steal for me
    Take what has been missing
    And replace it in my world
    Bring back any riches
    And return my silken girl
    Steal back from the bandits
    The life and freedom of fate
    Please bring back
    The dawn of my vivid dream
    Release the grass and sky
    The freedom to move and
    The freedom to be
    Steal back the naked sun
    Which brings the temple of one
    May I be supplied with what
    Nature should release
    That is all I need
    The wind and the sweet Earth
    Please steal back a truth for me
    Let the nourishment be light
    Let me sleep under the stars
    Steal back what has been
    Missing for so long
    Bring rapture to my lips
    Why must a man such as I
    Go without such truth
    Where is the bounty hidden
    Must I steal it for myself
    The real in the soil
    Has been raped and discarded
    Steal back for me
    What my hands must feel
    Put it in my world
    The wind at my back


    Pot fills the void that no other plant is capable of. It is from this planet, I believe that we are all from this planet. Even those that believe that they have some special right to hurt, cage, and destroy human life, mind control the population, monitor the world and keep every little bit of information about people because they want to control and destroy mankind. They can target people with sound waves to pierce thier ears, they can torture me more or less than they do to me every day. They do it to me every day every second. It is a form of illegal attack, they did similar things to me as a kid when I wouldn’t obey the teachers and staf and say the pledge of alligence. They pretty much have me figured out, or at least they push me into a mind set to attack. They torture me using Psy.Ops. or something else, when all I want to do is be is a peaceful Buddhist. Who ever is doing this, and for what ever reason they decided I am owned by them – I don’t care! I can’t even seem to read a book. I am not their slave, and I am not a criminal or a threat. You see, they attack me for their homo-erotic reasons and just decided to start in on me based on something or some thing else unimportant that they thought mattered… no mater how misleading and untrue it seemed. I want to be a good Buddhist and if I am allowed to become a monk, I would like to become one knowing what I know now. I am likely to ill to become one though. Peace and serenity are not only capable forever as solitary missions in my life. I live alone and stay home all of the time, but at least I have a cat. I see my family and an occasional friend.

  27. After A While

    Whispers of pretty red story
    Brutal bloody and gory
    Everybody thought it was glory
    Listen for hours
    Stories blooming like flowers
    On caskets of sorrows

    But I wasn’t there
    And it’s because
    After a while
    No body was


    The war for Terrorism – The war for Drugs, The ones under fire often end up being in the big cities the first poem was about war in the battle fields over seas, and the second one was written by me as a child visiting Detroit.

    Maynard from Tool said something near this: “It is not a war on drugs, it is a war on our civil liberties. Just remember that.”

    Pain And Agony

    I look out my window
    And see the pain and despair
    I look for the man with the answers
    And I see that there’s nobody there
    After all the pain and the dying
    I realize that nobody cares

    I see the tears and the blood mix
    On our city streets
    I hear the sobs of the of the crying
    That pain and agony meet
    I see the smoke of the gunfire
    Rise in the summer’s heat

    I watch the destitute
    As they stumble into this war
    The man who kills to use again
    Is out to settle the score

    The child who cries her self to sleep
    Sits on the porch to play
    Because this war consumes us all
    She just might die today

    That crippled man stands by the wall
    Begging for your pay
    He uses it to but the wine
    That will drown his pain away

    I see the tears and the blood mix
    On our city streets
    I here the sobs of the crying
    Rise in the summer’s heat

    Now the time has come for me
    To deal with the souls we have lost
    If we ignore the the fate of our streets
    Our society will pay the cost

    The plight of man is a vengenful
    And crushes pawns in the game
    The darkness clouds the setting sun
    As the weak are engulfed in flame


  28. Well Mr editor I’d rather be w/my maker then under the thumb of this imperial federal government,that declared war on her own people, that abuses her people, steels their land, for what ? so they can come back @ him even harder the next time around for seeking a natural remedy for whatever ails him . No thank you, this ain’t living to me ! they ain’t listening ! They started this war not me ! Are they playing fair ? are they playing honestly ? Did they not draw arms first? I stand by my comment ! Give me liberty or give me death ! Some things Are worth fighting for ! Sammy taught me that ! Some times if you are backed up in a corner you just gotta fight your way out or get beaten to a bloody pulp! The constitution says I have a right to bear arms even against a tyrannical overreaching out of control government ! Besides w/o my medicine I would not have a life @ all !

