Prop. 19 Increasingly Popular Among California Voters

More than half of Californians now say that they will vote ‘yes’ this November on Proposition 19, which would legalize the private adult use and cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis, and allow local governments the option of regulating its commercial production and retail distribution.

The latest poll of 2,004 likely voters throughout the state by the Public Policy Institute of California reports that 52 percent of Californians back Prop. 19, versus 41 percent opposed and seven percent undecided.

Prop 19 is more popular than any candidate or incumbent

Of the statewide propositions polled, only Prop. 19 possessed majority support among California voters. In fact, the same poll reports that a greater percentage of voters now back Prop. 19 than support incumbent Democrat Senators Barbara Boxer (42%) and Dianne Feinstein (44%), Senate Republican challenger Carly Fiorina (35%), Gubernatorial Democrat candidate Jerry Brown (37%) or Gubernatorial Republican candidate Meg Whitman (38%).

Historically, ballot initiative campaigns lose support in the months prior to election day. But Prop. 19 is bucking this trend, as recent results from the Field Poll, Survey USA, and clearly show that marijuana legalization is maintaining, and in some cases gaining, voter support as we approach November 2, 2010.

Proposition 19 is endorsed by a broad coalition of divergent and powerful interest groups, including the California NAACP; the Latino Voters League; the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); the National Black Police Association; the United Food and Commercial Workers, (UFCW) Western States Council; the California Council of Churches IMPACT; Firedog Lake; the California Green Party; and the Republican Liberty Caucus. These organizations, along with millions of Californians, agree that it is time to end criminal marijuana prohibition in California.

If you live in California but are not registered to vote, you can do so by going here. Help make history on November 2!

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  1. When prop #19 passes I want to see some live video stream of NORML headquarters with people popping champagne bottles and going crazy!

  2. That’s hilarious that Prop 19 is more popular than Feinstein. What a prude she is. I’d love to see her get voted out in 2012 on this issue. I blame her for the cluster-F when I had a ticket to see Obama’s inauguration, but the crowd control was so pitiful, we never even got close to the security gates.

  3. Whoooooooooooooooooo
    Go Prop 19

    [Russ responds: 18 “o”s should be more than enough, eh?]

  4. It is morbidly depressing that the American ppl’s third eye is clouded by this sacred plants smoke-screen ur “Uncle Sam-Dnt giva Damn” is toking as we speak!!This is once again a repeat of history;a ploy by the Aristocratic,Big Wig,High-brow,Monopilists oops I mean beast-like Corporate square thuggs,oops I mean Capitalists to manipulate our ill-informed,deceived civilians into rushing to vote “Yes”..using our emotional passion against us rather than our logical ration!We would have been just fine(practicing patience)with prop215&Sb420 and creating initiatives/laws mutualy beneficial to “THE PEOPLE” and…govt!Now prop19 will over-ride prop215,eliminating most if not all rights for medicinal patients and allowing “Walmartization” to develop rapidly by the hands of the SAME PPL judging,scrutinizing,prosecuting,incarcerating us all these years!!The picture they paint looks like a beautiful oasis in the mirage..but it’s starting to look more n more like a facade!!!It looks inevitable at this point so rather than just gripe and do nothing;Pass 19 on Nov.2(we celebrate life)..but on Nov.3 We peacefully protest at our city halls and WE FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!JACK HERER(RIP)revised initiatives NOW not 2012!!!

    [Russ responds: I think it’s more a ploy by the makers of spell check to allow the 3rd-grader-ization of written English. Babylon Irie ganja, mon, I’n’I Rastafari and such…]

  5. I am moving and spending all of my vacation money there until I can move!! Nice job Cali we are all hoping that you can make history again with the Change we all really want.

  6. Proposition 19 is The End Of The World

    Imagine a world filled with dope smoking queer people paying the last requests at my grave

    [Russ responds: I don’t think many of us would visit your grave, Nic. We’ll be too busy smoking legal pot to notice your death.]

  7. If this passes I’ll seriously consider moving to California. Vote yes, all of you! Then tell your friends to vote yes, and tell them to tell their friends. Etc. etc.

