Latest CA Polls Show Big Boost In Prop. 19 Support

Public support for California’s Prop. 19 — which would legalize the private adult use and cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis, and allow local governments the option of regulating its commercial production and retail distribution — is up significantly, according to the latest statewide Field Poll, released on Sunday.

According to the Poll, 49 percent of respondents say that they would vote ‘yes’ on 19 ‘if the election were being held today.’ 42 percent say that they would vote ‘no.’

Self-identified Democrats, men, and non-partisan voters were most likely to back the measure.

The latest Field Poll numbers mark a significant improvement from the firm’s previous poll, conducted in July, which reported only 44 percent of respondents voting ‘yes’ and 48 percent voting ‘no.’

Two additional polls released last week also emphasize voter support for Prop. 19. A September 22 Public Policy Polling firm survey of 630 likely California voters found 47 percent of likely voters backed 19, versus 38 percent against. The most recent Survey USA poll of 569 California adults reported similar support, with 47 percent of respondents saying that they were ‘certain’ to back the measure, versus 43 percent opposed., a website that posts aggregates results of all of the polls conducted on this issue to date shows Prop. 19 leading by 47 percent to 40 percent.

Speaking of Prop. 19, Dave Borden, Executive Director of, recently posted an excellent commentary on the Huffington Post rebutting the myth that passage of Prop. 19 would somehow undermine medical marijuana in California. NORML has addressed this minority (and fallacious) opinion numerous times on this site and on the Audio Stash blog, but Dave really hits it out of the park here.

Prop 19 Would Help — Not Hurt — Medical Marijuana Patients
via Huffington Post

[Excerpt: Read the full text HERE.]

Are they misinformed or deliberately lying? I don’t know anymore.

A group of medical marijuana dispensaries organized as the California Cannabis Association has come out against Prop 19, California’s “Tax and Regulate Cannabis” initiative to legalize marijuana.

The coalition claims that Prop 19’s provisions giving local jurisdictions the power to regulate cannabis sales, including the right to choose whether to allow commercial or other outlets, would enable them to prohibit the sale of medical marijuana to patients, something that under California they currently can’t do.
The claim is completely false.

… Fortunately, only some medical marijuana people are so shortsighted as to oppose this historic and important measure. Harborside Health Center in Oakland, and the Berkeley Patients Group are among the top quality groups lending their support to Prop 19. But it’s still worth asking, why are some other medical marijuana providers opposing it?

I say enough is enough. Whether they are doing it deliberately, or out of deliberate ignorance, they should stop spreading misinformation about Prop 19. Shame on the California Cannabis Association. And YES on PROP 19!

I also have added my two cents to this ongoing debate. In particular, I’ve addressed the allegation expressed by the so-called ‘Stoners against Prop. 19‘ (and repeated by others) that argues, “Simply put, the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative does not reflect most people’s ideas of what legalization would be.” Perhaps that may be true for a minority of reformers. But the conflict doesn’t lie with Prop. 19; it lies with some people’s ‘idea of what legalization should be.’

Coming to Terms With Taxation, Regulation, and California’s Prop. 19

[Excerpt: Read the full text HERE.]

This November, California voters will decide on Proposition 19, which seeks to enact the most far-reaching marijuana law reforms anywhere in the United States. The immediate effect of Prop. 19, if passed, would be to provide legal protection to the individual marijuana consumer – that is the estimated 3.3 million Californians who are presently using marijuana for non-medical purposes.

Yet as is apparent by the criticism voiced by some, there’s a minority of folks who wish to define cannabis legalization unconventionally. They would prefer that legalization be characterized as the absence of any regulation whatsoever. It’s ironic because, in truth, it is the present criminal prohibition of cannabis that is an unregulated free for all. Conventional legalization is just the opposite.

It is counter-intuitive for some critics of Prop. 19 to advocate that marijuana be treated in a ‘legal’ manner, but then at the same time demand that it not be subject to regulation. Bottom line: all legal commodities are regulated in some manner and their retail production or sale is subject to taxation.

For example, cell phones are legal to possess and use in California, but if an individual uses his or her cell phone while driving they are subject to legal sanctions and intervention by law enforcement.