    [Editor’s note: OK…good luck with that suicide-by-cop, pointless self-martyrdom. The real heroes of cannabis law reform are the peacemakers, who live to see the freedom they fight for too–just not with guaranteed self-defeatism, as well as handing law enforcement the propaganda victory and yielding the undeniable high moral ground held by peaceful cannabis activists and consumers.]

  29. No suicide by cop sir, I,m a law biding citizen,….so far !….. I love life , But I don,t negotiate with terrorists ! What they did to this gentleman is criminal ! would you negotiate and play nice with someone braking down your door ? Prohibition is a crime against humanity in my humble opinion ! and to think that my own government would fly choppers on to a mans property and literally ruin his life over this herb makes me ill ! so I’ll keep getting signatures on the local reform petition , I’ll keep banging my head against the wall when I see em enact counter laws to reform, I’ll keep sucking it up when they lie out there ass and maybe in about a thousand years or so maybe shit will be right ! I’ll be quiet when they steel elections ! And I’ll be quiet when they thwart the will of the people ! I’ll be a good and peaceful sheeple from now on ! Thanks fer gettin my mind right !

    [Editor’s note: Tough guys often die ugly in the pursuit of nothing…whereas the peacemakers struggle mightily to achieve for not only themselves, but for all of us around them. Freedom is best enjoyed alive.]

  30. I am at a loss to understand how asset forfeiture laws, and especially civil asset forfeiture laws, are anything other than legalized (and armed) robbery by the State. How can a vehicle, a home, a business property, or a bank account in and of themselves commit a crime, let alone be seized under civil (administrative) jurisdiction rather than under court order.

    These assets are seized under a construct completely alien to USA jurisprudence of either “guilty until proven innocent” or even worse “innocent until investigated” — no court required, no trial by a jury of peers, nothing. Large corporations are now, by Supreme Court edict, presumed to be “persons” when it comes to individual rights such as speech, while small companies and individuals are now stripped of property rights and subject to administrative asset forfeiture. There is a system of government, not representative democracy, that this most closely resembles, National Socialism or Fascism.

    The goose-stepping goons of the modern Gestapo roam our streets at will. Their agents are armed to the teeth, have little hesitation to injure or kill civilians while they maraud against the populace, disguised as our militarized LEOs (SWAT). Their oaths of office, to serve and protect the public, forsworn and forsaken in their quest for the coveted property of others.

    The very worse aspects of Prohibition 1.0 against alcohol, public corruption and violence, have become less an aberration and more a Standard Operating Procedure under Prohibition 2.0. The mobsters of the Roaring 1920’s have now become our government, at every level of government. Local and State LEOs, often under asset forfeiture restrictions, routinely involve Federal LEOs like the DEA as cover for exactly how those seized assets are dispersed.

    So it is no surprise to see the DEA still involved in local LEO efforts to crush the rising sentiment against Prohibition 2.0, in spite of AG Holder’s “order” to abstain from raiding State-sanctioned Medical Marijuana dispensaries and collectives. Is the DEA a rogue government organization, totally out of control, or is that order to cease MMJ raids merely a thin political cover for the continued “legalized and armed theft” of individuals’ property rights? Evidence would tend to indicate the latter.

    There is a lot of work that needs to be done to return this country to that of a nation of laws, restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the return to the sanctity of individual rights and freedoms. Most, nay nearly all of our incumbent politicians need to be turned out of office, and perhaps into the prisons they themselves would cast the rest of us into. Prohibition 2.0, based upon 70+ years of official lies, propaganda, and rewriting of history, must be repealed as one of the first steps toward a restoration of trusted government, OF, BY, and FOR the People themselves.

    Vote. Vote early, and if possible, often. Throw the bums out.

  31. @ David 762 – I think we are all totally disgusted with the way things are and most of us probably agree with you 100%! We should all do our best to spread the truth, and vote the bums out!