  8. It makes me glad to hear that californians are getting involved in ending this injustice. Vote yes on prop 19 to end cannabis prohibition!

    FYI – It is UNconstitutional for the federal government to ban any products from US citizens. The FG has the right to control innerstate commerce but can not tell us what we can and can not have.

    ****** When the US had alcohol prohibition the FG had to write the 18th amendment to the constitution… no such amendment exists for cannabis!?!?!?!********

    [Russ responds: Please, spay and neuter your punctuation marks.

    SCOTUS has decided that interstate commerce applies to cannabis because banning marijuana is a function of controlling its interstate commerce. As in, “Our policy for regulating interstate commerce in cannabis is to forbid all of it.” Your possession of it prevents them from preventing you from selling it in an interstate market. Even if you never sell it on an interstate market. The possibility that you could and the impossibility of them knowing whether you did means your possession cannot be allowed.

    I know it makes my head hurt, too.

    Furthermore, in Raich v. Gonzales, it was argued that here was a woman with a brain tumor who legally grew pot in California under Prop 215, using California soil, water, and sunshine, for an obviously personal (medical) use, completely inside the state of California, with no buying or selling involved at any level. SCOTUS said, no, marijuana is “fungible”, looking back to Wickard v. Filburn, a case from the 1940s when we rationed wheat during WWII.

    A guy claimed he was growing wheat for his personal purposes, in state, never intending to sell it, so it shouldn’t be covered under the wheat rationing. SCOTUS said, no, wheat is “fungible”, you can’t tell personal wheat from commercial wheat, and since it is possible you could take personal wheat and sell it commercially and nobody would know the difference, you can’t have your personal wheat, even if you never actually sell it interstate. So, similarly, since marijuana is “fungible” – it’s not like interstate personal cannabis is red and medical cannabis is blue – you can’t have your own plant because there’d be no way for the feds to tell whether you diverted it to the black market or not.

    In essence, SCOTUS’ decision says you can’t have medical marijuana because it affects the feds right to ban marijuana – a decision that basically protects the interest of black market weed dealers. Weird, huh?

    See why it is so important for a state, especially the biggest most-politically powerful one, to say “Marijuana is LAWFUL”?]

  9. 52 percent and CLIMBING! That 7% will be on board soon too. This vote in CA is historical and I just know when it is said and done it will have been a landslide vote No state in the Union will be able to ignor it. Go CA! Please with your votes you give hope to all of us who will be seeking it in our own States. You have shown us it can be done, that one can throw off ignorance and lies of the State, the Nation even. You are the Crack in the wall that will cause this Berlin Wall to come crashing down. Mr President tear down that Wall!

  10. I’m curious as to what people think the price will become once it’s legal from Prop 19. Right now it runs what, $13-20 a gram, depending on quality? Will that go DOWN when it’s legal, or UP?

  11. @stompedonmyrights

    Literally tear down The Wall since Roger Waters is going to be in Cali after this hopefully passes!

  12. Great news!

    Paul — What will NORML do to push the Ammiano Prop 19 implementation bill? When could that realistically pass? Could Gov. Schwarzenegger’s problems with the initiative get that bill passed?

    Also, if you’re kind enough to answer the above question, could you tell me if the Prop 19 implementation bill is opt-in by municipalities, or if it is opt-out?

    Thank you for all your hard work towards marijuana reform!

  13. Unlike most referendums, Proposition 19 has an obvious correct vote if people choose education and science over lies and propaganda.

  14. Russ or Paul, I would highly appreciate a response to these questions, and thank you for your time in advance!

    Specifically, what do you all think will be the effects of legalizing Cannabis, as in, what sort of backlashes will we witness, especially at the federal level? Is it possible that some sort of massive scale DEA raids could take place in California, resulting in the incarceration of millions, if the Supreme Court ruled that Federal Law trumps state law when dealing with controlled substances? Or will we see something similar to the problem with lowering the drinking age, where the Feds will pull funding for something like highways if Cannabis is legal, in order to counteract the benefitting tax revenue that will come in as a result of Cannabis’s legalization? Also, what about all the weed that will then be sold from California to other states illegally? Will the Feds go crazy trying to stop that, therefore justifying any harsh punishments against California by claiming California is just a safety base for more illegal drug cartels selling to other states?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I think it’s important to look at what the results of legalizing Cannabis will be. Also, if I lived in California, I would definitely vote for Prop 19. I love the work you guys do! Thanks!

