Phoenix Cardinals Give $10K Against Arizona Medical Marijuana Initiative

My eyes rolled after reading about the NFL franchise Arizona Cardinals donating $10,000 to maintain the prohibition against physicians recommending medical cannabis based on the bizarre and dishonest excuse that they want a ‘Drug-Free Arizona’. Really? Drug-free?!

Does this mean that this ownership group, which owns other professional sport franchises in Phoenix, is against profiting from the sales of one of the most deadly and addictive ‘drugs’ called beer? I think not…

Also, one would think that the Arizona Cardinal’s ownership would be greater students of recent history and more respectful of the citizen’s will in Arizona, who’ve already twice passed medical cannabis initiatives in 1996 and 1998 (which the legislature recklessly disregarded and never implemented).

Phoenix Business Journal

The Arizona Cardinals are opposing Proposition 203 which could make medical marijuana legal in the state and let chronically ill or severe pain patients buy small amounts of pot from state licensed clinics with a doctor’s approval.

The Cardinals gave $10,000 to Keep AZ Drug Free today, according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.

That group opposes 203 saying it could lead to more illegal drug use.

Cardinals team President Michael Bidwill is listed by the anti-203 group as one of the main Valley leaders opposed to medical marijuana legalization. USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo also is part of the Keep AZ Drug Free group’s efforts.

Arizona voters will decide Prop. 203’s fate in November Arizona would be the 15th state to allow for medical marijuana.

The Cardinals were not able to provide comment on their $10,000 contribution Wednesday evening.

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  1. Seattle , Wa.

    ……….But supporters of a more liberal drug enforcement policy are encouraged by the work he did in Seattle where he backed a drug court that focused on treatment rather than jail time and placed minimal emphasis on marijuana possession. That was then & today he’s adamantly oppossed to marijuana usage .Why doesn’t he just come out & say it ? He’s getting BIG BUCKS from Alcohol & Pharma .now to lie , when in Seattle they gave him nothing ……gee , wasn’t bribery a crime before ?
    There’s no doubt that police officers know firsthand the social toll caused by alcohol. Federal government estimates indicate that alcohol consumption costs the nation some $200 billion annually in hospitalizations, criminal expenditures and lost productivity. (Ironically, the nation’s top drug cop, Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, has specifically highlighted the staggering social costs of alcohol abuse in his rhetoric against Prop. 19.) Government figures further indicate that alcohol is a contributing factor in at least 25 to 30 percent of all violent crime in America, including between 30 to 60 percent of homicides and perhaps as many as half of all sexual assaults.

  2. Of course there is no alcohol in Arizona,reminds me of big corporations that contribute enormous amounts of money to “certain” candidates.It’s allpolitics,Money and Politics. Boycott Arizona Cardinals?

  3. On another note , last night i saw a program similar to ” COPS ” except in this one they concentrated on Alcohol related arrests . What i saw was drunks , DUI’S , one manslaughter ( murder caused by drunk driving ) , fighting & kicking , aggression , violence , Police abusiveness ,resisting
    arrest ( 3 incidents ), cussing , screaming & bloodied faces . In one part a Police Officer stopped a Teen driver for careless driving . He was just slightly buzzed from Alcohol but when the Officer found a small bag of Marijuana on him that’s when the shit really hit the fan .( Filmed in Texas , no doubt ) He shouted out ” , ….and now i got you for possession ! ” . He seemed to have forgotten about the boozed up driver at this point .

    Conclusion ; This was the only person shown during the hour long program that was not violent or aggressive in any way .He fully cooperated with the arresting Officer & was 100% compliant with being arrested .

  4. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE & especially never combine Alcohol with Marijuana .This may result in devastating consequences .

    Don’t drive on ” Pot ” either before or while driving since this may alter your normal driving patterns & could also result in grave consequences .


  5. An obvious attempt to protect their main profit center, alcohol and alcohol addiction. Terminally ill patients will know who to blame. Amazing the amount of negative publicity a $10,000 contribution can buy. I wonder how much that ill-considered donation will wind up costing the Cardinals?