Possessing domesticated pets is legal in California and elsewhere, yet certain apartments and home rentals forbid tenants from having pets on the premises. Certain localities have even barred adults from possessing certain pets (e.g., pit bulls) all together.

Water is legal, but it’s a product that is highly regulated by the government. The state taxes private individuals’ water use; it can add components like fluoride to the product without voter consent, and it can even sanction the private individual if their water use is greater than that deemed appropriate by the government (in times of water rationing). Yet, even with these rules and regulations, is there any organized outcry from the public claiming that water, pets, or cell phones ‘aren’t really legal?’

Ditto for the subject of taxation. Gasoline is taxed at the state level, federal level, and there’s also an excise tax that is passed on to the consumer. Same with alcohol. There are a multitude of taxes that are charged to the consumer on his or her phone bill. How about the taxes tacked on to airline travel, which equal nearly 25 percent of the consumer’s total purchase price? The number of specific taxes and regulations sought to be imposed upon marijuana under Prop. 19 are arguably minimal in comparison to the taxes and regulations on many commodities consumers already use every day. In fact, under the proposition, an adult can grow marijuana themselves and avoid any taxes all together.

Is there the possibility that under Prop. 19 some local governments might seek to over-regulate or over-tax certain aspects of the plant’s use or retail distribution? Of course. [Editor’s note: And that is why reformers will continue to need to be involved in the local democratic process after 19 passes.] But ultimately, the question is: what is the preferable policy for adult marijuana use – not the Utopian. Right now the state has the power of a gun to seize an adult’s marijuana – even marijuana that is used in the privacy of one’s home – and to sanction that adult with criminal prosecution and a criminal record if their use is for non-medical purposes. Under Prop. 19, an individual would no longer face these criminal sanctions for their private activities, as long as their private use was limited to possession and cultivation within certain limits. That is legalization. And in NORML’s opinion, that is a net gain – not a net loss.

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  1. California and Californians have an appointment with history soon.
    All eyes are on California waiting for the outcome to Prop.19
    As a Canadian, and Canadians are very famous throughout the world for their wait and see attitude,I can only wait and see.With the Conservatives and Mr.Harper in power that’s the rule : wait and see. Wait for Californians to legalize and see the results of marijuana legalization.I hope Marc Emery is returned to Canada in the process.

  2. All I can say to all of this is go vote for Prop 19 in CA! Tell your non-toking friends to do so too if they want to rescue the state’s budget. I, for one, know at least a dozen people who are waiting to see how the vote before deciding whether to go on a Canadian ski vacation or a California beach vacation this winter. Upset about empty hotels and restaurants? Fill them up and get them paying taxes again by supporting 19.

  3. Hi there…great work with the continued effort to debunk the No-on-19ers. 🙂

    I’ve recently heard pessimistic comments by the folks at Marijuana Radio. Essentially, they are under the impression that organizations like NORML, MPP, and DPA endorse Prop 19 because it will put them in a position to profit from it. I know that MR is in favor of legalization; however, their distrust of our Govt (even State Govts) is dominating their opinion of Prop 19. It appears that their concerns are: 1) Fear that Prop 215 will be negated; 2) too loose interpretation of “space” with regards to minors; and 3) corporate monopolies that will take over MJ production/distribution. I think NORML gets lumped into the last one.

    Would it be possible for Russ, Allen, or Keith to become a guest on their show (SOON) and set the record straight? MR has a lot of listeners, many of which are Californians, who must be educated regarding the realities of Prop 19.



    [Editor’s note: A number of NORML staffers have been guests on Marijuana Radio and they’d all welcome the chance to be on again to encourage all of their listeners to support Prop 19 and to relate that self-evidently NORML has no financial stake in growing, marketing or selling cannabis–NORML is a non-profit public interest advocacy organization that is supported only by members’ donations.

    While Prop 19 is not a perfect reform vehicle, Marijuana Radio’s three stated concerns are not valid or are already in effect under medical cannabis, and don’t warrant actually voting ‘no’ to legalization on Prop 19 and ‘yes’ to the continued arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations of hundreds of thousands of cannabis consumers in CA.]

