It’s On! Check Here and Listen For Breaking Election News

It’s on. Voters across the nation are taking to the polls.

NORML will be closely following today’s election results — from the historic vote on California’s Prop. 19, to the statewide votes in Arizona (Prop. 203), Oregon (Measure 74), and South Dakota (Measure 13).

NORML’s podcast producer Russ Belville will be broadcasting election day and night coverage live from the Prop. 19 Campaign headquarters, starting at approximately 1pm pst. You may view the stream here.

You can also keep up-to-date on the latest election news via NORML’s facebook page here.

Finally, in related polling news, a just-released national survey from Angus Reid finds that a plurality of Americans (42 percent) “believe the proposition’s passage would be good for the country,” while only 33 percent disagree.

In other words, the nation is watching — and rooting — for Prop. 19.

The polls close at 8pm California; let’s get busy!

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  2. Californians, if you forgot to send your vote-by-mail application, it’s not too late! Take the application to your local registrar’s office. The address is located on the back side of the sample ballot on the top, left corner. Ask for an emergency ballot.

  3. I like alot of these 19 ads, they are historic, and want to know if you will make them available for download.

  4. Regardless of what happens on this election day, the people will know that we cant keep it “criminal” especially if almost half of the population vote for it. i think we will see it pass, i hope i am witnessing a big turn in HISTORY.

  5. as a former california resident and a 52 year old woman, mom, daughter, sister and working american who has lived in fear for over thirty five years a closeted (live in Ga) smoker. Afraid of retribution against myself and family. I pray this will get the country closer to ending prohibition against a “crime” that has no reason. Spend a fortune on enforcement – let the moms and dads and our children out of prison and away from real criminals. Incarcination is an education with BAD people on how to be a criminal

  6. all the way from OKLAHOMA were watchin CALI were waitin to see almost a hundred years of damage undone lets win it for the rest of AMERICA the land of the INjustice system


    If I asked you to give me 30 minutes of your time and said I’d pay you $500 bucks, most people would do it.

    If proposition 19 passes, the cost of an ounce of weed will most likely be cut in half. So if you make it pass, you’ll end up saving that much very quickly.

    2) You never have to worry about getting harassed again about having a joint.

  8. this country as a whole needs a revolution an marijuana is it america needs to show the world that we dont suck were not #1 an havent been since they replaced pot with oil an war an corruption california i love you for your efforts to reform america MAY GOD BLESS US ALL WITH A CHANGE THAT WAS PROMISED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  9. It lost. Way to fail the entire planet California. We appreciate you voting know to protect your personal profit margins. You might as well all be conservatives now.

  10. Ir did not pass, Californians want to continue to fight the drug war! That means the rest of the country is fucked as well, if California ain’t passin it no one is.

  11. Legalize it…no use having government trying to have a power struggle with people who actually run this country!

  12. I’ve lost my faith in the American people. This is a sad, sad day when the lies of the hegemonic powers can triumph by such a margin.

    Our cause will be marginalized for another two years at minimum if we are lucky. This is just sad. If California could not muster the votes, what hope do the rest of us have?

    Tonight, I weep for America.

  13. In the future we have to come out against the medical growers that value profit over freedom. Medical growers are what caused Prop 19 to fail and they should be banished from the legalization movement. YES to grow your own, NO to buy from medical growers. These greedy folks are not a part of the movement even though they benefited from it.

  14. thats the best thing that could of happened was the outcome NO…There was nothing set in stone and politicians would of pocketed that tax money, your better off Cali staying in the sitution you currently are especially Norcal…….

  15. Well, California blew it; I hope they have a good plan to come up with the cash before their social and public services totally collapse. I guess this means that the majority say yes to murder, yes to drug cartels, yes to wars, yes to persecution of innocent people. What does this say about America? California the place where anything was possible just another let down because of ignorance. For some reason I feel like there was a conspiracy, the polls up until the election showed Prop 19 winning. And looking at the precincts, Humboldt and those northern counties which are so ganja friendly said no? What the hell is that? This is sad and pathetic, and I shit on the conservative assholes who dictate that everyone should live like them. Good luck bailing out your sinking ship with nothing jerk offs…..

  16. Sitting here in new york hoping the people of Cali are out there voting. This may be my pessimism talking but I have this awful feeling that nothing will change. This country unfortunately has shown this again and again.

  17. Oh well i just read that it did in fact fail, well have lost faith in politics as a hole. The system simply does not work and never will.

  18. No body lose hope, we lost the battle, but we are winning the war the next two years are going to be interesting, lets hope these Tea Partiers keep that limited Govt promise.

    If you are from CT please reach me at let’s start a revolution

  19. Wow. I can’t believe the amount of negative comments that are being posted here.

    Prop 19 is a HUGE success. Whether it passed or failed is unimportant.

    Prop 19 is proof of a growing trend, a trend that has taken nearly 100 years to get to at this point.

    Did you really expect success on the very first attempt!?

    The ball is rolling. It has been intensely gaining speed the last few years. To give up all hope now when we are closer than ever is stupid.

  20. I tried not to get my hopes up, and failed. I’m crushed that 19 did not pass. A majority in every county that I have ever lived in voted yes. It’s like living in a common sense bubble. An island of sanity.

    Just the idea that business as usual will continue today on November 3rd makes me sick to my stomach.