  6. Wow!! Sounds like the gentlemen that own or run Football and Basketball organizations are afraid that their cut of the incredibly huge alcohol take might cost them some of their sweet gravy side deals if this were to become law and direct competition for booze money thats become so deeply entrenched in professional sports.
    I mean lets face it, the halftimes that professional sports (and television of course) provide us with are extra quarters thrown in there just for booze advertisements and booze sales.You think anybody really gives an xtended anything about what Jimmy Johnson thinks about the last quarter? Absolutley not.
    Oh, I just heard today so please allow me to offer my deepest and heartfelt congratulations to California Law enforcement and their kiss and make up relationship with the beer wine and liquor industry. I hear you guys are bed buddies now. Heres wishing that neither of you give either anything thats not well deserved and remember to always practice safety. Please see your local health department immediately following the November Proposition 19 victory party so y’all can be tested. You know, just to be on the safe side. 😉 You come back now, you hear.

    p.s. Give me business leaders like Ted Turner, thats the kind of leadership we need today in all professional businesses. Miss you Ted..

  7. Go to their website and write a letter. I can’t believe this. The owner is the one who decided. He is over the hill and a product of Nixon Propaganda! I wrote him a letter and teld him there is a large group of us. I think I have a new football team now also.

  8. How about “keep AZ violence free?” Hm, that might rule out football. 😉

    Didn’t I read someplace around here that cannabis was good for right after head injuries?

    I do recall the PBS News Hour running a few segments on football retirees who were suffering dementia at an age much younger than the general population, probably due to so much head trauma. And I do know that our own Health and Human Services Dept. got some kind of patent showing/proving that cannabis was good for dealing with dementia.

    I took a stab at making the abstract understandable, but I leave it to the legal minds of NORML to decipher the whole thing and bring it down to the level of average Americans.

    What these people seem to be doing is shooting themselves in the foot, or, let’s say, barfing in their own helmet. There must be some kind of behind-the-scenes blackmail going on.

  9. We should all send e-mails to the team website telling them they need to quit being sheep and pull the heads out of the butts!

  10. wow. this is a joke i bet the owner of the team is sitting back smokeing a fat one right now. all i have to say to the arizona cardinals is if you change your mind and want to come to the other side please visit this site this will teach you what you need to know. also next time give the ten grand to the flood victimes in pakistan or the families from katrina. Cardinals are funny thats why they cant get a ring.

  11. Most of the commercials during sports are alcohol folks, the sanctioned cellular toxin!! Go figure. And yet AZ is home to A. Weil MD, who heads the integrative medicine at university hospital tucson who supports cannabis medicine. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  12. Don’t worry sheriff Joe Arpio will be wanted for treason. He is going to get the chance to live in that tent city he built. He is the criminal with a gun and badge and should be concidered unstable and dangerous to our Citizens.
    It is clear he on his own and care not for law and order or our great Constitution. When I see or hear about him I just remember he is the criminal and will one day enjoy his tent city first hand. Mentally Unstable folks like him have a short fuse when dealing the real world.
    And yes I agree, boycott those folks until they are broke.

  13. I think the owner of the Cardinals just shot themselves in the foot! I wonder how many of their fans (perhaps ex-fans now) are in favor of legalization. It’s very odd to me that they would take such a stance since but let’s not blame the people of Arizona. I’m pretty sure they are just like people in the rest of this country and that most of them would like for marijuana to be legalized.

  14. I just wanted to mention, in case anyone hasn’t heard, that SEIU, California’s Service Employees International Union, with 700,000 members, has thrown its support behind prop 19! Yeah! So the Arizona Cardinals can stuff their $10,000. (And come in last place for all I care.)

    Also, I have a question for NORML’s editors, as I haven’t read anything on the matter: if Prop 19 should pass, will any citizens will be allowed to purchase MJ in California, or just Cal residents? I’m supporting it regardless, but am just wondering. Thanks.

    [Paul Armentano responds: The initiative enacts legal protections for any adult over age 21, not just CA residents.]

  15. Amazing!!! A DRUG FREE Arizona, AMAZING!!! That would mean that they favor the prohibition of alcohol, caffiene, and nicotiene to. Wouldn’t it. They are DRUGS, aren’t they? Close all the bars, coffee shops, and stop the sale of ALL energy drinks. In fact that would mean that ANY drink with caffiene in it needs to be prohibited. Just what the hell is it with people who think they need to stick thier noses into MY life, MY LIFE. I have no desire to stick my nose into thiers. IF THEY DON’T LIKE CANNABIS, THEN THEY SHOULDN’T DO IT. I don’t like alcohol, so I don’t do it. Even though I consider alcohol, and nicotiene the two most deadly drugs on earth, my feelings are that if they are the poisons you chose, then have at it, just keep your drunkin ass off my highways, and quit wiping out entire families in one fell swoop. Drunks have NO control over thier alcohol consumption, or themselves when they drink. Cannabis consumers maintain control at all times over thier consumption. Cannabis does not take away thier better judgement. The better judgement that tells them “that’s enough”. The better judgement that tells them to give the keys to thier friend who is totaly sober. Drunks get too drunk to know they are too drunk to drive. My brother is dead because of one of them. I was there, I watched it happen, he died in my arms. You can well imagine my hatred of drunks. I will not go into further detail, out of respect for you all.