  4. I can’t believe after all these years of hoping, praying and working towards some kind of reform, that there are people who would actually vote NO on Prop 19 because it’s not a perfect bill. Well, good luck finding a more perfect bill than this!! HINT: It ain’t happening!

  5. do you people really think that the landlords will be ok with this why dont you go and ask them have you ever seen the inside of a grow room hello.. it turns it to crap do you think they will allow this no you need there permisssion read this thing dont be childish about it 20012 will be a better prop we should wait it will be better…….

    [Editor’s note: Your comment is too strange to directly address…but suffice of to say if Californians do not vote in the majority for Prop. 19, reformers will right back at the polls in 2012…Californians are going to vote to end cannabis prohibition be it this election, or one soon to come.]

  6. Legal marijuana is coming to America and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The prohibitionists had better prepare for reality as well as the truth. You’ve been shoving your false propaganda down our throats for years, now it is our turn.

  7. Oh no,
    marijuana may cause a mass hysteria/
    can grow boobs, but also beware of laws/
    that will incarcerate and devastate/
    become hella lazy and overweight/
    will cause cancer at a crazy pace/
    prop. 19 is out of place, a failed race/
    but don’t forget that you may just lose your life/
    marijuanas more addictive then others, might as well use a knife/

    thats what they say well i do to
    really its not bad look at me instead of him and F*** u/

    really now weed is from the earth “put here 4 u and me”/
    This is called god to some countries, the benefits obsolete/
    a crime for some, some who lost but on the struggle to have won/
    one’s a lonely number so lets all get up and vote some/
    why, because it’s just plain ridiculious/
    these are my rights, my world, same s***/
    so I’m gonna sit back and grow fat ti**/
    while you stay on your hating game coming up with fake ad-libs/

    legalize marijuana I know u wanna for the world there’s a lotta, not a lotto, but moneys the problem, my rights they rob ’em/ while they rape I’ll smoke and dodge them, as they did/ but mine’s a victimless crime, over-reated!!/


  8. Give Prposition 19 a Chance
    – John Lennon

    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
    This-ism, that-ism, ism ism ism
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    Minister, Sinister, Banisters and Canisters,
    Bishops, Fishops, Rabbis, and Pop Eyes, Bye bye, Bye byes
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    (Let me tell you now)
    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    Revolution, Evolution, Masturbation, Flagellation, Regulation,
    Integrations, mediations, United Nations, congratulations
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary,
    Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan, Tommy Cooper,
    Derek Taylor, Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg, Hare Krishna
    Hare Hare Krishna
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

  9. Dear Bill, Have you noticed? The smirks are gone. Newscasts featuring the many LEAP speakers personally supporting Prop 19 in California are treating this as a normal, mainstream policy debate! Nearly all gone are the knowing chuckles, bad puns and dismissive looks. Instead, legalization is getting a full, respectful hearing. This is unprecedented. And it’s evidence of a strong showing – dare we hope victory – in November, which was unthinkable less than a year ago. We made this happen. We put former drug warriors with impeccable credentials and media savvy in front of the mainstream media, and they are firmly, credibly disarming the critics. Our speakers are dominating the California media on CBS, MSNBC, Fox News, Time, AP and many other media outlets. They are dismantling our opponents’ strongest card-the formerly solid, now crumbling wall of law enforcement gravely warning of imminent disaster from legalization. They are stripping drug warriors of their fig leaf of respectability, exposing their distortions and scare tactics for what they are. They are changing minds and votes. Our speakers have done us proud. And since your support made this possible, you have done us proud. Of course, you know what it takes to keep up this level of pressure. And you know how very close we are to seriously altering the landscape for drug policy reform in America. We need to raise $19,000 in 19 days, and generous donors have offered to match your gift dollar for dollar up to that amount! Give because you agree with the law enforcement officials who are sick and tired of the fruitless drug war – and want as many people as possible to hear their message. Your donation will be matched. Our law enforcement professionals are dominating the airwaves. As our parents and grandparents used to say, “keep ’em flying!” Sincerely, Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), Executive Director P.S. If all this weren’t enough, we have been instrumental in moving both the California NAACP and the National Black Police Officers Association to support Prop 19! Our reach, impact and potential are increasing, thanks to your generous support. Your donation puts LEAP speakers in front of audiences. To support LEAP’s work by making a contribution, please click here . 121 Mystic Ave. Suites 8&9 Medford, MA 01255 (781) 393-6985 You received this e-mail because you are a supporter of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. We need help growing our all-encompassing movement of citizens who want to end the failed “war on drugs,” so please invite your family and friends to learn about LEAP. Click here if you no longer wish to receive e-mail from us.
    <DIAEMAILID='261616273' thread="861" /

