Willie Nelson After His Most Recent Pot Arrest: Let’s Start A Tea Pot Party!

American music legend and NORML Advisory Board member Willie Nelson was busted, again, for possessing cannabis on Friday by a US Border Patrol outside of Sierra Blanca, Texas…about 30 miles from the nation’s border with Mexico. NORML warned cannabis consumers a few years ago about these roaming road blocks.

Willie’s tour bus had to pass through one of these ‘border’ checkpoints, and after law enforcement claimed to have smelled cannabis, Willie was busted for possessing six ounces of cannabis.

In his first public interview post arrest, Willie tells CelebStoner: “There’s the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: We lean a little to the left.”

For years NORML’s founder Keith Stroup has admonished cannabis consumers—the tens of millions of cannabis consumers in America—to stop voting for politicians who support arresting cannabis consumers.

If enough cannabis consumers get politically active and organize under Willie Nelson’s ‘Tea Pot Party’, voters in future may have a choice to support bona fide office seekers who support ending Cannabis Prohibition as Willie has just started a Facebook page announcing such.**

**And thereby ending the historical harassment by law enforcement of great musicians from coast to coast.

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  1. It’s not necessarily a Dems vs. GOP issue! Read Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissenting opinion in Gonzales v. Raich, 545 U.S. 1.

  2. Could it be that the BP agents stopped Willie’s tour bus because they knew that, while searching it, they could get a contact high from second-hand smoke and do it legally? did they giggle all the way to the jail?

  3. Comment 42:

    Sandy…What is this “Cure for Cancer” that the government has Made Illegal. Please submit proof / website / any fact to legitimize your claim.


  4. This citizen says’ stop wasting my taxed money.

    I do not want to see my pension wasted on paying all those cops so that they arrested some old man for having some worthless weed, and who wants to pay for for this old mans prison sentence?

    This Citizen says No.

  5. Maybe our right leaning friends could start a Smokehouse Republican caucus within the GOP. Probably be as frustrated as bein a Log Cabin Republican but it’s a start. The drug war is non partisan because potsmokers are non partisan.

  6. This is an outrage! Marijuana prohibition has caused far more harm than marijuana alone ever could… How many victims has this pointless prohibition plagued? ask yourselves what harm this God-given herb has caused? You can’t prohibit nature.

  7. If Willie will be our candidate for PotUS, I’ll change my voter registration today to Tea-Pot Party. Since
    the only thing that politicians care about is their own re-election, voters need to walk-out en masse, of their political parties. Not that our do-nothing, cowardly elected officials would actually *do* anything, but it might draw their attention to this matter. To bring about change, real people such as Willie need to run for office. Look at America’s Representatives in both Houses and at all levels… Tell me, anyone you know who couldn’t do a better job.
    If Willie wants to increase his “American Treasure Factor”, and we all know he is an American Treasure, he will run for PotUS. And I would say to Willie: at 77 yrs. young… Uncle Sam needs *you* Willie! Please help America by running for POTUS and End the Bogus War on Drugs which will never end unless good people such as yourself and your “Highwaymen/Outlaw friends run for office. If John Hall could win a Republicanland stronghold for Congress to become our first Rock and Roll Congressman (yes, he recently lost his seat because he abandoned his base), so can others. Unfortunately, today, it takes a celebrity to win if a candidate is not a political appointee-hack, who we know, historically, are not going to change things. Most of us didn’t need Wikileaks to tell us that the real gangsters are ‘in charge’ and now would be a perfect time to announce the candidate who will symbolize the American public outcry for Truth, Justice and the American Way… and that American Way should not be about arresting peaceful, non-violent, 77 yr. olds as Willie and his sister before him, who have been so maligned as to be arrested for simply possessing their harmless drug-of-choice.
    (And with Willie’s self-described, “high tolerance”, that six ounces is probably just a week’s supply of herb.)
    They have worked their whole lives as honest, law-abiding, model citizens who have contributed more good our world than any of our do-nothing, bureaucratic elected officials who only work at maintaining the status quo, parades and ribbon-cutting ceremonies…
    If Willie Nelson wants to smoke pot, it should be nobody’s business but his own.
    The first time I had a chance to vote for PotUS, I voted for Jimmy Carter who campaigned on a de-criminalize pot platform. That was almost forty years ago and I’m ‘still’ waiting for any elected official to even say they will do the same. In fact, I’m still waiting to see the government do anything that will benefit my life in any way.(Oh sure, I heard Spitzer say it should be legal on Bill Maher, but that was ‘after’ he left office.) Today, Obomber said he would put a freeze on federal employees pay. What courage ;-/. If he legalized marijuana, he could pay off the deficit. But noooo, it’s easier to freeze other people’s pay scales than to risk losing some votes in order to do the right thing in a BIG way… But then, no one is ever going to accuse Obomber of having had political courage in office.
    So let’s hope something good at least comes out of what happened to Willie. Unlike Obomber, Willie is all about good things.
    Willie Nelson for President of the United States!
    (And no, I don’t smoke pot, but that’s my choice. Willie should have the same right to *his* choice.) Willie for PotUS! Willie for PotUS 2012!!!
    Now *that* would be something that would bring our country back from the depths of despair and economic depression. Besides, “Willie for Prez” has a nice ring to it.
    ~Leslie Farney