  16. Just found out that the largest contributors currently opposing Prop 19 are cops and beer companies. Gee, what a combo: cops and beer. Why am I not surprised?

    Guess the boys in blue like to down a few brews after they’ve busted a few potheads. The great protectors of society; such upstanding examples of morality.

  17. It goes against logic. It’s hard to imagine why a business would stick their neck out against a popular movement. It can only piss people off and not improve the profit margins at all. Or does this Bidwill guy have something to gain? Oh well, that’s a mystery to me.

    It’s fairly certain that the people of AZ need and want MMJ. After all aren’t they second placing behind FL for the amount of retirees that reside there? Maybe they’re afraid that all these senior citizens will stop buying their big pharma drugs and move to a safer and cheaper herb? Does Bidwill own pharma stock? Or is it just a right wing state freaking out because they know they’re going to lose and MMJ will be hung out right in front of their faith based family value noses?

    And this Arpio dude. He’s just going to make up his own law after a large majority of the people voted for it? Wow!

  18. 40-11 beer commercials during an average game .Hmm ? not to mention Viagra & others , Hey, how about that hard lemon aid & shit they peddle @ games ! I personally don’t watch these rigged games anymore ! Free the flower !

  19. It’s been the site of many events over the years, from
    The International Cannabis and Hemp Expo is coming to the Cow Palace for the first time ever on April 17 and April 18. (Coincidence that it’s right up next to that magical number 4/20. Sure.) It’s a chance for the public to learn from vendors and speakers and see 100,000-square feet of displays showing off products to grow and ingest marijuana. Bands and musical acts will be entertaining .
    We are offering a forum for awareness, education and advancement of the hemp industry and medical cannabis community. Our objective is to educate the public on the differences between industrial hemp, medical cannabis and recreational cannabis, and to show the public the benefits of each.

    Marijuana won’t be sold at the event but there will be a designated place for legally-certified medical cannabis patients to consume their own.

    Key figures in the move to legalize marijuana will be speaking at the event, including activist, businessman and Oaksterdam University founder Richard Lee. He’s the main thrust behind the legislation that just qualified for the November 2010 ballot to allow adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, is also scheduled to speak. He’s sponsoring a separate bill to decriminalize marijuana in the state.

    Tickets for the expo are $15 for a single day and $24 for a two-day

  20. what a bunch of B.S. that is what is wrong with this country the rich who r mostly (R) have cantrol of what goes on. screw Arizona i’ve been there thought it sucked then and know they have proven it. you know the rich people that are sick or in saver pain are getting pot.

  21. Oh , C’mon everybody …. I’ve been saying from day one that Corporations which includes D.A.T. are behind prohibition on all levels . Football players get injuries & will often have joint & other pain problems after retiring & into their senior years . For their injuries and pain they take Pharmaceuticals . So it be obvious to you that the Drug Companies are behind all this .
    To keep , Arizona ” Drug Free ” is sponsored by D.A.T. with Drug Companies themselves sponsoring , Arizona ” Drug Free “. Drug Free America is again sponsored by Drug Companies who relentlessly spend millions & millions of dollars just so you’ll take their drugs & by using the name of ” Drug Free ” , they are using deception as a means to decieve you into thinking Marijuana is the drug and their drugs are not drugs .
    They again are using deception to make you think The Cardinals are the ones shelling out the $ 10,000.00 when all along it has been the Drug Companies who are giving huge sums of money to the Cardinals so you’ll think it’s the Cardinals & not the Drug Companies that are behind all this .This is what ” deception ” is . ”
    Satan is the master of deception and us being on the side of God are really fighting Satan /

    ” The Devil called Satan has decieved the Whole World “

  22. …………… is the Drug industry solely shelling out money to the Cardinals ? No .

    I’ve told you before it is D.A.T.