  10. Wow! That is great news. I have been following this report all weekend. Now what will happen if prop 19 passes Nov 2nd? Will people be able to go and by what they want lets say Nov 3rd or 4th? Just wondering whats next if it passes. I live in Colorado and I think our turn for a legalization vote is coming in 2012. I would like to know what to expect. Thanks Norml for working so hard bring us updated information nearly everyday. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!

  11. Now this is the way to go forth. The percent is climbing great news! We have them on the run for the first time in a very long time. I love the fact that CA is leading the way. CA cannabis victory is a victory in every State, it will be a victory for the entire Nation. There will be parties in ever town in America once the State of CA whips back the chains that have for so long violated our Constitution. Your the tip of the Sworn CA and it is our hope that when the vote is counted it will have been a historical turnout of voters and that we win this victory with a landslide of vote for Prop 19.
    Please do not stop now, contact everyone you know, give ever non-supported the DVD, “What If Cannbis Cures Cancer” and lets peaceful win their vote too come November 2nd. This is the time not to be cheap, people have gone to prison defying this unjust law on cannabis and many more have died because they did not know it cures cancer. Yes I said it, it not theory, when something can be reproduced over and over again, like dropping a ball, it falls, fact. Well Cannabis kills cancer cells, Fact like the ball falling.
    How many of you out who have encountered cannabis walked away thinking there is some more here. There is!, You were right to defy this unjust law and in November we will tell the world that the American have had enough! We want, we are taking back what is our State by State and we will not stop until we have liberty and freedom in our Nation again.
    CA Citizens are brave and bold, progressive in so many ways. You are the tip of the sword, your vote will bring back the American Dream, that we can root out evil an intolerance by refusing to yeild to unjust action of a few government employees.
    Don’t forget to VOTE, fire those dumbasses and grant liberty back to the people.
    Love CA People!!!!

  12. In fact, under the proposition, an adult can grow marijuana themselves and avoid any taxes all together.

    Not entirely true! You would have to pay tax on EVERYTHING but the sunshine to grow it! Like you said water also garden supplies,good potting soil and the list could get quite long. Its just like brewing your own beer. There is still a little tax!

  13. Please California pass vote yes on prop 19 so we american citizens can start to get our freedom and liberties back.It is up to you make us proud to Americans

  14. Sounds like the California Cannabis Association need to back off a bit on what ever they are consuming. Making it legal for all will not make it legal for patience.

    Seriously, If your ,as and adult, can legally grow your own, so will med patience and those who dont wont be in short supply…. puff puff give. Dont bogart that joint my friend..!

  15. i really hope that prop 19 passes in california and across the united states i live in ohio and it is a 100 fine and classified as an infraction or misdemeanor but you see thats not good enough because even if you get caught with a joint at home, the state takes your drivers license and now most companies are going random with the drug testing, the govt. is pulling out all the stops to win this war on pot i guess after 30 years i will be forced to quit smoking or be unemployable good luck calif.on prop 19

  16. wow, I still cant come to terms with being able to buy canna from coffee shops and possessing and smoking it with my buddies openly..

  17. the prohibitionists will never allow us to use pot even if prop 19 passes and it is so crazy for pot not to be legal they keep spreading the lies from washington its not a free america any more

  18. Somebody, please, tell me it ain’t so. Cannabis dispensaries, betraying their own kind, their own customers, by spreading disinformation about Prop 19… out of selfish greed… because they think may lose a certain percentage of sales… Not only is that short-sighted, but it is unethical behavior. Typical businessmen trying to protect their monopoly out of greed, with no concern for the public interest. I hope the voters are wise enough to make the right choice, which is for freedom.