  8. Willie is in the unique position to become an american hero in the history books.And he only has to say 2 words to ALL his friends HEMP-AID

  9. The marijuana smokers are victims of intolerance from people who drinks. The half drunk members of Canadian senate wants to automatically jail for 6 months people caught growing 6 plants.You call that progress. I call it canadian madness.Have we elected the politicians so that they work against people. I am one who belive so

  10. for the guy saying someone else might have left the weed on the bus or whatever, all the other articles about this have much more and say he said the weed was his to keep the rest of his crew out of trouble. try reading real articles first though before high times…i suuport norml and high times stuff but they seem retarded when they write articles. usually tons of typos and very little information. not saying they don’t educate but try reading the same story from another source first….

  11. Not another political party, Willie. Think a huge music tour like “Farm Aid,” but all around the country. We need a MEGA-TOUR of big name acts to do something like “Weed Aid” to promote legal cannabis and encourage people to get registered and vote for pot friendly issues.

    This mega tour thing would work. If “Weed Aid” ended up anything like “Live Aid” we could see real change.

  12. I love the idea of the Teapot Party. After watching what the TSA said that they are now allowed to grope you. The way Eric Holder and Obama handled the Prop 19 election, the outbursts, the false California Halloween commercial; all of this combined with the growers is what made the vote swing to to No. It was way up to yes before.
    The only thing I see that will change things is a revolution. Big Brother will not change things about Hemp. It has been legalized all the up to just our past generation when “the Builderberg group” is trying to take over the money, world, power and taking away all your freedoms. How many time has the US govt lied? Oh excuse me, we didn’t mean to inject you with Syphillis! copy and paste: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/10/01/government-apologizes-s-std-testing-guatemalans/

    Yeah, while youre at it, fire those bombs in Yeman and yeah, we will pay for them, but tell them yall did it, not us. (recent wiki leaks) These people in this group doesn’t want you to have freedoms. It’s the opposite and they are lying to everyone. Please make yourself aware of the Fema Concentration camps they have built already if we get out of line for something. It is getting worse and not better. If you think that countries hate us because we have freedoms, think again. They hate us because we formed this Group when they made cannabis illegal. Hemp would be our way out of the whole, they won’t acknoledge it. Because they are all there for the benefit of themselves and no one else. George Stephanopolis and Rick Perry, all the presidents are, they are the talking puppets.

    Reasearch it all, please become aware that its not going to get better. It’s going to get worse unless we all stand up to Willie Nelson’s teapot party.