  21. nah nothing is going to change this might have set the whole movement back 10 to 15 years.No consistancy out there in the land OZ. Vote a 70 year old ex governor keep the same senator and congress woman in.And vote freedom and liberty down.Thanks alot for nothing commie left coast you are afraid of freedom and liberty.Prop 19 got its ass handed to it by 10% points bot even close UNBELIEVABLE

  22. im proud to have voted yes,i don’t use cannabis but i use freedom i found this fight 8 months ago and i never stopped swinging till now i got all my friends to vote yes i got my wife who is really not a weed person to vote yes and i don’t regret the battle,i hate losing but im glad this war is over for me i will never smoke weed until its legal,i might see ya all fighting in 2012 and next time you all might win but im keeping my money in my pocket,the other side outright lied on radio and TV and i never heard any fight back sad sad sad a battle lost by lazy young people that could have been wont

  23. Just FYI, this web site was slow or unreachable on election night. That was the first time. I wasn’t surprised at all.

    Legalized pot will come about one day, just not today. The Prohibitionists can’t maintain the lie forever. The evil bastards can’t keep sending people to prison for non-crimes. Sooner or later a majority of voters will be educated on the subject.

  24. OK — this attempt did not succeed. So what? Now, we get busy drafting a ballot initiative for 2012. In it we address the concerns of those within the cannabis movement who felt that their interests and livelihood were not represented adequately in Prop 19. This includes some medical marijuana patient activists and dispensary owners, some mom and pop growers, some counter culture and long-time users.

    Richard Lee did a fantastic job in getting this on the ballot, and we should all be grateful to how much farther this has moved the discourse toward legalization. Having said that, I believe we need to convene a series of statewide conferences which includes all of the players invited with the intention to draft a version of the initiative that addresses those concerns.

    If legalization of cannabis is to pass, we all need to be working together, and the only way that will happen is if everyone feels included in the process.

    Let’s all set our sights on 2012, which means getting busy now in the development of ad campaigns, networking, local meetings focused on the process of legalization, community outreach, surveys to find out why people voted against it, etc. etc. Development of funding, and establishment of a cohesive, non-ego-invested legalization front that includes all players is crucial.

  25. Tea Party supporters and neocons came out in droves nationwide as a backlash over the fact that the Dems failed to magically end all unemployment everywhere in 18 months.

    Now, if the newly neocon Congress fails to magically end all unemployment everywhere before 2012, there is going to be a Dem Congress and a possibly a neocon president (because America’s dumb like that) or the re-election of Obama (unlikely but a good scenario).

    The problem is, I don’t see enough sea change for any kind of pot legalization legislation to pass in a good economy.

    Let’s face it, this election was “the pot election”. The conditions for reform were optimal. Yet we still lost. Maybe we’re just delusionally optimistic.

  26. Yes, Prop 19 didn’t pass because of GREED. Apparently, some in the medical pot community felt threatened that their enormous profits from the black market would evaporate once ALL Californians had access to a wider variety of pot strains at a cheaper price! And BTW people — contrary to the anti-Prop 19’s rhetoric, it’s passage WOULD NOT HAVE HAD ANY AFFECT ON OUR PRESENT PROP 215 MEDICAL POT LAWS! How do I know this? Because I did my preelection homework, and because …

    I’m a 60 yr old female Californian, who’s been smoking pot DAILY since 1967, and I’m 1 of the lucky ones, with a medical pot scrip, who’s allowed to grow my own “medicine” — so I really don’t understand why those Californians who are already “in” the marijuana biz, prefer to keep the status quo, where folks will continue to be arrested and jailed for marijuana use! They’re greedy f*cks, pure-and-simple!

    That’s alright — we marijuana legalization advocates are NOT going away! Many of them are like me, who’s not only been smoking marijuana for 43 years, but who’s been an advocate for 43 years, engaged in the political process, where my vote continues to be my “voice.” We prevailed 14 years ago with our Prop 215 medical pot initiative, and we’ll do it again in 2012. I send my elected officials e-letters almost every day, reminding them that “I’m STILL here!” Stay Aware, Stay Well, Stay High, and Peace!

  27. I’m seriously disappointed in California and America of how much disgrace partisanship can destroy this once great nation. Civil rights to possess, manufactuer and distribute marijuana with regulation of taxation shoube thought of procapitalism/proliberty and proAmerica but the loons came out in droves againstit with uneducated opinions about somethingthey themselves never even tried. Nevermind the facts that marijuana is much more safer on average than alcoohol or tobacco or anything. Dude I totally spent since March on this initiative and I’m drain till it might come toAlabama we are screwed. Medical marijuana appears to be coming up in my state legislature in 2011!
    So, you commies and monopoly victors you are bunch of loser puritanical warrior on your last legs ofwar. The battle is lost but the war has yet begun. Next time take some lessonsof our defeat on informing the people not to become complacent. Listen to other people’s concerns in our community and disprove by an informed opinion about cannabis. Gee, alcohol kills x or tobaco kills x or the harmful affects of prohibition in your state or locality and othr things. Dudes this was a great effort and I’d like to personally congratulate Richard Lee nd Proposition 19 supporters on bhelaf of us albmamians who are libertarian and democrat on your efforts on the voices of the mute. Next time give speaeches at churches, businesses, Chamber of Commerse, etc. Ridiculous corporations crushed us but the voice of el da freedom will ring again in the future till then vi da freedom!

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