  32. False Idols

    Screw it all
    Screw it all
    I just can’t take it
    False Idols
    Before me
    Who’s truths are vacant
    No more
    No more
    I won’t embrace it
    Our leaders
    These torturers
    Make us complacent

    Screw it all
    (Tear it down)
    They will replace it
    No charge
    Just yet
    But bitter after taste
    No more
    (Tear it down)
    Hard wired in sand


  33. I smoked pot from the age of 17 to the age 35 with a window of time before, during, and after I was in the military. I was always to tired to acomplish anything, and I didn’t get involved with mind expansion untill after 1997 or so. I would write poetry though, in my defence. I wrote and went to collage in 1994 and 1995 at the University of Houston. There is nothing I dare complain about, because it was my choice to experiment like they do in Amsterdam, just not with as good of smoke. I stopped smoking before October 17th 2008. I figured it would be a good thing to do, and I finished on a good high, a relieving high. I haven’t touched any drug in all this time. I believe that others have the right to smoke, and that all do. I won’t smoke pot
    if it is legalized. I think it should be legalized, and that if the canident for president that gets pot legalized before the election will win the election, and their party will win big for years and years to come. It would make a hero out of that man or woman, and it would end all of the constand turmoil and pain caused over such a wonderful and medicinal plant.

    Sugar And Smoke

    Sugar and smoke
    Can’t help but provoke
    Cause the world is a joke
    Left over from another time

    Hand out and toke
    Spent till I broke
    In swamp juice I soak
    Legend of nature and crime

    Beligerant bastard son
    There is the sun in the sky
    Indignant fabulous one
    The answer is one who can fly

    Caffine and bread
    And the letter which said
    I regret that I fled
    With the rage of devine

    Dye the hair red
    That’s what I said
    And it keeps me in bed
    All this sh*t becomes mine

    Beligerant bastard son
    There is a sun in the sky
    Ignorant anarchist won
    The questions end when I die


  34. Punk Rock Anarchism Against Political Crap

    Look at the man in the suit and tie on the
    Damn idiot box.
    See him push his stupid agenda as we
    Polish our Docs.
    Be he Republican or Democrat or the P.M.R.C. fools,
    We won’t care.
    Because we all know he is a phoney and as crooked
    As anyone out there.
    Ruining our lives making all the money and making
    No sense.
    Selling out American lives and trying to control us
    Is dense!
    Conservative agenda and media lies make for malice
    And profit
    For corporations and polluters of the world have
    Bought it
    I am here to wake up the world before the desolation
    Can continue
    It’s time for a revival for future rulers, these kids
    Live to
    We can’t deny punk rock or any movement to fall
    Behind at all
    It is time to start to change the world if we are to survive
    Before it is to late
    Everyone deserves rights and deserves freedom from tyrany
    Of oppresion
    We must be fair and equitable so that the future will
    Not be agression
    Don’t be afraid or frightened to express differing opinions
    My friends
    You have free will, you have the choice, you have the right
    Untill freedom ends
    Why waste time and the future on ignorant politics
    That hurts us
    And have cost so many lives so far, lead us astray, and
    Destroyed us?
    The future is ours and is changing before our eyes: World
    Leaders failed
    To have agendas that help us succede or exist at all and
    Left us impailed


    To be honest, my Doc Martens split in the back and can’t be worn. I have to buy a new pair after buying mine just over a year ago.