  19. Damn 42 percent still say no which is quite a bit. It looks like it can sway either way. I hope that this passes. Peter Tosh and Bob Marley are going to be on all day for me on November 2nd.

  20. Re: 21

    Rick, why are you so pessimistic about this? You do understand what it means when a law is passed, right? I still don’t understand the phrase “not a free america ‘anymore.’ What exactly are you talking about when you say ‘anymore’? Give an example please.

    I would think you would be celebrating this latest news.

  21. I’m happy to read that legalization is getting a serious consideration. I only wish it could be in a state that would manage it better. CA has managed to mishandle medicinal use and could wind up improperly regulating a blanketed control so badly that it might create a huge back lash. There are other states I would rather see it legalized in first and then let the domino effect begin.—-NORML Member

  22. Ya know, i think norml has made an unmeasurable impact that, looking back, changed my temperament completely. I used to smoke pot, and all my buddies did, whn i was a teen, but even my die hard pothead buddies wouldnt ever get serious about legalization. Like it was a dream that aint even worth talking, but it always felt like more to me. In fact where i live, Indiana, makes you REALLY feel singled out, like your ideas are completely wrong. Then i started logging on once in a while to, now i log on everyday. And having such an ample source of information about things going on across the united states, not to mention the comments left by all you guys, well the ones who make sense and arent just logging in to be “part of something” really helped me to realize the truth about herb. Marijuana seems to be synonymous with humans, and in my point of view, being high should not be grouped into the same mental category as the term intoxication. Its a much more profound experience, it just kind of lets more in. I believe this plant will be legalized soon regardless of what anyone says or thinks, and if people were smart theyd start getting business degrees and relevant experience, cuz there is going to be a huge new job market being created in a decade or less, and im not saying every sally jim and sue should grow, then growing will turn corporate and be ruined, but rather grow to specialize, grow to expand the species, grow to amaze ppl, dont grow for profit.

  23. None of this would of happened without the generous support of N.O.R.M.L. in bringing us the facts & letting us people post the truth , not lies on your blog .

    I saw one row of Kellogs Corn Flakes ” not sold ” at the grocery store & other brands ” sold ” .I guarantee you one thing , Kellogs will never tell you we’re winning this war .

    Last night i was in complete disbelief seeing a 20 yr. old on ” Cops ” being treated like he just shot 2 innocent people and this was over a small bag of weed . I was shocked to see that anything this barbaric still goes on not only in the U.S. but in the World .

    Yes on 19 & the legalization thereafter will hopefully put a dent in such stupid uncalled for ridiculousness .

    Remember folks : A yes for Whitman this November will only continue the arrests & mass killings not only in Cali. but on our entire Western Continent .

    Wishing everyone the Best

    ! Anonymously yours ,from , Southern Cali .

  24. We are winning you, I and yes those in Government know it too. The lie they told so long ago is much like the rest of the infarstructure our government put in place. Bridges, damms, roadways, leavies, sewage, gas,and water pipes are all failing, so is it with their Constructive Fraud.
    We are going to watch history happen, we will see people take back what was theirs in the first, LIBERTY and the right to choose for themselves.
    CA is the tip of the sword, go forth and vote, win this by a landslide.
    Hay Mr. President will you still laugh at us then?
    We are going to take back our liberty state by state. This election will could see a few more States start the process CA did in the late 90s.

  25. I never thought I would live to see the starting of the end of Cannabis prohibition. The prohibition loving assholes did a good job scaring the public for years with lies and forces and the ironic thing is that they are now scared and not the public. I am not from California and I’m looking forward for them to end this nearly a century old prohibition. Can’t wait to toke freely without fear.

  26. A BIG – WOW on # 19 !!!!

    I can’t believe they’ll take away your License & i guarantee it’s all because the Politicians are paid huge somes of money by corporations to keep Marijuana illegal & for your state to enforce these unjust laws .
    One time i was stopped by the California Highway Patrol near Mammoth Lakes & i had a BB gun on my front seat which led them into searching my car . Well they found a 1/2 oz. of weed in a baggie , about 10 joints in a pill box , rolling papers , matches & more .I thought i was in trouble . Well , after they did a field sobriety test & found out i was ” straight ” & not a threat to public safety they let me go .

