Arizona’s Prop 203 appears headed for victory in latest counts

The Associated Press is reporting that Arizona’s Proposition 203 is now leading in the vote by 4,421 votes with only 10,000 votes remaining to be counted from Maricopa County (a major metro county comprised of Phoenix and Tempe).  The measure had trailed by about 7,200 votes at the end of election night but counting of absentee and provisional ballots have shifted the count by over 11,000 votes.

The Marijuana Policy Project is declaring victory and that Arizona will become the 15th medical marijuana state.  The newest medical marijuana state will now protect registered patients from arrest and provide a dispensary system for them to acquire their medicine.  Patients will not be permitted to grow their own medicine at home if they live within 25 miles of a dispensary.  Patients will be allowed to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana acquired no more often than every 14 days when purchased from the dispensaries.  Patients will not be able to sell marijuana to the dispensaries that are required to grow their own cannabis within highly-secured facilities.  There can only be a maximum of one dispensary for every ten pharmacies, except when to allow at least one per county.  Medical marijuana cards and recommendations for patients from other states will be honored in Arizona, though those patients will not be allowed purchase marijuana in the dispensaries.  The complete text is available from the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project.

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  1. This is good news although Im surprised considering that this is the same state that wants to criminalise all who even remotely look like illegal immagrants.

    Also, I aint surprised that those in power would want to insure that the pharmacies outnumber the dispensarys.

  2. It’s soo nice to see more of the American public realize that Cannabis is NOT the problem, it is the CURE for more than the Federal Government will Ever admit.. This is just one more step towards the everlasting cause of true freedom!

    -A Concerned American

  3. need to push a little harder in wiscosin it passed by 76% in a test referendom in dane county and river falls it needs to go on the ballot so all the people can vote on it and get it passed !!

  4. I voted for it but it’s incredibly restrictive and the product will likely be very expensive. The black market will still thrive. Still, it paves the way for eventual legalization when any of us, ill or not, can have access to marijuana at a reasonable price or be able to grow our own.

  5. I worked on this campaign with AZ4NORML (Tucson chapter of NORML) and we heard the good news last night and it really is the silver lining in continued battle to legalize marijuana.

    Running ballot initiatives in a mid-year election is the tougher road but we prevailed. Now the hard work begins to implement our Model initiative which is a hybrid of Michigan’s medical marijuana act. We’re going to have approximately 124 non-profit medical marijuana dispensaries located in our state so these licenses will be very sought after. Also we have a reciprical agreement with all the other 14 medical marijuana states that will allow visiting patients to bring their medicine with them and use it. Visiting qualifying patients will not be allowed to use the dispensaries which won’t be up and running until late 2011 I predict.

    For any NORML folks reading this, please consider having the annual conference in Tucson, Arizona. After all it was Tucson and the efforts of AZ4NORML that really helped this measure pass. Tucson brought in 43,000 votes on the YES column and that was the strongest showing in the state. We are a lovely place to be in September and there are so fabulous hotels here with plenty of space to host a national conference. Arizona can be the shining model for all our future efforts as we march slowly forward to end our failed WAR ON MARIJUANA. My new policy is to call it the WAR ON MARIJUANA not the War on Drugs since that’s the truth.

    Our motto for the 2011 conference should be:


  6. 15 states sounds like enough to me to demand a rescheduling at the federal level. ANY PLANS TO PUSH FOR THIS LEGISATION SOON????

  7. Here in Oregon we defeated a dispensary bill. Many card holders are in local co-ops and believed that prices would go up if it passed. Oregon might go for the whole enchilada in two years.

    In AZ, if you can’t have more than one dispensary for every ten pharmacies, then a huge bottleneck will be created, no? And a lack of competition will drive prices skyhigh, so that a fat sales tax will be even fatter, on a percentage basis. Not a terrific bill, but better than the alternative.

  8. This is great news. The people need it in AZ almost as much as the retiree population in FL needs MMJ. I just wonder how many patients will get the shit beat out of them by the renegade sheriff’s hit squads down there.

    I was in getting my “papers” notarized for renewing my card (yeah, in my state we have to get “hold the state harmless” papers notarized every year to use a non toxic herb wtf) and the lady that did that for me said I would be surprised at the number of seniors getting a MMJ card in Nevada. We have a lot of retirees in this state and they too know it’s time to get on the program. The notary actually said “they’re sick of taking dangerous medications” and I about fell off my chair. The word is spreading.