  35. It is weird to me that no one seems to explain how the plant has evolved after careful breeding and no one tells people what signs to watch out for to tell if the pot you buy is laced. I have heared that some dealers will dust the pot they sell with PCP or other addictive drugs to keep people coming back to them. The money is the king to them. They don’t care about the buyers. I also don’t hear, anymore, about how a legal market would be a safer market for consumers buying a regulated amount, consistant and clean of pesticides and tampering like I mentioned. The positive points are not being discussed, and the people are not going to stop using cannibus sativa. Is our government’s leaders decree against legalization a mass of hysterical rhetoric that is sinking like the Titanic? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON NOT TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO LEGALY USE CANNIBUS SATIVA. NNNOOONNNEEE! I want to see their faltering nonsense to be debated by health officials and proffesionals from the farming industry as well as centers for ethical treatment of patients. Bring in all of the professionals and bring in the Senators and Congressmen. I want to have this come to a decisive blow, in front of the world on every station around the globe, to the state policy of intolerance and fear mongering in The United States of America. The WORLD wants to know why our country systematicly throws it’s own citizens away for wanting a great plant to help them feel better when they are sick and to feel better and relax after a hard week on a Friday evening with the wife in charge to make sure all goes well. WE are those people that do not want to recognize another person’s right to our body and what we put into it. Who agrees that social control, overtly destructive and not ever needed, has fled the coo-coo’s nest and insulted us all with it’s “Legacy of Brutality” as the Misfits remind us. I am me, you are you, and you are no better than me – no matter who said you can impinge on me your force, I said no.

  36. I have read what happened to Mr. Ellis, and I must say that I am not surprised at what he has gone through. I truly wish it wouldn’t happen to anyone, but can only expect that it happens way more than people really know. Once the government gets a stick up their A$$ about someone whom they “think” has done something bad, they do not give up. 8 years is a long time to go after anyone.
    That something bad being helping those who would, will, and do suffer from ailments that the “prescribed” drugs just do not have good effects on. Also, these “prescribed” drugs cost way too much and have some possibly severe side effects that the human body shouldn’t have to endure if it doesn’t have to. I’m sure that if all those who oppose the use of medical marijuana were to actually become in need of those “prescription” drugs they say are “good enough” and had the opportunity to use the better alternative (marijuana), they would find that there is a true need for medical marijuana to be available to any and all who can benefit from it. I personally would like to be able to smoke in the privacy of my home or the privacy of a friends home when and if I so choose. I have always known when enough was enough and when to stop so that driving wouldn’t be a problem. Most people who drink can’t say that about their drinking. I have tried just about everything out there that was offered and turned down the things that I knew I shouldn’t. I used to drink, but long ago I decided that drinking wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I preferred smoking to drinking. There were no side effects (hangovers) or just not feeling well. As I got older, I realized that when I was able to smoke I was more likely to sleep better and feel better the next day after having smoked the night before. (I hurt my back on the job and the pain is bearable but much more bearable when I could smoke. I had the “prescribed” muscle relaxers, pain pills, and whatever else I was given to help, but smoking was the best way to relax.
    Given that Mr. Ellis was just trying to help others with their ability to manage their illnesses with out having to rely on the “prescribed” medications just goes to show that he was not trying to profit from what he was doing. Unless you think that having friends who appreciate you for the good person that you are is profit. He was doing what any and all people should do, and that is to help where he could.
    Our country spends (wastes) so much money on others outside our own country, yet when we have someone like Mr. Ellis trying to help those around him and he is getting treated so badly, what is there to make those who may think they want to help actually help if they can be persecuted and prosecuted for something as simple as a plant that has been proven to be helpful is so many areas of the body and mind and also has been proven to be an integral part of what our bodies may actually need. Canabinoid receptors are proven to be a part of our (human) genetic makeup. All those who tap the Bible and say that marijuana is bad forget that marijuana was created by the Creator. If it is so bad, why did it start out as growing wild and everywhere? The only thing that has been done is it has been better cultivated to produce a better yeild. As has corn and and tomatos and many other commercial consumable products that grow. I guess it is a good thing that we can’t benefit is some similar way from the tomato plant as we can from marijuana. There would be a black market on tomatos and we wouldn’t have so many of the things that are made from them. (There are so many things it has been proven can be beneficial from the hemp and marijuana strains of plants that could be available.)
    I hope that some day marijuana will be taken off the “it’s bad for you list”. As it is for some people, just getting out of bed becomes bad for them. Eventually we will have people in the political area that are not afraid to agree with the majority of the population and end this war on marijuana, and will abolish the prohibition on marijuana and stop persecuting people who are responsible adults making responsible choices for and about themselves and their loved ones.

    Thank you for reading and listening.