  13. its only goin to work if people stick together, like the vote to legalize in the midterm for cali . good goin

  14. **And thereby ending the historical harassment by law enforcement of great musicians from coast to coast.

    or of anyone for that matter!!

  15. ijust got busted wednesday night at a “sobriety check” seems i smelled like pot they said and they made me take a blood test. for the way i smelled.

  16. I think the Rockefeller, Dupont’s and Melons continue their chemical,petrol,pharmaceutical death camp ideas to this day.Any thing that stands in their way they just stomp to death kill it or make it illegal.Cannabis is a real threat to them.They probably purchased our government a long time ago.Theres no telling what kind of sick agendas they have set in place and Since cannabis makes healthy people it probably doesn’t fit well into their ideas of making money off the sick people they created with their chemicals. There ideas about eugenics and depopulation are pretty sick but then so are they.there are some pretty sick people in this world and God help us all some of them are in charge.

  17. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  18. Maybe we need to be reminding people about the Constitution. The next time you encounter an officer, just recite the Bill of Rights that pertains to your issue. That way you will shut your mouth about what you’re doing “wrong” and remind them about your right!

  19. After thinking about all that on and on I thought that on a party like that the leader should be someone else.. not mr. Nelson himself.. I am a singer myself and gitarist and I know how a musician can feel..
    a musician can be a leader in the spiritual part of our lives.. influrence us all and do a great work for the people.. but in order to be that way he would not be what the movement really needs as an active and experienced leadership .
    For that job of an organisator and leader I think that by far the most competant persons can be Norml’s directors.
    Mr. Alain st Pierre has the nice and smily looks to be liked by others.. he also doenst have the looks with very red eyes.. spacy.. that skares the other side..
    the organisation and work that Norml did helped a lot to be here today, we all know that.
    The same is for mr. Armentano.. He is so much experienced in the real needs of what we must do for the best result.
    Without separations all of us who love and trust God’s nature, all of us of all parties, will follow.

  20. Steve Turtle If they made you take a blood teast then we have truly lost our rights that my Dad foute for in ww2.

  21. thank you n.o.r.m.l you guys are great ! willie has done more to help the small farmmer and has given so much of his time to helping people.and the shame we should have for a country that a man can simple get rob for dried flowers God made !!!!stop the lies end marijuana probition …. teapot party sounds good willie !!!! sign me up

  22. The comment above, #47 by Paul is the truth.

    Willie we love your music but freedom isn’t an issue for the populace to be divisive about. It is “us” vs “them”, The “them” being anybody opposing full legalization and our natural rights of self ownership.
    Please don’t get caught up in picking one political party as the messiah, it will not work.

    The concepts of liberty transcend political alliances.

  23. Willie Nelson’s movement should have a number of advantages over “the regular guy” starting his own movement(Though, Norml and its team has done a hell of a job since the beginning). I’ve been Tweeting the Facebook like Page since it started, everybody should. But, even if he gets up to the likes of let’s say… Lil’ Wayne “16,000,000+ likes”, would it even make a difference? How much further does it go than that?

    Good News: Montell Williams and Illinois:SB 1381

    “Illinois lawmakers should act without delay to make marijuana legally available for medical use,” Williams said. “Every day that they delay is another one of needless suffering for patients like me all across the state. Fifteen other states have already passed medical marijuana laws, and Illinois’s lawmakers now have an opportunity to ensure that those suffering in their state will be treated with the same compassionate care.”

    “Sixty-eight percent of Illinois voters favor allowing seriously and terminally ill patients to use and grow marijuana for medical purposes”

    “Nationally, the American Nurses Association, American Public Health Association, American Academy of HIV Medicine, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and many other esteemed health organizations have endorsed the medical efficacy of marijuana.”- This was a good read too” : )

    “the bill is supported by the Illinois Nurses Association, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Protestants for the Common Good, the Jewish Political Alliance of Illinois, and Illinois public health advocate and physician to the governor, Dr. Quentin Young.”

    “Montel should join Willie Nelson”

    Maybe Illinois will be the 16th state?

