Prop. 19 Money Bomb — Final Hours Taking Place Right Now!

Campaigners for California’s Prop. 19 are in the final hours of their ‘money bomb’ — a single day when supporters all across the nation contribute to the campaign to legalize marijuana in California.

Below is their message to supporters:

This money bomb will show that the Yes on 19 campaign has the grassroots support needed to win on November 2. This couldn’t be more important and timely, so we really need to do everything we can to help out. Contribute before midnight to the Yes on 19 money bomb! Help us raise $50,000, and show that we can succeed this November!

Why $50,000? Because today marks 50 days until Election Day – and by raising $1,000 for each day left, the Yes on 19 campaign will get a real shot in the arm in their efforts to get this critical victory for marijuana law reform. The whole world is watching. If California — the largest state in the country — takes a stand, others will follow. So please, take a moment to chip in to the Yes on 19 campaign’s money bomb and help us reach our $50,000 goal.

Make a donation of $25 or more to the Yes on 19 campaign right now and you’ll get a limited edition “I’m Voting Yes On Prop 19” t-shirt. All proceeds will go straight to the Prop 19 campaign and be counted toward our $50,000 money bomb.

Want to learn the facts about Prop. 19? Check out Russ Belville word-for-word analysis here.

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  1. Someone in California tell me – what kind of campaigning is the Prop. 19 camp doing at the moment? TV ads? Radio spots? Newspaper? Yardsigns? Because I am sure the opposition has those running full tilt, and while I’ll gladly donate anyway, I just want to know that we’re keeping up in the public’s eyes.

    [Paul Armentano responds: The goal of this and other fundraisers is to raise sufficient dollars to afford paid media in the final weeks of the campaign. Right now, the No on 19 campaign lacks funding for paid ad buys.]

  2. i believe in norml and i pray that u get enough money to get prop 19 passed but even if we pass prop19 the corrupt politicians and thier prohibitionist movement will sue calif. like arizona over immigration so even if we win how can we win against the feds we all no they will sue and beat us so norml what can we do to uphold california prop 19 if it does win

  3. I’d just like to point out that the use of hard drug metaphors in association with a marijuana legalization campaign is a little bit of a no-no. Someone needs an editor.

  4. YEA! i donated been watching and donations really picked up the last few hours! lets push prop 19 not just in cali but across the nation!!!!


  5. Come on folks, I live in South Carolina and contributed to this wonderful chance. Believe it or not I am a conservative-libertarian, and think this is the best chance we have had for contributing to our cause! “Remember, ya gotta feed the monkey , to watch him Shit”

  6. I just contributed $25 to the cause and skipped getting the t-shirt (it wouldn’t help the cause being that I’m in VA…). It looks like they have slightly surpassed their goal of getting $50,000 to work with but the more the better! Let’s all help win this election and make this world a better place!

  7. #1 somedude – I don’t know what the prohibitionists are doing in Cali, but something that irritates me to no end is that it is a near sure thing that they are using taxpayer dollars against us! It’s just so wrong…

  8. Yeah we need to all hurry and cough up some doe cuz we need to change minds. That George Michaels from WHAM! ran into a photoshop and got 8 weedks in prison. And the judge remarked about how George ‘was clearly addicted to marijuana’. Coincidentally he was also hi as hell on pills. But the judge mentioned more about the pot than anything.Believe me he wiped out cuz he was poppin pills not smoking weed. Fucking idiots. How long can people keep digesting lies when the truth is so blatant?

  9. COME on everyone!!! I am tired of all the aruguements on the timing of Prop 19. The truth is you have to start somewhere. We have a chance to change and then re-educate the world on cannabis.

    Please, everyone that believes in your heart that cannabis is a miracle of nature, send whatever you can.

    Cactus Cowboy

  10. 50,000 dollars already reached-you what you do yeson19
    i just called my cousins in cali there so excited but it really a big to them becasue they can get weed from their neighbors-lucky bastard

    Holla from iraq and afghaninstan!make me proud cali hopefully the feds wont intervine with us

  11. Great work everyone, I see the goal of $50,000 has been exceeded! ($61,205 so far) But that’s no reason to still not contribute, every cent helps.

  12. Re ; # 1

    Nothing . I haven’t heard or seen any paid TV or radio ads advertising on either side of Proposition 19 .However , their are politicians telling us ” even if you don’t vote for me – vote NO on Prop . 19 “. ) A little investigation & research revealed they recieved massive contributions from drug companies & pharmaceutical manufacturers .

