Pro-Pot Parody of Eminem and Rihanna Video: Should Be Legalized!

Comedian, songwriter and performer Steve Berke has hit a home run with his music parody of the mega-popular Eminem and Rihanna video ‘Love the Way You Lie’ turning it into a funny and biting social commentary with his spot-on ‘Should Be Legalized’!

With less than two weeks before California voters go to the polls to decide whether or not to legalize cannabis, Steve Berke’s Weird Al Yankovic-inspired song parody is going to become very popular—and fast—on the Internet.

Miami Beach, FL (Oct 20th, 2010) Miami based comedian, Steve Berke, dubbed the Weird Al Yankovic of this generation, has released a new parody video based on Eminem’s LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE which features Rihanna and stars actress Megan Fox.   However, instead of a dark and angry video centered around an abusive alcoholic relationship, the video portrays a similar couple happily smoking marijuana while the lyrics of the song convey a strong political message by naming a laundry list of politicians and A-list celebrities that have admitted to smoking marijuana.

The video, entitled, SHOULD BE LEGALIZED stars Steve Berke as Eminem and Charlotte Bruyn, a 19-year-old model and pop star from Amsterdam.  The video is also the debut for model Valerie White, a spitting image of Megan Fox, and was released nationwide on Tuesday, October 20th, 2010, approximately two weeks before the historic Proposition 19 vote in California.

Because of the heated debate regarding the legalization of Marijuana, Steve Berke is using Youtube to launch a national political campaign with the video.  The end of the video calls for each viewer to email the video link to their congressman, and gives them an option of email addresses based on their geographic location.

“I didn’t just want to make a political statement with this video.  I wanted to mobilize an army of citizens by making the video interactive and facilitating a way for Americans to be heard.  In the past, there was no medium to do this.   But with Youtube, we can reach a giant audience in a short amount of time, and Congress will have no choice but to listen to us.”

Berke, a Yale graduate and two time All-American tennis player, is a former reality TV contestant.  After a back injury ended his professional tennis career, Berke appeared on the entrepreneurial reality show, The Rebel Billionaire with Sir Richard Branson.  The FOX show is where Berke founded the widely popular Moosh Pillow, and became the first ever reality contestant to launch a company on a television show.    Berke traveled the world with Branson for two months competing in entrepreneurial adventure challenges and was undeniably the show’s most popular character, being featured in both People and Star magazines after the show aired.

In 2009, Berke started performing at the Improv Comedy Clubs of South Florida as a stand-up and musical comic.  “After my tennis career ended, I missed the adrenaline rush of being in front of a live audience.  I could no longer entertain with my athletic ability, so I decided to start entertaining with my voice.”   Steve began bringing his guitar on stage to sing comedy songs and has featured for many of today’s top comedians.  After winning several stand-up comedy competitions and refining his skills on stage, Berke decided to bring his songs to a bigger audience and started writing and producing his own music videos, with the help of an old college friend from Yale, his director, Adam Mutchler.  When watching the videos, it’s hard to believe that they are the bi-products of only two people.

On September 1st of this year, Berke released his first comedy album, an EP entitled, “La Vida Sucia.”  The album contains both performance songs and songs that Berke released as music videos.  You can see his music videos on his newly launched Youtube channel, or on his website

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  1. Although I applaud Berke’s efforts, I cannot agree this will make Congress listen. This is because Congress is beholden to those who profit from prohibition. The only thing that is going to make Congress listen is for them to be tossed out of office because of their continued adherence to reefer madness.

  2. **************If you send the old link to congress… the video will not be seen by the mail recipient. **************

    please correct this so youtube gets the proper views counted and any email sent to congress won’t get a now defunct link in the email. *******************************

  3. This is about the only pop song I have ever been able to stomach.

    Tell your stories, make your videos, get on youtube, fight the prohibitionists everywhere you can!!!! Let this video serve as a shot of courage!

    This isn’t my fight. I’m a medical user, but IMO, so are most recreational smokers — they just don’t know it.

  4. that music video should make another very beautiful nail in the coffin of Prohibition. Hat’s off 2 you guys

  5. I LOVE how they took off their masks at the end… That is how I feel everyday. We have to wear that mask so “big government” and state law enforcement don’t destroy our lives. The time has come for NO MORE MASKS.

  6. that is really a cool video i hope pop19 passes and i hope everyone that sees this video emails it to the politicians steve berke u and the cast did a brilliant job on this i really loved it hope u guys make a ton of money off this but the fantastic part is that u guys really did this to help the mrajuana legalization cause. now if only the politicians would listen and wise up. thanks from a smoker in ohio

  7. Excellent political statement and done with exceptional flair.
    This trumps Kerli’s recent ONDCP blog about voluntary
    teenage rehab in CA being higher than any other state
    out of the water.

  8. “Steve Berke, dubbed the Weird Al Yankovic of this generation.”

    Pretty sure that Weird Al is the Weird Al Yankovic of this generation. Last time I checked he is still putting out albums and his record sales are getting better over time.

  9. Many well known people support cannabis openly while others are bottom feeders and will only come forward for the glory party once Prop 19 is passed in Cal. By the way I already voted yes for Prop 19, via postal mail.

  10. Killer video. I had to watch it several times. I sure hope CA does not wait and does it this year. This video proves we have the momentum today, 2012 or later may be a different story. Vote yes Prop 19!