  27. I think it’s great that we get to live in a time where people are finally starting to speculate that what were told is not really the truth and maybe how things are, arent how they should be! This should be one for the history books! yes on PROP 19

  28. If this does pass, when will it go into effect? As soon as the votes are counted, or January first of 2011, or something else? If any of the editors know the answer, please make a note. Thanks.

  29. do everyone a favor if you are a dirty hippie and take a shower and shampoo your hair if you are gonna be out in public singing prop 19’s praises. one of the main reasons that pot remains illegal in this country is its ties to that type of culture. everyone that supports legalization isn’t a gun hating liberal or drives a electric car, so let’s not give the rest of the voting populous that idea. drug legalization has always been grouped into the rest of the leftest agenda such as abortion, gun control, etc….if you do fall into this category, leave your obama shirts at home and the i hate sarah palin bumper stickers off your car. there isn’t any sense in alienating people that are undecided by pushing them away with your overall politics. this is a chance to make history, don’t mess it up by sounding and looking like a dirty worthless hippie…

  30. My question is, what good would it do to pass a state law when the feds will still consider it illegal and still be able to bust folks who are using it…As has already happened.

    [Editor’s note: 98% of cannabis arrests are made by local and state law enforcement…the feds do not target casual cannabis consumers and small scale cultivators. When CA voters pass a legalization initiative, which is going to happen this year or in 2012, the already small percentage of federal busts will go down even lower.

    Like with alcohol prohibition, once a state largely abandons federal prohibition, the feds don’t try to supplant the local and state law enforcement efforts.]

  31. Repeat after me:


    I believe…

    I believe that…

    I believe that we…

    I believe that we will…

    I believe that we will win…

    I believe that we will win!

    Let’s do it! Our time is now!

  32. @ Reverend Boony:

    The federal government may not be as big a concern as you believe, at least on the ground.

    Look at it this way, the DEA currently has 5,500+ special agents, according to Wikipedia.
    The Los Angeles Police Department, by itself, has over 10,000 police officers. If the LAPD can’t stop the cannabis, how are 5,500 DEA agents going to?

    I feel that a federal government blackmail attempt (like what Reagan did to force all of the states to adopt a drinking age of 21) or a lawsuit is far more likely than them literally trying to arrest everyone.

  33. To the editor’s reply to # 36:

    There’s a first time for everything. Don’t kid yourself. The feds are already raiding LEGALLY run medical marijuana shops and they will do the same if CA legalizes.

    [Editor’s note: Actually, most of the raids the DEA stages are directed at non-compliant ‘clubs’ who’re growing or selling cannabis well beyond what the state laws allow.

    Again, the federal govt only makes a tiny fraction of the overall cannabis arrests in CA and the likelihood that federal raids will increase against state compliant growers and consumers post legalization in California is very low.]

  34. Kevin Sabet, special adviser for policy at the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, said marijuana is a dangerous drug that causes documented health and social problems and should not be subject to voter-approval for its use.

    “Marijuana cannot be the one exception in history of the world that doesn’t go through a scientific process to be approved as medicine,” he told the Montana Supreme Court Administrator’s annual drug court conference in Helena. “It doesn’t make any sense.

    “How can we imagine that a dangerous, illegal drug like marijuana should be voted on by the people? That’s not how we do medicine in this country.”

    So does this mean even if voters approve Prop 19 the White House will stop this somehow?

    [Editor’s note: There is no precedent of the federal government seeking to legally overturn the will of state voters. It maybe Kevin Sabet’s wet dream that his employer, the federal government, will keep him employed to keep fighting the inevitable legalization of cannabis, but he is hoping against hope for an unprecedented political outcome.

    If Sabet was smart, he’d start learning some important life skills like flipping burgers, emptying septic tanks or cleaning chicken farms because he is going to soon be out of a job (and a social crusade).]