  9. Another chink in the wall of Prohibition, another baby step closer to the day when drug policy becomes sane and rational, rather than one fueled by ignorance and paranoia. The paranoid ignoramuses at the DEA are probably gnawing on the carpet right now, as did their spiritual grandfather during the waning days of World War II.

  10. I voted in favor of this, I was very depressed on Wednesday after the election when it had looked like it failed.

    Bradson, you’re wrong about the cost, read the bill.
    It is all supposed to be “Non-Profit”.

  11. So the paper ballots are putting it over the top. Makes you wonder about machine voting that doesn’t leave a papertrail. Just saying.

  12. WoW!! Can’t believe AZ has the votes that CA could not produce “in Favor of” ….O well. maybe next time CA will draft a prop. that looks better to more voters.?

    Stoners Unite

  13. Oh , I’m so glad to hear this . Good for Arizona .

    On another issue yesterday i saw two ads on TV . One was for Coors light and the other was for , Jack Daniels . Yet , these Corporations are stating Marijuana legalization will send the wrong message to Children but it is just the opposite of what they are attempting to make you believe because it is alcohol that is sending the wrong message to our Children , not Marijuana .

  14. Alcohol is killing millions , causing health and problems with crime in its path .

    Banned should be advertising which promotes the usage of Alcoholic beverages .

    I’m asking everyone to write their leaders to put a stop to ads promoting this deadly drug and help stop the hypocrisy .

  15. Prop 203: Yes votes take the lead for medical marijuana

    Posted on November 12, 2010 at 6:06 PM

    Updated today at 12:37 PM

    PHOENIX — Ten days after the polls closed in Arizona, Proposition 203, a measure that would legalize medical marijuana is one step closer to winning approval as of Friday afternoon.

    As conditional and provisional ballots have been counted throughout the week, the numbers in this closely watched race shifted on Friday. As of 6:00 p.m. on Friday, votes in favor of the measure were 835,735 (50.13%) and votes against Prop 203 were 831,314 (49.87%), which puts the measure ahead by 4,421 votes.

    Speaking to the Associated Press earlier in the day, Proposition 203 backer Andrew Myers said he expected the measure to pull ahead when more votes were posted Friday evening.

    More than 1.63 million votes have been counted in the 10 days since Election Day. The measure started out losing by about 7,200 votes on Nov. 2 and the gap gradually narrowed in the following 10 days.

    The measure was behind by about 1,500 votes as of Friday morning. The vast majority of about 57,000 outstanding votes are in Maricopa County, and most are provisional ballots. County Recorder Helen Purcell said those ballots were leaning toward supporters.

    County-by-county breakdown of votes tallied so far:

    County YES NO Total
    Apache 6816 11726 18,542
    Cochise 18466 20979 39,445
    Coconino 20625 17761 38,386
    Gila 7800 9554 17,354
    Graham 2926 5906 8,832
    Greenlee 1101 1248 2,349
    La Paz 2023 2319 4,342
    Maricopa 474951 478897 953,848
    Mohave 25779 26526 52,305
    Navajo 9918 18328 28,246
    Pima 174591 131017 305,608
    Pinal 36942 38928 75,870
    Santa Cruz 4840 4560 9,400
    Yavapai 35839 44066 79,905
    Yuma 13118 19499 32,617
    Total: 835,735 831,314 1,667,049

    SOURCE: Arizona Secretary of State Unofficial Results

  16. yes this passed as its MMJ…not full legalization…this is the required first step for just about every state then the feds…MMJ…not full legalization….too much too fast and a completely different concept, when people see what mmj can really do…full legalization wont scare the 10 percent or so that need to be convinced.

  17. why do those who comment relate a 15th state getting MMJ as the next step being legalization…how about the feds work on MMJ first…that would be nice for those who care about cannabanoids and not just how high you get

  18. #22 Arliss: I hope you’re right about prices. It would be a shame if folks with a medical need have to fork over hundreds of dollars and ounce…many won’t be able to afford that. Maybe a system will be put in place that provides it at very low cost or even free to low income patients.

  19. The reason that the paper vote are winning is because many of us potheads get sidetracked easily. It is easier to send in a paper ballot than try to get my ass off the couch on election day. As far as not being able to grow your own, who cares, do it anyways. Most of you probably already are growing it. I smoke every single day and only smoke an ounce a month. One grow a year and I will be golden. I am never worried about growing, but more worried about getting robbed or arrested buying off the streets or busted for smoking or possesion. If you don’t tell anybody that you grow and are smart about it then you won’t have anything to worry about.