    Ever notice how much cigarettes a drunk tobacco smoker smokes ?
    Often non stop cigarette smoking when intoxicated from beer or other alcoholic beverages .
    Smoking will often lead to medical problems & now the Pharma. industry gets involved making them millions if not trillions of dollars off of tobacco .
    Ever seen beer ads inside a stadium ?
    Do you know how much the Cardinals make off of beer sales during a game ? ( A lot )

    D.A.T. loses money & lots of it with Marijuana usage .
    Texas , an oil state hates Marijuana .
    Cotton hates Marijuana .
    The lumber industry doesn’t want Marijuana legalized .
    and on and on…………

  23. Some of the games played by NFL teams appear to be ‘fixed’. So what we have here is a group of multimillionaire owners filling their stadiums with millionaire players who fix games on demand for profit. For such an institution to oppose cannabis sounds pretty predictable.

  24. @adam gabler
    seriously? your proof that The Cardinals don’t support profiting off alcohol is to state that they have disallowed tailgating? bahahahahahaha! tailgating…..the event where people bring their own beer to drink in the parking lot so as to not have to buy $8+ beer inside the stadium? sounds more like they made that rule so that they could profit more off of alcohol.

  25. What would be nice is an organized protest with a 30 day boycott of alcohol but smokers would be nice…
    would make a big $$$$ statement, it’s the only thing they understand…
    Besides, when the GOP takes over via propaganda and lies we will all be in the shitter… they have already stated they will close down all Med MJ facilities… and crack down on all drug users…
    The fascist are coming and no one on the left is voting… kiss your freedom good bye…

  26. Boycott Arizona Cardinals! Boycott all those who support the Constructive Fraud which denies those with cancer from having the CURE! It called cannabis and it cures diseases not cuases them like Alcohol. The two should not even be compared. A herb that heals doesn’t belong next to a substance that HAS KILLED more people than war.
    Boycott these folks because they are criminally wrong and we all know it. We are not talking theory here, it is FACT, just like our Star or sun, it is real.
    The cure in cannabis is readily reproduceable just as it is a fact alcohol kills, it is readily reproduceable and therefore beyond theory.
    The cure for cancer was discoveried in the 1970s and this position of our government endangers the health and welfare of the Nation.
    Guess we need a law that prevents the sitting regime from endangering the public by their irresponsible acts.
    Do not retreat, push harder, talk louder, and let this truth be known. The evidence is in folks, ignor it if you want but I choose to fight, I choose to stand up, I choose not to plea bargin but fight my way into the Supreme Court of these United States. I do fear these fools, no I fear not standing up and doing what is right, what it is to be American.
    I will be at my liberty and I care not how my government defines it, for liberty lies in the hearts of men & women, it does not lie with the courts, legislator, president, it lives in me and you, when it dies there no court, no legislator, no president can restore it. It is in US and It is up to us to express our liberty, it is us who will define it, just as those before us.
    Give me my liberty or execute me, for I will be slave to no one! I shall not sit at the back of the bus because I am equal! I am at my liberty and it is not up for sale.
    Up your AZ football team! I hope you go broke. I hope you feel a boycott at your door.

  27. I lived in Arizona my entire life up until age 20. It’s all out police state, and the chances of the medical marijuana intiative has a slim chance of passing. I moved to San Diego 3 years ago, best decision of my life. Go Chargers and go prop 19!!!!

  28. as I thought

    If every citizen who inhaled cannabis

    walked into the local law enforcement center

    and confessed that they are guilty and should be arrested, the system would breakdown, come to a screeching halt.

    Pick a day

  29. Prohibitionists are hypocritical, lying cowards. “Drug free” Arizona? The Cardinals push highly addictive, deadly toxic alcohol and then allow that poison to be used in public in front of children! Until the Cardinals change their tune, I will never again watch their team play.

  30. “As you should know that 2 years ago, the Arizona Cardinals implemented as one of the first NFL organizations to ban tailgate partying at the stadium.”

    Whatever dude. That is exactly what they’re doing here! Tailgaters bring their own beer. If you can’t tailgate then you have to buy from the stadium. So the tailgating ban in my opinion was DEFINATELY A PROFIT MOTIVE.

  31. Adam Gabler said,

    “But wait that doesnt’ sound like an organization too eager to profit from the sales of alcohol, more like concerned for public well being.”

    BUT WAIT! If you can’t bring your own beer to a tailgate party then I’d guess you’d have to buy all your beer AND FOOD in the stadium. What you basicaly said was Arizona Cardinals banned tailgating therefore they have no profit motive from the sales of alcohol and that is insanely ignorant. They don’t get sales from tailgating. Who gets profits from tailgating? No one gets profits from tailgating except the grocery store where people buy the food and beer from before the game. So in truth it could be questioned whether or not the ban WAS profit motivated. Which I’m sure it was! Why else would you ruin the best football tradition ever? If they’re so concerned for public safety then they should just ban alcohol from the stadium. Will they do that? Nope! Why? Profit motive! GET PWNED!!