  24. I am not for politicians that want me in jail for a harmless plant….this is why ron paul or gary johnson will have my vote…..Give me liberty or give me death….

  25. No way? Willie! You been smokin again.

    How many people are not surprised. Just let the man pass through and it would have been much easier but hey, we can also start a huge anti-prohibition movement.

  26. I’m in favor of a “HempAid” benefit to be held on 4-20-11 in DC…Let Willie hold a free concert there…see what happens…

    Puff Puff…

  27. O.K. Here’s everybodies chance to over-power the government. We made it the #1 issue many times. Let’s bury government in their own bullshit. Don’t even start to say “We the People” can’t do it. Just look at the Tea Party. Let’s do it again with th Teapot Party.

    Some people say – Pot will never be federally legal until every state in the union approves it medically. Perhaps – but – a thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Take the step. Defend Willy – rise up against injustice.

  28. What would you rather have. Cap and Trade where trillions are gathered and squandered or Biomass fuel with millions of jobs. Hemp mobiles.

  29. This incident could be like that olympic swimmer Michael Phelps last year. Acting as a catalyst for more media conversation.

    tea pot party?

    I’m all for it, or something similar. We really need to display a show of force somewhere other than the internet.

    stick it to the man!

  30. I am totally for starting the Teapot party!!!
    With the inaccurate statistics from the ONDCP and it’s agencies,it is probably a fact that more eople do marijuana than they report and tha last thing they want is for us to ban together as a voting bloc.

    Kerli is at it again with his “drugged driving” spiel:

    Gov’t: Drugs were in 1 in 5 drivers killed in 2009

    Need Radical Russ to get out from under the bong tent
    and get too working on this,,,,thanks Russ.

  31. OH, so they finally got him, that machine gun packing, head choping, child molesting, outlaw Wille Nelson and his band down south in Tex-ass. You know folks i have had a slowly growing admiration for Willie ever since his first farm aid concert in 1985. It would be hard for me to think of a more patriotic American. So what now? Are the drug courts and media going to try to smear the reputation of this talented and intelligent gentleman by saying that Mr Nelson is a drug addict who needs to go to rehab and pee in a cup? This second arrest of Willie just goes to show the need more then ever for full legalization. Why prop 19 failed i do not understand, however at 46 percent yes, i do not think us marijuana lovers should be regarded as just a small group of dissatisfied extremists, and our nation’s leaders in Washingtion D. C. need to respect that. Us pot-heads do not need prove or say anything to anyone the arrest of Willie Nelson says it all.

  32. The free Stashitwear that I sent Willie a couple of years ago would probably have saved him on this one. Does anybody remember the 60’s? Back in the sixties there were people called hippies. Hippies smoked alot of pot and caused alot of problems to the government. At one point it was later disclosed that because of the trouble making pot smoking hippies that the Government almost declared Marshal Law because the government had actually thought the pot smoking hippies were about to take them down. The hippies did put an end to the War. Once the government realized that pot smoking people could actually pose a threat to them they declared all out war on Pot and anybody who uses it and it remains that way to this day. If you were the government would you allow people to smoke a drug that makes them think and thus makes them a threat to the government or would you try to destroy the drug and it’s users at all cost? Alcoholics, cocaine addicts,meth heads, ect, did not riot on the college campuses or burn their draft cards or protest in the streets for months until they got their way. It was the pot smoking Hippie, a dieing breed. Are the pot smokers of today willing to take on the government at all cost like in the sixties? NO!

  33. I think the best way to get our message of marijuana reform out would be a cable TV station. We could feature step by step grow shows so everyone has the know how to grow their own medicine. It could also be a platform for political debates, comedy acts,musical guests like Willie. You
    have to fight propaganda with persuasive rhetoric of your own. If the mainstream were to see marijuana users as the kinder, more open minded individuals most of us are, resistance to legalization would certainly be curtailed and voter turnout rates for people age 18-24 would rise.

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