We Are Less Than 48 Hours From Marijuana Becoming Legal In California!

Californians are less than 24 hours away from making history.

On November 2, tens of millions of voters will enter the voting booth and decide ‘yes’ on Proposition 19 — which re-legalizes the adult, non-medical possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis in California. For the first time in 97 years, marijuana will be legal under state law to possess, use, and grow in California. This will be the vote heard around the world.

If you live in California, imagine waking up Wednesday morning and knowing, for the first time since 1913, that marijuana (when possessed or grown within limited quantities) is legal under state law.

That is why it is so important that you and your like-minded friends take to the polls tomorrow. According to the latest Survey USA poll, which sampled voter’s sentiment through Sunday, October 31, Proposition 19 is in a statistical dead heat: 44 percent ‘for’ versus 46 percent ‘opposed’, with ten percent of voters undecided! In short, we are within striking distance, and victory is achievable — but only if you act on Tuesday.

I realize that some of you may still have lingering questions regarding Proposition 19 — how it will, and how it won’t change the marijuana laws in California. That is why NORML has posted a word-by-word analysis of Prop. 19 here. Or you can read specific sections of the measure here, along with detailed replies to frequently asked questions here. Finally, you can watch the latest ad in support of Prop. 19 here.

Proposition 19 is endorsed by an unparalleled coalition of social justice, law enforcement, civil rights, and drug policy reform organizations, including: NORML, The Drug Policy Alliance, The Marijuana Policy Project, DrugSense, StoptheDrugWar.org, the ACLU of Northern and Southern California, the California Libertarian Party, the California Green Party, the National Black Police Association, the National Latino Officers Association, the California Council of Churches IMPACT, the California National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the California League of United Latin American Citizens, the Latino Voters League, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Western States Council. These organizations, and many others, believe that November 3 will mark a new beginning in California — and around the globe.

Help make history on November 2 — support Proposition 19.

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  1. Tomorrow it’s the important day for all of us..
    i do beleive that we will win but even if we lose i beleive that its a new era anyway.. the next day win or lose will find you all together very aware that half of the population has a specific way of life and we should respect..
    this election does not make sence because we call half of the population to deceide about the way of life of the other half.. we call people that never found out what cannabis is, to deceide ..
    it seems like cannabis is for the half of the population.. the other half doesnt smoke and will never touch it even if you put it in their mouth and close their nose ..
    i expect everybody to undestand this, go to the polls now that it’s set but respect us from now on..
    i would like to call on all of you not to relax even a mimute if you succeed but immediately mind all us that still suffer..
    be carefull because they say that big farma got a great win when any !!!!! herb will be forbidden in Europe .. only cure available will be with the chemicals of the big farma..
    if the big farma lose you guys they will turn to us and in stead of freedom we will see the big brother 1984 version 2010..
    over there grew up this mentality to grab everybody and dominate the world and you nice people must help ..
    personally i dont beleive that they forbid the cannabis because they are ignorant..
    i beleive that they know it, they give it to their people (taking care of them if they have law prolems) and they fight so hard to keep it forbidden because they want to be the only ones (and their helpers) to have it.. they realized what magic and wonderfull plant it is and they reacted as expected.. they forbidded it for everybody else just to have its amazing powers just for them and have the advantage.. they didnt surprise me..
    free yourselves and us nice Californians..

  2. i dont know if we will win i hope so. i live in ohio and hope it passes and catches on across the whole usa thanks norml and all of the legalization movement.if prop 19 loses at least you guys opened the eyes of people all over the usa.i have been smoking for40 years and i have never seen so many debates and polls for its legalization,we are at 46 percent for legalization across the whole usa so if it doesnt pass i feel confident that it will at least in my lifetime go cali please legalise so we arent criminals anymore

  3. This is a historic opportunity. It should be seized. Prop 19 can be the beginning of the end of Prohibition not only in the United States but the entire world.

    The world is watching, California…

  4. this is a no brainer i can drink and smoke my way to death and abortion is legal but i cant smoke flowers?

  5. I’ve been working on my cannabis activism project, CannabisTV for two years now. I hope my efforts have had some actual effect. Here’s hoping that Measure-74 in Oregon for MMJ dispensaries passes!

    Learn more at CannabisTV.org

  6. Hooray for legal weed and MUCH lower prices! If it was up to me and I was the President, there would be free seeds for everyone and this country would be so awash in pot that you couldn’t give it away…LOL!

  7. Im scared 🙁 If this doesn’t go through then the movement is going to be severely hampered. Go prop 19!

    [Paul Armentano responds: We’ve gained tens of thousands of new supporters and dozens of new politically powerful allies to join us in our fight. It’s no longer a matter of ‘if,’ it is a matter of ‘when.’]

  8. Way to go NORML! Thanks for helping the McNamara ad be shown during Monday Night Football!

    There is no better spokesperson for Prop 19 than a retired cop.