    [Paul Armentano responds: Nobody has a crystal ball. That said, I don’t foresee the DOJ interfering in the core rights granted under 19 to allow for private adult use and cultivation, just as the Feds have never challenged, for instance, Alaska’s similar court-ordered protections which have been in place since the late 1970s.]

  15. All over the country, we are watching this unfold and hoping to see history in the making. The federal boys and many state governments are all about control, this will really buck that trend by making it clear that a MAJORITY of voters support this type of change.

  16. GO PROP 19!!! We got the backers—now we need to focus on getting these voters to the voting stations!!! Voting starts in 4 days on Oct 4th!!! If you live in California—take a friend with you and go vote—make sure everyone you know who will vote YES gets to the polls to vote YES!!! Tell your MOM your DAD your BROTHERS and SISTERS and COUSINS and AUNTS and UNCLES and FRIENDS—even your foes if their willing to vote YES on PROP 19—-get them to the polls!!! TELL THEM TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS AS WELL!!! FINAL COUNT—My predictions — PROP 19 PASSES 56% YES—–44% NO Keep up the good work NORML!!! PUSH!!! PUSH!!! PUSH!!! DON’T LET UP NOW!!! IF PROP 19 PASSES—AND IT WILL IF WE KEEP PUSHING—–IT WILL SPREAD FASTER THAN A DRY PAPER TOWEL PUT ON A PUDDLE OF WATER!!! SEVERAL STATES ARE ALREADY TAKING ACTION TO BECOME #2—- MEXICO ALREADY SAID THEY WOULD LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IF PROP 19 PASSES!!! LIKE A WILDFIRE BURNING OUT OF CONTROL IN ALL DIRECTIONS!!! ONCE THIS HAPPENS—THERE’S NO STOPPING IT!!! YES ON PROP 19!!! YES ON PROP 19!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!! TIME TO PUSH HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE!!! YES ON PROP 19!!! GET THE YES VOTERS TO THE POLLS!!!—– PUSH!!!—- PUSH!!!—– PUSH!!! DON’T STOP UNTIL THE LAST YES VOTES HAS BEEN COUNTED!!!

  17. HAVE BEEN COUNTED!!! OOPS!!! Site could use an edit feature. Sorry— I got a little carried away on my post. Punishing people for wanting to smoke an herb is a crime!!! It’s not a crime on the books—It’s a crime to common sense. Once I get started on this issue, I find it hard to stop!!! I’ve been promoting VOTE YES ON PROP 19 relentlessly all over the net!!! I don’t plan on stopping until the last vote gets counted!!! After all the Vote No crap—-PROP 19 has gained support to 52% YES—This is AWESOME!!!
    I SKUNKY FINGERS hereby appoint NORML the KING OF GREEN!!! It’s official!!! I’ll have a pack of the NORML’S Purple Berry Sweets and a pack of the NORML’S Green Thunder Kush!!! :0) The NORML name brand is gonna be worth Millions of Dollars in the marketing world of Marijuana. Mark my words!!! Congrats is on the horizon!!! It all starts with PROP 19 passing!!!

  18. Re 13

    BoomerAnn, I’m guessing the prices will go down. My nephew lives in San Diego, and he says the prices are already going down there, just since the spread of medical MJ in Cal.

  19. I endorse Prop 19 too!

    It looks like this is really going to happen, but this is no time to let up. Voter turnout is what it’s all going to come down to.

  20. there are 13 or more states with legalized pot and Arkansas should be one of them. i have gloucoma and am goin blind. an eye dr. asked me if i smoked pot and i asked him why? he said it would save my eyesight! i asked how? he said it relaxes the optic nerve behind the retina therefor relieveing the pressure that would make me go blind. im not a big pot smoker! but sometimes its a good thing for me. i am also bipolar manic depressant with intermentant explosive disorder. pot never made me want to hurt anyone. and i believe taking pot would be better than any of the phsycotropic meds ive been experimented with all of my life since i was about 7 years old.