  37. Dear Mr editor & Mr Ellis ,This story has opened my eyes ,for most of my adult life I have cultivated cannabis for medicinal use, I’m a naturalist & a vegetarian ,I don’t ingest poison pharma products !In an effort to immune myself from Obama care, I built my grow show from the ground up, brick by brick, part by part ,always needing some part ! I sat on this thing like a mother hen ,babying it, I had fans going w/ the fragrance of fresh herb & before I knew it I had a 5 trillon megawatt per minute GODZILLA that I would have clearly fought & died for to protect ! @ first the good folks @ norml said I would die an unnoticed ,forgotten death over some drugs & I thought you puddin boys from Ca don’t know squat ! But Mj has taught me to be opened minded , & I realized the folks @ norml were right ! I have a little girl I must live for ! so I dismantled my show ,uprooted my plants cleaned out everything cannabis related, discarded everything related to cannabis cultivation ! For the first time in my adult life I have gone one wk w/o my medicine !I have checked myself into rehab on an outpatient basis . I must admit , I would love to burn one ,but I really have a new freedom today knowing that I wont get into any gun battles tonight over some drugs !Being sober is not hard from using MJ ! For what its worth Mr Ellis maybe Your story just helped avert mayhem on Main st U.S.A. Maybe Ill move to CA if you folks get things right ! Stop the persecution ! Free the flowers ! Cause my eyes hurt & I cant sleep & I need my medicine ! God bless the USA !

  38. Please be aware that this story is not completely accurate. The charges against mr. ellis were for over 37 pounds, not the 7 he claims. He took a plea deal, then tried to withdraw it. The conditions of the plea were dependent upon his ability to pay a fine of over $200,000. When he was denied loans from his family, he withdrew his guilty plea and was subjected to the eventual torture that he has had to endure from the government. While the actions of the gov. are horrible, there is much more to this story…

    [Editor’s note: Be it 37 or 7 pounds…the govt wasted the taxpayer’s time and money instead of collecting taxes.]

  39. To fact checker: Believe me, there truly IS a great deal more to this story. Since it appears you have read the case file (and I hope our taxpayer money wasn’t used to pay you for your time), the 37 pounds alleged by the government was after they alleged they had found over 120 pounds of pot on my farm. Both of those bogus weights counted the entire plants’ weight (including dirt-covered rootballs) in calculating the weight.

    Using the DEA’s own calculations for how much usable pot would be obtained from 37 pounds of dried whole plant material and rootballs, my lawyer told the court that only seven to eight pounds of usable pot would have been obtained. The prosecutors, DEA and Task Force officers did not dispute that statement in court nor anywhere else.

    What they did do was consistently lie to the court about what they had found. As another example, they initially reported finding more than twice as many plants as the state lab logged in. They left plants growing on my farm and came back twice to cut through my fences and take more plants without ever notifying me or the court of their actions AND without those extra plants ever making it into evidence. (BTW, the feds consistently blocked any attempt by our side to obtain an independent assessment of the plant count or weight.)

    In addition, they confiscated my work computers, saying that they would be returned in three days once they had copied the hard-drives. Instead, they held my computers for over 18 months as leverage in the plea negoiations, effectively preventing me from finishing a number of projects on which I was providing consultant assistance. Without telling me or my attorney, the feds confiscated my last will and testament and did not return my will until a few months ago. I wasn’t even aware that the will was not in my filing cabinet until they returned it.

    Throughout the whole process, the feds constantly complained that my plea bargain punishment was not enough. However, they fought tooth-and-nail to prevent me from withdrawing the plea agreement and receiving a jury trial. We even took our request to withdraw my plea to the federal appeals court where the feds successfully prevailed in preventing the case from being heard by a jury. If they were so sure I had not been punished enough and that they would prevail in court, why did they do everything in their power to keep the case from ever being heard by a jury?

    This is just a little taste of what passes for ethical criminal justice behavior in this country. So, fact-checker, if you’d like to discuss more details of this case, please do not hesitate to contact me ( But do so on your own time, please. There are serious crimes that you and your ilk should be prosecuting in this country, and growing cannabis for sick and dying people is not one of them.

    My thanks to Allen St. Pierre and to NORML for publishing this piece and for all the important work you do. I also want to thank everyone who has commented here, including the one person who commented multiple times and who definitely needs his meds checked.