  13. I would be absolutely stunned if Prop 19 didn’t bring out all of the young voters who are in favor of it who normally don’t vote (especially in mid-term elections).

    If those voters show up for the polls, this will pass.

    I can’t wait to see what Obomber and the Feds do if/when this passes.

  14. Yes This is extremely important for the entire United States. All of us. Prop 19 isn’t just about California, it’s not even just about America. This would change globe in almost every developed nation based on the US’s policy and influence. This is reflective of the many Americans voicing anger and disgust at a detached, corrupt government that only seeks to feed it’s own needs and agendas of elite and wealthy power mongers. This is about the AMERICAN SPIRIT. OUR VOICE. OUR FREEDOM. OUR GOD GIVEN PLANT, and OUR GOD GIVIEN RIGHT. PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS CONSUMED CANNABIS. THEY WOULD BE PROUD AT US, AND LEAD THE REVOLUTION AGAINST THE STATUS QUO AND THE TYRANTS THAT LEAD THEM.

    It’s much, much larger then California.

    I live in Virgini, I have donated and will continue to.

  15. People are finally realizing they have been lied to/tricked… I just hope enough people realize this in time for the election!

  16. exactly how long after Nov. 2nd could someone buy pot at a store or headshop? If the Prop. 19 passes of course…

    [Paul Armentano responds: Commercial sales will be up to individual communities, who will no doubt take time to enact local regulations. Legal protections re: private possession and cultivation will take effect immediately.]

  17. Iam still nervous the government overall wont allow it. Holder said even it was made legal cali still had fed gov to contend with. And a cnn article said that ALL the former drug czars want the gov to sue the cali gov like they did to arizona for the immigration law if it goes legal. None of this is going to be for a shit if they block it or some other dirty shit

  18. I interrupt this program to bring you this speacial bulletin ( Just what the , TRUTH DOCTOR has been telling us since = forever )………..

    ……… Drug Companies Increase Lobbying by 25%, Contribute Heavily to Gov. Schwarzenegger .
    Pharmaceutical companies have dramatically increased their lobbying activities in California, contributed $325,000 to Governor Schwarzenegger and funded phony grassroots groups to use as political cover, according to the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR).

    Pharmaceutical companies, profits are 4 to 5 times that of the average Fortune 500 companies.

    ** In California, pharmaceutical companies and lobbying associations spent 25% more lobbying the legislature .

    ** In California, eight companies — Allergan, Amgen, AstraZeneca Bayer, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer — contributed $550,000 to legislators and political parties.
    ** Pharmaceutical companies have contributed $7 million to members of Congress for the November elections: 67% to Republicans, 33% to Democrats.

    “To say that the drug companies have greased the legislature would be an understatement,” said Jerry Flanagan of FTCR. “Whether or not Governor Schwarzenegger signs the bill reducing possession of marijuana down to an infraction will be a litmus test of his commitment to stand-up to special interest groups.”

    Drug Companies Fund Phony Organizations

    Pharmaceutical companies have also funded several health care and advocacy groups in California including the California Latino Medical Association which is opposing legalization of marijuana by providing the safe importation of prescription drugs. According to the Association’s website, their “generous sponsors” include: Pfizer, Aventis, Roche, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline

    Another group, 60 Plus Association, which receives funding from pharmaceutical companies and has lobbied Congress purportedly representing seniors for several years .

    According to quarterly reports filed with the California Secretary of State, 16 pharmaceutical companies and trade associations spent $1.08 million in lobbying expenses between January 1 and March 30. Lobbying expenses include salaries for in-house lobbyists and the cost of hiring outside lobbying firms. Gifts and contributions to lawmakers are not included in these totals.

  19. What all this means is ; we need your help in support of Proposition 19 .

    It’s just not about California . California will be first and then the Nation will follow .

    This is why it’s important to make your campaign contribution to legalize marijuana in California .

  20. @ #32 – I just left my 2 cents worth in the blog related to the hypocritical postion taken by the alcohol distributors. I suggest many of you do the same! Don’t let them get away with their stance on keeping marijuana illegal. Blindside them with facts!

  21. Of course the Fed. Government will sue California when this thing passes. I believe that the difference between this and the Az. immigration issue is that we are talking about California… An economy and population this huge CANNOT be ignored. You will probably see active resistance to Federal intervention by local and State law enforcement agencies.