  20. Its not legal, no matter what the feds can put ya in jail, but really health net blue cross ect ect wont cover it and you cant pick it up at Walgreen or any real pharmacy, sooooooo big deal win we can really get it like oxycodone or its bought and sold like beer we win

  21. Attorney , Barbara LaWall of Arizona made this comment regarding Arizona’s Prop 203 .

    ” Although Prop 203 purports to provide marijuana as “medicine” for sick patients, its primary effect will be to establish a system where drug seekers, INCLUDING ADDICTS , can legally obtain recreational drugs and where commercial marijuana dispensaries will become storefronts for DOPE DEALERS “.

    The only dope i see here is , Barbara LaWall .

    How do you tell if an Attorney is lying ?
    Answer ; When there lips move .

    Furthermore , LaWall contends that there are already prescription drugs for pain, and people should just use those. The problem is prescription drugs are expensive, and they usually have side effects. Cancer treatment, for example, is thousands of dollars; why add hundreds of dollars of addition cost for palliative care when you can grow 12 marijuana plants in your bedroom closet? Medical marijuana is a very affordable, natural drug– unlike most pharmaceuticals.

  22. AWESOME!!! Some good news indeed. This made my day!!! GO NORML!!!!!!! 2012—Marijuana PROPS all across USA!!!

  23. ya know, it’s going in the right direction, but all these “precautions” are downright laughable.
    “…..dispensaries that are required to grow their own cannabis within highly-secured facilities….” “…be allowed to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana acquired no more often than every 14 days….” “….maximum of one dispensary for every ten pharmacies….”

    Are we talking about nucear waste, hazardous waste, a biomedical hazard, or marijuana? That last phrase tells you where all the resistence is coming from.

    Some day we’ll all look back on this and laugh.

  24. Amazing! Well done everyone in AZ for their hard work. Let’s get cracking for legalization / decriminalization in 2012!
    This is such a shock to the reddest state run by the likes of Brewer & Arpaio & the Cardinals….only NFL team to take such a stand & paid $10K to stop it from passing.
    Prop 19 failed but they did get the Terminator to decriminalize it!
    Calif. will legalize too it is not a matter of IF just WHEN?!
    Support all local chapters in Calif, AZ, Colorado, Oregon, Wa. Secure the entire western US. The rest will join in eventually…except Utah (the 1st state to make weed illegal!)

  25. “So the paper ballots are putting it over the top. Makes you wonder about machine voting that doesn’t leave a paper trail. Just saying.”

    In Arizona, it was a all a paper ballot, you must not have voted huh?

  26. Every American who has fought for freedom, who enjoys freedom, and will stay out of harms way because of freedom should be all for this. This involves every generation, not just generation Y, but yours as well. Arizona has recently passed laws yes. But, California has been getting the roll on for Americans for the past 14 years since the original prop. passed.

    Every citizen including you will be:

    Paying less taxes keeping Marijuana offenders out of jail
    Getting more taxes from marijuana sales in the billions
    Keep manufactures from making dangerous highs such as k2
    Make essential products cheaper such as gas, rope, clothing even food
    + So Much More

    Marijuana is the non-biased key that 7/10 agree with, lets just get it done.
    This is your country on prohibition.

  27. Huge congrats, Arizona! It might actually be worth visiting your state now!

    Eat crow, McPain.

  28. I am so glad it passed on the last day for counting the provisional and early ballots. I am so enthused about the measure and am already beginning to make plans for my part in the whole situation. The only itch I have that is problematic is the 25 mile limit… That is much to large a radius and restrictive for some who will have both personal needs to tailor their plants and also curtail personal budgetary challenges. I am strongly feeling out that the limit will be public influenced to become 5 miles within the next two years; I’ll be working toward that and strengthening AZ and as many as I can with the important liberties this measure brings.
    I TOTALLY agree that NORML should bring a convention to Tuscon soon. That city is completely the main hero in this endeavour.

  29. Yaaaaayyyy!!!! Maybe John McCain, the Sheriff, and the governor can all smoke it to clear up their stupidity. Maybe it will clear up their skin as well with its preservative properties. Maybe they can set up a dispensary for all the illegals crossing.

  30. Congrats fellow Arizonans on passage of prop 203, celebrate with a marijuana tshirt from the largest selection in AZ.

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