  21. To: sister yoni#2 norml isnt going bust out no blood klaat champagne. they will be burning the HIGH GRADE red buds, for this win. kilos and lots of spliffs. ya mon… one lov rasta

  22. It is because politicians like Boxer, Feinstein and Brown have consistently opposed reform of cannabis laws that these same politicians now find themselves with less voter support than Prop. 19, which is something that these politicians should have taken care of long ago.

  23. Let freedom ring on Nov 2.we sure hope to here it ring loud and clear here in Indiana.Vote yes on prop 19

  24. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger go with the will of the people of CA. Vote yes on the prop, better yet Governor stand up and shout it out, We are not going to take it anymore. We SHALL BE FREE! Governor I dare you to tell Mr. president to Tear Down That Wall on Injustice that has injuried 15 millon people sicen Tricky Dick violated our God Given RIGHT! and threw of the Shafer Report and enacted the Control Substain Laws since Leary won in the Supreme Court in 1969. We are going to SIT IN THE FRONT OF THE BUS! Thank You Californian Citizens! Thank You, Thank You! Even you Sara & Tom for what it is worth.

  25. LEGALIZE the sacred flower, its complete BS that personal freedoms are dictated by the elite few who seek to Control us all…. Time to wake up, expand our consciousness and take the final stand as ONE people on this planet.. on ALL the issues, this while a great thing and long overdue is only one of the many issues we as a people face

    Unplug from the matrix

  26. Mr. President why haven’t you torn down the wall of this injustice? Why will you let this JIM CROW LAW stand one more day? Mr. President the phone is ringing in your office and the State of CA. is calling you Sir. Can you hear the People of the State of CA putting you on notice. If you can not act with justice and fairness in your heart, if you choose to continue down this insane unjust policy that harms this Nation’s people,(15 Millon since Tricky Dicks illegal act of injustice) well then let the phone just ring, we the people will be hanging up on Washington DC. When we are done winning in CA by a landslide vote. After the CA. citizens won back their freedom and liberty on Nov. 2nd we will be in Washington to see if your still laughting at us, the fine people of these United States. Mr. President we the people are about to give you a leason in We the people of the UNITED STATES, get it, We are the United States and we WILL have our freedom.
    He President liberty lies in the hearts of men and women, not in the government, not in the courts, not in the legislators, but in our, we the people’s heart and not government can or will protect it. We the People stand united with CA. because we are these UNited States and we the people have had enough of this government lies and bullshit. Prohibition on Cannabis SHALL END because we the People say so!

  27. What Arnold did yesterday has so much more logic in it then Prop 19…Prop 19 is a sham… it was created for all the wrong reasons.. Has nothing to do with helping people or making it legal.. Prop 19 was created to generate MONEY…come Jan 1st. you can drive with up to an ounce and its not even a misdemeanor if you get pulled over…. California… You enjoy the benefit of growers who have money and put it back into communities and businesses… If Prop 19 passes, you can count on it not benefiting anyone.. Everyone will have less $$$ –The State wont be able to collect its $50 per ounce tax and growers sure as hell are not going to sell ounces for $38 bucks… Wake up… Arnold is right in this situation, and Oaksterdam politics don’t reflect what’s happening around the rest of the state! California will face destitute, not a gold rush if they pass prop 19 !

  28. logan, do you think that prop 19 will end the violence in your state associated with cannibas turf wars for those illegal consumers? The ending of any kind of prohibition is good right? Not to mention the liberty and freedom gained for the people who consume cannibas.And the revenue that the state gets off of tax can’t be all bad.But California voters still have to make tuff decisions on spending cuts in their state legislature.That is where the doom and gloom arises in that state.So could you please be alittle more specific in your assesment on why Prop 19 is not good for california and why it will become destitute?