    Does the Government have the resources to enforce an unfair and unpopular set of laws in a state like California without the support of local and State authorities? After passing prop19 I have to think there will be a flood gate opening and an outpouring of the truth by average citizens. Perhaps then the Government will have no choice but to change it’s position on the safe and effective use of Cannabis.

  22. The huge difference between the California law and the Arizona law is that there is no Federal police power upon which the California law will infringe (meaning there can’t be Federal field preemption as with immigration) and the Federal government cannot force state law enforcement to enforce Federal laws. (It’s a doctrine called “conscription,” much beloved by conservatives as it prevents the Feds from having local police enforce Federal gun laws, forcing the Feds to stick to Federal gun laws they can enforce on their own.) The Feds could keep up enforcement, possibly enough so to prevent the development of Amsterdam-style coffee shops, but there is no way the Federal government can afford to enforce marijuana possession, small scale cultivation, and informal markets. Basically, the Feds can prevent California from getting any significant tax revenue from cannabis, but not from scrapping it’s marijuana laws.
    I would just urge California voters to actually punish the politicians who have come out against it. I am sure Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown are hoping this issue drives some youth turnout that will help them at the same time they urge people to vote against it.

  23. California is the largest state in the U.S.A? I guess you forgot about Texas and Alaska.

    How are you supposed to get people to believe you if you cant get ALL the facts correctly. This is why people don’t believe us or take us seriously

    [Editor’s note: Fact: California is the largest state in the union by population and economy…not land size…duh!]

  24. I just donated $25 to the cause. Every contribution counts. If everyone gives a little we can make a huge impact. Call it an investment for our future.

  25. Vote NO on PROP 19

    I don’t think its gonna pass and in counties that are remote the vote is about 24% for…60% NO like Glenn county.

    The law here (215) is great the way it is and this new prop limits growing and possesion for the police to conduct more bad law. Its a convaluted prop and I’m voting NO!

    Either NO restrictions like wine…Or vote NO. How much wine can I produce for myself? How many bottles can I drive around with unopened…..see what I mean. This prop is a “police me ” prop….VOTE NO!

    [Paul Armentano responds: 1) As NORML (and other legal scholars) have stated multiple times already, Prop. 19 does not supersede or mitigate the medical protections of 215 or SB 420. 2) There are already legal restrictions re: how much wine a person can privately manufacture in CA. 3) It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with open alcoholic beverages in the car, making you zero for three on your ‘points.’]

  26. I donated $25. Glad to do so.
    Creating very-short t.v. commercials will save money for NORML.
    I didn’t care for the folks that appeared in a N. Calif. “short” ad featured on last week on CBS, about what to expect from NORML’s Pro-19 advertising. The people looked like potheads. Stringy hair, worn-out T-shirts.
    Being one, I recognize one. 🙂
    How about having the same commercial background setting, and replacing a single face (front,mid-range view) with each very-short commercial. Expensive? Do it simpler then.
    The face can be a revolving patient, a Dr., a police officer, athlete’s, an E.R. intake-nurse, jailhouse booking clerk, state judge, state parole board, etc., and they all give their own short-reason for legalizing MJ.
    All that’s really needed is our small 5-star leaf at the bottom-left screen position, with larger NORML letters under it, imo.

    Prepare to see the prohibitionist featuring a

  27. …..standing 3 ft. bong hitter, like Chubbs, choking down a hit. 🙂
    The Probies will say “where is you child tonight ?”.
    They’ll cut deep. Big cash money.
    We all got tired of Meg’s T.V litany very quick.
    NORML shouldn’t burn the public out with stale rhetoric that makes people “mute” the remote.
    Better to be clever. It’s worked for the Gecko.
    If NORML looks well-dressed and professional in all public appearances then the public won’t be scared.

    Every DEA, FBI, ATF, alcohol, tobacco, state and federal agency is prepared to spend unlimited cash to defeat Prop. 19.
    Their jobs are at stake. The DEA needs large busts to meet their yearly budget demands. Trust, they hate NORML.
    The DEA has an inter-office contest, “Bragging Rights!” said the DEA king on C-Span (last week), “for the largest MJ hauls. If you don’t need a helicopter to pickup the load, then your nothing special (as an agent).” – DEA
    The Probies are still-anxiously waiting for a youth to test positive for MARIJUANA ONLY, after running a red light and killing someone(s) or himself.
    All MARIJUANA ONLY blood test’s are mandated to be turned over to “California’s Probie Central”.
    Probie Central has not received any Positive MJ only blood tests from traffic or suburban disturbances.