  9. Following Prop 19 articles daily since it’s inception, it’s going to be a very sad day if it doesn’t pass..

    If it does pass, it’s going to be the best day ever!!

    I’ll be watching from Minnesota with bated breath

  10. Goodspeed to Cannabis reform 2morrow I will fire one up win or lose, but will enjoy it more if we win….much love to all of you who have contributed your time, energy and money to this cause.

  11. We’re counting on you California!! Make us proud.

    Thanks from everyone on the East Coast, the South and the rest of the nation.

    We’re sure proud of you.

  12. We all need to VOTE so that our voice will be heard. The elections may be rigged, and the fascist/FoxNews faction may think the fix is in, but we all must VOTE according to our personal faith, beliefs and (most important) our CONSCIENCE. There is no wiggle-room, when it comes to our conscience! The angels are watching!

    This could be the downfall of the “New World Order”. Vote, so that we who care will not be over run by the true criminal faction, the religious right. They do not represent the American people, and we must proclaim this from the rooftops!

  13. Thanks to all my fellow volunteers, paid activists, phone bankers, web writers, organizers and citizens for making this such a great campaign. We will prevail tomorrow, and it is due to the hard work of thousands of individuals.

    Let the Countdown Begin!!!!

  14. Well I’ve sent in my ballot. Much as I’d like to see this dream come true, I can’t help but feel like it can’t win.

    The latest polls show us behind and I’m hoping that it’s just the samples and procedures. A lot of folks I know seem to be against it – the marijuana users because they feel that it’s already available enough and don’t want it more regulated – and the non-users because of the bias that’s been beaten into their heads since they were born.

    It’s so frustrating constantly seeing people spit the same tired, paper-thin excuses. How can they not see that legalization is best for everyone? How can those who already use marijuana not see that this isn’t the be-all-end-all of marijuana laws, it’s just the very beginning of a long process of reform for the entire country? I think people are just too afraid of change and of taking the first step on an uncertain path.

    I hope things work out tomorrow, but I can’t help but dread it.

  15. The counter to the older (say, over 67) generation and their perpetual belief in REEFER MADNESS (partially due to a lack of interest in computers as social networks, by many older citizens) is the voter from one of the younger generations. It is back to don’t trust anyone over 30 (to get it right, that is).

    Those of you eligable and desirous to have this passed, use your social networks tonight and plan to vote…give someone a ride if need be. The ability of the younger generation to quickly comment to thousands of their peers is more than a match for negative ads that incourage the older voters.

    I do believe a majority of middle aged voters would pass Prop 19 were it not for older voters that have a higher percentage of those in favor of a no vote.

    I also believe the younger voters have an opposing majority that would counter that effect.

    The real question is who is going to show up to vote…will it be skateboards or wheelchairs 🙂

  16. For those of us outside California, I BEG of all eligible voters in California to vote unanimously to help bring legalization & regulation to the forefront. Nov. 2, California: 2012: The OTHER 49 STATES!!!!

    End Prohibition
    Legalize Freedom

  17. Too bad i haven’t seen or heard a single pro marijuana ad supporting Prop . 19 either on TV or the Radio ….ever !

    Today ( you couldn’t miss it )on the front page on the L.A. times was a VOTE FOR PROPOSITION 19 ad .

    However ,i had heard 3 or more anti – Prop 19 ads on the radio throughout the day while driving to Santa Barbara down to Malibu to pick up my mail and home again but still i heard NO NOTHING supporting Prop . 19 which makes me wonder……where did all that money go to ?

    While in Santa Barbara i did scan through the Santa Barbara News – Press & found in section B a study which found Alcohol more lethal than heroin and cocaine . Of course , Marijuana was down at the bottom as the least harmful substance but Alcohol through deceptive & distorted ads wants you to believe its Marijuana & not Alcohol that is a menace to society . It’s just the opposite of what they are trying to make you believe & unfortunately they are
    succeeding .Only last year Britain’s government increased its penalties for the possession of Marijuana instead of decreasing it like they should of & Prop. 19 has also seen a decrease in support with the onset of these fraudulent ads .
    Even if Prop. 19 loses we will of still won & I’ll explain that after the 2nd .

  18. mike d

    WE will all continue to BELIEVE for the best!
    As far as “polls” go, have you ever been polled? Not me, and I’m 55. Not my Dad, who voted by mail, YES ON PROP 19, never been polled, and I suspect the “Lion’s Share” of yes voters, who probably mostly live on cell phones! 🙂 Also, if some strange voice, or field poll person asks a LOT of working folks their thoughts about legalizing marijuana, they might be less than honest…
    Don’t get me wrong, I will be “nervous” until we have our freedom. The American people are notorious for voting AGAINST our own best interests! Many
    of you feel me!
    But everywhere I look, and I mean WORLDWIDE, good people, Cannabis Planet is together sending their best to us in Cali.
    Believe for the best, work for the best, and if we freakin’ lose tomorrow (I hope not!!!), We’ll dust our asses off, spit out the blood, and FIGHT HARDER!
    Chin up!!!