  35. Hey # 35 I’ll bet you have a nascar sticker on your truck. I’m a 57 yr old proud ” hippie ” so go F*** yourself! Peace out.

  36. To say that in the next.. let’s say, four upcoming years, California’s state wide example of how beneficial this legalized substance can be would place shock and awe into the faces of the original prohibitionists. Thus, ultimately leading to a Federal backed legalization.

  37. Kevin Sabet is a tool.

    So sad and disappointing when somebody from a younger generation supports mass incarceration like he does.

    That’s a weapon of previous generations.

  38. I’d agree, with regulation comes harm, but farless then what we have now once it’s legal. Crimes against humanity is the drug war as a whole and it’s hurting EVERYONE! It’s sad when the law is doing more harm then the drugs themselves.

  39. @ #41 jay

    totally missing my point….its fine to always be who you are, but i tell the gun people the same thing. when it comes to public opinion, don’t make the stereotypes true. perfect example is someone like malcom x compared to MLK jr….one was a arrogant, loud, thuggy asshole and the other was a great man. and at the end of the day, look which one did the most for their cause. btw, if i was going to a pro-gun rally, i would tell the same thing to the rednecks of the world, take off your obama sucks shirts and the nascar stickers off your truck. i think you know exactly what i mean by all of this

  40. Re #35

    Sounds like you’re a Sarah Palin kind of guy. Wonder what Queen Sarah’s stance is on pot? Instead of lecturing those on the left, with whom you obviously have issues, maybe you should try educating some of your fellow righties–you know, the ones, by and large, who are gonna be voting against Prop 19. Maybe you should look at the polls, and see who is the driving force behind the MJ movement–guess what pal, it sure as hell ain’t the gun-loving righties.

    BTW, this Prop is taking place in California, one of the most liberal states in the country, not in the right-wing South. So I’d say your perspective is a little out of whack.

  41. I am conservative in my politics.I believe our rights are god given not man made.So why If I believe this way does the so called conservative leadership think the complete polar opposite as I and alot of other conservatives do.The Repuplicans spout off about smaller federal government why are they not fighting to get out of this quagmire they call the war on drugs (really meaning the war on cannibas).This country is going to hell in a hand basket.I hope and pray that the good people of California will do the common sense thing and vote for this overwhelmingly.I do not agree with alot of your social programs out there.That have brought that state to the brink of bankruptcy but this issue I whole heartedly agree with. Show the rest of the country the right path our GOD given right to consume cannibas.

  42. I think the worry of many is big corporations will come in and grow pot in a Super Walmart sort of fashion and all the mom and pop operations will be put out of business as a result. This is already happening in Oakland as only a few supergrowers are going to be allowed. Personally I have mixed feelings over Prop 19. I think it is poorly written. I would hate to see big tobacco come in and displace all those who are true cannabis culture folk. I’m going to have to say no on 19 and hope a well written proposal will be put forth in the future.

    [Paul Armentano responds: A legal market, by the very nature of it being legal, allows for the potential of corporate interests. Of course, at this time there is no indication that such interests like ‘big tobacco’ are interested at all, or legally could be interested.

    Big Tobacco snuffs out rumors of California marijuana interest

    Read more:

    It appears that you believe that adults in California should continue to be prosecuted criminally for using a substance that is objectively safer than alcohol because you fear that present black market growers will be unable produce a product that will appeal to the general consumer in an open, legal market. That, in my opinion, is not a legitimate reason to continue the criminalization of 3.3 million Californians who presently use cannabis for non-medical purposes.]

  43. someone above said some will vote no because its not a “perfect” bill….thats not at all it…its moreso a very very vague bill that lacks a lot of key elements to keep it out of court…this wont see the time of day even if it were to pass…why? the best argument against it is how its written, and the current federal structure that includes companys not getting money from clean tested employees.

    ill be voting “NO”…im for medical marijuana, not open market marijuana to all without a first step…the way its worded also leaves the state with insane power…pass.

    [Paul Armentano responds: “ill be voting “NO”…im for medical marijuana, not open market marijuana to all.” So in other words you are okay with the state prosecuting persons for their marijuana use as long as they are over 21 years old and healthy?]

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