  29. Its plain old Math…. If Legal Collectives are getting $250-$450 per ounce right now, and will get $38 per ounce after Prop 19, how will any collectives sustain? They won’t… All Patients will have to goto Walgreens and/or a liquor store to get medicine. This is just a classic case of corporate take over. Majority of dispensaries, coops and collectives are just getting by as it is… Everyone, including Cali Gov. imagines that these people are sitting on mountains of money and weed… Its just not the case.. these are people who have worked their asses off to provide good quality medicine with a real intent of helping someone…No one is getting rich.. its a very modest living…After prop 19 it will be NO LIVING.. You think that the Liquor store or walgreens will provide the same service? All this is going to do is wipe out all the dispensaries, coops and collectives, and create an environment where HUGE corporate grow ops will be the only way to barely break even…( gee what a coienceadence that the guys who wrote this bill in Oakland have 100,000 sq ft. grow ops ready to go…..500 light operations ) What good is going to come from inviting Philip Morris and others to commercially take over? You think that smoking cheap genetically manufactured bud, crammed with chemicals and profit making schemes will be better then it is now? Prop 19 is a created to get big businesses in and little guys out, all in the name of having cheap pot available for recreational users… This is not ending prohibition, but starting it anew… Authorities under prop 19 will be able to create new laws however they see fit to “Control and Monitor” all grow ops. If you can’t see that this is a calculated way to get this HUGE cash crop out from under everyday Californians and into the hands and in control of evil corporations and politicians, your kidding yourself. Besides… Arnold just signed the bill that makes it only a $100 fine to have up to an ounce come Jan 1st.. even in your car, so whats the point of prop 19 other then to give an ok for the state and law enforcement to do what ever they want? Think about it… $38 dollar ounces from the grower to the store..with a $50 state tax.. $88 dollar ounces… Is everyone going to sell out our present situation all in the name of commercially manufactured $88 dollar ounces? This is insane… Ever wondered why so many law enforcement agencies are behind Prop 19? Its going to be a windfall for police, corporations, and rich entrepreneurs who get off on coming in and destroying small businesses. They will make laws that protect these people and make other laws that turn small growers into massive criminals..

  30. Put a note on your steering wheel or coffee pot to remember to vote yes on prop 19 this is the most important prop in many years its here to stop the unfair discrimination of Marijuana.

  31. A LOCAL TV station ran a segment on beer vs. pot. It showed how alcohol causes death on the road. Yet the people against legalizing pot could show no evidence of marijuana caused death. Because the number was too low!!! This is a huge step for Michigan because so many alcoholics live here and so many alcohol-related jobs exist here. Most TV stations won`t run segments on this.
    The beer companies want a war???? Then lets give them one. Keep showing the comparison between alcohol use and marijuana,please. And soon either marijuana will be legal or all those hypocrite drunks will be in prison aside pot-farmers. Welcome to prohibition drunkys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I swear they stole my idea to legalize it. Hawai?i and Colorado need to hop on this bandwagon. OH YEA BABY!!! I?M MOVING TO CALIFORNIA MOM!!!

  33. When the Beer and Beverage industry donated $$$ to the Prop 19 prohibitionist’s side they, the prohibitionist’s themselves, became yoked together with a very real evil to society. Regardless if Prop 19 passes or not their side has effectively got into some nasty karma and it will, in time, bite them on their royal hypocritical asses.

  34. I am a resident of ky. I recently was arrested for cultivation of marijuana and intent to distribute. There was 5 lbs of primo marijuana and 32 plants that were 10 days from harvest. The bastards cut down my nl#5 strain mother that i had since 1992. Prop 19 is what this nation needs. End this sensless war on a product that has great medicinal purposes and was placed here long before the law came into the picture. If prop 19 does pass i’ll be moving immediatly. I have often thought that this is a stupid war against non violent people due to the alcohol industry being afraid that people would rather smoke good herb instead of drinking alcohol to relax after a long day at work. When i was in Amsterdam in 1991 i noticed the majority of people smoking rather than drinking to give them pleasure and relief. Bring down the establishment and let this nation truly be free.

  35. Don’t get comfortable just yet Ca. To make history you ALL have to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! YES! on Prop.19! Don’t sit back on this issue now, plenty of time to RELAX after the victory.

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