  19. I just saw the Chart where it compares Marijuana with other drugs . It puts Marijuana in the upper half of most dangerous drugs even above LSD & mushrooms .

    Conclusion ; More lies .

    Try driving on LSD or Mushrooms and you better not because YOU CAN’T .

  20. The anti-pot zealots aren’t fighting a War on Drugs, they are fighting a War on the People. We need to fight back. If California doesn’t pass it, we need to keep on pushing and fighting until somebody does. Don’t give up folks! History is full of changes like this. All it takes is time, and believe me, the times are changing. The fact that we got this far, to get Prop 19 on the ballot, is remarkable and a testament to the change. And one day, this nation will look back in embarrassment and shame concerning our prohibition against cannabis, just like we look back and shake our heads at alcohol prohibition. Prohibition just plain doesn’t work. Godspeed California. Make history. Change the world. Make us proud and do the right thing. Vote yes on Prop 19.

  21. While it would be a terrible disappointment if prop 19 didn’t pass, the bigger disappointment would be if everyone gave up all hope afterwords.

    Stop for a moment and reflect on how dramatically the nation’s collective opinion on marijuana has changed in the past few years.
    Think of all the states that have recently allowed medicinal marijuana or the change in the public’s attitude towards marijuana or even the fact that it’s not considered as politically suicidal to support marijuana legalization compared to how it was twenty years ago or ten years ago or even five years ago!

    We are gathering steam. If prop 19 doesn’t pass than consider it similar to a teenager who did not pass their drivers test their first time. They have an infinite amount of chances–the only way they could not suceed would be if they just gave up after that first failure.

    We MUST keep the steam going. We MUST continue build on what we have created so far.


  22. I hope we win tomorrow. For all of you smokers that live in CA that are against this bill for whatever reason, please look at the bigger picture for our country as a whole and vote YES on prop 19. Good luck from Alabama!

  23. This is WELL within the margin of Error; it truely is yours to win or lose Calf. Tomorrow you can change it all – forever – for all of us – it will be the start of something wonderful.

    Good Luck Calf.

  24. All eyes are on you Cali, please get out and make your voice heard for all of us. Good luck from Michigan!

  25. Is there anywhere online where we can follow the voting or do we have to wait until after to find out? Also, how long until we know the results? Late today or Nov. 3rd?

    [Paul Armentano responds: NORML’s Russ Belville is live at Campaign 19’s election headquarters and will have live coverage as the results come in. Check back on the front page for posted results and streaming video, or visit: http://live.noml.org starting at 1pm pacific time.]

  26. Today is the big day! I’ve waited too damn long for this. This better pass. Now it’s time for me to pack up and move 3000 miles to California.

  27. I recently responded to a blogger at another site that was just wanting the older generations to hurry up and die off so that pot could finally be legalized… This was probably coming from a 20 something… So, I put in my 2 cents worth and added that I’m a 50 something that has friends that are 60 somethings and the only difference between us is that we have been prohibited for longer – a lot longer!

    I have seen that the Cali polls show that the over 60 crowd is the one that is primarily against legalization. This is because they bought into the Govts brainwashing propoganda long ago. Since then, unless they did their homework, they have got their marijuana info from the mainstream news networks and we all know they are very biased against it.

    The Gods know it’s time for a change! So, I am praying to St. Cannabis to legalize!

  28. Please get friends and family to vote too as this could be really close result and the California has to set the ball rolling for the rest of the world!

    Good luck from the UK.

  29. Cali, If you don’t vote Yes on Prop-19 YOUR A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!! Don’t you realize at least one or more states will Legalize in the 2012 Elections! Then guess what you will loose out on all the tourist $$’s and the price of your crop will fall anyway. If you VOTE YES, Cali can reap the benefits for 2-whole years before anyone else gets into the business and before the price hits rock bottom. Face it; it will happen in the next 2 years somewhere anyway so you should reap the benefits now. GET OUT AND VOTE YES ON PROP-19!!!

  30. Good luck California!!! You will be the stepping stone for other states to follow in your footsteps.

  31. lets all smoke a joint if it is Legalized!!! If it doesn’t, lets all drink a bee….no lets smoke a joint~

  32. Well today is the day we all have been waiting for.Californians it is all up to you VOTE YES on PROP 19 the eyes of the world are upon you.Show us what liberty and freedom look like.Good luck from INDY!!!

  33. I think our Polititions are afraid to take the step to be a great man. To tell the truth. Please voe yes for a non violent blow to the rage of prohibition.

  34. I voted mostly for Republicans cuz i is one redneck repuglicken but my friends at normal i VOTED YES ON 19 !

  35. I envy those in California who are able to take part in voting for legalization of weed!!! Just awesome..

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