    The other 49 are waiting to see if we succeed.

  28. 1.You can ride aroud ALL DAY with 3000 unopened wine bottles in your car….of coarse its always been illegal to have any opened container in any vehicle!
    2.Prop 19 limits space to grow marijuana…under prop 215 my DR. not the law sets my limits…SB 420 limits struck down by California Appelate court.
    3.You can still make wine in your own home without limit….whatt exactly is the law limiting wine making in ones home.
    Prop 19 compared to the law no only invites restrictions and hurts medical persons no matter HOW YOU WANT TO INTERPET THAT PROP ITS A “POLICE ME” LAW!

    [Editor’s note: Absent 100% total legalization (ie, like caffeine, tobacco and alcohol), if you cultivate, sell, buy or consume cannabis in CA and don’t vote for Prop. 19 you are supporting the arrest of over 70,000 cannabis consumers, inviting extreme police abuse, keeping cannabis prices sold as ‘medicine’ at Prohibition-level pricing and not allowing cities in CA (approximately 50% of them) to move forward with taxing cannabis sold in retail stores (home cultivation, like home brew making, will likely not be taxed when the limits reflect personal use amounts).

    It is only partially true that CA medical cannabis patients can grow as much cannabis as they need by a physician’s recommendation, but a) doctors almost always limit the amount of recommended cannabis that can be cultivated and b) a patient can only establish the defense of unlimited cultivation amounts AFTER they’ve been arrested and abused by the criminal justice system. Proposition 19 stops the arrest before it happens if patients and consumers are compliant with the law and c) Prop. 19 creates institutional de-incentives to stop harassing cannabis consumers. Prop. 215, regrettably only creates legal protections for about one in ten CA cannabis consumers and will never be fully implemented in CA (50% of the counties, 14 years after the passage of Prop 215, and then later SB 420, don’t allow medical cannabis sales and harass patients like common criminals…Prop 215 hardly creates legalization for all patients in CA).

    CA citizens who consume cannabis and do not vote for Prop. 19 are incredibly short-sighted and will face the rue of a nation of cannabis consumers looking to them to break the federal Cannabis Prohibition this fall by voting in the positive–not negative.

    When did cannabis law reforms get reformed by a majority of voters casting ballots in the negative?

    Answer: Never.]

  29. @ Ron E – In spite of the prop not being perfect, voting NO will be used and interpreted by the prohibitionists to mean that the population doesn’t want marijuana to be legal! It will be a major setback to the legalization effort. Is that what you want? If so, then you’re truly not one of us.

    Vote YES on Prop 19 and then work to make the new law an even better one. Help spread the new legalization across the world once passed.

    And, finally, I advocate boycotting any industry that donates to the Vote NO campaign – in particular the alcohol producers (they really pissed me off!).

  30. Sorry DON “In spite of the prop not being perfect,”

    This prop decides who has to pay more tax….$400,000 for a permit in Oakland..We have to live with this law in California if it passes….you other state folks want us…to send the folks you voted for but can’t convince A MESSAGE that POT IS OK!

    Right now in Ca the police have no money to waste on POT…Sure arrests go up when there are more consumers getting out of hand in public…and a no work economy revisits the idea of being a dealer….times are bad all over…BUT just to make a stupid law thats way convaluted (ask any lawyer in this field)because others wish us to send a message is downright selfish on NORMAL’s part and all you other people living in other states to put this crap on us…I will fight harder here to stop it.

    Get your own medical law and procede to outnumber them and put in the U.S.Constitution “there shall be no laws disrespecting marijuana”! Its your lawmakers you have to change…do it!

    AND I’M VOTING NO ON PROP 19 as are all my intelligent friends….we care how the cops get more power and this is a great opportunity for the POLICE! We like it underground, word of mouth…..comrads with a vote!

    [Paul Armentano responds: “We like it underground.” Unfortunately, your goal and NORML’s goals are opposite. NORML advocates for legalization; you — by your own admission — advocate for marijuana to stay prohibited. The cartels might respond similarly.]

  31. It’s turning into a real:


    Our family votes at home by “permanent absentee ballot” status – to reduce our carbon impact.
    • You can too. File as an absentee and relax at home.