  11. Love this video, I am a legal cardholder in Michigan but it should be legalized for all..

  12. Great Video. I nomaly wouldn’t listen to a song of this style but this one rocks!! or rapps!! Anyway I don’t see how this will make a difference in the hard heads of D.C. Too bad. Thanks for posting it. I enjoyed it.

  13. Amen. Finally. We need you all that have been in the public eye so far to get involved. Michael, Megan, Kristen, Brad, Woody. etc… I have been asking where all the celebrities are. Come on guys and gals. Great job!!!

  14. Awesome Video!!! I’m going to send a copy to OBAMA’s Little White House. Doubt it will reach him but you never know. Sending it NOW!!! LOL—-GREAT VIDEO!!!!

  15. Which begs the question: Why haven’t more rap artists lined up behind Prop 19? Every single rap artist on the West Coast should’ve been pushing for their listeners to get out and ‘Rock the Vote’.

  16. Awesome video I love it and the chicks are smoking hot. Also fantastic lyrics!! I sent a link to my congressman..

  17. Sorry to sound like a thorn in the side, but this video is not beneficial to our campaign for Prop 19 passage. I hate to say it, but things like this are what are keeping the stigma’s and stereotypes of potheads alive.

    We’ve needed to keep a mature head about this the whole time, and polls are starting to show slipping support for 19. This (while funny) doesnt help us or our efforts.

  18. Is that actor in the video Sean William Scott(Dude Where’s My Car?) or just someone that looks like him. Cool video, made me smile.

  19. I am a 50+ year old independent leftist who hasn’t smoked in 35 years (I don’t know any 15 year olds), and I absolutely loved this video. Played it a couple of times to catch all the lyrics. This video should go viral, imho, not that the fascist dinosaurs in Foggy Bottom (Washington, D.C.) would get a clue …

    I would have a hard time turning down a sparked spiff passed to me by that lovely young lady, any time.



  21. Oh wow and far out! This video really expresses the true spirit, the officially dreaded euphoria, that cannabis brings to the user. It’s fun. It’s creative. It’s sexy. It’s peaceful. It’s friendly. It’s non-toxic. And after legalization it will hopefully become much more affordable.

  22. don’t forget Paul McCartney and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

    That girl was very attracive. I hate rap but this was actually a halfway decent tune and not overdone with the black phrasing on the vocals. The slashing of the throat cold have been done differently.Probably gonna cause some grief down the road “See pot smokers are murderers” – that kinda bullshit. But overall, well done!

  23. Has Weird Al hit the marijuana topic yet?

    In Wisconsin, we are talking about hemp and cannabis with truth, honesty and compassion…. we are addressing Industrial Hemp for food, fuel, fiber; as well as medical marijuana by addressing the recreational use of cannabis.

    A wrongfully forbidden alternative to alcohol, nicotine, tobacco, pharma and manufactured chemicals, corn, cotton, petroleum, building materials, wood and much much more.


    The candidates that support reform are listed on the ballots, lets vote them in and “LET’S GET GROWING”

    Vote for the candidate, not the party! Put people back into politics.

  24. Great Story! It is clear to me, perhaps you too, that our government is bring out every lie they ever told to the people they work for, US! They know they have done wrong, they know it in their black hearts they have damaged the ideas of America, and being an American. Liberty has been under attack since we got here. The rich have always wanted slaves to do their work. Their ways of life is more a disease of laziness and greed. So now they are coming out of the darkness and lying their black hearts off to keep in control of US.
    I beg those in CA not to back down, do not believe in those many lies being told. Remember this is the government that thought hanging black folks from lamp post in the 1960s was okay and just. Remember these are the criminals who set the moral compass of this Nation. Our government has betrayed us, betrayed liberty, freedom and justice for all.
    They have turned our Court’s eyes away from justice and given us their concept of justice and freedom.
    I say NO WAY! Enough of this crap from the rich greedy government who is lost in their own darkness. I say VOTE! Vote with your heart and soul as to what you want in this country. Look in your heart for the answers not toward an evil government filled with hate and greed. I say we must give this voting another shot and try to get this wayward government back on track.
    If that fails we must use our Jury Nullification to stop the criminal behavior of the government.
    If that fails, well all bets are off and history WILL weight in on this matter with full force. I say to young and old alike VOTE! Lets not let history repeated itself in our streets and with our children.
    The time to stop violence is before it breaks out not after many lay dead and hate is all around.
    I say get the Vote Out! Vote yes or no but Vote! I for one want the CA Citizens to vote yes but that just me wanting true liberty and freedom restored in this great Nation.
    One way or another we will take back this nation from those criminals now running for elections and in our present government structure of organized criminals-lawyers.
    God save the King, and his Nation, for the people will not be so mercyful!
    Enough is enough, have you had enough? VOTE!

  25. That video really touches me. I love it, and
    I do remember what it was like.

    Vote YES on Proposition 19.

  26. I’m getting a little worried a lot of news websites are saying Prop 19 is going up in smoke and others are saying vote No …

  27. My Congresswoman here in Wyoming was the one on the Colbert Report who didn’t know what a Cougar was when he suggest she might be one. I have a funny feeling she wouldn’t understand most of this video either. She really isn’t all that bright. I’m sure she is convinced that smoking marijuana leads directly to either meth or mainlining heroine.

  28. Hot…
    It’s now or never… the right wing Taliban is about to take this country back 40 years…
    Vote Vote Vote or b ready to spend time in Prison….

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