    If we never stop fighting for science, common sense and compassion; we cannot lose.

    We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

    Bernie Ellis

  40. “fact checker Says:
    September 14th, 2010 at 10:33 am
    Please be aware that this story is not completely accurate. The charges against mr. ellis were for over 37 pounds, not the 7 he claims. He took a plea deal, then tried to withdraw it. The conditions of the plea were dependent upon his ability to pay a fine of over $200,000. When he was denied loans from his family, he withdrew his guilty plea and was subjected to the eventual torture that he has had to endure from the government. While the actions of the gov. are horrible, there is much more to this story…

    [Editor’s note: Be it 37 or 7 pounds…the govt wasted the taxpayer’s time and money instead of collecting taxes.]”

    If “fact checker” actually bothered to check facts, I think that he would find that the original 37 pounds included the whole plant: stalks, leaves, stems, root balls and even the *dirt* in the root balls. It was reduced to 7 pounds because that was the amount of usable cannabis (buds) that was actually on the plants.

    “During this period, the weight of the evidence (and not the plant count) became the basis for negotiating the final plea. As a result, Bernie requested that the evidence be re-weighed and he discovered that the more accurate weight was around one-quarter of what had been initially charged. However, even this new weight continued to include the plant root-balls and dirt, stalks and other non-useable portions of the plant that are exempted from the definition of marijuana in the federal Controlled Substances Act. (It has now been determined that the actual weight of useable cannabis that was confiscated from Bernie’s farm was only 5% of what he was initially charged with.) However, that new weight (even though still inflated) would have put Bernie in a sentencing range where home confinement or probation would be possible”

    Learn your facts, “fact checker”…

  41. Postscript to “fact checker”:

    In the event that you are not a taxpayer-supported federal “drug worrier” but instead are someone who pretends (or poses) as a friend of medical cannabis (or cannabis in general), let me ask you this:

    Don’t you think someone who calls themselves “fact checker” would include speaking with the original source of any disputed facts (that would be me) at some point in the “fact-checking” process?

    Just askin’.

    For the rest of you, this little exchange gives you a flavor for how much time, energy and effort can be wasted by the farces of evil when they get their panties in a wad. Eight years after the fact and I am still at risk of having a beautiful Saturday morning stained by having to dance on-line with these foul-smelling, anonymous fucks. But hey, it can feel worth it at the same time too. And the best way to wad their panties is to speak up.

    If we never stop fighting, ….


  42. ——————————————————————————–

    Cannibus and Indica are naned by the wrong propper scientific names. I don’t smoke anything, I quit “pot” in October 2008 before I moved from Texas to my home state of Michigan. I just quit cigarettes as well 4 or 5 days ago. Back to the point, the plant that is called Marijuana is named wrong. William J. Randolf Hearst just wanted to keep Hemp from interfering in his logging industry. The tycoon had Hemp and it’s cousin plant “Marijuana” to seem monsterous and made this country afraid that this plant “Maijuana” was the demon that it wasn’t. This was just bad buisness. Here is the loophole, all laws – bad or good – that use the term “Marijuana” are void and lacking in basic fact and truth. If the latin words for pot were used universily, then it would be understandable what the law is. At this point they are ALL out dated and should be thrown out as the trash they are. To tell the truth, the plant that bears the name of Marijuana is a harsh tobbaco plant that grows in Mexico and has no illegal use. I don’t relish the idea as a person that quit smoking, but it is not a drug compare to your local brand at the store. It will just be hard to find in the U.S. that I know of. All the laws have to use the propper language of law, and if a new law gets made while millions and millions live high everywhere. They would have to change their laws and you are talking about new laws endorsing legalization as a prefered bill. It sure sounds good to me. Remind your lawyer about this. Tehnicalities sink boats, and there are boats all over that are goint to be sunk, I say this in my own opinion. The world wants legalization and they should get it. This might never have been tried before, but all the credit is a little credit if this works. Show all lawyers this, pass it far and wide. Any enterprising lawyer could get this in line in a few days or even in an hour… but after an hour takes a lot of chrisma!

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