    • Watch the church on this one, they feel we’re getting Jesus high. Follow the money NORML and publish it.

    Still-frame the fine print at the bottom of a Probie commercial and blow the type up to 16 point so we can all read it. “Post it Dano!”

    This has to be the most instant-problem solving election since Prop 13 (pro-tax limits) won by a landslide.

    Historic CALIFORNIA 2010 to the Max. 🙂

  32. My comment with ways the Governor will realise..
    the 50$s an ounce tax will not be proper with a
    role the setting apparently Ammiano good and bad
    philosophy setting wanted kind bud taxes at 50$s
    an ounce will not be proper amount with special
    sales tax bracket common and would only be a few
    dollars less than the grass tax at 3.50$ a gram:
    an amount determined so we could pay the Federal
    Minimum on grass tax and begin National Legality.

    A new plan known as Decrim2 will want to include
    tax more toward the sum 1 dollar for 5 grams pot.

    Decrim2 will be up to 100 grams decrim(2) carried
    on person or in vehicle during transit other than
    smoking while driving or on transit such as metro
    an eco train. Paul Armentano, will you please now
    offer comment about my statement . Thanks, Bryan.

  33. OK the grass tax on 28.5 grams with
    friendly fee 25 cents on ounce tax:
    will be 100$s.. though the natural
    number with full cost ounce will be
    20% maximum tax and with grass tax
    legal would be (natural number) on
    promise the special tax bracket on
    premise it were legal tax maximum :
    25% special sales product .. would
    be possible maximum 400 an ounce ,
    determined with grass tax percent
    maximum used with tax bracket. OK

    That’s grass tax 500$s legal an ounce..
    so 50$s an ounce would be half that.. ,
    if the special bracket common product :
    taxes were 25% at most on 200$s an ounce
    then the special tax would be ,. 50$s ::
    28.5 grams and common maximum product tax
    will be 20%.. so if private foundation are
    not allow to collect otherwise CA State ::
    oriented taxes .. the tax would have to be
    more up to 50% maximum (more than consume
    tax and more than product taxes) and the
    ounce could be 100$s before private tax
    amount [at half grass tax, though not uh
    following natural number , pot prices..]
    so how would you bring prices down with
    a tax medium at more than consumption rate
    if the maximum will be more like 25 percent.

    When grass taxes are too much ,. I don’t uh
    recommend half cost at maximum tax percent,
    I recommend much lower taxes on common pot
    product. [1$ per 5 grams] So what will the
    natural number affecting common pot product
    want with the consumer base and finance to
    begin proper State Oriented Industry with
    proper finance though not taxes to private
    foundation .. It doesn’t seem like a natural
    number with taxes at [kb] prices on special
    tax product whether consumption or industry.

    California , good luck (figuring this out).

    Bryan, cannabis legality activist _\|/_ /

  34. One more comment:
    28.5 grams will be equivalent 10 2.5 gram nugs
    and a 3.5 gram bud. Oakland (City) industry :
    may make a valu ten proper industry 2.5 gram :
    nugs an ounce and ounce deal on a 3.5 gram new
    [cola] bud. Green Smoke will be glad to help a
    CA State Industry _\|/_ pre-roll 2.5 gram roll
    joint amount and show Oakland (City) INDU ways
    to grow an actual (amount) 3.5 gram cola bud..
    with natural value not any Shivan nor Durban..
    We at Green Smoke thank CA State INDU OK. Bb2.

  35. Last actual comment :
    The new TriCameral designation number :
    18365 18364 and 18363 are the new pot
    taxes rational proper accord with new
    cannabis legality and proper ideal on
    promise the tax minimum will be proper
    with limited taxes and new accord newer
    grass tax much less than 3.50$ a gram,.
    will be common product and industry uh
    aligned new Manna Taxes on 18352.5 pot
    (cannabis manna pot) product. OK Gov2.

  36. Final comment (really) I’m sure. OK
    18322.7n77 was the Green Cross with
    new accord Pot ID (med mj ID) newer
    designation proper accord with _\|/_
    CA State proper first state with the
    Green Cross legal : medical cannabis
    and 18322.7n8 will be Green Smoke (*)
    with next legality after Green Smoke:
    GreenLeaf common designation 18345.8.
    The National Legality (100 grams) @*
    Nation Legal _\|/_ will be 18345.6 .

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