  32. I am a TRUE Arizona native, born and raised. Arizona has an incredible Meth and Heroine problem. Honestly, I really don’t think the Government wants to secure our borders. Each year hundreds of people are killed trying to cross the border. My point – Drug Kingpins are shooting each other in the streets of Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, etc. for teritory to sell their meth and heroine. The coyotes that transport these poor illegals are killing each other for the ransom money that they skam out of their families. This is daily news. I don’t know, but, when was tha last time you smoked a bowl and said, “Hey, lets go rob a Circle K?” Just pass the twinkies Cheech.

    I went through chemotherapy 12 years ago and was given narcotics, anti’depresents, muscle relaxers, nausea medication, sleeping pills, benzodiazapines, etc.I now have high blood pressure, poor eye site, gall bladder problems, joint pain, etc. JUST GIVE ME A JOINT. My God, even my Dr. was a proponent for legalization.

    My Daughter was arrested four years ago for three seeds in her purse. Oh yeah, I am not kidding, 3 seeds. She was charged with a felony, put on 3 years probation and TASK. She moved to San Francisco and was given a prescription for Medical Marijuana. When she returned to go to court the judge didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t keep her on task, she was taking this prescription legally. How much time and money can three seeds cost. Just ask the Arizona justice system. Thousands, thats some good shit.

    As for the Cardinals, chump change, and I wonder if the players even knew. I refuse to believe that they voluntarilly rallied for this action. (I happen to know a few of the plahyers) Yeah, threaten me with my multi million dollar contract and I’ll keep my mouth shut too.

    Patrty on and

  33. I haven’t voted in 10 years, but you bet I will both registered and become a registrar. VOTE YES.

    One last thing, my daughter that was arrested (#98)had been a Meth addict, Marijuana helped her stay straight along with four of her friends, 6 years now, but, oh yeah, Marijuana leads to harder drugs, I forgot.

    I look at my Daughter today. A mother of a four month old, full time student (nursing) and clean and sober. (I don’t consider a plant to enter into this category)

    Peace and VOTE

  34. as someone who has grown up with marijuana in my house and had in in my car, without my knowledge i am comepletly against. my bestfriends mother died of cancer a few years ago. her perscription was to smoke marijuana to releive pain. i thought that was a great idea. but putting a word like legalization in the same line as marijuana poses a few other questions. as the application in which the article states, just about anyone could come by the drug. my uncle owns a plant in california, and though he has a liscence to grow it medically i can tell you i doubt he sells it legally.

    ive watched the effects of marijuana hurt my own personal family. and yes alchohal is drug too, but i dont see very many people start off with a bud light and a few years down the road on meth? (i do understand there are always exceptions)

    as an eighteen year old student. i can more than half my school is involved with drugs. i think any action in a direction towards a drug-free enviroment is a good idea.

    i know marijuana can really alleviate the pain of most cancers, i just dont think all the articles in the proposition have been completely confirmed and accounted for. like how will they ontrol who carries a medical marijuana card and how often can you get it? and another thing, i the ammount perscribed has to be two and a half grams, how often can you get that amoount? does it depend on how often you smoke it? and how can the physicians really know if the patient is using the entire alotted dosage? its expensive! and selling what you dont use is an idea i am betting most will decide to put into action.

    really are we going to go back to prohibition debates when right now we are talking about a solid form drug, not a liquid.

    The Cardinals can support who they want. who are you to call someone else a hypocrite? every person is in one way or another a hypocrite so take the finger and point it at yourself, as wll i. thank you and goodbye:)

    [Editor’s note: Cannabis is not a gateway drug. There has never been a ‘drug-free’ atoll, mountaintop or valley…

    If you want to vote to keep a failed and tax coffer draining law on the books for another 74 years, that is certainly you’re prerogative. It is every person’s right to be a fool.

    The ownership of the Cardinals are worse than hypocrites for making donations against medical cannabis while profiting from a VERY dangerous drug sold by the keg and bottle, they’re actively seeking to deny sick, dying and sense threatened medical patients in Arizona one of the very best, cheapest, non-toxic medicines available to humans.

    Lastly, use a spell checker!]

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